Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 2, 1895 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 2, 1895
Page 1
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VOL. XX, LOGANSPORT, INDIANA- SATURDAY MORNING, MARCH -2. IS95. NO. 53. The War Between China andJapan! Has not interfered with the auburn skinned, dark toothed maidens who had toe contracts to weave our Wash Silks and Wash Taffitas, CONFIRMED. They hu-ve clone their work well and cheaply and we are prepared to show a superb gathering of these goods. This (]ir«i!t bundling saves many a profit. Anyone can have a silk waist or silk dri-ss at our price. They are made on Hand Looms, of fast dye i',ud of course we guarantee them to wash. Wash perfectly. We have them. Odd Skirts and Shirt Waists. Will be tlio lady of taste's chief costume this summer. There's nothing quite HO handsome. Hundreds of shirt waists will be displayed today and tho skirts will soon arrive. Graceful hanging, gored pleated skirtB In Serge, In Borel, In Crepon. Yon can easily afford one. They are no handsome and so cheap, COME YOU AliE WELCOME, In fact we will be glad to show you through. There are so many handsome things arriving daily. You've heard of tbat peculiar material called Crepon, haven't you? We'll tell more of it in a few days. Busy Bee Hive, 409-411 Broadway. 306 Fourth St. Call and See. PliyThouiindt o! Tunei bj mean* el indeilructibie Metallic Dithi. Purity* Volumi ol Tone Unequalled. D. A HAUK, The wonderful Regma Music Box. Will play any tune. I am agent for Logansport of the genuine, also the new things in Gold Belts, Collarettes, Buckles, Czarioa Pins, Butterfly Hat Pins, Bide Combs, Hair Pins, Watch Pockets, Ladies' Guard Chains, Gold Bricabrac, Spectacles of all kinds fitted to the eyes. SO years' experience in Engraving ancl all kinds of work done to order at Jeweler and Optician. 410 Broadway. See The Specialists For Chronic and Private Diseases and Deformities. Diseases of Women treated by the new electrical method that has given wonderful results. Don't forget that their vapor treatment for all Chronic .Lung Troubles gets the remedies to the diseased spots and cures whem everything else falls. Call ard investigate anyway. It costs you nothing for consultation. Drs. Christopher & Longenecker, AtiThc Medical and Surglcalllnstltute. 417 Market Si, - - Logansport. Ind. Ground Boots! Too late foo Felt; buy Leather. It's a a Ground Hog case now, and it will pay you to help you clean out our Winter Boots. WfVLKER 6c Rf\UOH. 42O Broadway. a Senate Takes Favorable Action on Executive Nominations. Exciting Personal Debate at Night' Session of Senate—Work in the House. 1 WASHINGTON, March].f-In-the senate house bill to amend tbe .acts forfeiting certain railroad grants so,.as to extend till January 1, IS'JT, the. .time within •which persons entitled_,to purchase anj- of the forfeited lunds.shall be permitted to do so, and with, a proviso that actual residence on the part of the purchaser shall not he required if the land be fenced or cultivated, was passed. Senator Morgan (ilera.oAla-.Voffered n resolution referring-to the committee on foreign relations the message of the president February l.'i, relating to the payment by the United States of the claims of Great Britain arising- out of the Miring- sea controversy with instructions to examine into the question of the liability of the United States to Great liritain and the a:nonnt thereof,if any, und as to any liability of Great Britain or Canada arising- out of such controversy. The resolution went over under the rule. The resolution offered Thursday by Senator Manderson (rep., Neb.) instructing the committee on rules to inquire into the propriety of recommending- the appointment of a joint commission on necrology was taken up and agreed to. A joint resolution for the delivery of condemned cannon to the citizens' committee at Louisville, Ky., during'tho encampment of tho Grand Army of the Republic in 1895, was taken up and passed. Go Into Eincutlve Scmtlon. The senate at 11:45 proceeded to the consideration of executive business. The nomination of William L. Wilson, of West Virginia, was immediately considoroil arid con6rmed, and then the case '.>!' Alfred Tinsley, nominated to lie postmaster at Sioux Falls,. S. D., was tiikt-ti up and rejected by a vote of 41 to 1:1. All the army and navy promotions on the calendar were also confirmed, including 1 Commodore William A. Kirkland, to be rear admiral in the navy. The doors were opened at 2 p. m., find the consideration of the deficiency- appropriation bill was then proceeded with—the committee amendments .being- acted upon as they were reached in the bill. WASHINGTON, March 1.—The session of the senate held Thursday night-was a deeidedly sensational one, .to say the least, consisting- as it did of a discussion of Senator Chandler's?(rep., X. IT.) resolution declaring- that there was no lawful election by thevlegisla- ture of Kansas when Senator-Martin •was declared, elected. Senator Chandler vehemently declared tha;t •when Senator Martin had " been declared elected, he had.-, come into the senate and completely renounced all pretensions of .populist affiliations, had possessed himself of nil the national patronage given, to Kansas, and had become one of the most uncompromising and relentless democrats in the senate. Senator Chandler then passed to the election of Senator Roach, of North Dakota, declaring 1 that it had been effected by interference and manipulation of the .basest sort. Senator Chandler charged Senator Gorman with having- thwarted investigation into Senator Roach's case. "And now," ho &aid, in his bitterest tones, "the cashier of the Citizens' national bank of Washing-ton represents the state of North Dakota in the appropriate gurb of a democratic senator." Returning- to Senator Martin's election, Senator Chandler, proceeded to show in detail the circumstances connected therewith in proof of his claim that there had been no lawful election. Senator Hill Replies. When Senator Chandler took his seat Senator Hill (dem.,N. Y.) rose and said that Senator Chandler's insinuations against brother senators were entirely uncalled for and would do neither him nor his party any good. The senator from New Hampshire had to say, something-to make Senator Martin feel uncomfortable in the last days of his senatorial term. He did not believe the senator had helped an honest, cause by the spectacle he had made of 'himself. jn»rtln'> Hot Word*."-.-. 1 .' Senator Martin (dem., Kan.).rose and proceeded to speak in the bittest tones and hardest wordsof Senator Chandler. If the statements which he hadVheard of that senator were true, or half true, "instead of representing the magnificent commonwealth of New Hampshire in the senate of the United States, he should be in the penitentiary." Senator Martin also spoke of the political contest in 1876 and of Senator Chandler's connection with what he called the attempt to steal and pleader the vote of every doubtful statiSin the union. "New Hampshire," fenator:.:.Martin continued, ."used |P he represented in the senate by men of splendid intellect; but 'the eagle h*d. twen drrrm ~ from its nest and a buzzard nad taken tne eagle's place and vomited forth its filth on every occasion.'" Senator Martin was not permitted to continue. He was called to order, and for some time there was much confusion and disorder, but finally Senator Martin .withdrew his objectionable words. LeglllatlTe Hill Paucd. It was nearly midnight when the personalities came to a close; and then the legislative bill was again open to amendments. Tie legislative, executive and'judi- cial appropriation bill was passed at . 12:30 and the senate adjourned. 1-Ioune. In the house Mr. Livingston (dem., Ga.) submitted the conference report on the fortifications appropriation bill and it was agreed to without discussion or division. The house disagreed to the senate amendments to the sundry civil and the legislative, executive, judicial appropriation bills and agreed to the conference thereon asked by the senate. Dairy T<:8ts Will Xot l!o VnhlNhe.l. Mr. Hatch (clem.. Mo.) moved to suspend the rules and pass the house joint resolution providing for the publication of the results of the dairy te.sts made at the Columbian exposition. Mr. Richardson (dem., Tenn.) and Mr. Payne (rep., N. Y.) opposed the resolution, the latter on the ground that itfls purpose would be to advertise one breed of cattle at the expense of the tax-payers. Mr. Henderson (rep., la.) protested against the government being used as a club to beat down one class of farmers in favor o£ another. Messrs.. Sibley (dem., Pa.) and Powers (rep.. Vt.) advocated the passage of the resolution, and Mr. Hatch closed the discussion in its favor-. The vote was taken by yeas and nays, resulting: Yeas, 143; nays, 12.1: present and not voting, 1.. Two-thirds not voting in the affirmative, the joint resolution failed of passage. The bill authorizing the president t negotiate with Great Uritaiu, Russi and Japan for the appointment of ; commission to make regulations to pro vent the extinction of the fur seals passed the house without a division. Also the bill known as the -'anti-lot tgry bill." Mr. Storer (rep., 0.) moved to su.s pend the rules and pass the senate bill abolishing the penal and damag features of the interstate coinmerc law. - By a vote of yeas, 167; nays, 103—no the necessary two-thirds—the hous rofused'.t'6"suspend the rules and pas the bill. FATAL DUEL IN FRANCE. M. 1'crchiT, Killtor of Journal Dc» DebaU Killed ')}• a" Army Oflicer. PAUIS, March 1.—M. Percher, one o the editors of the Journal DCS Debats was killed in a duel .fought with sword Friday morning 1 by M. Ic Chcatelier, an officer of marines. The diiel was the result of a personal difficulty be tween the two gentlemen. It-occurre< on the island of Grand Jatte in the river Seine." At the first encounter M le Cheatelie'r's sword passed through M. Pcr'cher's 'guard, penetrated hi body .below the right armpit anc pierced h is right lung. The wounde< man died in a-few minutes. MURDERERS HANGED. I>CaI cutlonH T»ko I'lacs In Ken- turlcy and Nehntuka- oifT, Ky., March 1. — George Magee (colored) met deatli on the scaffold in the jail yard at 0:30 Friday morning for the. murder of Charles Thomas, a fellow convict. Magee proved brave to tiie last. Two men fainted at the scene. PLATTS.MOUTH. Neb., March 1.— Harry Hill, the murderer of Matt Akeson was executed at 0 o'clock Friday morning. The murderer's neck was broken by the fall, and he was pronounced dead sixteen minutes after the drop fell. FAIKHURX. Ga., March 1. — At noon Friday Joe Dean, the negro convicted of the murder for the purpose of robbery of a well-known white farmer. A. H. Leigh, who resided here, was hanged. The hanging was to have been in private but just after Dean had been led to tho scaffold the crowd broke down the inclosure. The first effort to hang the man was a failure as the rope broke. He was carried to the scaffold and another drop was taken which proved successful. TO CRUSH REBELLION. Krsolvod on Mcaxurcs Awierlcan Crew Suvnd. LIVERPOOL.. March 1.—The Britisl steamer, Electrician, Capt. Shaw, from New Orleans, February 0, has arrived here, having on board the crew of the American schooner J. G. Morse, Jr. which was abandoned and set on fire February '13. The schooner was on a voyage from Wilmington for George town, S. C. The J. G. Morse, Jr., was built at Phippsburg, Me., in 1SSO, and registered ISO tons, L'uclo Sam ScnilK 11 Cutter. SAN FRANCISCO, Cal., March 1.—The whisky smuggling traffic has grown to such enormous properties in Alaska that Uncle Sam has at last decided to resort to heroic measures. The revenue cutter Corwiu has sailed for the north, and it has leaked out that she has been especially detailed to patrol the Alaska .coast from Sitka northward and to keep a sharp eye out for illicit traders'.'" A New Job for Blnell. WASHIXOTOJT, , March, 1, A report is current tliat,JEostmaster-General Bissell, who resipoed from the cabinet, is to .become attorney for the German legation here and act as counsel in adjusting the international dispute that has arisen over the sugar duty and the retaliatory embargo on American meats. • . Indlun Murderer lllei In Prlion. MADISOS,, .Wis., March 1. — United States Marshal Oakley received news of the death in the state prison at Waupun of Mitchell Thomas, the Indian serving- a ; life, sentence for the murder of David Corbin, another Indian, on the reservation near Hayward in December, 1890. Six Men Meet-DemCb. at S*«. HALIFAX, Nv Si, March 1.—Advices received here state that the schooner Rebecca H.,Atwoc»l has been wrecked while en route-for Kingston from Seville, and that.her crew of sis men perished. _ ' '• ChlneM .Again Defeated. LpXDOS. March 1.—A dispatch to the Globe says that a battle was fought near Ta-Pinp; : Shan on February 24 in which the Chineie suffered a severe de- Lo.vnox, March 1.—A dispatch received here Friday morning- from Madrid confirms the dispatch of Thursdaj' night announcing- that the Span ish government w:is prepared to tsend largn reinforcements of troops to Cuba if such a step is found to b.e necessary. The government of Spain believes that the rising- in Cuba will be quelled without much difficulty. There are 42,000 Spanish troops iu Cuba. Tile rising- is said to bo lacking- Uie support of the union, constitutional, autonomist and reformist parties in Cuban politics, which groups, as represented in the coi-tez. united to pass the Cuban reforms bill of February l.'i. HAVANA., March 1.—The g-ovcrnment troops have ca.ptured the whole insurgent band under the command of Antonio Lopez Caloma. who headed tho uprising- at Ybarra in the Matanzasdis- triet. The prisoners have been conveyed to Mutanzas. MICHIGAN DEMOCRATS. They Name,a State Ticket at Fren Silver Their War Cry. SAOJNAW, Mich., March 1.—The democratic state convention met hero Thursday. The following ticket was named: For Supreme Judge—John W. McGriUh. 01 Detroit, the present chiet justice. For Regents of tho State Uu!vcrs!ty—S. D. Brooks, o! Mount Pleasant, aud C J. Pull- tborpe, or Pc'toskuy. The convention was enthusiastically in favor of free silver and unanimously adopted the following resolutions as its only platform: ' "The deraocrntlc party of Michigan in convention assembled bn'.ls with dcllrrlit the nipiJly IncroasinK sentiment in favor ot tae restoration of silver to :!io position It so lont, r hold In the I.IIO.IL-- tury system o'. our country, and unqu:ill- llcdly declares in favor of the free and unlimited coinage of silver and gold with aill legal tender power and'at a ratio of 18 to I, and invites every patriotic citizen of Michigan, regardless of previous party affiliations, to join us in an Imperative demand for Immediate legislation to that end. without regard to the position o£ any other nation with rc.sjjec thereto." Trnln Knbber Sentenced. STAFFORD COURT-HOUSE, Va., Marcl 1.—Morgan, 'the Aquia Creek train robber, was found guilty. He was sentenced to eighteen years in the penitentiary. niCT|« DOVER, Del., March 1.—-The house repealed the bottle law which has been in force in Delaware for the past two years. A large number of the members of the Women's Christian Temperance union were present and sang the doxology when the vote was announced. By the repeal of this law children are prohibited from entering saloons for the purpose of purchasing intoxicating liquors. . KHleA lor Their SmitrtncK*. Ala., March :.—The miners had a dance near Pratt City. .Returning home, a crowd walked up the railroad track, among them being Lizzie Bilford and Eena Jones. They met a train, and all except the two women left the track. They stood their ground to frighten their escorts, and were struck by the engine and fearfully mangled. Makei a Great UUcovcry. O., March 1. — An Englishman named George Harley says ic has made a discovery which if trne will revolutionize the manufacture of ron and the discovery will be the greatest since that of Bessemer. He claims to have discovered a process of making malleable iron direct from tbe mold, ike. castiron, and experts pronounce it first-class. Smallpox at Hoc Spring, Ark. SirufOTOs, March L—A special to the Post from Little Rock, Ark., says: Chere are forty-two cases of smallpox at Hot Springs and six at Malvern. A louse to house vaccination is being 1 made in both towns, and everything is undergoing rigid disinfection and fumigation. . Grant Monument Fond. XEW YORK, March I. —At the annual meeting of tbe Grant Monument asso- iation. it was stated the fnnd on hand would be sufficient to complete the monument. __, FKOM H008IERDOM. Telegraphic News of Interest to Indianiana. Prtamwr* Cul; Ttirouth » •>»« Wmll. BRAZIL, Ind.. March 1.—A bold at- . tempt was made by the eight prisoners coniined in the county jail to escape. They succeeded in securing- tools and when discovered had drilled a hole in the north wall of the stone building-4 feet long and 3 feet wide. Every prisoner would have succeeded in escaping had not one of : je number weakened and pave the l-l-m away to Deputy Sheriff liiddle. SUiilKter Attarki" Saloonkeeper*. INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., March 1.—Rev. Warren Dcnhnm. associate pastor of the Tabernacle church, filed forty- three affidavits and secured as many warrants against saloonkeepers in the suburbs of Mount Jackson, where he is 'doing missionary work. The affidavits charge the saloonkeepers with keeping open on Sunday and after 11 o'clock at niglit. _ Husband inn! Wife Die Tosrether. COSIIKN, lud.. March ].—Enos Ran- ilall and his wife died almost simultaneously at La Grange. Randall's death was the result of a protracted illness, but his wife had been iu perfect health. She was holding his hand when he died and -appeared to have fainted immediately afterward, but on being removed to a conoh it was found she was dead. Fell from » lloivl Window. .is, Intl.. March 1.—X. K. , Stanard. of Detroit, Mich., a traveling- man, fell in-jumped from a third-story window of the lint ml hotel. Stanard'* •• body struck u telegraph wire running below the window, lie was removed to St. Vincent's hospital in a serious condition. Stauard is about 45 years old and sold opticians' goods. .)mir» C.-ts One NlKht'n Sleep. Ei.woon. Inil.. March ].—David Jones, the wealthy farmer whose sleepless- less has attracted wide attention, has • fallen asleep again. He has not slept a wink since September 23. 1S!M, making- '" 152 days and nights. He fell asleep Wednesday night and did not awaken until late Thursday morning. >neu Out of 1'rlpon. iMLj.is. Ind., March 1.— ,lolm Dcnnigan.- sent from Martins- " ville for burglni-y, was given an unconditional pardon out of the prison south. Dcnnigan has been -in confinement- : siuce li59H. Influential friends were instrumental in securing his freedom. Tlielr Work WH» In Vi»lri. .IKI,-I,-|,:I:SONVIU.K. Ind., March 1.— "•, liurglars attempted to loot the county , • treasurer's oliice. They succeeded in forcing three doors leading to the iron li-ior of the vault. Aftev they liaii com- ' noncod operations on the inner door bev took i-.larui anil lied. .Sullivan's coni|j'iny i:isi>anu<'<1. .IAOKSOXVII.I.K. Fla.. March 1.—John L. Sullivan ark', the members, of Ills parly left for >V.v York, after having been in Jacksonville a week. His True American company has disbanded and his trunks nre in possession of the skeriil. Sullivan has no definite plans for the future, lie has received numerous propositions, ranging from posing as a dreadful example in temperance lectures to steering an. air ship. younceKl. Woman lawyer. LA POUTE, Ind.. March 1.—Miss.Ten- nie McKeon. believed to be the youngest woman practitioner in Indiana, was admitted to practice i:i the La Porte, circuit court. Arrcntcrt lr> Ni:w Vork. LA POHTK, Ii)d., March 1.—George Farnhani, who is wanted in this city and at Kokoino for extensive forgeriea, has been arrested in Xew Vork Alil for Strlckvn )-'.-iinllie». SANTA FK, N. M.. March ].—The state legislature has appropriated SC.SOO to be made available at once for the relief of the families left by the miners killed in the explosion at Cerrillos Wednesday. Of tbe twenty-four tilled eleven had families and destitution is feared. Fear ISr In Loit- DAYTOX, 0.. March 1.—Charles Schneider, of this city, has not been heard from since a letter was received saying- he intended leaving Germany for home about the time the ill-fated Elbe sailed. It is feared he was a passenger on that ship. Modjnka Fe«l« a Crar'ii Power. ODESSA, March L—Mme. Modjeska, the well-known actress, has been forbidden to appear at the Warsaw the-, ater, because while at Chicago she lectured at the world's fair on Russia's oppression of Poland. Ueqncct for Mr*. T»lm»|f«. NEW YOBK, March 1.—Mrs. Susan W. Talmage, wife of the noted Brooklyn . preacher,is 813,000 richer than she was. An estate valued at that figure was bequeathed to her by the late Eliza JEL M. Lord. _ XrMuary KccelpM. WASI&XGTOX, March 1. —A statement of the operations of tbe treasury dur- ' ing February shows tbe receipts were within fS,3ii,2T8 of tbe expenditures. GlMgow TbeftMr Burned. GIUBOOW, March 1. — The Theater Royal in thU city was burned Friday- afternoon.

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