Springfield Leader and Press from Springfield, Missouri on November 20, 1921 · Page 27
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Springfield Leader and Press from Springfield, Missouri · Page 27

Springfield, Missouri
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 20, 1921
Page 27
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TWO FURNISHED light hnusa kkcapt rooms, modern, reasonable to adults. d'M m 440 s. Campbell, u - it SiTl'HKKBKPINO ROOMS, partly f.iVT plslieo. eiae anu ihiiik cmrance, D w. Walnut, u - ll TFotislH Toil HUNT, for sleeping ami lift" iioueuen - iiii, Duma jerror son. pnnne &7io, o - i, NH'KLY FURNISHED ROOMS for light housekeeping, lights,' h - ai end - nous furnished. Nur two car linen phone U - ll j.jl ll IK JlOOM Downetalis, ! rlci I ' mr.tlerii with bast tihli board, aleo ga - r.e, 433 H. MhIii. Phona IHCJ. 11 - 14 f V Iinikiikd rooms, 7ii k.i Madison, phone II11W. Young man pre. ferrert - O - U flHNISHED housekeeping room, 401 Will Ml. Vernon. U U HtIil:HN HOI HliK KKPINtl mom lo lrt Ji - m without children, garage, 740 rv, Walnut. 1 f.38J ' G - lf fcOOM and ,wt lueele If preferred. 41 .j gt. lyOUla HI, J.( Til DONOVAN H Jefferson " St,.', gir.rt furnlehed room In thi city, strictly modern, large, wait ventileted. Ceil and ba convinced. otl rrn.MHiiED apartment oi rrotns, MA Market, H HVIfllHI AI'AltTMENT room". (.11 ' Meikrt. three 11.17 FRONT ROOM for rent, nicely furni.h - en. strictly modern, at 41.1 Market, phytic I4MJ. ij - f TWO IlOtlMH for Hiht liouake.InT modern .except heal. Htm , lioulo. ard d.lf I1CU.U 111 prtvsta mime, for ln.ly. with mull ir prercron. rtione a t a w . u.i, IVVo furnished rooms for Until holee". krplhg, 771 Went Ml. Vernon. ct - lr THHKK connecting room fufnl.hi.il ror lirlu housekeeping, furnn - . heot link electricity, lit; (. Campbell, phone 4:i. ti - i 'nl nil tUHl'INcl Itt.i'iM In. tnnd - ril home, cioie in. 671 Keet Klm. t'ltorie a ; 1 9 A ti - ll TWO HilMH furnlehed roiop'l.le ' for ItiuerKo.ping. aea wiar and rlT'rlr. In room. ,To Mo.k norm of fr'e Cl depot, J.i a 'k, 703 N UN.nl ft. F('HMXIIK H0OM8 for 4I l tVelniil, BuOMSt for re"oal.le, Uronrllle llalit hourrk.. rvftlreuce rrtw teui ir ril.M IICATKI) atoaptng (t.nni. kll.tir. - i prlvlUae. t5 hunt i:im ATTRACTIVSS modern bedroom, oleo garnga. 474 K, Walnut. Phona lkOl. VUHNISHKD nOOMSrine. two, three or llva roome. lull summit Ave. tl - 30 DKsfllA RLE "ltOOM and porch In etrl. ily modem "homey" homo; Handy lorallon 4il K Kim. O - 0 1 ROOMS AND HATH FUR LIOHT llOUSUKKBl'IN) WALKING' DISTANCE OF QUARB AND DEPOT MRS. W. C. HICKMAN PHONB IIHIW ROOMS. 5lco large Vome. Modern. In proalo hoine. 73 B. Eliil. O - 1 TWO nicely fuinlahid front light L houaekeplng rnoma private home, modern exiant heat, IUH N. Cgmpiwli. Pbcne 324IW. O - l LARUB well furnlehed Hgbt front nom, Brgt floor, toilet and lavatory i Adjoining, gentlemen prefrerad. 714 S. ' Jeffereon. ' " - :. HVll unfurnlehed roome. modern ox - ; otpt heat, phona r.,:2j. V TYPEWRITER i N'BW AND REBUILT. MODERN EOUIPMENT PO. . I0 B WALNUT ST, ' ; PHONB 4110 ' V'l - ' ' '.'' " l - ta li - II 1 - 1 rj - II h 'l - l Ki5:b imivn htaihm K'iom m prN re'e ll'.ino to etore t omit 'ire Alio, i'., - r f"r renl. Apply 1 1 JO K Klin. D - l Tint ii '". i 'l ' l mmi 1 1 : iTTir (iV i,".ui.. k. Ing rotne, one llork fr.iin er line aid en tnney lin., nc.r tiruty and ll;h ivhoot. tuod'Tn riorct h. - t. front end ni'i - k enlrenie, doanelalr prlvelo fooroe riane !44J. li - H fl'liNAl K HKATBti llljl .M ".rTe'i 1 1. l ly mowrn 1i"ine, I.; (o t pr wen tit 0.iih t'allipt.oT Nlrrct. I'hntie 12.il or 4!4l' 11 - 19 TIVO l.ige d'.wniitntre ke.plr.a roome, etrlttly Jrisiof bai.h. fall IM1W light' houe. uio.lrin. e.t - I.JIIIIK ITIflNT IturiM for rent In niftdrn home to einplitrd p,ptr I'h - .ne 4f.2W. livlU ifrtUI ANU HMAHU In etrlrtly ni.vl rti hr - mr. rtione 3u4IVV or 'call mi .''" CtMrrr. ! - ! : TWO ROOM A P A HTMKNT for T' lit. farniihed, HIT Keat llerrlaon atreot. riwee e:w. U - ll H'NNMHEU IltlOeig wlTh bcTaid, cloe'e raon lillji t - te 4Mt"OMa ytn PKT and breakfeat If "V AllKrl. ni"l at The l.ioan. . Jelferaon. O - iJ awd light boueekeeplng Menu, nicely furnlehed. ground floor, front porch. k.Ii.,1. .nlr.n, .1 tnlnUtoa WHlk aqnare, 114 Wret Mt. Vetnan. O - H .V'BLL yVRSlBHBO newly papered Vodern houeekee,i,g rnoma. gee ran,! - . Sea. nantrv. nrlvtleia parlor and i'l.t - ao. no rhlldren. Phone lillW. i IB feOOMH furnlehed or unfornielird and board If dealred. IIS Weel Mvlelon ONB NICE furnlehed front bed room i lite Kaat Rim. avervlhing modern. Phone T6.0J. t' - 'l FOCR TO FIVE furnlehed roome. two large roome unfurnlehed, room end board for man and wife. Phone let STRICTLY MOftKRN ROOM cloee to ecuara, for young ladlea. reaaonehle. Phone 4H3IW. Q - l MCKl.T FURNIMII EI Bedroom In modera borne; aleo garage. Call 1014. O - tf SirEPINU ROOM0 - strictly modern. cloee In, 714 Weet We. nut. tl - lf fTlN"&Hfi"RO'll For' rent, mod - err.; aleo garnge. ft H. Jr,,nllii PART OF Ch1"TkSk Moaly furnlehed for boueekeeplng. Rent! raaanuama. 134 New St, TUB IIACHULOR'S INN 1010 CHKItltY KTKEKT Dealrabla roome for biteineea men and bualneee w.men, em - cloyed O - tl O - tf TWO unrurnlehcd room., at ! Kaet Madleon. Call Hundiiy or artrr 4 o. k. a;i FOR RENT byNnvel - ir 2&. thtce unfurnlehed roome or pertly furnlejo'il. liable and water furnlehed. If. ar 'month. Phone 4274W at 714 llenlon A.ejl.20 iarltNTmitllj ROOM fur iignt hoirje - kei - nliig for working people wllhout ehlldren; cloeo to ier line nd north hope. Phono 1094 or SiiliJ TWo Nli'K "light houackcoping looine at 2lt Kaat Court. . 'I - . l'i(ONTl4Itli "TiOo'm '"r lent, Uown - eteire, g 10 Keet I 'onimcrlal. . ' (1 - 2JI FtiiiN'imiKlTAI'A"RTMENT, I wo roome Irlctly modern end clean. Three block. Iiom atiuare. To couple only. Phona 02IIW. O - I0 LAllilK, oirfur7ri7heil. modern, warm, tod room private oiitianco ft fl'.o". Cloee In. Phone IW. IOZ.Y largu eouth bed room In inod - ru homo prlvata bath two rloaete, tleelrat.li. for two In.lloa or tlentliliiei ttnployed. Aleo mall bed eoom and giirago. Very cloee In. phono life. U - l TWO ROOMS furnlehed loj houBekeeplng, lain t'horry. light 1130 jOri cutwT a word rut xmsjutioM ROUSES AND FLAX 8 FOR RENT v... or UltAND AVE For rent. .,,iii,y mooon, houae, poeses - 1 D" - " Wuo.lruff Uldg. rtione 101, u - tf Four room ... ,1.... ntahed ,oond floor will be vacant tiout Novemhur 1 ... or 1 ho ... ' " E'', I'11" " ,.:i'"s'N,.IE, ATr.ntrt - o , "lodem. AP' r quarry alreat. rhona II30W. wood wood Wood, H.1J r"",n l""'low for rent! x tltlleaet. n aonit , ... .... mai. call Jackeon, 103 tlra'nd. 1'hona i!L,J: H.ll V1J.H n,"U nL'N'IALOW for ret" . - . ' rem tor the winter, at. gi.liic 10 California, would aall, alaH , ... na lornltora for aela. fall Z ' . . ' - ainptien. , H.l ''JWKH AfAHTMKNT. roome, for" ixriimnrfi or Ullfll rnlehnd : hent i.j wtr fiirnl.h.d; no children. Monro,.. Mi,,!,, sjjj KIVKItlMiM " r.ret. Co'd wood, chunk and apllt wood, any kind, any amount, dellveted any place in town. Aleo planna and houiohold inoda moved. Work guaranteed. Rog - e.a A Ileum. 310 North Alain, rno'ie lie lt.ll.J4) TUBES AND SHRL'BS About I, par cent dleoniint. Stark Proa, etock. . Fruit treea. flowaitng ehrube, hedge plante, vlnoe, grapeg end b - i'Tir - .. done and eea lUf'n .t 1113 prnepect, city. K - l 1 - 31 KDEN Electric waihtng mnchlnea for eele and fur rent. Cult Mra, Hlgnee, 470V. 1000 8. Fremont. K - 13 - 1 A 1 1 . E 1 ) A L B " P C 1 1 s! Fine tfioroughbrerl Airedale male pupa, 420; femalag, 110 with black hncka end . tan lege. J. W. Illebert, vernna, Mo. K - 17 II Hill BRED tree dog hound p - Jyi COWS Two yellow Jersey sale, fresh soon, I miles Cherry atreet road. T. A. OOWg for n monthi old. u. A. Allan. Ford lend. Mo K - 17 I'ANCY tlreen Oage plum treea for aala otia and throe year old. nlo a few eprly - ohcrrlvo. 101 North Doulovnrd. K - IB SHETLAND PONY, nlca apotted pony for aula or would conatder trade for c.iva or hoge. phone 4SW. K - ll TN ICVTY - K1VB ahoat for eala. Phono timow. K - 14 DRK88ER, etand, rug. gtnall wood atova taiga coal, heater, UU Jaat I'arlno Phone lr,'liw. K - ll STOVE POli SALIi. flood elx cap coal or wood cook atove, alilo gag range. 747 1!. Kim Ht Phone 43I4J, K - ll east on Oalbralth. K - ll STCA'E FOR SALIC Ona No. II coal hetitlng etoye, haa been used I months Itiqulro .up slelrs, HBt. Louis. K.ll COwT tlood. hrlndle cow. Prlca 140. 2140 DouglBs Ave Pf - l ONE - TEAM, wagon, harness: buggy, 1.. 1 .vnl separator, all In good condl. lion. Baby carrage cheap. 144 Concord Ave. MOVING VAN, farm wagon and buggy for sale. IKS lluy slreel. K - ll FOR SALE. A good family cow, fresh in three weeks. Aleo yearling heifer. 115C Mleeottrl Ava. K - lt fTmh COW for aala at a bargain, giving I gallona milk a day. t.ood a.ntle driving hone, ona rubber lire btirgy. i Orange, ' K - ll A SUTBRIOR WANT - AD WILL DO 74S 11 - 11 . o..r,, niooern t:epi l!i flay. J'hone H - ll Ail 1 i.k ttoltlB. Tour roomi unfur. . ;. - .., ivciit Ml, Vernon. 11 - 11 or n.. 1KIOM furnlehed home for "i.i i.iKmoer 1 unr Ah.ii t 1. Cotd hrtwern tawna. adilrou K n n of ader. ll - H blA' ItOiJM etrlitlv mo,trAboin. 7ulZ nlrhed or ijH(,mi.k.,i .9. I'hnna. 5774W. ' '" wi i'AKTIKH ho are looking for a four huildihgi, prlred lo cull the tlmea. t.flna to t'Jttl Hpenoer atrect. tlwner. ' 11 - 1" MNK m 10.M IKHHB elrlrlly modern, cunvriilenr. jy,ty d'i'oratrd through - o.Jl. aiilhc.pal. None In, on tar line Th..iia 414TJ. H - U U ilJ KKN A V A nTMr.STi, rantT E noma and lielh, 4;t' Kaet ' Madlarin , H - l! i"rKltN Al'AtTTMKNT.. I rooma"nd bath. :olligo foaerailon I daye notlre.Phunw 7U, H - l K'll'tt KOM IIOl'II B" ruTnYahel' all nionorn. aim garage. no . hi dren. ntlteaat, JO prr iponlh I'lmna 351 or Hl'S'ii AI.OW. t roortie, modera for "rent. KourJi..4t. I'hono 10K2.1. ii - jn lirtKI! till K 'l it " niifiTrrTiehert rooinT ff' - i.rrl, uiodln enrepl heel. I'hon'o hi AI'A H T it P;n T,at rt.tTy madam',' unfur" rl.hrd. lolnr room. drrdtiT room. t,iti room, i.rakfHet room. klth.'ti - en. l'lion, n;. ll - ?.l M V HKNIIi:NVlT7orrlt "l5aai llernton ai , e - .rn.r f tlarrleon and Hollnnd. fntl before Wedneeday at aio adilr.tv ltto '' "' " H, ''l HupelalTa lTl"i1epini rrh aiirl hotli. Halite utifurnletie.l, .ato ontranro, lo:'. Hi, l.tfula r't. II 11 UOIIIl f, ItnoM llnt'HK for rrnt; win - a - rliiMl) - . rorolHOt'd. ''enrrMv - o. d. 10 a mitell famllv: vai'ent lire. I. 1(1 a tliolith. lilQulre at 3Z7 Nli holr. Hi. tr to IMIiKK ItOOM H'H'HP; for rent. to e - ge loi.. phne f'.t. H - H STOKER d OFFICES FOR RENT THE SPRINGFIELD DAILY LEADER. SUNDAY MORXIXC,, NOVEMBER 20, 1021, THIRTEEN THE SPRINGFIELD LEADEB THE SPRING FIELD LEADEB THE SPRINGFIELD LEADER rilE SRINGlFIELD LEADER I THE SPRINGFIELD LEADES THE SPRINGFIKI4D LEADEB THE HPSINOTOSLD LK A DEI .TBI BPRnfOITELD LEADEB I Qui ClW i WonO UMLJMMaTWMl joojfs Fort ftjrr CBNT AJeTORD BACH INRwllTION FOR BALE OR TRADE WOOD WOOD WOOD Cord wood, etove gidit or chunk wood, all klnda, trial order win plraee you. Phong 1417. Cable Wood Yard. K - U - 11 COWH, aome good Jeraeya, the kind that will do to keer., eomo nlc4 .trr eoy helfera. 1031 N. Fremont. K - 19 I'AN'AKY UlltHtt. Uuaranteed alngora, palra not related. 630 l;aet Walnut, riiqna 4g5U. - K - l I'lANO, coal heating atove, adjuetahle drree form, amall walnut hat rark. Market. K - l SPITZ )'l I' for gala at 2031 Taylor. I'hona 4763W. n.l( WHITB Kifl' - Hk.V (ABINEi - . rTetroH Jewell ilea atove, Ice box. oak rock uc olinlre, droaeer, rug. 1011 N. Jeffrreon. UNO, Morrle - lly.le.. K - 19 GOOD YOllNil TRAM, wegon and her. r.iee. on lima If deelrod. lit) Myrtle. tli'I'l) IK)!. I. t'AHHIAUH! for ealo. HI M.rm J. - rri - rat.ii. ; K - tf (LINK YKAHMNVI ITBII'EH tow. Ilti Iloaera Avo. id one K - l Js'H'K YOtINd fat hene for ThankMglv - it.g, ailva or New York dreaaod., l'hone your order lo I7F3J or drive out and got mem. one mile from town on Eaet Urand etren road. Charlea LaSalla. K.ll lTl.Af'K rri'KII COAT fur trimmed. Phona l31i. 410 B. Campbell Avenue. K - ll l.A 1 .1 ICS Cl.omiNO Including et fura, loate. eulta. otc. Hood comlltlon. Cheap, no diatere, f!all U30 K. . Elm. OKOrKHY STIRH ami property for aale, :,:; Uuet I'lielpa ft. K. Jouce. OVKIICOA I mu .work ovcrcwufe tor ealo, alao 4;. f'hooe r..!3. K - 1 V I'Kf'ANI - PKCANH liollloue Teiea pnper b ehell, par. poet or osproee, i n. Mimpia id. - , . c. 1,. ryl.,1 Kt. rtmiih. Am K it PI - AYKK JZfil.1. Phone KM HI.I"K TIUI OT1NK Hit KKS. elr.e 3. one pair eport elio.e, nlniorl new, on. hie. k panne velvet hl. man' gt'erdino i'"it. elite 3ft l'hnne I a 7 J .1 . K 1ft tM'HOO - 'wiIVS - Ttm flna - "r. - T.i,r. 1 Intro.' aone. eome plgi and jrllta, fr aal" or trad Went chicken or c...re Call - 517 Koal Ave. K - l C'lWft - lKsira go,.drnilk "rui'i." fr - rh on.l innitog froeh Boon. Cell iitl'7 Ke.' Ave . K l ft PI." N'O l'OH HAri - V." "high gradeTTiee" T - tlfnl tone. Ilk. new. Phon. 4(.i'J K'.tft lll.liUIii l'OSTKF..r aale A elttne, phone lf,F7. Houte MAPW? rnRRK. FOR SAl.R. , Hard and gofl maple. I to 4 Imhre In diameter; Irceathat have I...I1 . traneplanted, and are guaranteed. One - half down when trior, are aot, helaiii a when growing. Trace era ncarvclty. W. It Hlmi Oiark, . lo., or leava order with ! R. nrlgg at o.o. Younif Ptg. Co.. Ill Ht. Imula 81., phona Ifit. . K - i". VIl'lIUH.AH. l!flAK)NOl7Ai, "air'klnde rpeirco arm warrHiiled. New. at bet F' - n RENT - AU or part of nrat and I JV"I"." "'d K""m e.cond (l.mr Of building, 211 and 114 i "Tn V n. - .H.':.. .' !!?nl .."''J ? V et XlcL'nnlel elreot. Hea e Mertlp liroe r'eno Co. FARMS FOR RENT '"iii"' yAIM - ?'r - tSV - ffii",??ili'? Jill or call at M0 Kaat K m FOR SALE OR TRADE and apllt wood. - uood kind, any Juantlty delivered any place In town. Hllefaotlon guarantard. Hellrla 4t llu ill, 111 N. Main atreet. I'hona till. K - tf Hoover I i'l P STONE window allla. butlreae and I. It er rope, artletlc manllea. J. Van trert. M A US A, I, . HHIHTMAS - For the rhll - .lrn, a chfiuteuqua Deek. phona ie4J. 'e J. W Ilrk), 1127'lmuglaa Avenua. Jfl ' ' K - I3 - 3T COAL COAL COAL PHONB Til BNNIH COAL CO. BENTON AVENUtt JfST .SOUTH OF ST. LOUIS STREET. c - tr CI.EVKn MHSBRT TREES. nee them at Powell'a Killing Station, Camp and We.t High, or 4t Waet Ml Vernon. Pre - war prlcee. W. B. Ma - heney, eatea manager. Phona I7bl - J. k - ii - h NI.'MRER ONEv Two karat diamond., gereral email onae. Addreaa "Diamond" euro of Leader. . K - tf OOOD CLEAN NEWHPAPERS FOH BALK AT LEADER OF - F1CE, ONB CENT A POUND, FUR A LIMITED TIM B ONLY. '' - . K - tf WOOD AND roAI. Cord wood, chunk rowler. bonder of hnrnee of tha better cjeaa. 1010 tjrend. Hanfird Place. K - 14 FINE COLLIE PUPS, few sliepherdeT malea 14. lemalea II. mala ooi.n I nounda. It. Writ far. dagcrlp - .lnn, a 4ga - rMeewaTlfanwe. . ; Jt - ll TltKB DOO for aala, guaramad. Sea "" v. n. i, gig a - J ertereon aareec. tity. k.ii S'l - 'BT - JT cllER for aala. fcoc iter gal. Ion. Buyer furnleh container. Phime 4. I, K Heeeltlne , .tf Ni'TlfK:. Four cor lou.le of goo.l eollt tu.dy w - ooft.l Cut four monthe To l.a ai.l Tliuraday anil Friday, r,,50 per cord. Delivered. lingers and Haunt Phone :i4. 210 N. Meln. COWS. Ten young .lereey cow - iT for Bele. eome freeh, eome be freeh Boon. four mllee Beat High gtreet road. Phone Fl, Mike HI.eedy. K - 14 Fl RNITCHK FOR SALE, can he aeon et 170 Concord Ava. or phona 1548 he - tiver - n a. m. and :I0 p. m. K - ll MILK COWS four NO. ?24l N. Main. milk cow a K.ll FOUR JKltSKY COWS, heavy mllkeil to freahfn now, lilt Travla atreet. Phone 1I57J. Call S:20 p. m. K - U MAMItK SPUKAIiEll.. On I. H C manure aprender with itraw apfeerter nttechtnent. Heed only ten dnye. Iter - fjnln for caah. Aleo 17B good hedge poeta at IIR eech for the lot. AddreM W. A. W..oare l.eaiter. K - II t'.FFICB r!XK A need roll top deek. a bargain at izb.ro ona uned eafe. ls. Two aafca ae good aa new at 147. oO, Three new aafee at apeclnl eala price of Ifi?.ft0 eacn. Sne theea In our window. Springfield Office rlupply Co., ' 131 (41. I.cula atreet. - . K - I has Km - iir:N"RANaB, no. ' iiet "Walnut or phone 17. ly.lll NATIONAT. Pt'MP - HUN for aale aaine o new. leather caeo und rod. 415 Ka( H.gh elreet. Phona I441J. K - 11 - L'l JlllTOlt FOR SAlIlt.' - - I ' horaa 'noarel. riiotor at tha Elite. Mclanle . HMg Room 101. K.ll SP1T51 POODLE PUPS for eala. Phone J09J. K - I 5rEiilSTERF.D 1'lll.ANll China aiwT cow and calf, get of double harne - oi, wagon. Coll 3007, Otange. K - 1S SMALL STOCK 'ofg"roce?IeV"T'or 'agio. No old etock. poor health. AddreM T. W. (J. enra Learlrr. K.ll J liKSF. frown lire7araold7nM vlng ktod flow milk. I gallon Daley churn 1141 Beat Tho man. K - ll llIl.'YCLK anil new Perfection oireTova I for aala cheap, 1991 Boonvlllo. K - 19 SMALL atnek of gocetlea for eul. - . Phona 14. K - l MAI. IAN DEES for aale. Frei.lt While. 34 mllea Waet Division, Route 1 K - 19 VPHfdHPIAMO B'i, tit w. Center K - 19 II LATER good combination coal and wood beater, ona Home Prtda range, In fin condition, for sale cheap, 301 S. Brent. . K.ll IWcTllEATINO STOVES for saleTnK most now, til Baat Elm slrcel. Phona ; k - 1 9 MOTOR FOR SALsf One horse po - 'w. er motor at Th Kllto. MoDanlel Rldg. Room 303. K - l FURNITL'TlK FOR SALE. 4 rooms - m - plele nearly new nt half prlca. Phone 4 1 til between I g. m .ami noon. K - 20 Pt'MP OUN. 11 gauge, for soli., nlo irnley saddle, nearly new, Phone 4CMW. - K - 33 COATS AND sT'lfs, both iadleiTand petiiiemen, 7U4 Hampton. K - l for . r - tr, K.ll STOVES, Colas Hot Blast heater, one 4 cap monkey atove with oven. Moot fo at onca. Ill Plckwck Avenue. Phon. rnJW. - . K - J, TWO .IF.RKEY COWS for sal cheap', oni - fresh and one ba fresh soon. 1 r, 1 s Irving troet. K - U COAT. Black Bolivia, Rlxe l, also 1 lua trlcotlne dress, else 40. Reason. able. Phono 1 493 J. - K - 20 LADY to waah dishes morning, noon and night In exchange for bousa rent. Phona I13IJ or lit 8. Grant B - 21 DRESSMAKING WANTED and genaral sowing. Call 1419 N. Main gtraat or phono 2I4IJ. L.jfl F'OH '8ALBOR KXCHANOB Nsw type - wrller, Cny fur muff, amall Kodak. Write Box .. 01, Morwtn, Mo. U H, Marsh. K - l FI'RNITTIRB FOR BALE. High oven, gaa range, white enamel oil heater, vacuum oarpat waaper, wgehlng ma chine and wrlnAr. 117 Billings. K - 20 Calif. lOVa CBMT A WOMB m IMSBBTIQH FOR BALE OR TRADE TEXAS Oil, Ot'lDK Hont free for elx montha. t'ontaUn larta aboiU new pilda. Kxplalns uow on toniiia are mti.ie from amiilt veeimniita. Teanif dl llulde, Wichita me, Teaaa. K COAT, Halta ecu plueu coat, ri 40. j - iiune 44VU. . K TAl'ESTttY TIAVKNKTTK got, mahog uny llulati, one oek dining room tno.e, Urirred Jto. k; and Ithodo lalan 1 H.iJ ruilete. Una mile eaet on tirend Av nui road. Mrg. W. H. tampn.ii. t:all Mlndny before noon or all day Mon dy. K - J JW..t K JKIU4KY row. alao iuie calf rir aoie. 1H Wtlt Atlantic tr. K LAI111K 11 AH .', lll llNEH for aula, ginid tonuuion. gozt KObUoreon, K - 38 ii.AfM rAsuil, 4M( 'in frtima. phona '"i K - tr MAJKSTK.' 11ANUK lor ealo. I'll 1 bone 3164 W. in KllCOAT. t.,0. K - lmolide, I'hona 3II1W, l. - .l PUT WALL PAPER Vrom my warehouse. AM fancy pepera, 2ftc Tnpentry. Vnrniehed . Tile, T!ffny. Plend Red room 10c up. Phona S444. Open for ap. polntment. (.. A. MILLER WALL PAPBTt CO.. 1114 BUONVII.I.B STllliET. K - l t.ood heavy black over coat, euo to. price III, 720 .Myrtle, block Monroo car, K - l I'i.U.tll "VqAT" "for aala cheap;, nearly now, alia ;4. Call ll( Concord. Phone 7SJV f K - 30 h.vt'ai.1. iilmiho (or aala. .two mule eplfa doga and 'ona femala French poodle. I'hona 3Ffi4W. K - 20 FIlltMnTUB FOH KAI.K, good l.e.e tnirner atova for hard coal rug o.n. wash bent h and wringer. Phono ,163. K - !0 IVtlltV Hl:iil) baby liuggy priced rlgllC ."' w'"" fivieinp or call Jlitu. K :o MIAN'S eulta ond 'ovcr..oate, at rummuga aulo prlice. nUo good coal heutol. Cell el f.til i:.,.l Kin, HI. K - l lll .MKTITi 1IINH and piloting alia, h - mcnt oorke on any a.wlrig machine, c.rily a'Diielcl price 42.10 with full I. ii.ir - !ctHi iirlcntnl Novelty Co., Hoa II, Corpue I'hrlel, Texan. K - l S.tVB :,0 TO ITS ON - a. I'HiiNi - iisltAPH We hvr on fttftorlmerit of denir.n - Irallon and ellghlly iwl phonograph! el ettmntdlirmy l.,w prlcoi; I TA Ph'.noalopli for I - C.O (l:o rlionogioph for p.... I.T.f.o Many etmllor lalw. - e Aek to era - .or I. J ph"in.fcTf lie. Ker term. I, K. .LINKS' Sll'mc I 'l. rJI - tS Uf'H.SVlLl.E MT . ' ' ' .' , K.:o I. A LP 4'ANM. 10 gallon lard rang for ealc. Ivotiire at Y M c. A. Cafeteria n - :,5 Kaat Kim aire. I. . . K - l ' A 'ION CO V Elf for' eo !e'Vow"erT'a.Y?;,i H. I'aml.l'oll. ' . K - TWO onfurnlehed flret floor roome K.aeonablc, .Aft. Keltett Ave. K - ll NT'V le I be . hun - 'C In buy y o.Jr po - teoe che..p. IteJ nimr ohloa, 11.31 e buehel bv the eack Applca 13 - ;. Hveet tat. ee 1 :t:. Tunilpe. Jti'e. Cell a ' ;30 N Muirror phono 2.L'1J - K - ll i.ol.KH Hot IJ.Iaet heat - r for eel cheirp to.liiliii ale.'; perfect coltilltlon. lofto Summit. , K - ll RCO, tl3J for aule. $. linoleum. Phone I970VY. Aleo 1x10 1131 Clay. K - ll TWt) SMALL STOCKS of grooarlea for bMc, cheap rent Cell IKftllW. K - ll SERVICES OFFERED FI'ltNACKS RBPAIItKD Now Meal I ipe and plp.leea furnaceg Inetallad. Anything you want made out ol aUaot metal. Ideal sheet Metal Worka, Uoonvllla phone III, - L - tt CALIi ,L, l Handera, for carpantar work, contract and .lol.a 413H 8 tamp, bell St. Phona ItltW. L - ll - fO WANTaU riuea to build and repair. r.oueoa ana garagea, ual glixw, tv. W. Tharp. ' t - ll iA KrTED Wood to aaw. Call CamP - bdll and Farrll. phone 14I4W. t, - II - l I IIACIlVullding material, rubblBhT wood, flirt, manure. Frank Ilrlteltt, hoim 44"7 L - ll - :i 1 I 'l Concrete work. cellara, rdda - welke, fo.iodBtlone. flewa, etc. Chaa , L.15 - 5 ' KN'H sTllKTU made for llTi.'nuet the thing for Chrlelmne preeHtite. alee, diceemaklng. fe?xperlmc.ed phone 1374W - . - . ,' ' ' L.I5 I MHIIEI.I.AJ repBlred SM - Weet Wnlnill. and recovered. !. - ! la a atinn 4ork. Myrtle alree Phone 1913.1 . 1. - 1 J SICW1NO' WANTKtl. plain or fancy, eatlefiictlon guarantoed Phone 39' - oW. L - U SFWINtl WANTKtl. huuee dreaeea, eprnne, chlldrene .clothes, haby loyettee. tflilo cloths and napkins, hand hemmed. 1331 St. Louie. I. - 19 WA NTED Ton? cai'lnet noi k. eiore flxluroB, helving, storm iloors ami car - I inter work of all klnda 747 B. Elm Ht. Phono 4I.14J, L. A. Fortuno A Son. - L - I WANTED, all klnda of laundry workT ellk ehlrta, dainty linen a epeclalty - Phona lla ' - . L - 30 FOR your biltlillng nnd repair work, any kind, eeo (I. M. Pollereon, 31 Atl N. Campbell Ave. Phone 0210.1., 1, - 30 I MAKE nice - hungolows out of old hon.es, also do repair work. Call 1371 J. 1, - JO BCPIXESE CHANCEB HKST CAFE IN CITY For aala or trade for farm. : Write ill South Side Station, city. M - ll - 30 Oil. W 1.1 l7 LKA.SR17 acree fordrill. thk for oil or gas, located right on Jr toes river. Stone county, not for from well drilling now In Jenkins, Mo. Pest offer tnkea It. W'rltn owner. A, fl. Clscklewlcy, P. o. Box 343 McKeesport. Pa. , Vl - 14 FOR SAI.PJ On RENT. Blacksmiih and wimon shop, alao, auto repair work, Including loots, also dwelling, hnrn. good . well nnd concrete cellar. One acre of ground with place. Thla la n good proposition for a smith. - Address (larrlaon Mercantile Co., Garleon. Mo. .. M - ls FO't 1,'X'H ANllW. Slock In wholesale grocery for canning fsotory or farm. Wulter Kelly, Hockervllle. Okie. M - 14 VCI.CA.Vly.lN'd and repair business for elite. 4S2 St. Louie street. MB17 ADVKT4T1SRR8. Save money, get re. suite; oft poga rata book tells how. Moiled free. Standard Advertising Agency. 100 St Louis. Mo. M - l P.OOMINO HOtlSB well located, elne In, money maker, leaving city. M''. H. A. Peterson Itealty Co Ills, Soul 11 rvenua over Denton Drug storo. phona 2111. M. - O KLOrYda! It wtlfpey ynu lo write me, If vou wish to buy In Flnrlda a homo fclty or country!, fsrm. orange provo, Improved or. unimproved prop - ertv, or negotiate to er.'ar huelnees. - 1 don't deal tn stocks and bonds. Rufua A. nuoeoll, P. O. Box 1031, Jacksonville, Km , M - 1 MAIL ORDER BPl'SINKSS Would you Ittveat 1100 If convinced nf 130 weekly the yea f oround. experience unnecessary. Write for proofs, piano and 'references. The United Buyers. Holland., Mich. M - l RAISE Din CAPITAL for any legitimate buetneee request fre copy "Quick Financing." showing how cempenlea raise larga capital by - my easily oper. ated elhod. Cunningham, Financial Spa clallet, 79 Oram Bldg., Log Angelea. M - I JUia. UbMX aV W(MU VM BUSINESS CHANCES i BADioiicorrj WirtKLKfll) INVENTION larn the aocret of tuning tha Ttadlo - copa wlreleaa Machine and racordlngf tho Ethereal wavee from Petroleum la tha earth, tbareby toeatlng tho produo. Ing area and aavlng mllllono waated in UHr HOLKft Tha new geological and Radloecaplo map glvea Information aecured by thta marvaloua wlreleaa Invention, which ehowa by ranorded numbera, ranging from to l, where there la nil and whero dry holea may be expected. Inveatora may protect themeelvaa agalnet Inaa by uea of thla map and tha ftadloacopn raporte, Man with key and booklet by mall. II. Addreaa RAWO.SCOPK LADOIIATORIER CO. Peak 41, Fort Worth, Taiaa, GREENE5 COUNTY OARAritr, M - l IloOillNd HOL'BK. For aala. amall good tneomo rooming houa. clnaa In. will aacrlflca on account of leavtu city It will pay to Invaallgata. Ar - nreag r. r, " care of leader. M - I0 AUTOMOBILES FOR BALE TRUCKS FOH UB ONB ANDTHRBB TON A ORADB t!l I. ORANT BTRB8T. I'l'lll) JtOAIXTBR In aplendld condl. Tton, arir e'artar, ' lo model. Heeler prlnga. Call at 1000 8. Fremont. Phona 4T0I. - N. 11.11 'HKVItOI.KT I paaeenger. good condl - tton.Coll ltd w. Calhoun. N - l ' Ml) ItOA DST K lIIOn V. NewTrreet front feitorv. Call &71& or Inntilra kt. Iiule Tailoring fo. Corner Robbcraon nnd Commercial. N - ll I oniiR ( Alt For aale. a bargain at 1 - 71. 1:1 North Cauapbell Or phone HI. N - tf TIKR TROUnl.ES MAKB TOfJ Mua then act ae other neonle do. bur t.ayion airieaa Tirea rrom S O. DtlEMLKR nd then your lira . troutila will ha nrougn. Corner Lyon Peclflo atreet. I hone 42 alao OX Welding and Aula Rpalrlng, . ,tf SAFKTY FIH8T MOTOR CO fKKNBItAI. ACTOMORILB ItEPAIRINO AI.l. VYiirlK FIRST CI.A88 117 tvt Commerrlnl, phona 440J JOHN M. COAK. Manager. . - - : ' w - ii - ii EXPERT MECHANicri ' A. A. FMItH. D. M. HABOTON. 4U PEARL ST. PHONB 1711 N - U - li DRIVB IT YOURSELF Ford a, Dodgei; lludeon - For rent. Btaton'a Qaraga. Phono 1010, m Klrbv Arcade. N - tf JOHN H. COX llODY. FKNDKR AND TOP WORKS. OHKBNB COUNTY UARAUE. 414 1'EAItl... PHONK - I7II . N - lt - ll Di'DtlK CAR Winter top. fine condition, cord tlrea all arouud. Phono H20W. N. MAXWELL HIT louring, f.r r,H cheap, good runnlreg urder. Will taka milk cow in on gam. Phono 1,U . , . - FORD RODIKS NEW AND OLD IIOCOIIT AND BOLD. RKED AND REBD 01 PATTOM ALLBT , Khar 6 Touring ., v,. Dodga Touring. ....... Dort Touring Itulck 4 Touring '. . . . . Studebakcr 4 Touring M.tl LAROB TOUniNd CAR In axaellent .condition; would take plgno aa port jy. II6t Benton Ava. N - I0 AUTOMoallB owoetrg, g.regein.a, ana. rmwmwn, aana ioaay eor r ner xm loia month Jaaua. It - ofniaina neipcwi, maarwotlva - Informa. tlon an ovarhaullng, fgnltlogi trouuiva, wiring, carburatora, gtorago bgttarleee, io. Ovar 110 pages, llluatrated. Mend for frae copy today. Automobile Dlgekt. 141 Butler Illdg., Cincinnati. N - l LIllHT SIX Ul'ICK, 11.00. See Uree.e i - eiieirr, rue. poona 4344.1, ia2i Kasi Wolnut. A' - t qulcklyr going to Kalians Clly Tueg.lny nlgbt. N - 10 REAL RAIt'lAINS In need care. Ford ri.adeter, 1020 model; two Dodga touring cara, ona Bulok light glx, ona Ford ton truck, one Oakland touring car, and olhers. prloed to aall. Make ua an off. k. OUvo Street Garage, III Wast Olive. Phono ill. ' . N - 20 LlHllffllX BUICK. 7. Sea iTr.'e.e Pettefer, Keg. phona 4I44J. 1121 Kaet Walnut. Ark Quickly, going to Kansae Clly Tuesday night. N - 10 CLASSY FORD SPEEDSTER, gpaclnl body, renders, top, curtains, wind shield, new paint, extraa. A gtylleb Utt ley car, perfect mechanically. Tele, phone IftHW. 'N - 10 FOHD TON - TRUCK for. drive. Ill W, Division. ala RUBBER TIRE SUPPLY CO. . CAH BARQA1NS; Mrtxwell Touring .... Chevrolet Touring ... Chevrolet Roadster . . worm N - 30 . .. 12(0 ...1300 . ..II to . . .1900 ...1300 .. .1116 ...lino ....171 Soma of theaa cara have bean ovar houled and ara In saoaltant condition. Will tall you exactly what thay are, RI'IlIircR TIRB SUPPLT CO. JKEFLRSON AT M'DANIEL. PHONE TI9. We're ao far ahead of tha bunch In used car bargains, we're lonesome." ' N - 20 POULTRY AND EQG8 FOR BALE BIO Heart of lha Oxarka poultry Show Springfield, December g to 10. Catalogue Is ready, J. V Boswtll. Secy. Woodruff Bldg, o - lf white" wya"ndottb ;ockerelS front ovar 100 egg trapnaeted hena choice 1. W. p. McKlnnell, 1011 Mrsd - owmera. O - ll WHITB. WYANDOTTE HENS and cockerels at real bargain prices. Qua). Ity and breading considered. Phone 1M3W. c. W. Parks, 1011 South Merket. O - ll A NOON A COCKt7RE!j4.fO' eallo, Sh - p. pard strain. Pino stock, phona ITE. O - SO WANTED HOMB for girl ago 11. Ad. dresa 'M, O." carg' - of Leader. Oll PERSONAL SWITCHKS Mada from cemblngg. alee fura remodeled, Lallmera, 117 Bnoa - vi lie. Phone I3IIJ. p - tl 1DKAI. BNAUTY SHOP lire. Josephine Johnston, 401 - 401 Woodruff Bldg. Phone 1491. P - tf LONELY BACHELOR looking for widow over 10 with farm and money. Address P. Dolllaon, 144 W. Walnut St. ' P - I TUB VEIL. II Weet list atreet. Kan. .sea City, Mo. An Ethical Hospital raring for unfortunata young women during conflnemant. Prices renonahle. Msy vork for board, li - healthy babies for adoption. P. I PILES PERMANENT RELIEF 1.egal guarantee given. No - need of knife, no psln; continue work. Ask to .a Oleo - o - nls Pile Treatment. II. JJrookstienk. P 1 MKN For vigorous development uee marvelous "Vital Power Vacuum Developer." Information frea. Bog I31A, Spring - field, III. P - l WANTEDUISCFLLANEOUB 'w1NTTOilB4T?'ps cara guaranteed. Call 400IW, Q - ll PIANO WANTKD ) cara gruarantaed. for storage; Aest of Phon liuvvA Q - l I iohji cjcxt a won ru pgaa&Tiaal WANTED TO BUT I BUI . Clothing and booka. Phona lilt. J. H. Terrell. Ill Uoonvllla. H - tt WANTED. Paok potato nnlona. phona K"". itg g. Bouiavarq. U - lf WANTCD, about 400 agg capacity la oubaor, bog I17J oare Leader. tt - H WANT TO HUT or rant amall farm frum 10 tft II mllag aouth of Bprlng. Sa'.d. Call Chae. Kogera, Ull Waeeola. prlngneld, Mik W - ll WANTED. Second hand fumlturo and elovee and ruga. B. ! UU. 101 Beat Commercial, phona 1IISW. It - It CLIENT aaya will buy mill, feed or ga raga nuelneaa. u, c. SaBdara. ffll Woodruff. 11 - 10 WANTED TO RENT WANTED AT ONCB, guburtwa tract, with houga gnd otkar bulldlnga. I hone 411 1W. H.ll WAMT TO RENT farm; havo clt? property 10 trade for etoek and toola. Addreaa Farmer," care Leader. H - 30 WANflJD TO RENT, amafl ranchTwIth paeturo and good plana 10 raiee uhlck. Hi Addreaa Ueo, t;roeby, 1001 Mle. eourl Ava, g - i WANT TO RENT. Vnfarnlehed room' Ing bouea, 1 4 rnoma or mora, phona IJiIW or call i 44 A Campbell. Can tivg boat of referenoea aa tananta 8 - 10 SPECIAL NOTICES CALL U. Q. LKROY for Iwln'leg and paparhanglng. Flret oiaai work. Prlcta teiar.tebla. phona ESK21. 1 SPRINOriKLD RCO CO. r.r; weaving, carpal cleaning, refitting, renovnllng, alzlna. .ii lay".:ig. We have Initalled a rag carpet department. Keg rarpeta. ruga and pillow tope. Work celled for nnd delivered. HOT Weet College. Phona 1371, T - ll - ll I PHOLKTERINO AND Fl' II X I'fl. B repairing. Coaaar, 117 kj Iloonv.HJ Kt. Phono I'll. - "i T - tf PAPER HANlllNCJ 1 5c per roll. .Call Milntyre. Phone II17W. T - 14 PAPER HANOI NO And painter, Aleo patch plaetertttg, flret claaa work. Call phone I4ISJ. A F. Kuna T TILLMAN h'i?o Co JolWaet "commercial atreet,. For plain and fancy weaving. Phona S2I0. T - tf WE REPAIR CLEAN AND POLISH TRUNKS. SKIT CASKS TRAVELINH HAllS. LADIES (IK.NTS PL'IlBLS. MAIL ORDERS PrtOMPTLT TAKEN CAltU OF PHONB 411 8CH WIEDKR'S TRUNK FACTOIIT IIB COLLKOE STREET . 8PH I Nil FIELD, MO. i.ba'rn. smokt stoh'y wh1tini For profit. Manuecrlpte corrected. Mlee Julia Fowler. private teacher. Phona 4I. 101 South Ave. T - ll.ll H. J. RAMSEY, CARPENTER All klnda of renelr work, i'.f U.n. n - la) avenua. Repair work g opan'altv. Phono TI4 - IICI. .tf PAINTINO AND PAPERHANOINO AIJlo PATCH PLASTER INa UNION LABOR. PUONB 1IIIJ ' T NATIONAL Metal Weather glrlpg. Do It now. 40 par cent aavlng In fuel Phona 4IIIJ. - T'Ij.I - SBWINO MACHINES repaired to aaw peraactly. Room 1 Convection HalL Phono 04. ' - . T - U - ll INVM.ID'S CHAIR lor rant. 401 Boon Vina Ave. T - ll TPHorjfgTRINO and furnltura repair - ' epnng aow xnai4reew anaaet - . Cevaiing fimpl.i ara eh own. jceuma4eg a'.n. e - none eere, oaa . Nllimcser. 1T Waat Tboman. MONEY TO LOAN FARM" LOANS CITY,T OANS H M. SMITH OVKR QUBBN CITY BANK. l - ii - i. NOTICB I will not ba responsible for any aeora enntractad Dy snyens aa. rept myself. Otto Naglc. 1114 Lea, T - II will pot he reaponslhle for any debts eonirscien or anyone nui myee r. wm. Wlllhlle, 1411 w. Water. T - IO nt'SINEXS CARDS. 100 for Ti. lO'ifi for 12.40. other printing reiaon.hle. Economy rttni nnop, 1217 M.t - varnnn. - - none s.si.w. x - l - r - LOANS MADE ON FARMS ; LOANS ON CITY PROPBHTT U We bur notes, lat and 2nd mortgagee, OUlitea and bargalk In real aetata. Plenty good homes worth tha money; also exchangee. Sea us before you bul Conelder that axtra heavy farm loan with ua H. PtCOTTB CO. Phona nil 4111. ill Holland rtldg. TJ - tl FARM IOANS A apsctalty. Kl - e ua for Itst rata and terms. C, A. Tupper Jk Co.. ion TOast Commercial st U - f T. ,T MURRAY SON FARM AND CITY LOANS EASY TKTtMB. NO DELAY. 1023 LANDERS BUILDING. U - U - 10 PER CENT Prudential money for farm loana. Other funda for city loans. Itvery kind of Insorsni - e. Real estate neraalna. J. D. Bhappard A Bona.. 110 Woodruff. TT.tr WANTED TO BORROW WANTED. TO BORROW, I00 on aso note, well secured. Addraaa C. W., care Leader. V - 10 FINANCIAL WB HAVB a good farm loan, 11110. I per cent Intereat for I years on 140 acres, worth three times tha loon. If v"u want It, is me, w. Jf. Velra Realty Co., Room 14, Jefferaon Theatre rtldg W.ll REAL JUBTATB WANTED WANT TO BUT gome houaaa and lota. Address "Cssh," cara Leadsr X - ll WANTED TO BUY, email houaa from owner. Soma cash, snd monthly pay. mania Addreaa "Owner, cara Leader. X - ll WANT TO BUY from owner, I to It acres improver! or unimproved on or nearrJLood road within 1 to 1 mllea of Rprlnrtlrld. Box ISl - J, oara Loader. WANTKD FOR CLIENTS, savaral four or five - room nouaes. at nnoe. muet ba priced right. W, S. White, 320 V, East Commercial, X - f WANT to bear from owner having farm rnr aala; giva particulars and lowest prlca. John J. Black. Missouri Street. Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. X - l WANTKD To haar from owner of good rurm rnr saia, mate nasn prtca, run pnrtlculara. D, f Bush. Mlnnanpolls, Minn. X - 1 FARU8 FOR BALE FOR SALE OR TR A OK flood smell farm about 10 miles nut on good road and a lot of wheat sown on Place, will take 11300 dnwn, balance tlma to eult you. Don t fall to ae about this form, A chance of your life time, Crm and ee J. (1. Sptvy Co., 131 Landers Rldg. Phona ). Y - l 4 FOR SALN Dy owner. I acre, eight room bungalow, full baaement, bath and toilet, flna out buildings, on Stat highway, to mlnut drlva to gquara. Anawer by mall or phona I3FII. M. Hsuher, R. 4 - . Y - 11 - 10 Tha Superior VVaata my b put to practical "uaa In acoreg of way a .:v'' - v - v - ';' - :.;' - ': ONB CKUT A WORD 1'a.K ttWIBRTIOMl FARVB FOR BALM THRBB ACRES for aala, Juet outelde of rlly llmlta aaet; good room houga, outbulldinga, young orchard It, I. I'hona mil. .o FARM, Wait Platna, rant, gala, ex. ohanga for. Sprlngrteld. Addroaa Chaaa. 741 Mouth St., Sprtngtleld. Mo, 1 - 10 FOR EXCHANGE 40 acree nlca lock, tlon between wtllanl and Uorrleviiln, II aorea ln cultivation, all fencad. 4 room houaa, barn and chicken hc - ueoe. lend laya nice and practically free ol etona. on rural route, phona In tomea. - ... iii.io noma II, city 0 HOout am vaua, 1'rloe J,0 phona 431IJ. FARua yon Tnarirc T - t If ran want (o trade a city property " a ihiiii aaa w it. itu - r. inn 1 .n - dere Bldg. FARM FOR TRADB. CI aorea I mllea on good rook roaUt fair Imorova. manta. a lot of vood wit.. about all In graae Thla U ano.l t. I...a J.".d w..Tnl '" Property on tha touth ...... ... mean bualneee. Raa J. Kplvy. 131 Lander, mdg. Phono JUL T - lt vcat LOT. South aide, for 30 acrea ImtirAi - a . 1 - .,., . ...... ,i,ouo. nprtngtlald Security Real Eetata Dept. j - .g WB HAVB for aala at a ohaap figure a I0.ar.re tract i mil. .u - if i. ;. . ", ro,a. " " Bulldlnga. If. V e,m 'eeg. Ideal loca. chlck' 'neb or oubnrba homo atta, Hor na - riald Ro.iiH r - t "7, o. U Millar, Real Eetata Dept. T - 21 4e Amnion of timber land In Arkanaag a . Lti '"r Pr"Perly or fo Rock, rB. adit Of 1101. Y.3I J ACRES, alg mile. Black RocVAr 30 acrea fenced and In cultivation. o..oca tana in good timber, good r.io, . - iKiern, gome orchard, Plica 1900. Half raah. will eieh.o.. oar. Addreaa II. Anolabv. , 4.1. ..a Ark. v., 1UAL your equity for farm C c. Sandera. tol Woodruff. and caeh. V - IO FARMERS. For brass - tack facts about the beat all - round - progressiva, Irrl - gated district it!. 8. Project) write lo. ley. Farm Bureau. Las Crucee; Y - l 1IOMKSEEKKRI4 40 acres rich valley' land 20 cultivation, balance timber good house, bern, water. I mil's Nst. Ileton, fine free nulrsnga for hog, and cattle, fallen ready for the market; no negroes, no swamps. Price Ukoooo Tirma Ark. Land Co.. Nettleton, Ark. " ' ' "' ' . '' Y I CITY PROPERTY FOR BALE. FOR 8 ALP 10 acrea. I mile, n,.1 . as cultlvallon. bnlsnca limber, all r.. and croaa fenced; 40 acres In pserure; 3 rirlt.so and good well, i harna. I n om houaa; ISO par acre. Kiev 10 acrea, wall located, on good road' 4 room cottage; good barn, .craa of fruit, chlokena and farmln. .. tuf) . - - .... I room houaa. eleotrlo llakta: uaii w.itar In Bouse, garage, paved elrectl loo ' ""'mTlr oou repair, it. , ' realdetjtco, modera, corner let; bolh atraeta paved, garage, twrn. Ana nbada; oantrally looatad, l,boo. - "'"' - - . A DtJ.lB Jj CO., ,, PUONB 111. , i. v ' aTVBNINOD IlltW. . .. 401 B - t - ovaraarolal ' " TKHFJal arorraajs '. - ... . , ... AND LOT ' ' - iJf atANSAgi. cur, KAifaX ..... Ona having, irrocery buelnees and doing well. Will trade for Springfield properly or gall for cash. 134 SOUTH FERREE.IT. KANSAS CITY, KANSAS. Z - t 1 hsva a real anan In wav of . 1., tuthweet part of Iowa. 11. F, Holmes ....eiiy 11, mi woodruff Bldg. Phone - K - lu APARTMENT 31 room brlrk anartment. ana ..... ir best street In Springfield, Mo, Half n.eker. csn use proporty up to lo. 0" about I7,ooo caah. balance term I - nca 130,001. t;o acres, coma Improvement, vnad land; owner ehrs trade tor city property or anything or value. Cash buyer for i.0 to 10 aoraa us. Improved land not .over I mllea out, Muat, have living aprlng. KA r Al JN D RKALTT CO, Phona 1114, my. McDanlel Street. r. - it 131 Lander 31 Lendera HOUSB BBALTIFVI. Interesting subjent. Mora ao whan the houaa Is wall constructed, ( - onvsalent. and . comfortable. Wa maka a specially of building Just such houses, and wa taka prlda In preeentlnir Just tita a ona for your - Immediate consideration. New l - room, modern brick bungalow at 140 Dalmar. Let 11s tell you all about It and show' you how built, , SIIATTL'CK CO. 413 l.anden Bldg? . Phona 104. IIOANOKB AVB. A BARGAIN LOT FOR CASH SI1ATTUCK II FEET FRONT And ll - room brink reaidenea aoutn nt., 110,000. HATTTJCK t - 1 Phona 104, e - t ! PERT FRONT B. at Normal for flog, 0 FEBT FRONT, Oa B. Walnut, 13,1(0, at 441 Phon 104, 15 - 1 FOR SALE 4 - room modern bungalow, tjrgnd avanua far II,I0 term If dealred. Hag doubl garage, full basement and ioallent location. Sea J. Bd. Moor with J. K, Walton Land Investment Company, lie South Ava. sj.fi FOR SAI.B Modern l - room new bungalow soul h we.t Cine III. for 11,210. Lees than 11.001 cash will handle deal. New typa home Sea J. Bd, Moor with .1. B. Walton Land Investment Co., Ill South Ava. FOR SALE Bxtrg good l - room bungalow noutheaot, modern except heat for 1,4,100. Extra location, fin lot, good basement, fire, place, axtra good nondltlon. Sea J. Bd. Moore with ,T. B. Walton Land Inv,, Co., 314 South Ava. S - 10 Ili:AI!Tlinil - BUNGALOW, locate.! ruthaast, etrlotly madarn, bardwn.4 floors, fire place, garage, largo Int. Muet ba aeon tn ba apprsolatntl. Can airanga larma. Mra, H. A - Peterson R'Blty Co - , lllll South street, phone 1911. ' , - wl 144 JJ ciwAwoitnm iMgunoj ClTt FR0t - ZRT7 FOR BALU "I BM,"T'l,a' atraati norili "of Jlti evnto. tampla, block Commercial J4t Priced to .l I. Mra. , II. A. l atora., Realty Co. fill, Kouth atraat tvai D. kto lrug mora. Phona Jll. X - 2i IODKRM BEAUTIFUL "llOML on "1 walnut, clean m. hardwood flnora, nra f .aca, eleeplng porch, garaae. lurga lo n aioeilent condition, i - u.i i.rrangt teia. Mra. H. A. petereon Itealty li HIUj South Htroel. I'hona IJ1 7. 7.." I'ODBRN 11 room rvaldeiic, tloaa l On Bast Bltn atreet, fur aala or rent, I'hona 32IOJ or addreaa "Uood Homo' cara ol Loader, y,.t mt B atr'atly modern fo ir itx.ni !..'., (alow, juet finished. Una locution, aoutheaat. You will like it when yog aaa II and prlca will gull. I'hona 4 J M.I. i ,' y - 'i FOR SALE (room bungalow, nearly new, outhcast part, I blocka of boat car Una In city. Prlca 13.100; 1100 cash, balance 13 pet month Interest Included. See J I - .. Walton Land Inv. Co., 114 South Avo. ' . - Z - 3II FOR 8ALB l - raom houae for only 11.000; large lot, on Benton avanua. I loo block nonh. a real bargain. 1100 down, balance !:) per montn, wny rentr Hea J. B. We I. :on Land Inv. Ca., Ill South Ava Z 20 VBUP.BA14 Oood ftrur - raam bouse, ona acra (round, oily water, electric lights, lotg of fruit and good cutliulldlnga. Three block to achool, church and car line, prlca 12,400. fl.000 cash will handle. 1410 Km Ava. BUNOALOW, 4 raomg and bath, eleciyla llghta well located north aide. . Owner nou - reeldent and la offering a bargain. Terma cao ba arranged. 11.100. w. B. Latach. 1031 Landers Bldg. 1:0 ROOMS, large lot, city water, eleotrlo lights, gaa, suutbeaat, 3,2oO. W. K. Lelseh. 1031 Landara Illdg. Z - ;o 4 ROOMS, clly water, electric lights. gss, gewer, larga Int. close in south. - real. F'aar Until If desired. 11.700. W. B. Mtsoh. 1011 Landers Illdg. THR'KK ROOM HOUSE, small payinut down, nalaiice monthly oaymenta. tn. qulra IJJ4 North Main. g - ;it; I III l) M COTTAtlE on t:7ay streeT Bath, gss, electricity, tjood condition, .nrge shady east front lot. 13.100. Will eke In goad car If priced right. Snrloe - fleld Security Compaur. .hiia 397. - U Millar, Real Kalat Dept. 7, - 31) Ill.loa. TRAnio llsvs good swll. - h trarl south side; 8,000. Want trade for rental nrnneriv. Hprlngfleid Sacorlty Company, phone loT. O. I,. Miller, Real Batata Dent z. - a 11.000 BUYS . " " ronma southwest. Bath ess and lec - trlclty - Raaemant. I.nr tn.yr.n Taka about I.IA rash to handle. Springfield Security Compony. - , phona si . u. 1. Miner, Heal F. - isle IVpi. . ' X - :a BUY OKaT OF THBSE S room bnnaa. ali - tctlv mnderw y.iti basement, trga lot. fn best part vf aoutbaaat i extra good furnace, 14.7 io. Two apartment, rr duplex bouea; Ova mnma each eparcmenl, Separaia file. naraa, nauuia garagaj oloaa ,lu.., - . jCon. vcrtent mt It ta gtraat oar. prlca - f,,oaoi. i.. , I alll baadla. , nc HmtJ it kwianca. . . , 1 tbs aiaaaiaat, gig ro4)a. - v caiirarnia buwgalaw In ewihl r.earytiting tha aery baa. , la a - alaavata' .eienghhorYioo 1. ryauaia garage. Yaw eouhln't aaatate thlg plaoe. If ra aa Jt, f rtca 4f,lk. Worm . .. aYavw 'g.naC mfvbly gcod ' 'br7fna , waili la ppnagneia aaa atsa oufeiua tevsa that would fnterael you. bofh In oa.tage and bengnlows. Alao fames, . alee im and ar a distance. , t. HOf.M! RgJALTY CO., ' to woonniiyr thhldiwi, ?; ' , . . PHONB 1414.; ., . ' , ir - l ' NON - RKSIDRNT aaya aall modern re.. Itleno. Tarma. 4 C . Sanders, r.01 Woodruff. - APARTMENT or duplex for aala or 10. bauga c ,c sandara 101 wo't - irnrr, K - J l)0g DOWN and liberal terms, biws .le. strania reatdaaoe. c u. llHiiuete, ,01 Yveadruff. , 'S"K InTNCiALOW' SNAP. Owner leail'ni city, for particular 12. t:. Man.lerit, ol Woodruff. J! - :.) WHIS lis real aetata always C. "c Sandarg, - 101 Woodruff. I'liuns 413... Dl alRABLB RUSINKS bull'llf l. - v - cb.nga for farm near BiirlnanU. r. C. Sanders, 301 Woodruff. 35 - S TOU, HAVB PROPERTY TO SELL? LlfT IT WITH vs. , IT II OUR BUMNSHS TO FIND? THE BUYERS ANY) TURN Til KM OVER TO TOU TO MAKE THM lE.t, OUR SPECIAL FOR THIS Vi:Kt( Four room houaa ond seven lots tbr. blocks from ally llmlta; Sne well ool Clatarni barn 11x14; cellar, slti - 'ko ocaa and otnor oat nun.iinga - tnnty li.rga cherry treea two pluma. tii,p - .arrieg. goosanarrtea ate. .rrica. g. - it.i., - patt caah, halanca Ilka rent. Fruit will pay half deferred paymcnta. - BUYERS AND SRLLBRS KXCHAi'.l - PHONB II34W , TOU CAN SAVE TIME AND MONEY If you ara going to buy or build ' bp elhg Tb Burton Building and Investment Co. - . Ml HOLLAND PI.Dtl. ... PHONB M0 J te Oobb RKSIDENCB 'LOT " tin Veal Stata atraat la 1000 block, on car Una gn ha all Improvemanta Choap for - nmK Phone I4I1J, - If MODERN Five ronin coltag for rule! ha been bull! two years Price li.'na If nld befor Daoamhar 1. Northesei earner of Guy and Grand Ava, Phone IH or linw, X - tt NOTlt: If you' want to buy ,or xchanga your farm or suburban tract ar your city property R. D, CULLET 1 tha man you want to aea first,. Ra - tl Batata Department, CITY SECURITY AND INVBSTMENt COMPANY. Suite 110 - 14 Landara Bldg., PHONE 1121 or HI1 " ' 8 - U POUR ROOM COTTAGE. Ill l.omi.x. for eale, tk tar In on trade. Phona lo. X - 1T LISTEN I room bouse, II1S0, 4 - roonl hftrt'aa, $1,000, i room modern, 11,71.0. l - 'arm 10 trd for Springfield property. Ward, tha land man, citlxena Bank TWIdg. Phana 1914. K - tf MODERN BUNl)AU)W - t,u E, Grand , ava, 20 an satisfactory terma A rh. - lcs houae. Phana 4H7W. Tl - tt SIX ROOMS Partially moderns lit ei.lenrlH repair. Leaving city. Wl'l e.. for $1o. phana 4114J V! - tf MODERN Flee roan, cottage for aaie. : hua bean built two year. Prlca 130 - 10 It sold before Deueinher . phones 171:. Ids ar 4iiw. 71 - tr SBVBtf ROOM RESIDENCE In dare - . more. Oklahoma, for stJa - nhsap If sold by December I, liiog. terms on part. Address Med Feareon, llartahorn, Mo. . r.i TWO RESIDENCES for aala or rent. Dr. Wllkereon, 137 N. Jefferson. Phono !.' Mftjii" FOR SALB, Y room houae. m.Hi - art exopt gas, larga haaatnent, new . furnace, garage. lat 110x110, II"'. Douglas Ava. Phona I44QW r - l INCOMK , PROPERTY, clear. ne - ir, Hprlngfteld, want Kprlngflld property ar gabutbaa. phoa istiw. g ig .

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