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The Bath Chronicle from Bath, Avon, England • Page 1

The Bath Chronicle from Bath, Avon, England • Page 1

Bath, Avon, England
Issue Date:

THE BATH CHRONICL Vol. XXX. No. 1541. THURSDAY, April 14, 179.1. Ready Money with Advertileiints. Printed by R. ELL, in St. JAMES's-STREET, Givcn Gratis. Wliere Advertiscmcnts, Leiters to the Printer, and authentick Articles of Intdligcnce, are thankl'ully reccived; and Printing in gcncral e.xccuted with Klegariee, Corrcfhicfc, and Dispatch. ADVERTISEMENTS, ant) Orders this Paper, are also taken in byMr. TvtM, in Warvvick-Square, at tlic Cliapter, London, St.CIcment's,Rainbow, and Peele's Coffisc-Houfes, and Bedlbrd-Hotel, Lnv; by ehe Printers of all the Countiy Papcrs; Mr. Henry Brpwn, Quay-ureet, Mr. Lloyd, Winc-street, and Mr. Latham, John-Ilrect, Bristol; Ealton, Salisbury; Ncwbury; Davies, Warmlnster; Crocker, und Daniel, Fronie i Smitli, Jones, Lymlngton Miss P.lome, Carniafthen; Nortli. Erecon; Harald, and Wells, Mailboro' Calne; Angel, Chippcnham Stevens, Cirenctster Lye, Hungerford Harward, Cheltenham te Glccelter; Wilton, Tevvlcelbury Love, Weymouth; Hfiwitt, Glaflontiury Ton 1min, and Norris, Sniall, Trowbi'idgej Symcs, and Crandon, Bridgwatiirj Evili, and Lewis, Wells; Wie, Norton; Cary, Sbepton Miss Godwin, West-Stower Bild, Cardiff; and by the Country Distributors, Of whom all Ecoks, advBitised herein may be bad. Perfons refuiing in tbe Country at a from any place through tubich tbe Neivfmcttfmfi, may bave tbis Paper lest tuhere they pleafe to may have it sent free of to any Part of Great-Britain or Ircland. 1LJ Friday and Saturday's Posts. LONDON, Al'RIL 8. iEDNESDAY bis Majesty's Pro- I claniation was publilhed, lor re-calling and prohibiting feamen from ierving Foreign Princes and States, and for granting rewards difcoverjng such Icainen as lliall conceal themfclccs. Wednefdny Cliancellor of the Exchemver had a meeting with tlie Bank Dircctors, and accepted tlieir of a loan of coo.oool, BLACK LACE and MODE WAREHOUSE, fNo. 3, WADE's-PASSAGE, BATH. TG ALE has reccived a t'refi and larae Affortment es BR1TIS1-1 and FOREIGN'BLACK LACE wMing if EnoiNns, Ci.oak Lace, aiid beautiful biotd patttriit fot lioNMT Vtus, rY. ani yquartet MODES. CLOAKS runde in tbe Tasth. N.B. As viir'mn ImitathW of the British Lace is wie, J. GALE will wurmn! all bmght tf Km to bigaminc. 6017 Spring-Gardcns, Vauxhall, ARE opened for the SEASON, with BREAK-FASTING and AFTERNOON TEA, asufual. PUBLIC BREAKFASTS every Monday and Tburl'day, during tbe Scason, attendcd with Horns and Clarioncts, Sie. Tickets at is. 6d. each, to be had at the Gate of tbe Garders. A Subfciiptien is optmd for walktrrr in the Gar Am, at s. fir the AViiwi. EARE and SON, Car-vers, Gilders, and Pidure-Fritme Mtiktrs, at theil Warehouse, King's-Meid-streer, respecttully acquaint their friends and the publick, that they have fttted up for their aecommedatioa a Commodious SHOP, at the Corner of QUF.EN-SQUARE and BATH, With a fafbionable affortment of Girandolcs, Erackcts, Glall'ts, which they arc determincd torender on the London terms. Ltoking-Ghft fih ered. An ArrRENTicr. ivankd. (t3 A First-Fluor to lett, furnifhed or unfuruilhud, at No. 9, Kingfmcad-ftreet. 6107 ARGYLE COFFRE.IIOUSE and TAVERN, HF.AUTIFUM.Y SITUATF.O In ARGYLH-BU 1LDINGS, BATH. GBLOW (from the Star and Gartcr, Pall-Mall, London) begs leave to acquaint his friends and the. publick at large, that he bas taken and entered upon tlie seid House, which he has fitted up in a commodious and elegant manner for the recep-tion of Gentlemen, on the plan of tlie London Hotels. He iVittcis him seif that from kingcxpcrieticc in this linc nf bulinels, and adtuatcd as he is by a deterrnination to render thu best and Liquors, on the most rcafonable terms, he (hall be ablc to give entin: fatisfaction to thofe Noblcinen and Gentlemen who nr.y be pleased to honour him with their favours. (r Public Dinncrs, and Din- ners for seiest Parties, drelled on tlic stiertest notice. A Public Cottec-Room, opened by Subfcription, and surnilhed. with the best and most estcenled London and Country paper. JV. B. A Sttbh-Yard is prepariitg for the accmmQa'Uim ofthe houje. B. MR. GRIMAN1 rcspectfully inforws bis fiiend and protestors, that he has taken a la-ge Coinrnndioua House No. 5, ST. IAMES's-STREET, For the crftiblting the MODELS of LONDON and of ROMF. The Model of London is near 30 feet long, being on a seale nf aii inch to So feet that of Rrune is final ler, being on a feale es an iatll to 120 feet. To be scen from 10 till every day. Adraittiincc to each Model One Shilling, (tj His Evening French A'ctdcmy opens at 6, and continues till 8 every cvoning. And bis Lclurcs upon Geogiaphy at in the morning till ic. 6274 TO be 50LDin thofe PEPETUAL FEE-FARM RENTS, issuing out of, and well securci by fubstantial stone and timber wcll-built Houses, in GAt.l-AvvAY's. Buit.DiNtis, amountmgtogethcr to tlie net annual fumof 108I. usi tax free. For further particulars, and treaty fale, nlcase ta apply to Mr. Jesserys, Crtfcent, Bath. 6265 R. RUSPINI. Jun. Surckon-Denttst to His ROVAI. H1GHNESS the PRINCE of WALES. The MISS FLEMINGS FIND themfelves under the difagreeable necefhty of requclHng the indnlgcnce of their friends and tlic pulilick fiting TUESDAY tbe i6th instant, for their SPRING BALL, at tbe AlsimMy-Rnoms, ittstcad of VVednesday tlic tlic latter day interferiilg with Mr. Rau.zini's Musical Engagements. KING JAMES's PALACE; Or, LYNCOMB GARDENS. TANNER most refbectfuUy acquaints the No- biliiy, Oentry, and his friends, that hasopencil a Sub-fcriptlon Book Ladies and Gentlemen wallcing in tbe Gardens, at 21. 6J. the Scafon. Non-Subfcribers admltted at (jd. cach, for which thev will be entitled to any refresliment to that amnunt. PUBLICK BREAK.FASTS every Wednefday and Saturday du-rinptlie Scason, attendcd with Frcnch-Horns, Clarioncts, Tickets is. Cd. ach, be had at Mr.Mcyler's in tbe Crovc; Mcflrs, Lintcras' Mufick-shop and at tli Gate of the Gardens. Pr'nutf and Aftmmn Tea scv any mmbtr as dmptin, Ovihrs will in atMr.TanmrslMßnp (c3' Dimiers teste on tbe flirrtest notice. SILK STOCKINGS. There being a general Cnmplaintof nnt having Silk Stockikgs prnperlv cleaned in BATH, CHARLES ELKINS. No. 7, Pierpoint -Street, (Manager of Mr. Tulcy's atting Business) has undertaken to them fejured, trimm'd, and legg'd, in the fame manner as in London. All Silk Staekings sent to his House on or before MnnJay morn-ings, will be dclivcml tj tlie owner 011 tlie Thursilay following. As theexpence attending this undertaking will be considerable, C. EiKiKS hnpes for the encouragement and suppoit the inha-bitints uf this city and neighbourhood. Feiitbm, Muss, and Erm'm, dnmd to hok as nno, TO THE CLERGY. ANTED, by a Clergyman who posiesses a Living in a Country v.ilhg wirbln 20 miles Fast ot' Bath, ncar a turnpike -rpad, an EXCHANGE of RES1DENCE with a Clergy. m.iii who has a Living on the Sca.Coall in anypartof tbiskingdam. For further particulars apply to Mellis. Fomian and Scadamorc, ttornics at law, Bath. Leiters poft-paid will be duly attendcd to. GEORGE INN, TR0WBR1DGE, April Sth, 1791. AT a Meeting of the Comtnittee of Protestant for the Cnuntv of Wilts, BENJAMIN HOBHOUSE, ts4; intheCbair: After scvcral Letteis bad been reaJ, and Regulatinns made pro-mot'mg tlic plan of' permanent Union amnigst tbe hole bndy of Protestant Dissenters throughout England, the following Motion was prupofed, anJ paili'd tinanimously; That altho' vie pereeive with plealure trat the PROTF.STING CATHOLICS, astheyare pleased to call themlcNcs, will Ihortly In- placed beyond the reach ot many cnicl and pcrlbcuting llatutcs; still wc cannot at the fanie time forbcar to express, that we ftould luve been inuch more happy in the profpect of tiaeir absolute and tepeal, than of a partial exemption from their puniihment upon conditims, which imply a right in the Legillature tt institt pcnalties, or esact teils on aecount of religious Qpiaians." By order of the Committec, 6176 BENJAMIN HO HOUSE. A IT. EVELEIGH, Akchitect, removed from No, 3, Laura-Placc, to Chk Nf.w Town, whero he has built fpacious Worklhops, and kerps workmen in tlie br incbcsof build'mg; will execute all kinds of New Buildings, or Altsrations, in town or countiy, or l'upcrintend and adjust the fame wherc diffcent mechanics arc employrd. EluvatIoks drawn in the Gothic and Modern stile. The diffc-rtnt Works expcilitcd in aworkmanlikc manner, on rcafonable terms. Etlatcs furveycd, and Rcnts collected, as iisual. AH pari arJfuture tuill bi geatefuly aikmvklgeL To bc LETT, and entered on immediately, on a low rent, Part of a modern srcelbne-fronted House, in the principal strect of a nUrkct-towiij about 12 miles from Bath; adining-room 14 feet by 12 feet, bed-room behind ditto, four good garrets, good kitchen, cullar and vaolts. Apply as above. 1(170 To ie 0 THE MANOR of TROWBRIDGE in Wiltlhirc, with tbe FEE-FARM RENTS, and other RENTS thereto bcloncingj and The of the MARKET nf TROWBRIDGE. Als), Several HOUSES and PARCELS of LAND at TROWBRIDGE, moltly let on leafes that are now dcccrminable on onc or two old lives. For further particulars, enquire of Mr. Smith, of Bradford. GRlTsLETON, WILTS. TO bc LETT, and entered upon immediately, for the term of feven yeirs, The MANOR HOUSE of GRITTLETON. Late the Rclidence of JOHN HOULTON, esq; decealed. The. House conlists of a breakfast pailuur, a and a Jrawing-rooin, 011 the ground floor; live good bed-cliambets, and garreti ibr servants. The whole is campletcly and elegantly The (lablcs, coach-houfcss, and other osiicci, arc in excellent repair. Also, nf execeding good I'ailure Land ljoining-. N. fi. Orittletun is 13 miles from Bath, and 20 from Biifkol and a turnpikc -roaJ gocs throngh tbe village. The Tcnant will have the libeily to appoinc a Gamckccpcr for tlie Manor. For further particulars apply to James Montague, csq; at Lack-liam near Cbippenham or to Mr. Smith, at Bradford, Wilts. THREAD and CUTTON MANUFACTORY. MEstrs. THOMAS SMITH and Co. at the Three Pigeons and Sceptre, No. 173, Fleht -S-rittcr, Reg Icjve to insorm their friends, tbey have now reccived their new bleached Thu f.aii for the Spring and Summer Trade, which for strcngtli, and plcasantness in working, is superior ro the wire, and inucli less expenllve. Familics who take a quarter of a pound will have the fame allowancc as Ihopkecpers. Pins and Ncedleson the maker's terms, and by the 500 er 1000, the fame as to tlie dealers. Rcmark, tlic sc nccdles do not cut in the eye. Thy have also a large aflbrtment of Holland, Manchester, nd French Tapcs, of malt excellent fabricks; also Frenchand India Cotwiu, and every article in the Haberdalhcry linc. Somc cuiious black Modes for Cloaks not to be inatched in town for colour and wcar, and 10 net cent. Iower than last year, A large asTytmcnt of rien white and black Gauzes, Flowers of every fort, and made, if required, to pattems. Some very cheap black Blond Thread Laces and Edgings. All kinds of silk, wo, sied, and ihre ad Fringes for Trhnjnings and Furniture. All kinds of Silk and Gotton Hofe. Bed I.accs, Tasllls, and Lines, made to any patteins. Bed if taken by ehe. piccc, will be sold for colt price, save only a ltnall discount. Weddtnj Suits ot Lace and Einen, ready made, for the fame purpole. Hombazcens, Crapcs, and black Silks for Mourning. S'imc few J.ibbs of and Ribboili particularly cheap. A few Furrs, Sattln Cloaks, and other Winter Goods, rcinaining onhand, for about half price. Millincry of all snrts ready made. Morning Caps trrmmed at as. each. Rcmark, tbe number of tbe house, (No. 173) as there are thers of tbe name in Fleet-strcct. 6i3o IS ABRIVF.U AT No. 10, DUKE-STREET, Nortii-Parade, BATH, Where he will attend bis iticnts at home or abroaJ, as ulual and where may be had his DENTRIF1CE POWDER and TINC-TURF. for and kautifyhg the TEETH and GUMS, and likewife his muchapproved STVPT1C SOLUTION. (so Itrongly recommended by the Faculty) sot (tuppingall kinds of Hemorrhagcs, both intcinal and extern Tbc above Dentrifice-Powder TinKure, also the Stytic Solution, arc sold by appointmeiit, by Mr. the Walks; iVIt.Mooic, in tbe Grove and by tbe Printer of this paper, and bis ncwfmen. POTTER, Queen-Sojcare, begs leave to rctatn his rnolfc gratesul ac-knowle3gerncnts to bis friends and publick for the kind indulgcnce he has already reccived, soliciting a continiaance of their suppurt, being deterrnined by a (teady attention and moderate ch'arge to merir, their future favours. He likewife acquaints his friends, that he is just returned from London, where he has collected from the diffcent Manufacturies a new and elegant astbrtment of all the larft Pattcrns of PAPER-HANG1NGS, which will bc sold at tbe London rctail priecs, free of carriage. Wilton, Pcrlia, and Scotch CARPETS, of the best fabrick, felected from the tatst manufactorjes. Japan Drawing-Room and ChamberCliairs in great variety. Lines, Tallids, Fringe.s, aml all Bed Trimmings, 1 5 per cent. cheaper than uftlally sold. Floor and Passage Clotlis without feams, of various pattcrns. Pausiern Winds a nciv ccnftMio. three Sits of Bhtt Curtami, to ie fild ihres (its Goons Lett 011 Hire. 0197 DUKE-STREET, MATH, April 2, 1791. GENUINE HEKEFORDSHIRE CYDER. IT has long been observed, that the City of Bath migbt boast of being fupplied with every necell'ary or luiury os Ilse in the hlghelt perfection, exeepfmg CYDER to procutc which, of a superiorquality, has ever been attendcd with difficulty. To obviate that complaint, Mr. JONES, of tbe City of HEREFORD, Has dtablilhed a WAREHOUSE on the LOWER QUAY, And laid in a large Stock of Old Prime Golpf.n Pifpin, Red Streak, VF.t.i,ow Styhi, and other approved Fruits, which, for richnefs and delicious flavour, not bc furpaiTcd, belog of a proper age, and free from every fpecies of adulteration, most of which is of his own growth. ir" He bas liievife Sujsash WOidfiilb Perry. Orders reccived at Mr. Stawcll's, cooper, Horfe-strect, and attend-ance given at the Warehoufc on the Quay, from ten to two o'clock, on Mondays, Wednefdays, and Fridays. CHEAP UNEN-DRAPERY, At the INDIA MUSL1N and IRISH L1NEN WAREHOUSE, Late tbe KutcsroH-BiuiDnics, Bath, JWHITESETT being just returned from London, begs leave to offer to the infpection of the Nobility, Gentry, and publick, a very large Astbrtment of INDIA and BR1TISH MUSLIN5 cf all deferiptions; A variety of Carltcrbury, Windfor, and French Fancy Mullins for Spring Dresses; an extensive affortment of Printed Callicoes and Furniture Dirnities, Mullincts, Counterpancs Marseilles Quilts Damalk and Diaper Tablc Linen; Shectings of all qualitics and breadths; long and fquarc Shawls, Scarfs, Cambricks, long Lawns, Pocket-Handkerchiefs, and a very numercus of 3-qr. 7-Sths, and 4-qr. Irish Linens, $it. gS 7. MUTESETT, from tbe genenus uppirt be bas bitbtno mit luitb bis lommeitcenicnt of buf'mtji, thinhs it a duty ineumbint on vithoiit interest; in consideration of wliich he relin-quidies the projest of appropriating the fleating balance to the tisc of Government. The Welt-India merchants have uiformed Miniltry, that in order to preferve ourWell-lndia islands in l'afety and peace, speedy tetmination shonld he made of Mr. Wilberforce's bill, and that Minillryought, for the fafety ofour to oppose tlie abolition of ttie flave trade. M. is gone to the other world, to keep Company with Solon, Nutria, Lycurgus, the Czar Peter, A to hiin," lays the King and Qucen of France, and, no doubt, all other Qucens and Kings what-ever. He is greatly lamented and honoured at bis death though, in Ins lire-time, he was confidered, at as a kind of patrioticblackgu.ird. He died on Saturday last, afteran illnefs violetit and in his izd year. Icaving miny of his intended plans unfinimed, bat ata time, when his reputation bad attained an height, which it probably woukl not have exceeded. When his death was reportcd tothe National Assembly, M. Barrere, after lbme short eulogeum, rose to move, that the general for the loss sliould noticed in the procefs verbal, and that the presldent Ihould invite every member in the name of the country, to astirt at lmfuneral." Themotton was agreed to. Tlie Directory Paris have decreed a publie mourning of eight days. Thcrlday Lord Barrymore's fale commeneed with bluod horses; but the engageinents upon all the Capital ones being very heavy, all of tliem pafl'ed the Itammer without any real bidders, except MerryTravelier, which sold for Z50 guineas. The other lots were hunters, hacks, and coach-horses, At leall two thoufand persons were piefent, from the Peer to the postiftion. Mr. Perry and his young wife are gone off to the con-tinent. He came to town his own marriage and vvifhed to conftilt the Solicitor-General, who declined to enter on the bufmess but adviscd him to get away as soon as posiible, as he thought he was not in England. The girl was certainly carried away without her consent, and it is faid to be a satt, that (he never iaw her tulhand until after she lest the boarding-schoul. The statute of 41h and of Philip and Mary, c. 8, enacts, that if any woman child, or maiden, being above tbe agc of 12 years, and under 16, contract matrimony, coiitrary to the faid statute, that then her next heir (hall etiioy all such lands and hcreditaments as (he had in pof-lellion, reversion, or remainder. Last week the following manceuvre was practised by the friends of a well-known American Jutbor Printed circular letters, under the fignature of Mr. Rcje, and dated from Wkhehall, as if ctmhig from tbe Sicretari oj tbe Tnafury, were sent to fewral corporate pramSy the he ads of the of Canwridgc, recomrnending Mr. Paine's in anfwer to El r. Burkc, as a work which the friends of Government would wistt to have perufed by all ranks of people. In cotifequencc of the unaninious vote of the Irish House of Lords, that John Butlcr had proved his richt to the tides of Earl of Ormond and Vifcount Thuries, his ajesty has been pleased to direct his writ tobe issued, f'ummoning the Earl of Ormoiil to Parliament. The American Congiefs have resolved upon the inlti-tution of a National Bank, aecording to a plan fur-nilfied by Mr. Hamilton. 'Phe not es of this Bank are 10 be taken in all the publick ofaecs as fpecie, and the JJanks of each State are to give money for them when teiulered. The Capital of this Bank is to confilt of ten millions of dollars, to be raised by 25000 shares. The box of fpecie cousigned to the Lord Lieutenant tif Ircland, which was secreted at Chester, was found the next day, and forwarded to Dublin. Some publick-fpirited gentlemen of Dublin are enga-ged in two pursints which do honour to themfelves, and willundoubtedly pmveof greatfervice tothe Community. These are the reltraining the infolence of inen servants, jiitrticularly in publick places; and the fupprelfing the Publication of indecent prints. On a Itatcmentof the quantitiesof comandflour im-ported from and exported to lreland by Grcat-Britain for the last ten years, the balance 011 impo Nation is con-Jiderable the quantity of wheat-flour thus iinported being upwards of 160,000 cwt. while that exported is only about 75,000. During the last three years, there Ins been no exportation of wheat-llour, and upwards of 57,000 cwt. have been iinported. Tuesdjy, evening a new Tragedy was perforrned at Covent-Cardcn, callcd Lorenzo, written by Mr. Merry, author of tlic pocins publifhed under the fignature Dtlta Crufia. Lorenvo is a Spanifh noblem an, ennrnoured ot the daughter of a clecayed lioufe, and belsved, at the same time, liy aii opulent Heircl's, in tbe confidence of his mistross. In a naval expedilion, Lomueo is taken, and carrycd into c.iptivity. The fatlier of his mistrcls, from adesire of marrying her toa rieh and powerful Duke, and her considante, from a bope of obtalning Lortnzc, spread the repurt of bis deatb, and prevail on his decei-Vsd miliass to accept tbe band of tbe Duke. Having dlfposcd of her rival, the cont'uUnte ranfoms LtrenM informs' bim of the inconjtancy and man iagc uf bis mistrefs, andobtains bis band. On an interview bttween Lm'nM and the the tragick beaniun bis mind, and iinpel him to thofe actions wliicb form tbe principal incideutt ol the play. His interview with bis beloved mistrefs attempts 011 his lile by the fatlier and tbe Duke, in which their own are lost and tbe de -sjiotidence of bis Ootmtefs indueing her to take poifon furnisli the embarrassinents and difficulties, wsiieh are Airmonnted by tl beroifm of the injured parties, and wliich terminate in prafpect of inutual happinefs. The fable, though on Spanifh ground, is probable. The characters, on tbewbole, havefufficient noveltyj andaredrawn with a fi ec and bold band. Tbe langnage is that of Heiln harmonious and mellisitious, but too tndiscrimlnately storid, aitd perpctually bolding out ornament and imageiy. Bristol, April 9. Last weck an uricqmmon drattght os salnion takcil in tbe Rivcr Wye, near Monmomh. The number was almost incredible; tbe heaviest fifh weigbed 7olbs. Saturday nigbt last, a vefsclon the River Severn, oppofite the Bnfoii, at Stourport, the propcityof Ovvner Featberstone, of Worceller, was wilfully fet on sire, and neaily confumed, At tlie general gaol dtlivery for this city, hold before our re-corder the Worfliipful Richard Hin ke, el'qi Mathe Fand, for altenipting to rob Mr. Uayiiton Dominica Dorlliig, sorbur-rlar and' felony and Morris Fititsrald, for slealing in the house of J. Martin, reccived l'entcnce of death. The two foi mer arc lest for execution, but is.rcpricved. J. Knees, for slealing Hills of exchange, twtlve months folitary conftne-iittnt in Bridcwell; and J. ilualing breeclies, to be tranfporttd for feven vciti. To 1 S. TO be LETT on long Building Leafes, PART of a CLOSE of GROUND, commandoig one of the most pka-sent picturesque prospects abnit Bath, leading from BATH to BATH HAMPTON, and w'ithin that Manor from which is seen the river Avon, Swainfwick, Chaslton, Bathcdltdh, and the adjacenr Also, a l'LOT of GROUND 0,1 the North-West lidc ofthe Sham CAsrl.E,sitiiatc in a Clrise callcd the Fir-GroVe, com-man ling a very extensive profpect os the city os Bath and its vicinity. ThcGrounds are healtliy and well w.ltercd, and but a very distance from Hampton-Down, from whence Builders may be well fupplied with stone. For particulars apply to Mr. Watts, attorney, Walcot-Parade. 10 be SOLD in FEE, a Mcffuage or Tenemcnt 01 St. James's Parade, (No. 2,) now in the occupation of Mrs. 1. Also Three Metsuagcs or Tenements in Peter-strcet, (No. 4, 5, now in tlic refpective ccupations of Mr. Ifaacsj Mr. Griffiths, and Mr. Budd. For further particulars apply to Mr. Meyler, bookfeller, Bath at the Bank of Messrs. Collins and Co. or'at the officc of iVieslrs. Stcphens, attorney, Salifbury. 6045 0 1 E. TO be LETT, ready surnilhed, and entered upon immediately, A very good HOUSE, fit for the reception 01? a gentcel family, tituated in the town of AbrrM'inny. The House alfords every convenience, and tbe back-front com-mands a dclightful view ol the adjacent hills and fihe country, with good stabling, double coach-lioufc, excellent kitchen gardens, with fruit-trees in high perfection. There may be had ncar feven acres of rieh meaduw land adjoining the premises. For at N. ze)t Gay-stbet, Bath; er of Mr Kanfcy, Abergavenny. 'This advertifat vo more. 611" MER.S ETSHTRE. TO be LETT for a term of years, a fpacious elegant MANS10N, with extensive offices of every defenotiun, large gar.lcns, hot-houscs, See. and the command uf two large Manurs, plentifully stoeked with gamc. The Ilouse is elegantly and complctcly furnifhed, and is dclight fully iituate within an honr and half's drive of Bath. Tlie tcnant will have the use of a very Capital and valuabl libraiy, and may be aecommodated with any quantity of land. For further particulars enquire of John jeder, efijj at SharpsiW, near Frome or of Mr. Shcpheard, solicitor, in Bolwell-Court, ncar Lincoln's-inn, London. (iS Poimers to besold. This Day it price it. A SERMON preached at SALISBURY on Sunday March 6th, 1701, before The Honourable Mr. Baron PerryK, AnJ die Honourable Mr. Justice Hzatm, Being Lent Astizes. Dcdicatcd to John Awdry, of Notton, efq; High-Sheriff of tlis County of Vilts. By EDWARD POPHAM, D. D. Rector of Chilton, Bath, printed and seid by S. Haaard seid also by J. Dodilcy, Fall Mall, London; and all other bnoksellrrs. Of ivbnm mtty be lad, by tht jame Author, 1 j. tacb. A SERMON preached at the Anniversurv Meeting ofthe Nativcs ofthe Coanty of WILTS, in St. Augustine's church, BRISTOL, August iith, 1779. A SERMON preached cn Febnnry Sth, beingfthe day ap-pointed by Proclamation for a PUBLICK. FAST. A SERMON preached on July iqth, 1784: being tbe day ap-pointed by Proclamation for a Central Tbankfghing for tbe Peate. A SERMON preached at the Trienniai of the Hon. anl Right Rev. Fatlier in God, SHL'TE, Lord Biihop of Sarum, held at Wilts, July lyth, 1786. 6146 This Day is puhlified, price u. 6d. THE WELSH FREEHOLDER's VINDICATIONf of His LETTER to the Right Rev. SAMUEL, Lord Biihop of St. David's, in Reply to a Letter from 1 Clergyman of thac Diocese; together with Si'tiicTijRis on the faid Letter After the way hieb they callherefy, so woifhip I the God of my Paul. If TRUTH, with her aw'ul presence, spread consternai tion throuzh the finctuary of supcrltition, and cast tbe Idol-" deity to the grounJ some PRIEST, morc wakeful than hil fellows, will rise up earl: at tbe mornw, and with officioua "band, will llftup the po'or liclplefs prostrate DAGON, and rcllore him ta bis place," "WAKEFiEin on Buptifmy p. 3 Ao St tu C'J S'tn' ff flxhXii Qrim, Ct'i Snv hV auTo's- hfit ItiAti xvi. 1. Printed for J. Johnson, N0.72, St. Paul's Church-yard, London Rofs, Caermarthen Lloyd, Bristol; and all other bnoksellers. TURNl'tKE-RO AD From Cirencesteh to ncar Bath. NOTICE is hereby given that at the next meeting; of the er Trtistccsof this read, (which will bs held by adjourilment on Saturdav the 2zd inrtant, at th: Beaufort a'cPctty-Francc) there will be an electinn of New T.ustees, in the room of thofe who an: eifher dead, or mit to act i also, if deemed necefTaiy, tbe rtfent olHceis will be renmved, and other appointed in their stead. JAMES l.l'DLOW, Clcrk. TO bc SOLD by AUCTION, By S. WILKIN Atthc George ian in Trowbtidgt, on Wcdnel'day tbe 2 rath day of April instant, betvecn the hours of four and fix in the afternoon, The following FREEHOLD MESSUAGES and PREMISES, in Three several Lots, as linder, viz. Lot Two Mcstuages or Tenements, with the Gardens thereto refpect'mly bcltanging, noWinthe livcral occupatlons of Job Daniel and Henry Phelps. Lot 11. Tu other Mcstuages or Tenements adjoining to Lot I. with the gardens thereto belBIigiitg, now in the several occupation of George Springer and James Nurris. Lot 111. One other Messiagc or Tenemcnt, with the garden anl orchaid thereto adjoining and bebnging, now in the occupatin ot William Francis. The prr'iniscs arc nf the yearfy value of almct ccol. are cor.venicnfly sitnattd for workmen in the clothing manuftstory. lyine at Uilpetttn, about a miie distanc from Tiovvbridge, and entitbd to 11 extensiv right of cpmmon ove dir inimouj, and commona'ole places at Hil Forfuithcr partjculan apply to thc Auctirnci at Trow-bridge; Mr. Richard H. Shrapnell, atHilpertoii; trtoMi. Conwajr, auemey, Glo.riciihiK. (62 it out the potucr of any loufe eirlvr Bath or London to under fdl bim. FOR SALE by HAND, at the ANGEL INN, Wcstgate-slreet, Bath, A larce and elegant Assuttmcnt of CARPETS and CARPETING, New from oneoftheflrltmanufactories in England; such as Persia, and Wilton; which will besold 20 cent. cheaper than ever was ostered for fale of the fame quality. Ladies and Gentlemen would do well to avail themfelves of this opportunity, as they may have their Carpcts made to any dimenfion, and to fuit any furniture. (cy Ladies and Gentlemen will be waitcd on at their lioiases with pattcrns, at the hortest notice. MADAME DU BARRE's TOOTH-POWDER. THIS Dentifrice is in high eltimation abroad and from iis great success in this country, is dcclared to bc unri-vallcd for its excellent propertics and superiur efficaey inclcanling the Tectb: rendering them white and beautiful, preserviag the enainel, erdicating all serbutie humours from the gums, bracing them to the teeth, and effectually relicving all diforders incident tothe teeth and gums. Sold by the G. Dmadieu, perfumer, Charles-lhcet, Soho-sqaare, London, at a box also by appointment by Mr. Hasard, Mr. Moor, and Mr.Cruttwell, Bath; Mrs. Smart, Rcading; and by the agents and disttibutors this paper. TO be SOLD by HAN by order of the Allignees under a Commission of liankruptey, By Mr. FRANCIS EV ATT, All the Remaining Part of the Valuablc in TRADE of Mr. ROBERT I 1 Millincr, Lace-Man, Finrier, and Haberdalh'cr, at his House No, 19, in the C1RCUS, The Sale to close on Saturday the 231! Instant. Tbe ouvf priei iMrted on ctrih miete. Consisting of three -quitter arid half-cll rieh sieured and plai Sattins and Pcellngs; rieh plain andfigured Modes; tbree-quarter and half-cll Pcrsians; with a large astiirtmcnc of black point ground Licc and Edgings point and Valencienne ground Tlaread Lace and Edgings rieb Blond Laces and Edgings rieh psintcd, figured and plain Italian Tilfanies and Gauzes, in apron Gauzc fringed and Drclict; Italian Crapcs: Silk and Thread Frinoes. To the GENEROUS aild HUMANE. THE Humble Petition ot ROBERT RUDMAN, of tlie parilh of Broughton-GiiFard in thccouiity of Wills, is respectfalhf nddressed; and bis Cafe faithfelly reprelented. This pooi inan's house was unfortunateJy burnt down by a sudden and accidcntal firc on Monday the 4dl 01' April, great part of his goods deltroyed, and the reit damagtd whereby he hat fuflainrd a Las; of S1XTV and upwaids, and is tbereby redueed, to-getber with a wife and of live children, the gn-atest distrefs; and he earnellly and humbly solicits the cluritablc afsistance of the Benevolen: Wc know the rruth of the abive Cafe, and recommsnd the Peti-tiana as an object deserving the publick protestion, JOHN HIGGINS. Curatc of die above parilh. WWMaM JAMES BISSEY, JOHN WINKWORTH THOMAS CLACK, THOMAS DARK, THOMAS PARADISE, GEORGE SPENDER. Thi smallcst donationa will bo tbankfully reeeivtd by the Vnntcr cithsr of the aboye persons atlroiilitouUitlunl. With a Variety of Ready-made MILLINERY, Consistijag nf rieh Sattin, Mode, and Gauze Cloaks drefs and half-drefs Caps and Bonnets; great choice ot' Willow Hats; rieb Game Aprons and Handkerchiefs; Ribbons, Glcves, Fancy Feathcrs and Fh-Avers, With all bis valnable Stock of in Muffs, Tippe, Great Coats and Opera Baikets lined with FurTrim-n'ings, Edgings, and Fringcs. Seme thnethebegirmingcf May wWrV SOLD tf AUCT10N, (H tbe Preniikt, All his Ncar HOUSHOLD FURNITURE and SHOPFIX-TURES, seine valnable Prints glaied, Flute, Linen, China a rieh and valuablc FRENCH CLGCK, Timely notice of the days of fale will be given. All persci indekted to the Estate of Mr. Roikt Minchw, are defircd to puy the fame into the handt of Mr. Franc Evatt, No. 19, Circut, on or befwe the idth iniUnt, or they will 1: fued without fuidui neUt

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