Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 19, 1962 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 19, 1962
Page 7
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Tuesday Evening, June 19, 1962. JOSEPHINE LOWMAN Go Ahead, Girls, Talk All YouWant--lt'sTherapeutic MONTICELLG WSCS GROUP PLANS DINNER MONTICELLO-The WSCS of the Methodist church will hold their annual Smorgasbord at the Lincoln school gym on Saturday, June 23 starting at 4:30 p.m. Cars Collide Three persons escaped serious injury Saturday when two cars collided at the state road 39 and Zion Bethel road intersections/tear Monticello. The accident occurred at 10:20 a.m. Mrs. Glassburn; driving a 1956 automobile, was headed west after stopping at the intersection. She did not see the approaching 1956 vehicle driven by Adam William Thompson and hit the right side of the automobile. Damage to the car driven by Glassburn was estimated at $300 and damage to Thompson's car was $50. Investigating the accident was Deputy LeRoy A. Farney. ACCORDING to authorities ally, is healthful. Do you enjoy a bit of gossip, and do you feel guilty about it? Well, don't! I am bringing you glad news today when I tell you that psychologists, psychiatrists, sociologists and anthropologists, agree that it is good for mental and physical health. As a matter of fact, you are on their suspect list if you never indulge in a hit of—"Did you know?" "She said," "How can she afford it?" or "Wouldn't you think?". According to the experts, gossip is one of our most prevalent forms of communication. It reflects interest in people. If you do not have enough interest in the doings of others to talk about them, or if you are so uninteresting that no one talks about you, it's a bad sign either way! Safety Valve The experts say that gossip is a safety valve for the inner tensions and daily frustrations to which most of us are subjected. Public opinion polls have shown that well-adjusted folks are more interested in human behavior than any other one thing. I remember that once when interviewing a distinguished authority she told me that the party telephone line had saved more women on isolated farms from nervous breakdowns than anything else. They not only gossiped, but listened to the gossip of others. They belonged to, the human race! They were no longer isolated! If you are interested in people, you are going to talk about them. Not Vicious Naturally, these experts are not talking about vicious and damaging gossip, or the person who is so maladjusted and leads such a it's natural to gossip and, aclu- barren life that she spends her lime spreading news about those she knows. This individual has no real life of her own. She lives vicariously through the lives .of others. Oh the other hand, the person who never talks about others is usually not interested in others and has few friends to talk about, or she is so suspicious of others that she trusts no one enough to confide in them. Yes, it is evidently the WAY we gossip that matters. Like any other blessing, it must be used with moderation and taste. I am feeling a little tired and think I will go right out and have a good gab-fast with someone! * * * Want to do exercises the easy way? Send for Josephine Lowman's leaflet "Setting-up in Bed," which contains exercises you can do in bed, Send a stamped-self- addressed envelope with your request for leaflet No. 27 to Josephine Lowman in care of this paper. (Released by The Register and Tribune Syndicate, 1962) Pick up your order for fresh Michigan Strawberries WED., JUNE 20th OMDH4S ACCEPTED NOW TOR . . . • 'Black 'Raspberries • Pineapple Tidbits • Blueberries • Dark Sweet'Cherries • iR. S. P. Cherries FOR JULY O'EMViERY PHONE 6167 315 Hanna St. COMPARE OUR DIAMOND VALUES! REMEMBER-MOMEY SAVE 1 ^ IS MONEY EARNED FERNBAUGH'S arc""., "Famous For Quality Diamonds" ANN LANDERS Learning /Small Talk' Not Important for New Citizen Dear Ann Landers: I'm a girl 2 and not yet a citizen. I came her< from central Europe and I wan so much to be like Americans. I am a hair dresser and the girls in the shop have been won- d e r £ ully helpful. They all have nice boy friends (one already has a fine husband) and 'they seem so happy, I want to be popular" with boys, too. The girls tell me I should not be so serious in my conversation. They say American boys like to small. I cannot understand this. Can you tell me, please, Miss Landers, what is this small talk that seems to be so much in vogue here? And would you be good enough to give me some examples — EAGER TO LEARN Dear Eager to Learn: Small talk is, for the most part, dull phrases strung together by people who have no imagination and third' rate brains. Here are some examples: "What do you know?" "Is it hot enough for you?" "Don't taken any wooden nick- Is." "Where have you been keeping yourself?" "Do you think the rain will lurt the rhubarb?" If I were you, I'd think big and ; orget the small talk. Small talk s a weak substitute for silence, and if you reach for it as a conversational crutch, you'll be in ;he same category with the rest of the rummies. * Dear Ann Landers: Please tell me what to do about my mother. She is 68 years old, in good health, bright as a dollar and has lovely disposition. When Dad died two years ago both my brother and I begged her to live with us, but she refused. She has a small income from Dad's insurance. I've tried to slip her money, but she won't COMFORTABLE AIR CONDITIONED LAlST TIMES TOiNI'GH'T Cscope from Zahrain at 8:30 iBrushfire at 7:00 and 10:00 STATE STARTS TOMORROW Doors Open 1 p.m. Trained to be a Champion... Destined to be a Hero! Stirring IntioAwing WALTER PIDGEON-GILLESPAYANT Mickey Mouse and 'Pluto in PRINT BY TECHNICOLOR Ra-relBaMi) tn BU»M Vttu Diminution Co.. Inc. - 1>Wi!l tUtntt PfOHuctloni 'SPOiRTLAND will give you details on BIG WED Coloring Contest 1. Rool-Top Travel Rack (standard) 3. Room lor a Big Family 4. Buckot Seats That Reeling 2. "Vacation-Size" Cargo Area (80 cu. Put the gear topside-spread the family inside- start your vacation in a Rambler wagon Vacation starts the minute you roll from the driveway in this roomy Rambler Cross Country Wagon. For that rear Roof-Top Travel Rack holds loads of luggage. The kids are stowed in that king-size playpen area. And Mom relaxes in the reclining Bucket Seat (a low- cost option) that also converts quickly and easily to a nap couch. Meanwhile, you've got the wheel of a zesty performer that shrinks miles—flattens the hills. With clear- ance only l]4 inches shy of a Jeep's, your Rambler wagon skims over bumps and ruts that have other cars dragging their tailpipes. Fact is, this solid beauty with its Single-Unit construction and Deep- Dip rustproofing ignores most any kind of punishment—for years. Start living like this in a Rambler wagon. There are 12 exciting models—2- or 3-Beaters. Make a moneysaving deal on any one at your Rambler dealer's. Do it today! Pick from three Rambler series! Ambassador Cross Country—action-packed 250-HP V-8. Classic 6 Cross Country—lively performer with full room for six 6-footers. ' American —quality-built, lowest- priced wagon. . , Join The Trade Parade To RAMBLER WIcilN MOTOM MIAMI MOIII KM AMUICAKS. R & R MOTOR SALES E. Main, Next WSAL, Logansport, Ind. SKYLINE At 10 p.m. FRANK CAPRA'S Pocketful .ofMiracles, GLENN FORD' BETIE DAVIS & HOPEIANGE;*- PLUS-JOO-HIT THE WHITE,,. WARRIOR-^ na«Koiw«DYUiscoPE-wuiii'iK. I Shown at 8:30 STARTS TOMORROW TROY DONAHUE CONNIE STEVENS ake it. My brother has sent her ihecks, but iihe doesn't .cash thorn, she loves, children and iiabysits .Imost every night. Everyone idores her 'and she isn't able to accommodate half of the people vho want her. We'd love for her to lake life easy and not do one single thing. She refuses to go on vacation, although we have offered to send ler anywhere What can we do A>ith a woman like this'.'—H.J. Dear H. J : Just love her and stop trying to turn this remarkable woman into a useless nolh- ng. She's happy this way and it would be a crime 1o rob her of he independence .she loves. Invite her for meals, buy her a dress or a coat now and then, rake her to a movie or to thn lieatre, if shu'll go, but don't try ,o change her way of iivmg, She sounds too good to be true. * a t Dear Ann Landers: May I speak :rom experience to "Black Deuce" and perhaps to many others. She wrote about her alcoholic husband Logansport, Indiana, !,*haros-Tribuno Sevot that drinking was a problem. Her question was "What can I do for ;uch a man?" The important question is not 'What can she do for HIM—but 'What can she do for herself?" I was desperate after several years of marriage to a problem drinker. He wasn't ready for AA or any other kind of help. I begged, pleaded, threatened, prayed. Nothing I said or did made the slightest impression. A friend sent me the Al-Anon Family Group book. It was the start of a new life for me. I practically memorized it. Soon after, an Al-Anon Chapter opened in this city, I became active. Al-Anon has given me patience I never thought possible Fear no longer cripples me (I remember how I used to go to pieces every time my husband walked out the door.) Now my husband has recognized his problem and I'm sure my understanding 'and change of attitude helped. He's teen dry for two years and is well on the way to recovery. Anyone who/can do what I did. Just write to Al-Anon' Family Group, P. 0. Box 182, Madison Square Garden, New York New York.-EX-DEUCE 10, To learn the difference between a marriage that "settles down" and one. that "gets dull," send tor and said she refused to admii ANN LANDERS', booklet, "What Deny Writ in School Battle INDIAHfAP'OLIS (UPI) — The Indiana Supreme Court Monday dissolved a temporary writ of prohibition against Vanderburgh Superior Court and denied a permanent writ in a school reorganization -battlo. The action was taken on the grounds lhat the case is now moot. The temporary writ was issued at the request of the Gibson County School Reorganization Committei!, the Gibson County Election Board and Judge A. Dale Eby of Oiibson Circuit Court to keep the Vanderburgh court from halting a school reorganization election. Five members of the Detroit Tigers, Billy Bruton, Chico Fernandez, Terry Fox, Sara Jones and Ronnie Kline, are former National Leiigue players. To Expect From Marriage," enclosing with your request 20 cents in coin an<j a long, seli-addrcssed, stamped envelope. Ami Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of tills newspaper enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope! (1962, Field Enterprises, Inc.) ..l(tHTm^ \ father advises son...as both enjoy a family favorite- Kentucky's prime quality |p| &1L< One pleasant 1 custom passed on from father to son is a trust .and respect for Kentucky's Bond & Lillard. B&L has that extra quality called prime. If you want an unusually smooth whiskey. ..You'll do well to say B&L. m GIUI timiNGs it sin m usit/iMirar smitni s mis OID/MIMI mm mw Of" i* /• Q C ,00 sP/|«oo ; 4/5QT. ^4/5QT. FLORIDA COMES TO LOGANSPORT NOW (SET ALL THE EXCITING FACTS ABOUT Whether you are interested in Florida for investment, retirement or year 'round fun-in-the-sufi living, you owe it to yourself and your family to get your copy of the Florida Buyers Digest—ITS YOURS FREE IF YOU ACT NOW! When you mail the coupon below you'll promptly receive your Free book. And you'll discover why more than 30,000 people from all walks o£ life have already, chosen fabulous Cane Coral. FROM DALE W. MtiNUTT, RBAWOR What is the true Florida story? Investment? Retirement? Vacationing? Year 'round living? All the facts are revealed in an eye-opening 32-pago book that's yours for the asking. It's loaded with fascinating photos, charts, facts and maps about the growingest state in the Union. _/??£* -?° O J*1 MAIL THIS COUPON TODAYi To; Dale W. MeNuH. Realtor 6VB-11 417 North Streef J>J logansport, Indiana Phone 2928 eittae rush me a copy of your Free Florida B.oofc Address., City Phone._.

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