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The Caledonian Mercury from Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland • 3

Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland
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srom Boston in New England, dated May 1 Veiscl srom Provldence in New-ngland, bound for Hirne Tims since cafl: nwav nn tUp Pins Sable .,.4 irnn faved, and taken l. JTCI1I1CIICI into St. Peter on ir 'niest were up by Capt. 'Vionging t' Annapolis Royal, who put but be MtOstr ay there he was boarded by a TNumber lay there he was boardec fcilled the Captain and all the Peonle. exceDt the 4 3 Frenchman, and afterwards carned the Scalps in attra vV-lb Louisbursh.

the AUTHOR, July 10, 1753. 5. vou that there is yet one among the inferior Clergy iVistCc 111 l- MV-V WWg HIIUI VJltJtJ iconv gpg fpeak his Sentiraents with Freedom, and is neither Junib, as you nave mrimarea in your 1 nunaay raper; Cent you a Paragraph, which, by inscrting in your VnSrited Vehicle, (with what Aiterations you think proper) (mnted jjtopaUge roailj 01 your umlief uns rarr, anu parncu- Last Week arrived at Dunbar, the Blesled Endeavour ofthat Vhcc? Capt. Roxburgh, with fl-ven Whales. Friday Morning went up the Firth the Peggy of Borrowstounntss, Capt.

Gray, with three Whales. And The farne Day carne into Lcith Road srom Greenland, the Camp beiton, Capt. Henrick Yarison, and the Edinburgh, Capt. Yanfon, both of this Flace the former having on board seven Whales and half, and the ether three Whales. That Evening the Rev.

Mr. George Whitheld arrived here front England. He eontinues to preaeh twlce a Day, as ulual, in the Orphan Hospital Park. On Saturday Rob Roy Macgregor reeeived separate Indict-ments at the of his Majesty's Advocate, the one for Murder of John Maclaren in the Year 1736, and the other for the forcible Abduction and Marriage the deceast Mrs. Jean Kay Heireis of Edinbelly and his Trial comes on the 6th of August next.

Creenock, July 14 Arrived the Polly, Ramfay, London with Bale Goods the John of and srom Irvine, Francis, in ballalt the St. Mungo, Hall srom Antigua with Sugar the Shanan, Dun-lop, srom Stockholm with Iron and Deals the Janer, Buch 2.1 an, fiomNonvay with Deals; and the Union, Bryson srom Dyf.rt witla Sah. Sailed the Betty, Dickie, for Dublin, the Nancy Whitsfide, for France, and the Clyde, Brown, for Dublin, all with Tobacco the Pearl, Francis, for Virginia, and the Peggy, Bruce, for Liverpool, both with Bale Goods the May Flower, Smith, for the Hig dands in Ballast and the Sinclair, for Bristol with Mcrchant Goods. Leith, July 19. Arrived the David and Christian, Martin, the George and Anne, Roxburgh, both of Innerkeithing, and the Michael and Palley of Borrowstounnefs, Short, srom Lundee, ali with Deals; also the Martin of and srom N.Bergen, Ruce, with Deals and Ramble.

stt' This Day the 2zd Day of the Moon, it is high Waterat Ltitb, Forenoon, at 7 o'Clock, 13 M. Afernoon, at 7, 33 Mi Tueiday, Forenoon, at 8, 13 M. Afternoon, at 8, 43 Wcdnelday Forenoon, at 9, 14 M. Afternoon, at 9, 44 M. Your eonstant Readers, And humble Servant, Philo Libertas and Co.

Ve congratulate you on your glorious Victory over the fa- ireameiied Solicitor jjjnQldaie Oll nie ivcw icfcj, iui mc vuuuiy ui in, the Vote, lait ot a worthy Divine, at the next Ge- was modeitiy aiKea, netner ne was a Christian or Don't be furprized, Sir I continu'd the Divine; a 'm is 5W abfoiutely incumbent on every British Freeholder; ilialll evergive my Vote to a Gandidate until he hath put it be- Doubt he is the lormer. fv the irrehitibie innuence ana vv eignt 01 tne tleprezu Wealth, ch bath already begun to operate theie i'arts, the above Can wkt has gaai'd his Point. hfelearnby a Gentleman jult come trom Cambridge, that a cer- Great Man, who had lately made a Visit there, was, on his rwre, saluted by the People, who followed him in Crouds quite oorh the Town, with Hall King of the Jeivs S. The Members For the above County having always Cent on hierest it is fubmitted to your better Judgment, whether or Jm Intereit will be more proper here, all Circumstances ftt hear srom Aldborough in Suffolk, that last Week fourteen jews landed there, and ipent four-pence rhey fet out to Mulare their Tribes here in Town. isia'td that a Sublcription is going on sorLectures in Desence of Christian Faith against the Jeivs, if any of the Clergy of the rClals can be prevailed on to unoertake so arduous a Tasic, as notexpeefed srom the disnified Commendam Pluralists.

and the Wkm greee torci. hs Wilson, srom Greenland, is arrived in the River ADVERTISEMENTS Mademoiselle D'EFFRENE, Larely returned srom Abroad, whcre has oecn for tome i mpro-vif ig ner'clr in the Art of ceaching Dancing. has taken a tu Car-rtib cr's Clofc, wht re Ihe rrosolc to itach Ladies, and Gcndemcn in thiN ulc fui Brauch of Education asict the newclt Vlanncr. Her Hours of the Ladies are srom Nine to One borenoun, and the Gentlemen srom Thrcc to Highe Afternoon. Shc ceache!) no young Gentlemen afeer twclvc Years of Agc.

55 The Managers of the BAST-LOTH (AN and MERSE WHALE-FibHING COMPANY finding chac the Subscnbers are dilatory paymg up the ti Subscriptions in the Stockjof said Company, desire that ihe.Tl i.nmedutely pay into Meif. James Mansfield, Son.s, and Huntcr, their Casliiers, what they are dne upon their Sublcription, as the Attairsot "the Company requtre the fame. T1 Thac by Warrant of ehe Sheriff of Edinburgh, upon Tucsday the 141h july instant, ac Twclwe o'Clock Mid-day, there is to be expofed tt publick Roup and Sah-, wohin the Sheiift-cierk's OfEcc, Edinburgh a REFLEC lNG TELEiCOPE." The and Arcicles and Conditions of Roup, to be fecn in tlic seid Sherirr-clcrk'i Office. iikFiQi. hger, with British HerrlnffS srom Shetland, nass'd throufrh Jouth Roads last Thurfday Evening, for the London Market.

WE tVnf tV. Drr- i i mgv. nuiii 1.. ucionging to ine of Whitehaven got sirst to the Hamburg Market with pick- terinas. fsterday Mr.

Lockman. Secretarv to the British Fisherv. made a their new pickled Herrings, jult arrived, to the I july 23. BSrfi-. fite frnm Iffti that last Week three more Perlons werc to for being concerned in the Riots in the mat County 5 and that the Henry and Mary, Capt.

ztti! vf the ShiPs fittecl out krm Whitby for Greenland, ar- sr. aunday le n-night with three vvhales ot the Exchequer Chamber, Edin. iotb Julyt 1753. Tt this Day ordered by the Barons, That the Eiferen of the late Lord George Mnrray out of the Estate of GLENfCARSE, which was adverriied fr Saleon the J4th instant, be ADJOURNED to the i st current, at -hieb Time the fame is to be expofed to Sale in the Court of Exchequer, as for merly advertifed. By Order of the BARONS, D.

MONCREIFFE Secretary; Rtewn6 that on Te 'n-night a Barn in Farm Was tet on fire and burnr down by lI Whiik ueai ot thremed and unthrelhed Corn was Roxburghshire, that last Week the Reverend Mr. 10 8rvfi a Clergyman of that County, aged 70, was NW? Scott of Whitehaugh, a Maiden Gentlewo-h Both their Ages together makc upwards of 150 -f- Thai William Tod junior is now moved to the Shop in the South-east Corner of the Parliament cloie, and 'contin ues to feil asformer'y, Broad Cloths at allPrices, Forrest Cloths, GermanSerges, Druggets, Hats Stockings, and also Choice otundrest Damasks, Tabbies, Ducapes. Arma zines, Sartins, Lutestrings and stript, Poplings, with Va-riety of other Goods for Mcnand Worocns Apparel, at the i'rlcc,.

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