Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 10, 1957 · Page 67
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 67

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 10, 1957
Page 67
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SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 1957 THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE and LOGANSPORT'PRESS, LOGANSPORT, INDIANA PAGE ELEVEN: Five-Car Electric Train Developed For Girls Only NEW YORK .(UP)—In a major.why not lake the plunge and go suits on condu; breakthrough into new concepts of i right after the powerful distaff |2p- They railroading, the have developed car electric model train made for Lionel people;trade by whipping up special a complete five- trains for ladies? "Ladies' Limited! Now leaving girls only. That's crash thinking, on Track 29, for Paoli, Albany, boys. Always, they explain, female ' Pittsburgh, and State Street shopping center in Chicago! .Please accept our kind request for your presence 1 aboard . . . Pennsy - Central, at home, after 6:14 p.m. standard -time." shorts in gaudy .like winter. The glamorized — : ] possibly in •uld have to Bermuda tots have had to content themselves with playing with brother's model trains. But that's all behind us now. The new, girlish choo-choo features pastel colors __ _ such as a pink-frosting steam lo- j dies' Special would consist of sev- comotive, robin's egg blue New era l boudoir cars-one with chintz York Central boxcar, lilac Lehigh drapes outside, another polka dot Valley hopper, sky blue Pennsyl- another cozily wall-papered. In- vania illuminated caboose, and js jd e , there, would be mirrors in- buttercup yellow M-K-T boxcar. | S t e ad of windows, since the pas- The model train people always isengers would be much more in- havc copied details from the big, I terested in looking into them real-life railroads, but this time;than in looking outside. The ob- they seem to have gone out on servation car would have picture their own for the women's trade, mirrors. And ^herein may lie the vires of The exterior architecture of the Pullmans would vary with each i car—ranch house, Georgian, Cape In the recent disclosure that c<xl . cottage-small - by - a - water- talks have been underway looking fal1 .- • • tnere would be brass toward possible merger of the ! knockers and chimes on the doors. New York Central and the Penn-' Also > a fireplace in every car, at- sylvania railroads, there were es-| tentied . naturally, by a fireman— timates that each line was losing or forewoman. , around 50 million dollars a yeari Blue Serge Must Go on its passenger service. Well, I Those simply horrible blue serge ed by advertisenpfftSf/plus a couple of juicy heartthrob storias for berthtime reading. Of course, there would be beauty salon cars, chiropodist cars, a cook-it-yourself diner, a bar car!. ander cocktails. The train butchers would ha®k hors d'oeuvres instead of ham and cheese' sagd- wiches. When the train wheels whispered to the rails while crossing trestles, it wouldn't sound as if 'advice today to all those of women whose occupation Js "just a housewife.' 6 a _ Take a new look arouna you. Pfeople.'in high places are begins ning tOg recognize Lhat most of you they were saying "Heinie Manush ush will: play today." They'd say thS traditional Heinie Man- Under the Quigg plan, the La- serving only pink lady and. Alex-1 ond reigns .i.Gussie. Moran ^Ellfabeth Sec- an idea for the real railroads. Trains For Ladies Proposes All-Out Attack On High Blood Pressure .NEW YORK (UP) -^A head-on scientific attack on all the medi- cai problems of high blood pressure has been proposed by a noted blood pressure expert, on the grounds that if those problems were solved, scores of lives would be saved every year. them. The lives of many of these persons could be prolonged, he said. He made the following statements as facts: 1) death or disability are produced by the damage excessive blood pressure pro- Lauds Many-Sftiiy l&Qfeer Pf Americgn Housewife NEW YORK'/JUP)—Sfrme free)as. the -22. miiljo\ ,wS •?171PO tnHaV TTl nil f/hneo n'li'llirtrick'/^'I^Ir. i?iK'r- r ^.SA" fnt w\ Ki iV one but several dozen start promotong. Shed' hold not jobs. So your shrinking violet complex. Discard your ironing board slouch, throw your shoulders bach in pride. Brag about, don't deride, your "career." The newest friend .in the housewife's camp is Mrs. Katherine B. Oettmger, chief of the U.S. Chil- 3ten, so many feel^suiltjr if ttfeV niary "recognition to. th'e,',mother dren's Bureau, and homemaker also. She chides all of us for looking a recent M^tionalv\Marip ( pwer 1 ' jSo'h- r n vn«<Sl -«ii J$T«i*£h;eX?*S; .^>viAt* • ' <-T»J7V was worth ANYTHgfG at Jiorrie." (o) " o *1 c, • ' ^— • . Mrs. Oettinger said,'perhaps the to "fehance" 'the status, of "a .housewife", .is "the ' t one though?, thfi^s. do not." World's Hardest Job The time has "world to enhance the homemaker," she said. -"The lack of respect and recognition for one of the hardest jobs in the world is so familiar it needs no documentation." Mr ; s; Oettinger told of one moth- i ei- e of three, who decided to- take down our noses at L contributions an outside job until, she checked on the stay-at-home wife ... even, the cost of .sending the children suggested she should be paid, just! to a day care center. She found | her salary would just about pay the tab. She decided not to take the job and commented. "I .didn't •duces in arteries and veins, and Dr. I. MOD. G. Stewart spoke I |^ ]£by ex ^ucUon" ^^ especially of blood press ures' "' 2) a reductlon which are high but not so high^ da". they have caused any damage ----- aamage ' (yet) or produced any sense of ill in the persons who contain Thrift Talk£ Happy folks in Logansport A lot of folks in Logansport and surrounding territory are going to have a merrier Christmas this year because—along about this time last year—-they decided to join the Christmas Club at First Federal. These people have been putting a little money into the Club every week since then. First Federal will soon pay out many thousands of dollars to its Christmas Club members for Christmas fun and frolic. First Federal says the greatest Joy it has all year is writing these Christmas Club checks. And these savings draw dividends, and thus add.to your. Christmas money next year. And even your Christmas Club money at First Federal is insured by an agency of the U. S. Government. First Federal Christinas Savings Club Members: 1 Monday, Nov. 11th, is the'last day to pay on your * 1957 Club I We will be OPEN to serve you as usual—Monday, November llth. CURRENT DIVIDENDS FvwtFs . 314 Fourth Street ASSETS OVER $12!/ 2 MILLION slight" reduction might be enough ; ~ most people. Blocks Nerve Centers Right now medical science throughout the world is employing an effective blood pressure reducing weapon jn the form of chemicals which "blocks nerve centers of the sympathetic nervous system. But this weapon is j employed only in persons whose i blood pressure is extremely ex- ' cessive- or has been excessive lor so long, that life-shortening damage has been done. In these severely ill persons, many of whom have reached the "malignant" high blood pressure stage and so are at death's door, these chemical weapons have produced worfders in lowering pressures, keeping them down, and so prolonging life. Dr. Stewart said they. -had been. proven "potent, practical, .and reasonably predictable." Then why not use them in all persons with only moderately elevated blood pressure— since life insurance statistics show that "any sustained rise of arterial pressure occurring short of old age, particularly in men, presents a grave long - term threat." There are two main reasons why not, he said. One ' is a lack of I knowledge of how the agents' work in healthy bodies against' blood pressure that is high but not very high. New Control Studies This is knowledge which medical science needs, and which it can obtain only in massive "controlled" studies everywhere of the at this point Dr. Stewart encountered his . major difficulty, and that big difficulty is people generally. Mention blood pressure (if you are a doctor) to the average person and the mere mention of the subject increases his blbod pressure. If you're going -to have a "controlled" study of the chemical weapons in persons whose blood pressures are not elevated by very much, you'll have to have 'their cooperation because you'd have to measure their pressures repeatedly for a few weeks.. And so. you'd have to tell these persons their blood pressures. Dr. Stewart said he was against telling patients their blood pressures as of now, but if the blood pressure problems were ' solved-, "The whole climate of professional and private opinion" might change and then it -would be possible to tell the patient about his high blood pressure "without inevitably releasing a flood of anxiety symptoms." A British specialist, he made his proposal in a London lecture. Six Pay fines In Local Justice Court Six motorists were.fined in the local justice court yesterday They werer Francis Merillat, Wauseon; O., i arrested by State Trooper Wagenknecht and charged with being 2,650 pounds overweight on the tamdem trailer axle, was fined $5 and costs plus a civil penalty bringing the total to $125.25. Joe Schnepp, 208 E. Front, Delphi, arrested Nov. 5, by Trooper H. E. Flinn, was fined $1 and costs on a charge of improper passing. Ivan Piercy, route 6, was arrested by Trooper John Gaylor on the 2nd' and charged with speeding in a 30 mile per hour zone. He paid a fine of $5 and costs; Eobert A. Martin,- South Holland, HI., was fined $1 and costs after Trooper Sam" Burch charged him with speeding in Lake Cicott. John Shireman, Plymouth, arrested on Oct. 27, by Trooper Wagenknecht and charged with improper passing, was fined $1 and costs., Bernie Riley, route 2, Walton, arrested by Walten -town marshal Harold Sluusher and, charged with .driving under the influence and' driving while his license was suspended, was fined $10 and costs on each charge and his license was suspended for an additional two years. Sanderson at Wayne State Urfvw- . sity, Detroit wtimated this weelr , that Mrs. Housewife would qusl : _.; ify as a $20,000-a-year worker oc ^he open job market. . ...r Count the additional jobs. She is.; scientist (experimenting with = cooking), dietitian, child psycholp- gist, hostess, laundress, teacher; Well, I've been counting all the interior decorator, baby ; sitter, a job which alone would flrive ., otte'n.-suggested but .seldom, taken sinously ... .to grant 'some, pecu- ' who work's IN the 8 home.'- gist, hostess, laundress, teacher,, 'interior decorator, baby - sitt*r,. and carpenter, errand boy, and chaut. come for the J obs tb « housewife "Holds and carpenter, erranaooy auu v^,--. •Te Jota, rf much as * agree'with Mrs. Oet- feur. She is the family shopper^ : the status of .. ., & ._- _ .. ...: „ ,•„«. «,v,i,,h alnne would drive we linger, there is a big hitch, 'who would pay her salary? Hubby? The family budget m'ght cover her earnings as a domestic, 'at the going rate of $1 to $WO an hour. But foot the bill, for her work as family doctor, nurse, management expert, financial whiz, fashion advisor, and you're in the big money. High Salary For Mrs. One homo economist, Frances average purchasing agent to resy jgnation. ....; • All this, and she is the patient' : . wife, who tolerates the husband, coming home at the end of the,' day with the comment: "Well, what-have YOU done all day?' ., • 'One housewife recently answered, "Everything. Twelve times."::. times." - . ••;'.'••; Maybe instead she should have handed her husband a bill.. • : New Books At Local Library Wright, Witness to Witchcraft Nash, You Can't Get There From Here ' Grant, The Gospels: the Origin and Their Growth . Patterson, God's Fool Smart, At Home in Mexico Tracy, How to Use Hypnosis Frankel, 101 Best Games for Teen-agers Hedde, . The New American Speech Wright, Biblical Archoeology Kunskyi Homes of Primeval Man Grigfon, Ideas ' Hogan,' Five Lesson The Modern Fundamentals of Golf Lamb, New Found World Barrows, The Quintessence of Beauty and Romance Phillips, The Living Legend - Codman, Drive Robertson, Of Sheep and Men . . Frank, Not Guilty • Carrr, Religion in and on the Job Frank; Bridgehead the Drama of Israel . Scott, Memo for Marriage Claude Barber Sees 400-Pound Doe Deer Claude Barber, of 40 Frederick, reported that at 8:15 a.m.. Saturday he saw a 400-pound doe deer cross his yard. Barber, who resides just south of the Municipal aolf course, sale the deer 'came from the south ; crossed his yard arid disappeared west across the golf course. A 400-pound doe deer running wild in .this area is a rarity. odvertixd GOOD HOUSEKEEPING magazine Customers tell us tWs #084 is the mosh comfortable shoe they've ever worn. Satisfying foot freedom in glove leather makes Corrective Step a best • seller among comfort shoes in black, white, tan or grey. Size* 4 to H, AAA to EEE. 5.99 SHOES for the entire family AMERICA'S GREATEST SHOC VALUES BIG SHOE STORE 1882 Diamond I9J7 Jubilee SELL-A-BRATION SPEC IA FREE $200 Diamond To be given away during this Sell-A-Bration. No obligation— Nothing to buy. MONDAY - TUESDAY WEDNESDAY These Specials Go On Sale Monday 9:00 A.M. Plastic Laundry Basket Rag. $2.49 SPECIAL .00 , O'Codar Red Tog SPONGE MOP Reg. $4.50 SPECIA1 $3.49 LAWN RAKE Reg. 98c SPECIAL 44c Res. $8.95 SPECIAL Plastic CUP & SAUCER 98c Reg. $1.98 SPECIAL PIN-UP LAMPS Reg. $2.98'fo° $3.98 SPECIAL $1.44 TABIE LAMPS Reg. $2.96 to $3.98 SPECIAL $1,44 COSCO TABLES $6.88 Reg. 10.95 SPECIAL WASTE BASKET 79c Reg. $1.59 SPECIAL CHROME STEP-ON CAN $5. Reg. $8.95 SPECIAL Hev, Kids! Have your parents register in bur .store for your choice of a FREE BICYCLE OR Portable Transistor Radio 32 PC. Pottery Dish Set White trimmed hi yelfow Reg. $6.95 SPECIAL .44 ACE DWARE NO PHONE ORDERS WE DELIVER QUANTITIES LIMITED

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