Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 10, 1957 · Page 66
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 66

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 10, 1957
Page 66
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PAGE TEN THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE and LOGANSPOHT PRESS, LOGANSPORT, INDIANA SUNDAY. NOVEMBER 19, MJt A PAGE FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY New Ideas Will Put Glamor Into Homes for Retired Folk Where will you live when you retire? Unless you are planning to move In with one of your children, it's a good idea to begin making plans for a home to retire to well in ad- Vance of that 65-year deadline. And don't forget, advises Walter . Gordon, a member of the American Institute of Architect, that this home will probably differ somewhat from other houses you have lived in. "No matter how hale and hearty you are at sixty-five," the prominent architect poin'ed out, "you must be. honest and ta.ke into consideration a life of less activity, thus plan you- home for a minimum of fuss and upkeep- and a maximum of pleasure. "You should choose a level lot to b'jild on so that the home can he kept to one story_ in order toi avoid stair climbing. Compactness is another big Hem, and modern design has a lot to offer the retired coup:c in the way cf storage walls and storage dividers which can be built to harmonize with any scheme o: interior decoration do- sired. • "Upkeep is most important, so materials" for the home must be chosen with care. For example, •wooed paneling, finished with clear \'arnish or lacquer, is an easy type of wall to take care.of. for only an occasional dusting is needed and repainting and repapering jobs are eliminated. The warm, cheerful tones of woods su'Ch as •west coast hemlock are important in themselves, and are neutral enough to compliment any color scheme or style ol furniture the couple may want in their home. "Remember, too." Gordon pointed out, "that people over seventy usually need higher temperatures maintained in their home than they did at forty and fifty, so plan for a heating system which is thoroughly adequate, easy,to maintain and to adjust. Because there are usually children ar.d grandchildren who come to visit granny over holidays, the basic house plan should include two bedrooms and baths, one, o£ course, the master bedroom, and the o'her the guest room, possibly with a separate entrance. The additional bal'h should be a small affair, possibly adjoining the kitchen or utility room. Extra -sleeping space can be had with convertible furniture—a divan in living or dining room which folds out into a bed, for example. "Don't forget to provide book-, shelves for that beloved collection of volumes," Gordon warned. "These will take up less room and| be easier to get at if they are built right into one of the living roam walls. "And one last item—do have a good amount of. window, space .to let in light and air, and to bring the outdoors inside during those months when you can't get out to enjoy it." Home Repair Do's And Don'ts LEAKY FAUCET DO . . .know that the first step in the repair of your leaky faucet is- the loosenng' of the packing nut under the handle—but not until the water has been shut off, either under the sink or at the main cutoff valve. DO ... turn the faucet handle in the same direction as though you were turning on Ihe water, •which will enable the entire faucet assembly to come loose. DO ... take off the screw -and washer at the bottom of the spindle, and replace them with new ones, which can be purchased inexpensively. - : DO ... replace the faucet assembly, tighten the nut a-nd turn on the water the leak 9 times out of 10. DON'T which will stop forget that, when this repair fails' to halt the leak, the valve seat probably is worn and needs refacing, -which can be done with- a tool known as a faucet redresser. DON'T . . . neglect, when turning the packing nut, to place adhesive tape or some other covering around it to prevent marring the metal with the wrench. DO'N'T ... try to get by with the old screw at the bottom of the spindle; using a new one with the new washer will insure a better and more lasting repair. DON'T . . . bother with fife washer at all if the leak is coming from the sides of the faucet rather than the opening ,in which case new -packing is needed under the •packing nut. • • • Hew folder Shows Colorful . There has talk 'about the "effect . rooms.' on moods qf people. Cer-. tainly some attention ought to be paid to the room in which people The time to unstick a window la before It becomes stock, ol coune. Ai most of m learn thii Urn hard way, the brfore-and-a/ter hints illustrated, above,, miihf be handr to clip and savt In TOUT .Workshop file. Tight Money No Bar To Home Improvements Funds for home improvements, the amount of. the loan at the time despite all the talk you might hear about a "tight money" mar-j ket, are'readily available througn commercial banks and other financial institutions. We have the word of reliable banking sources lor this statement. Making loans is 'an important part of the business of any financial institution and , we're assured, they're just as eager to serve vou as you are to obtain advice and financial help from : them. So, we're told, if you're thinking of installing a new heating system, putting in new plumbing, adding a the money is borrowed. room, or doing some papering, ta j n an "open-end" provision, ad- ' for financing plan can be used most .basic home improvements. However, it cannot be used for projects not considered essential to. a- home such as swimming pools, greenhouses or outdoor fireplaces" or for "appliances and items that are. not substantially built into the property." Specific information on eligible loans under the government-insured plan can be obtained from any financial institution. OPEN-END MORTGAGE LOAN —Should your home mortgage con- paintin-g or insulating, there's f unds on the same mort- need to put it off just because i gage may be available to you lor you can't pay for all the work from | home improvement purposes. your cash reserves. A substantial equity usually is First,, get. estimates from reli-1 required, however. This means that spend -a great deal of time'when lnclvl . QU < starting out the day — the lath- suppll ? r - able contractors on your home improvement project. Then determine how much money you'll need to borrow and how much you can conveniently repay out of your monthly budget. This done, you're ready to talk to a bank or other lender. Home improvement projects can be financed through personal loans obtained from banks/ from credit unions and from small loan com-, papies.- In some sta'tes, however, te*s limit the sizes of these loans repayment periods • of ten are loans. . ' direct loans, it also is jJoTSijale ito pay for home- im- proSTements- on the installment plan by special arrangement with an individual contractor, dealer or starting out the day — the lath- It is important, however, in con- To assist homemakeers who want! sid'ering such installment contract j luxurious with WATER F»«l delightfully clean and! re- fcashed ... loop your complexion looking lovelier. No skin-Irrifafring hard water ingredients hero. We provide 'round the clock soft water lorvica 5or every household need. DeFord's Servisofl Soft Wafer Service Phone 40493 to dress _up their bathroom wa]ls, the Western Pine Association has developed a series of six-sparkling new color finishes' especially appropriate for paneling'' bathroom wans. All the finishes can be anplied easily to -tfie ten species of wood from the western pine region;. and permit the natural grains to show. Tioga Tan- and Klickitat- Cloud are in the beige family, the former a bit deeper than the latter. Sawtooth Sun is a brillant orange and Silver Bow almost white, giving a bleached "effect. Gunnison Gold and Kootenai Cooper are rich, deep browns, the former with, a touch of gold and the latter with white .highlights. Examples of these finishes and instructions on how to achieve them are available in a new color folder entitled "Fine Finishes for Bathroom Paneling and Woodwork." It is available free to readers by writing to: Western Pine Association, Yeon Building, Portland '4, Ore. to determine whether the carrying charges would exceed the interest you would have bo pay for a regular home improvement loan. . There'are, four principal types of loans which may be available before you can borrow money, in this manner, it 'generally will be required" that you have made earlier mortgage payments totalling at least as much as the amount of the new loan. In this type of loan, your monthly payments may be increased slightly to pay off the additional debt, or the repayment period may be extended beyond the original expiration date. SUPPLEMENTAL LOANS THROUGH- MORTGAGE REFINANCING — Should you have a conventional mortgage rather than an "open-end" mortgage, you may be able to obtain funds for home improvements projects by retiring the existing mortgage and obtaining another mortgage in a new amount. This .method of financing, however, usually involves a new title search and recording and other extra fees, but generally your interest rate would be lower than under government-insured loans or other shoot-term loans. A CONCLUDING THOUGHT — Buy a Home, Beat Inflation • How shall, we invest our money so that.it maintains its purchasing power even during inflation? This -is a question confronting millions of U.S. families, especially those with only a limited amount of income to save. "Buy a home," urges H. V. Simpson, executive vice president of the West Coast Lumbermen's Association, and a leading business economist. "A home is the best investment you can make. Its value is always constant if the home . is kept in proper-repair." Simpson went or; to outline why a home was the best hedge against inflation for the ordinary family. The value of the home increases as inflation creeps upward. It takes more dollars to build a new home, therefore the older home increases in direct proportion. Investment in a home is different from purchase of automobiles or other so- called durable goods which depreciate- as they get older. Simpson said that more attention is being given today to the things which help re-sell a home. Liberal use of "wood paneled walls, built- ins, kitchens of wood, like lovely, golden-toned west coast hemlock or com gold Douglas fir, insure quick sale and re-sale. - Continuity of Theme Key to Charm Homes Key to the home beautiful is continuity o£ .deeoratiye scheme, according to Burton Goodrich, member of the American Institute of Architects, and a prominent. western architect. Many homes have a complete lack of continuity, he observed. One room may not have any identifying features which, make it belong to the home, and some rooms are even a hodge podge of several decorative plans. "Actually, continuity is a relatively simple" thing to achieve," he said, "for a home will take on unity of purpose and charming atmosphere if one material is repeated consistently throughout." The surest way to develop, a central theme for a home, he said, is to use an identifiable material, such as west coast hemlock lumber, throughout the home. It can be used with great success for paneling, cabinets, built-ins, and its • reappearance from room to room gives the closeness of unity, and yet a fluid spaciousness results from the repetition. The trick, according to the prominent architect, is to play variations on the theme by changing accents o£ color and texture :o get individuality in each room. Hemlock paneling takes on a cozy, welcoming personality when certain textural accents are used:; :he rugged contrast of stone in a for home improvements through Regardless of the project, be it financial institutions. They are (1) j a sma ii improvement project or a loate, <2) government-insured Title| mu iti p le improvement project in- One loans; (3) open-end mortgage;volving both products and serv- advances, and (4) supplemental loands obtained through mortgage refinancing. Here are -the features of each type of loan: CONVENTIONAL BANK -IN- SEWING DESK One housewife has solved the STALLMENT LOANS — The bank's major concern here is that the improvement will substantially protect or improve the livability of your home and that you will receive certain value for the cost-of the project. .The amount and terms of the loan depend primarily on the nature of the improvement and your ability to repay the loan without hardship. These loans are made individually by .banks and are not subject to the government-insured Title One loan regulations. Hence, j the banks are , more flexible gen- problem of space utilization by an erally with regard to the purpose, ingeniously designed desk-type cab- the amount and the repayment inet in one corner of her kitchen- family room. • Made of beautiful burnished-gbld west coast hemlock, the desk becomes a sewing corner . as sewing machine slides out into I position to replace a section of the j desk top which lifts out. The unit | also serves as a wrapping counter ' and a bar. The average fisherman spends about $90 annually in pursuit of his sport. ONLY WOLF GIVES YOU BLUE HEAT Premium Fuel Oil Additive that assures cleaner, more efficient heat, at savings up to 20% — PLUS — RED STAMPS '.ON CASH PURCHASES) For the same price as ordinary fuel oil. COAL & SUPPLY 314 Heath Phone 3990 terms of the loan. While the interest rate usual'y is slightly higher, some -loans not covered under the government-insured plan may be obtained through the bank's own home-improvement loan program. GOVERNMENT - INSURED TITLE ONE LOANS—This plan permits a bank or other qualified lender to advance the money under an insurance arrangement with the Federal Housing Administration. The maximum amount available under this plan is $3,500 and the maximum repayment term is five years for loans above $600. The interest rate generally is a discount of $5 per $100 each year. Discount means simply that the full charges are deducted from ices, it is generally true that it will be less complicated and more economical to borrow home improvement funds from a bank or financial institution rather than pay the carrying charges involved in installment plan contracts. * * * Questions and answers: Q.—Is there a simple way to antique furniture? A. Yes, any non-professional can learn to give an antique finish to a piece' of furniture. The wood is given a mellowed look by applying a tinted glazing liquid to a painted, enameled or stained surface. The glazing .liquid usually is mixed with a small amount of raw or burnt umber, depending on the desired tone. The glazing liquid usually is brushed on, then blended with a piece ol clean, dry cloth. It's a good-idea to practice this technique on a piece of old wood before starling your project. Q. What is the first step before installing ceramic tile? A. Measure the area to be tiled in order to determine the number of square feet of tile and the amount of adhesive needed. A gallon of adhesive is sufficent for setting from 45 to 50 square feet of tile. Be- certain that all surfaces are dry, sound, plumb and free of old materials which might not adhere properly to the adhesive. When buying the adhesive, ask for one bearing the hallmark "CS 181-52." GIANTS OF WOODLANDS From British Columbia to San Francisco, along the rain-Ve?sed Pacific slope, trees grow to gigantic size. Some Douglas fir trees may contain 50,000 board -feet of lumber, enough to build five small home. West coast hemlock and western red cedar trees grow nearly as large, some 275 feet tall, iiwelve feet in diameter. Few reach this huge size because insects, disease and fire take their toll-. Under managed forestry, most trees are harvested at. about 100 years of age. LET ALL'SHOW Notice anything new and differ.; ent about the home ot today? Of course, it's the revival of natural materials used for their intrinsic decorative value. Handsome woods like western red cedar used in paneling and cabinetry are ho. longer being covered with layers of paint. Clear varnish does it nowadays, so Chat'wood's depth of grain and texture remains visible to lend its rich, quiet elegance to contemporary abodes. HERE'S HOW... MAKE A PRIVACY SCREEN Lack of privacy when relaxing- in the backyard is a problem for many home owners. A privacy screen is the answer. • Make the post holes 7 feet 9 inches apart on center:. Dig the holes 34 inches deep and £11 the bottom 2 inches with gravel. Ihe 10-foot posts are made of 4 by 4-inch lumber. Use naturally durable wood or treated wood. Bev«l the top of the posts. The screen is made of 1 by 12 (or 1 by 10), 1 by 6, and 2 by 4-inch lumber. The slats are IMK JCKW EYES 84 inches long; the 1 by. S-hicJi- top is 81% inches; and the 2 by 4-inch braces are 87W inches. Draw diagonal lines on. 'th« ends of the braces to locate thi center point for the screw, eyes. Assemble the screen .section as shown using 6-penny rust-.. proof nails. Space the slat* evenly. • V- " ; Set the posts in concrete. Fasten the hooks to th* posts. Join the sections to th« posts. Additional sections can' b» added or lections may be eaiilj removed. . . , Mat.ri»li N«M («acb Mction} ' I pel. 1 I 11'in. X U ft (or 4 pea. 1 x 10 in. x 14 ft. for cioier ftpacini) 1 PC. 1 x C in.' x 8 ft. 2 pcs. 2 x 4 in. i S ft 2 pu. 4 x 4 in. x 10 ft. S-p*nny nutproof finishing nail* * lirgt booki «nd «rM KiUml Lwntar MmfKbm tosotliun or planter,_ for example. This same hemlock paneling can jecome ultra-sophisticated in the iving room when different accents of color and texture are introduced. A wall of vertical pan- ding, say, will be greatly complimented by a wall of sliding lass doors set in wood frames. Another wall may be covered with a textured paper or even :lat paint and so serve as accent. ] On the fourth wall, the accent may 5e repeated, or the hemlock may make another appearance in built- in. bookcases and cabinets. Cabinet work in the kitchen and :uilt-iris in bedrooms and utility rooms continue the theme, and again variations on color and texture mark individualism room by Use'of wood for the home's ex-; terior carries the idea one step flilther, continued Goodrich. Decks of Douglas fir 2x4s, spaced a quarter-inch apart to allow water runoff, not;, only make useful outdoor dining and relaxation areas, but also put a finishing touch to the edges of the home.' Wall Determine Home Living Area When an-advertisement gives the square footage of a home, what does it mean? Tills question is asked by many a prospective home buyer, the 'West Coast Lumbermen's Associa- tioir.;points out. Floor area, the lumbermen explain',' .-is measured by the out- sfSe dimensions of a home, so that the actual living space inside file h.ome depends on how much iooni your walls 'take up. A wood frame house that is wood si will give a h<5rne buyer about 40 extra square, feet of living space the '-lumber, experts state, since wood stud 1 'walls are much less bulky tha,n masonry and brick. How much is 40 extra^ 1 square feet? About as much as an extra iaxge" bath'room. Fascism- was started by Benito Mussolini in March, 1919, accord ing to the Encyclopedia Britannica Read the Classified Ads ASFHMT DRIVEWAYS BUILT a»d REPAIRED LIMESTONE FOR DRIVEWAYS Agricultural Limestone (High testing in calcium and magnesium.) CALL US FOR FREE ESTIMATE! STUDEBAKER CONSTRUCTION CO. PAVING CONTRACTORS R. R. 6 Phone 5-6358 QUALITY AND DURABILITY ALUMINUM DOORS and WINDOWS W» Will Continw Qur 10% Discount During November OHM* NOW On TrtpU Trpek.".. Extruded Aluminum Combination ScrMn and Storm Windows Thic Orrw Ooe4'Only During NovMnbcr Aluminum Combination STORM & SCREEN DOOM $30.00 Cass County Farm Bureau Co-op. 108 E. Ottawa St. Dial .3141 Girls-Treat, Yourself To A Fancy Bathroom WOMEN ADORE pretty bathrooms, and every woman secretly wishes she could have one like the Romans-enjoyed. An attractive bath-dressing area may be engineered at little -cost and with a minimum of effort in a small space. One displayed recently involved fabric and companion wallpaper in a tile pattern in shades of pink, olive, and turquoise, arid a do-it-yourself dressing table that was suspended from the ceiling. The shower curtains were made by taking the straight piece of fabric, hemming and attaching it to the shower rod with large, brass drapery clips, so that no grommets were needed in the curtain. A clear shower curtain was- usei behind the print to give the necessary protection. The inexpensive dressing table unit is a space saver and easy to make/ Select a shelf in the size desired of a light weight plywood or hardboard, cover it with mar- belized paper (the kind that- goes on at contact) and suspend it from the ceiling with a deeorative cord. Picture cord will So the trick. Or attractive chains to .match plumbing fixtures might be more desirable. Fasten the cord to the shelf on each side with small brads. Then suspend the shelf from Ihe ceiling. One of the new type towel racks that resembles a music star._ ideal for the small bathroom "set up because it doesn't take^ up too much space. Or use one of the towel cabinets that come 'in a combination of brass and glass, aid offers support for the hanging table. One of these, on either side of the vanity if it can be obtained in the same width makes a good : balanced dressing table unit. . A matching print may be usj'd.. to cover a seat pad if you like, and companion wallpaper ' on • a small waste basket. . ' • ' The floor tile oould b3 a black and white sequin pattern, plain white or black. The idea is to car-. ry out the marble and tile theme.. .If a family has outgrown-- its' bathroom, any small space — ;a hall, under - the - stairs area : or", closet space — may be converted.. into a shower-stall. type of bath'- room, even if larger accorrf.ioda-'. tions are not within .the budget.'. STRONG FELLOW ••-.. Strongest known natural ' tub- • stance in the world for its weight' is said to be the wood of-the Sitka'' Spruce tree, native to the ; west'-. coast of North America.: This wcipd has long, strong fibers, .was .prized'' in two world wars as'materiar.fpr :• aircraft construction.; Nearly . -as;, strong is west coast hemlock-, next .most desired aircraft' w<x>d, ..'-and--' Douglas fir, both widely, used, in:.home construction in peacetirrie;. MACHINE MONOTONY John Detiie, prominent Seattle. architect, says the human eye never seems to tire of .looking- at : the endless patterns .of- natural.. grain and texture of wood paneled/ walls. But, he says there is a.dead-'r. ly monotony in machine-made-mai; terials which have identical shape, texture and coloring. Some woods;, such as west coast hemlock, hay«. an astounding versatility of "grain. . Double . . . HARTFORD. Conn. — Reporters.' covering a high school: baseball : game thought they were.'seeing- and writing 'louble. Each.: team's . pitcher was named . Bob. Carlson, each a righ't bander. .:;......-; CARTER'S Concrete Block Plant BLOCKS for HOME and INDUSTRY MONTICELLO, Ind. * Phone 624 For °a'n,Impressive Entrance First impressions are .lasting. Enhance th« entrance to your dome' with ornamental iron work. We make thtm to your specification* in our plantf . . Logansrxyt Metal Culvert Co. 120 Banna St. "• Dial S1J7

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