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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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iSTiag "her" safely with a battered hull and Ver'opehed by asking Pie if he had ever "seen any ball players whom he thought capable of play major leagues. Ixaymdr has been around since 1922 and we felt sure xlz could give us a satisfactory answer. answered tha likeable pilot, "I hae seen 7 JTetTO playera who hve; made: the. grade In Liuft butbslL thought a. moment be ran naroinz iom ot the ball' he.

had era who could have made played against down major, learue had they been thft year. i flven.a chance," aald Traynr: izU Pinte Was Too Good To Against JPittsburgh Pirates Paige Is one of the Bell. ufc Pitchera I have ever seen," "Bell before the game that he was use Paige against us. iit I refused to let my boys Satph' because he had been there all winter and wa in 'form. We would have been jts spot had we let him pitch.

ITe was too good right then. be willing to bet that he id have fanned 16 or 17 of 'boy that day So, I backed and made the promoter get 'Jher pitcher. jr lauding Paige, raynor id. out volumes of complimen adjectives on "Cool Papa" Need for Ban Against Negro In Majors Says Traynor BUld Pie Traynor use a Negro player on hia team? given permission, I would' alnly use a Negro player had the ability," was the Jte manager's anawer. said Traynor, "1 it.

see why the. ban against players exists at all. It known fact that there are aty Negroee. capable of play in. the big leagues.

Ytoile the owners have never jL the question that I yftott there no doubt that all raallEe that the IS'erro ver will have to be considered future, I ny times when the going: tough. 1 have heard! gers and players in the big its itate that they would like iva 8atchell Paige, Josh Gib or some other outstanding palyer along to help them a tight spot." "St a few days ago," said the jUrgh chief, "some of the boys i telling me about the terrific Gibson hit but here it the New York Black Yan The i ball sailed 457 feet and tflelder by the name of Curry it It. admired Glbson'e power also the. sensational fielding It Coach Lauds 'Rube 'rr i4 Great Pitcher. ilge," aald the Pirate coach, thrower like Dizzy Dean, poster, was a smart, cagey r.

He was one of the great pitchers I have ever seen, I've been In bastbaU almost m. pitched with his brains ell aa his He never ha wrong thing. jiryoster would have been zatlon" in the. big leagues," Z3is with all seriousness. name Falffe, Grant, 'Cool Papa' BeU, Bis Mackey, Moore, former Kansas City pitcher; Koran, Josh Gibson, Mule Sutler and Rube Foster as ball play arain, Traynor aald that It he was one of the fastest men "A few years ago baseball has ever known," he said.

iuppoaed to play an exblbi "and he a constant worry m. i i.i i janje on me coast, ine mana 1 wnanever ne go. on uaee of the oposlnz team told me steal a pitcher's pants. I always admirea mm tor his dmhlncr solrlt and ability to ret the jump on opposing pitch ers. And he could a'ko snare ily balls in the outfield He could go a country mile for a baU.

"He could have made the grade easily," was Pie's Anal tribute to i the rreat, Bell who is now playing in Mexico. After we had listened to Pie point out the greatness of sUch players as Josh Gibson, Mule Shut tles, Rube Foster, and a number of others, we shot the most portent question of all: im Re turning to Satchell Paige lie knew of a promoter on the wit coast who had paid the fame us Negro pitcher $500 to appear in one ball game. "And," said Traynor, "he was worth; every cent of it." The Pirate leader revealed that deenlv admired Joe Louis. John players who could have made their color has kept them out' After talking to genial we aeen la number other (. I have ever seen were col players who could have red, was the scrappy short tile grade," Ens stated, butj stop's concluding Brubaker Rates Sepia Stars Best Players In Majors the Pirate's jack who hails from Cleveland who sheep ht the University of South Jlfornla, wis one of the tptiiuajastic supporters ball, players of all the major TW.

talked to. Brubaker demanded fl have seen scores of i' players who could have the big league. Bell, Wella, Paige. Gib harleston, Mackey and a others could have starred league baseball if they had iven the opoprtunity. i years ago we played i an all Negro team com fv players from the Negro 1 League out on the coast, ad a flock of players on im.

who could have made it. he game that still lingers we had Larry French It for us." We went into deadlocked at 1 1. a. Settles, had been the. ball day day, rime with to out.

Suttlea 1 ana of Larry's screw hall 470 feet over center field fence and ended the game rirht then and there. "It ws one of the longest hit ball 1 1 have, vfr teen," Mid Brubaker, and It just sailed and sailed. "When it went over, our center fielder just looked up aqd waved at it as it sailed oyer his head and out of the ball park. "Boy boy," he said excitedly, "that guy could sure pound on a baseball." "Cool Bell, enntlnned the Pirate utility man, "was the fastest man I have ever aeen in baseball. I have seen him score from second on just an ordinary fly to the outfield.

He musta' had wing on Mi feet. He was dynamite on the base path and If a pitcher made one little mistake he wu gone. "Bell was a big leaguer if there ever was one." "Wella and Mackey were two other Negro ball players whom I feel could have made the grade la th majors," aald Brubaker. Joe Louis' managers have de cided that the champion shall not have an opportunity to play golf until after the Pastor bout. They have taken Joe's clubs to Ietroit and put them away for safe keep ing.

The champ is disappointed he likes the game! These famous members of Honus Wagner, Jewel Ens, Pau I Waners Stamp Negro Players As "Major Leaguers Without a Doubt I 1 1 'V i iHenrvl Lewis and Henrv Aim We finally broke away from the I think could have played UtronaJ also was loud in his Kenial Brubaker and put the ques majors. i. I 1 Cm ia. first time since he left the Pacific! "I have soon a number of fNcgro the trade In the majors Only Coast League in 1923 that he failed players out in California that I. to hit over the .300 mark.

thought could make the big His ereet. record oualiflea him leagues." was Uoyds reply to our! put the question to Traynor a right as capable of judging players pos hand man and one of the shrewd sessirig major league ability. est coaches in baseball. Jewel Eos. "Id" name Rube Foster, Josh "Cool Papa" Bell, and a number of others whom.

I thought could have made good in the big leagues," answered the 41 year old coach I "I think Bell, Paige, Gibson and Wells could make the grade In the majors," said the veteran outfielder. They are all groat ball players and would help any team they were on. "I have played against them out While Ena liked Satchell Paige. Califol.nla cream of Nejrfo pitchers. can't recall, their names off hand." Next we talked to handsome Arky Vaughan, probably the peer of National League shortstops.

"I think Bell, Paige, Gibson and SutUes could have made the big leagues easily," was his em phatic answer. 1 have played against any number of great Negro piayeie out on the coast 'and 1 know that there were any number who could play In the major league. and had an oppor tunty. to look them over many times. I remember Bell because he was so fast.

"There was also a pitcher out there by the name of Beverly who their names. Pirate Rookie Says 'Turkey' Compares with Best Danny Bell, the Pirates prize rookie outfielder, was next on our i list. i Danny played a number of year out on the coast land has seen j. most of the outstanding Negro i players. I "I would name! Willie Wells, Beckwith, Turkey' Stearns, Cool Papa' Bell, Alackey, Leon Day, 'Steel Arm' Davla and 'Cannon Ball a pitcher who players all the year around out in California, a players who could, make the grade in big league baseball," aald the youthful outfielder, "The best shortstop I have seen outside the major leagues," commented Bell, "was Willie Wells, gerat shortstop of the Newark Eagles," whom I have played against a number of times.

"One of the greatot outfielder I think Bell. Paiae, Gion and Mackey couldhave nuade it easily. Bell was the fastest base runner I have ever seen, and he could grab a fly ball out of the heavens. "Josh Gibson and Paige would be a great in the majors. I feel sure; that they would be a success.

"I've seen a number of others," said Lloyd in his familiar; Okla homa drawl, "but can't renfember I have seen anywhere 'Turkey' He could hit, run, throw and field. He is the best all around player I have seen anywhere. He was a big leaguer from ever angle. j. "Cooi Papa Bell," aid Bell, "was the fastest thing that ever stepped on a basepath.

He was fast it a shame. "Cool Papa took just even stride and. a slide and he was standing on second "Beckwith' was also a great ball player. Another was Biz Mackey. 'Steel Arm' Davis was a great outfielder and a hell of a sweet thrower.

"All of those players I have named." said Bell, who seemed to know more about Nerro players than the average big leaguer, "were certainly good enough to play In the big league." I Wagner Recalls Old Time Stars Who Were Good Enough for Majors Last, but far from least, we talked to the greatest shortstop that ever lived, the one and only Honus Wagnerl Sixty five years old, Wagner Is now a Pirate coach, a Pittsburgh Immortal. He played In more game than any other player, filled every position but that of catcher, belted more base hit than any other player, scored most runs, hit .300 fer 17 years, won eight National League batting crowns, played In the senior loop for 21 aeasona and ha been a coach for eight 1 years. Certainly this baseball immortal is qualified to comment on great ball players. I "Most of the great Negro players I played against have passed on," said baseball's "grand old man," "but I remember many of them well." I 'Rube Foster," aald Wagner, "wal one of the greatest pitchers of all time. He was the smartest pitcher I have ever aeen in all my years In basebalL Another great player was John Henry Lloyd.

They called him the "Black Wagner" and I was always anxious to see him play. "Well," said th famo1i old shortstop, "one day I had an op portunlty to go see him play. After I saw him I felt honored that they should name such a great hall player after me. honored. "Another great ball player In i Kill i i ii r' 'v i i I i i ll iiimiiiiliil lllillilllllllltll UMMUsauMHuuMuaaaiiHitMiiywuuHHyiiiiuyiiyMUUUUUlMMJJU i tl llf ill! NEGRO PLAYERS MUST BE CONSlDERED" Traynor 'L PIE TRAYNOR, Manager Pgh.

Pirates MIETF my time was "Lefty" Owens. He was a great pitcher and one of the best hitters I have ever seen. "Otcar Charelston, Jap Washington, Josh Gibson and Satchell Paige," stated the famous Wagner, "could have made the grade easily had they been accepted." "I think that the old Homestead Grays had some of the best ball 1 in BHUUUUUUUUUUUS I I THESE PIRATES RATE NEGRO PLAYERS WITH BEST IN MAJOR LEAGUES m'J, i is7 Wm "Personally, I see why the ban against Negro players exists at all. It is a known fact that there are plenty Negroes capable of playing in the big leagues. "While the owners have never taken the question up that I know of, there is no doubt that they all realize that the Negro player will have to be considered in the future.1 i I'd name Paige, Grant, Bell, Mackey, Moore, Rogan, Gibson, Suttles and Rube Foster as ball players' who could have made the major leagues had they been given a chance.

"Many times when the going has been tough I have heard managers and players in the big leagues state that they would like to have Satchell Paige, Josh Gibson or some other outstanding Negro player along to help them out of a tight spot. Just a few days ago some of the boys were telling me about the terrific ball Josh Gibson hit out here against the New York Black Yankees. The ball sailed 457 feet and an outfielder by the name of Curry' caught it. They admired Gibson's power and also the sensational fielding of Curry. Believe "me when I say I have seen countless numbers of Negro ball players who could have made the grade in the majors.

Only their color kept them out. "If given permission, I would certainly use a Negro player, who had the ability to play in the majors." sir cd (Eilasiii cmniF. MUEffiir player I hav ever seen. "I can't recall all their names, but there were a number of players on that team who could have made the majors without a bit of doubt." "Tea," said Wagner thoughtfully, "down through the years I have seen any number of Negro players who should have been in big league baseball." Series Reveals That Owner's Contentions Have Been Wrong And there you have the opinions and testimonials of the Pittsburgh Pirates, the eighth and last team in this series on the National League. Loking back on th comments made by th eight manager and core of players, it appears that the big league owners hav misinformed the public by stating that their employes would object to Negro ball players la th major.

Negro ball playera deserv a place in big leagu baseball. It is time the closed door policy were done away with and this undemocratic custom of barring Negro players wer smashed forever. Open your doors, Mr. Owner, the time has come! i I By HERMAN HILL L03 ANGELES, Aug. 31 The Eighteenth Annual Tennis Tournament of th Western Federated Clubs will be held September 2, in Oakland, Cal.

The matches will be played on the beautiful Arroyo Vieto Tennis Courts In Metropolitan Oakland. It' is doubtful if the defending singles title holder, James McDan iels, wlU be on hand, due to the fact that i campaigning in th East. However, with "Slick" Stocks, former South Carolina player, and ex singlea king, Jackie Robinson. Dick Dempsey, Kd Top pins and H. "Schoolboy" Mitchell semi flnalist last year, th should not lack in competition, There are plenty of white people who would appreciate our si do of the story if they knew it! Paa your Courier along to such a friend.

Toledo to Play Bearded 9 LOUISVILLE. The Pittsburgh Crawfnr, clash with the Hou of tv.ij here on September I. near record throng of fana. As an added atti action. Owens, Olympic star.

Helen Stevens, world's fa.iirjn man runner. the Pittsburgh Pirates lauded Negro players when interviewed 'on the question of sepia players crashing the majors. Waner, Bill Brubakjer, Arky Vaughn, Lloyd Waner and Fern Bell. the I praise of Jesse Owens, the great I tion to the famous Waner broth "I have seen any number of, I track star. ') el" Paul and Lloyd.

Negro ball players who could have "They will go down in history: Hailing from Ada, the made good in the big i as three of the greatest athletes Waners form the greatest brother Paul assured us. all time," was Traynor's pre act in baseball history. Lloyd Waner, the second part diction. I iaui, me oiaer or tne iwo, nas oi me iimous oroiner act, noj In closing hia comment on i been in the majors 14 years, copped claims he learned how to lace Negro players, Traynor said, "Be 'three National League batting; baseball by hitting; thrown; corn lleve me when 1 say 1 have i crowns and was voted "most valu jcobs with a hoe handle, also put1 countless numbers of Nerro ball able" in 1927. Last year was the the okay sign on Negro players.

Left to right: i I A La I 1 Fie Tr yy oiioir loaim linn Tm raynor 7" By WENDELL SMITH, Assistant Sports Editor Jmt before the famous PitUbureh Pirates pcllednchor and set sail after a priceless czrgo of lighting Boston Bees with their their courageous skipper, Harold 'Pie Traynor at the helm on May 16, Wl Aboard and interviewed the Buccaneer's on the vital question concerning Negro ball players crashing the major 'i iL. i. j.j iL 1 i i Yi nrvea sooner or later. vauuousiyy we piacra eigni oi me riraics on me piaiw sua pcnuaaca iucm io piuugc ucau iui miu iu iuijjui iaiu uujcvi leiJfaM Pirnto wnrtKv a KimrK nf linrxtMff tailnrc as vr tirclerl the Natinna 1 Leapiie. and have raised havoc in each of its seven stron ports, cleared the decks us a nospitaDie welcome, Vye first talked with genial Pie Traynor, famous leader of the Pirate crew, and rated one of the greatest guardians of the hot corner in the history of baseball.

lthe five full years he has directed the Bucs they ds er finished out of the first division. And, although tfcbw," he's sticking to his ship, lik a real skipper. is'nounaernig aroana in stormy weainer rH Rn I www a wa PITTSBURGHER WINS ELK GOL CHAMP ONSH NEW YORK CITT. Aue. 31 Playing at Forest Park GolfCourM in New York City, Dave of Pittsburgh, nosed out DeVoe.

the New York pro, three strokes, to win the FA'u first National Open Golf TnnrrH ment. Wilson was out in 37 'M DeVoe's 39, to take a two su' lead, coming in 34, while Jimxn! had 35 strokes and lost to Pittsburgh youngster. Thn about thirty entries. Other burgh players in the toumammi who made a good showinj wrt Jake Molrey and Dillard 71, the winner; DeVoe, Tl, th' runner up. FAST PACE BANTAM RANKS CCEELAND, Auc.

from the ranks of WPA difh dr aers to th threshold of tM world's bantamweight shin in two and a half' Tht Baca nf Black Panther, Georgie Par', tm 'uncrowned champion." Pace, now officially ranfcH the National Boxing A.f on as No. 1 contender for woi rfc7" Dion Sixto Escobar's tit. '(t to meet defeat. In three pl ntAfMlAtia1 4amna 1 ern i Par fouffht and won 25 straic' fii1' No other fighter, today, ic.ard:' of division, can match that itco Crack Nines to Clash in Tampa TAMPA, three team doubJehead r. totaling trio of the bet in the south will he pi" here Labor Day, Seplenh'r when the riant City Mik meet the Orlando All and the Pepl Cola f.iant gle with the winner of fir' tilt.

The game. whlh will played at Adelson rrk. expected to draw one blggea crowd of the H' On Caad "Fresh Only on freshman listed on th rosier iv.11 for Is Harold Nix of Denton. vug Whins I 0 would Ucle, Pick tote ev bther Jpen' tnlnc igre obse that di aU Anc Vou must lands is 8 that here u.rit our i mr live Powers Could He Power LEAS re big a Jim.Crt asJsti'doc "probi at the 27 years bigger she Jua seasc Ruth's tot Vomers in iays Gibs ingle! Vould me Brooklyn FinaU; Vill come etcher li UTION Josh Jrowd ser fielder Against tl i earing x.n Walking on nun a Dre Vhen thre Theb me sweej behind his Wed hig jx archwa ani the crc mdic Led 1 Tiraisp of Stellar pe Pos jthat the 1 par wit I Brom leaguers, as In Bi jinajors own TUSI TEA TUSKEr 31 i Tiukegee uonal A. A tar) floU aonday t( "nl A.

f'ch wll! Ss fcLula tee run fioa th "da the P'formen too will "enta, an 'y tean Her opj tely keei vaien at a'leav0r tt Dixie t1 born oa tt 18 Uie ffobshUit h'H rd of houii Ottaer ti troup wi are; f01" is ii Bar ha Wr Pf rry, Ai chtna,.

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