Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 1, 1935 · Page 13
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 13

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, July 1, 1935
Page 13
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Monday Evening 1 , July 1,1935 LOGANSPOR1 PHAROS-TRTBCNK Page Thirteen^ CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING .. / / CASH PRICE BATES 10 Word* 6 tlm«» $1.00; 3 time* 60s 15 Word*< « ; tfcaw $1.50; 3 times 80c '20 Wards < times $2.00; 3 ttoaee 11.20 (Thwe rate* apply to eon»»cntiT» tim*»). Mlnlrnw ohMg« <5c (1-lniertion 18 word*) Ov« 1$' irord« (1 la»«rtlon) 2%o p»r word. PHONE 142 for d*tail» on Monthly ud Yearly RaU« *. Plorltte BLOOMING GERANIUMS D6z»n. ; . PLEASANT GREENHOUSE. Fhoa« 11-00 HHi. 7. P«r»on«t» RANTED — Driver* to drive cars to California, at one*. CALL 70 BOCHESTER, IND. S*rv(o«i GTTABANTEED PAPER HANG- •Jng. 11.50 'Room mud Up. Call 936-R. HYDE. .._ PAINTER and PAPER HANGEB. Xxperieoctd Workman. E. L. GtJNION. Phone 198 5-L. 11. AutomobTtec ror »«!• • " -FOR SALE tf-uaed INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS 1 CHEVROLET.PANEL TRUCK McCORMICK-OEESRING STORE 1TOR SALE—1928 FORD Coupe. S2C 16th street. Sport SPECIAL TUESDAY GRAPEFRUIT • - 3c each or &5c do» RASPBERRIES STRAWBERRIES PEACHES fr«t »tone ORANGES Oallf. ea ....... LEMONS doz CANTALOUPES «a' ........ WATERMELONS,., ea 30 and 35c APPLES transparent 6 Ib .... 25c CABBAGE new lb .-... 2^c NEW PEAS, Ib 5c TOMATOES 2 lb 15c FOLK'S TRUCK MARKET 604 E. Bdwy Next- to Sears 49, Se«d«, Pl«nt«, Flower* 80-ACRES FOR 'SALE or will, exchange for »maller farm, 6-room bungalow, bath and f unite*. Good oarn'and poultry house*; good bog fecce.: r<e«rJy all black land. G. ^,^WILLIAMS, 5 mil* ea«t Monticello. BUY A FARM ( " AT AUCTION— west of Moaticello, Ind., 20 acre*, Tuesday, July 2, 2 P. M., % mile poo0 'HWBJ imtiod pros sjonj; buildings. Terms day, of «ale. J. BREWER, owner. "Believe It Or Not" ..." - '• _ " , . . ;. " .„ • - • - jf-.-.. By Ripley Registered U. S. Patent Office ATTCTIO* SAMS Ic 15c lOc AND SSJU, THROUGH LOGANSPORT LIVESTOCK SALB EVERY FRIDAY."'-• PHONE 3*48. SOUTHSIDE—Community Next sale July •!!. .Murtha,."-AucL W« sell everything.- •. .. '' CABBAGE PLANTS—25c per 100. PERRY REID, 816'Van. Buren. Wc*t . South . Cicott. PHONE 1203-1,. Chicago Board of Trade 13. R«B«lr», **rviec, part* GLASS INSTALLED ~ 'Shatterproof or plat*., AUTO SALVAGE CO. 526 ,.S. Third. Phon«- S9T-K. .. • (GUARANTEED CROQUIGNOLE— $1.40 up. Exp*rl»nc(Ml. Maud* Roadlfcr, 613 Raco St. Phon« 2401-K. _ " FLOWER AND VEGETABLE PLANTS. Cut Flowers. ENOCH REID, 421 Bartlett Street. Southside. 81. Mf*c«II«n«ou* for Sale FOR SALE—BERRY BASKETS 'and Bu»h«lt. . .S-A-C BASKET COMPANY. Phone 31. Roann, Indiana. • 81. Ml«eellaneou» for Sal* FOR" SALE—3-horg e Motor, • 220. BOB FULMER. 420 4th. 84, Wanted to buy WAVE—11.35 HJ>. Ezperl«nc«d. 113 Fourth. Phon* 123HC. ...: • *»-» Tawoab* Bennett Taxi—Ph. 1996 Phone 540—Taxi 15c ' Horn* Cooked Dinner* 2Sa , Phone Q16K Joranrly Cha*. B*nn*tt • • WANT TO BUY ahout 80 Acr«, with fair improrenMtfiU^Addre.ss BOX 598. PHAROS-TRIBUNE.- EEAL ESTATE FOB BENT •7 Aoartmtnta and Flat* 4-ROOM FURNISHED APARTMENT 1 Ground Floor. Private bath.-S21 ; High.-jitmt. . ' '..- • Heu*M lot R«nt Moving, Trmfclng. Itorag* Cair Cartage C5o. TRANSFER and STORAGE U WaUr fltr»«t. Phone 58 19 CHEVROLET Coach;body for Sal«. Notic* FORD owner*/l»t 11* Install a new windshield flats -la i>lac» of your' old -discolored, one. Special price for -IS"day's; 'TJSBD CAR LOT,' '812 HUfr St. . "FARM, MACHINBRT motor hlocJe*. automohll**. John M»y«r. S18 North. •2. Q«n«ral . MAGAZINE EXCHANGE—Th« RESALE STORE. Dunn Hotel Buildlns. Third FOR RENT—All Modern BUNGALOW . Inquiry 1431 Hlyh FOR RJENT—8-Room •etni-moderh house -S12 18th. Inijuir* 631 Wheatland Ave..-- .MANY HOUSES r THAT;WERE onc« idle are now; occupied,; because, . a FOR 'RBNT AD -found':a reuteri Summ*r Cottagre* FOR RENT—Summer cottage CULVER near Lony Point. Reasonable. Weekly rates. Emma E. gri'Phone 1377: V : ;' . AW LEAVE XX 20 WHAT TIME (S INDICATED BY THE POSITIONS OF THE HANDS ONI^E-FAGE.OPIMIS WATCH ? Answer Tomorrow &LACK POPCORN RAISED BV FRANK A.C05TAKZO '.-Punx&utawney, Pa. Rye: July Sept Dec Barley— QCIUTT Jlpert Md Heavy .Spring* Veal'Calvea Htifera .-..,' ,-..-. Butter 34 20 PWBD-OFTHESfiM 6ASHORE HOME IS EXACTLY WALKEP OVER HIS OLD ROUTE-' iN"3 WEEKS ^^g^a:;*s^^ .,—,,«£,^;-."ii3J .rr- .,» ^~r^^"Juiijiiwi-Xtilt'jfcr 1 . ir^™%'r~T^TP:i '.-1. . -"i- , . k. ^*w_ . * JLTi. tf.tr'^l*?^*^*- J^t'Hi Hawkins & Pollard Company Note: Effective July- 1 lambs clas»llied-'.M- lambs. ,160 to ISO pounds ......... 180'to 200 pounds „.- . 200 , to 220 pounds:.«....... 240 ;to; 250. pounds' 250.-to 260 pounds. ........ •260 to 270''pounds.'-,........ 270 -to; 280 pounds,.. 280 to'3.00 pounds ,. 300- to SSO-.poimds- .. 140 -to 159 pounds .. 01. Wantid ed J house': • or first floor .APARTMENT. Box 620 PHAROS-TRIBUNE. . 62. HOUIM for Sale PHOTOS-^1 doz. and Enlargement 25c. Kodak roll 8-prints and enlargement 25c. CARL BASCHAB over 5-and'-.-10e store. MAGAZINE EXCHANGE—Th e Re- Sal* Store. DUNN HOTEL Building, Third street. • 93. -Hefp V/inttd—K«mal« WANTED—(Mld«Ue-a««d .lady for hoo»»worlc. R«f«rences'reQUir«d. PHONE 1714-K. •4 He?p Wanted—Male 'STEADY WORK—GOOD PAY RELIABLE MAN "WANTED to call on -farmers in N. Cass county. No experience or capital needed. Writ* today. McNESS CO.. D«pt. M. ITr«e)ii6rt. Illinois. I WANT THREE MEN for local te* tnd.coff«e route* payinj up to 142.50 a. v»ek. No capital or *3j>«rlTOCc needed but mu»t be •willing to ijiv« prompt -wericly *«rvic«,.to approx. 200 famlli**. I furnish everything- Fords jriT- «n producer*. Write A&BSJRT MILLS.' 7IS8 Monnaouth, Clncln- Ohio. FOR 'SALE—5-roOm Cottage. George Street. V • . 1531 M. Lot* for Sal* FOR; SALE—Fine Forrest 'Park . Lots 95-175. .Now is th* time to buld a new- ; home. These lots •- are ideal. EMMA E. LONG, Phone 1377. • .: Veal« 9.45' ' 9.40! .... 9.35 9.20 '.'9:10' ..„• 9.05 ..:. 9.00- S.95 8 60-S-.90- 8.50-8.8B. 7T35-7i7S , 7 .'60. Stockyard Quotations Duffej Stock I»rdi '•'HOGS 1-60 to. 180 pounds ,,9l50 180 to 200 pounds......;.... 9.46 200 to 210 pounds 9.40 210 : to 225 poun<te ; . 9.36 225'to 235 pounds ....'9.30 235 to 250 pounds 9.20 Poultry—Pet* Vcultry «nel 1TEW L01V PRICES Baby Chicks—Started Chicks MIISSIILMAN,.HATCHERY -. 416 S. Third Phone 321-K STARTED CHICKS 1-2 and 3 wk». Growing good- priced right Come. You will like them. Last hatches June 25th, July 2nd and Sth. Come following day. Heavies J6.S5: Light Braha- mai *7.95; Heavy Mixed ?6.50; Leghorn* 16.50. HOOSIER HATCHEKY Miohlgantown, Ind. j DISTRIBUTOR for new product- R«xnov«s mars and loratchvs from furniture, leav«» brilliant finish. Repeater. Real opjK>r- tttnity to capable man. 175 to $l(X) cash required. • Box 624, PECAROS-TRIBUNB. KOUTE MANAGEiR—$25 to *50 tveeWy average. No selling. Car and ?SOo-cash required. Box 622 PHAROS-TRIBUNE. S7. Situation* Wanted WANTBI>—Place lit Private homo where a young lady attending business college may exchange services for board and room. Phoae 1S4. - CHIEF LOGAN CHICKS Booked now wUJ make early Fall layers. CHIEF LOGAN CHICKS and SERVICE must please and we are at your service .the year 'round HUNTER CHICKERIES Phone SS4 300 Fourtt 250 .to 275 pounds 9.10 275 to 300-pounds ...... 9.00 300 to 325 pounds ..• S.75 325 to 350 pounds , , S.50 155 to 160 pounds 8.90 150 to 155 pounds' S.75 140 to 150 pounds '8.50 Roughs 7.50-S.10. V«als ..,. • S.OO Lambs .;....<-. .-. -7.50 Due to Holiday Calves bought Wednesday, and Friday L DUFFEI & 80S COSIPAJfX No yardage and no commlgsion Delphi—Pkone 4« 160 to 180 pounds 9.50 180 to 200 pounds 9.45 200 to 210 pounds .......... 9.40 210 to 225,pounds 9.35 225.to 235 pounds .......... 9.30 235 to 250-pounds ...' '-.. 9.20 250'to 275 pounds 9.10 275 to 300 pounds ..'.... 9.00 300 to 325 pounds S.75 325 to 350 pounds S.50 Roughs ..' • 7.50-8.10- Veale .••• S : 00 Lambs --• '- 00 ' Due to Holiday Calves bought •Wednesday and Friday SALE CALENDAR July a—Sheriffs sale of restaurant fixtures, 1302 East Broadway, Ij80 p. m., Klvett, auct. Iridianapoiis ' l^ogs-5000;'. holdover's -146; stdy to-lbc, 10'wer-;~160-235 -lb 9.50-9.65;. top 9.70; 235-300 lb 9.-15-9.50; '300' lb up 8.80-9;. 130-160; 1'b S.75-9.25; 100-130 "ifr S-8.50; pkg sowe-7.75- 8.50, . , • .Cattle. 1000;, calves 700; slaughter classes little changed; 210 finished sirs 12;,, some unfinished'strs '7.50-10; hfrs extreme scarce; cows 4.'75-7; low cut antl cut 34.50; vlrs 50c/lower, ?S down.' Sheep,- 600; ' lambs 25c lower bulk S-S.50; bucks ?1 lees; slaugh, 'ter sheep 1-3. • . - • 'ers ,a.s, yet unebld; ylgs 5;85-6.50; native ewes 2-3J.25. . NEWYORI^EGGS .Receipts 20,582 oases-. Market firm. Special.packs, including ua- 'us-ual hennery selections - 26%.28%.--standards-. 25%.;--.-firsts.... 24, 25; mediums 24;. dirties-,24; check ' 22^; storage; packs unquoted.. 1). B- HONXEH CH1CKBREES DellTered to H»tchery Hens .;....- 12 Beghorn. Hens ' 10 Roosters ...'.,............... OS Esss .,....':.....I..:....-..-,19 Leghorn Broilers ,12. Heavy Broilers, 3 Ibs and over '.17 Heavy broilers under ; 3 lb .... 13 40. Bu»!nes» Cour»e» IHORTHAND — TYPING — ACCOUNTING—Hours and subjects %•!!! be arranged to suit. Individual progress methods enables »ou to enter Monday. Logansport Business College. Good Thing* To Eat FOR .SALE—Gooseberries, Cur" rants and Raspberries. MRS. SCHOENRADT, Pleasant Grove Road. 2 mile from College Hill. Garrollton Hatchery Place Orders Now for June & July Hatches. Flora Phone & R. R. Farmers Column 68. Machinery and Produce FOR SAIJE—Shelved Corn 84c per bushel. ELEVATOR, Grass Creek, Indiana. FOR SALE—A very practical size Combine 10 ft cut, with & bean attachment, also swather and windrower. FIRST NATIONAL BANK. Lopansport, Indiana. 69_ Farm» and 48.' Mu«lcal tnstruments CLAKINET— Excellent condition. I in i. ar FAR: 1 ' 115 for, cash. Inquire 316 16th J TOM ii C £ L HE.\Y Elder City Market , Dellrered to Mnrtet Hens 13 Roosters ...-•' •••- 09 Lephorn Hang . • •« 3J. Good Eggs 1* Springs, 3 Ibs. up ..- -...-:. 18 South Side Produce Phone 909 Hens 12 Leghorn Hens 10 Leghorn broilers 11 Roosters , ••• OS Rocks, springs over 3 Ibs 16 Good Eggs .-• 19 Swift & Co. Dell-rered. to l-osnnsport Plant Hens 4% Ib.ausl up : , 12 Hens und«.r 4^ Ib 12 Leghorn Hens 10 Ducks .:. .'...' ° 7 Geese - 0:) 013 Roosters O/) U. S. Extras 25 Standards - • •.'-.- • - 3 Seconds ..-• 1 ^ : Broilers full feathered is Leghorn Broilers 12 j Logansport fxrain Mkt j (Prices subject to cbancp at closf < Chicago Livestock Hogs 16000 including 7000, directs; slow; wts; below 230 lb about stdy with 'Friday; others around 10 cents lower; 200-230 lb 9.55-9.65; top 9.75; '230-300 lb 8.85-9.60; 14-0-200' lb"' 8.7-5-9. 65; pk-g sows largely 7.90-8.301 -Cattle 11000; calves 2000; better grade fed strs and- yl-gs etrong; instances higher; liberal water-fills considered; top on wty strs 12; long ylgs 11.50; bulk better grade 11 upward; all such kinds getting moderate action on . shipper accounts; inbetweea grades slow, but •com kinds- fully stdy; all hfrs firm best ylg Mrs 10.25;. cows scarce, stdy; bulls glow, s-tdy; and vlrs 25c lower at S down; very few S.50. . Sheep 13000; 'fat lambs and ylg slow; Around stdy to 15c sheep stdy; native- lambs S.35-S.S5 practical top 8.90;' .only few to trader Interests at 9; Idaho rang- Squirrel Season Is In 42 Counties INDIANAPOLIS, Ind-,. July i— (UP)—Squirrel hunting became legal in Indiana today jn 42'southern In-diana counties under a new conservation law enacted by the 1935 legislature. • / , The southern season closes .July 29 and the' central, Indiana season opens Aug. 1. The open .season in the northern cart of the state opens Sept. 1. • -. Counties in which squirrel hunting, became legal today were.Po««y, Vanderburgh, Warrick, Spencer, Perry, Crawford. Harrison, .Floyd, Olark, Jefferson. Switzerland, Ohioi Dearborn. Franklin, Union, ,F»v-. ette, 1 Rush, Shelby. Johnson, Alor- gan, Owen.. Clay, Vigo. Sullivan, Knox, Gibson, Pike, Dubois,' Orange, Washington, Scott,.Ripley, D«catur, Bartholomew, Brown, Monroe, Greene, 1 Daviess,. Matin, Lawrence, Jackson and Jennings- Dr. ,E;E. Townsend Unable To Attend INDIAN T APOLIS, ,Ind., July 1— Employment for young' people and protection of their elders was. promised !by Dr- Frank .Dyer" Obi- cago, at 'a rally of approximately .5,000 supporters 'of tjJe^Tp-wnsen'd' revolving pension plan"- at the state fairgrounds 'here yesterday. . ;Dyer, central- 'regional- 'director.' I6r the Townsend plan; -substituted for. Dr.'.- F: ' E: • Townsendi Long- Beach, Cal;, originator; Qt> the plan, who' was unable- to attend because of death of -his.- daughter In .California. .,.•'.. Injuries In Fall « Legal Advertisements NOTICE Of SPECIAL MASTER'S SALB OF HKAL ESTATE Chancery of the District Court of th« Unit«<l' -Stnt«a' for -! th«'-NMthttn JDUtrfct of .Indiana, .iouth Bend. Division. k«pshy. riy«.notic« that by virtue, cf * <£««« bl saM.Court made and mtewd OB th« lOti day of Jun«. 19SS, in ». certain suit th«a in said Court' entitled. Th« Eqni- fe Assnraace Soci«ty -of tlw UpiU<i SlaW«, a corporation, complainant, ijalnst David Woif. Effie D. Wolf, Budd Babw, rrama C. Babfer, First St«t« Bank. GalvwtoB, Indiana, a wrj»r«aos. Citd- x«ns Statt.Bank.of Galveston. Indiana, a corporation, and -William F.^Gephast, K«- c«lY«r of Citiiens Stat* Bank of Galve*ton, Indiana aad Liijuidatins- Ag«nt of Ttet Statt Bank. Gal verton. Indiana, d«- fasdanti, btins Cause No.'562, In Rjuity. n .c«rtifl«d copy of which d«re« •»•»» duly issued to the undersinmed Special MjuMr In Chancwy. toeethcr -with ». proti'« Brtcept of-sale, by Ol« Clts'A of said Court, and in pursuance ; of said precept of sale, and of said decree, th« under- sisned Special Master in Chancery of Mid'-Court will, on Thursday, the iSth day of July, 19SS. at the hour of Jbtfr o'clock in the afternoon. Central Standard •nwe, at th« door of the Court House Jn the City of transport. County of Cass, and ; State of Indiana, off«r for sale and sell -at public outers-, to th« hijrhest bidder for cash, the rents and profits for t«rm of seven (T) years or less, year by year, of the followiric described real estate, situated in the County of Cass nnd State of -Indiana, -to-wit: The East .Half of, the - Southeast Quarter of Section ISvcnty-eieht, Township Twenty-five North, Range Two JSast of the Second Principal Meridian, containing Iffhty' acres, more, or less. • ':. Also, the Southeast Quarter of the Northeast Quirtcr of Section Twenty- Township and Range'aforesaid, containing Forty acres, more or less. Containing in all One Hundred Twenty acres, more or less. If such rents and profits of siiid real estate, -when -so offered, .shall not sell for sum sufficient to- satisfy said decree. witti interest, costs' of suit »nd costs and txpen«» of such i sale, I will thereupon, at the same tiaie and place, offer for sale and se'Jl at-public outcry, to the bijrhest aidder for cash in hand, tha fee ' simple ;ltle of .said real., estate, or of so much thereof a» shall be sufficient -to satisfy said decree, with interest, costs of suit and costs and expenses of sale. Said decree requires m« ta make by said salt of said above described r«al estate, the, sum of Nine, Thousand Seven Hundred Twenty- Nine Dollars.and Forty-two Cents , ($9,29.42), with interest thereon' at the rat« if eisrht per cent per annum from June 10, 1935 to d»t* of sale, together' irith he costs of luit and costs; and expenses if such rale, all as in said'' decree ad. udg-ed ''n favor ot said-complainant Any sal* MO made' in pursuance -of * aid .ecree and' of aaid< precept of sale, will « made without relief from valuation' or appraisement laws-of the State of Indiana and will b» made subject to the *tatutory •ear for redemption, and subject, to ta-xes and also subject to the apnrovai of snld- ourt. . . , '", " . "' LSiTWIS, G" SHEETS. , Sptcial Master'in Chancery, 'oseph -T,. IveSi Delphi. Ind.. '•• • Ireen i. .Palmer. Champaign, III.. . Ally's for:-Complainant- ,• ^ 24>.l-8-lt No bidder Vill be allowed to submit a ~ bid tor more: than one of the f iv«' sej>»r- » at* xoot*«; each bidder mo»t ,»»l)nih. liii; kid in wiitinE. detcribinr the «« wkleJi it* bid* SoK«th«r,wUJ» „, cription of the chueia a* propose* to :u»«. ,;. : '^ Ti« .TowBaUp ^*W. .'ftirni»k-'..-tl>«."~'^ia»;J^ bodi«9 and k««p them la repair, and ,tli«.-,-iS oiddeir' win fu«sJ»h tlii- clia*als : ;'in4-' i .p»y-^ all expense* of repair ifld operation, -.;•.; ;-Mi Tb« succesaful-.bidder -«01: b»\ r«(rair»< -W; to, entu into a eontmct-for the fa^JJiful ;-'; Derformanee of W»_dtttJe» and iriy« boot •;.<: in the suns of On» Thousand <*1.J>00-00) : : Dollars and furnish prop«r JiiibtHty,' In-;. : sumnee to*tKe approval of the Ttust*el'~ NOTICE TO BIDDSJIS . Notice is hereby g-ivca that .saalei' bfd» 'ill be received by the-"Township • Trustee nd Advisory Board of Clay . T6wnship, JKM- County, - Indiana at the 'office^-of. -the itee, Ward Fonk,. the same -beinjr at. residence in, said Township, nt S p. Tuesday. July; ISth,,for :, school,''bus Th* wwces^ftil Wdd«r will to *riter into and. execute a irrittem cow- tract to tranaport all Khool children '/new or hereafter renidtmc xn>on tfc* .route bf4 upon and to fully : cowr>ly with.,5 tli«.; Statutes of . the State of rndiana jcovem- inc- tie transportation -of school children, The five sejjarate coatract« to b« Jet as arbresaid ^fil3 each oe-xifton a/peV dwmi : Basi*. each rout* to be cxmtrtcttd'-faT''. 3ej»irately foi one ichool year -with/. rt»i r»rtvil«jre of Tenewinc" sucH «-«mtttict f or one or fnor« additional school year«. -not; .' exceediJur ftur: the award of «Jd five', sen»r«t« <-ontr«cts will be, mud* «er«r- %*W» to the lowest or bflrt responsibT* • ' . . , The risht to reject any one vail .or >T1 .-; hidn nuhrnltted covering any one of. tht. nforwaid fiv» separate routus for tJie" trRnsiv>-<adon of mlit jehnnl eMtdren fc' re'"r\-ed. , ' Sicned and dnted at txiiran^rtort. In4l* •na. this IRth flu* of Jun*. 1955; '-,. WH.T.TAM U McMTIXEN; X Tmsle«. "' Charles Ross, - -Christian Kieslinc. " Geonr* Myers. L«irv * BnwHIeM. Ad-ritojy ' NOTICE TO TAXPAYERS OF CULT 3 TOWNSHIP. CASS CODNTT, IND. :•'.. .; Notice is hereby sriven. that -whcrew'- aa V-^; enienrency has ariseJ). the) proper, Je«ial.<rf-^^ ficers of said municipal contrition '-ef^SiS Clay. Township. Cast -County, Indiana.-i>S will meet at the office-of the Trunfas* «C:>4?| oaid Township, the .same beinr »t Us >!«»-,4S5p idence. in such Township;-at 8 p, m.. BB tW:s^:gt 10th day of July, /193K,'^for the Jmflpetsi ••?};}:< of determinine-the necwuity 'for.' and i: ih«H;;|J^ expenditure' of more, money : than"-,_-ViBi'^jJ appropriated" for • the - current^- year : «f - ; -^Vi^ 1S35 as set out in detail "in th«\puVUal»* tjSjJ budget for sucli y*ar. in >th« foll«iHa«;?::'2s particulars: pur equ . . . ichool children, as required \>y ;th« ! ;Ae*». : of the Legislature.' IMS, Seventeen • l%iii-- dred Dollars (*1.700.00), and- .also' a*H- : - tiona mim» of Three Hundred -Dollar* rtSOO.OO) each for the repair of r^tk* schoo! building and for the purehVut, •€ fuel for'the same in s«Jd Township., s All 'taxpayers rf"Weh Tonnshlp j, li»T»). the rijtht and may^ appear and be ne«r4 on th«e Questions:' at f -this •raeettnc,; 'ant-; ' if dissatisfied, inay. appeal' as: by statute.' - : . .,'',.. " , Dated.-tWs-Z»th' day, of -Jun«. l»li, -: •»" Lojransport. Caw Countj', Indiana. WAKrlTWK ~ Frank B. O»k. . Karl K.c &»niiilire.-.'"i<,-. Willlant A,".We!I».''V ' Advisory Board. Clay Clifford O:-Wild. Cass Countr. In*.-.-; Attorney. Chicagro Produce EGGS , rivers for Routes 1. 2, ' 3 : in said " ' The period of time"to be covered-by h« contracts let. for Houtas 1 >nd 2 is or four years-beeinnlnit on the:.30th duy I August 1036 and ending • \yiti) the'' chool year In- 1939, The i>«rio4%3f':,J.im'e x> be. covered, by. the, coateact^-'let'-^forj Fresh graded firsts .., Current receipts ...... Dirties Checks :... BUTTER Extra Firsts 90-91% .. Extra 92 23% '22% 20%' *lzA> i>7»"> TERRE HAUTE," Ind.,. July 1— (UP)— Robert Day,. 53, veteran city flreman, .vag injured fatally yesterday when h& fell througi the pole well at the "station where- he was on duty. He suffered a fractured skull, a fractured leg and numerous bruises. ' . . 'ARREST MOTORIST Arrested'by police Sunday afternoon. Wlllafd' Baker. 22, of this y/is' scheduled to be. arraigned i n city court Tuesday morning:, on charge of operating an automobile on improper license. FORTY AND EIGHT MEETING Forty .and "Eight club members will convene "at'8'o'clock Tuesday night in /Memorial -horns and .<Jf«cuss plans" for Initiation to'be- -held on'the eleventh anniversary of the organization on August 7- Wheat i'—• \ i- Oats , ... RESULTS When It Gomes lo Getting Want Ad Results You Can't Beat the PHAROS-TRIBUNE RESULTS . . . that's what you wont for your Want Ad money and that's what you will get at WANT AD Headquarttrs! Here's Proof! In every instance the Advertisers got RESULTS thru PHAROS-TRIBUNE Want Ads. The Ad broyght .in CASH ... it rented a vacancy ... it secured reliabk help . . . it located lost articles, etc. . . . and it did tlw job . . . s*ir»k, quickly and economically as hundreds of other \PHAROf- TRIBUNE Want Ads have done before. Get aeqtfaiiited witfc these, little money-makers and time-savers TODAY. It mant EXTRA cash to meet the extra Spring b^ls. to Ploet «i M> just call— 4 PHONE 141 Drivers. arc to 'furnish . chassis • an he Township will :. furnish' bodi«> fi uch school busses. The auecessfu biddc nil shed'and store bunes *nd any n hment or. detachment, 'shall .'I orne. 'solely, by the bidder. " Bi era "will be required ' to * • procur and keep in force ' »I1' »uch. forms o Insurance, both as to persons and as t property as may be '. required ' by th Township and the,bidder-shall.pay for th •cost of such 1 insurance. All bidders "mu have with their sealed bids-* certificat of health Issued by *. licensed •'physician a» provided by Chapter "30,?,' Acts 1935, Laws of Indian*. Route number- 1, which is eizhtee milt* .long, requires a new chassis witt 1ST inch wheel base" and 'dual wheels. Route.'number 2, -which is 15 miles lonj requires" a new chassis with , _157 inc wheel base aad dual wheels. 'Route number S. which is 15 miles, renuires a good chassis with' 131 inci wheel-base and four wheel brakes. Detailed -description of the, varlou routes may be obtained .at the office • o the Trust**''n said 1 Township. ' " Th« contracts for ettch Routes will. b< let to the lowest" and best responsibl bidder. Tht busset and equipment furnished by the bidders must,'bt kept in tood con dition throughout th« period of performance of, th«ir respective duties at th* ex pins*; of- the bidders, excepting: only the Township property:, which wil! be kept in repair by-the Township,. Each' succMtful bidder wQl be mqjitred to'«ire * bond in the- tarn of stven.itun drtd (J"00,00). Dollars with. surety;^approved -k'r th*' Trust**, conditioned upon th* faithful performance of his contract On the aun* Aiy and at the same hour bids will, bt' received .for the services o: janitor at th« Clen&Ut. School in.' sai< Township: kids -will also b« received for two new school buss bodies to be Sixteen Feet lonr and to be on the approved as sent out by th« Stat* Board. The Tirht .w reserved to reject any and all bid*. Dated at' Loxansport. Cats Indiana, this S9th day of June. 1835. WARP FUIfK, Trustee, Frank B. Cook. Earl E. Inzmire. W-Hliam A- Wells, Adrisory Board, Clay Townahlp. Cliff.orf. 0. Wild, Cass Co.. Ind. Attorney. - - NOTICE TO BIDDERS FOB BUS DKHHEBS AND FOR JANITOR FOR CONSOUDATTO SCHOOL BCILDWC Notice is hereby given that the. nnder- ilcned Trustee of Noble Township, Cass County. Indiana, will receive sealed proposal* up to the boor of S:<W o'clock p. m., July IS, 19SS.,at the office of said Trustee »t hi« residence in said Township, for the lettlnK of contracts to transport school children , to. aad from their respective tomes and to the Consolidated •School Honse in rod: aforesaid" Township. County'and State which contracts to be let a< aforewid consist of Sve in number, covering Irrt separate ioote» of transportation.. • Xk the tame -time aad place the aforesaid Trustee and Advisory Board will receive sealed bids on a per diem or monthly basis for the school year 133&.1935, with-the option to renew the same for one or more additional years, lor janitor *er*ice« for the Consolidated School BnCdimc in Noble Township. The Trustee an4,AdvisoTT Board reserve the right to reject any znd all bids submitted. 1 Written descriptions of &* ro^te* np- on wbicb all bids mbmJtted" ranst be ba»- .A^e on file a»d can be seea by-'«H bidden in the office of _aa!d Tmstee; under tie terms of : contract* 'entered Into with soceenfvl bidders. »t3ci a become a part. of the contrail*, the routes over , .wiSen mmid iehool children ar«- to ,-b* 'traMportei.- .ar*! Hens Broilers '. ',.; 17-lSS Fryers , Old Roosters Ducks %.,."" 10 : 15>"? Geese •>......, 'lO^jJ; Spring Chickens U-2i*>i 'Turkeys „ 14-if?;1 Leghorn Hen g ... .^9-13%^ 'Leghorn Chicks .14-1*'" ... - CHEESE'. - ;;.'-'.^ Twins 13-13U ; '^i| Daisies Longhorns ......" POTATOES Old stock supply light, demand.,.,, and 'trading light; market:about f ;lB steady. .Michigan round, white*;60,-j-jf Idaho russets 1.25. - New Stock supply Ifb«Ml;.:,<le-:£:5 mand and trading light;' market"/,?; 1.30-1.40; No. Carolina- firm; Artcansa? . bliss 1.25; Oklahoma bliss triumph*;., 1.40-1.45;.; Virginia' cobbler* -1 barrels; .north 2.10-2.15. Carolina cobbler! ' East Buffalo Hoge 1100;. »low desirable _,_. . 0 lb 10.15; sparingly' to- lOlZJ;^ 250-300 lb 9.60-10; 120-150' "" 9,65. " --;•'.,' .',.'.. -..-Cattle . 1000; -higher; strictly and ch 1000'lb-'strs 11.60; gd ngs 10-11.25;. hfrs 9'.75;. kinds 7.25-S; low cut and cut 4 .25; med bulls 5.50-6. ^; • Calves 600,- v'rs stdy S.SO: Sheep 1700; lambs ower; gd to 'ch ewes, and crs $9; outstanding, kinds med and bucks, fS; handwt 4; mixed ewes 2.50-8.50. . CLEVEUIT LIVESTOCK Cattle 100; stdy; strs, ,cfe" •ime 1250 lb and up 11-11.50; ':> 50-110 lb 10-11; «d 600-900 ft 0; gd 900-1200 lb 9-10.25; 00-850 Ib 9-10; cows *U wtm.fA j-6. - , -..'.'• ^ Calvw 90; active »tdy; prim« T!» . -10; chTl»8-S. ^ Sheep *nd lambr 1200; BOc-lOTr- r; ch spring Iambs S-9; prta»: ; eSieris 4-4.75; ch ewes >3.50-4. Hogs 800; 50c higher; 260-30o;'H»; -9 75; 220-300 Ib 9.90; 180-220 »' .90; 150-180 lb 9.90; -pi** 160- . 180 lb 9-9.25; rough* stags 6-6.50. f UFJIYETTE mfESTDGfc Hog market *tdy to lOc 180-22S lb 9.45-9.80; 295-4(9 SJ5-9.35; 250-300 Ib 9-9.1B: 325 lb 8.75; 160-180 B> S.40; 160 ft 8.75-9; 100-140 7b' »-«.»;; rovghe 18 down; calv«« |7 *>inu -, dipped l«a*e,$5 down;,l«ai» 7.50- down- > "" i

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