Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 18, 1962 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, June 18, 1962
Page 8
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Eight Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune JOSEPHINE LOWMAN Dermatologist Answers Questions From Readers Confer Title of Chancellor on Herman B Wells BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (UPD- Trustees of Indiana University announced today they will confer the .ille of chancellor of the university on Dr. Herman B Wells when he •etires July 1 'after 25 years as president of the school. Board president Willis Hickam said Wells will continue to hold he academic rank of professor of >usiness administration when he eaves to become president of the ndiana University Foundation and turns over the administration of the school to Dr. Elvis J. Stahr, Jr., now secretary of the Army. Trustees also said Stahr will be given the academic rank of pro- essor of law. Stahr is expected to >e elected chairman of the foundation's board of directors, a post now held by Wells. A widely-known New York dermatologist recommends electrolysis if superfluous hair on the upper lip is coarse. In a recent interview with a well-known, New' York City dermatologist, I asked him questions which you, my readers, have asked me. I am printing your questions and his answers today. This question turns up frequently in my mail: Do hormone injections make hair grow on the face? The answer is no, not if the injections are of female hormones. Women may think that these cause hair on the face because the time in life when they usually have injections coincides with the time when hair often naturally appears on the face anyway. One reader wrote to me—"I have had three children and my hair has fallen out after each pregnancy. After my last pregnancy, my hair has been falling out until now it is very thin. Will it grow back?" 'About 99 per cent of hair that has fallen out after pregnancy will be replaced. Another Question Another reader question: Can hair on the upper lip be -removed successfully by electrolysis? It can be if the hair is coarse enough. If it is extremely fine, it is better to bleach it or remove it with a depilatory or cosmetic wax. What causes ridges on the fingernails? Nobody knows. One theory is that an injury may cause them. "Peroxide does not bleach the hair on my upper lip," a reader wrote recently. "What else can I use?" Use three or four drops of household ammonia with three tablespoons of peroxide. Do :not put this too close to the eyes. Also, stuff'cotton, in your nostrils and breathe through, your mouth while this is on your upper lip. Allow mixture to dry and then rinse off. Teen-age Trouble The majority of teen-agers have some trouble with blackheads. Also, many women have large pores and blackheads. I asked this famous dermatologist if there is ANN LANDERS Son Feels Unloved When Dad Praises Other Boys Dear Ann Landers: I am 10] non-smoker. His first wife smoked anything more I can tell you about the prevention and cure of hese skin blemishes than I have 3een telling you. He said, "No, except to tell- them to remember hat blackheads are usually the 'irst culprits. In other words, jlackheads may lead to pimples and enlarged pores," "The main idea is to drain the pores, or blackheads. The face should be washed with soap and water several times daily. There are some soaps which are highly effective in increasing the drainage of the pores." If you would like the name of a soap which I think is especially effective in controlling blackheads, send a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your request for No. 48. Address Josephine Lowman in care of this newspaper. Tomorrow: "Go' Ahead with Harmless Gossip—it's Good for You." (Released- by The Register and Tribune Syndicate, 1962) Ambassador Robert Schenk introduced Queen Victoria of England to the game of poker during President Grant's administration. During their baseball history, ihe Chicago Cubs have been known as the White Stockings, Colts, Cowboys, Rainmakers and Broncos. years old and love my parents very much. I hope they !ove me but I am not sure; Sometimes they act like they do and sometimes they act like they don't. I have some cousins and my father thinks they, are angels. Es- )ecially my cous- 'n Gregory who is one year older ;han I am. Whenever I do some- .hing that isn't perfect my father fays he bets. Gregory would not do that. . I want my folks .o like rne because '. have to live here : or another 11 years at least. !an you print some advice for me like you do for older people so my father will like me better? I sure do thank you.—CHARLES Dear Charles: I'll bet your fa- :her wouldn't trade you for all ihe Gregorys in the world, He just THINKS Gregory is so great Because he sees him when he's on his best behavior. Here is a poem. I hope you will tear it out of the paper and band it to your dad. The person who wrote it calls herself "Zoa.": Fathers are large people, Who frequently declare That "other children" eat their meals And sit straight in a chair "Other children" wash their hands According to my father. They never yell, or lose their hats, Or fight, or be a bother. "Other children," Father says, Speak when they are spoken to, They answer "please" and "thank you" The way I'm supposed to do. I'm sorry for my father, Just as sorry as can be, He knows such lovely children, And then got stuck with me. i t « Dear Ann Landers: Tom is a Name the Disney Dog and Color Each One-. heavily an,d it was a source of irritation to him. The argument which finally led him to divorce her was over cigarette butts. Before we married I promised Tom I'd stop smoking, but I can't seem to get around to it. He didn't say much for a while but lately he has Become irritable and sarcastic. This is my first marriage and I didn't know husbands could be so bossy. We've been married less thania year.and are forever quarreling. How can I make Tom see that he is unreasonable to expect me to break a habit I've had for 15 years? Please say something in your column about this. I need help.—LOVER, OF FREEDOM Dear Lover: Too bad your husband didn't insist that you quit smoking BEFORE he married you. It may have been the incentive you needed to help give up those coffin nails. You're going to have a rough time now that you already have the guy. Experts in the field of human relations say men who remarry after divorce/have a tendency to repeat the same mistakes. Perhaps this information will help you get off Tobacco Road, » * * Confidential to CIVILIZED MAN: Prejudiced people are im mobilized by their own irrational fears and hatreds. Such people are severely handicapped and rarely content. )r. Alan Belcher Will Intern at outh Bend Hospital Dr. Alan D. Belcher of Logans- ort, awarded his M. D. degree by ndiana University on June 4, will erve his year of internship on le medical staff of the Memorial 'ospital at South Bend, Ind., it 'as announced today by Dean ohn D. Van Nuys of the I. U. chool of Medicine, in a report the 136-member 1962 gradual- g class. Seventy-five of the new physi- ans will serve their year of in- rnship on the medical staffs of ne Indiana hospitals, starting uly 1. Other members of the ass will join medical staffs of 41 ospitals in 20 other states on the ame date. To learn the booby-traps ol teenage drinking, write for ANN LANDERS' booklet, "Teenage Drinking," enclosing with your request 20 cents in coin and a long, sell-addressed, stamped envelope. Ann Landers will ho glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care ot this newspaper enclosing a stamped, sell-addressed envelope. 1962, Field Enterprises. Inc. INSTRUCTIONS jjB/(y1?E.p flfiiST: Write the nam» of «aeh WaH '^ . '"' (Cistny dog shown above in the x • .. taroper sp«« at right, according to ' m— (the numbers. _*• 1HEM: Color each dog., & ,, ', •',,„' 10. SPONSORED BY SPORTLAND YOUR TOY STORE RULES: iColor this ad and' bring H to Sportland, where it will be judged. , Last day to enter the contest Sat., June 23. FREE PASSES to see "BIG RED" to the first 40 entries. "V\Q Red" starts playing Wednesday 'at The STATE—Matinees every day. PRIZES—Swimming mask and fins for boy winner and Barbie Dol! and Outfit for girl winner. Only childran under 12 years old can qualify. STATE Now Showing iLAiST TOMES TODA(Y The Three Stooges Meet Heroules and "Underwater City" and WIQS don't forget the big drawing--Vf I SPAHTS TiOMiOBHOW I Loopy Deloop Cartoon "Catch Meow" SfTAlRTS W'BD. "Big Red' THE MOST DAHBEROUS MISSION IN THE HISTORY OFJDN6LE WARMREI SHOWS "Escape" 7:00 .10:00 'Brushfire' 3:05; 6:15 9:30 STARTS WED "Big Red' DRAPES BEAUTIFULLY CLEANED AND PRESSED 25% OFF m*6 CLEANERS 705 NORTH THIRD STREET IJCLEAR TEST ANNOUNCED WASHINGTON (UPI). - The nited States set off 'Sunday the Ith announced nuclear blast in s Pacific test series. It was an. itermediate yield device exploded ver Christmas Island after being ropped from an airplane. Monday Evening, Jane 18, 1062. HOUSEHOLD i Add a few drops of vinegar to the rinse water when laundering synthetic curtains and draperies. Tliis reduces the'static electricity in them, < * * Give potted roses a sunny window location and keep soil well watered as long as plant blooms, lip off blossoms when they die, 4X4 Ripen unripe pears, peaches and plums in (he open air at room j temperature. Do not place in Ihe sun. * * * For makeshift insulation:, wrap ice cubes in a dozen layers of newspaper and put the bundle in a plastic bag. Knot or s:eal the latter to keep air from circulating. The American Hotel Association estimates that 9 out of every 10 guests who register in hotels and motels throughout the U.S. arrive by automobile. Hotels and resorts spent nearly $21 million for newspaper advertising in 1960 to at; tract travelers to their establishments. «^™ f jMKf**, LADIES . . . You can get a Hair Cut, Shampoo, Permanent Wave and Set for just pennies more than a home job. Think it over. WEDEKIND BEAUTY COLLEGE 523 Market St. Phone 3572 WHAT'S NEW Tease your hair with a new .brush instead of a comb. It saves your hair and gives a softer, more polished surface that's easier to manipulate. That's the beauty message that comes with the introduction of a new iype of hairbrush from Jean Pierre, of France. The brislles are cut at different lengths and mounted on a convex pneumatic rubber cushion specially designed to embrace the contour of the hair. The brush teases the hair without matting, the manufacturer reports. SKYLINE Miracles at 10 White W. at 8:30 FRANK CAPRA'S Pocketful .of Miracles, GLENN FORD BETIE DAVIS 3r HOPELANGE: PIUS-JQO-HKT STEVE RE! THE WHITE WARR10 ...we available at your friendly FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS Want to Modernize, Repair, Fix-up Your Home, or Add a Room? C OME in and talk over your home improvement plans with our courteous 'Loan Counselor, you'll find his friendly advice helpful. Home Improvement Loan Rates are Low at your FIRST FEDERAL and you'll find our loan repayment plan is tailored to your income and needs. Hundreds of your neighbors have used First Federal financing help, perhaps we can help you too. 314 Fourth St. at the Time and Temperature sign ASSETS OVER 1814 MILLION DOLLARS WHERE you save DOES make a difference!

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