Dunlap and Claypoole's American Daily Advertiser from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on February 3, 1789 · Page 3
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Dunlap and Claypoole's American Daily Advertiser from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 3, 1789
Page 3
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Y their force, form obliged hlra to detift from a&tnfc ,00 10c vjjcnjrv or ucicuuvc . ji off sirm or mil rtftDgeoos attack hating fpread through the neigh tourhood feveral hearty I a 2 s aflembled sod joined tbe blhtg) governor on . Which a defperate engage meot immediately enfued. The battle n long jnd bloody biing maintained on both fides with tbe gr?tefl bravery. Victory for a long time feem - , j doubtful on which fide to declare herfelf nosr hovering with equal and expanded wing over the ene prty t,hen over the other but at length slipped her win'gi and declared for the blind comraanr dcr ; on which foul rout and wild difrnay enfued : the tars of old England were obliged to flrike, and furrendercd the mfelvei prifonera of war after being examin before an officer of the police they vete fafely conveyed en board tht Old Brifcl "NEW - YORK, January 27. The following we received by the laft poft from Albany. . - . New York, January 10. 179. S I R, I Have the honor, of tranfmitting to you an account of the EXPORTS, from the port of Ne w - York, for Jhe laft year ; taken from the manifeflt lodged in the coftom - hbufe; At the fame time, I muft obferve, that although the exports appear (from the imlofcd account) very conGderable for that period; yet, it does not comprehend the whole - as very great quantities of. wheat, flour, and other produce as well as foreign merchandize, are exported in coafting veflcls, the matters of which are not obliged to enter and clear. I have the honor to be With great refpeel, SIR. Your obedient fervanf, . .. JOHN LAMB. Hon. John Lansing, jun. Efq. Buihels Wheat Indian corn Rye Buckwheat One Salt Floaf Beef Pork Fifh Cyder Apples Potatoes Bread LampWack Coffee Hams Vinegar Peafe Tallow Oil Naval floret Indigo Pot - aOs Honey Bees - wax Muftard" Search Ginger Gunpowder Clover feed Rye meal lad tan meal Lime Cyder Ginfena: Flaxfeed Flax Mobiles Porter Sugar Tobacco Loaf fugar Snuff Wine Brandy Hum Oak hark Furs Dvefiuff Kails Rice Qia Brrad RjtGns P - int Butter Hogs lard Kaifins Honey Anchor 341,841 182 785 9 950 11 690 11 436 27.706 Barte 6l US 8 600 8.642 3 737 55 a. 739 I 921 aoo 298 190 3 4 298 96 345 517 7,896 48 13.124 73 58 6 145 6 . 137 66 Prime boards Hoops Shingles Staves and Heading Oars Handfpikes TrunneU. Shaken hhds. Carriages Wiadfox chairs Hogs HorfeS Sheep Horned cattle Raw hides Cibles Coils of cordage Spars Boats ' Pieces ronlogany Bricks Iron pots Mtliilones Houfe frames Saddles OyQers Feet boards Number. 64.H4 500 343 I.798525 4 215,448 7 76 2 081 5 000 838 18 I 134 841 600 lo6"5 169 6 411 4 25 214 II 178 145 - 83 201 5 2 8 60 000 I IOT 4?. Feet fcantling 404 672 Feet plank 30 627 Pieces fquarc timber 3421 Pieces dye wood 16,126 8,65;: Piece cherry wood 220 2024 Bunches of onions 90.341 Hoglheadt. Pounds of cheefe 67.239 Do. flax 27,279 Do. hams 5 651 Bars of iron 5i34 D.izen poultry 325 Tons of lead 1 Do. grindftonei 4 Do. hemp 20 Do. hay 12 Do. mil rods 4 Do. pig iron 530 Do. timber 454 Pipes - Do. lipnamvi'sc 9 300 D. fteel . r 7 Do. clay 6 Bales of cotton 557 CheOs of tea 1,500 Cafes of gin 675 Chsldron of coal 56 138 Pairs of (hoes 114 85 149 410 42.042 9 59 194 349 764 29 14 129 Puncheons. 996 Calks. J3 xtyiich tne Novel Is rounde'd, is dran 6oe i - Uti unhappy foicide. We Ciall probably Toon be en a bled co lay before our, readers fome account of fo truly novel a work, upon foch intereftiog fub - j:c1fc . January 22 - ? ' Fir ft American N O V. E . This day is pub'ifhed, Price 91; bound and lettered and 6 - 81. Hitched in blue paper. The POWER op SYMPATHY v Or, the - TRIUMPH of NATURE - A Novel founded in truth. In two volumes 12010. The fir ft volume ornamented with a Copperplate Frontifpiece. Dedicated to the Young Lidies of America Fain would he flrew Life's thorny Way with fiovjcrs ...... Jind open to your View Elyfian Bowers ; h Catch the warm Paflions of the tender Tooth, And ' win the Mind to Sentiment and Truth a The following is the Author's Preface: : M Novels have ever met with a ready reception igto the Libraries of the Ladies, but this fpecies of writing hath not been received with univerfal approbation : Futility is not the only charge brought againft it. Any attempt, therefore, ttnake thefe - fludies more advantageous, has at leaft a claim upon the patience and candor of the public. In Novels which expofe n particular vice, and which recommend no particular virtue, tbe fair reader, though (he may find imufement, tnnft fioifh them without heinpr iropreffed with anr particular idea : So that if they are harmlefs, they are not beneficial Of the Letters before us, it is noneceffaryto remark, that thii error, on each fide, has been avoided the daqgerous confequences f fedudion are ex - pofed, and the advantages of female education fet forth and recommended.'' Printed at Bofton, by I Thomas and Co. and fold at their Bookfl ore. No. 45. Newbury - ftreet. - - cgJfr'', - B A L T I M O R E, January 27. ExtraB of a letter from a cnlleman in WWiantburg to bis cortefpondent in this town,' dated Jan. 6. ' We have loft one of our moil worthy characters in the death of General Neljon; he is a lofs to this ftatc, as well as to the whole eircle of his acquaint ance. From his firmrtefs and abilities, I had a great defire that he (hould have gone to the newCongrefs Our federal friend , in Glouceftcr, will be one; It is to be hoped that the fouthern ftates, in general, will he cautious in (ending young gentlemen who may foswn (as perhaps too many have already done) their dcarcft connexions, and cflablifh their neareft inter - ells with ur rivals. We are in hopes that Congrefs . will fit as long in Williamburg as it has in New York, until fome middle lantitude is permanently fixed upon. I fuppofe you call Baltimore the centre peg; but here we fay Frederick fburg. To the North they never fcem to have had an eye to New - Vtr&inia, Kentucky, the Carolinas and Georgia; but it rriuft be hinted to them, or wc fhall fhortly, very fliortly perhaps, have another Congrefs at Richmond. It will never do for you Northern Lads to be all Freemafonsf and keep us out of the fecret. I am forry that North - Carolina - will not be reprefented, as that is a great, growing and rich ftate. Kentucky, which promifes to be ranked amonglt tne oeit and ricneti letciements in the union, ought not to have a pieference of Carolina, as to fertility of foil and other advantages. I am well acquainted with both, by land and water and if I may venture to hazard an opinion I doubt not but when Virginia and Carolina rtiake hands with a hear ty good will, Notfolk will rife up. Pbanix - lih. and be the Amfterdam of America, wherefoever our Sages may determine to fix the Hague ' Philadelphia, Feb. 3. On Sunday laft, the I ft in ft. P. M. Fare ;nheit s ther. SHI E W 3. tp 4 Arrivals at Wilmington, (N. C ) frim Dec, 26, 1788, - ' ' ' - V to toiu I: I78o. Brig Carolina, Meads Mary, M'lvet - Drattiatic Ail 1 ' v 1 John, Hodge Mary, Clomo Jafptr, Jacobs Sarah, Grimes ' Peggy, Steel Schooner Dart, Waddy William, Andrews New York Kingfton Philadelphia. Antigua I Jamaica Barbadoes Charlefton Ditto Ditto Bofton St. Eoftatia Kingfton Quadaloupe 'Charlefton Succcfs, Lowell Sally. Leamroon Cutter Mary, Srnallie . Sloop Good Intent, Dennis Aurora, Gardner I' 1 Arrivals at Baltimom, Tan, i. Ship Sally, T. .Kennedy Havre de Grace Brig Jefus Maria Jofeph, J. de Villa Schooner Ardent, !j. Stran Bctfey, E. Cole ' 1 fab el la, N. Mitchell 5 Experiment, H. Mitchell Sloop Rebecca, R. Rofs Polly, N. Knight , Dolphin, D. Bennet Matilda, R. Lincoln Peggy, O. .White Cleared F. Leuce Brig TravellervJ. TenerifTe Cape Francois j ditto If Bath Charlefton Cape Francois Salem Norfolk , Edenton Pctciftiurg Buenos Ayres mometer ftood at 4 o'clock 6 - 9 - 10 12 Yefterday morning at 6 o'clock . 7 8 half paft 8 Degrees 10 8 6 3 I - 2 O Thomai Allen Marine HJl New - London. Jan. 15. Arrived (loop , Bowen, from Alex" andria, Virginia, where (he was detained ten days by the ice. L 17. Arrived hetechooner Sally, Treat, from Cape Francois, in 28 days, belonging to Glaftenbnry, who left there. J . . . j . . Brig Delight, Mather belonging to Lyme. Brig Sally, Johnfon, Middletown. Brig Clarifla, Buckley, ditto. Sloop Nancy, Williams, Rocky - Hilh ; Brig Charlotte, Mumford, Rhode Ifland. Shin Providence. Munro. Providence, f Schooner Polly, Mellaly, was to fail the next day after Capt. Treat. Alfo a number of Eaftern veflels, left at the Cape. .18. Sailed fchooner Sulannah, Stow, for Guada - loupei I Arrived at Rhode Ifland Thurfday laft, brig Clarif - fa, Tracey, from CuraCoa, in 45 days, belonging to Norwich. ! 20. Arrived fchooner Polly, Mellaly, fom Cape francois. ! ! Schooner Sally, Newton, St. Thomas's; Schooner Cloe, Chapman, - Porfau Prince. Capt. Newton left at Martinico, I : Sloop Sally, Warner, 35 days pafTagei belonging to Middletown. I Sloop - , Montague, Wethcrsfield. Brig Hetty, Deming, from Hartford; fold his cattle there, and proceeded to St. Croix. I At St. Euftatia, floop Induftry, Benton, 39 days paflage from hence, belonging to Hartford. 21. Arrived floop Dove, Goodrich, belonging to Wethersfield, from Cape Francois, in X7 days. Touched and anchored at the harbour's mouth laft evening, a fhip from London, out 60 days, bound to Bofton, and piocecded this morning, W. h. W. fr'ilmington f 2V". C.J Dec. 25. Capt. Swain, of the Wilmington Packet, on his paflage from Charlefton to this port, on the 17th inft. faw a fhip that was up - fct, near Bull's Ifland; afl her lower; mafls (landing, about 150 tons hurthen, fingledeck, with bright fides; fuppoled to lie loaded with Northern pine boards' could difcover no fnarksby which it might be known from whence! fhe was, or her name. vWe have fince been inforrned, that the ahove (hip belonged to Bofton, and was bourtd from L'Orient to Charlefton; but unfortunately (truck on Cape Rou - fain, where the captain and crew were obliged to abandon he i and proceeded in their boat! to Charlefton. Capt. Latimer, on the 29th ult. off the bar, took up the maft of a vefTtl, fuppoied to belong to a fchooner that (ailed from Charlefton for this port, commanded by Capt. Lard, which has not been heard of. 5 below o 4 a 1 - 4 o It is to be lamented, that the laws of this ftate are fo badly executed, that they are generally treated whh the mod fovereign Contempt. The elecVi.m returns for c J - I ....r.ntttivpc frnin Cnn rtf t h mil n t In. ICUC.aMtHiw.v., . j $TT T . .1 dead of being made in ten days, were Kept bacK Jour jyir. JenClS D ALL, at tne UV - c3A ftated Meeting of the Phi - ladilphia Society for x promoting Agriculture, will be held at the Carpentcrs - Hall. this Evening at 7 o'clock ; when a General Attendance of the Members is requcft - ed I ' . j Feb. 3. j Samuel P. Griffitts, Sec'rjr A B A L L. 77 3 a. 007 4 Keps. 4 623 439 6 Firki a 541 1.281 Jrs. 179 71 Number. 220 Bundles of tow cloth 92 Do. leather Do. whale bone Bigs of allfpicc Do. cocoa Do pepper Crates earthen - ware Bolts canvafs Boxes candles Do. foap Do. fweet oil Do. chocolate Do. lemons Do. wine Packages dry goods 3o 22 loo 365 34 I48 55 9M 788 214 "5i an 12 1,252 Acrpnera' Account of Exports from New - York, in . f . t L f t . .III jaeVefiels, trommrjinor jmury l77J, mi Ibe ctb of January 1776 ken wom the cuf tbe ctb ttmhouCe books Barrels floor 104 357 Tierces and bar rels bread Bulhes wheat Ind. corn ' Flaxfeed C&s Beef and pork Batter Tierces rice Barrets 6(h NaT. floret Peas & beans . - Beer & cyder Staves, heading and boardt 5,208 000 Gallons wine 9 601 - Rum io9. 73 Moliflea 10,958 Hundred fogar 2066 Tons Pot - afh 355 - P - arl do. 224 Pig iron 800 Bar iron 690 XII 845 Copper ore I Dye wood 427 Feet rnahog. 306 100 Bales furrs 683 Cotton wool 23 lbs. bees wax 8096 Boftels fait 1312 Boxe fosp and candhs Horfes Caflcaof oil Indigr Hhds. Tobacco 19 33 700 689 66 045 9 99 3 507 x 998 3 75 5 4737 1534 2870 a 615 16S 1 113 3 35 N. B.itte or no export from tbe bO'" L thcy inite Quakers and fa otember wi - tbe exportation being Oopped L to and promifes of ConereU'. p O S T O N. Jan. 16. f An American ,Novel , . : We are iefenaed tht one of the inciacm. v mm. weeks. Thofe tor clettor ot a prehnent and vice - preu - dent of the United States, have not yet been made from all the counties Quae, as next Wednefday is the day appointed for the meeting of the electors, in their re - fpeftive Hater, is Pennfyltania, like New - York, to look on as a filent fpetlator ? And (hall a few arttifedcral (heriffj (or prothonotaiies) be farTercd, with impunity, thus to trample on the laws, and render the federal ftate of Pennfylvania the feoff of the union i It is with great pleafure we behold the fame federal fpirit pervade the Hates of Maryland, Delaware, Penn. fylvania and New - Jeucy The union in fpirit and conduft, and the immenfe refources of thefe - ftate?, muft prove an over - balance, in influence, to all the diftracled councils of the antifederal,and lefs Conntcled ftates. It is to be hoped they will always remember, that they have but cejntereft as well as tne fpirit. By thefe means they will become the afyluni of peaceable and honeft emigrants, and hereafter, the objects of imitation of their lefs wifend lefs united Cfler ftates. Reafons for incorporating6 city of Philadelphia. ' ift. It will IclTcn the number of the poor, and of courfe leflen the weight of taxes for their maintenance. 2d. It will he tbe means of Inviting Congrefs and (hangers of diftinftion to fettle among us. 3d. It will fave many thoufands of pounds a - year to the ftate, which are expended by the legiflature in making laws for the internal government of the city. 4th. It will deliver the city from the opprefGon of trading juftices; and the difgraceful mode in which they are elecled. 5th. It will be the means of having ourjbeets kept lean, and our pumps in good order 6th. It will prevent many irregularities which are conynitted in the city on Sundays. 7th. It .will be the means, of introducing many ' wholefome regulations into the city, which will contribute to its health, order and happinefs. It is to be hoped, fays a correfpondent, the prefent Aftemhly will do away the prefent difgraceful tcft law. There are many thoufands "of good federalifts who nc ver will vote at our elections while that weak and tin - neceflary law is in force. Virginia, and the governor of Canada, have already taken advantage of our folly ; other fedts wh are oppo'ed fidelity to' government, to come and fettle among them, and afture them of per petual exemption from thofe difgraceful badges of ty. ranny, which were invented at a time when kings and pricrfts (bared between tltem the dominion of mankind. It is fai4, that thirty families of the people called Menonefts are about to emigrate from Lancafler county to Niagara, on purpofeto avoid the difaKrera, bfe confeqnentes of oar ridiculous and tyrannical tcft - law. : - '. ' : '. ' ;' Tavern, on Thurfday Evening the I2th Inftant, will begin at 6 0 Clock precifely. I Tickets for Gentlemen, at 76 each, may be had at Mr - Felix Brunot in Walnut near Second flreet, and at the City - Tavern. February 2 - 2tw2n TO BE LET, Valuable Mill and 1 8 acres of Land, one half very good ;meadow the other good upland ; (ituatein Cheltenham townfbip, Montgomery county, about 9 miles j from Philadelphia. The Mill is in com pleat repair, and fit for either merchant or country work. For further particulars apply to George Snyder, in Briftol townlhip, or to Jacob Meyer t on the Prcmifes. j Feb. 3 4tlaw HP HjE perfon wKoj took away a a Drab SURTOUT COAT with plated but tons, out of the entry of Henry Epplei houfe, on Thurfday Evening laft. is defired to return the fame to the Barr of faid houfe, when 110 quefrions will be aflced. to avoid difagreeable confequencet. February a I j Philadelphia,! February 2, 1789. tlY jvirtue of a writ of venditioni exponas to me directed, will be expoCrd to Sale by PUjBLIC V N D TJ E, at the Cofee - Hcufe, in the city Of Philadelphia, on Wednefday the 18th inft. at 6 o'clock in the Evening A certain two ftory Frame Mefluage and Lot of Ground, fituate on the fouth fi de of Spruce ft reet between Front and Second ftrcers from the river Delaware, in the city of Philadelphia, containing in front on Second ftreet aforesaid 1 7 feet and in length or depth 101 feet, or thereat bout? ; bounded on the eaft by ground of , on the weft by ground of Jofeph Few, on the fouth by ground of Leham, and on the north by Spruce ftreet aforefaid; iubjet to a ground rent of L - 20per annum, and is a good ftand for a ftore, &c. taken in execution, and to be fold as the property of Benjamin Towne (Copperfmith ) by j James Afli, herrff. HTHE Creditors of the Reverend James Jones Wilmer, of; St. Stephen'a Parifh, North Saftafras, Cecil county,! Maryland, arc in this public manner called upon to j furnifli the fubferiber' with a flatemeut of their claims, lega'ly arranged, and to meet me for adjuftment of the fame, on the 4th nntil the 9th dayof the approaching month bf Mayi at George - Towii. Crofi - Roads. Kent county, Maryland. JOHN ROBERTS, Truflee. Jan.34X7 a4M, IVViaLlUlia 1 HE gentlemen of the Drafnat'C AfTociation are re - V fauefted to meet at the Chr Tavern. THIS E V E N I N G, at SIX o'clock Toefday. Feb. i Philadelphia. - Fcbmaiv 1. 1780. gY virtue of a viirit of venditioni exponas to me dirSited. - will be exnofcd - t Sl by Public Vendue, at the Houfe of - Davis. Inn. holder, at the figu of the Wheat Sheafk on the Briftol road, on Friday the 13th Inft. at it o'clock Mt noori - i A certam Frame Meiruage, a barn; and Traelor PUrA of Land, containing about 12 acres, fituate In Oxford ... n.: rt - i , - ti. . . i.uwiiiiupi rmiaacipnia county, Dounded by lands or fx U. I C U r. . m jwuii runnel y, oaran vannegritc, and by the Briftol road, abotit 8 miles from this city : taken In execution and to be fold as the nroDertv of David Derlrk - fbn, by - . James Afh; Sheriff. gY virtue of a writ of venditioni exponas to me directed, will be expofed to fale by Public Vendue at the Premifes, on Tuefday the 10th day of February next, and to continue from day to dayuntil the whole is fold, the following defcrib ed Meflbages, Trafts, and Lots of Und, with their leveral improvements, fituate in Pencader hundred, in the county of Newcaftle, and ftate of Delaware, viz No. I, A Lot of Ground with a large and cotnirio diout brick mefluage or tavern houfe, and a brick ftore houfe, &c. thereon erected, known by the name of Aiken's tavern, fituate on the eaft fide of the great road leaking from Newark to Middleton, containing 104 perches ; fuhjetl to a ground rent of 20 per aai - num. . No. 2, A. Lot of .Ground adjoining the aforefaid lot, containing about 3 acres fubjeft to a ground rent of 30. per annum. No. 3 A Lot of Ground adjoining Pencader meeting houfe lot, containing about 2 acres; fuhjeft to a ground rent of 10 per annum. No 4, Lot of Ground with a log dwelling hofe, &c thereon erected, fituate on the great road aforefaid, and adjoining the Pencader meeting houfe lot, containing about half an acre x No. 5, A Lot of Ground with a log dwelling houfea &c. thereon erected, adjoining the before defcribed lot, containing about half an acre. . No. 6, A Lot of Ground, with a two ftory brick mefluage and tanyard with the appurtenances thereon erected, adjoining the aforefaid lot, coataining about half an acre. No. 7, A Lot of Ground with a log dwelling houfe, &c. thereon erected, adjoining the lot aforeiaid, containing about half an acre. No. 8, A Lot of Ground, with a good frame dwelling honfe and other' improvements thereon creeled, containing about half an acre. Nc. 9. A Lot of Ground with a blackfmitlTs (hop thereon erected, djoining a lot late of Andrew Alii - fon, which lies between Jot No. 8 and this lot, con taining about one quarter of an acre. No. id, "A Plantation or Tract of Land with a Ug dwelling houfe & other improvements thereon erected, hounded by the before defcribed lots of ground, by the land late of William Thompfon, deceafed. by the land of Solomon Underwood, and by land late of David Thomai, deceafed, containing by computation 113 acres. No. 11, A Plantation or Tract of Land, with a log mefluage and other improvements thereon erected, bounded by the land late of William Black, de ceafed, Nathan Bolden, and others, containing by computation 100 acres (being formerly the property of John Cochran, deceafed) fubjtct to the widow's thirds or dower during her life. 'o is, A Lot of Gro'ind, bounded by the lands of Solomon Underwood, Evan Morgan, and others, containing by computation 5 acrei and 10 perches. No. 13, Afmall Tract of Land with a log dwelling houfe and other improvements thereon, bounded by lands of Thomas Evans, widow M'Crea, and others v containing about 18 acres and a half. No, 14, A fmall lot of ground with a mefluage thereon hounded by lands of David Davis, 8c others, and fituate on the main mad leading from the head of Elk to Cooch's bridge, containing about 3 acres. No. t$ A Piece or Parcel of Land with a log dwelling houfe and other improvements thereon, fituate on the main road leading from Aiken's tavern to Newcaftle, bounded by lands of Jacob Fairifs, Hugh Jackfon, David Tweedy and others, containing about 56 acres. V No. l6, A fmall Parcel of Land with the ImprovsJ ments, bounded by lands of James Kinkead, Thomas Williams and Mathew Aiken, containing by computation 3i acres : The whole being seized and taken in execution as the property of late John Aiken, deceafed, at the fuit of James Stuart, and to be fold by Thomas Kean, late jhefvff. Newcaftle, fanuary I 1789. 3.5.7 9 .10 Benjamin January v BOOK B I N D E R, RESPECTFULLY informs his Friends and the Public in general, that he carries on the Bookbinding bufinefs at his houfe on the north fide of Chefnut ftreet, three doors above Fourth ftreet ; where Merchants, Shop - keepers, and others, may have all forts of Account Books made and ruled to any pattern. He will engage his work to be equal in neatnefs of Binding and Ruling to any done in this city, and on more reafonable terms. With thefe a durances, he folicits a Continuation of the Favours of his former Employers, and of all others who wilh to encourage him. N B Latge Record Books bound in the beft manner, either with or without Ruflia Bands. 4 Old Books rebound, as ufual. . Jan. 14 CUCH gentlemen as wiftx to fub - fcribe to the Paper Bank, for the pnrpofe of appreciating that money, will plcafe to obferve, that s the fubfeription - paper is left at the office of Mr. John Taylor, Infurance - Broker, in Fr6nt ftreet, near the CorTce Houfe. Dtc.a3. dtf VJJ AS committed to the jail of Chefter county, on the 19th day of January, inftant, a LAD about 16 years of age, 4 feet 10 or II inches high: had on a coarfe blue jacket with fleeves, and trowfers of the fame, pale blue yarn (lockings, old round hat patched on the crown: he calls himfelf William Trainet, and fays he belongs to a certain Elifta Parker, who lives in the Neck, near Philadelphia, from whom he eloped laft New - Year's day. His mafter, if any be has, is defired to come, ( prove his property, pay charges and take him away, or he will be fold for the fame in four weeks from the ; date hereof. A. MUSGR AVE, Gaoler. : Weft Chefter, Januaiy 24, 1789. 4t ; Memoirs of the Baron de Tott, cntbeTurlt and Tartars. Tranjlajedfiom the French by an Eng - lifb Gentleman at Paris, under the immediate In JpeSion of the Bar xn. Id 3 Vols. V . VOLOMI TBI TBIRDi ' ' ICtntinued from our Paper of jeflcrdoj.1 ; r THIS monnteent. the motive and founder of wbid are equally unknown, fituated near the canal, ht p twecnlfecropQlisand the walls of Alcxandria,niufthait f if it. y mi V". - . - : JTJ mil 1 , . t r. ' t 'it 5 ? Hi. .f H ... If 11 - :! if t ' 1 ' .u mi - il i Hi' 1 1 s a ; i A V i - : V t m 1 - ' i ;i it, 1 : - i, 1 1 - 1'

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