Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 21, 1962 · Page 13
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 13

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 21, 1962
Page 13
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Thursday Evening June 21,1982. JOSEPHINE LOWMAN Exercise and New Cool Girdles Nip Waistline Many women deny themselves much comfort by wearing the same type undergarments all year long. After all, we change from heavy to light outer clothing, why not do the same with brassieres, girdles and slips? There are featherweight girdles which are amazingly restraining. There are lacy bras and lovely cotton slips and embroidered brassieres. If you do not have time to get a good sun tan. or it sun bathing does not agree with you or your skin, use a sun tan makeup on your legs and go without stockings part of the time. All these little tricks make us feel fresh and happy in hot weather. Long and Short Did you know that you can buy panlie girdles in very short or very long models as well as in the average length? The brief ones are to wear under a swim suit or very short shorts, and the long ones to wear under slim pants. While "Why Grow Old?" believes that we should get our figures in shape so that swim suits 'and shorts do not betray us, still these aids are sometimes helpful. The styles this-summer are not all waist conscious, but there is certainly a growing tendency to emphasize the waist., This is reflected in the girdles available. There are little waistlets which do nothing more than nip in the waist, as well as other types. Waist Exercise How about a little exercise for waist nipping? Here is an effective one. Stand tall. Clasp the hands behind the head. Pull the elbows back. Keep the arms in this position as you twist to the left as far -as you can. New twist to the right. Continue, slowly turning as far to the left and then as far to the right as possible. Tliis twist exercise is reducing io the waist. If you would like to have my waist-slimming routine, send a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your request for leaflet No. 6. Address Josephine Lowman in care of this newspaper. Tomorrow: "Fears She'll Gain in Wrong Spots; Exercise is Answer." (Released by The Register and Tribune Syndicate, 1962) TODAY'S HOME CHICAGO (UPD-Use a desk to set off a corner of the living room for reading, writing and hobbies. It makes good decorating sense with the proper choice of functional furniture. First requisite: a desk that looks attractive from the front as well as behind. You might consider one with bookshelves built into the front. 3et the desk at right angles with a wall, just far enough from the corner to leave space for a big easy chair and end table. Built-in bookcases would be ideal along the other wall forming the corner, but wall-hung ones take up little extra space and look as good. A hanging lamp over the desk, preferably one with a wide shade to spread light over a large area, can provide illumination for desk as well as chair, eliminating the clutter of an extra end table lamp or floor fixture. Wall-mounted lamps are a particularly good choice. Many of the newer models telescope in and out from the wall, swing from one side to another and lift or lower to throw light wherever it's needed. More practical than a wood surfaced desk, if the corner is to provide space for hobbies, too, are the 'many now surfaced with plastics such as formica or fiber- esin. Paste, ink, paints, clay or scissors won't mar these washable surfaces. For a final decorator touch, give the corner an area rug of its own. Consider a patterned rug if the rest of. {he living room is carpeted in a solid color, but keep the pattern small .and. simple not to detract from the main rug Synthetic fiber rugs are the mos: practical for the purpose, since spilt ink or paints generally can be washed out readily. Best Sellers FICTION SHIP OF FOOLS — Katherine Anne Porter. FRANNY AND ZOOEY - J. D. Salinger. THE AGONY AND THE ECSTASY --Irving Stone. DEVIL WATER — Anya Seton. YOUNGBLOOD HAWKE -Herman Wouk, THE BULL FROM THE SEA Wary Renault. THE FOX IN THE ATTIC — lichard Hughes. THE BIG LAUGH - John 0'- Jara. HORNSTEIN'S BOY - Robert Traver. NON-FICTION THE ROTHSCHILDS - Freder o Morton. CALORIES DON'T COUNT-Dr lerman Teller. _MY LIFE IN COURT - Loui 'Jizer. THE GUNS OF AUGUST - 3arbara Tuchman. IN THE CLEARING - Rober Frost. CYCLIST DIES INDIANAPOLIS (TJPI)-Michae Wray, 19, Indianapolis, diec Wednesday of injuries sufferet last Sunday in a motorcycle race at suburban Oaklandon. ISIS THEATRE Wlnamac, Ind. THURS., FBI., SAT. Doubl* F«atur* "THE 3 STOOGES MEET HERCULES" "UNDERWATER CITY" Wm. Lundlgan—Juli. Adami COMING SOON "FOLLOW THAT DREAM" Elvis Presley Food For Americans GAYNOR MADDOX Newspaper Enterprise Assn. The fresh cherry season is hort. But while it. lasts, let's en- oy it to the full. A bowl pf cher- ies on the table, a fresh pineapple and cherry fruit cup and of ourse a tray of fresh cherry arts add. to the joy of living these rly days of summer, FBESH CHERRY TARTS (Yield: 8 servings) 1 envelope unflavored gelatin J /i cup cold water ' /3 cup sugar Yt teaspoon salt 2 eggs 1/4 cups milk 1 cup sliced Iresh sweet cherries % cup heavy cream, whipped 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract 1 cup pitted fresh sweet cherries, cut in half 2 tablespoons sugar Vi teaspoon cornstareh Whipped cream for garnish Soften gelatin in cold water and set aside. Combine the 2/3 cup sugar, salt and eggs in a sauce. >an on lop part of a double boil- :r. Stir in milk. Cook over very ,ow heat or hot water (not boiling) until the mixture coats a metal spoon. Remove from heat. Mil until the mixture begins to .hicken. Fold in sliced cherries, whipped cream and pure vanilla extract. Turn into baked tart shells. Chill until ready to serve. Mix cherries with the 2 tablespoons sugar. Let stand 1 hour. Drain juice into a measuring ANN LANDERS Office Collections Viewed Differently From Hospital cup and add water to make cup. Add cornstareh and mix .until smooth. Cook until clear and slightly thick. Cool. Arrange cherries over tops of tarts, over which spoon cherry glaze. Chill. Garnisl with whipped cream, if desired. FRESH CHERRY AND PINEAPPLE COMPOTE (Yield: 6 servings) % cup sugar 1 cup water 2 two-inch sticks whole cinna Dear Ann Landers: Several lonths ago someone wrote to you ambasting office collections. The riter complained that every eek somebody came around to ollect 50 cents for flowers,' a aby gift or a retirement present. s signed himself "Bled White." When I read that letter I agreed ith the writer because I, too, ad been hit so of;n. Someth ing a p p e n e d last r eek that changed ny mind. I land- d in the hospital. It's difficult to xplain the won- erful, warm glow lat passed over me when the nurse rought in a beau, ful bouquet of ed roses. The ard read "Hurry ack. We miss you." Then I saw 4 signatures of those who had hipped in for the flowers. I'm not a sentimental guy but think I wiped away a couple of ears when the nurse left the com. I'll never feel imposed on again when a collection is made at our iffice. I'm deeply ashamed it ook a lesson like this to teach me. — OTHER FOOT * * # Dear Ann Landers: My husband hinks your column is rich. He reads it religiously and often says 'Listen to this—" then he'll read i letter aloiud and say, "Doesn't this one sound like So and So?' 1 It's strange how people see everyone else's faults but they never recognize their own. You've had few letters lately about husbands who ignore their wives' physical needs but my cold fish doesn't catch the drift. We have three children and a lovely home. My husband doesn't drink or gamble or look at other women. He says he loves me but he .shows no sign of affection unless I make the first move. Maybe I'm .a romantic fool but I don'l believe it's the woman's place to be aggressive in love-making. It makes me feel like a hussy. I hope you print this letter. If Y-t teaspoon fresh lemon juice 2 cups fresh pineapple wedges 2 cups fresh pitted sweet cherries .V4 cups fresh cantaloupe balls Boil first 4 ingredients together n a covered sausepan 5 minutes Addi pineapple wedges and cher- ies. Heat thoroughly. Chill. 'Jus: jefore serving; add cantaloupe jails. you do I promise to say "Listen to THIS ONE. I wrote it.". SPARROW Dear Sparrow: Some men neet a woman who is aggressive in love-making. Apparently you drew this type of a man.' There is no need to feel like a hussy if you must make the firsl move. Some of the most interest ing women were aggressive types When the situation calls for this approach the smart woman recog nizes it and is equal to it, * * * Dear Ann Landers: Our teenagi daughter was visiting in the home of a girl friend last evening am the girl's parents got into an ar gument. It was embarrassing for ou: sughter to be in on a family uarrel. She asked her friend to rive her home. The friend reused, saying all families have ar- uments and that she should pay 0 attention. Our daughter styed nd had a miserable evening. ^told her this morning she hould have telephoned home and sked her father or me to come .nd get her. She says this would lave been rude. I say it would iave been better manners than laying around and witnessing a amily fight. May we have your pinion? — TRIANGLE Dear Triangle: It depends on he nature of the fight. If it was ust a few moments of disagreement, your daughter should have gnored it. If, however, it was a knock-down-drag-out battle, your laughter should have called home or transportation. * » * To learn how to keep your boy riend in line without losing him, send for ANN LANDERS' book- et, "Necking and Petting — And low Far .To Go," enclosing with 'our request 20 cents in coin and 1 long, self-addressed, stamped envelope. Ann Landers will be glad to lelp you .with your problems Send them to her in care of this newspaper enclosing a stamped- self-addressed envelope. Copyright 1962, Field Enterprises, Inc. COMPARE OUR DIAMOND VALUES! REMEMBER-MONEY SAVE" IS MONEY EARNED FERNBAUGH'S "Famous For Quality Diamond*" WE'VE GOT WHAT YOU WANT at ADMIRAL Deluxe Refrigerator Model CR212 11.1 cu. ft. net capacity. Full- width freezer cheat. Adjustable "Freezer-Mart" drawer. 2 glide-out shelves. Automatic interior light. Defrost indicator. Temperature control. Full-width crisper. "Pantry door" shelves. Butter bin and tray. New magnetic door seal. Thinwall fiberglas insulation. 5 colors. Slimline design. Dimensions: 58"h.,28"w., ?&%'&. REGULAR PRIDE $219.95 CARRICO DISCOUNT PRICE ...; CARRICO DEEP DISCOUNT PRICES ON AIL '62 ADMIRAL APPLIANCES RANGES . . . FREEZBRiS... REFRIGERATORS... AW OONOITIONBRlS . . . ADMIRAL DUAL TEMP Model NTR915 14.5 cu. It. net capacity. No-defrosting refrigerator and 108% lb. sub-zero freezer. 4 full-width shelves (2 glide-out). Twin crispers. 2 "pantry door" shelves (1 adjustable); 2 in freezer door. Butter, cheese bins, 2 egg storage. 4 ice cute trays. Built- " in design. 66 3 Ae" h., 32" w., 25%" d. REGULAR PRICE $419.95 CARRICO DISCOUNT. . . $327 THRIFTWAY I -n-r-ii-i-1-it-r-i> Highwav 33 South SERVE YOURSELF Loqansport COUNT PRICES KYLINE No. on Hwy. 17 Ph. 4802 TBOY ; CONNIE STCVKN8 Shown at 10:15 ^ ••KTftOCOt.OW « Shown at 8:30 Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Thirteen CROSSWORD PUZZLE Answer to Yt*terday*» Puzzl* ACROSS l-Everyoin 4-Srmkeu S-lnsect 12-Born 1 13-Toung hor« H-Ireland lo-Chlnenj pagoda 16-Induntrlou» 18-Jre S0-Met»l . fastener Zl-WorJd organization Unit,)-. 22-Flgpcn S3-prepo«ltlon ZT-Amertcan essayist Z8-Playthini 30-Lcok prylngly 11-Guldo'B low note 32-Place 33-Ugly, old woman 34-Pronoun 3G-Dccla.ro 37-Label 33-Chioken 29-Resldenc* 40-Fondlo «-Blver'in Italy 42-Chestnut with white interspersed 44-Measurlnff device 47-A state 51-Burnm ' tribesman 62-Century plant 63-Clan 54-Worm 66-Toung salmon 56-Great Lake 57-Grain DOWN 1-Pllaster 2-SIender S-Organlzed group 4-Genus of maple* 6-O«spr!ns 6-SuKicient 7-Wander 8-Seniilng S-AlIghted 10-Sllkworm 11-Fedoral agency (inlt.) 17-Enllsted man (co)lod.) 13-Prlnter r » measure 32-Drunkard 24-Negatlv» 25-Heavy volume • 26-UncloBed 27-Shc-?e 28-Man's name 29-Golf mound 30-Slnk In middle 32-More oovert 33-Chapeau 3«-Pirt of "to bo" 37-More taut , 38-Mor* tan-Id 40-Out of dat« 41-Hebre^r Ittter <3-Faro« Islands whirlwind «-Apjro:'tlon 45-Slmp;« 48-Ascond 47-Hlt lightly ^S-Gulflo'i hig note O-ConJ unction 60-Slonder flnlo! igh IS 39 47 32 56 30 10 Dlitr. by UnitadFuture SyndlwU. 1 Zt u STATE Doort Open 1 p .m. WALTDiSNEY^, "BigR«d"an:15;4;7;9 : 45 "Desert" tit 2:55; 5;45; 8:40 -ALSO- -PLUS- PLUTO CARTOON Have You Entered BIG RED coloring contest? for Details Sea "SFORTLAND" £iOe=3 ca e=> oca JUST BRUSH OH < HllllNlW APPLICATOR W. [ttuppun In Mimtetl SURE DEATH to ROACHES-ANTS that cross it cross (Mck, Son, Easy Wiy To Set DM Of ROACHES-ANTS Without DngNNs Spriys toted *r Ant problem? End it the quick, sure, easy ^ way.... with d-CON* ROACH-PRUFE or d-CON ANT-PRUFE! •,•„•' d-CON ROACH-PRUFE and ANT-PRUFE come with a special applicator brush. You simply brush on a d-CON PEADLINE next to baseboaWs arid other places in your kitchen where roaches .and ants crawl. And that's all! There's no dangerous flying spray 1,0, settle on food—yet this I ROACH-PnuFEor AWT-PRUPE DEADLINE is SURE DEATH to roaches, ants, sllverlish, waterbugs and other troublesome, crawling pests that cross it! And this DEADLINE is invisible—causes you no embarrassment! d-CON ROACH-PRUFE and ANT-PRUFE are so economical, too ... one application lasts for weeks. So end your roach or ant problem the quick, sure, easy way . . . without dangerous flying sprays that can contaminate your food;' Get ROACH-PRUFE or ANT-PHUFE, the pest killers you can control. Only pennies per application,: a D a D 0 0 q 0 a d-CON ROACH-PRUFE - d-CON /.NT-PRUFE in ions 408E.MARKET ST. * 4Vi H. P. 24I4NCH CUT Rotary Rider GUARANTEED TO OUTWEAR - ; ANY OTHER JEANI POWER MOWERS CLINTON ENGINE 420 DUPONT NYLON FOBTIFTED JEANS FOR BOYS *BEOU1AR *SLIM * HUSKY *?4e ****i»'tit ft**4 jttt've tint 4te*f Thera'j »t least 70% extra wear In »hes» new, premium quality jenni. Knees won't turn white oh vat dyed, NYLON fortified SMITTYS, the jeans that can be laundered by any method. Seams are strong, double-stitched in fact, end the garment carries BIG SMITH'S unconditional guarantee. In regular, ilim and husky. ' PRICED AT 2.99 and 3.49 MEN'S and BOYS' 'Levi's" Walking Shorts Fin* Quality Wash 'n Wear Fabrics Beautiful Plaid and Check Pattern* BOYS' SIZES . 3.99 MEN'S SIZES . 4.99 All Spring ond Summer HATS REDUCED Ren. 1.99 to 5.99 On Sale This Week 99c „ $3 OUR REGULAR 1.19 KAPOK BED PILLOWS Soft, light, Fluffy Odorlm Bed Pillow* 99 EACH

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