The Journal Herald from Dayton, Ohio on April 9, 1975 · 8
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The Journal Herald from Dayton, Ohio · 8

Dayton, Ohio
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 9, 1975
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34 THE JOURNAL HERALD Wednesday. April 9. 1975 DAVTON, OHIO Las Vegas Hilton opens tower ;" LAS VEGAS - Conrad Hilton, who is in his late 80s, stood tall and erect and alert iaa well-tailored youthful-looking light blue suit as they -dedicated 620 new rooms in the tower addition of the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel. ' It made it "the world's larg- "es resort and convention the premier hotel of the iworld," so his son Barron 'Hilton said. . U,tn the excitement with Liherace arriving to pay trib-! ute, high school girls doing a "rock concert in the lobby and an enormous cocktail party for the whole town I experi-"enced the city's thanks for the .10-story, $20-million addition .which brings the hotel to 2139 -rooms. '.."Connie," the chairman of the board, stood alongside as Barron, president of the company, said, "I'll ask my father if he'll unveil the plaque." And ; the elder Hilton pulled away lihe "veil to considerable applause. - LATER Conrad Hilton told Earl Nj Wilson 1 me, "I've never posed for so many pictures in my life." As chairman of the board of the Hilton Hotels Corp. his name is linked to about 210 hotels and inns around the world ; 19 totally owned and managed in this country, 25 in which Hilton is a managing partner, 105 franchise, and 60 operat-. ing under the : Hilton name outside the U.S. As one who has gone around, the world with Hilton seeing his hotels, I was flattered to be asked to join the party at the Benihana , Hibachi, which is one of the additions. Barron Hilton and his bride Marilyn are parents of eight children, and are unbelievably youthful. They like to talk of Worldwide talent search on for actor to play Bruce Lee Conrad Hilton r e n t i n g out rooms in his mother's house as a boy his start in the hotel business. He still recites Span-, ish poetry he learned on the border. He makes it to his office daily, including Saturday, which is a half day. THE LAS VEGAS Hilton has added exotic luxury baths, with marble arnvrests, Japanese cuisine, and a delicates-san. The existence of a facility called the Vestal Virgin Room is quite a surprise in Las Vegas. MIDNIGHT EARL IN N.Y. The cast . of the musical, "The Night That Made America Famous," trying to keep ' the show alive, took salary cuts to scale minimums; composer Harry Chapin waived his royalties . .". A visiting Asian is shaking up some mid-town cafes, tossing around big tips as in the old days; he gave- $1,150 to the musical trio in an East Side spot, and $50 and $100 bills to waiters "who weren't even at his table!" Ben Vereen had a big enthu-s i a s t i c audience (including Mayor Beame, Dustin Hoffman and Alexis Smith) at his Empire Rm. opening. The former "Pippin" star has a color-f u 1, exciting song-and-dance show. Referring to his role in "Funny lady," he cracked, "There wasn't enough of me in it but next year, when they make 'Funny Man " . . . Later several of ' t h e celebrities headed for the Grand Finale, where the pert and bouncy Mimi Hines un-veiled an entertaining new act . . . Latin singing star Tongolele heads the Chateau . Madrid revue. ' TODAY'S BEST LAUGH: Comic Red Buttons credited his stage training for his suc-c e s s: "Burlesque developed my t i m i n g . . . m y delivery . . . my eyesight" WISH I'D SAID THAT: If you live within your income these days you'll live without worry and without a lot of other things, too. REMEMBERED QUOTE, "Luck is the chief factor be hind the success of the other fellow." Grit. " EARL'S PEARLS, Victor Borge took a memory improvement course, but doesn't know how well it worked: "I've forgotten how bad my memory used to be." EARL'S PEARLS: Victor Borge took a memory im-provmeent course, but doesn't know how well it worked: "I've forgotten how bd my memory used to be." Dolly Dawn, who sang with the George Hall band in the '30s, is entertaining again, at the Riverboat. "I was 14 when I started, in 1935," she says, "and isn't it amazing I'm still only 24!" That's earl, brother. b-fcr.V..-n-i.J v ???? j NOW! 7:30 AND :5S EXCLUSIVE SK0WIXG ( I l I If . i far" v m hinatown" 'Dinner Ibtfitrc Member of Actor' Equity 15 V flKT St. M AV'SB'JRO, CMIO 4S32 presents mm . A mPO W 0 r m n w by f m. if i TOM JONES & HARVEY SCHMIDT Tues.Wed.-Thurs Sun. Matinee 1 HI Friday S10.SS Saturday HI 55 RESERVATIONS AT ALL SEARS STORES, RAINBOW GALLERYOR THEATRE BOX OFFICE 866-6660 -----KA.AAAAmAmmmmA Now Showing! TWIN CINEMAS miSllllivf"'?1tl STREISAND & CAAN LOS ANGELES (AP)-The ,'ancient gimmick of a world-'wide talent search has been 'revived by Warner Brothers in its search for an actor to portray the late Bruce Lee. The company will start auditions at Burbank Studios Monday for candidates to star in J'Bruce Lee His Life and Legend." The seach will continue 'in;New York, Chicago, Hong -Kong and. London, says Phil Fddman, president of First Artists, which is producing the biography for Warner Brothers. "Candidates are expected to be skilled in the martial arts," said the announcement, adding that several runners-up will" be given secondary roles in the film. Production is expected to start in June. Bruce Lee became the top star in the international craze for martial-arts movies. He died in 1973 at age 32. Today's Events Meetings MIAMI TWP. TRUSTEES: 2700 Lyons Rood, AAlamlsburg, 6:30 p.m. ' BEAVERCREEK TWP. TRUSTEES: 2270 Whitey Marshall Drive, Xenia, 7 p.m. ' NORTHRIDGE SCHOOL BOARD: 5120 N. Dixie Drive, 7:30 p.m. OREGON HISTORIC DISTRICT SOCIETY: Mall Motor Inn, 7:30 p.m. , SLAVIC CLUB: Lohrey Center, 7 p.m. FAIR RIVER OAKS P R I R O R I T Y BOARD: 2821 N. Main St., 7:30 p.m. RANDOLPH TWP.: Public discussion with representatives of Montgomery "Countty Rcreation and Parks Dept. about development of the Ryan-Sherer 'park ,prea at Lavon Court, 6996 Taywood Road, Englewood, 7:30 p.m. LEAGUE OP WOMEN VOTERS: Oak-wood unit meetings, 227 Wiltshire Blvd.? ,7:45 p.m.) 150 Splrea Drive, 9:30 a.m.; Centervllle unit meeting, Municipal bulld- Jng. Low Library 7:30 p.m. CENTERVILLE MUNICIPAL BUILDING: Jaycees, Community Room, 7; J Other Events BLAIR HALL THEATRE: "C-odspell," Sinclair Community College p.m. SEMINAR: Dr. Leon Kazarian, "The Primate as a Model for the Human Skeletal System During Impact Studies," Room 206, Fawcett Hall, Wright State University, 12 noon. CENTRAL YWCA: Topic is Woman ond Money, Ml W. Third St., 10-1 1 :30 a.m. FAMILY SERVICE ASSN.: Women's Therapy Group, 184 Salem Ave., 10:38 a.m.-Vl noon. LECTURE: Engineering ond Technol-, oglcal Solutions to the Energy Crisis, Dr. Joseph Davison, University of Dayton, 7:30 p.m. WRIGHT STATE UNIVERSITY: Student recital, Creative Arts Center, Concert Hall, 3:10 p.m. RECITAL: Flutist Joan Cavally, Boll Theaier, University of Dayton, 8 p.m. LE MONDE ART GALLERY: New collection of contemporary oils and acrylics by Georgia Houston, !0a.m.-5:30 p.m. MIAMI UNIVERSITY: Rebecca Pen-nys, pianist, Hall Auditorium, 8:15 p.m.; Arts Lecture, Alan Gowans, Room 115, Shldeler Hall, 2 p.m.; "Elephants Love Elephant s," play by Beau Christian, Gates-Abegglen Theater for Performing Arts, 8 p.m.; Lecture, "Future of the European Communit y," by Barbara Jacob, Pollen Auditorium, I p.m., Oxford campus. LIBRARY: Grab Baa Fun, 701 Troy St., 3:15 p.m.; Mother's Discussion Group, 4680 Burkhardt Ave., 1:30 p.m.; Noon Film Program, Main library auditorium, 215 E. Third St., 12:05 p.m. SCHERTLE GALLERIES: Modernistic paintings by Dawn Victor, 8899 Brown School Road, Vandallo and the Dayton Mall, daily and evenings. Showtime Schedule CINEMA SOUTH-"The Four Musket-ters" ot 7:30 and 9:30 p.m. DAYTON MALL CINEMAS "Shampoo" ot 7:30 and 9:30 p.m.; "Funny Lady" at 8 p.m. FAIRBORN TWIN CINEMAS "The Great Waldo Pepper" at 6, 8, ond 10 : p.m.; "Escape to Witch Mountain" ot S:30, 7:30 and 9:30 p.m. FOX KETTERING "Murder on the Orient Express" at 7:30 ond 9:45 p.m. KON-TIKI TWIN CINEMAS "Escape to Witch Mountain" at 5:35 and 7: p.m.; and "The Four Musketeers" at 7:15 and 9:10 p.m. LOEW'S AMES-"Murder on the Orl--tnl Express" at 7:30 and 9:45 p.m. LITTLE ART "The Reefer Madness Snow" at 7:00 p.m.; and Cocaine" at 9 p.m. McCOOK "Dirty Harry" ot 7:30 p.m.; ond "Magnum Force" at 9:25 p.m. NORTHWEST PLAZA "The Great Waldo Pepper" at 7:30 and 9-.30 p.m. WASHINGTON SQUARE CINEMA "Chinotown" ot 7:30 and 9:55 p.m. Drive-Ins BELMONT "Moonrunners" Bt 1:22 , p.m. and 12:09 a.m.; and "Thunderbolt 8. Lightfoot" at 10:15 p.m. DAYTON EAST "Dirty Harry" at 8:30 p.m.? and "Magnum Force" at 10:35 p.m. DIXIE "Dirty Horry" ot 8:30 p.m.! and "Magnum Force" at 10:30 p.m. , MELODY 49-"vault of Horror" at 8:15 p.m.; ond "Impulse" at 9:55 p.m. f "Night of Living Dead" at 1J :40 p.m. MIAMI CRUISE IN "Moonrunners" at 8:22 p.m. and 12:13 a.m.; "Thunderbolt i. Lightfoot" at 10:19 p.m. " NORTH STAR-"Moonrunners" 0t8:22 p.m. ond 12:18 a.m.; "Thunderbolt 8. Llfthtfoot" at 10:24 p.m. h ,; NORTH XENIA "Valut of Horror" at 8:15 p.m.; "I m p u I s e" at 9:55 p.m.; "Nlqht of Living Dead" ot 11:40 p.m. PARK LAYNE "Vault of Horror" at 1:15 p.m.; "Impulse" at 9:55p.m.; "Night of Living Dead" at 11:40p.m. PIQUA 36 "Longest Yard" at I p.m.) "Sorplco" at 10:05 p.m. SALEM "Dirty Harry" at 8:30p.m.( , "Maqnum Force" ot 10:35 p.m. SHERWOOD NORTH "Dirty 'Harry" at 8:30 p.m.; "Magnum Force" at 10:35 p.m. SKYBORN "Moonrunners at 8:15 and 11:45 p.m.; "Thunderbolt and Lightfoot" ar 10 p.m. SOUTHLAND 75-"Vault of Horror" at 8:15 p.m.; "Impulse" al 9:55 p,'m.; "Nlqht of Llvlnq Deed" al 11:40 p.m. 1 v" TROY DIXIE "Vault of Horror" at . 8:15 p.m.; "I m p u I s e" at 9:55 p.m.; "NJaht of Living Dead" at H:40 p.m. j SFliiE KHiTEHinO-iOn 0LPSTIH0 she's n ens iHH$i.n mnssnsRE squno' HELD OVER! 3dr SENSATIONAL WEEK! 8:30 12:00 ' "' 'Xv. . jwmMw . JEANNE BELL as fl I FIXAL WEEK! rrr f . :,A , A,', FA" ANOtRSON 10:00 t I TWIN CINEMAS I . iVfkil f-3 iV' I '.o SvAAa f'-V' Raquel Welch vll I I V i 1 Michael Yoi k IW 1 1 Jf V f 2332 F.r Hill. nUv" H'Z'. . U . i T , ffAWsHOwlbOAY ! f Ts-js WALT DISKEY Xf W S,..EDDIE ALBEf mjEDDIE ALBERT- RAY MILLAND TWIN CINEVAS 4100 SALIU AYt ' 778 401 23s I chip h ou ' iV h?;: j, . pgytf L tZ i .w ljZ2k. ls- it: I r t n r 1 r a m r 0 a a m I 7:15-9:10 )lk-, V f. Today -THUR, tuwi i?a A,rznw 1 Lj tWVpi . ' , I -Hill., li-lnvml I upo- W, , ; - . I 1 mli-ilM-isli,, " I milland r- -. ir'vi'iYjru'ii'j - : I lMiiiiir Today-THUR 7:30 9:30 J " .... . I W , FnniF Al RFBT.RA' TWIN CINErAS 4itoo stun vi vi mi I - CHIP N DALE :. tteraiewii e au-m LAST WEEK SPECIAL! ONLY $1.00 It8l8lt III IIU 1 s rnT '1 ; AOpa I' I mm ft PAW Double Trouble! 7:30 Clint Eastwood Dirty Harry stwoodl Clint Ea Magnum Force! w. aw jjti m. thiiio st. lBONUS!! "The Final Days BRUCE LEE" 1010 1 the same program C BONUS! -' on the 'BEDFORD'S PERFORMANCE MAY BE THE BEST OF HIS CAREER. THE FILM IS SUPER!" Robert Kedforo Waldo Wvn "Y l J Doubte Trouble! tilt Al MAftSMMAN aint Eastwood j Dirty Harry V. Clint Eastwood Magnum Force PAUL NEWMAN ROBERT REDFORD 1 1 .1; .1 u Fairborn 6 00 8:00 10 00 N. W. Plan 7:30 9:30 I I NORTHWEST I I I PLAZA j Walter Carol Matthau Burnett in p? "Pete'tvTillic" till AT MQ5MIKN 160? ill iiQI N DI'H OB'VI , i'fA WALT DISNEY "ooucT.oN- wrnufAWfmiw & w (SCHIP'N DAlE 1 IF- H.. SHOW TIMES 5:30 7:30 9:30 I M Xr .1.1. m : : : : : DtKjtofu Sbuipte AlMittu1 -4JjJ ' Michael Sarrazin a J EXCLUSIVELY AT . j 837-3308 ' " , J f Salem Mall r k- k J f "iiirinr-l-T. i Jennifer O'Neill Salem S Shilah Springs Rd "" 8:00-10:00 : ' ' " U ' i Mr irl Salem Mall ;,::r:;j::..zy scraps 7:30, 9:20 'Explodes with excitement on the screen. The performers are tine, particularly flnn-margret." Hi I 1 CXCLUSiVELY AT fS ' WM I i'lfiivo ' Super i P j' Stereophonic Sound! r ni Ultii'J--J " 1 "liiOV 9:40 Clint EEastVwOotl DiltyHarry''-'-- CLINT EASTWOOO ire OifltV MABRY A Ma'pJ'.o Compjn, P.-oduClion Co-SUinng MAnHYGUABDINO BCNISANTONI ANDY ROBI'SON ' JOHN LARCH " JOHN VERNON II TH( MyO' ECuiis P'oaucf BobeM Diy SctePyBy Hirr Juhifl fiKH lM F.PH loo Dean Slo-y by Ha'ty Julian rr 6 R M f,nt Proaucel and Buet'eH by DiV S'H'1 ' T?;CM00'' PANAVlSlON" i, 1 CEint Easiivood TiHagnumi Force A MALPASO COMPANY FILM A!$o Sprung HAL HOLBROOK Ca-Starring METCHFIL PYAN OAVlD SOUL FElTON PERPf POSEUT URlCM Music: lAlOSCHIf-PIN Slnp!ipJOMN MiLluS MICHAEL CiMINO P-oduced by ROBERT DALEY . Oireeitd Sy KO POST 5'c'y By JOHN MIUUS PAAVISiON TECMNICOLOP from Wa"ii B-o O fdf Commumcilions Coinpan NOW SHOWING AT THESE THEATRES COLONIAL (Middletown) DAYTOfl EAST D.I. (Dayton) DIXIE D.I. (Dayton) HUBER HEIGHTS (Huber Heights) MAYFLOWER (Troy) . McCOOK (Dayton) MELODY CRUISE IN (Springfield) PIQUA (Piqua) SALEM D.I. (Dayton) SHERWOOD D.I. (Dayton) . ST. MARYS (St. Mary) XENIA (Xenia) CHAMPAIGN DRIVE-IN URBANA STARTS FRIDAY AUTO VUE D.l: (Sidney) HI WAY D.I. (Richmond, Ind.) VAN DEL D.l. (Delphos. Ohio) WAPA (Wapakoneta, 0.) 7

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