Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 20, 1962 · Page 16
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 16

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 20, 1962
Page 16
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Sixteen Logansport, Indiana Pharos-Tribune JOSEPHINE LOWMAN Hairdresser Gives Tips On Fixing Hair at Home Light teasing will not hurt the hair, but heavy teasing will damage it unless it is strong and coarse. While having my hair fixed irf New York the other day, I asked my favorite hairdresser, Mr. Philip, a few questions. I thought'the answers to,these would be helpful "to both you and me. JFor instance, I felt that there must be tricks in the use of rollers. Of course, we cannot expect or hope to .set our hair with the skill, of an expert, but there are times when we have to cancel an appointment at the 'hairdressers. Then, there are times when we are traveling with only short stop- : overs and prefer to preserve the arrangement we have rather than go to a different operator. And; of course, when our hairdo falls in hot and humid weather we often have to do "homework." In other words, there are times when we wish to "Pick up" our hair at h6me, or on a trip. • Follow Original Lilies Here is what Philip told me. In the first place, follow the lines of the original good setting you got at the beauty salon. Also/ be sure that the hair is evenly distributed straight across the rollers. He warned against wetting the hair. Koll it up dry for the pickup. Then I asked if "teasing" (roughing up the hair) breaks it off. I said, "You are certainly in a position to know the answer to this one because if teasing breaks the hair off, you will notice it when your customers come back next time." Philip answered, "They wouldn't come back." He feels that light teasing will not injury any hair, but that heavy teasing will cause breakage unless you have such sf ••/""». pofi-se hair that nothing can damage it. I questioned him next about why we sometimes have trouble reeping our hair from parting in ihe middle. The answer to this is that either the hair is too long or you need a new permanent. Hints A few more hints: If your hair is fine or thin, do not use a cream shampoo. It will make the hair even limper. The average woman needs at least three light perma nents a year, just enough.to hold the setting: Mr. Philip ended 'by saying, "With the .right hair styling anc permanent, we can make the woman with fine or thin hair look quite well." About, this time that famous creator of hair fashions, Michelle Kazon walked by and I turned of) the dryer long enough to get a quickie interview about fall hair styles. Michelle says that this fal hair will be closer to the face, nol so extremely puffed. It will have no wings. Hair styles will be more feminine, more youthful. If you would like to have a guide in planning your most becoming hairdo, you may want my leaflet, "Framing. Your Face Attractively." Send a stamped, self- addressed envelope with your re quest for leaflet No. 51 to Josephine Lowman in care of this newspaper. Tomorrow: "Why Not Wear Light, Cool Undergarments in Summer?" (Released by The Register and Tribune Syndicate, 1962) Read the Want Ads! ANN_LANDERS Husband's Been Lost in Jungle Since Honeymoon Dear Ann: I just read, the let- er from the woman who can't ;et her husband to go anywhere. Veil, it's too bad her husband can't stay home with MY wife. Six years .ago I married a girl who is now 27. I am 29—so you can see we aren't ; exactly old folks. My wife will not ,ake a vacation 3ecause s h e h a s .91 house plants. Our home, is like miniature jung- e. She has every maginabfe 1 kind of fern and crawling ivy potted in urns, bottles, buckets, crocks and what have you. She says she can't leave the house even for a weekend, because the olants must be watered in a special way. Also they must be rotated so they will receive the right amount of sunlight. We haven't had a vacation since our honey moon.. I'm not the type who enjoys going off alone. Am I a fool? If my wife won't take a vacation with me this summer, should I go fishing alone? I need your advice.—JUNGLE FEVER Dear Jungle Fever: Tell your wife to line up a plant-sitter. If she refuses, leave her home with the fern and let her rotate the urns to her heart's content. You, my Mend, .should go fishing — •without her. Dear Ann Landers: I'm 18 and crazy about a girl who is IB. She is a real doll, Ann. — sweet and pretty—and her disposition is sunny all the time. The trouble is her folks won't let her'go out unless her 17-year-old, sister has a date and comes along. Her sister is a compulsive eaten This means she eats too much lecause she has a problem. I think tV probably the \ .other .way around,—she has a problem because she eats too much.... My buddies have been swell about helping out. Th'ey'Jiave fed his elk till they're" flat broke. Now ! have run out'of-buddies;. .Last Saturday I had to take the.elk.io ;he movies; to6, because I couldn't >et a date for her arid I wanted o be with my girl, Is this fair? What's your advice? -THREE'S A CH&WD" '-. " Dear Crowd: No, it's not fair. An older person should speak to r our girl's; parents in behalf of >6th their daughters. It's generous to fix up a sister whenever possible, but getting her a date should not be the price you must pay for permission to go out. And the overweight girl needs doctor more than she needs dates. * # * Dear Ann Landers: I was never so disgusted in all my life as when [ read your.advice to the girl who was separated from her husband and asked you if it was all right ;o go out with men. You said, "NO—you are still married." You must be nuts. Her iiusband is still married, too, but I'll bet he isn't living like a monk; I am 24 years old and have been ENTER EVERY MONTH First or Third Monday Courses Include Professional Accounting Secretarial—Comptometer Bulletin on Request Indiana Business College Barnes Bldg. Ph. 4276 Logansport Approved for Veterans separated from my jerk for three years. Getting a divorce in Canada" is like' trying to figure out what the Russians are going' to do next. I'm caught in that well-known :rap^-legally married to a man who has a girl friend' on the side. He doesn't have to marry her as long as he's married to me. So what am I supposed to do while lie pulls every "trick in the book-shrivel up; and die? Some of 'your advice sounds mighty noble on paper, but it's a lot easier to 'write it than to Jive by it So why don't you stop being so smug and puritanical? — MAPLE LEAF,. Dear Maple: I never said it was easy to sit home and sweat put a divorce. The question was, "Should a woman who ; is still .legally married accept dates?" The answer was, and is, "No—not if you value your reputation." A girl of 24 isn't in imminent danger of shriveling up and dying if she passes up dates until she is no. longer married. .ocal Guardsmen To Attend Course Capt. Hamlih Smith, assistant Battle Group plans and training jfficer for air, and M/Sgt. Willam Woodward, first sergeant of he local Headquarters company, are the two National Guardsmen rf the Second Battle Group, 293rd nfantry, who will attend a course n the making of transparencies at Fort Sheridan, 111., June 25 hrough 30. The course deals with the preparation of photographic slides or use as training aids. 4-H MEETING Members of the county Horse and Pony 4rH. project will meet Thursday,-June 21 at the 4-H Park at 7 p.m. A demonstration on proper showing techniques will be presented. Are you going steady? Making nw?riage plans'? If so, send for ANN LANDERS' booklet, "Before You Marry—Is It Love Or Sex?", enclosing with your request 2C cents in coin and .a long, self-addressed, stamped' envelope. " Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Senc them to her in care of this newspaper' enclosing a stamped, self' addressed envelope/ Copyright 1962, • : Field Enterprises, Inc. SKYLINE TROY DONAHUE CONNIE STEVENS DOROTHY TONitQHir "DRUMS" at 8:30 "SUSA;N"atlOili5 LLOYD NOLAN BRIANAHtRHE-GliMITmittMS iPLUS-flND COLOR HIT TECHNICOLOR luanaPATTEN-ArflwO'CONNELL PURCHASES CASTLE NEW YORK (tM)- Elizabeth Arden,' operator of a society beauty parlor on Fifth Ave. and others across Hie country, has purchased a castle in Ireland for about $200,000, the Irish, Tourist Office reported Tuesday. The agency said Miss Arden bought the 12th Century Barretts, town Castle in County Kildare and plans to take up residence on ttie 507-acre estate next month. Riviera of the Midwest NDIANA EACH •Wednesday-Evening June-20,-lSfi2. True Life Adve ntures DISCREET '**£$>•• RETREAT UON PINE'S INiTHEFATH W a?- A i-*K<3E> -PROOF at* 'TWsYEUNQ ElABOONS. HB T30E.S NOt:H6SITATE. HE VIJSUZS 'THE TOSHHj?' 15 WAV THESE POWERFUL. STARTS TODAY DOORS OPEN 1 p. m. SHAFER LAKE • MONTICELLO Friday, June 22 Bill Haley and his COMETS ONE NITE ONLY Dancing 8:45 to 12:45 E.S.T. Admission *Z.OO tax incl. NOWI TWISTING IN lOUNSi Red Deektr & his Menarehs FLAYING NIGHTLY IN THE IAUHOOM DICK HALLEMAN Orch. Informal Dmi O.K. Wt.kd.yi Coming June 29 JOEY DEE and STARLITERS MEEl Aft. X (vi. Ikl Show. TEEN TALENT MITE Every Thursday 8-12 GST. Bring Combo and B* Diicov«red TECHNICOLOR" PLUS MICKEY & W.IJTO Cartioon SHOW'S- "Big Red" 1:15; 4:00; 7:00; 9:45 "-Desert" 2:£i5; 5:45; 8:40 MATINEE AfT 1 p. m. CVIERlY OA'f DURING THB SPECfAIL fiNGAGEMI-NIT HEAR YE! HEAR YE! Summer's Here THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY JUNE 21, 22, 23 EASTGATE PLAZA STORE FREE BALLOONS TO ALL OUR YOtiNG FRIENDS AND SOME SURPRIZES with purchase of any GENERAL BIKE TIRE ml TUBE COMBINATION TIRES From TUBES From TENNIS RACQUET From VOLLEY BALL SET $0.98 3 /DEAL VINYL POOL 18 In. Deep 8 iFt, Wide $099 SPECIAL 9 WHIP CONTROL Sonic Jet ALL ITEMS AVAILABLE AT BOTH STORES EASTGATE PLAZA 508 E. iBWOADWIAY FISHING KIT • POIE • LINE • BOBBERS • SINKERS 79* BADMINTON 4 ROC WETS NET WRDIBS PQbGS • ** $0.98

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