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The Caledonian Mercury from Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland • 3

Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland
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them) to preveat theit forther R.S 'Z SSrtWS Wlfhed for buccoiirs arrived. ruddv, black Hair and Eyebrows, bat wears a Orders are iffloed for impreffing to Hasa'J artificial Mark of hurniog on bis Lest. Arm above WOrk in the Yards, for the more expeditioufly fit- tfce Wrest, anotherunder the LeftBreast, whichhe faysfce tine out his MajefrVs Fleet aeainst the Spring, got since May last. The Prepirations for a Naval Armamcot in all Ost Saturday was fe'nnigfet died at Balqhuidder the Ports of Francs are incredtbk. Sivispmm in Perthfhire, the fam'd Hibland Partizan Rob Roy para interim We are allured, that on Monday next be A- WchearthatCounsellor Strange is retained as cted at the Edinburgh Theure, (being particnlaily Counril in above 50 Petitions, for undue Eiections The ReUpse, or, Virtue in Dangen OJ-and Returns in this prefent Parlament and that dy.

To which will be added, the merry Trsgedy 1000 Freeholders of Yorkshire miist attead in Par- of Chrenonhotontholcgos liament on the above Account. ATo morrow, the 28th Day of the Moon, II IS Cadix Dec.i- Arrived the Adsiatic, Haonay, High Water at Leitn, at 12 0 dock, 36 Vnn. from Leith. Saturday, at 27 Min. Monday, at 3, 3 Min.

Gravefend, Ja. 1. Arrived the Hope, Greig, ADVERTISEMENTS fr am South Carolina. ARCH BALD EAGLE, Merchant in Smith's LanJ, Deal, Jan. 2.

Sailed the Kircaldie Pacquet for feh MMMJ the StreJt, opposKC to Frauce. Wynd, Seedfaun to the Honourable Society for Ititptoving nt TT O-H. O. Agriculturee. has juft brcuht with him from Lun- Jwi sf reerfina fresh and aoed (7 Kereas two Perlons, lately le.zed axid comitcea TJM klnds.

Vkrietic. all Jail, -jccn ornca to2ether with choiceof Seeisx se- thcm in scveral Fiacts or tneir VWJ'M reSive Kinds. THESE ttaftfift -dvertiic tl whacthey ried toth.irSatisfaction and reaably wui excie --i-raliv as counter- 01 the Seeds may be seen at said 5Jup: Whe-e lg CetiS also yof may ha ve the very finest MchHwSUU ANDaiitiafiispected, that every Sort of 6. tM. all Kinds or the above two Peilows have been conceirned inCnrnes de- Grats AinTTeUtinltot Kind as to send Notice twixc Edinburgh and Glaigow, wnecai an Acc pted of this Citv.

Bill, dated theaSrh or Oaober last, drawn at Glaigow, m1cL1Id1oEZ Down, by John Bogle, for hirnfcst and John Bind, pon David a Trade about Foot 9 Ihches high, Simsen Merchant in Leith, payable in May next lor thc tU'SSA, wrought with Ar- ium of i. 127 3 4 sterl. Whocverhas fonnd th Bit, 1, MMw atSlowaniskee'd to ret.rn it to Mess. John Bogle and Baird, Meg in Coni Dolo, 8 Miles from Dromasc, wrought also chants in Glasgow, or to David Simson Merchant in toSerjsant Nicolen in Belfast 4 5 Years; has 1 Artist- in the Head of ciai Mark wich burning uader bis Lest Breaft and Lyshe to be LE TTE, cor.sisting of a Kir- got irrten Weeksago from Patrick" Macguinich: Uefayj, a Siriiag.Room in the adStoley, with Captain Dnncan, who lives half a Mile frort 1 Artnur Hag be'r ostthe 5arne two in the 34 gini, is diant Relation and that hFa thei Name KSM Rooin nd two Garrets above also as John Macmanos, live in the Panft of Driimcaro MM and other Conveniencies of fix'd PreC County of Tyrone-, his Mother's Name Hannah Morr WiiJSSSd Kangings, already in the Ho.fe. He speaks Irish from his Inrancy, but bad EngUQi: Says, ies, Bed tu rni.n byt and who- he is'now a Protestant, but was Christen'd a Papist.

1 Houi. as Patrick Hanef, Ton to Manasses Haney, who hved the 1 Parifi of Lochgal, four Miles from Ardmagh, and was a ol the fm James Robertson knows him JttlJt a Weaver with Michael swmF, ur; Tjvj 1 Pircel ai Ginge 7 Doie from n.rrvt and thu his Uncle, Tohn Maclauchlan, is Parcel of drejs i Sriiff Receiver and BaiUie in the 4 downs oiuummcr, V.iöwZX. tw iaft. waybetweenDerry and Dungaven) tor aptamjaacsmc.

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