The Derby Mercury from Derby, Derbyshire, England on June 20, 1760 · 4
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The Derby Mercury from Derby, Derbyshire, England · 4

Derby, Derbyshire, England
Issue Date:
Friday, June 20, 1760
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( 4 ) MIDLAND CIRCUIT. Lord Chief fußice Willes, and Mr. Baron Adams. Rutlandsiure, Saturdäy July 19, at Okehara. Lincolnlhire, Monday 21, at the Castle. City of Lincoln, the same Day at the City. Nottinghamfhire, Thursday 24, at Nottingham. Town of Nottingham, Friday 2;, at the Town. Derbyihire, Monday 28, at Derby. Leicesterihire, Thursday z i, at the Castle. Borough of Leicester, Friday August 1 , at Leicestcr. Northamptonsliire, Saturdäy 2, at Northampton. City of Coventry, Wednesday 6, at the Ciry. Warwicklhire, the same Day at Warwick. Mr. Woodward is arrived in London from Dublin, and Mr. Mossop is Daily expected from thence, in order it is l'aid, to raise Theatrical Recruits for the ensuing Campaign ; which, itisthought, willprovea very warm one, the latter having separated from the former, and gone over to Smock-Alley-House, of which he has taken on him the Command. We hear from. Shroplhire, that an Oak was lätely felled near Ludlow in that County, the Dimenfions of which are as follow, viz. 36 Tons of Timber, 42 Cords of Wood, 200 Park Pales, and 4 Cords and a half of Brackets. A Bough broke off before the Tree was felled, which weighed Seven Tons and a half. Two Men were employed a Month in stocking it. The Tree was valued at 138I. The scveral Regiments of Militia, at present em-bodied, will be encamp'd this Summer with the Regulär Troops in different Parts of the Kingdom. The Ann'd Ships in the River Thames, lately in the Government's Service, are gone into Dock to be läid up for the present. Yesterday being the Anniversary of bis Majesty's Accession to the Crown of these Realms, the same was observed by ringing of Beils, fifing the Cannon in St; James's Park and the Tower at Noon, and the Evening concluded with Bonsires and Illuminations. His Majesty entered into the 341 Year of his Reign. The Filou Privateer of Dunkirk, of fix Carriagc and fix Swivel Guns, and another final! Privateer Cutter, were taken by two of our Cutters the 19r.l1 Inst, and carried into Yarmouth. The Vengeance Frigate, Capt. Nightingale, now at Portsinouth, is under sailing Orders, going Express to Quebec. , . The French Ministry are negotiating at the Palatine Court for a Body of Troops to supply the Place of the Wurtemberghers. Leiters from Frankfort ad vife, that Marlhai Brog-lio had received Orders to leave that City, and en-camp with his whole Army between Freidberg and Gießen, and there wait for the Enemy. Two hundred Persons, redeemed from Slavery at Algiers, are arrived at Gibraltar. It is reported, that the French, in passing over the Ice in their March to Quebec, lost tlie most Part of their battering Cannon by the Ice breaking under them, and likewisc that ibme Men and Horles were lost by the Accident. We hear that Col. Burton, who wasseverely wound-ed on the Monangahela, and at the taking of Quebec, has distinguiihed himsclf greatly in the last unfortunate Battle. It is remarkable, that this Gentleman has been in every Action during this War in America, and always signalized himself very particularly. From the LONDON GAZETTE, June 24. Admiralty Office, June 2 3 . Capt. Clerke, Commander of His Majesty's Sloop the Basilisk, gives an Account, in his Letter of the iyth Instant, of his having taken and brought into Falmouth, the Hardie Privateer Sloop of St. Maloes, carrying two Carriage and two Swivel Guns, and 26 Men. She had been 16 Kours from the Iste of Bas, and had taken nothing. Admiralty-Office, June 24. Captain Johnstone, Commander of His Majesty's Sloop the Hörnet, gives an Account in his Letter of the 2 2d Instant, of his having taken and brought into Yarmouth Roads, the Free Mason Cutter of Dunkirk, carrying four Swivel Guns, and 15 Men. Lieutenant Pinfold, commanding the Esther Cutter, gives an Account of his having taken and brought into Yarmouth Roads, a small Snow from Dunkirk, carrying fix Three-Poundcrs, and fix Swivel Guns, with 34 Men. Derby, fum 16. Wc hear the Racesat this Place are in. tended to bc rtin the first Week in August next ; and that there will bc Three Days Sport ; the Particulars of which will iöom bc advertis'd. The Raccs at Nottingham begin on Tuesday the 8th os July, And at Chestcrfield, on Wednesday the 1 jh of August. PRICES of STOCKS on Tuesday laß. Bank Stock, 110 a 1 4dl. India Stock, fliut. South -Sei Stock, 94 a 1 4th. Three per Cent. Bank Annuities reduced 833 4ths a 84. Ditto consol. shut. Ditto 1726", shtit. Ditt 17JÖ, fliut. Ditto, 1759, shut. Three 1 -half per Cent. Bank Annuities, 1 756, shut. Ditto 1 758, shut. Four per Cent. 1 76 96 z Stths. Three per Cent. South-Sea Old Annuities, 84 , 1 half. Ditto New, 8r. Ditto 17 shut. Three per Cent. India Annuities, 82141. Bank a 1 half. India Bonds, 8s. 37 s. Prem. Bank Circulation 3 1. ijs. Prcm. Lottery Tkkl ets, 5I. 14s. 6d. a 14s. IMce is hmb? fteit, IORa MEETING of the TRUSTEES acting for the Turnpike Road between the Towns of Derby anfl Rißy, at the GEORGE INN in DERBT, on Saturdäy rhe 28th Day of this Instant pne, atFive o'Clock in the Ar'ccrnoru iSthfune, 1760. f. WRIGHT, Jun. Clerk. LOST on Saturdäy the 1 ?th of May last, üetwixt the Towns of Ajbbcrne and Clifton, (only a Mile from each) in the County of D e b r r, A SILVKR WA ICH, Withasteel Chain, and filver Seal. Whoever will brin". or give Norice of it, so that rhe same inay bc had again, to Mary Etrbes, at the Sign of the Brick and Tile Mould, in Ajhbont shallreccive Half-a-GuineaKtmxd, and no Questions ask'd' otherwise coticeal it at their Peril. Tobe SO LD, at Mappletom, near Aihborne c Thursday the tfh of July next, AQuantity of Saw'd TIMBER, a few Goods ready made up, three Zood Work Benchcs, with Screws &c. An excellent Chest of Joiners Tools, with some Carpen-ters Ditto: Also Swan's Architccture, with a Cafe of Drawiag ' Instruments, The Whole to be sold Cheap, as Oliver Warner (whole Property they are) is going forthwith to fetrle in London. CöurWö PC From the Whitehall, Gcneral, and other Evening Papers, &c. Jtm 24. This Day amved the MA ILS jrom Flanders. Roßock, a City of Meckknbourg in Gevmany) June 6. TH E Ruflians have divided their Army into several Corps. The fliort Absence of Gen. Tottleben was of great Prejudice to their advanced Troops. As that Olficer has studied the Discipline of the Prussians amongst themselvcs, this is a pretty Circumlocution for a Dejerter the Court of Petersburg tlmught it necellary to uirect him to resume his Command. Field Marihai Count Soltikow is indisposcd at Dantzick. General Brown, who is in perfect Health, has taken the Command of a Corps of Troops, with which it is no longer a Secret that he intends to invest Colberg. Saxony, yum 6. The two Armies are still in the same Position. That of Prussia, however, which oc-cupies three intrenched Camps, leems difpofed to make iome Movt-ments, particularly on the Side next the Hills-: No Person is suffered to approach those Camps : A Country FehW, who went to one of them to buy a Horse, was hänged on the Spot. Nurenberg, June 7. Advices from Saxony say, that Marlhai Daun's Army entered the Entrenchments near Dresden on the ist Instant. The King of Prulfia is still within his Intrenchments ; and as each seems to be afraid of the other, there is no Probability of any fignal Blow in that Country, at least for some Time. The two Leaders go frequently to reconnoitre, and appear only attentive to guard against a Surprize. Henna, -June 7. We have received an Account from General Baron Laudohn, that in the Night between the zd and 4th the Prufiians had the Aflurance to attack the advanced Post of the Imperial and Royal Army at Reichenbach, and carried it by a great Supe-riority of Numbers ; however . they were quickly forced to retire by four Imperial Battalions of Foot. General de Neuendorff was unfortunately wöunded in the Leg, and a farther Detail of this Action is expected, which we will venture to predict has spoiled the Scneme of besieging either Breflau or Schweidnitz. Frankfort, June 14. Saturdäy last the Hereditary Prince of Brunswick marched with 4000 choice Troops to join that Detachment of 16,000 Men which the Allies al ready have on the Side of Fulda, but as the Count de Lusoce is at the Head of a Body sufficient to oppole him, we give ourselves no Pain about this Intelligence, though at first Marlhai Broglio did not incline to believe it. Duffddorp, June 15. Some Regiments of Infantry of the Count de St. Germain's Army paised the Rhine Yesterday, and are gone into Cantonments beyond this City. Three Regiments of Infantry, from Cleves, are expected in the Camp To-morrow. The four Battahons of the Regiment of Alsace are in march to join this Army, whose approaching Departure every Thing seems to announce. It's said to be fixed for the iyth. Amßerdam, June 16. The Directors of our India Company are not without Uncasiness at the Hostilities committed by the Engiilh in the River of Bengal. If General Imhoff had been aiive, the Regency of Batavia would have already obtained Satisfaction. LONDON, Junei. By the Biddeford Man of War from Oporto there is an Account, that two Engiilh Men of War in the Mediterranean had met with and engaged three French Men of War; one of the latter was taken, one funk, and one escaped. This Account, it is said, was dis-patched from Cadiz to the Groyne, and from the Groyne to Oporto, in order to come by that Fleet, which was just saiJed, but followed over the Bar with this Intelligence. We hear that there are Letter; in Town from Halifax, which advise, that the French General, soon after the Battle, having received Advice, that General Amherst was within a few Days March of Montreal, in order to make an Attempt on that Place, thought proper to retorn with the best Troops he had, consist-ing of 3000. Regulars ; and that the rest of his Army, which were mostly Canadians, he lest before Quebec. The Odds on Sunday Night at a certain End of the Town, where the Fate of Kingdoms, and the Success of Fleets and Armies, are decided by a Wager, were, Five to One that the French had not taken Quebec. Advices from Jamaica mention some Disturbances among the Negroes. DERB T: Printed and sold by S. DREWRY: Sold also by Mr.RoE, Mr. Trimer, Mr. Fox, and Mr. Sanders, in Derbv. LIKEWISE Mr, B. ASTLE, in Burton upon Trtnt. Mr. R. SMITH, and Mrs. ROE in Aßborne. Mr. JAMES HILL, and Mr. E. BLADÜN, both in Uttoxeter, To be SOLD to the beß ßJDDER, at the KingV-Head Inn, in DLRBT, on Wednesday the qtb Dayof July, 1760, between the FJours of Ihree and Five in the Afternoon, TWO convenient MESSUAGES, or Dwelling HOUSES, with Gatdcns rhereto adjoining, in the Possession of Mr. Henry Moore, and William Whifhurfi, iiruate in the Green-Lane in Derby. For iuithcr Particulars enquire of Mr. Lockett, Attorney at Law in Derby. To be SOLD, the ith Day oJuly, 1760, atthe Sign of the Castle Inn, in Chesterficld, where Attehdance will be ghen, from Ttn o'Clock, till Four in the Affrnoim, A F AR M, fituate and being in the Liberties of tiewboldzn&9ramton, in the County of DER3T, all Freehold, containingby tstimation above Sixty Acres 01 Land, at the Ycaily Rent of 30. called by the Name of NeWbüld Vields. The Land is most of i, t'ull ot Coal, and a good Quart-tity dry, and Pirs open, ready for working, and lyeth in a good Laie. There is a good Coinrnon adjoining the same, with Cornmon Right thereon. Enquire of Godfrey Booker, the renant or of John Renjbaw of hollins, in Brampton, who is iinpowered to feil the same. DER BF, June 1 2, 1 760. To be SOLD to the beß BIDDER At the GEORGE INN, in DERBY, on Friday the atb of July next, A Freehold ESTATE, in the Liberty of Kirk-a Ireton, in the County of DERBT, in the Possession of Thomas Buxton, of the clearYearly Rent of 14. (exceptthe Land-Tax) confisting of four Closcs lying together, calt'd Hayes arter, Ratebet uarter, Upper Pen Carr, and Lower Pen Carr, containing near 28 Acres. For further Particulars enquire of Mr. Robert Clark f., at the Wharf in Derby. The Sale to begin at Two o'Clock, N. B. Ic is an old Rent and cheap. For the ÜSE of SCHOOLS, ThiS DV !B MbllttM, Price Three Shillings, AN ENTIRE NEW WORK Adorned with an elegant Frontispiece, engraved by Walker, and embellished with a Cut to each Fable, curiously executcd from the best Dciigns, F ALLES tranüated from ckSOP, and other Authors. To which are stibjoined, A Moral in Verse, and an Application, in Prote, adapted to each Fable. By CHARLES DRAPER, Brutes are my Th'eme : Am I to blame If Men in Morals are the same ? I no Man call an Ap; or Afs ; "tU his own Confcience holds the Gtafs. GAY. Printed for W. Bristow, in St. f auh Church-Yard ; and sold by all the Bookfcllers in hnaland, Scotland, and Inland. V ße careful to ask for DRAPER's iESOP. By Mr. CÜLE in Wirkswortb, and at Mr. Taylor' s Shop in IVinßer every Saturdäy. Mrs. LATER, in Cheßerfield, Mr. H ICK, Schoolmaster 111 Sheffield. Mr. MARTIN, Bookseller in AJkby de la-Zoucb. Mr. JOHN 8ALT, tVirkßuorth PoJl. Mr. THO. WRIGHT, Burton-Pol. And Mr. W. ASHTON, Schoolmaster in W'xnßtu Also by RUDERT T1MPERLEY, who cawys Parcels, . bttmxrWirkfwfrtb ind Chtjhrßeld every Saturdäy, ,h

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