The Pennsylvania Gazette from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on January 17, 1765 · Page 1
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The Pennsylvania Gazette from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 17, 1765
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I iAlv January 17, 1765 Numb. 1882. The PENNS YL V A N - 1 A G A Z E T T E. r v. - r J i 5' II fj Containing the Frefheft Ad - vices y Foreign atid Domeftic. Mr. HALL, Your giving a Place in your Paper to the following Extract frem HmvEY'i Winter Piece, which is well adapted to the prefent Circumftances of many, who, in this fevere Seafon, cry aloud for Relief, and it is hopedi may have a good Effect on the Minds of the Rich and Affluent, will oblige a Number of your .Readers. Tit feverely'cold ! Who is fo hardy, as not to (hrink at this "exceflively pinching Weather ? See ! every Face is pale. Even the blooming Cheeks contract a gelid Hue i and the Teeth hardly forbear chattering. - - - Ye that fit cafy and joyous, amiift your com - modious.Apartmerits, folacing yourfelves in the diffuiive Warmth of your Fire j be mindful of Your Brethren, in the chearlefs Tenement of Poverty. Their Shattered Panes are open to the piercing Winds a tattered Garment, fcarcely covers their ihiver - ing FleiV; while a few faint and dying Embers on the fqualid Hearth, rather mock their Wifhes, than warm their Limbs. While the generous Juices of Oporto fparkle in your Giaffes; or the Streams, beautifully tinged, and delicioufly flavoured with the Chinefe Leaf, fmoak in the elegant Porcelain : O remember, that many of your Fellow - Creatures, amidft all the Rigour of thefe inclement Skies, are' emaciated witn Sicknefs ; benumbed withAgei and pining with Hunger. Let " their Loins blefs you,,,r for comfortable Cloathing. Reftare them with Medicine regale them with Food ; and baffle the raging Year. So may you never know any of their Diftrefies, but only - by the Hearing of thi Ear ; the Seeing of the Eye; or the Feeling of a tender Com - xniferation ! Methinks, the bitter Muttering Winds plead for the poor Indigents. May they breathe Pity into Your Breafts, while they blow Hardhips into their Huts ! Oburve thofe blue Flames, and ruddy Coals, in your Chimnej : Quickened by the Cold, they look more lively, and glow snore ftronglyY Silent, but feafonablc Admonition to the gay Circle, that chat and fmi'e around them! THUsmay your Hearts, at fuch a Juncture of Need, kindle into a peculiar Benevolence ! Detain not your fu - perfiuous Piles of Wood. Let them haften to the Relief of the ftarving Family. Bid them expire in many a'willing Blaze, 10 mitigate the Severity, of the Seafon, and chear the bleak Abodes of Want. So (hall ; they afcend, mingled with Thankfgivinj'S, to God, . and ardent Prayers for your Welfare afcend more grateful to Heaven, than Columns of the moft c&ftiy Incenfe. Coon; Rachel Fincher ; Elifabeth Coon, and two Children Chriftopher Wamplex ; Rhody Boyd 5 Elifabeth Stdibacker Dorothy s Daughter... - - ' Virginians, Men, Women and Children, r ENNS YL VAIgl ANI, Ditto, 9 THE Subfcribers beg Leave to inform the Public, that they have lately erected, at Baltimore Tonvn, in Mary - land, a DISTILLERY for making RUM; which fhv manv p - ood. TuoVes. who have fecn it is allowed to 116 be one of the largeft, completed and beft conftructed STILL - HUUSfcb or any m norwflminca : ina having furnifhed themfelves with an expert Diftiller, and a plentiful Stock of Melafles, they purpofe to carry on the Diftilling Bufinefs extenfively, and to fupply conftantly the Demand for Home - made RUM; at nearly the fame as the Philadelphia Prices, at leaft on much lower Terms than the Province of Maryland has been generally fupplied with that Article. The Ram already made by them has been highly approved by the beft Judges, and deemed fuperior to either Philadelphia or New - England Rum; and they hope to give Satisfaction to the Public, as well was main - , tain their own Reputation, by continuing to make always of the fame approved Quality. - As this Undertaking is fo well calculated to promote the general Trade of the Province, and fo convenient for fupplying the Country Tra - dian, and Tatler; The Rambler; Univeifal and Female Specta - ders Farmers, &c. who bring their Produce to Baltimore Total, aoy LEWIS OURRY, Affiftant Deputy Qnarter - MaAer - General. Lately imported from London, and to be fold by W I L L I - A M S E L L E R S, At hia Shop in Arch - Greet, between Second and Third - ftreet, two Doon above lfaac Jones, E a neat Aflbrtment of Books and Stationary, viz. v B Akef s Quarto, Odavo, and fmaller Bibles ; Prayer - books; Gibbs's Architecture ; Priced Carpentry ; Love's Surveying ; ColesrPycfe and Bailev's PiAIonaries : Silmon'i Grammar and Gazetteer j Barclays Apology ; Ellwood's Davideis ; Life of Mary Molineaur ; Thomas a Kempis ; Speaator. Guar - tor ; Adventures of a Guinea ; Rowe's Letters : Watts Lorick. and Supplement ; Ditto Lyrick Poems 5 Paraciife Loft, "and Regained ; Hervey's Meditations; Blackmore on the Creation; Pomfret's Poem ; Thomfoh's Seafons ; Pope's EflTay on Man ; Attorney's Pocket Companion ; Every Man hu own Lawyer ; Ths Aviary ; Ramy's Songs; Hill's, Fi&er's and Cocker's A - rithmetick ; Comes Commercii ; Patotin's Navigation; Atkin fon's Epitome ; Mariner's Gompafs and Callender, &c. &c. Virgil, Horace and Ovid Delphini ; Davidfon's Virgil ; Schri - venus's Lexicon ; Seleclse e Profanis Seriotoribus 1 $nf v terl Teftamento Hiftoriae ; Ruddiman's Rudiments ; Lilly's and Clarke's Grammars ; Bailey's Exercifes ; Clarke's Introduction. Market, as well as to promote the private Emolument of the Owners ; it is hoped the Public will give proper Encouragement to a Branch of Trade fo ufeful, and (p mtrch wanted in the Province. Any Gentleman wanting Quantities of Rum for Exportation, by giving timeous Notice, may be fupplied, and proper Allowance made to fuch, by their humble Servants, Samuel and Robert Purviance, and Company. ALL Pcifons indebted to the Eft ate of George Beoftll, late . of Gcrmantown, Shopkeeper deceafed, art deixed to snake - fpeedy Payment, other wife they may expect to be profecutcd as the witn ana without tne Supplement ; Clarke's Ovid, Sueton, Ju - Law directs ; and thofe who have any juft Demands on faid Eftate, Am, Florus, Salluft, Cornelius Nepos, Erafmus, Efop and Corde - to bring in their Accounts, that they may be paid by An ha Ba - . ry j Lo.nucn. Vocabulary ; W.ettenhall's Greek Grammar; Sen - Ba a, and Chablks Binsxll, Executor. 5 tentire Pucrues ; Stirling's Rhettrick ; Smith's Longinus, &c. . LIST of CAPTIVES taken by the Indians, and deli - vered to Colonel B O UQUET, by the Mingoes, Dela wares, Shawanefe, Wyondots and Mohickons, at Tfcarawas and Mu&ingam, in November, 1764. V I R G I N I A N S, of the Southern Diftrift. 'M A L E S. MICHAEL PATTERSON; John Burd ; George Yokeham; Stephen BUnkinlhip ; Thomas Harper ; Michael See ; George See ; John Huatzman; Adam Huntzman ; Solomon Carpenter ; John Gilmore ; Thomas Wheat ; and John Freeling. ' " , FEMALES and C H I L D R E N. Barbara Rigar ; Dorothy Rigar ; Margaret Sivers ; Elizabeth Sivers ; Catherine Sivers ; Mary Lancifco, and her Child ; Elifabeth Tcftier j Eleanor Kincade, and two Children; Elifabeth Moufe; Eve Harper ; .Chriftiana Houfe ; Margaret Yokeham ; Mary M'Cord ; Elifabeth Gilmore ; Elifabeth Gilmore, junior j Florence Hutchinfon ; Mary See J7 Catherine See; Barbara Huntz man ; Sufannah Fifhback ; Margaret Filhback ; Peggy Freeling; Peggy Cartmill ; Molly Cartmill ; Peggy Reynsck ; Slover : Elifabeth Slover. junior: Tamar, a Mulattoe An Allortmeat of Chapman Books : ereat Varrv r.f fmall io be SOLD to pay Debts, Hiftories, and a Collection of entertaining and inftructive little A Parcel of good Land, well timbered, and well watered, about Books for Children. Jla 7to Acres, fituated on Chefter River, about io Miles above Demy, Thick and Thin Poft, Pro - paUia and Pott Paper, by Chefter Town, with a fair Title, and clear of all Incumbrance, the Ream or fmaller Quantity $ eraboffed and marbled Paper l w,,t c as uts the Purchafer, the whole together, or in two Parchment :' Ink - oowder. Onills. - w,r... or three Parcels, for readv Money. Bills, or cood and fufficient Memorandum - books ; Scales, and Dividers, fome very neat, with Bonds, bearing Intereft. For Terms, apply to the Subscriber, ia threeLegs ; Slates and Slate Pencils ; Pounce and Pounce Boxes ; Qn Ann's Cpunty, near Tow nfide Ferry, his lata Refidcnce, HIS Grifl Mills, Elifabeth Woman .cuiaoein anoagrais ; .niarjetn tattle . VIRGIN TA N S, of the Northern Diftrict. M A L E S. Frederick Myers; Leonard Hyert; James Bell; Thomas Col - Kns ; James Price ; William Young; James Harris; Chriftopher Harmantrout ; Michael Cobble ; Bridget's Son ; Cawacawache ; Nicholas Petro ; Philip Petro ; Hance ; John Wifeman ; Daniel Rhoads ; Michael Rhoads ; Henry Punnet; Mordecai Babfon. FEMALES and CHILDREN. Eve Ice ; William, Lewis, John, Th6mas, Elifjbeth and Catherine Ice ; Rebecca Bryan ; Anna Catharina ; Sarah Price ; Hannah Pricey Sally ; Katiy Weftbrook ; Poliy ; Hannah ; Experience Wood; Mary Clauflcr ; Betty C'auffer; Magdalene ClaulTer ; MaryClaufl"er ; Peggy Colly ; Conogoniony ; Alice Slediler ; Molly Mitch ; Mary Craven ; Peggy Punnet. Barlow and beft caft Steel Penknives ; Black Lead Pencils : Tern - n Kent Cown7 - 1 O' A 1 T l 1T mmm II pie apeacies ; vopy uooks, and variety ot Uopper - plate Copies. Where alfo may be had, good Writing Ink; the different Sorts of Blanks generally ufed, and a Collection of neat Prints. This Day is publiftied, and to be fold by ANDREW STEW - A R T, at the Rible in Heart, in Second - ftreet, Philadelphia, 1Price i s. 6 d. (ingle, or 12 s. a Dozen, PRIMITIVE PHYSIC K ; or, An eafy and natural Method of curing moft Difeafes. By JOHN WESTLEY, The Twelfth Edition. N. B. There was fo fwift arid large a Demand for it, that nine Imprefiions were called for in four or five Years ; and it was not only re - publiftied in a neighbouring Nation, but alfo inferted by Parts, in their publick Papers, and fo propagated through the whole Kingdom. - This is the rTrft Time it was printed in America. Hiniy Cailhtii. Tbctf. JUST now is publimed fome Rhimes, l R Relating to the prefent Times : 0 The Subject's good, the Theme is new, And 'tis fome Sort of Metre too. It fuits the Purpofe near as can, The Merchant and the Hufijindman j It fuits all Ranks of each Degree, If for the Poor they've Charity. Touching Religion "here's no Smacks, 'Tis all about our Province Tax ; It fills the Lift frankly and fair, Nor don't the Rich nor.Mifer fpare. They are printed for the Author, and fold by Mr. Dun laf, at the Neweft Printing - Office in Market - ftreet, Philadelphia. TEN P 6 U NDSReward. To be SOLD by OBERT LETTIS HOOPER, Grift Mills, commonly known by the Name of Trenton with three Pair of Stones, three Bolting - boxes, a Country Bolt, fuitable for the Country Bufinefs ; as alfo his Ful ling - mill, Dye - houfe, Prefi, and To :1s for carrying on the Bufinefs of a Fuller ; with a good Dwelling - houfe and Lot for a Fuller, &c. and a good Garden Lot fox h'xs Tenders, Bars, &c. the whole Buildings and Works in at compleat Order as any Mills in the Province, having been all put in gocd Repair, with Iron Roonda in the Tiunnel Heae, and new Shafts, Cog - wheels, Water - wheels, 7. The Houfe is large and convenient for carrying o'a the Bufmefs, having a fine Country round the faid Mills for Wh&4 ani other Grain, lyingln the Middle of Trenton, and the Landing - dies not exceed a Quarter of a Mile for the Delivery of all thx Bufinefs of the Mills ; and for the Advantage of the Buyer, there will be fold loo Acres of Land, adjoining faid Mills, one Third thereof being cleared, and in good Graft for Pafture or Meadow, the other two Thirds Woodland. Alfo a large Stone Dwclling - houfe, built with the beft Lime Morter, and Quarry - ftone, com - pleatly finifticd, with Out - iioufes, Chaife - houfe and Stahles, an a good Lot and Garden to faid Houfe. Alfa a large well built Store - houfe, two Storirs high, adjoining the Dwelling - houfe, Like wife a large Bakehou& two Stories high, built of Stone and Lime, with two Ovens, and Rooms for holding Bread and Ship Scuff, with a Cooper's Shop under the fame Roof, all compleatly flnihed, and in good Order, ftanding oppofitc to she aborefaid MiHe, on the other Side the Street. One other Dwellin'g - houfry two Sto ries high, with a large Lot fora Garden, fronting King ftreet, and running back to Qaeen - ftreet; in Trenton. Alfo my Ferry, known by the Name of Trenton Ferry, with a Patent for the fame, and all the Boars, Sec. for carrvine on the Buiinefs : and for further P E S. N N S.Y L V A N I A N M A L E , S. John Jacob Le Roy ; Ephraim Walter ; John Walter ; John Ccchtan ; David. Johnfon ; Morice Devine ; Lodowick Clemn ; Felty Cleran ; Francis Innii ; " James Beaty ; Thomas Boyd ; James Campbell ; Andrew Sirss ; Henry 59 Hance Adam Smelt - zer ; Jacob Smeltztr ; Jofeph (red Jacket) Jofeph Stadibacker ; y Chriftopher Tanner ; Hance Adams ; Simon ; Peter ; Jemmy ; Pompadour 5 Tawanima ; James Butjer ; Samuel Wallace ; Crooked Legs ; Sore Mouth; John Dunnahoe$ William Leake; William Martin ; - James Martin ; Robert Knox ; John . Fiflier ; John Riddle ; John Diver ; Hane Diver j John Palmer ; M'Cvillough ; John Gibfon ; Thomas Smallman ; Edward Hen - derfon ; Daniel Clemn ; George jAnderfon ; John Hauy ; Jacob Shover; Hicks ; Hicks. F E MALE S and C H I L D R E N. V, Sarah Boyd; Elifabeth Smith; Hannah Smith, and her Child; .Elifabeth Henry Margaret Miller ; Mary Vilb ; Elifabeth Wil - ,kins ; Maxy Wilkini; Elifabeth M'Elroy, and her Child.; Ma - f ry ME!roy ; Catherine Heat ; Uly Stroudman ; Catherine Stroud - ' man ; Hannah Maria Sourback; Kitty ; Beverly Miller; Peggy; . Catherine Williams; - Betty Young ; x Jenny Innis ; Chriftin ; Rachel Leninger; Margaret Leninger ; Margaret Manfelle ; Dorothy Manfelle ; rlifabeth France; Hannah Smith - ; Catherine Lingerfield ; Peggy Bafkin ; Ann Finlty ; Mary Campoeii ; Mary Lowr$y ; Jane Lowrey ; Sufannah Xowrey ; Irena ; Phebe ; Chriftina Wampler j Flat Nofe; Betty ; Agnes Davidfon ; Molly Daidfon; .Rachel ;:Polly ; Catherine Bacon; Jane Crow ; Polly Ctow; Dorothy's Son ; David Bighead ; Martha Martin ; Sufannah Knox 5 Jane Kncx ; Mary Knox; Sufannah Knox; Efthcr Flaugherty ; Elifabeth Stinfonj Mary Stewart; Jane and, as is faid, wears a fmall grey Wig. Any Perfon that faid James , AbUtt in any of his Majefty's Goals, fo as h TjROKEout of theommn Goal of the County of Gloncefter, Encouragement of the Buyer, 100 Acres of Land will be feli, one tn uttooer lait, one James Abbitt, about 5 Feet 5 Inches .Third ot which ia cleared, witk a pretty good Orchard, and all in high, a likely well made Man, by Trade a Houfe Carpenter ; had Fence, the other Part thereof Woodland; the Buildings are large, with him a Dave coloured Broadcloth Coat, flowered Jacket, a fed - in 8od Older, with Barn, Stable, Store - houff, Sec. Alfo my ifh homefpun Ditto, fundry Pair of Creeches, Channel Boots and home Plantation, containing 300 Acres of Land, with a large well Pmps, a blue Cloth Coat, with fundry other Cloaths ; alfo a bixilt Brkk - houfe, two Stories high, and two handfonie Froatl, Silver Wstxh, and Silver Buckles ; has been heard of in Phila - "tn Court - yards done in the beft Manner, and & genteel Garden,. delphia feveral Timet, goes by the Name of Burrough Abbitt, well fenced, a Barn, Chaife - houfe, and all other ufeful Building to me stecemmooauon or ine latne; me late Lanes being about one Third cleared, and in good Fnce, with Meadows, and Graf Land to accommodate the fame, an Orchard of about 400 Apple - trees, of the beft Fruit, and a good Collection of atmoft evtry other Kind of Fruit. One other Houfe and Lot, of about fercm A - t Farm in Paffyunk Townihlp, Philadelphia County, about " V, Ti g u ,5 ,af ? two Miles and a Half from the City, containing about 140 0th" H.UC and Tp V"' M00 - . inri Rrtirrl Knrs th trr?t( Pmrt gF falsi mAm Jt Street by Miles from veral Lots, new Town nilUJUL 11 - ... M m ... . . " U,ca, for four YM... d Scr, Ui. Any P,t,o inciting "iTLTl. to rent the Ume, by applying to Chkistian Gkovis, :iring on "V """. , okT 7, u - w ir 7 ' n" me rremiies, may lenow the Terms. Jofeph Turner. v fecures he mav be had fafe back to faid Glouceftcr Goal, fhall have the above Reward, paid byv Robert Friend Price, SherirT. f TO BE RENTED, Acres, chiefly Meadow houfe, and Out - houfes Place for a Dairy as any to lown, and to fattc W .a weeic : there is to eo The Place belongs to Mr. 5f TO be fold by the. Subfcriber, living on the Premifes, a fmall Plantation, ox Tract of Land, containing loo Acres of Land, more or lefs, fituate in St.. George's Hundred, New - Caftle County, and alfo on the public Rod from Maryland to Apoqui - mtny 'Landing, a tolerable tood Dwelline - houfe. and fome Out - Perfon inclining ta oarchafo houfes, Trade. Terms to ceeding to Miles from Philadelphia, in Weft New - Jerfey, Theft needs no Recommendation of the Advantages every Part thereof has for Trade, and the Pleafantncfs of the Situation. It zttorl many Diverfions, fuch at Fiftiing, Fowling, Hunting, and ether agreeable Exsrcifes, as it lies in the Heart of a fine Country, and at the Head of the Tide or Navigation, on the River Delaware. and commands a full View of the laft Fall in laid RiTer. An the whole Eftate, on pajing Ona very convenient to Mill and Market, and wellfituate for Third of the Puichafe ifonev down, may haTea rfnnM Any. Perfon inclining to purchafe, may apply for the Time for Payment of the Remainder, giving rocd Security, aal ' Richard Hambly, CJ payiog Iatertft, J . TUtf, - H 1 1 1 U 1 1 1 1 U T 1 Ul 1 1 III 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 T 1 1 1 1 1 T 1 1 IT I T 1 1 1 TT 1 1 U f T 1 1 1 1 1 T 1 1 III IIiriTlirilll TTTl 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 T I ! 1 1 1 1 M f I ' Mi 1 1 T 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 f 1 1 1 1 T 1 1 1 1 1 T T TT 1 1 T T 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

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