The Pennsylvania Packet from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on December 19, 1774 · Page 6
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The Pennsylvania Packet from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, December 19, 1774
Page 6
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TV O B E s. r o tj rv it . 5 L J O i n iovcr - "u ;A.haifl for the ufe of his creditors, XI K TTnnfp an) T.rt latfl V OCClimed DV GOVCr - 1, - K.KIf L I N, e - SHIP E R I ITJ? i. 5 T f" A .1 all M Of Ml) on. Baltimore Ceunty, M&ryUkJ, GSl. as, I774 f EN POUNDS RE W A R D. AN AWAY from the fubfcribers, at North ampton Furnace, an Irifli indented icrvant - R man named THOMAS HARNETT, about twenty - live years of age, five feet five or fix inches high, long vifage, fair completion, grey eyes, fhort dark brown hair, much pitted with the fmall pcx, a thick fquare - made fellow, has fome Itoppage in his fpeech, is well acquainted in and about Phi - ladelphii, and from that down about Newcaftle ; he has been a butcher, but hat worked with a tanner in Philadelphia, alfo at ditching and grubbing, end ha lived in and about Chefnut Level : He fays lie has two brothers, William and James Harnett, one of whom lives abeut five miles from, Philadelphia, as an overfeer for fome gentleman, and the r.thtr about nine miles. He lays he has formerly lived with one Hugh Steal, in Hance's Neck, near Ncwcaltle, with whom he left a bond of one of his brothers to him for 6ol. Pennfylvania currency, when he went home to Ireland about twelve or eighteen months ago. He had on when he went away an oznabrug ihirt and trowfers, upper jacket of white kerfey with leather buttons, an under lapeiled ditto of red (triped gingham with fleeves, an J white horn buttons with bra fs (hanks, coarfe c ountry made flioes nailed in the heel?, and an old felt hat bound round the brim. Whoever takes up the faid fervant and fecures him, fo that bii matters may get him again, (hall have the above Reward, paid by CHARLES RIDGELY and HOWARD. MATTHEW MAGUIR E, Preceptor to yrung Ladies, only, in the Enjjliflj Language, Penmanftnp, and Arithmttick, PR E S EN T S his ferrice to the Public, and his grateful thanks to his refpetable employeis, nod bej:s leave fo inform them that he h:s lately f.rred up very fuitable apartment?, for different Jchools, at his dwelling houf - , in Cartefs - alley, be - tvcrn Secn - 1 ami Third - ftreet., whtre he conti - riurs ro inlrrucl in the above mentioned branches. In the English Language a particular attention is paid to accuracy in Ipelling, and all the pnm'nar rules, and the grtartlt pains tak - .n to rna - 1 1 c - rhe pupil to read with a true pronunciation, nd a due regard to the liop. In Penmanship a like careful regard is - rrrd to write ith freedom nnd eofe, from examples felctd from rh a'.ult penmen ; and when fufhciently initiated into this u.'efulart, they are, ir.ftead of being confined loa fojmii copy line, exercifed in tran - fc ibin tpiitohry 'nd other precedents, from the molt eiteeme'd Fne,liih authors, and their own abilities occtjtonally put to trial, in inditing and im proving thtir taile land fancy for ornamental Ihokes in penmanfhip, their performances examined and coirc'cled in their prefence, and every endeavour put in paclice to make them fenfible of, and avoid all improprieties in dic"fion, and all inaccuracies in writing ; and in Arithmttick they are well grounded in the tables and principles of each rule. An edifying talk will be given, each time they go from fchool, to be rehearfed oh' their next attendance, and a part of one day in the week will be appropriated for a general repetition ; and for their more fpeedy improvement under his tuition, their bool, copies, pens, Sec. mall be fo prepared, in the fchool intervals, that they may, on their next itt - ndancr, apply direclly to bnfinefs. His Public School will abfolutely be limited to twenty p'pils, in the morning, and the like number in the afternoon ; a regulation which will enahle him to do the preatelt jurHce to each, and whereby hey may make a much greater proficiency than they probably wculd by attending a whole day at a numerous fchool. School hours from half after Tight to half after Eleven, in the morning, and fioni Toto Five, in the afttrnoon. Hvs Private School wiil be conduced in a different apartment (elegantly prepared for thepurpofe) and Jimited to ten yuun Ladies, who mall be formed into two claflVs, anil carefully inltrucled in the torH":nd !.anchsff in which the tutor flatters him - ftlf, thtir improvement will fo - n be confpicuous, mould he be favored with thtir own clofe application a nd con! an t otien douce. Hours f attendance from Irtlt after Eleven, in the forenoon, to half after On - , in the afternoon, during tb winter, and from - ELven toOe, in the htmnier feafon. A N iht School for girls only, is oprned by him, t bis hoUff, for the admiftion of fuch girls as cannot be fpared, by their parents, or guardjans, in the day time; and of fuch fervant girls as can bring n good character from their matters and miftrefTeg. Piindlual attendance will be given, and all diligence nfed for their fneedy improvement in fpeHing, reading, writing, snd arithmetick. This fchool is pro - pofed for the convenience and fatisfadtion of thofe well difpofed perfons who are denrous of affordino - their girls a r. - cf iTary education (the grcatelt benefit, ptrhapi, they can confer upon them) and who do not chofe they mould intermix with, or be liable to the rudenefs cf boys, at Evening Schools : This prarknr objection is, nc verthclefs, produfliveofa verygrrrvons, and fometimes an irremediable dif - advantage t girls who Iofe the opportunity of an education, in their early and moft fufceptible years w hich, it is hoped, the prefent propofal will have a great tendency to remedy and prevent. J - O R TY SHILLINGS REWARD. RA N A W AY from the fubferibsr in Mun - c - ?y tjvn'hip, Northumberland cotint, an in.ic.itcd fervant cirl named ANN DAVIS, this rounrry born, of a cl unify nuke, has loft all her fo - e teeth, je lifn coloured hair, about thirty years cl 1, a .id i wtll acquainted with the fuburbs of the cny or p.ii! i.Mphia : A (he took with her feveral ic' - ts of clothe hcrdrefsis uncertain. Whoever t i' - s up fsi plfl ar.i p - its htr in any of his Majef - t s io;, or (rin.:s her to the fubferiber, mall' hiv. - the avove jeward, and reafonable charpc, P - ii' y JO H N BRAD Y. J A M E S U O S Ef Who kept fliopaimoft at the corner - of Second land Arch.ftreets. is removed to the cW houfeof Third and Arch ftreets, oppohte the rreiDyternn Meciing.houfe in Arch - itreet. and the fign of the . . 1 ii - nrnpr of the h rienus r V J o W H IT Z ..and M t nur; twi j.e, i uiu; norr tnc unper fuU ket - ilreet wharf, hv br,t. - fJ . e ' T A M A I f A fMir - t, W. .,l t ' f ....... ....... Dlll - llHin jr.,1 Euiini i uju , j,nuun, J tr.LFili i. inufcovdo. loaf and lump lr . 'Vn 'l iniru.u cc, - - aHptce, tea, corfee, chcw.late, ;tr - Burying - Ground, and has ; out of .the lall veffell K VellOn's, Scotch . V ( from London, Liverpool, nftol and Glaft aw . . ... u ; J laid in on the very belt terms a very neat am I ge - . h , - . ;s:, tteral afTortment of the foil owing - GO O D, . N B f - cot vp'; - tvhirh he ? determined to lell on tne moii rca - , - t U;.,: . , foblAVm.s Sle ad retail, furr.adymo - Up U, U j c, t!.e : 1 Aa amI If Iff V THREE fourths, 7 - and yard wide Infli h - nensj 3 4, 7 - 8, yard wide, and yard and 3 - 8 cotton and linen checks; cotton and linen itnpes ; cotton hollands ; (b iped tickings j 6 - 4, 6 and a halt, and 7 quarter bedbunts; 9 - S brown and whjte rfui - fia and Irifli fluetings; RulTia and Irdh dowlafs j RufTia ravens duck, drillings, diapers, and huckaback clouting and napkening diapers ; 6 - 4, 7 - 4 and 8 - 4 diaper table - cloths"; cambricks and lawns, in pieces and patches; yard wide and 6 - 4fl"ls anJ humhu.Tis; plain, flowered and ftripid Ink and inuf - lin gauzis and kentings; kenting handkerchiefs; Bandano, Romal, Barcelona and Lungse hlk handkerchiefs; black neck - cloths: Avery good af - fortmcntof black fattins; India talfitus; fpotted and flowered modes ; ell wide and half yard perhar.s of molt colors : A very neat and general afTortment of Pompadour, light and dark ground chintz ; cottons and callicoes j fingle and double purple calli - coes ; y ard and ell wide India callicOes; mafqucradetf and itriped Bengalis; blue, green, and cloth colored fine and fuperfine fagathies; wiltons, broad and forelt cloths With a large aflbrtment of Walloons; rattinets; cotton velvets ; velverets and cor - deroyss ferge denims J, everlaftings ; ded jeans; thickfets and fullians ; moreens ; durants and tim - mies ; wcr.'led damalks ; caliimancoes ; rufltls; ilor - fettees ; crapes and poplins; mens, womsns, boys and girls woriled, cotton and thread hofe, of all kinds; mens, worn - n , bo) s and ;trls worfted, linen, cotton, leather and fdk gloves .nd mitts j buckram, buttons, mohiir and twi ft ; belt German nnd Scotch oznabrugs ; C5. B. wool :ind cotton t catds ; p'aying carils ; French indigo; ywn powder :ind lliot ; table knives and forks : And a hrge af.brt - ment of womeus 'worfted fhoes ; together with a greit variety of other articles,' too tedibus to enumerate. N. S. As all the above goods were purch a fed uncommonly low for cafh, he hvipes to convince thofe who pleale to favor him with their cu.tom, that no one will fell 011 more reafonable terms. ' . Du?ttrit: O':. - TO BE DISPOS h v '0 A PER SO N who has rear ftver vesrs ' who underltands . Knoravincr";," rent brandies, fuch a? raif:t:c; rni ;i fifing nil nlrl. Silvfr. PiTitir fi. wife making fmall cut of all kiVVJj . ct phers, and figures on plate, in rhe u :,t AND K I - W.'L'EI JK r o be s a 1 Thirty Thoufand ACRES of I C I TUA T E on tls wafers of 7u:i.;t I) J m . rain'yi - jania ; belonging to the late f 0 ; - a f' Baynton, Wharton and Md:? Conmony known hj the name cf TfJ (4 0 . LANDS, viz. ' n: rr (.'. 40 op acres on A::gbwick Crci. joqo do. on Ti'Tcarcro Ore? I, ii the Pu:h ! ., . 2000 ai. on ir.e uea.i oj LAiie Ju - nata, 4c 00 do. on Crooked Cret :cl:t,i: n r.'r die. 'varJ. 1 an.!; - ; I cr TH E fuSfcri!)ers take this method to inform the Public, that the Millenary hufinefs is carried on in all the neweit and nearelt fafliions, st the molt rcafonable rates, at their houfe in Front - ftreet, near Almond - ilreet. As they have newly begun they will he under the greatelt obligations to all thofe who will pleafr to favor them, with their euitom. JEAN MURDOCH and REBECCA DOWNS. N. B. They alfo make cloaks, bonnets, caps, handkerchiefs, Lc. by the doz. to fupply country ftorcs. PAUL F O O K S, Notary Public and fworn In'Tertreter for the French and Spanilh Languages, and Processor of the fame, at his houfe in Second - (treet, between Walnut and Spruce llreets, nearly opj polite the houle of Mr. John Inglis, and next door to Andrew Hamilton, Efq; GO NT INUES to tranflate and draw French and Spanifh writings, as powers of attorney, contrails, accompts, Sec. and to Mate them properly, agreeable to the forms and usages of the refpective countries to which they are intended. He alfo continues to teach the French and Spaniih languages in the greateft pmity and elegance, mornings and evenings, at his faid houfe. Dumfries, Odober izd, 1774. EIGHTEEN DOLLARS REWARD. RA N AWAY from the fubferiber living in Dumfries, bit night, three fervant men, viz. JOSEPH FISHER, a convict and taylor, about five feet fix or feven inches high, down lock, and has'' a fear on his upper lip; had en when he went away, a blue coat and jacket, with mettal buttons, vvute fuftian breeches and pinchbeck buckles. WILLIAM BOOTH, a convict and failo, about five feet five or fix inches high, has a wooden leg, which he endeavours to hide with trowfers, he is pitted with the fmall pox, dark complexion and very black hair, he has fundry cloaths with him. PATRICK CREAMER, a taylor, about 31 ycais ui age , nau on wnrn nc went awav a C A Miff .1 J m.. . u .... J creek to tte rj it, eCi,Uv J'ront on t!:e JuK'iiHa Jiz crul 7r.i t s. 2000 Jo. at the mouth tj ti e t.ufi bran h etnd extending Jr eral ?n:!cs in that and little Juviata up jooo do. on SI aver" s Creek. - coo do. c?: the Deader Da;: Jrt eluding the Gnat J'c&Z'fr tJtsrrs. 'Soo do. at and near tie r::ut.b cf Frr:l branch. 20CO do. c?i Vineyard Creek, acoo do. cn Dunning s Crt Bedford. 1000 do. in . the fcrls cfVilljw north cpfl from P,edJo - d. 500 do. on friends Cove Creel, jrom Eedjcrd. 300 do. f; iWnJb Creek, 10 rr.i'cs Bttvord. . j 300 do.. 5 exiles fcuth well from r.rdfr'J.ArJcr.Jj great read J rem thence to fcrf (.'i - nhi !,,.',. . j'coo do. on the Skawanefe Cabhin ii - civs, 1 z rJ:a nvcf front Bcd'crd, and cn the rreJii ' uu.$ K Pittjhtrghi .' ; j : . " i; Ceo do. on the main branch of Juniata. i 1500 dji on the fauth weft branch of LittU'ur.iJ. j ea.1 1 30,000 . . ! ' 1 j l.ikewife iooo acres or mere cn Savrt'c fii'vercA:; Laurel Run, near to Fort Cumberland, in hlvr;i.fjl There is water carriage Jrom ctltje their neighbour hood to Harrises - Ferry, cr, !i !'d:J,. iviun, 11 i.aticajtsr coK?::y, 1 rem wre?:cc 11 c e u - great trade up the S;fqtekanna and ;:;.. - rk - i. by means of flat hot turn boats, which i,:ry f'iv i - n to 500 buOjels rf wheat. The trairfporic':; n ' n. lr from the abo - ve Ian. Is to the TJid die - To wri n:crlcx cufis from 6d. to led. per bufhel only. j i The quality rfthefc lands is well known. 7hc n.l be divided or fold as they lay, as Jhall icjl f.i( t) e tw - chafers. The terms cf fale known bvaff h:r to RICHARD NEAVE, fun. 7 ., THOMAS WHARTON, Sen. M??,C - J,y'1 Or GEORGE MORGAN, 3 rptruM... Letters from pcrfns living at a Sillanee, ):;cf - v? to purchaje axy'farl of the above meniioiwd lands. be au'y anjwercJ. TEN DOLLARS RE W A R II PAX A W A T cn the d infi. from his. mafrr k JL V Lancafler, a certain 11 N A' T Fid MIL T 0 , 6 feet 3 inches hih, about 27 years old, has bl.ick ! ki' a icng toupre, and a jcar r - z er I. is left ere - br'cw, tlt raim or vis rana is ir.ucn wi::erea ana arawn ther by fame accident ; had on a black :orn coat, avH J an old fmall bea vtr hat ; he ivas born in tht thy.r.i) Mr - DonegalL in the north of Inland, lies fee ci the 5; inji. on his way to Fbilade'j h;a in cunjary nii! c William Hunter, a fellow nvf I ad ok j tfixiv Cumhrrlnrd rnuniv t) ev nTtd r I rr.t htrS .Lr.? it t road, and probably may keep ic - cetbtr jir j Jt ' t:r.f; Whoever will apprehend him, or both,' and jecuhj!'" in any rf lis Majefly"s gaols, fall recti if tie eL' - ' J L - 1 . L V !l rr rL' .h.jrrt!. bearlkm coat. iackt and hrrrrhr uKrtut - . f. . ... S - - - ' J t 1 ' 1 1 ,Vi: ' ,V y applying to Mr. Joseph mmon, vnecara, five or fix inches high. Whoever takes up the fti J fafil Mr, R N A R D G R AT :, ,,nebrJ, u run - sways and delivers them to me in Dumfries, or u tbt lndtan een aver9 miadeltUa: fljall receive the abve reward. ANDREW LEITCH. i?. At they enmmitted a notorious rollers h ' i' loped they will eneet with no encourage w?r:l. L A W H E N C .E B I R N 1 - 'E, . Watch and Clock Makck, from lie cd cf Dublin, ' , f, . f EC S leave to acquaint his frier ds, aid nrvh . yyjiL. : nan on when he went awav. n twhit. flinn.t l:. ti - :: .l r.; 1 l jacket, a pair of Ions canvas trowfers. a check trirh d jft,Tc,rdr rtrrrhnrsd a eoK'lroll - here FORTY SHILLINGS REWARD. T AN AWAY on Thurfday the 3d inftanr, , (November) from the fchooner Endeavour, lying in Langfoot's Ray Creek, Kent County, Maryland, a convict fervant man named RICHARD nun, a Miroi inoes and rmckles but no ttock - incri tr i..,!... r,, A emircnt r.e is a tall man, of a fair complexion, wears his maktrs in England and Ireland - , and as 1 1 f rfejew - . own hair, and is a little? pitted with the fmall - pox : ex (hop at his lodeinzs rv the loufe cf Mrs1, ia, t I erhaps he may attempt to pafs for a failor, and Arch - freet, r.Jr Second fired, were I e - intend tn - i may forge a difcharge. Whoever t.kes up rytnvn W bvfwefs in 'all its various h ordes, r - ; ivaut ana lecures mm ,n any gaol, and gives no - ticularh rxakir.? avd rt Pairing all cr.ts rd. rr:ru m. . v . . a i i i ill a I na r i n i I I w r w j v . . linn itinvc j v i', j j y SHILLINGS Reward, and if broiiJ,t to Deep - wat - r Point, Mills River, the above Reward, tehjs what the law allows, paid by J A M E S HKADDOCK, or RICHARD HARDING. horizontal and tlth $cld ard fiver if'r'cles, - . eel.r't - : fore flatters hlr, ft If (from lis inrc and c.C;Z cf, j tlon 'to bi'jlnejs )' to meet with tf. e kcsu raitncni oj y' . Public ; etvd at all times he will le fsrtieuiar ;n t.f - if" his at con tits cut to ;ne - ;r th:r e.'err: at j1 - " v nance vf their favour. S O L it B Y CHARLES WHARTON, At his (lore near tVe Drawbridge, and if b'outbt home reajcnafle amy et, t - ata by Alex - ander Aiktn, in the Hundred afcrefaid, or J A M E S "M C L O R G. defired to bring them in that they ma - be - r II R.I ST IE, Jun. not fold in two months ring as above. by lOlitKl rvv., - -

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