The Pennsylvania Gazette from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on September 25, 1746 · Page 4
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The Pennsylvania Gazette from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 25, 1746
Page 4
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Tower of Lcndan, William Murray, Efq; commonly rowly efcapM 'em, and gave IntelHgnce to the "Company, Brigt. Join, Thomas Marfial from Kcwcaftle on Del. PIUJt,. Kf arouefc of Tallibardine feldeft Brother to his who immediately march'd after the Indians, whom they Scooter Charles - town, Vs t ilt am Grant from South Carolina. V - a . ' L Grace the Duke of Athol, but forfeited his i. itie ana Eftatein being concerned in the Rebellion in 1715) and was to have been tried very foorv for being concerned in the late unnatural Rebellion in Scotland. F.xtraft ef a Letter from Cofptrt, July T am inft informed, which I believe may be depended aoon. that an Exprefs is arrived to Admiral Steuart and Wine and Dry Gods. got Sight of, but could not come up with any of them. Outwards. Seooner Dolphin, J. Au ft in for S. Carclir.a. PHILADELPHIA, September 25 J cjepb, J ojepb tiollet Jor fiojton. CaDtain Blair informs us. that about a Fortnight ago Slcop Endeavour, Reuben Worth for Rb. Iland. he fpokewitha French Prize Snow going to New - Yerk, Humming - bird, Charles Dingeefor Virginia. taken by the Triton Privateer or tnat nace. ane was scanty, r inccni csauus jor oaroaaos. bound t6 Cape Francois from Bourdeaux, laden with Sbip Griffin, John CBubbard for Maryland. Molly, tfipb Rivers for Barbados. General Sinclair, ter the Troops immediately ta embark, and thofe that arc upon their March, Meffengers are lent after them to return back, the Reafon of which from the beft Information I can get, is, that the Brett Fleet - under the D. d'Anville, is certainly bound to C.Breton. Lord John Murray's Regiment of Highlanders, Rich - teli's; Sinclair's, Sec. are embarking again'with all Expedition ; many of the Officers on this Occafion have lufTered very confiderably, having difpofed of their Equipages, and loft their Provifion. July 12. It was Yefterday ftrongly reported, that the Breft Fleet was fail'd from Ferrol, and fleered their Courfe towards the Streights, in order, as it is faid, to attack Admiral Medley ; and in cafe of Succefs, or not meeting W,m rn nroceed to Leghorn, and attack the Great v , By Letters fram Jamaica we learn, that the Wager Cleared. Sloop Providence, Pyramus Green to All jnv. . . , 1.1... i l , r . l. nr. 'fx - r 't . r t . i ! Man ot War, Capt. rorelt, has lately carneo in mere' Brigt. zany, ien ivxc. j.veu to L.onaonacrry . . - t - .1 i n F - - ' T I three Prizes ; one or them the iweaiin amp mat was oea - jiowcr, uavia uewar to Jamaica.' taken into that Place laft Year. Nancy James Broivn to hiverpoole. Exra3 of a - Letter - from Antigua, dated Auguft zz, 1 746. Schooner Jcppb, Jofepb Hollet to Salem. There are actually 20 Sail ot Privateers in this Latitude, and as many open Boats, from ten to fifteen 1 uns, lome t n. i - nrstvA r,A Ue IXM hv B nave taicen a , ' . ' ,11 ' of them carrvine only ten Hands,' wm Number of Veflels. and often land th:ir Men in the TJbles of various Sizes from, large Folio, Night and carry eff - cur Negroes. One of thofe Boats, down t tne lmaueir rocKet uioies ; leiuments, with 15 Hands, took a Brigantine lately in Sight of our Common Prayers, Confeflions of Faith, large and fmall, Harbour. A Flag of Truce arrived here Yefterday frem Gray's Werks, compleat, Vincent on Judgment, Dyer's Martineco. with 2c, Captains, fey whom we have certain Golden Chain, Pfalters, Primmers, Paper, Sealing Wax, :counts of a great many Veffels being carried in there ink - powder, and all Sorts of Stationary Ware. Accounts of a great many Veflels being lately, moftofthem belonging tcrNorth America. Same Dutchvof Tufcany. And Admiral i.eltock, and Admi - Uay arrived a bhip from Liverpool, or nx imaii carnage fal Aafon are fet out for Portsmouth, with Orders to Guns, four Swivels, and ten'Hands, which fought a put to Sea with all poflible Expedition, in.purfuit of the Privateer of 150 Men and 16 Carriage Guns, ofT of the French Fleet. But Ifland for fix Hours; daring which Time the Privateer According to fome Advices from Paris, by the Way of was on board of them three Hoars, the Ship fighting all tj a tK TWfl - CnnaHron wre fcen in the Latitude of the While from her clofe Quarters. The French endea - A lUliAJJU W - rf - - th. Iflmrfs of Scillv. ileerins feeminelv for the Weft of Ireland ; and the French now pretend to be pofitive, that this Squsdron will not go beyond the Limits of Europe. Urzvpart, Rhode - IJIand, September 11. We hear from Antigua, that thedptains Carr and Fry, in two Privateers of this Place, have retaken an Englifti Brigantine loaden with Rum. voured to cut uo her Decks, by which they had a great many Men killed ; they then fet the Starboard Quarter of the Ship on Fire, and burnt about fix Foot of her Side down : But after all fhe obliged them to fhcer cfif, and make the beft of their Way, her Side being ftove the Water's Edge, and (he ready to fink. They found upon Deck nine Men killed, the Beatfwam of the TK Hovernor of the Hivanna beine made Vjce - Rov Privateer mortally wounded; and a Nesroe, not hurt. of Mexico, his Succeffor has thought fit to releafe the The Boatfwain and Negroe fay, the - Privateer had 20 Men that have been fo long detained there as Prifoners, Men killed, and that fhe was fo fhatter'd, they thought contrary to all Rightand Equity, and fome of them are' it impaflible flie could reach any Port. This is one 0 tome home. tne braved Actions that has happened this War, th C O S T O N, Sept. 15. Ship being a defencelefs as well could be, having fought . Extrabl of a Letter' from Louijbvrgb, Augdjt 16. the Privateer all the Time with twelve Mulketsonly. Capt. Craven in his Maiefty's Ship Rye, in a Bay a The Ship Arundel, late Captain Henderfon, fro little to the Northward of Gafpia, law a Srov at an Londonderry for this Place, is arrived at Newcaftle, a Anchor, whofe People on his ftanding in to them, de - ferted apifet her on Fire j fhe had about 16 Guns, and he reckons 60 Men, and judg'd by the Explofian when fhe blew up, the had a large Quantity of Powder on a moft tedious PafTage of 14 or 15 Weeks; in m fter 1 1 wmcn Notice is hereby given,! THAT all Kinds of Deeds, and Inftru - ments ef Writing, are authentically drawn by the Subfcribfrs, agreeable to the Pradlice of the beft modern Conveyancers, at their Office in Front - ftreet, Philadelphia, oppofite to the Hufe of Mr. Jofeph Turner, Merchant, where Difpatch and conft ant Attendance will be given. Alex. Stuart, fP) Lewis Gordon, Philadelphia, Se t. 25L 1746. TH E retailers of rum, wine, brandy and other fpirits, in the city and county of Philadelphia, are defired to take notice, that there is !a quarterns excife due the ift of this month, that they may continue their payments quarterly, as the law directs: 'And thofe indebted for excife due I ft of laft June, are j defired to come and pay the fame befere the - .ift of next month, to prevent further trouble. J. Foulkk, Col. To be Sold by Caleb Ransted, at his Houfe next Door to the King's Arms in Front - ftreet, near the Bank Meeting, Time the Captain, toth Mates, and a Nun ber cf Paf - g 1 UUJL UOflea 1 ea oy tne cneit Or lmaiier fengers died. She was U ken off the Banks of New - V quantity; fugar by the bartel or hundred; coffee foandland by a Spanifh Privateer, who ufed the People by the hundred or dozen ; pepper; a Ifpice; cinnamon ; board ; v?ry likely to fupply the Indians, as we are told very ill, rifled the Veflel of what was valuable, and then Hungary water ; almonds ; raifins ; indigo ; ftone blue ; obliged the Paliengers to ranlom her tor 4000 Pa. of 5. lweet on; yenow paint; veraegreaie; dox irons and Yefterday - arrived here the Sloop Jane and Sarah, Cap - 'heaters ; Englifii fteel ; milk - pots ; decanters: ; cruits ; tain Phinehas Hubble, from Barbados. On the 15th falts ; tumblers ; beer, wine and dram glalles, a!! by they nad done. Extratl of a Letter wrote by the Rev. Mr.jfcbn Norten, dated a Th e:e are at Fort MaJJacbufiitt, Augujl zo. 1746. ire to irfform you, that Yefterday about q o Inftant, in the Evening, about 15 Leagues to the South - Clock, we were befieged by, as they f'.y, 700 French ward of Cape Healopen, he faw a Sail, which came up arid Indians, they have wounded two Men and killed one with him about Q at Night, and proved to be a French Knolicrf iThe General De Vaudreuil defired Capitulati - Privateer Schooner, whem he engaged for about an Hour ens, and we were fo dmrefied that we complied with his Terms. We are the Frencbs Prifoners, and have it under the' General's Hand that every Man, Woman, and the box or doz?n ; white ftene tea ware ; red ditto ; frof - ted ditto ; yellow, hollow and flat ware, all by the cr?it ; French white ware, and red ditto, by the dozen ; fnuff. To be S OLD; TWo mares and celts, three borfes, and two . carts, vvitb gears. They ivill be fold fngly, or Child (hall be exchang'd for French Prifoners. ' Ibe above Letter was found upon the Well Crotch, after the Enemy bad burnt the Fir t and carried off the People. One of the Indians was IdllM in the attack of the ahove pf the Boat, and Fort; whofe Scalp is brought to Town. N E IV - TO R K, September zi. . On Thurfday Lift came in here a large French Prize Ship, called the St. Jofeph, taken the 29th of Auguft laft, by the Privateer Brigt. William, Capt. Arnold, of this Place, after two fmart Engagements, the firft in the Evening before, of about an Hour, wherein the Privateer had one of her Swivel Guns burft, which kill'd 'era 3 Men, and wounded 4 ; and the other in, the Morning of above 5 Hours, wherein they had one Man killed and 5 wounded : The Prize is about 350 Tons, mounts 12 Guns 4 psunders, and 57 flout Men on board ; their fe - cend Lieutenant was kill'd, and 5 Men wounded, fome of which mortally : She has on board 614 Hhds. of Su - and a Half, with his People on board; in which Time he hulled her feveral limes, and fuppofes he "put her on the Careen for near two Hours. After which fh hnr down cn Captain Hubble again, - which fo intimidated 2Zetber. Any per on inclining to purchase, may apply to his Men: that they all took to the Boati excent a Pif - fenger, who feeing the Captain refolved to fight the Vef - fel as lqn7, as he cuid by himlelf. came aboard aeain out ' w faid he would ftand by him. Accord ingly, the PafTener fleering the Veffel, the Captain fought his Guns moll bravely and fuccefsfuliy for above an Hour, ani at hft obliged the Frenchman to fheer off. On the 17th he met with Captain Grant from Georeia for this Place", who ipired him fome Hands, a Sail, and Robert Hand, at the upper end of Walnut - flreet . Pbila delphia. Q ! Philadelphia, Sept. z$. 1746. AL L Perforis indebted to the filiate; of Jhn M'Cootnhes, taylor, late of this city, de - ceafed, are defired to pay the fame to Thomas Hartley, adminiftrator, who will give attendance at Mr. Joha Hamilton's at the fi?n of the fcales in Front - ftreet, Phi - what other Things he wanted, to repair the Damages' Iade,Phia the ift of November next: And thofe that his Veffcl and Rig2ing had received, and did not leave lave any demands againft faid eftate, ar defired to bring m lucir accounts, tnat tney may De aajuttea. Philadelphia, Sept. 25. 1746. him, till he fw him fjfe within Cape May On Thurfday laft the Reverend Mr. Whitefield left of the Summer to large Congregations, which the long - P rr n!gK?g' er he ftaid increafed the more. He never was fo generally am rmour cf Neivcajlle, Edward Mac - well efteemed by Perfons of - all Ranks among us': nor gvftntgan, a native Irijb fervant man, about'zz years of age, of fmall Jtature, dark complexion, a little pitted with the f - r.all - pox, freckled, has fir ait black' btir, pretty much of the brogue, and d large far on one of his legs. Had en icben be went aid ay, a new felt hat,' brown bomefpun coat, pretty much worn, linfey woslfcy jaehet, with buttons of the fame fuff, new dark coloured Breech - 0 ... L' . :. l ' l . l did he ever leave us attended with fo manv ardent Wifhe gar, 200 Dags and 20 aiKs ot t - ottee, ani was bound for his happy Journey thro Maryland and Virginia, and from Martinico for Marfcilles : She came out as Con - to Georgia, and a fafe Return to this Place. We fhall voy to five more Veffels, but had parted frsm all but probably f - .e him next Summer in his Way to Bofton, one when the PrivateeMnet her, and that efcaped daring unlers he fhould embark in the Spring for Barbados, and the Engagement; She was feparated from the Privateer the other Weft India IflinHs. , the id Inftant, by a violent Gale of Wind, in which the We hear from New - York, that Brigadier General"' muc t0 tfor bim, with wrought pewter buttons, William was in the moft imminent Dancer of beine loft." Waldo, who had thefrmnrf nnmmnJ in tK. m. - tt. nt dark coloured fiockinzs, and rood hoes. Whoever fhe having been hve down by it on her Broad - fide, where land Forces at the Siege of Louifburg, is to head the taes UP and Jecures f id fervant in any goal, fo as his fhe lay a confiderable Time ; and all her Carriage Guns Army now affembled at Albany, &c. which has Orders maJ?'r may iave him aZain fial1 have Thirty Shillings were obliged to be thrown overboard, her Fore - maft and forthwith to march to the Carrying Places where it is re,war and reafonable charges, paid by Maintopmaft all cut away, and her Borgotout : du - to be joined by 1500 Men from Befte - n, and 1000 from WILLIAM ARMOUR. ring which 1 ime three of the Men were .. - ufh'd to Death Connecticut. . PhiJadelphia, Sept. 2 c. 1746. . . - on board, two more who got into the Beat, are daubtlefs This Miming the Carolina, Capt. Mefnard, arri - OTray'd or ilolen the loth of this Inftant, out perim d, and another was walh d out of the Cabin Win - - ved here from London: He parted with the other Vejelx O cf a pafture at the fulling - mill in Darby, late of Job tartVthri VrS W fAuZft but Harvey; a dark brow horfe, can pace well, about 14 S r 1 , t " ? 0fADlTf hands high, branded on the near moulder C, and on the Providence, fhe arrived here fafe with all the reft on Sa - CufUm - Houfe, Philadelphia. Entred In. near buttock B ; has a patch with the hair off on his lUt 7 1:J 1 Mtmraal1 8Bd fma11 JJ' Sloop Francis, Francis Dickenfon from Antigua. .right fide, which looks as if it fead beeri fcalded, and has Jing We learn frera - - Endeavour. Reuben Worth frem. A7m - T7.rrJs. - J rn frera Albany, that hft Week a Serjeant be - Ann. Peter Milbev from Virginia. . I .nging to Capt. Livingfton s Company, cuarterM at Mr. Bri?t. Rebecca. Beniamin Burk frm Dublin. p . , i . ... . : - Jrn ract"t nlarttea Dresjm frm Barbsdt. owner may have him again, dull have Thirty Shillings l,iCoa,ntth!FortaEpythWWithh,J w Br,V.Ghbc, DnicI Rcufr.m Jamaica. rew.rt, an! rf03able charges paid by Diid Ditii. I fomething of the fcratches. Whoever takes ui the fiid horfe, and brings him to David Davis, fuller, at the afore - faid mill, or to John Davis, fuller, in Lancafter Couoty,

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