Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 4, 1957 · Page 20
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 20

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, November 4, 1957
Page 20
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•Eight Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Ann Landers Youth Has Sales Talk to Promote His Own Pleasure Dear Ann. My boy friend is becoming very insistent. Please tell me what to tell him. I'm losing ground fast. I'm 16, but have always "gone with older fellows. My present steady is 20, and in college. He's very smart and majoring in psychology. He says when two people are sincere there's nothing wrong with expressing their love to the fullest degree. I told him I wasn't brought up with such ideas 'and what he has in mind would make me iose respect for myself. He claims these are "immature rationalizations" and I have no logical basis for my thinking. He constantly shows me books where it says a person who is in hibited and 'refuses to give vent to natural emotions becomes tense and develops personality problems. He says youthful energy should not be pent-up. Also, he points out that I'm depriving myself of a wonderful part of life and keeps asking why •condemn something I haven't tried. What do I tell him now?— —S.R.D. Ask him if he's ever tried stick- Ing his head in a cement-mixer? Tell him he-shouldn't condemn it until he's tried it. What your boy friend has^ in mind ought .to be more than just a means oE releasing inhibitions in order to prevent personality problems. In our society it is a part of marriage and procreation. His sales talk is designed for his own pleasure. If he were interested in you he wouldn't risk your peace of mind, your health and your reputation. Suggest that he release some of that youthful pent-up energy on . the tennis court, the baseball diamond or perhaps he can help his mother rearrange the furniture. My mail is stacked sky-high from girls who lost The Great Debate and wound up disgraced, ashamed and alone. Dear Ann: I don't have what you would call a real problem. It's more of a simple question that I'd like you to answer. Being a woman yourself you may be able to solve the riddle. My wife is a wonderful girl who just loves to shop in the storus. She's a sensible buyer and I am net writing to complain about what she spends. When I come home from work and ask her what she did all day, she invariably says "I went shopping". Then I ask her what she bought, she says "nothing". Why, Mrs. Landers, do women call it "shopping" when they don't buy anything? BEX Dear Rex: I guess this if sorta like men who go fishing. Any more questions? QUOTES FROM NEWS Josephine Lowmon Hints On How Men Can EJe Slim, Trim (Reg. U.S. Pat. Off.) By UNITED PRESS CAMBRIDGE, Mass.— Dr. Rinehart, associate director of the Smithsonian Astrophysical Laboratory, on Russian success with "Muttnik": "No matter what we do now, the Russians will beat us to the CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — American moonwatch director, Dr. Fred Whipple, declaring the United States can overtake Russia's lead in launching satellites and that he sees no reason to reproach Russia: Men aTe prone to want tncir for not announcing her satellite Exercise is just as important tor a man as it is for a woman, „ . . . launchings in advance: i wome11 slim - but are satisfied Dear Ann: My husband if a pa- <.T n j s ; s j us t g oot j clean fun i with their own rotund figures. dio and TV repair man. He's gone am sc j en tists. s«ven day a week and seven nights, also. The only time I .see him is when he runs in for lunch and supper. He bolts the food down and dashes out again like he's rushing to catch a train. Once in a while, when he decides to take an evening off, he goes to his relatives to visit and leaves me at home with the two children. I've'asked him to please stay at home one night a week MOSCOW — Soviet Communist Party chief Nikita S. Khrushchev on the prospects of war: "We deny that war is inevitable, however, it is impossible to say that there will be no war. It is known that in some capitalist states there are statesmen who have high posts who call for war." | Yet overweight affects their appearance just as it does a woman's. It also shortens their life expectancy. Statistics prove the latter and the mirror will tell a man that extra padding adds years to the impression he gives. The idea that men should have no personal vanity Is passa and instead, an interest in physical fitness has become popular. When a man counts calories he The average sedentary man who is overweight should cut down on slarches, leave off fat meat and gravy, forget oils, pies, and other rich desserts. He should consume a varied diet which contains whole grain products, skimmed milk, eggs, lean meat and many fruit and vegetables. At noon a cup of vegetable .soup, MINNEAPOLIS - Nobel Peace • shou i d not cut hts intake ^ }ow so I can visit my family. He re-. Prize winner and former Canadian I as j,j s Make Them From a Yard 1 YARD APRONS fuses, saying I am their mother and the responsibility is mine. Don't tell me to hire a sitter. He says we can't afford it. I'm so sick of staying home I could die. If he'd just take me to see a movie once every two weeks I'd be satisfied. What should I do?— —BORED STIFF Tell the old buzzard you hear he movies have sound now and you'd like to go and see if it's .rue. If he refuses to take you insist that he give you an allowance '<«• a sitter and don't tiall for = ^ that "we can't afford it" malarky. j e r, ardent champion °o( dumb anj- A. man who works seven days and mals; on E.ussia's space dog: "The Russians say the dog is still alive. Isn't that horrible? He's probably whining, lonely and pet- , —., , P . , , 7 , , L I cays [line, broiled fish and a baked potato> b / Hubby OVA fimiKT nnH niihriTimic jinrl nnr ^. are filling and nutritious and not too high in-calaries if the man in question goes easy on butter. Exercise Exercise is just as important Men require more for a man as it is for a woman. like the following orfe: Lie on the floor on your bad with your arms resting on th floor at your sides. Lift bot legs, as you raise your arms an trunk. Touch the fingertips to th toes. Return arms, . trunk an legs, to the floor. Continue. If you men would like to los from seven to 12 pounds in 1 days time, you may want my Tub Diet booklet Monday Evening, November 4, I99T. CROSSWORD PUZZLE Aniwtr te Saturday'! Puzzle ACROSS 1—Gtrl'a nickname *—Shut noisily 8—Conjunction 11— Opening In fence 12—Pitch 13—Consumed 14— Three-toed sloth 15—Click be«U» 17—Secured 13—Hostelry 21—Bono of body 23—Bow 2't— Former Russian ruler 26- Prefix: before 28—Roman tyrant 31—Aeriform fluid 33—Native metal 35—Uncooked 36—Note of «cal« 38—Bounds 41—Hebrew letter 42—TIm« gone by 44—B« 1U 45—Ship channel 47—Gull-JJka bird 49—Footlikc part Bl—Nobleman r>4 —At present 56—Loir 68—Tiny 69—Declares 62—Vast ag« «4—Indian mulberry «B—Wortlilcsi ,' leaving 66—Couple 68—Single Instance 70—Baker's product 71—Small birdi 72—Soak DOWN 1—Ache* 2—Near 3 —Spread for drying 4—Denude B—Behold! Duir. br unlud rtuuit GrMictlc, Lac. C—Girl's nam* 7—Averase- S—Having leM hair 9 —Soni hfrwtvn Indian 10—Man'* nicknara* 31—Pace 16—Conjunction IS—Electrified partteU 20—Scold 22—Cooked under flamo • 25—Ethiopian titU 27—Sea oagl* 2J1—Knock 30—Be in debt H2—Resort 34— Ursa on 3G—ObcHC 37—Malur* 39—Tear 40—Sodium chloride 43—Pliow*y 4 A—Haul 48—Negative 50—Prophets 52—Respond to a 5tlmi]Ju« 5R—Strike out 55—Cried 57—NcKatlv* 59—Soak up 60—Prefix: thrtt 61—Capuchin 'monkey 63—Conjunction 67—Pronoun 69—Compass oolnt Foreign Minister Lester B. Pear-j food B6 cause of their greater sta-JGolf on weekends is splendid but son suggesting a way to avoid turei My reducing diet for men!this does not take the place of world disaster when "freedom is nas around 1600 calories a day.|special exercise. Men us.ually no longer a source of strength "What I am suggesting is that, without weakening our necessary defenses, we refuse to allow our policy to be dictated solely by military considerations or frozen by fears based on those considerations." LITTLE ROCK, Ark. _ Mrs. Dy nuuuy iitiuuc.ng u.et ULPU^IC - , . —, . f If so, send 10 cents and a stamp-1 >CnOOI L-hlGtS ed, self-addressed envelople with your request for it to Josephine Lowman in care of this newspaper. Tomorrow: 'Tend to Your Knitting' Seems to be Good Advice." (Released by The Register and Tribune Syndicate, 1957) TEST IN DIXIE New Jersey, Virginia Elections on Tuesday seven nights a week must be making pretty good money. A husband has no right to expect his wife to stay at home night and day. You are merely an unpaid servant and nursemaid. You mo got married for some rea.son. Try to remember what it was. A visit with a marriage counselor or a clergyman might help to pump some life into this aneimic relationship. Good luck. (Ann Landers will be glad to ielp you wi!h yo.ur problems. Send Ciern to her in care of this newspaper and enclose a stamped self- addressed envelope.) Copyright 1957. Field Enterprises, Inc. rified with fear of the dark." UNITED NATIONS, N.Y. — Sir Leslie Munro, president of the United Nations General Assembly, urging Russia to share its satellite knowledge with rest of the world: "It's not something that should belong to one nation." Gary Handyman Held in Slaying GARY (UP) — A restaurant By LYLT3 C. WILSON Press Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON CUP) — Virginia and New Jersey citizens vote Tuesday in elections more meaningful to their fellow citizens everywhere than such off-year contests normally could be. Both states will elect governors. The Virginia polling will be the first substantial test of southern sentiment since President Eisenhower ordered federal troops into Little Rock. | mer's Wisconsin damaging reverse in which Democrat William Prox- more defeated Republican William J. on Tuesday's polling and it is likely to ride high, wide, and handsome. He is talking about licking Dalton by a margin of 2-to-l. If so, many years probably will have to pass before Virginia resumes its trend toward the two-party system. Virginia will be politically isolated with the rest of the old South in 1960. Both presidential candidates will have to endorse integration with enthusiasm and McCarthy's Senate seat. Kobler j without qualification. A third party could come of that. To Check Students At Indiana U. BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — Principals, deans, and counselors from had offered himself as a cent Ike-man which added to the administration's hurt. Eisenhower also had a plifg for Republican Theodore Roosevelt Dalton who opposes Democrat J. Lindsay Almond Jr., for governor in Virginia. Dalton probably would have been just as happy if the Democratic Gov. Robert B. Mey- President had ignored him. ner seeks re-election in New Jersey. That election could be the curtain raiser for 1950 in the Democratic Party. Re-election of Meyner by normally Republican New Jersey would put the governor up front in the race for his party's handyman today faced murder; 196 ° presidential nomination, charges in the knife slaying of a Wnrpnvw. Mpviwr's re-ele Investigate Death Of Indiana Marine CAMP PBNDLETON, Calif,, KaIT) 40) a dmitted"he stabbed (UP)—Authorities today invest!- John Karrj 61| owner of the Pio _ ;ated the death of a missing Hoo- neer Lounge, in the bar and res- man who' was his uncle and employer. Authorities said Raymond A. sier Marine whose body was found Saturday on this sprawling base. Officials said Pvt. Errald taurant Saturday night. Police learned from patrons that Karr was overheard saying he was You'll need just a. yard of color- iul fabric for each of these handy aprons. Nice gift for kitchen showers, bazaars, a last minute present. No. 8154 with PATT-0-HAMA is In sizes small, medium and large. Medium size, 1 yard of 35 inch for each style. Send 25c in COINS, your name, address and the PATTERN NUMBER to ANNE CABOT, Pharos- Tribune, 372 W. Quincy Street, Chicago 6, Illinois. Have you a copy of our 1957 Needlework ALBUM? It contains fifty-six colorful pages showing many pretty designs; plus directions for making 3- crochet items and a quilt. Only 25c a copy! . Haagen, 18, son of Mr. and Mrs. | .. tired of people telling me to quit! dent , himself, gave an enthusiastic Armon Haagen, Cedar Lake, Ind., | drinking"—apparently the motive I P lu 8 for Forbes at last week's was killed by shell explosion: f or t ), e s i ay i n g I news conference, wounds on a prohibited 'anti-tank 1 Karr s i urn p e 'a down in a booth I President and vice president j following the stabbing and handed: alike told New Jerse y Republicans the youth the mur der weapon a pocket I that the national party needed the range. Officials speculated might have stumbled over a "dud" shell, but they continued their investigation. ploye called police. FRATERNITY PLEDGE LAFAYETTE, Ind. — Charles Jones, R. 3, Logansport,- a junior, has been' pledged to Alpha Zeta, agricultural honorary, at Purdue University. . ' Alpha Zeta is an honorary for juniors and. seniors in the School of Agriculture who are in. the upper two-fifths of their class. The honorary sponsors the Alpha Zeta Speech Contest, counsels freshmen in agriculture and provides guides for the high school day which is held yearly! Anohe The big campaign issue in Virjinia is integration of the public schools. Almond says fiercely that integration shall not take place in Virginia. Dalton proposes what appears to be a token compliance with the Supreme Court's order, as little integration as is possible. Almond is 'the candidate of the regular Democratic organization in Virginia which is dominated by Sen. Harry F. Byrd. Byrd more than any other was responsible for Virginia casting its electoral votes for Eisenhower in 19ii2 and Ii956. There was in Virginia .more than in any other .state of the old South the beginnings of 'a two- party .system. More significant than Virginia's electoral votes for Eisenhowe_r was the 1953 gubernatorial election in which Dalton polled 4S per cent r _ _. , of the vote cast. -He lost to the morale boost which Forbes' elec-jByrd organization's Thomas B. jtion would provide. A Forbes win Stanley. Moreover, Meyner's re-election would jolt the Eisenhower administration where it would hurt. The administration has gone all out to help Republican Malcolm S. Forbes' campaign against Meyner. Vice President Richard M. Nixon and half a dozen other Republican big shots have cam- the state and the Presi- 4 Youths Face Arson Charges At Rushville RUSHVTLLE (UPl-Four Rushville youths faced second-degree arson charges today after a kerosene fire on the floor of a covered wooden bridge. Authorities identified the suspects as Willard. Anderson, 24, Jerry Eckhart, 18, Loren Lettrell, 19, and Thomas Beaver, 21. Only Lettrell posted the required $2,000 bond. The Rush County sheriff's office said the four set fire to the Norris bridge over Big Flatrock River Friday night after trying to burn a memorial cannon in a park. Authorities said the youths were seen trying to start the cannon fire with kerosene. They fled. A tip sent a merchant policeman to the bridge, where he discovered the fire. The fire department put out the blaze with only minor damage to the wooden structure. 170 Hoosier high schools will come to Indiana University Thursday to check on how their graduates are doing as college students. In group sessions with their former students, the educators will find out what they can do to help future high school graduate prepare better for college careers. TTbe annual High School — I.U. Junior Division Conference is arranged by the University agency responsible for all freshmen arxl new stud'ents. C'mm Bucher, associate dean of the division, has arranged a program with the assistance of tr.e following high school principals: Herman Baldwin, Bedford; Ward Brown, Martinsvillc; Howard Crouse, Connersville; Rupert Ferrell. Central of Soutfh Bend; Harold Johnson, Huntington; Lee French, Mitchell; J. H. Mertz, Logansport, and Donald Simon, Bloomingtcn. In addition to conferring with their foi-mer students, the principals, deans and counselors will attend a luncheon at which they will have a chance to compare notes •wi?h University officials and educators from other cities. Ends Training at U. S. Marine Base SAN DIEGO, Calif. (FHTNC1 Ronald J. Garrison, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe M. Garrison of 122 S. Willow, Flora, Ind., completed recruit, training Oct. 25 at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego, Calif. The l'.Hweek course included instruction in all basic military subjects ;md the firing of all basic infantry weapons. Upon completion of training new Marines are assigned to a unit for .further infantry training, or to ione of t<he many Marine Corps schools LEOCO, Italy—Giuseppe Di Vittorio, 65, Italian Communist labor leader and president of the Red- Line World Federation of Trade Unions, died Sunday, reportedly of a heart attack. QWDNCY, Mass.-.— Russell C. Low, 75, president of the George. W. Prescott Publishing Co., publishers of the Quincy Patriot Ledg- TODAY — "Th« Night tli« World Ixplod«d" & "Giant Clow" ROXY Tues., Wed. and Thursday Open 1 p. m. Fun At Night "Stranger On A Train" with PARLEY GRANGER Open 1 p. m. 50« 'Til 6 HURRY! ENDS TUESDAY NOW THRU TUES. 2 - FEATURES - 2 vWARNER BROS.-CINEMASCOPS .„..,,UNNBLYTH PAULNEWHAH IICHMD CHHSON »»,.*«,„,,«,, M...M — PLUS WESTERN — "WAR DRUMS" WIVH LEX BARKER The uncle was dead'on arrival '•• would somewhat offset last sum-1 at Methodist Hospital. The, senator's prestige is riding er, died Sunday. CALLS FOB PROTEST ACTION NEW DELHI (-UP)—Prof. Lucie Rodrigues, newly elected leader of the Goan National Congress, called Sunday for a satyagrah (civil disobedience) movement in Goa in protest against continued Portuguese rule there. He told a meeting of Goans here that he plans to organize 50,000 Goans for the satyagrah, to carry "the war. . . into-the enemy's camp". He did not say when the movement would start. We Have Moved Our Office **« Ground Floor 606 East Broadway Our new office is located across from City Hall Our new ground floor office should not only prove more convenient to our customers but it also marks a step forward in serving the personal finance needs of Logansport and vicinity. It is our aim to do everything possible to please our patrons. Our office with its new fixtures and other conveniences for our customers, we believe to be a step forward. Should you need our service at any time please do not hesitate to let us know. Full details gladly given without cost or obligation. TOWN FINANCE CO Ground Floor Office 606 E. Broadway Phone 2252 Logansport, Ind. ARDS" MONTOOMIMV WAHO for quality and value 504 NORTH ST., LOGANSPORT, IND. Hammermill Sale TERMS-USE FARM HANDLES HUGE TONNAGE HEAVY DUTY 15-IN. MILL regufor 374.50 MooV C Mill 336.88 regu/ar 213.50 Mod«f MA-IS 192.88 Traveling feed table and cast iron base. Grinds up to 9500 IDS. ear com per hour through 1"! screen. Free swinging, reversible hammers. PTO, 6 V 'belts and pulleys 193.00 Wheels and axle 2S.88 Big capacity—high output! Grinds up to 9000 Ibs. of ear corn per hour through 1* screen. Handles dry grain or roughage. PTO,- belts, pulleys 152.88 Angln iron trailer 59.88 FINE CANDIES always fresh and so delicious! ASSORTED CHOCOLATES 1 Ib. box $1.35 2 Ib. box $2.60 THE GIFT BOX of chocolates and butter bora "\ IWIb. gift $2 \ 2% Ib. gift $3 Ttitcl*sivefj own DISTINCTLY FRESHER . DEFINITELY FINER Stover Candy Jar Chocolates Only alb. Stover Little Ambassadors - Miniatures $1 75 A Woman Never Forg«h The Man Who Remembers WHEN YOU WANT FINE CANDY-COME TO Timberlake's Gift Shop "THE STORE FOR FINE CANDIES" Every Sox You Buy Here It Guaranteed fresh

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