The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 2, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 2, 1931
Page 3
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1931 SATURDAY, ___ Blylliovillc Laundry Plant mATHEVlU.R. (AHK.) f'OIJIllEU NEWS PAGE TTTREi I frcin six ID twelve years. ! Included in the service offered by the plant is a moiirrn dry i r\ i- -171 • , r \ f 11 i cleaning de]iarlmeht in which all Is Unc o! I 1 JncsI Lu Vallov iyp« «' ^ws a " (i >™*w. elcaiiin? is done. An invitation Is I alias's extended lo vi*it'.rs l-y in- f •;;.r."l Ihe p!:inl In all (ioi.-lni nw. P. K. l-'cx has scried a :mi:iaiyr of the citib!is!mi?:il lor a nuir.Uer THE BOOK SURVEY SISTER MARY'S KITCHEN !!- I n( i'.tf rest of New llou!is on:l l(!a Is '•I'.in-Suvli'Usiii." by Drm c l!o;Mirr, a Valualili' Analy- ••is it the Kuv.ian liMK-rlninil— Mlrthy's "l.i'ii!ii" is Wortli I!c-J:l- The Riglu o' Way! I1V JlltlX'i: CATTOX Nll.V Service Writer Tite rapid g:owth of a small -rin en.", laundry plant to a J-G5.050 estab- T.cachvil'i?. l^ recognised as one of the lar truck routes have been os'.ab- mosl incrV.rn and complete he- hslrd. niyllicvil'.t to whlrli poin'.s rir.n- i v.iiilyhv.! th? man iuic\v, an:i i .. Ci-", a:.' re.ichlii'j u vcrdic' i n ; :.'. h.ilf-way bei'.vi-en t'.:e=e Iw • ] i 1 •:'.:. iiu •-. A ^'ond trillion of thl-. | i' '-I Mill of :ipprn:sjl Is lonn:l ill | ''Hi.- l(:se cf U. S. Giant," by A. I., ('un^er. published by Till 1 C'en- tir.y Co. and selling lit $3. 1'i-Snel Confer makes his ap- pM'i.d ill a new way. Completely Judsiii'! from lite publlr.hc-r;.' l:s!s. ( i, ...j.,,-,!,,,,, ciian'l own memoir-. m:n anil aehlr-vetni'iils of Suvi- ;.„-. |,., PavS| ,]. cv W( . r( , wr ui:'n el Russia lotto) 1 'arc more inWil- .- .„, .,[,,,,. ,,„, L ..,; ( , llt , i dosci-lkc:! the Anglican public 1'ian : ',, : ,i lu |,| , lot why cirunt (lid whal any oilier scl of phenomena. The | (! . ll:il , nll , vn:ll j, c i!, 0 ,iijh his m> ji'.ibllshcrs are rising to m:ot t.'.s I Uu^ were. 20 years aftfrwnril—Ir i occasion in ijraiv.l style, nn-J in man ,,,„ , (0 t]x original sourres. Grant 1 : • v.-ho lives v. ithm hnillnx! | dispatches from Ihe lot a l.-ook shop need remain iinin- j i;, : ,j ' 1;) Mmij . (l| ,, joveloimienl ol 1 Ir,rm?il any longer on any asix-cl ; , m . m ^jiom' lie considers a first - cf the u:-eal communistic expi 1 ' ni: nt. Ab~ut the b?s; of the nciv bo? 0:1 Ru'sla is "PAn-Sovtot!f!!i." by Jivuc? i;.-.pper i published by HY S1STKH .M.SItV ! • NKA Sm'lcc \Vfitrr < Most cf us associate in'ii 1 . w!!°, llamb. bill It can bj u--ol in :r» .-:v loth:r combinations with c-|inl y>"- |cew. U Ion? ha* been res.irdej in ! England M iiMplul In iT.vr':-'in> liululcn.'c and the Enutis.i picpN use it ivilli new psas ami n.'.v p~- l-.itofs for this purp:'s?. Mini can he used in several combinations to give variety to oH ".andbys. One of t'r.e !ea<l u=s:l i: Hint of mius and ni".v cabbage. O:s.' cihpaviionalcly. Mr. Hoppfr toll: 11,,., jnj, j,, B ,.|| 0n nnd Ublcs'ioon m'n:?d mini leaves ac!:l- j just w: r.t th.e Soviets plan to ^''jev.'iy p:iint with comous to one c:i')-of shredded c.ib'.n^ 1 ;. and ho,v far Ihoy have succeeded | f, OM | thc ollicljl records. > i .,,._ !,.. ,,.. . i. „ , ^ i . . ' .ii'- Mr;uc};l;4 and laetklan. T.-.w Is not a biography. Oran'.V iii- iiotore Hie Civil War H dlsoosej in :i few p.ii'Ligrikphs. l ' ls ; Cn:iKrr Infills with Grant's appear nn:i- ::s a colonel of Illinois vohin- Hnrjiiton, Miflltii Co. at is aii cxc;llenl .synopsis of ! |.vi» and follows him lo Anpomnt- the whcln f.nry. Very .dearly ana j i ox . s i, mv i !1H how the man <ii":i)aviiona!cly. Mr. Hopp?r toll.- strcel near Ihe city hull 12 jvnrs jiolicy of the company I:: Rive fin- r;i;o the laundry p'anl reprcfented ploymcnt lo these with the re- only about ail S3X-03 investment,, .sp-^iu.ibility of ke?irins up k-.mlhv.s. neeoriling to A. n. I-'airflcW. prcfi- : nurin!! the pa:.t winter the dc-nl. Tad: 1 .} 1 il occupies a modern |v;ilh li'csh api>el:zing. little distiirbhiK: , ... .,,, of " lint v;ilh • f suifeo biiildin?, Soulli Second a terrilory cx- from Stcelc. Mo., lo \Vil- by ICO feet en slrce!. H:KI selves Ihelr in Boy Hero At White pcisonnel of the laundry was kept lesion. All fruit cups arc BIVEII a- employed, although n io:iu-v.h -i i alluring and seasonal t: shortcv workinj schedule wns t -f.|mint is included amons fccted. Most ot th; emplovcs ol ! gredicnts. Orapifruit Is given fir the ccmpanv have been on the job additional zest when mint is sprin- ' klerl over It. Bananas iifcd in any :way are vastly improvctl ivhen nlv- ' en a' generous sjirinklin^ of mine ed mint. Sprigs of mint ssvwl iv iced lea nnti 'chilled fruit <h-ink adfi a d?ei{lrdly rcfreshin:; flavor to the b?v;rai;e-. Keep in mini 1*1 desirability of serving nihil wit) ltfir]f-y-de\v melon. Soul ''.imes merely hrnUin^ min !eiv;i in Ilia tawl in which a friti- cup cr salad is mi\e;l pives sufii- cio:i; mint flavor. Aua:ji tie iunc-'.' mint leaves arc wanted for a definite mint flavor. Jvfiiil comes eorly In the sprin- and lasts all summer." making it ; IJCrKihle to us? th:s most rt-fresli- j inj herb dr.:inK 'the 1 iiGn:hs when conl:n:c di^h".- arf i wai'.te:!. Ti-uits mo]do:l in P jniii:! jelly in place of the iinn | lemon jelly are iiivitin?. Mint sh?r i b* 1 ! !n rin ideal ssrnmn 1 : i!e c ^^rt. j Mint ice often takei the'place o' ! ^aure or jelly witii ro?,st lam 1 ; at : i formal dinner. j Mini syrup can b3 nnde an' !b-:r,le.1 fur u.-e wr.en mtnl IK uol i T j season. This syrup can b". used f make .itliy cr k-c ana inakus a de- Helens drink comh'nccl with Icmor u re an:l t'ln'rer ale. . prisln;; ami Mr. Ifopiur paints nnh»ltat!iigly to the connict b3:wc»n Ihe alms of Hussia and oi America. During Ihc present KCiieration. he says, the \vciki will pvDbabiy have to choose betv.-een thes? two systems of so- eiol and economic organization. THE TIIIUI.UNG VAI.n OF A . . ] - cs. la le.i'ler wltliout whuse services (lie ui-,;un could not have heen pre' srrvc( |. The book Is written In f 'gooj slylCi mi ,i has-whal loo miuy ; ! ):o s s O r , llis bl , ul i;ick-])lenty o! . nii[>.s. • Neither propaganda nor armies will decide; in th.e fnial analy.iis, lint system will win cut which \voikr the te;.t. Meanwhile, each sysfmi 2c!s a murli more comprehensive study tnan it has yel rc:civ;d. Mo. lfo:.>jier provides a starlln;,' iKiint, (-.r thai 'study. Ills hook is well worth your while. SOI.DICK 1)1' KOltTUNlC. Military fame of a different sort is Fludleri In "The fncreilible Var- qri." by Herman U. Deutsch (Ix)ii3- inaas. C;re;n fc Co.; S3.&II]. Tills it a lj!osrnp!iy of the famous General I.i- r .' Christmas, hisL aiul.p^rhai\s the greatest of the American rol i!f fortune who poked aronn: Next we come f) "Lenin." by Dr. | i n n,e muddy waters of Central S. Mirsky. an Atlantic Monthly ] American revolution. Tress publicition i^i:r:l by Utll:. Brown >t Co. at $2.50 This is a readable and—I think— a fairly unbiased nccomit of Hie life of the mail who engineered the Russian revolution'. It [ells his s'ory in a clear manner, mid should , provide sr-me in'.errttins momuil« for anyone who wvuits to eel t^o background of the tremrnclous ex- perlmcnl now eoin3 on at the other end of Europ?. Now and then, f think, t'.ip book suffers from an inability to make L^nin com? allvr. We arc tohl v.-hat the man dirt and ho-.v h? di^ Clnisltnas was Amerteun railroa<l oilyiually ai enjln;er. D!s c!:aii;ed because he got drunk ant' cause,! a wreck, he wandered tc Honduras and ran a locomotive there. A revolution swept him into war against his will; compelled to ficht, .he fought so ably that lor mere than a. decade he was i>er- haps the most influential figure in Ccnirnl America, making and unmaking presidents and causing Uncle Sam no cud of worry. Mr. Deutsch tells the tile well exploding do?.ens of Ihe old mythr but revealing cold facts that exeitinq than lowiu! 'lockings vs. Bare Legs V/ill Battle on Courts I.ON110N, (UP)—Thc battle be- Av,-,- 1 !! bare legs and slockin^s on -he inwn tennis court. Is on atjnin This time the stockings hnvp a ihaiuplon in Mrs. Fearnley \\Qilt- timjslall. stylish nrlllsh net stnr. For th.e past four years the bat- t'e has ly.-en waged wilh thc odds, ixcepi at the classic Wimbledon 'oiunmiicnl. overwhelmingly in favcr of hare lees. The reason for animal tcmpnt-nrv victory of Incs What is cnusiiiR even Rrenl- thing out In Cnllfornia. nivl an"-'.!' cr consternation In the bare leu way he'll never agree to fight Cor- caiii|: Is lhat Mrs. Whllllngulall belt- He wns beaten three tlines--•-.• a:id her stockings supmlngly l>eat, by Corbett, and ail but . knocke-l in 11-.? Una! of the lomnumcnl, out when he wns champion und' Uelly Mutliall, the American Corbett was fighting over the champion, who was playing, us us- wciijla limit. Who would to 3:2 ••• ual. wltli unroveieil legs. There Is him light again?" • - -. a clcss watch for further desertion from the free limb army. Boxer Quits Title Chasing for Money CLASSIFIED ^^ ^TT^gg"^^-, FRESNO, Cal., (Ut>)—Figlit fans i who watch Young Coihcll III In attitude ot the authorities of the action hercafler wll sec a young WlmWedcn club -who cclfisldcrril man who has null tittccliosinB for I uniady-likc for women players money-mnkin^. And thai ttspilc his record of heating Iwo champions of Ills class. I He and his managers have liretl of chasing v.-ellerwcisht champions itocklnys was lo be found in thc 'o he seen on the courts with low- ?r limbs iiiulr.tjK<l. With this exception tournaments throughout Britain and llie'Conti- nent have given proof beyond •ioubt that stockings were rcgnrd- a> nil encumbrance to the wo- aroaud thc rountry anil now intend to reap the financial harvest, that is within the reach, of n fight-; Tlic sturdy inaii-insss cf Bryan Unticc'. was reversed in every ie:i; line of his IJ-ycar-oM figure wh n lie rtvoJj up -he White Hcu.-:t steps lo receive the hospitality of Ihe nation's president. Bryan is the bay who ta«d Ih; lives ot several ctiilcire.i trapped with him in a Eiiow-bound bus in Colorado. He won; a blue nuit iind carrirri r camera in his hand, as teen here, when Ms- appeared al the Es^iiilsvc Maiision to speml n day alul nighi as yues'. cf President ai'.;l Mi's. Hoover. This Is why Ii'n Called Booze al r nt Syrup Two cups minced mint leaves. Ui)", . c u:ar. 1 3-4 c:i:is vinegar. 1 S-' tins water. '« t«asp;on sal!. Mince leaves, cover with su^ar ant! pound xvith a wooden pota'.' rasher. Add silt, vinegar and ',v<\ 'cr an1 brinj lo the bailing mint Vet simmer about fifteen mimic?" until th? mixture is syrupy. Pou: nto sterilised jars and foal. Mint jelly is preferred by man" "sons to mint sauce n ssrve with '-in'). An attractive way ta «->rve ii ;•> nmld it . in tinv in.lividua 1 iMs and lurn out each HID!:! ov siice of orange. -Ilint .Icily Th.ree-fourtlis cup minr:d r^n 1 Tvt\-, !| c,np su"jar. '', teispooi' ::*. ] i teasnoon pajirika. Vj cur hot viiiccar, 3-4 cup water, 1 table poon granuhted gelntin?. Soak gelatine in water fnr ter minutes. Heat mirtf leaves vith v:n- -lar. s::7ar. salt an:l ivnrika an' c iuuuLT cbfelv cavern! leri minut n ~ e l r niri !''ro':^h eh^r^rrlnrh and ad- 1 selatin at o;ice. Stir until d:«salve-' and turn into mold t^ chill an" hecomi firm. If a Irieht s^c^n i r wan'^d. a dron rr {•• 1 t of rjrecr cobrhic mn.~t be a:!1p:l. BPEAKFAST — Rikcl rhubirh -""real, cream. sc r nmt:!~d e^^s. crisr toi?t. milk, coffee. : .f'li= on 'cast r-ldi.sli ^ an:l n:r-k>"' nfNNKR—r.^n-d shn'ilrlnr of la-nb. mint irllv. b-o-'-:i'-'l i^tnl--^; :tc.!inrrl nr'.v rr.rro;?. fruit -v-i-* nn, - V.ers ai::i rhe-'se. milk, coffee. it. b'.il occasionally he appears, no'. I even more , as u man. but as an Iristarical idolJThe ab'.e part of the took, f —a Clyurc wrapped in' greitne«:1 Diink. is its conclusion, deallii" with removed from the ways of ordinarv [ ocr.eral Christmas' cl.1 nz?. ne-h and blood. I There is some-thin-; extremely na- llowever. thc Wajraphy is warth ihctic about the o!<i soldiers lasl owning. Certainly, it is immjas- ! yenrs. when poverty and obscurity urably superior, to "Lenin—God of I had overtaken him. He was a goo-J the Ooilnell," by Ferdinand Ossen-, soldier of fnriune. but he did no' dowski nmblished by E. P. Duttou I die soon enotiqh. His story ouiiht ID & Co. ai S3.75). Here we have 'Ti:- 'end on a hujh note—before a firlns lionized biography" at its worst squad, perhaps, or in n jungle bai- The author gives 115 imaginary co:i- t! c . Instead it fi/rfes out. No ro- vc-rsatiens. ima'4nnry soliloquies imaginary incid;nts until the rra! f/Miin vanished etilirely and r man player. But no\v 0111 pi the,or who has bcalen two champions, fpvcmosl leaders of the bare les Inrlndlnj the present one. shion, dainly Mrs. Fcarnley nalph Manlrcdo, who lian'dlcs 'hlttlnsMall, -.formerly Eileen. Corbel t's nffalis, afler Jack eiinctt, has gone over tc the en- Thcmpyon regained his title by my. make-believe figure emerges, built lip to thrill and shack but possessing no similarity to its original. HOW I;. S. GRANT LEARNED THE AIIT OF WA'n. Immediately afler Ihc Civil War. mantic hero ever ought to live too Ion" OLD OPERAS DISAPPEARING PHILADELPHIA. (UP)— Modern opera may replace thc old tradi tional spectacles but the change will be gradual, according to William C. Hammer, manager of th? Philadelphia Granrl Opsra company. which presented the American premiere of Woizcck and Ocd- the northern part of this tock il- as an axiom that t). S Grant was one of the two.or thr-.>? I ipus Rex, two modernistic operas great military leaders of all his-! lory. Then, as thc passage of tim? EYOTA, Minn.. lUP) — A gavo a better perspective. pop;.h fancy swun^ ID the extreme a:xl cov weighing 1,175 |M)imris said to be one ot the largest ever markctcc he was set down as an uninspired i In the state was shipped from here plodder, aided by luck and owing by W. A. Bicrbaum. The cow, his greatness to able subordinates | shorthorn, "just grew nnd grew, 1 " ami a protective fate. , Rccoiilly military exp:rts Bieruaum said, "and I just let i hav: t'row." Foi'nier Orclci'iy Welcomes Pcrsliing 1/ms N v '' vs n " Cl ''"idro:!. yci:r ei-eat-gra'ixlJatlirr nr.ed to be forever slayin.; up with sick friends, t'.irre was a man by the name of K. G. llco/e Mho lived in Woo:lbury. N. J. He made battles like the one you sen m this picture and lie lillod iluin wilh a slr.injp. amlrr- colcrcd lin ; " li which was kr.o-.viV to ihe p.op!e cf lltci;- da-s as •'whi-,- l:ey." And IH^P'.C who had ci^ds. ;.n;l even iKop'.e - w'no cii.'ln'l, hcnehl Ihrre l»ttlof. and fccn they came 13 ask for the whiskey hy the name i:f the make r -Hcov.c-, Now Oic haLtlcs arc very rare, and this nr.e attrnctc(| lots of attention v.h.en i'i was exhibited al the annual Ceramics Exposition nt Ruluers University. li'ning. Fametl Hero, Monrncil by Pals r"n'". v-r.ii-i war h"ro. has died r'd :•' v He v. as 17. \Var o r fice r:-rnr;!? shn-.v that us rlaTi'iT virr:ci' ernwi^d more !in:i m'n his earlv vouth lhan rt( crr l ]i--ral i : do in a life time. [fc won all (he F"rvicc initials t'lihle l?ut cnuMn'l wnar them. "Uehtuh'.-;" \vn>. a r.'d rheqncr jcock iviwm. He flew thniisancts of i n|i.-s dm-fti? the rnrlv rtivs of the icamoaicn the German Uj i-c-ts in the North Sea, carrying ! Infrn'matinn to naval authorities : ••> Hirwich ; Onlv or 1 sirvivor now veinaiiv of the war-time carrier pie.^ou i ^rvins. "Old Dill." He losl j nther companion. Hii|iert. a few j'lays ago. A prowling ale him. vROVlilFNCr:" f!~ f7~ (UP)--If vc ,,-r,, mo ;or'inT'ihrouch' Rhode Is- In tl-,-> recent Ilampslcad tourn- mcnt Mis. Whitllngslall coveird closing Tommy rrccman's left eye, commented: "It's just (mother bad breal: for shapely less wilh white stock- us. Thompson cnn't draw any- USE*PBONE saving is 00 Willyt Willys Willyi- VViilyi Willyi iny f-rirfif.t.t. TahJi, O.t Six . . $495 lo fSSO Eiglil . <99Slo51C9S -Ktiiglil . $1095 to $1195 —and the new Willys-Knight is larger, smarter, faster You get nil these advantages only in the new low-priced Willys-Knight: Patented double sleeve-valve engine, notable 'for smoothness, power, economy, long life, 80-milc-an-hour speed . . . Extra size —greater overall length, 5S'/)" tread . . . Finer riding qualities—double- drop frame, longer springs, four hydraulic shock absorbers . . . Greater safety—new duo- servo internal expanding four-wheel brakes — and, at slight extra cost, safety glass all around. IGIIT NO VALVKS TO GRIND f; was a mret.inj ol old hucMiis though their war-time r.uiks were land this suir.mrr don't toss any' '=r apart-v.h n Gcnrral Jo!m J. Pcrshiiij (right) was wrifomed on •-•i'Mvclc. nr ri r ar hulls from your | his arrival In Paris the other j'.ay by Harry Cohen, his foimi-r orderly. II may cost , S5a.! lh(ly nrc SCC1 , tojethcr al- a railroad station. Ocncral Klancc lo recently. i:n is in , duties as head of the American li.ittb Monii; ments Commlssirju. MORGAN MOTOR CO. Ark.

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