The Pennsylvania Gazette from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on September 30, 1742 · Page 4
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The Pennsylvania Gazette from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 30, 1742
Page 4
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ii g TO LtTNV on tlie 23d TnfT:; out of a ' failure near this City, a black Gelding ahouM3. Hands and an halfh a natural Pacer, iut c?n trot, fned before, cne white ; Joct behind, a few erc' Kairsiri h s Forehead, man v ? audle - Spots, .: and a trim'd Mane. Whoever brings the fa;d Gelding to the Owner, Alexander Parker, living almoft' oppofite to the Church Buryinj - Ground, in Mulberry - Street, fuail have Twenty - Shiilings Reward, ,and for Dfcovery of the Thief fo that he may be brought - to Jtiftice, Twenty - Shil - 4ia;,s siore, and reafonable Charges, paid by . ' . Alexander Parker. Jiift imported from Briftol and Londcn and 'to Je fold by Reefe Meredith, at bis - $tore, ivbere William Shewbert lived,' near, Carpenter' ,1 tVbarff. jQRoad cloth in.fuits and pieces,; ker - fsys, Rateens and coating, broad and narrow fhalloon, filk cambtets, broad and narrow worfted ditto, white flannel, tfurbys and druggets, fine and coarfe Hatts, three fourths and . Avcn eighths, and. yard ;wide garlix, dowlalfes and oznbrigf, double filetias, nuns and gulick holland, printed callicoes, cambricks and lawns, fine and. coarfe table cloths, muflln and linnen handkerchiefs, napkin and clouting diaper, three v fourths an.d yard wide linnen check, bad ticks and bed ticking, lrge and fmall looking glaiTesT parcel of well.forted pewter, boxes of drinking glaiTes, fauS glafies, cinamon, nutts, cloves, mace and currants, . pen - knives, pocket - knives, box - irons, fdiTars and Rafors, ftioe and knee beckles, lhirt - fleeve buttons, jijetai buttons, fnuff and tobacco boxes, fmall and large fliears, - j.un locks, and' gun Hint?, men .an&womens - gloves, comb c;fes, letter cafes, home and ivory combs, velom books, gar - totftng and laces, knitting andfewing needles, men and womens tiiimolcE, iron compiles, pocket compafTes, iron and brafs fputs, men .and womens whips, leather and brafs inkpotts, 1 (alters, primers - and horn - books, lace and fringe, bellenine runs and numbered.thread, hoUand.and diaper tapes, bobin, ipedtacles and cafts, womens fanni, dutch and nonfopretty, fmall and large vices, plane irons, augres forted, .broad and jnrrow chitfels, moriifing and paring chisels, fteel handsaws, thawing kn'ves, fmall hatchets, - broad axes, , houfe and fhip carpenters adzes, coopers adzes, and axes, aul blades and aul " hafts, fhoemakers hammers, handfaw files, "axes and ' . hets, iheep - fhears, coffee and malt mills, boiloa rum, gunpowder, walking canes. . . ,: '; - Philadelphia, September .17 i ESTER DAY was committed to t fie - H. . Goal of. this County, a Perfon taken upon Sufpic'on f being a Run - away Servant : He goes by the Name of Hugh Templeton ; of middle Stature, thin Vifage, grey yd, with fhort. brown Hur : Has on an old broad - cloth Jacket, the Skirts lin'd with red, old black ratteen thread - kjre Breeches, oldjelt - Hat, old dowlafs Shirt, old grey worked Stockings, old Shoes, with brafs Buckles not fellows. . Any Perfon producing an Indenture againft the faid Templeton, before the Sixteenth of October enfuing, and - paying the Charges, ' ,t may. have him again. . - k John; Hyatt, Sheriff. ' RU N away, on - the jth In ft from Samuel Blair, oi Bethelem To wnfhip, ' Hunterdon Crunfy, Weft - New - Jerfey, an Irifh' Servant Man, name'd Richard Poud, about to Years of Age, , of fandy Comrlexicn, with fifrt fandy Hair, and will 'perhaps wear a ftriped cottcn Cap, well fet, about 5 Feet hish, a little markM with the Small Pox, and pretty full fae'd : Hd on when he went away, a - ' hrowniih Jacket, brown linnen Breeches, and old catch'd tow ditto, horriefpun worfted knit Stockings, and almoft ' new 'Shoes: Itisfuppofed he has got an . Indenture, belr nging to ne John Bath who ferved his Time in Lancafter County, and may thereto change his Name. Whoever takes up the ftfd Servant and - fecurcs him, fcr that he may - be had again, ihall, - Fjve Pounds" Reward, and reafohable Charges, pa:dby , - . ' - Samuel Bfatr. jL L Perfons indebted to the Eftate of Edward Bridges, late of this City, Merchant, deceased, are once more defir'd to pay their refpedlive Debts to his Widow Executrix, or they muft expecl to be fued j fhe ha - Ting advertised fundry Times. . ' . The faid Widow intending fpeedil for Europe, the Hc'ufe wmmonly called the Scales, will be let. Where are to be : fold, fundry Sorts of Merchandizes, as, Broad - cloths, Blankets, fine Flannels, Callimancoes, Briliants, Cottons, Calli - ' coes, Checks, Chelloes, Llnnens, Padufoys, Damaiks, TafTe - ttes, Grograms; fundry fmall Wares, Iron - Ware, and Nails : As alfo, new fdfhion'd Furniture, of feveral Sorts ; all at rca - fonable Rates; ' Cornilia Budgzs. T?'tJN away on tRc'ritH oF thisInfl;r - from Jonathan Potts; of Piyniquth Townihip, in Philadelphia County, a Servant Man, named.Matthew Mulloan, agfd abcut 10 Years, of Ihort Stature, thin Face," fwarthy, Complixion, brown Hair j h an native Iriihman, particularly remarkable ; for Ill - Manners, and an audacious Behaviour wherever he comes : - He'had on" when he went away, a linnen Jacket and Breeches wove "cal'iminco fsfialon, , a blue under - Jacket, two check'd Shirts, blue woolen Stockings, pod pretty. good Shoes. . Whoever takes up and fecures the faid Servant fo that his Mafter msy have hinT again, lhall have, if t?ken Miles from. Ply mouth aforufaid,. Twenty Shillirtff and if above 60 Mi'esfrom thence,' Three Pounds Reward,, with reafonable Charges, paid by - - Philsd. Sept. 16. 1742. . Jonathan Potts. . To be fold or Let on Ground Rent, By Edward JosEPHand Willi a m Shi? pen, A Water 1 ot joining to Mr. Vood - rop's Wharf, one hundred Fi - et Front, and extcnd'ng far into Delaware River, AL Tj : Ferforis . Indebted' to ; Tliom Norrington, Baker, inccond - flreet, Philade Jphia, are dcfired forthwith to make fpsedy Payment, or expedt irame diate Trouble. And thofc whd - have any Demands cn hir are like wife defired to bring in their . Accounts, that they rnay be fettled : He intending to leave this Province in three Months. " - - . - r - .'"' . N. B. He has to fell very good B R O A D - C L O T He of all Sorts, very cheap, for ready Money. Ph:lad. Sept. .16. 1742 ' o and ttscn Sccrtv - 5 hill BRO AD cloths in Suits with Trimmings, . Ditto in Pieces or half pieces, Gciman Serges and Druggets, Kcrftys and Co3tir!fSi - Strip'd Cottons; Flannels and LinfifVc,, Barragons and Grograms, , Everhftiries ar.d Cantaroons, colour'd Fuftlans, Duroys, London and Briftol Shalloons, Worfted Damaks&Flortttas, Strip'd and plain Cailmancoes, Long Ells, filk and cotton Gowns, Superfine boilM Ccmblets, Silk and low. priced worfted - D'tto, 1 DutVels and Bcarikins, Black flower'd Dimafks, - . Penneyftones," Ruggs and Blankets, three fouiths and fix .fourths Friz?, ... Irifh Sileetin'g, . Orenbriggs, 4 Diaper and Damaik' Tablecloths Diaper Napkining, Three fouiths, fix fourths eight fourths, - and ten fourths wide Huckabnck, Three fourths, feven eights Sc Yard wide Garlix, Tandems, Nuns Meneage and Gulix Hollands, Long Lawns, Sktia Lawns & Cambricks, jd. - Sdand - iod. Nailsj Printed Linnen Handker - Litches, Fryinj - pans, chiefs, Cha r - frames, in Front - ftreet, and others on Second - ft reet, oppefi te to Ground lately let out by the Hon. the Piopritors a;id othets for a new Market - ftrcct, and eif hr Acres Or Gmcnd on Paffyunk Road, near T:dmarfh. - ,s B.irn, well fenced in w'th Cedar, with a Orchaid of good Fruit, and two Paftures of four Acres each, on the Rnad to Georoe GrayTs Ferry, and eleven Acres of Wood - Land back of faid Paftures. Alfo a Houfe in Germantown called theP.oe Buck Tavern. To be S O L D, j By Richardson.. and Eve - rsley, in the Houfe where John Stamper lately Jiv'd.. in VV ater Street, J Silk and India D!tto, Cottcn Rommals Ditto, . Three fourths,' feven eights land Yard wide Checks. Phirt - Corded, and figurd Di' mity, CalHcoes, and printed Linnen, China Biues, . Dr'efling and vPier Looking - glaiTes, Soofee Handkerchiefs, Gartering and quality bindings, - China Bowles and Plates, . Djubie All?pe?ns, Single Ditto for linings, as black blue and fcarlet, Bombafcen filk Dammaiks, Mntus and figured. - Sattins, White Tabby, . Men's Velvet Gown Capps, Men's "and Women's - hrmb Gloves, . Women's fiik'D!cto, . Cbth and liht colours Bsl - landine, . ' Sewing and Serening filk, B ittons and Twift Edgings, Caftor and Felt Hats, Buckrams Dutch Pretties, Thread and Tapes of all Sorts, Writing Piper, - all Sorts - of Sealing - wax, Scotch SnurT, Fine Green ana" Bohea Tea, Variety of - Cultery, Made and to be .fcld by PhinkeFkefon at the eajy. Lhatr,. in ubejnutStreet. wEveral Sorts - of good made tage'not to be had in the buying Boftcn Chairs, befides ths LJamage they receive by the bca : Good live Geefe Fea hers, Sea beds, bed bottoms of good Duck at 2c, and all lanes ot Upholltererj Work done after the beft manner. . ii. He has a neat jpan d Cheft of Drawers to i. lold urieap. black, and read leather Chairs, finlflied cheaper thananr ; here, or imrcrtedv frc: Boftoh. and in Cafe of ar ' fects, the Byer fhal! have them mide good an Adva - . g, of middle Stature, his Teeth fiTc. is Tesorboth Feet, by the Fioft, fpeakt. 1 j U N" avay on the 24 th of May from Da; by Hcndly, at the Fork of Gun - Ppwdtr, in Bal - timnre l'nnntv M.irvhrH. a Tvmrn TJfan ... j j j about 30 Yeirs of A and has loft Part cf h T? i - n - imv t - pretry gooa - . x is uncerrain vvnat n;s iiippofcd he is r.lT.oft naked. Whoever brings to his faid - Mafter, lhall have Ten Pcunds, rency, Keward, and reaicnabie iies, pa:d by - - ,.': - . Dc - .rbv Hcndlv, n JN. JS. lis juppijed t?e is zone to Kew - Tlifk, or towardt tbe back lnvubitanti oj t enniytvani j. Apparel is, bcrt tne fa.d Necro Maryland Cm. Imported in the lafi Ship frcni The following boriment of hefli - in large Quantities, and to be fold, .very cheap, by the Subfcriber, at h next Door but one to .Mr. Morean'c, in Market - Str Phil O P1UM, Myrrh, Scamony, Carr.phe':ri Gum - arab:ck, Burgundy - Pitch, Camboge, Galbanum, Gum - elemi, Maftirh, AHTa - fctida,... Guaiaci, Amm - niack, D. agon's Blocd," JP, Ipecicuana, aJelphia Cuivumas, Gentian, Zedoary, Cortnycrva, Cchnius, Gallancal, Senna, Scordium, Jefuit's Bark, Antimony t lower cr nm - fton?, , Qu'ck - filver, vhite Coppcra;, Ekte - Stcne, 1 London,. DRUGS, wihop nvan V erdigrcaf, , cter. 'cpfcsm - Saft, Glaiiber's SaTtr - ' ial - Anrimonijc, W hlte - lead, Rcdl - lcad, - parjifli Flies, jLiquoriih - Bdll,, . Aloes, Ma: 111, Oyl of Vitr'ol, Culccynth, Fi re move's &,and other forts cf Iron - ware &c. - . Ratlbanr, With many - ethers, too tedirus to'be infdrted in an 'Ad , vertifeir.ent : Where m?y be had likev.;ifej ir oft ' Sorts of chemical and ? aV;r.icnl Medicines, genuinely prepared : Oilcf Turpentine, Varnifn, "and exceeding good Florence Oyl: Alfo Snake - Root and Seneca - Root. Joh m Bard. 0 A LL Perfons indebted tor the Eftate - of John Jones, late cf f'hilidelphi?., Dolrer, dtceafed, - .are entreated to pay their refpTctive D.ttsJ Ar - d likcwifr, - thofe that have any Dmanls a.inft the faid Eltatc, are dehred lO'thwith to brmf. in their Accounts that they may . . . run imi In the Ship Induftry,.ARTH u.R Tough, Mafler, from - Briftol, lying oppofite to Market - ftreet Vv'harfF. A Parcel of likely; SERVANTS, viz. Dyer, Houfe - Carpcnter, Glafs - grinder, Shoe - ! maker, Taylor, Baker, Black - fmith, an4 Hufband - men whofe Timesare to bedifpofed of by Thoktas Lloy d, ror fajd Mafter. With Oznabrigs, Shot No. 1, 2, 3, Glafs 8 by 10. Twenty - ten - eight - fix - and four - penny Nails, fuper - fine Cloth in Suits with Trimmings, a rine;Variety - of Cal - limincoes, viz. plain green, ftr:d, blues, and in graia ; with fundry other Sorts of Goods, very cheap, for ready Money," or. fhort Credit. N. B. The faid Lloyd has an excellent Parcel of New - England RU M bead jutted. Pbitadelpbia, 8 t"h of' the 7th mo., 1 742. Falizabeth Jon is, Cha r.les Jon .s, Wi g h t Ma ss e v, Enoch Flower. Executors. A H ER E AS Jiimts Knox, lately at I - XjL. the Head of Elk, in Maryland, having fbiJj JvlUe and a Hcrftr to, Nicholas Vanfint, cf Kent Cqunty, a Maryland, which hive been duly proved to be the Property cf Jacob Miller and M. - ry D. ugharty, of Lancafter County andhad been ftolen from them ; this is therefore to g; Nonce, that whoever fecures, or brings the faid Krcx to roe (hall have'FiVE - Pounds, Maryland Money, befides reafonable Charges. He is a thin pale Man, about 5 fat Miches high, about 30 Years old, Beard; and has Fever and Ague. Had on a deep blue Surrcut Ceat villi licbt blue Velvet Cape, a bl?ck Wig or a worfted Cap . . ... Phila.Sept. 6. 17p. Nicholas 1 Vanfant. 0 & H.I.L.AJD,& LJ H.I A,: Printed - by B. F RAN KL I N' Post - M'A s t k Ra ; Ofjice, near the Market, ' at the New Jt'RittTiwc'

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