Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 20, 1962 · Page 9
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 9

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 20, 1962
Page 9
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Wednesday Evening, June 20,1962. 'River City' Gets It's Boys Band! MASON CITY, Iowa CUM) "River City" got its 'boys' band Tuesday night. There were, in Tact, 121 marching bands on hand for the premiere of "The Music Man," film version of the Broadway musical hit by Meredith Willson. Willson, a home town boy, used Mason City as "River City" in the musical story of a small Iowa town in the early 1900s. An admittedly prejudiced local populace rated the movie in the hit category. Among the celebrities present were Robert Preston, who played the part of Prof. Harold Hill who sold the town instruments for a boys' band in both the stage and film versions, and actress Shirley Jones. Miss Jones portrays "Marion the librarian" in the film. Also here for the festivities was comedian Buddy Hackett. The premiere, which was marred by a fading and faltering sound system at one brief point, climaxed a two-day extravaganza put on in this north Iowa community of 30,000 persons, Sharing the spotlight was a band festival, the largest national com petition ever held for marching bands. An estimated 125,000 per- Deaths in the News By United Press International WEST LOS ANGELES, Calif. (UPI) — Pioneer movie director Frank Borzage' 68, who won the first Academy Award for direc tion in 1927 with "Seventh Heaven," died Tuesday following a long illness. Borzage, considered one of the all-time movie directing greats, also won an Oscar in 1931 for directing "Bad Girl" starring a pair of famous film favorites, Sally Eilers and James Dunn. MOSCOW (UPI) - The Soviet Tass news agency reported Tues< day that army,Gen. Aleksey Antonov, chief of staff of the Communist Warsaw Pact forces, died suddenly Monday. Antonov, a career officer and member of the Soviet army since 1919, was Josef Stalin's military adviser at the 1945 Yalta confer, en.ce with President Franklin D. Eoosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Cause of death was not d closed. SIOUX CITY, Iowa (UPI) Funeral services were pending to. day for Dr. Homer A. Wark, 70, physician, Lincoln scholar and longtime newspaperman, who died Monday of a heart ailment. Wark spent the years before World War I in China treating hookworm under a Rockefeller Foundation grant. During the war, he was wounded in action while serving as a field surgeon. After retiring from medical prat tice, he started a second career as a newspaperman in Lawrence, Kans., and Sioux Oity. sons jammed "River City's" streets to see 121 bands march in a 3J4 'hour parade. Later, 30 bands from as many states competed for the national title which went to Lockport Township (111.) High School. The band won more than $10,000 worth of new musical instruments and a two-week tour which includes appearances on television and at the White. House. Arthur Godfrey emceed the pre- premiere festivities at the Palace theater, which seats less than 800. Jap Imports Set Record WASHINGTON (UPI) - The Foreign Agricultural Service reports Japan's "big 7" imports in 1961 set a record and for the firs! time exceeded $1 billion. The "big 7" imports are wheat barley, corn, soybeans, cotton : hides and skins,-and'tallow. The total imports cost Japan $1,012,900,000. Of this, $524,400,000 was paid to U.S. exporters. Imports of the crops as a group were up 19 per cent from 1960 the previous record year when they totaled $852,100,000, Farms in the United States in 1910 totaled 6,406,200. This number rose gradually through 1920 to 6,517,500. Farm members then dropped to 6,469,700 through 1928 They began another rise which culminated in 6,813,700 farms in 1935. The number has been de clining since. The 1959 census o agriculture showed only 4,097,300 farms. The acreage of these farms was 1,179,158,000 acres. Attractive Buys Await Weekend Food Shoppers WASHINGTON'(UPI) - Man; attractive food buys will add tc weekend summer fun and help in menu planning.' This week shoppers can choosi from a great variety of fresl fruits and vegetables in plentiful supply. Fruit choices of canta loup, oranges, lemons, peaches strawberries,!and watermelon off er many possibilities for desserts and salads. Vegetables available include green beans, cabbage, cauliflaw er, sweet corn, cucumbers greens, lettuce, onions, potatoes peppers, spinach, squash, am tomatoes. .Broiler-fryers are also in top demand. What more could a pic nicker ask for than barbecuec chicken and selections from thi abundant summer produce. June, the dairy month, still re minds us of the top quality dairy products available for refreshing summer meals. Eggs also offer limitless possibilities. The fish items still in abun dance -are fillets, scallops, cannec tuna, fish sticks 'and portions. 4-H NEWS Logansport, Indiana Pliaros-Tribune NInt Results of Cancer Study With Mice WILLING WORKERS The Bethlehem township Wiling Workers 4-H Club met recent- y at the South Caston elementary ;ym. The meeting was called to >rder by vice president Sam Wiliamson. Jim Yantis and Jim Hook gave the flag .pledges. Minutes of the previous meeting were read and jpproved and roll call was answered by favorite sayings. A demonstration on insect con- ;rol was presented by Larry Strong.. The next meeting will be held July 6 at the gym. ADAMS WIDE AWAKE The Adams township Wide Awake 4-H club convened recent- y at the home of Jenny Grable. The pledges'to the flags wer.e led by Hilda Griest and Sue Cox, Followed with group singing led by Janet Benedict. The secretary's report was read by Barbara Youman and roll call response was 'my favorite movie star." Marie Scott received a prize for selling the most tickets to the chicken barbecue. Lynnea Book- waiter read the treasurer's report and Annette Walton was elected treasurer for the remainder of the year. "Make Sifting Easy" was the health and safety report given by Jenny Grable. Demonstrations were presented by Jenny Grable on strawberry s h o r t c ake and Nancy Youmans on "Gold Coast Salad." A report and demonstration were given on what was taught at the Charm School held recently for 4-H girls. Barbara Youmans told about her trip to the 4-H Roundup followed with devotions offered by Jenny Grable. ^Refreshments were served by Sue Cox and Lynnea Bookwalter. The next meeting will bo on June 20 with Linda, Georgia and Janet Benedict. CLINTON CLYMERETTES Corinna Cowell was in charge of the recent session of the Clinton township Clymerettes 4-H club conducted at the school. After the flag pledges, roll call was answered by "a good grooming tip." June Cable gave devotionals and it was announced thai Rosemary Heckard is going to the Junior Demonstration contest. Sharon Leazenby led group singing and the health and safety report was given by Lynda Porter. ' A demonstration on shrinking material was presented by Linda Tribbett. New ideas for refrigerated biscuits were given by Corinna Cowell, Sharon Cable and Sharon Leazenby. The next meeting at the school will be June 25. NEW YORK (UPI) - For the first time cancer research has had a very close look at what cancer does to nature's own mice •the mice housewives may have a chance to shriek at and which may be living right now in your cellar. A large amount of cancer research is done in mice but these mice are science's animals rather than nature's. They've been selectively bred, cross-bred and inbred over, hundreds of mouse genera; tions, in ways that .couldn't possibly happen naturally. In their hereditary chemistry nature couldn't recognize some of these lines as mice. Some lines are highly susceptible to cancer. Other lines are as highly resistant. The question is, how far are these mice from nature's own as regards cancer? Drs. Howard B. Andervont and Thelma B. Dunn of the National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, Md., have been seeking the answer for 14 years. They now report that in nature cancer and mice are well acquainted, and apparently much better acquainted than cancer and MRS. HOWARD DIES NEW YORK CUPD-Mrs. Jack R. Howard, wife of the president and general manager of Scripps- Hfoward newspapers, died of a cerebral hemorrhage in New York Hospital today. She was 46.. 'Besides her husband, Barbara toward is survived by two children, Pamela, who was graduated .ast week from Sarah Lawrence College, and Michael, who recently completed his freshman year al Yale; and a sister, Mrs. Roberl A. Glaenzer of Perrysb'urg, Ohio. 26-INNING GAME BOSTON (UPI) - The famous 26-inning game between the Brooklyn Dodgers and Boston Braves on May 1, 1920 was played in the relatively fast time of three hours and 50 minutes. Read the Want Ads! '% <•" <• j ".-M"p'y >/ J SEARS HOEBUCK AND CO Rent at Sears Iw Prices NO MONEY DOWN AM " ?.?' SANDING MACHINES AND POLISHERS Belt Sander* Floor Sanders Edgcrs Car Polishers Disc Sanders GARDEN AND YARD JLawn Mowers Lawn Rollers Hedge Trimmers Wheelbarrows Post Hole Diggers Powered Post Augers Spades—Shovels Rolo-Spaders Power Sprayers Seed-Fertilizer Spreaders Fence Stretchers Powered Weed Cutters PAINTERS AND WALLPAPER NEEDS Wallpaper Steamers Wallpaper Tools Paste Tallies Paint Sprayers INSTALLATION EQUIPMENT Tile Cutter* Linoleum Rollers Staplers Asbestos Siding Cutlers BABY FURNITURE High Chain Baby Cribs Baby Scale* Pl«y Pens CEMENT TOOLS Power Trowels Cement Mixers Wheelbarrow Mixers Finishing Tools POWER TOOLS Electric Drills Saljre Suws Electric Saws Chnin Saws OFFICE EQUIPMENT Calculators Adding Machines Typewriters Intercoms Tape Recorders Mimeographs AUTOMOTIVE REPAIR EQUIPMENT Chain Hoists Block ami Tackle Wheel and Gear Pullers Socket Sets Hydraulic Jacks SICKROOM SUPPLIES Wheel Chairs Walkers ; Crutches Vaporizers MAINTENANCE EQUIPMENT floor Polishers Floor Machines Vacuum Cleaners Rug Scrubbing Machines Steam Cleaners Commercial Vacuums Commercial Polishers PLUMBING TOOLS Powered Sewer Augers Electric Sump Pumps Centrifugal Pumps Pipe Thread Sets Pipe Cutters Burring Reamers Pipe Vises Furnace Kits Mclting'Pots and Lsdlct Blow Torclies Propane Torch, Kits Soldering Guns Sewer Rods Pipe Wrenches PHOTOGRAPHY Movie Cameras Movie Projectors Lights and Tripods Film. Editori 35mm Cameras Slide Projectors Screens Polaroid Kits MOVING EQUIPMENT Hand Trucks Furniture Pads 2-Whecl Trailers Car Top Carriers Enclosed Carriers Call Today...Reserve What You Need- 4103 >eople are. , Use House Mice The • scientists began in 1947 with 19 freshly captured house mice, 13,females and 6 males,.re- ationships (if any) unknown. In 1951 they added 30 more unknowns 'rom live traps, equally divided Between the sexes; • : These mice and their progeny .hen lived in cages for a sizeable part of the mouse life span. Over- Breeding and any intensive in- Breeding were ,prevented. Food, water and cage-cleaning were pro. vided, of course. Otherwise science left them, alone. . For a few years the mice which remained in health were- permitted to live .for two years before they were subjected to a; postmortem search for cancer. In laboratory mice that approximates the life span, but at two years the mice were flourishing, still. Thereafter the mice were allowed to live for two years and six months. • '. • • Drs.. Andervont and Dunn reported their autopsies of 225 mice of which 98 had a malignant tumor—or tumors.. That's a percentage of .43,5, .much .higher than any of the various calculations or incidence of cancer among human beings. Hits Older Mice Of these mouse cancers, 64 per cent appeared in mice' who were far past the prime of mouse life. Only one cancer appeared in a quite young mouse and the re maining tumors were spread out over mouse middle years. This has agreement with cancer and age in people. Lung cancer was the most common cancer among wild mice. II was similar to-lung cancer of inbred laboratory mice in which il also is common, but in the latter t usually occurs in multiples whereas 'in- wild mice there was only a single tumor. In inbred mice, lymphocytic leukemia also is common. There was only one case of it among .he wild mice. In inbred mice it may be caused by a virus. The scientists wondered if inbreeding either increased the susceptibility of mice to the virus or the activity of the virus or both; This question; they couldn't answer at once, but another question they could and did answer. "We're going to have to save more at The F & M &aok. George, do you hear me? George, speck to me. GEORGE 1" >'R fn E R S AH D~ ITl E R C H A "Iff »• Ssfafe> tfosifa toGAnsPORT. InoiAn* TWO CONVENIENT LOCATIONS •roadway at Pearl Eostgot* Plaxa Branch Viruses whkh cause the leukemia in inbred mice were injected into wild .mice and caused leukemia in them, too. WhffioodV Charlie Suffers Uneasy Bladder Unwise eating or drinking may be a source of mild, but annoyini; bladder irritations — riaking you feel restless, tense, and uncomfortable. And IE restless night!, with nagging backache, headache or muscular aches and pains due to over-sxertion, strain or emotional upset, iirc adding to your misery -dorri wait- :ry Donne Pills, • Doan's PiL's act 3 ways for speedy relief. 1 —They have a soothing effect- on bladder irritations. 2 —A fast pain-' relieving actisn on nagging backache, headaches, rr.uscular aches and pains: 3—A wonderfully mild diuretic action thru the kidneys, tending to increas» the output of the 15 miles of kidney tubes. So, gt.t the same happy relief millions have enjoyed for over 60 years. For convenience, ask for the large size. Get Doan's Fills today! I Doan's CLEARANCE OF MIS MATES Some are at or below original wholesale prices 2 PIECES FOR 1 LOW PRICE! SMOOTH, BOTTOM FREE SLEEPING SURFACE CONVENIENT TERMS MARKET AT FIFTH UWitet

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