Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 14, 1891 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 14, 1891
Page 1
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*«•* Jv-w '"* She ri£. VOL, XVI. LOGANSPORT, INDIANA, SATURDAY MORNING. MAKCH U. 1891 NO. 63. DUNLAFS Celebrated Hats PAMELL'S APPEAL. He Issues a Manifesto to the Irish in America! Full Tflxt of the Document—He Styles the Disaffection of the McCarthy- ites a Mutiny. S T I F F and S I L K, BEST MADE, SPRING STYLES Now on Sale D E W E N T E R , The Hatter. JOHNSTON BROS. "The Comer Drug Store." Johnston Bros, have removed to the Cor. of 4th and Broadway, ( Strecker Building.) A Full and Complete Line of DRUGS ON HAND PRESCRIPTIONS CAREFULLY COMPOUNDED. Spring Suiting, Spring Pants, Spring Overcoating The nicest, prettiest patterns ever showo ; just received at JOS. S. CRAIG'S. AID ASKED FOr:. LOXDOX, March 13.—Mr. Pin-null has just made public his long expected manifesto. The full text of the document follows: '•HOUSE or COMSIOJJS, Friday, March lit.— To the Irish People of Atncrlcu, Fellow Countrymen: In ]SSO imd subsequent years you insisted me powerfully My your inUuence upon American public: opinion and with your generous ilnanchil support to erento the great movement of the land league. Without your aid so freely glvfn and so constantly maintained Irolanrl could not for one moment nave made head against her oppressors. Bull less could shd have attained the singular position of power and the promise of success which sue has occupied during the last flve years. At theinstu,nt when vie- tory seemed near and certain,the hasty and meddlesome interference of English politicians in the complex organization of our party, aided by a sudden movement among some young law recruits, eagerly seconded by ti few malcontents, offlce-seelcers and envious persons who crept into our ranks, temporarily destroyed the unity of our forces und sappeJ the independence of many Irish, representatives. "It now becomes my task to restore this unity and reconstruct our movement, lopping off all unsound materials, taking effectual precautions against the admission In the future into our army of any weak, treacherous, self-seeking- elements. Fortune has unveiled this danger and given space for this;reconstruction before the'general election, and the disclosure has brought about a realization of the insufficiency of Mr. Gladstone's proposed solution of the situation to secure legitimate liberty, happiness and prosperity of your brothers and sisters in Ireland. This disclosure was timely and all-important. "The delegates who at my request are now crossing the ocean to ypttr shores are well qual- illcd with experience, ability and patriotism to fully explain and defend my position, which all that is sound, courageous and reliable at 1 home have assumed with me at this crisis. I commend them to your hospitality .and—,1 am confident that you will extend to them the most favorable . reception and hearing. They are each and all well-tried soldiers who have constantly distinguished themselves in our war against coercion and British misrule, and who. despite intimidation and influences of the most unscrupulous and far-reaching character, have bravely defended me during these dark and Crying moments. "With a confidence even greater than In !8SO I appeal to you once more to assist me in quelling this mutiny and disloyalty to Ireland, to help me in securing a really independent parliamentary party so that we may make one more, even though it be our very last, effort to win freedom and prosperity for our nation by constitutional means. "Your faithful servant, "CIIATU,ES STEWART PARNEI.L." ICE-BOUNDo ENGLAND. A DRUNKEN WRETCH. It is none too early to consider what you are going to get in Spring wearing apparel. Come see the things I offer for your consideration in this way. Suitings, Trouserings Overcoatings. Ho Hnrilers H Woman in Col<l ItlmxJ at Olive, O. CALDWEI.L. 0., March 18.—Mrs. Joseph Graham was murdered at Olive Thursday night by Elmer Johnson. Mr. Graham has a general store in the village and left it in charge of his wife and son, aged 17, while he went to Zanesville. About 7:30 p. m. Johnson went into the store drunk and took a lead- pencil from the hoy. Nothing was said until the boy needed the pencil and asked Johnson for it. Tho fellow began cursing young Graham, when his mothej- told Johnson to g-o out. lie refused to do so and she took him by the arm to lead him out when he whipped out his knife and cut her throat. Johnson also cut a man named McThorla in four places, hut not seriously, while the latter was trying to take the knife from him. The murderer is lodged in jail. STARVING MEN ROB A STORE. Destitution Among the Unemployed 3lin- crs at the KcmlvUle (O.) Mines. ZANKSVIU.E, 0.. March 13.—Work at the coal mines of Rendville, Hocking county, 20 miles southwest of this city, has been suspended for several ••weeks.. The miners are in a destitute condition and the families of many of them are suffering for the necessaries of life. Thursday morning shortly after daylight fifty of them proceeded in a body to McCoy & Williams' store, broke it open and ca.rried off thirty ban-els of flour and several hundred pounds of meat. They made no, attempt to conceal their identity, but say they hud to steal or starve. Active measures are being taken to inquire into the wants of the people and relieve the suffering. They Stood By Their Gimn. SPRINGFIELD, 111., March IS. —Mr. Streeter, late candidate for United States senator, and Representative Taubeneck have issued a long address to the Farmer's' Mutual Benefit association and other -independent and industrial organizations, in which they say they present a line of facts touching the senatorial. contest which show that there was no surrender on their part during the senatorial contest, but that they steadfastly followed a line of policy agreed on at its commencement' t.•e KapoKon Siiikinj; 1'ast. SOME, iRarch, 13. — Prince Napoleon passed a bad night. He is delirious, and his death is believed to he imminent. King Humbert visited the prince at 6 o'clock a. m. and stayed two hours by the dying man's bedside. n'ia Atlflpts the Eight-Hour Day. HABKISBUK&, Pa., March IB.— The bill making-eight hours a day's labor in Pennsylvania institutions under control of the state passed finally in the senate Thursday. Miirh Suffering JExist.f in Small Yilliisros— HOI-HCS, C'atti« and Sheep Perished In I^artce Numbers. LONDON'. March IB.—While throughout the London district a thaw has set in. there arc no signs of moderating the severity of the weather in the southwest of England. A heavy snowstorm prevailed Thursday night in Devonshire and Cornwall. considerably adding to the sufferings of the farmers of those counties, and still further impeding the resumption of traffic on the railroads of the southwest. As for the country roads they ;nv utterly impassable, huge snowdrifts completely pi-eventing any communication between the different towns and villages. This state of affairs naturally is very severe upon numerous villages which depend almost entirely upon the towns in their neighborhood for supplies of food aud fuel. In fact, in the case of a number of small villages- the isolation is already causing considerable anxiety, as actual starvation stares them in the face, shou]d the weather not moderate shortly sufficiently to allow them to be revictualed. in addition to the enormous losses suffered by the farmers in sheep and cattle, which have either been frozen to. death in the fields or which have been smothered beneath the mountainous snowdrifts to be found on all sides, large numbers of horses have perished in a like manner. SILVER THE GREAT ISSUE. Senator Carlisle Indicate'?* tlic Fighting: Lines of the Coming I'resldeii- iinJ Kl<M.-t(on —A Now PHi-ty Likely to Be Formed. WASJII.VGTON. March I'.j. —Senator John O. Carlisle is of the opinion that the silver issue will be the principal issue of the next presidential campaign. In an interview he said: "It would not be surprising if a certain ele- ,merit in the democratic and republican parties 'In portions of the north, west and south should •stand together In support of the same candidate on that issue. I tal;e it that the states of Virginia. Alabama, Ohio, In tliana, Illinois, California and the bulk of the states of the west which have the electoral votes are opposed to free silver. If we nominate a free-silver candidate and If the alliance men nominate a candidate along with the republicans, the probabilities are there will be no election by the people. The house would have to elect in that case, and the demo crats would win. "The next political campaign will undoubtedly ;be full of surprises on account ot tire activity of the Farmers' Alliance. This booty will show more strength in the next congress tbaris anticipated by 'tile returns, for, whilo tbe'*i:annors claim eight- members, it is-well enough to concede them the votes of at least twenty whose election was due In ,-part, if not wholly, to promises made to the alliance. As a political power I believe the alliance will make itself felt in the next campaign." DISTRESS IN IRELAND. Belief Secured by BKlfour—Credit Or;intcd Ity the House of Commons to Continue Kelii.-f Work. LOXDOX, March 13.—In the house of commons Thursday Chief Secretary Balfour asked a credit of £280,000 for the relief of distress in Ireland. Every possible means had been taken, he said, to expedite relief works which otherwise would not have been begun before April or May. Eight thousand men had been employed and there were about 40,000 to be relieved. There was no starvation on the main land, but great risk of it in the western islands. Wherever a reliable list of deserving' and destitute families could be 'obtained employment was given on the relief works at the rate of seven shillings per week in money. Where such a list could not be obtained- thcpay was given in supplies. John Morley and Thomas Russell spoke in support of the credit, which was adopted. .. TO MEET AT WASHINGTON. Greatest Conferenee, of Methodists Kver Held in tin- United .States. WASHINGTON, March 13. — Early in next October there will assemble in this city a large concourse of prominent Methodists from all parts of the world, making what will proliably be one of the 1 largest and most important meetings of that religious sect ever held in this country. The whole number of Methodist communicants in the world at the present time is somewhere between G.000.000 and 7.000,000, and 500 of them will be in Washington next fall as representatives to the second ecumenical council. Cored to Death by an Angry Bull. • BOSTON, March 13.—John E. Carr, an ex-member of the N'ew Hampshire leg-, islatnre but latterly a resident of Haverhill, in this state, was killed by an angry bull in his pasture Thursday. His body was horribly mutilated, the bull first goring him and then stamping on his prostrate form. Mr. Can- was armed with a pitchfork, but the at-' tack was too sudden and violent for him.- His-body could not be removed until the bull had been killed. They Must Have Wult.halL JACKSON, Miss., March is.—The emphatic "refusal of United States Senator \Yalthall to stand for re-election causes great regret here, and the universal expression is that he must not be allowed to retire. The senator's return was assured, and the people will demand that he reconsider his determination to withdraw. African Slaves treeing Themselves. ZANZIBAR, March IS.—The negroes of the Comoro islands have revolted and the sultan of the ' islands has fled for safety. The slaves have.declared their freedom. 7 5 Combination Suits At Special Sale To-Day^j We will offer for To-Day s trade only 7 5 S U 1 T S The very latest Ideas in design and Colorings At $7.50 and $10.50 Good Value at $12.50 aad f 16.50. Come early and ,,ij avoid afternoon ru.*li. WILER & WISE, 1 , f. TOBACCO SPECIAL, Joker 20 cts. a pound Quality and Quanity .• 25 cts.,.a^pound , _ <•• Merry War., :; 25 cts. a pound Wheel.. .'.' 30 cts. a pound Clipper '. 30" ctsJ a pound Corner Stone- SO cts. a pound Old Sledge i>8 cts. a pound Hiawatha 35 cts. a pound Star 38 cts. a -pound Gold Rope • 40 cts. a pound SMOKING. Hippie -.... 25 cts. a pound' Our Leader 20 cts. a Bound Mail Pouch 30 cts. a pound Blackwells Durham 45 cts. a pound A good Fine Cut for 23 cents a pound, these prices are only foe a short time. So take advantage of our offer. > FOLEY, THE GROCER, 228 Market Street. .&WHQOPJNG. COUCH. r»C/LTARR rf piaJPbuRTifST, L v^JTiTr^itiiii.j IfllcQCrANgpQTrr r INJQ , IND. 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