Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 10, 1957 · Page 74
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 74

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 10, 1957
Page 74
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PAGE EIGHTEEN THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE and 1OGANSPORT PRESS, 10GANSPORT, INDIANA SUNDAY, NOVEMBER M, 1WT Josephine Lowman Rules of Proper Nutrition Good to Know and Practice Don't let good nutrition be a hit or miss matter with you. I wonder how many of you actually put into practice what you read and know about nutrition? How many of you make it a point to give your body, everyday, the foods it needs for health? Is this a hit and miss matter with you, or is it a~ daily habit? If you are casual about it, you are missin-g one o£ the most exciting adventures of modern times. There seems to be no doubt that in the near future the youthful portion of life will be greatly pro-, longed and many chronic diseases avoided through improved nutrition. Today it is a shame not to put into practice what is already known about this science which is go important .to us personally. Today let us review a few of the primary tenets of good nutrition. During the war all of you saw the Government's Food Guide frequently, but .it doesn't hurt to recall the advice it promoted. Greens We need the green and leafy vegetables. Two servings daily is best. One is absolutely necessary. Then we must have the citrus fruits or others which are high in vitamin C. The citrus juices or fruits are the best sources. We should also, have two or more servings of fruits and vegetables not in classifications already mentioned. We require one serving of meat or fish or fowl daily and at least five eggs a week. We must also have our quota of bread and cereals and must have some fat in our diet. Milk and cheese are an important part of the protein family. These are important foods for the adult as well as the child. Skimmed or fat free powdered milk is a splendid item for the reducing diet since both bring you so much health value and are so low in calorie count. Skim or fat free milk has only half the calories that whole milk has. Every reducer and most adults should have two glasses a day as a protective food; If you once make up your mind to eat correctly, you will keep the general principles in mind when planning your .menus. It really is not a complex job and wffl increase your zest for life. (Released by The Register and Tribune Syndicate, 1957) OCIAL HIGHLIGHTS Realizing Assets, Liabilities First Steps To Beauty One of the first steps to'real beauty, is a realistic understanding of your assets and liabilities. The woman who badly.needs diet and exercise but is satisfied'-with her appearance after she has been fussy vfith her hairdresser about the exact placement of _ one curl is fooling only. herself. The" woman with a bad mate-up job and stringy hair who' believes the sales? girl who tells her that one of the new berets makes her look like an angel is also practicing the complicated ,-art of self-deception. In order to discover how to improve ourselves (a process that should never end), we must ruthlessly face our shortcomings. This means' that w« can't afford to preen ourselves because we were blessed with naturally curly hair, trim ankles or long eyelashes. In addition to these, we may have spreading hips, -three chins and a skin that's pasty from too much pastry. Once we face the liabilities, we can do something about them. * * * It's a universal experience. You get the much-needed and long-delayed permanent only to discover that your head resembles .a pot scraper. The only solution seems to be to wear your hat day and night. Well, something can be done about it. A haircut helps, of course. But if it's too short, to trim, fteh attack-your frizzy mop with a stiff brush and brush with your head down. Brush until your arm aches. Use a light, greasless hairdressing before you brush and that will help to tame the frizz. After two or three shampoos, the permanent will soften up and 'begin to look natural. And next time, have your hair cut after the permanent rather than before. That will" take •care of all those frizzy ends. » * * Developing your own style -of beauty means that you study yourself with oare, choose clothes and makeup most flattering to you, and, above all, never copy the current movie rage. It also means that you learn that what may be great for your best, girl friend is •poison'for you. If pink flatters her but makes you look like something just helped from her coffin, pass up pink. It may be that blue does wonderful things for you. In that case, despite your 'secret yearnings for pink, learn to wear blue. CANCELLED The VFW meeting to have been held Tuesday at 8 p. rn. in the Post Home has been cancelled due to the Policeman's banquet. w \VKTOK New Orthophonic HIGH FIDELITY "Victrola" The Mark VI. Powerful new High Fidelity "Victrola."® Plays 4 speeds. 3 speakers. Provision for Stereophonic Sound. Mahogany finish shown (other finishes extra). Model SHF6. $189.5-5 «8CA trodemo* for ream! pkirws Also On Display THE MARK IX THE MARK XI (Portable) THE MARK VII THE MARK IV THE MARK III $139.95 $129.95 $159.95 $229.95 $375.00 Above prices for mahogany. Other finishes slightly higher. USE OUR CHRISTMAS LAY-AWAY PLAN ) 528 EAST BROADWAY, LOGANSPORT PH.-4682 • Binding the polish at the tip of the nail, will check excessive chipping of nail polish. Do this by applying a cover coat at the nail tip after the first coat of nafl polish. Then finish with a protective coa£ over the entire nail. GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY NOV. 17 TIPS Rabess-Burgman Studio MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM SEGRAVES will celebrate their golden wedding anniversary Sunday, November 17, at the Deer Creek Conservation club with a reception from 2 to 5 o'clock in the afternoon. All their friends and relatives are invited to attend. William Segraves and Lola Bowman were married at the bride's home in Cass county November 20, 1907, and have resided on the same farm all of their married life. They are the parents of three children: Irene Harness, of route 2, Galvestoh; Everett Segraves, route 2, Galveston; and Robert .C. Segraves, Flora. There are ten grandchildren and seven great- grandchildren. The woman who makes the most of the beauty nature has given her is the rare one. Few women know how to real. ize their potential for good looks. They -don't like their brows so they. pluck them all out and draw on a hard line rather than learn to sketch in softly a new and becoming brow. They use the same unbecoming shade of lipstick for years and apply it slapdash fashion. They slouch, develop bulges and walk pigeon-toed on shoes with heels that are stilt high. They talk about dieting and never quite get around to it. Each year, the beauty that might be theirs, becomes more deeply buried, less accessible, until finally it's gone-completeiy. There's only one answer to all of this action. Keep an open mind, be sharply self-critical, :ake care of gray streaks, extra poundage or a new buldge as it develops. And always be willing :o learn how to improve your looks.. A jersey peignor that is anti- static is a handy thing to have for winter. There's one that comes with detachable collar of orlon. The orlon feels like fur. * * * Hair that has lost its luster may • not be traced to the wrong shampoo. It may be accompanied by a rough skin and a more tired- than-usual feeling. If this is true, check to see if you are eating properly and getting sufficient rest. Ann Landers Boy, 18, Plays Santa Claus For Gold-Digging Cleopatra Trip To Beauty Parlors Proven To Boost Womans Ego, Adds To Self Confidence NEW YORK-(NEA)—"Re.ally, Ethel, I feel like a new woman. And remember, don't breathe a word of what I've told you to a soiil." Wibh this admonition, Mlrs. America touches her newest hairdo—"just meant for you, honey" —steals a glance in a mirror already crowded with • chrome-capped, faces and marches out of the beauty parlor. The little ' woman may not emerge looking like Marilyn Monroe, but if, she feels important and satisfied with herself, then the mission has been accomplished. Ask any man why women go regularly to beauty parlors and then prepare to hold your ears, especially- if it is his billfold, that is being clipped. B'UT TWO WOMEN a psychologist and sociologist analyzed the situation. And, according to them, it is a happy day when the wife goes for a retouch job, no matte the bill. They pulled their mutual couches up next to the hair dryer, eaves dropping for proof of this point. Filtering scientific data from other parlor news of the day, the researchers found this trip for beauty not only boosts the female ego, but it also relieves the id. So much so, they say that the little woman is either well adjusted now, or, she soon will be if she continues to visit the beauty salon. So, men, if your wife says she's going to get a haircut, shampoo, wave or manicure, she really is. But also don't let her fool you. getting pampered She and prettied to face the work-a-day world. As a bonus she gets self-confidence and a feeling of importance. She relaxes and lets her hair down. Dear Ann: I'm a fellow 1« and very much interested in a chick •who is also a high school senior. In the last 15 months-I've bought her a wrist watch for her birthday, a cashmere sweater with fur on it for Christmas and a gold locket for Valentine's Day plus other small gifts throughout the year. We're supposed to be going steady but every time she gets a chance to date some guy who looks good to her she calls off the steady arrangement and fixes it up with me later. I've, been true blue and have treated her like a queen all this time. She tells me she thinks we both ought to date others until December 1st then go back to the steady arrangement, for the "Holiday Parties". What shall I do?— JOE Blow, Joe. This young gold-digger has been playing you for all you Ye worth, and you've been worth plenty! You don't say anything about a job after school or on Saturday, so I take it you've got a direct line to Fort Knox or pa's oil wells are pumping in your name. A 'high school kid shouldn't spend money like it's going out of style even if it's easy to come by. It's neither sensible nor in good taste. My advice is to get busy with other girls and drop the Santa Claus role. You'll only attract more commercial versions of Cleopatra. * * * Dear Ann: I'm 21 and old enough to b£ able to make up my own mind, but for some reason nothing adds up. Maybe you can help me. I am.in love with a boy who is in love with motorcycles. He is 25 years of age and he eats, sleeps and dreams cycles. When we first started to date, a year and a half ago, I told him I wouldn't ride in a motorcycle and to please come for me in his car, or we could take a trolley. He talked me into trying a cycle ride and after a while, I was less Miss Joyce Ann Miller, daughter of Mrs. Julia Miller Arnold of Camden, is the newly-elected president of the State Luther League, of Indiana, an organization com- A new hairdo, change in cosmetics!prising 1,000 Indiana youths. She and facial, answer her need for a;is a member of St. Peter's Luther- *" v ,^,- Big TV News and FREE Offer on Page 21 of F ami A/ f= (= K L Read how the amazing Channel Master T-W antenna brings you "miles closer" to the TV station —and improves your TV reception. Turn to page 21 of Family Weekly now! Html HASTES ANTENNA 5«e it now at your TV Dealers or ask-your Serviceman DISTRIBUTED BY TELEVISION RADIO DISTRIBUTORS (Wholesale Only) Miller. Tours Thanksgiving Holiday Tour to New York 5 days, $138.00-November 27th Christmas Tours: Miami, 7 days $213.80— December 22 New Orleans, 7'dxays $158.03'=-December 23 New York, .ffdays, $148.87—December 25 Europe, by air—17 days, $941.03—July 17 Local Agent Minnie • B. Sarig 1911 E. Broadway logansport, 1ml. Phone 50074 change. And as a topper she gets mild physical therapy. All this, according to psychologists, cuts down on analyst's bills. Take, for example, when one of j the girls lets her hair down. No one sweeps it into a wastebasket. j Someone listens sympathetically. ACCORDING TO barber shop lore, the barber talks incessantly. TTie poor male with a hot towel over his face is a captive audience. But not in a beauty parlor. A Helene Curtis survey reveals that 90 per cent of the ladies talk to their beauticians and mostly about personal problems. American husbands may groan when they learn that 500 million dollars is spent on hair care alone each year in this country.' But consider the European budget for beauty. There are more beauty parlors, per capita in Europe than in the U. S., where 3,500,000 women go regularly to 375,000 beauty shops. an Church of Camden. (Staff Photo) afraid, but I really don't enjo* it a bit. 'The thing that worries m« is this. All his friends are married and he's the only single one in tht crowd. They are nutty for cycles, travel in packs and spend all their extra money on the "bike" or cycle outfits. Everyone in the crowd has two or three children, but they don't behave- like parents at all. They leave their kids with grandparents and go off riding every Jiight, attend weekend cycle conventions, races and so on. This is not my idea of marriage. He has asked me to set the date. What shall I do? — UNCERTAIN MISS Take a good long look at the total picture before you tie yourself up with someone whose major interest in life leaves you cold. Not only do you two not agree .on a hobby but your ideas of marriage seem to be poles apart. You don't care for his friends and from your "description, your criticism a valid. Don't ask him to choose between you and the "bike". He has known fir a long time how you feel and could have chosen you if he'd wanted to. If cycles mean so much to him, my advice is to tell hint' goodbye, and let him find a girl who wears a black leather jacket with an eagle on the back. * * * Dear Ann: I am interested in taking a secretarial course but I •wonder if I have the qualities that will make me a good secretary. My father says he doubts it. Can you tell me briefly what qualities a good secretary should have? I he?rd recently this very good definition of an ideal secretary: She should look like a girl, think like a man, behave like a lady and work like a horse. (Ann .".sliders will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this newspaper and enclose a stamped self- addressed envelope.) Copyright 1957, Field Enterprise*, Inc. LET US GET YOUR RESERVATIONS *& TICKI LOGANSPORT BRANCH CHICAGO MOTOR Ci-U«—TRAVBU 226 South Third Street Phone 51« Clean hair is a good start toward pretty hair. To keep it clean, though, anything that comes in contact with it must be washed frequently. This includes scarves, hair brushes and combs. Kven hats need cleaning. DR. 0. L. BRAUN FOOT AILMENTS Reg. Podiatrist Foot Speciolist Offit.: 314 North St. 1OOAN5PORT, PHONE 3330 W.dn.idcyi * Fridoyi 9 to 4 PERU OFFICE 115 W.it 5th Si. Man., Tun., Thurs., Sat. 9 to 8 P.ru MIOIM: GRIDIEY 33674 Why wait for Sales Buy Here and Sav» Anytime Budget Priced Furniture and Rugs At Low Cost LET OUR LOCATION SAVE YOU MONEY Op«n Daily 9 a.m. .'• • p.m. McTaggart's Home Furnishing Co. 1J1J Hia ^/SPECIAL FRIGIDAIRE EDUCATIONAL OFFER! 21-Volume Illustrated ENCYCLOPEDIA OF KNOWLEDGE •^ Over $JOO Value ON THE PURCHASE OF ANY 1957 MODEL FRIGIDAIRE REFRIGERATOR - RANGE - DRYER We have greatly reduced our remaining 1957 Frigidaire Appliance*, and now on top of that, offer this tremendous educational help to families with school children; you will also enjoy their use year offer year, as a source of adult reference. Get your set now. 315 -4th Street Dial 2762 LAY^WAY FOR CHRISTMAS ALSO ELIGIBLE FOft ABOVE OfflBR.

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