Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 10, 1957 · Page 59
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 59

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 10, 1957
Page 59
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SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 1957 THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE and LOGANSPORT PRESS, LOGANSPORT, INDIANA PAGE THREE Burlington Seniors • Jo Present Class Play BURLINGTON — The Burlington senior class, sponsored by John Barber, will present the play, "My Little Oscar," on November 20 and 21 at 7:30 p.m. The director is" Mrs. Martin Bozworth and the cast includes: Jim Burkhart and Patty Ritchey as Mr. and Mrs. Piper, Betty Moyer, Myrna Billiard, and John Loman as the Pipers' children, Sandra Bell, Brenda Flynn, and Gary Grume as high school youths. Beverly Hodson enacts the part of a wealthy majestic woman, \vith Henry Milburn as her son. Dan Hinkle portrays the town mayor, Bethan Guge as the owner of a style shop, and Marilyn Hendrix as an uncultured woman of fitly. Since the play was postponed, new tickets have been issued and may be purchased from any senior. Walton WALTON — Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Shuman, Ross Noel and Mrs. Frank Noel spent a few days last week in Macorr.b, Illinois where they visited Dave Ruth who is confined to a hospital by illness. The M. D. club met at the home of Mrs. Ross Noel. During the business meeting plans were made to have a covered dish supper at the December meeting at the home of Mrrs. Nancy Hamilton in Logansport. FAMILIAR SCENE ON CASS COUNTY FARM r Real Moon Circles Earth Once Every 27 Days, 7 Mrs, Indiana U. Astronomy Dept. With • artificial satellites rating all the headlines these days, it seems appropriate to give some attention to the earth's old natural space companion, the moon. Since the dawn of history, the moon has undoubtedly been the chief celestial object to at'ract the attention and wonder of the human race. Nothing else in the sky has been the inspiration of so much poetry, folklore, and popular misconception. The moon probably was launched, like Sputnik, - from the earth. The launching power probably was some 'violent tidal upheaval when the earth was a great, liquid mass. The moon's speed, like Sputnik's, was great enough partly to balance the earth's gravity, although not to escape into space. Today the moon revolves -once around the earth in 27 days, seven hours, and 43 minutes. Actually, the time between two new moons is longer—29 days, 12 hours, and 44*minutes, because of complications caused 'by the motion of the earth-moon combinatiin around the sun. The moon is nearly, spherical The annual corn cut is on. Many area farmers are now in the fields like Junior Yoder, shown above, who is harvesting on the Clem Shiles farm one mile east of Flora on Highway 18. (Staff Photo) awarded to Mrs. Bob Bowyer, Mrs. Games were played and prizes, Arthur Sprinkle, Mrs. Anthony HOME MOVIES finest family gift of them all MIEMUMKL BROWNIE!» UMK^CAMERA KIT f/2.7 A genuine Kodak movie kit at this low, low price! Great teem lor indoor-oufdoor movie making. This handsomely packaged kit includes the Brownie Movie Camera, f/2.7 — world's most popular movie maker — and the Brownie 2-Lamp Movie Light, complete with reflectorflood lamps. And folk about values —just look at its low, low price! ALL FOR $ 38 4 ° LAYAWAY FOR CHRISTMAS - NOW 01 524 East Broadway Film'S Fuzzer.a and Mrs. M. E. Waters. Others present were Mrs. Addie Noel, Mrs. Fay Noel, Mrs. Leona Patterson, Mrs. Berta Lu Siegrist, Ross and Ray Noel, Ray Waters and Ann Lynn Keplar. Deer Creek Township Home Demonstration Club No. 2 will meet Thursday afternoon at 1:30 at the home of Mrs. Mary Peters. Mrs. Georgia Robinson is co-hostess. The final lesson on "Landscaping" will be presented by Mrs. Veronica Plank. Mesdames Millard Fitzer, Harry Bean, Elmer Plank, Herman Deniston, James Hall, Halla Lewis, James Duckworth, Adah Bowyer, Langdon Patterson, Ross Kaiser, Ord-en Shirley, Elmer Shuman Verne Conn and E. P. Flanagan attended the Home Demonstration cliab Achievement Day Program in Logansport. Twenty-four members were present at the meeting of the Christian church ladies and held at the home of Mrs. Herman Deniston. Mrs. Dee Shaffer gav/i the devotions and missionary lesson. Mrs. Bowen and Mrs. Kay Hosier enrolled as new member. The hostess and Mrs.' Herbert Deniston played several organ -and piano duets. Mrs. Roy Carey and Mrs. John Evans, won the contest prizes. Refreshments were served. The King Sons and Daughters class of the Methodist church will meet Tuesday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Butz. The game of "Turkey" and contests were diversions of the Birthday Club when it met Friday evening at the home of Mrs. J. E. Evans. Prizes were awarded to all and luncheon served to Mesdames Loyd Bishop, Orel Small, Verne Conn, Elmer Shuman, William Fitzer, James Hall, Virgil Phone 4444, Turner, Zeke Scott, Charlie Lef- daughter spent the weekend with lowing the 1930 strategy of Demo- Mr, and Mrs. Charles Sanders ar.d| amily of Muncie. They were ac-| jompanied by who had been presidential contst in 1960. All lands, including the Negroes, j Southern Democrats accepted Itnow it. j repeal of prohibition because the Butler is not merely reminding I North forced the issue on them. ervice Closed Mondaxs Shop—Tues., Wed., Thurs., Sat. f 9 a. m.-,5 p. m. Friday 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. FURNITURE-THIRD FLOOR Wonderful Buy for Baby! Nevawet by Bunny Bear • Multicoil innerspring unit with exclusive built-in "Controlled Resiliency." • Inner tufted on sisal pad foundation for extra strength • Padded with all new cotton felt for a smooth firm surface • Air-vented border • Surfacoated percale cover in pink and blue combination, exclusive design. Pediatricians recommend a firm, flat mattress for babies. A Bunny Bear Nevawet Crib Mattress will not sag, lump or shift. Guaranteed for two years. L/se Our Home Plan Account! 5OLDEN RULE FURNITURE DEr"T. THIRD FLOOR DIAL 4166 ert, Hobart .Turner and daugh- er and Edgar -Ramer. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Sa'ylors and the nation of the great North- South division, of. opinion within the Democratic Party. He is fol-', in shape, with an average diameter of about .2,200 miles, a little more than one-fourth that of, the earth. Its surface is one-third the earth's, and its volume one forty-ninth. Because its average density is less than the earth's, it would take 81 moons to weigh as much as our globe. We know what only one side.of the moon looks like, since it always keeps the same face toward the earth. Technically, this is because the moon rotates once on its axis as it revolves once around the earth (the'moon shows all sides to the sun.) Sees Left Side Only This is similar to the movement of a horse around a circular racetrack—the horse is constantnly turning to the left, and an observer in the middle of the track sees only the left side of the horse. However, perhaps the simplest explanation is that the earth, with, its greater gravity, has "latched on" to one face of the moon. One theory holds that when it was first formed the moon was spinning rapidly on its axis. It .was then in a fluid state and tides were raised within it by the earth's gravity. These tidei slowed down the spinning until. the mood was in a position where friction could no longer act. To an observer on the earth, then the moon had ceased to rotate. Sputnik I, plus the rocket and nose-cone used in its launching, and Sputnik II bring to 35 the nnmber of known satellites of planets in our solar system. Jupi-' ter leads with 12, Saturn has nine, ' Uranus five, Neptune two, and Mars two. The odo'est of the satellites is Phobos, one of the two of Mars. Phobos, only five miles in diameter, revolves about Mars much faster than the planet tui-ns on its axis. Therefore, Phobos rises in the west- and sets in. the east. By the way, phases of our moon for November are: Full moon, 7th; last quarter, 15th; new moon, 21st; and first quarter, 29th. "WASTED" BEAUTY An early American explorer described the Grand Canyon as a "profitless locality where there is nothing to do but leave"; today, thousands of Americans visit it beauty. Mrs." Lee Saylors visiting 'them. who went over the heads of congressional Democratic leaders to! demand repeal of prohibition. i That caused a blistering out-' ! burst of party strife. But it Negroes May Decide Negro votes in big, industrial:worked. The 1932 P ar ty 'platform tales outside the South may de- ermine the winner ot ne:;t ycs.'s :ongressional election and of the junked prohibition despite the battle of Southern statesmen to keep the party tied to the so-called drys. &W& TO LAY-A-WAY POR CHRISTMAS \ One of the rare gifts that can convey your Christmastime message of love is a fine Omega watch. It says in fact, a. thousand unsaid things. To men and women everywhere in the world, Omega has come to be the watch most admired for its beauty, its elegance and its. high precision. Make this an unforgettable Christmas by giving an incomparable Omega watch from $75 up. 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Imagine a carpet in a brilliant array of dream colors-^ colors that are not only lovely to look at, but keep their lovely look throughout the heaviest wear. Imagine such a carpet and you've imagined Firth Tuftwoven Acrilan. It's 100% Acrilan made by the revolutionary Tuftwoven process. It's the amazing new carpet that makes every one of thise advantages a reality for you. See it today. It's the most practical, thriftiest carpet you could own. F-fj I HRTH INDUSTRIES INC. •Aortic ttitf bjr dMimtm* $195 » $13.95 SO. YD. No Carrying Charge On Term Purchases All this for the price you'd expect to pay for regular carpeting! 3 1 3-31 5 E. Broadway Phon* 3832 DURI IP. 1 IBRARt

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