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The Derby Mercury from Derby, Derbyshire, England • 2

The Derby Mercuryi
Derby, Derbyshire, England
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The Havannah taken by Admiral Pocock and Lord Albemarle, 1,800,006 Dollars, or sterling found in the Kingi rea-sury. Euch common Searnan zZ. 8s. Eneonragmtn Ar Seamen to tnter into bis Majesty's ServicJ, wberebf it is rnay unneajfafy. tbt G-A 11 ANT SEAMEN.

BoHtfiBrofber Tars, IT has been" instanced to the whole World in what we have distinguislied our-selves in tbe Service 65 our King and Country vor need I fay, that, after having teught the Spaniards good Manners, and the Lenity of our Sovereign has restored the Places conquer-ef, uhgrateful People fhould now pre-sume to lay the Foundation of a frefli War, as if they were a Match for Britain We know they are not, but why they fhould idesire to be agairi well drubbed concerns us not to en-quire. His Majesty (God bless him offers us a Bounty: We need not that to beat his Ehe-mies; but we haveReason to wifh, that when we thrastj them again at the Manillas, the Havannah, or at Sea, we may not be bam-boozled any more out of our Prize Money, nor ever trust to the "Enemy for Payment without Hostages, because they never keep their Words, nor ever will. It is much the same witk ourown Admirals, Generals and Agents; they build sine and laugh at us poor Tars. Let us teil oar King this; he will prescribe fome Rule of Justice for the future, and we will prescribe a very plain Rule to serve him honourably, and make him greater than the Empress of RulBa, though (he mal! drive the Turks outofEurope. In de-pendance, therefore, on Royal Justice, I (hall only rernind you of what we have done, or when the like rnay be repeated, we rnay have the Pleafure of saying, we have done our Duty, and rnade our Country rieh and happy to which PurpoYe the List is exhi-bited by Yours, Fore-Castle.

A of tbe Capital Prizes and Places taken. 1739. Porto Bello, by Vernon, each private Searnan fhared four Guineas. Two Carracca Ships, of 800 and 250 Tons, by Haddock's Fleet, cornputed together to be worth sterling. 174t.

A Spanifh Ship, of 300 Tons, by Capt. Thompson, os the Success, carried to Madeira; the Captain's 8h are cornputed at the two Lieutenants and each common 500I. sterling. 1743. 'Nie St Joseph el Defideroi a Spanifh Register Ship, of 500 Tons, by the Fo- wey, fent to.

Jamaica, cornputed worth a 1 hundred and Sterling. A large Spanifh Ship, by Capt. Geary, Squirrers Prize, each private Seaman's Share cornputed at 90I. Sterling. 1 744..

The Concordia, a large spanilh Register Capt. Lury, of the Solebay, carriedjto Gibraltar, with Silver, and a great Quantity of Cochineal, cornputed worth three Hundred and A largs Spanilh Register Ship, by the Wool-tvich, carried to Barbadoes, cornputed worth 290,000 1. Sterling. The greay Aqapulcho Ship arrived at by Commodore An'on, of the Centu-risz cornputed worth, at least, 1,200,000 1. and each common Searnan fhared about Sool.

8 The Treasure was carried thrpugh therCity 32 Waggons, and Jodged in the Tower. -1745. The Maria Fortuna, a Spanisti Re-H gister Ship, of 350 Tons, by Capt. Ambrose, of the Rupert. She was bound from Cadiz to Buenos Ayres, and cornputed worth, at least, I 00.000!.

The Conception, from Carthagena, in New Spain, to Cadiz, by Capt. Frankland, of the Rose Man ofWar, carried into Souch Caro-li'nai worth sterling. Two Sea Ships, from Calao, of 500 2fid 45 by. Capt. Talbot, of the Prince Frerick iDuke.

Privateers, with Gold, Dollars, Plate and 800 Tons of Cocoa, cornputed worth, at least, sterling. Each.Searrran at least, A Souih Lea, Ship, and two East Indiamen, bf atLouilbourg, cornputed kONhsooffo). sterling. private Sea-mfcfkfhjaredflear 50I, 174. Ts 0700 Tons, with anothe.r'Si.p'OÜtward-bound, cornputed worth 1 ijaibool.

sterli ng. A large Ship, of 650 Tons, from La Vera Cruz and the, Havannah to Cadiz, by.the Saundersi, and Lark, Capt. heajv cariied intck, Plymouth, cornputed werth N. S. del Buenel Configo, a Spaniih Regi ster Snips by the Prince Frederiek and Duke Privaweyrcarried to Lifbon, cornputed worth.

ifterli 1761. Msanilla by Admiral. Gornislr-andsGnerak Draper. Each private Searnan fhared 4I. 10s.

and will be intitled- to their Share lin sterling, eer tbe is paivti hmSan tssim a Tri nidada Spanish by thFhjofefeff Manillas. worth ag Each- privat Searnan fhared 9I1 ys 1762 The-Hermcihe a Ship fronrLwita byi Captains Sawyer and Po.WAa com-puted worth near Each, private Kamst, cttared 580L are alay in Opposition to the Doctor, decr this Meafure as much as they can, but it 1M generally thoiiHt their Opposition will have little Weighti as the Friends of Liberty are very and refpectable, and feen ta be thoroughly in Earcest. Nj (Saturday) Nov. 3. A Ship arrived Yesterday from Philadelphiat bring Advice, that the principal Merchants of that City have agreed to irnport Goods fron England on tbe fame Terrns with New York but not to commence till the i6th of January next.

On Wednefday his Grace the Duke of Bol. ton kissed his Majesty's Hand on being ap. pointed Rear Admiral of the Blue. The fam Day Sir Thomas Frankland, Bart, kissed Hands on being appointed Vice Adrnil ral of the Blue. On Wednefday Capt.

Alexander Schomber kissed his Majesty's Hand on being appointed to the Command of the Man of War now lying at Woolwich. Orders are given for all the Crews of the Men of War that arrive fromforeign Station, to be turned over on board the Guard Ships' in order to complete the different Squadroni going abroad, Among other Regulations which the prefent Emperor of Germany has introduced for the good of his People, one is, that ho has fet apart one Day in every Week for the reeeir. ing Petitions, and hearing Grievances at which Time he has strictly commanded that no Subject, however mean, fhall be refufed Admittance to his Prefence. By authentic Leiters from Brest, reeeived Yesterday, we can assure the Public, that every Subject of Great Britain was ordered out of that Sea Port. Mr.

Wilkes obferved upon his Return oa Wednefday to the King's-Arms in New Palace Yard, from Westminster-Hall, that he always fhould most chearfully it his Opinion to the Major! ty of his Friends, but he feared the prefent Remonstrance would have no more essest than the former, and be only another Paper Kite for hi Royal Highnes, "the Prince of Wales." It is faid that a Common Hall will be held in Guildha'l before the Meeting of Parlia-rnent, for the purpofe of taking into Consi-I deration fome further Meafure thought necef-fary to be pursued, towards procuring a Redrefs of Grievances. We have it averred to us, thac a certain Nobleman (against whom the Proceedings of Wednefday at Westminster, were particalatly pointed) happening, just after the breaking up of the Assembly, to meet in Savile-row, a patriot Commoner of great Fortune, ord- ship cried out, Well, Sir, what have been jj the Motion of the Ragamuffins in Westmic- stcr-Hall Why, my Lord, the Raga-I muffins have unanimoufly carried a Motion to have no till they are fure of Decollation." We hear that a noble Duke has generously declared, that he will difcharge all the Depts of the late Marquis his Son. The Gentleman in Great Queen-Street, that was on Saturday last taken from own Shop by a Prefs Gang (who, it feems, came after one of his journeymen, but who having efeaped over a Wall in the Yard they took the Master) has reeeived a Letter from the Lords of the Admiralty. offer ing him Protections for Journeyman and his whole Family during the War, if he would not prosecut one of the Gang now in Custody for the above illegal Ast. The Gentleman has anfwered, that hs fhould not accept the ofiered Protections, but would himfelf take care pf his Family and that their Lord ships might depend on his Per-feverance in feeking Redrefs from the Laws of his Country, in order to prevent in future such daring Infringemsnts on the Liberty of the Subject.

Nine Thoufand Men have been raifed in the Port of London, for the Service of the Royal Navy, since the 3d of last Month. Leiters reeeived Yesterday from Con stantinople advife, that the French Confu! at Smyrna having ossered his Service to repair the For-tisications of that Harbour, fent the Count Moralli, and one David, a Frenchman, to direct the Men employed in that Work, bat that they were attacked and drove away with a Shower of Stones, by the Turks, wno fwore they would murder them that in Confe-quence of this, the Conful had rettred from Smyrna. A It is faid that a certain great Perfonag ha declared, He would reduce his Land Force as foon as it could be done without pre-" judice to tbe common Cause, and consistent with the Interest of hi Kingdom." The Spaniih, Am baslad or and hi Lady were both at Court on Thursday last, for the; first Time thefe three Month. It is now faid, that the great Armamen fitting out, when compleated, will be called the exhibition Fleet, and that when the new impressed Men are properly exercifed, several naval Manceuvrfs, with a Spithead Fight, are to be performed for the of Uf Duke of Cumherland of Oczakow, which were all cut to pieces or taken Prisoners, except about 400 who by stight efeaped ehe Sword of the Ruffians, and abandoned three Pieces of Cannon, and several Standards." Extraa ofa Letter from Paris, Oa. 13.

Though we have very good Reafon to prefume that the Disterences between Spain and England will be amicably fettled never-- thelefs, it is not doubted that the Court has taken its Precautions, and fent fecret Order to all the Forts of the Kingdom to make cer-tain Preparations. It is thought, that in cafe of need, we could fit out upwards of 50 Ships in a very little Time: Moreover, it is given out as a Matter of Fact, that Spain has 80 Ships of the Line ready for Sea, and upwards of two hundred and fifty Million of ready Money in the Treafury." AMERICAN NEWS, Neiv-EnglandK Sept. 6. Last Friday Capt. Preston, with the Soldiers and others, who were indicted for the Murders committed in King-Street, on the Evening es the zth of March last, were arraigned at the Bar of the fuperior Court, and Court of Affize, now ntting here, and feverally pleaded not guilty but their Trial, we hear, is put off till the 23d Day of October next.

Boston Sept. 13. His Honour the Lieuten-ant-Governor, having reeeived his Majesty' Orders to withdraw from his Majesty's Castle William the Garrifon in the Pay of the Pro-vince and his Majesty having been pleafed further to order that the faid Castle fhould be garrifoned by his Majesty's Troops on Monday the ioth Instant, the Garrifon in the Pay of the Province were by his Honour's Orders withdrawn, and the Custody and Government of the faid Castle, were, by his Ho-nour committed to Lieutenant Colonel Da! ryrnple. and garrifoned by a Detachment of the Forces under Command aecord-ingly. It is faid, that Boston is to be the Place of Rendezvous for the Ships of War on Northern Station.

It is currently reported his Honour has Liberty to meet the General Assembly in any Town of the Province, Boston excepted. Leiters by the Packet, intimate a Design against the Charter of this Province, which, in its prefent Condition, is an old Parchment. Boston Sept. 17. At a Meeting of the Trade on Thursday last by Adjournment, there were prefent not less than 1000 Perlons, among them a very great Number of the prin- cipal and most wealthy Merchants, as weil as the most respektable Tradefmen of the Town, when they unitedly came into a Resolution, That a Letter be written to Philadelphia, pro pofing a Meeting of Committees from the neighbouring Colonies, to confider of the most effectual Means to strengthen and confirm the happy Union that now fubfists and they unanimoufly agreed to abide by the Non-Im-portation Agreement as it now stands, until the faid Committees fhould meet and report, if they judge it necestary, fome Alteration therein.

A Letter was accordingly written, and the standing Committee of Merchants were desired to request the Concurrence of the other trading Towns of this Province, and then tranfmit the Letter to Philadelphia. It was the declared Senfe both of the Merchants and Tradefmen, that in Cafe the Report of the Committee fhould not be judged likely to anfvver thegrand Purpose for which the Agreement was originally entered into, namely the Preservation of our facred and invaluable Rights, the People then fhould take such Measiires as they fhould judge to be adequate. It wat also unanimoufly voted, that in Cafe the Proposal of a joint Committee fhall be ac-ceded to by the other Colonies, the standing Committee of Merchants be desired to call a Meeting, and that the whole Body of Merchants, Tradefemen, and all others connected with Trade, fhould then make Choice by Bailot, of the Gentlemen to be fent from Place. At the above Meeting a Committee reported a Plan for encouraging Arts, Agriculture, Manufactures, and Commerce within this Province; which was unanimoufly agreed to, and ic was voted that the seiest Men of the Town be desired to infert the fame in their next Warrant for calling a Town Meeting, which we hear will be on Wednefday next. I ELAN D.

Extraa of a Letter from Dublin, Oaoker 28. The-People of this Kingdom, tired out at laiigth by the repeated Infolts oftzred to their Liberties, in the Suspension of fome of their most ufefu! Laws, and the dread of losing their Reprefentation, have come to a Resolution of laying their Complaints before rhe Throne hoping, from hi's Majesty's known Goodnefs of Heart. he will redrefs those Grievances that would difgrace the most arbi-trary Government. Ur Um our Irisli Wilke, has as ufoal stepped forward in this Ast of Patriotism, and has written a Letter to the Lord May or for tWVte the Halt, for the Purpofe of con-vening the Fretmen. Th Monday's Post.

arrlmd. tM Mail ftm Heiland. Extraa of a Letter, front Warfaw, 0. 13. ooooo0o HE is a particular Ac" I rp count of the taking of Lender, I brought by a Courier ooMaM On the 261h of September, when eyery Thing was ready for a Storni, General Panin demanded once more, Whether the Fortref wpuld surrender The Commandant anfwered.

That was a Question to be aiked in a year's Time. Upon Which the necestary Orders, were issued irnrnediately, and the Storm began at Midnight. The Ruffians fought with great Intrepidity, and the Garrifon and Burghers rnade a courageous Defence; however the Town and Fortref were fcaled 1 in a very short Time, and then a very tragical Scene ensued for the Ruffian Soldjery were so furious that there was no hope of efeaping, they threw down and cut to- pieces every thing and every Body, aud it was with great Diffi-culty fome Bafhaws efeaped being killed. The Lofs on the Ruffians Side, at the Time of the Storm, is reckoned at 3000 Men, and dring, the whole Siege, 5000 Men kijled os woupded. That of ehe Turks is computedjat, 30,000, tho Inhabitants of the Place included." Extras of a Letter from Venice, 6.

Advices from Cairo mention, that Ali Bey has been proclaimed Sultan of Egypt the Manner how this renowned Gentleman mounted the Throne, is as follows Ali Bey, to aecomplifh this his View, first joined him-seif to the Divan of Egypt, in Order to releafe that powerfu! Kingdom from the Ottoman Voke. Two Years ago he forbid the Bassa whom the Porte fent, and who had the highest Authority in the Divan, to enter the Country This luckily ended in his Favour, he fet the Divan itself astde and being fupported by the Nation, he was proclaimed Chief. In this new Station he has raifed a great Number of Troops, and put them under brave Goram anders, and has rnade himfelf Master of Jemen, and the other Provinces of Arabia, particu larly Mecca also the Ports to the Red Sea, and of Gila, the most Capital Place for the Lastern Trade on that Side." Extraa of a Letter from Warfaw, dated Oa. 3. The Plague having penetrated to aTown named Zeleizeriki, on the Frontiers of Mol-davia, belovging to the Hereditary Domains of his Majesty, fome fuperstitious Wretches perfuaded several of the lower Clafs, that the best Means to preferve themselves from the Contagion, would be to draw out the Teeth from the dead Carcafes, and to their Blood.

This loathfome Method has been put in Practice, and caufed many to perifh, not-withstanding every Method taken by the Magistrates to put a Stop to it. This' Account, incredible as it rnay appear, is attestsd by the most authentic Advices." Copy of an authentic Letter from ad-' to Prince Gallitxin at thu Hague, dated Oa. 5, 1770. Lieutenant Colonel VolkofF, difpatched by General de Tottleben, arrived here a few Days ago, and has brought the agreeable News, that the important Town of Cotatis has been taken by Storm. The Turkifh Garrifon was all put to the Sword, so that our Troops took only 170 Prisoners, and they.

have set at Liberty the Imerettes, and other Christians that were in the Town. They also, took four Standards, 17 Pieces of Cannon, and a great Quantity of Ammunition. M. de Tottleben had blocked up the Town for fome Time, but the Turks continuing to make an obstinate Defence, he battered the Castle in Breach, and carried the Place sword in Hand. He now intends to post himfelf ad- i van tageouily" near Akalzice, in order to cut loff the Enemy's Communication with Con-j stantinople." An authentic Copy of the Letter of his Excellency the Coant de Panin, General in Chief to his Excellency Lieutenant General Weimarns dated Bender, the 27t of September, 1770.

I delay not a Moment to communicate to your Excellency, though briefly, that this Morning, the Town of Bender, with its For-I tres, has. been taken by by the in-j vincible of her Ihaperial Majesty. The whole Garrifon has' been cut to pieces and the Bafhaws with great Difficulty efeaped with the People they had about them. I (hall not fak! to send you the of this Event as foon as poble, in the mean Tirae, I am, Extraa pfa reeeivediby -Prineo GaWtxin Ehvoy. Extraordinary from ber Imperiat Ma the at the Hague, nvhich Letter wr.

dated 1 1 770 An Express arrived Night, difpatched by the Count de Panin, with the News that Prince Proforowfki has found Means to draw into an Arnbuscade 3000 Men of the Garrifon.

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