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The Times Leader from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania • Page 24
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The Times Leader from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania • Page 24

The Times Leaderi
Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:

WILKES-BARRE RECORD, FRIDAY, MAY 29, 1970. Twenty-four Buffalo Press lBiie Memiioim, State Parks King's President Dines Seniors Simt duit Asked Judge Oiirtfr Graattd Judge Trust Giarges gTo Be Opened, Rob- grar Robert J. Houngan yesterday ert J. Hourigan yesterday igaed a court order permitting ed a charter to Exeter Township Are Dismissed Hubert and Sharon Allen to Ambulance Association. s- 1 change their surname to Hiliard. fl rnal e. I I tl 1 11 Today's Anaiversary On May.nue Service yesterday filed a Regional Official Asks Users Not to Take 'Moths Home' 29. 1844. Samuel F. B. Morse federal tax Hen for $3,209.32 at telegraphed from Baltimore to the prothonotary's office against Washington the news of the Patrick Michaels. Democratic nomination for for unpaid FICA taxes for dent. and 1967. Man Found Injured Dominick Aid for Promotion Dcpart-Slavinski. 66. of 89 Kent Lane, ment of Commerce at Harris- Wilkes-Barre Firm Subsidiary in Suit Started in 1961 A nine-year -old antitrust suit 1 A -V Final preparations are being Tf was louna dv ponce on rvcni Durg yesterday approved S4.Zi8 iagainst Greater Buffalo Press, nnie Hp rp. made for the opening of the f7. fused medical attention and was velopment Commission, and Po- swimming season at regional I Lj- taken home bv truisermen jo- cono Mountain Chamber of Com-, wie pirns omo feT? seph Mravcak and Robert Rie- merce. $179, for industrial pro- way Saturday with no r. mensnyder. motion work. special ceremonies ana nouung i I I Incorporated, a leading ois-tributor of newspaper color comics, and four other companies has been dismissed by a Federal judge at Buffalo. In 1961. the Justice Department brought the suit against the Buffalo firm and three of its subsidiaries in addition to Newspaper Enterprise Association. Incorporated, Cleveland, and King w. particularly new in iacmues. But their will be one special request to go along with the new Car License Stolen Clara Mae Swimmer Cuts Head Bernard Sherman, 15 X. Grant re- Logue. 18, of 348 McLean was norted to nolice some- treated at Merrv Hrnital ves- according to Kennetn ik. Iinca (rnm her lOfil 1.,. SCaSOn, of the i.i 'j rullz. superintendent in front of her home. She told ming at Evans Falls, near Tunk- rli compl -which includes Sgt Philip Gabriele the plate hannock. Five sutures were used Gouklsboro. Toby hanna and was taken sometime Wednesday to close the wound. Prompton state parks Please I '7 Features Syndicate, of the Hearst Corporation. night or Thursday morning. The subsidiaries are Inter nun I iiujue wjiu Lnion Leader Dies William moths!" J. Pachler, Bcthesda. in-j i.v k. nVt want national Color Printing Company of Wilkes-Barre, Southwest Color ternational president of the L'til-L b' inru all in ihpm. Printing Company of Lufkin, ity Workers Union of America, Fultz indicated; but just died yesterday at Bethesda, tMy doQ.t want t0 spread and Dixie Color Printing Corporation of Sylacauga, Ala. cording to word received by lhem around Scuba Divers Search Pond For Woman Charges against Hearst were Louis Yanora, president. Local (Photo by Don VlcClaslcfyi upperclassmen as the opening event in the annual commencement whirl of the college. A record class of over 400 will receive degrees Sunday afternoon. 406, UWU, Wilkcs-Barre Seniors and faculty of King's College last night at Tread-way Motor Inn as they attended the annual President's Dinner. Re Lane D. Kilburn, CSC, college president, was host to the dropped in June, 1965, after it entered into a consent decree I "We're going to ask all i visitor's to check their clothes i and equipment," the superin Temperature Record tendent said, to be sure they aren't harboring larvae." He explained that this area, as well as the entire Northeastern Kilburn Tells (Rowland to Head West Side A team of scuba divers May 23 Scranton Police Department with the government. Greater Buffalo Press, NEA and Hearst were accused of conspiracy to restrain interstate commerce by refraining from soliciting printing business from each other's costumers and by maintaining and stabilizing prices. United States generally, 1 tprrfav searched 14-foot nnnd! Ynrk r.j htrh ind prnptttinn In th" In on a tiunungion larm iorithf umira sm Thurs-t? -n rapidly becoming infested with I lit Tlfll IT IPC the moths, which are deadly WlUltUlllta Vocational-technical School the body of a 22 year-old mother Tffcp. Huh Iiw 4 who has been missing since Tuesday. harmful to hardwood forests. "They present no danger to people." he stressed. "But they are lo Be raced Judge John O. Henderson, of ofiCode. one of the superintendents County Superintendent trial education at Temple Uni verv harmful to trees and we Schools Robert J. Rowland last The divers searched the pond, and after finishing, told State U. S. District Court, who conducted a lengthy non-jury trial versity. He taught auto me want to do all we can to prevent1 Rev. Lane D. Kilburn, CSC, light was named superintendent of the districts in the jointure could be named the cBief administrative officer or the county Police at Shickshinny substation chanics and airplane sheet metal work at a vocational school near spreading them around." president of Kings College, was of West Side Area Vocational- T.I .17 in 1967, cleared the companies Wednesday of conspiring to monopolize the color-comic supple there was no body in the water. State Trooper Robert Derwin Otherwise, he indicated, thingsinosl memoers oi me ciass oi. tecnnicai ttcnoot. 4 I superintendent could. Resolution naming Superin Phoenixville. The committee then voted to Alton AMaMn Atlrn- nT Bnrllncton. VI. rvirnlt Dillulli Vorl Worth Ik MUml Rrh Nw Ortrjirui Nr York PhllJilrlphl Phonix Pllfphurch rortUnd. M. St I.nils SMIIIf IT. said Mrs. Ilonka Cann, Hunting ment trade. Henderson noted Greater Buf tendent Rowland the chief admin have George W. Pyle continue i3u, idt-uiiy, a.iu aumiiiisuduun Superintendent Rowland will last night at the annual Presi- be tne chief administrative of-dent Dinner held at Treadway ficer of tne school, He will do this Motor Inn. along with his duties as county 1 r. .38 ton Mills, RD 3, Shickshinny, was last seen Tuesday morning falo Press was founded by the at 10 at her home. She left her It marked the opening activity superintendent. 15-month-old son in the home late Walter Koessler of Buffalo in 1926. The business has grown and as vocational director at a salary of $15,000 a year. It was made known at the session that the committee is seeking a business manager for the school. The appointment of Rowland will be mostly the same as in previous years at the three state parks in his jurisdiction, which traditionally open for swimming on Memoral Day and close the season on Labor Day. The beaches will be open daily during the season from 10 a. m. until 8 p. but are "off limits" at all other times. The reason is that lifeguards six each at To- and left. She was reported miss istrative officer was read by Dr. Carl Kern and was seconded by Charles Adonizio. It was carried unanimously. The committee, on another motion by Dr. Kern, named Aaron T. Whitman, Phoenixville, as coordinator at the school at an in commencement week and the seniors will attend a retreat this morning at 10 at the college. This afternoon, there will be took place at a special meeting of the operating committee ine by her husband, Charles become a model of efficiency in Cann, Jr. at the school. The move was Approval was given for enter- i ii commencement and class photo made as a result of pressure in the physical education center, of the State Department of Ed- ZONE FORECASTS Upper Susquehanna and Po-conos Fair through Saturday. High today, in upper 60s to mid 70s; low tonight, in 40s; high no snn lln8 lm agreement wun Police said the husband could give no reason as to why his wife disappeared. She is five foot six inches and weight 122 oa.j TRM in rocarH in nhta ner a byhanna and Gouldsboro, four at Tomorrow afternoon at 3, the ucation, which has sought to computer. All directors voted in the industry," Henderson said in an opinion. "Greater Buffalo Press has at all times enjoyed a distinct competitive advantage over othep printers which is the result of the skill, diligence and efficiency of Walter Koessler and not the result of any illegal agreement favor of it except Edward Fait- Saturday, in 70s. Probability of Solemn' Baccalaureate Mass is have the administrative struc-sct for the center', and on Sunday ture of the school changed for afternoon at 3 degrees will be'some time. tion was seconded by Adonizio and carired unanimously. Whitman is a gradulate of Cornwall High School, Cornwall. He studied at University of Pennsylvania, Ursinus College and ob pounds. She has blond hair and blue eyes. The color of dress she was wearing when she left home is not known. aicher of Wyoming Valley West. Plans are under way at the awarded there. In reviewing this pressure over school for using the computer in Rev. Father Kilburn vears. Attv- Herbert Wink or design to violate any provis precipitation near zero through Friday night. Lower and Middle Susquehanna and Schuylkill Valley Fair through Saturday; high today, in 70s; low tonight, in 50s; high Saturday, in upper 70s to mid Prompton are on duty only during the specified hours and swimming at the': park lakes is forbidden otherwise. All three are also equipped with boat rental concessions for row boats and canoes and have facilities for camping, picnicking and fishing. Only one, Goudsboro, will have a refreshment concession, however. Toby-hanna did in previous years, he ler, solicitor for the committee, pointed out that under the School line with an educational pro gram. tained his BS degree in indus- nounced the 1970 yearbook would be dedicated to Robert E. Connelly of the English department. ions of federal law." He said the court had found no evidence that the company Atty. George McLean, retiring "controlled such a share of the market as would tend to create after 17 years on the faculty, was at the speakers' table and a ci 80s. Probability of precipitation near zero through Friday night. REGIONAL FORECASTS monopoly." State Losing $1,000,000 Monthly In Asthma Pensions, Jones Says tation was read by the college president. Eastern Pennsylvania Fair A special class award was explained, but the concessionaire decided not to open this year and park officials are still looking for someone to pick up the bus- Memorial Day 3 Unhurt in Crash on South River Street Three persons escaped injury yesterday when two automobiles collided on S. River Street near W. Market Street. The automobiles were driven by Charles E. Mead, 35, of RD 4, Montrose, and Fred Heppding, 49, of 504 S. River St. Riding with Mead was Mary J. Mead, 31, same address. Motorcycle Patrolman Joseph Petlock reported both were traveling east on Mar made to blind senior Charles Kuebler, Plains for his inspiration to his school mates. 1 tion before they are accepted, he said. through Saturday. Lows, from 40s in the normally cooler interior valleys to the 50s elsewhere; highs, in 70s today and in the upper 70s to low 80s on Saturday. To Be Warmer mess The only new facility at any of them, he concluded, is a boat Geraldine Gustitus, Wyoming, Harrisburg W) Pennsylvania is losing $1,000,000 a month by paying miners" asthma benefits that could be taken over by the federal government, a cabinet member said Thursday. would terminate the state payments. Unless the General Assembly revises the program to cut off payments to miners eligible for federal benefits, the Labor and Legislation to shift state payments is expected when the Gen Sunny and mild weather Is launching area, still under con first woman to get a King's degree, was presented with a dozen red roses. forecast for the area today and struction, at Prompton, located Delaware Mostly fair weath eral Assembly meets in June, in Wayne County about six 'miles er through Saturday but some early morning cloudiness. High Jones said the state's cost for miners asthma support would be Rev. Thomas A. Sheehy, CSC, east of Honesdale. He said the Clifford L. Jones, secretary of the weatherman says the outlook for Memorial Day is for warmer weather with a 10 per cent chance of showers. Industry Department will be in the hole, Jones said. dean of students, made awards reduced from $48 million to $22, area will open in a few weeks, after completion of a new access today, in low and middle 70s; low tonight, in low and middle 000,000 in the next fiscal year Jones said 10,000 of the 26,000 labor and industry told members of the Senate Appropriations Committee his depart-ment's reduced budget was pre It will be clear and cool dur to senior debaters Brian Sullivan, Avoca, and Joseph Fama-lette, Hazleton; road. with legislative action to change 50s; high Saturday, middle and upper 70s. ing the early hours with the sufferers of miners asthma, or "black lung," are now receiving He also said park officials the program. temperature ranging in the low usually expect the first part of Toastmaster was senior Wil Maryland Generally fair pared in hopes the Legislature partial federal checks, reduced 30s and low 40s, the U. S. the swimming season to be a through tonight; high low to mid by $100 the amount of the state The federal program began mailing checks to Pennsylvania miners in April for compensation liam P. Kennedy, with invocation by Rev. Frank Gartland, slow one and he does not foresee difference with your class," the Weather Bureau at Wilkes-Barre Scranton Airport. payment. this year to be an exception. "It CSC, and benediction by Rev. dle 70s; low, low to middle 50s. Saturday, increasing cloudiness especially in west portion; high president observed. ket Street bridge and were making a right turn in the inner lane, near the curb, onto S. River Street. Mead said he stopped for a truck in front of him and Hepp-ding's automobile ran into the rear of his automobile. Boy Reported Missing From Forestry Camp due them in excess of the $100 Jones said up to 75 per cent of Today will be mostly sunny depends on the weather, he Henry Pease. Just as in the past, there were state grant. Those who do not said. Senior Class President Rich Pennsylvania miners asthma victims will go into the federal from the low 70s near the coast qualify for federal payment con changes in society and it has taken some time to recognize and mild with a high near 70. Tonight is expected to be fair and cool with the temperature ranging in the upper 40s. to the upper 70s west. tinue to receive their state ard Toner, Homer, N. said that King's had helped seniors program. The others, are being them. He said the class has in checks asked to take a doctors examina- Zionist Parley Opens dividuals who have been remark make up their minds and learn to think for themselves. The Department of Labor and Memorial Day is expected to Atlantic City Fair and cool tonight; low. 50 to 55 along the shore and 45 to 50 inland. Mostly sunny today; high, near 70. able leaders and the inspiration Industry budget request is With War Memorial "We have learned to respect 2 Who Took American be fair and a little warmer with the high in the upper 70s. of Kuebler. 300,000 for 1970-71, down from the rights of others, and can show others what it is to be $105,200,000 this fiscal year. "You have all the greatness to Yesterday's high climbed to Partly sunny Saturday; high, in 70s. Philadelphia iff) The Zionist Federation opened its Flag Fined $25, Costs be found in this generation," he Warner M. Depuy, secretary educated persons," Toner com 67 degrees while the low dropped to 43 degrees, leaving an aver Allen Jacobs. IT, was reported missing last night at 9:20 from the Youth Forestry Camp at Hickory Run State Taik. Jacobs, whose grandparents, Mr and Mrs. Carl Jacobs, re added. EXTENDED FORECASTS of revenue, chastised legislators mented. "Where are we going as hu first national convention Thursday with a memorial service for the 6,000.000 Jews executed by for passing new taxes in 1969 King's president told the gradu age of 53 degrees, eight degrees below normal for the date. Here are the extended forecasts for the period Sunday, man beings that would be diffi and 1970 without giving the rev-crue department extra funds to ates they would face difficulties as they went out into the world, Generally clear weather is cult to say, he remarked. Germany during World War 2 side at 117 Prospect is 5 through Tuesday: "Our perspective is changing The 500 delegates represent make the collections. but that perhaps the greatest forecast for Sunday and Monday with increasing cloudiness in the Southeastern Pennsylvania "Any new taxes enacted by one was from within. some 700,000 Americans who belong to 13 Zionist organizations because of the younger genera tion," he said. Fair with a gradual warming area Tuesday with a chance of a few showers. trend. High and low Sunday in the Legislature should contain statutory provision for additional "No area of our society has been in greater turmoil than The president asked the and 10 Zionist youth movements Seasonable temperatures are eeniors not to forget those who upper 70s and low 50s, warming to mid 80s and low fiOs by Tues funds for the administration the academic community, it is enforcement and where unrest lies, he stated. forecast for Sunday with warmer expected Monday and day. stay behind at the college and not to forget their goals as they ChiMren Gel $30,000 Depuy said. Two King's College students, charged with disorderly conduct, were fined $25 and costs yesterday when arraigned before District Magistrate John Bednarz. Eduardo Joseph Gonzalez, 23, Box 785, and Walter Tis-cher, 22, Box 683, both King's College students and both residents of Puerto Rico, were arrested yesterday morning at W. Market and S. River Streets by Patrolman Raymond Injaaychock. The officer took the two into custody after they took an American flag from in front Jewish Community Center, 60 S. River Street. He said that some have chosen to ignore or not recognize the Depuy said it cost 79 cents go their separate ways. Undertaker Robert J. McNulty, Frecland. in his will pro Daily highs will average in this year for collection of each He urged the seniors to re social difficulties of the day. the 80s and lows in the 50s. member the heritage for which $100 state revenues compared Eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey Generally clear Sunday and Monday. Increasing cloudiness north portions Tuesday with a chance of a few showers. Seasonable temperatures Sun baled at the courthouse, leaves "In a sense, I envy your out from college," Rev. to 78 cents -in the preceding lis King's stands, an inheritance of personal estate valued at $30,000 cal year. the ages with the Jewish and Father Kilburn stated, "and in to his three children, Robert History of Radio Christian background of revela another I do not. The Senate Appropriations Committee has reviewed all but three controversial items in the tion. "You in this generation have day; warmer Monday and Tuesday. Daily highs averaging in the 80s, lows averaging in the Given to 2 Clubs "We must have hope, faith given to the academic communi McNulty, Frecland; Margaret Johnson, Belleville, N. and Eleanor Rohall Reading. The two daughters arc named executors. Decedent died May 7 at 75. $2,400,000,000 budget recommend and above all, love, as we face ty and society a heritage which Dr. Harold Niven, vice presi ed by Gov Shafer. foot 5 inches tall and weighs about 120 pounds. Hp is of light build and when last seen was wearing light pants and dark coat. He has brown hair and brown eyes. Jenkins Mother of 7 Vill Receive Degree A mother of seven will be among those receiving degrees at commencement exercises of College Miser'cordta Sunday at Irem Temple. Mrs. Marilyn Krall, 22 Spring Port Griffith, Jenkins Township, will accept the dc gree of bachelor of science in nursing education. Mrs. Krall is a graduate of Jenkins Township High School and Fltgcrald-Merry Hospital School of Nursing, I'hiladrl-i phla. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James A. Dillon, 1302 Main -Tort Griffith. Her children are Kevin, James, Christopher, Mary, Bernard, Joseph and Amy. the future," he concluded. is new and unique, and this is bOs south and the 50s north. Middle Atlantic Staffs Gen dent for planning and'-tlevelop- ment, National Association of orally fair weather Sunday through Tuesday with a slow Business College Has Graduation Exercises warming trend. Daytime highs in the upper 70s and 80s; night Broadcasters, gave a history of radio during a joint meeting of Wilkes-Barre i a i and WilkessBarre Advertising Clubs yesterday afternoon at Hotel Sterling. lime lows in the upper 50s and fiOs. Blanche Coslett, president of DEATHS ulalors, lobbicst and apathetic citizens, the speaker added. Youth today is not opposing morality or civilization but is reminding us with a prophetic voice that we must put our whole house in order, the speaker de-- situations especially for our black youngsters, the commencement speaker declared. Rev. Father Campbell devoted most of his remarks to the positive attributes of youth misunderstood within a polarized society. the advertising club, introduced a number of local radio person May BURKE At Friendsville 27, Edward R. Iluikc, til alities observance of radio month. Dev. William D. Campbe.l, pastor of St. Joseph's Church, Scranton, principal speaker at graduation of Wiikes Barre Bus-i incss College last night at Fox Hill Country Club. Approximately 200 persons, including graduates, their parents and members of the faculty and guests heard an address by Rev. Father Campbell. Rev. Father Campbell, introduced by Doctor Fllis W. Roberts, president of the college, told the graduates: Introduced by Roy1 Morgan, Dr. Niven noted that while broad casting as a commercial enter lie referred to a Gallup Poll orlclarcd. 1970 and asserted we know what Presentation of diplomas was youth is thinking about because made bv Dr. Roberts and Fran-they have told us. In this poll.lcis Eustice. he added, students were asked I Members of the graduation CAUDA MONK At Old Forge, May 28, Michael CERVKNAK At I.aiksville, May 28, Mrs. Susan Ccrvrnak. Fl-ANAGAN At Elizabeth (N. General Ho.spltal, May 27. Mrs. Margaret Flanagan, for- tainment celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, radio's ancestry goes back to 1909, when the first broadcast in history was what they would do if they were President of the United States. class: Executive Secretarial Course: Loraine A. Bensavage, Margaret M. Burke, Carol Ann He said they replied in this merly of Kingston. made by a 15-watt station' in San Jose, Calif. llcv. Father said a order: End the war in Vietnam; Crolick, Linda A. Dobish, Lisa GIMBLK At Meyersdale, MayllOM youth report from the Unit Dr. Niven elaborated on ac increase aid to the poor; improve Ann English. Lorraine V. Jar- complishments of individuals race relations; clean up thelrard. Katherine M. Kotula. Cinda 28, Stephen J. Gimble, former- rd Nations revealed that 52 per ly of Larksville. cent of the world today is under GROIIOWSKI At Wvoinine 25 years of age. It is further seeking to improve Marconi's cities: improve education and Larock, Nancy E. LaRue, Pisnatixlied with Social-Liberal Preaching? We proclaim the Old Time Gospel Jesus Chriid. MEADE ST. BAPTIST CHURCH 50 S. Meade Morning Worship in Sunday School 11:15 Prayer Meeting Thursday 7:30 P. M. Refresh Your Spirit With Vs wireless. vise the welfare program Kathy Ann TcrwiUiger, Patricia forecast that our own 1970 census Valley Hospital, May' 28. Mrs. Dr. Niven's talk was acknowl Using as his background the Biblical Stories of Benjamin and Grohowski, Wilkes- will paint the same youth picture Emily T. edged by Kiwanis President of our own country, the speaker Barre. Homer Graham. Visiting Ki- Absalom; the three youths cast wanians and guests were intro JONES At Wyoming Valley sal(l- duced by Walter Boyle. Annual report of Meyers High Hospital, May 28, Mrs. Ruthj In 19(5, when the current crop Jones, 73, Wilkes Ilarre. of high school students arc in the NALEPA At Kdwardsville. market, they will find 95 per E. Tiguc, Margaret A. Todd, Leota Lee Yanck Business Administration Course: Leo J. Caccia, John F. Edwards, Larry J. Hess, Vincent W. Kabacinski, Gerald M. Kelly, Kathleen Mill. Michael A. Popovich, Edward Oliver Rome, Joseph L. Sharpless, 3rd, James E. Shriver, John S. Sipper. Secretarial Course: Sandra A. Beverly C. Gingcll. School Key Club was given by its president, Thomas Davison. cent of all jobs will be for skilled I'ctronclla Na May 28. Mrs lrpa. PLOMINSKI At Mane Foyle Convalescent Home, Tov.anda, and trained workers, he added. It is a fact that the population of U. S. cities grows three to four, times faster than our overall into fiery furnace in Babylon, and Jonathan and David, Rev. Father Campbell drew a parallel between the qualities of these young people and youth today. He said, in conclusion, we cannot charge young people today with being too critical and disruptive and law violating while millions of adults are guilty of scandalous violations of morals and law. The use of marijuana Is wrong, but so is the consumption minski. W. Wy.sox formerly of alnrr cmP bell Sharon A. Healcy. Judith L. asserted. Ashley. KNIFFEN Funeral Directors 465 South Main Wilkes-Barr Johnson, Eilccvi A. Korpusik, Elaine K. Pacana, Debra Ann Smith. Deborah D. Yalence. KOURY'S Friday Only! NAME BRAND PRE FIHISHED PANELING MS 4i4 Rijtcti Open I To 8:00 P. M. S81 Hile, Corner McLean "What I am saying is simply that as population explodes, greater skills arc needed and oar cities, cxpecially, are besieged with problems growing on' of thesr conditions," he said. Surh conditions made fre of millions of barrels of liquor SICKLE At Mrn Hospital. May 28, Mrs. Ethrl Sicklrr, Wilkes Barre. 1 SMITH At Nanticoke Slate General Hospital. May 28, William H. Smith, 7G. Nanticoke. THOMAS At Nesbitl Memorial and millions of capsules of sedatives, stimulants and tranquilizers, the speaker said. Accounting Course: Susan M. Bobersky. Sonya Horek. Stenographic Course: Kathleen Av Brady, Donna L. Chase, Sandra' Dutko. Linda M. Jones, Karen Kingston. Doris A. Kubkk. Cathv A. Puchalsky, Patricia Ann Rail-er, Diane M. Stanks. Kenneth J. Gray Supervisor Youth knows that we live In quently for ghettos, for dispair. (Photo by Ac Hoffman StgOoi) Katherine Kotula and Edward Rome flank Rev. William D. Campbell, principal spsaker, last night at graduation exercises of Wilkes-Barre Business College at Fox Hill Country Club. Hospital, May 28, Mrs. Myrtle for frustration and crime; such a world of double standards, of M. lhomas, 80, Kingston. 'conditions make for intolerable embezzlers, stock market manip

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