The Pennsylvania Gazette from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on May 9, 1751 · Page 3
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The Pennsylvania Gazette from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 9, 1751
Page 3
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Province;'of the -QCHEME of a Lottery, to be -drawn at 2'afFacbufetti'Baj. O FaneuiUHall, on or before thj iSth day of April next, purfuant to an Aft of this government, afsd the 8th inftant, to raife 26700 Dollars for the the fupply of ' the treafury, yZ. The number of tickets 8900, at three Dollars each, To be deducted for chargi s, which is under tvvo per Cent. 26700 500 26200 Of which 212 c, are benefit tickets, and . , 6675 arc blanks, which makes three blanks to a prize. 1 2900 1 1 1 2 3 4 8 10 20 70 160 2005 of cfl ofj .Off of of of! of of of of of IOCO 600 415 3CO 200 I 150 100 75 5 40 30 7 is is is is is is is is is is JS is 1000 600 415 600 600 600 Sop 750 1600 2S00 3000 14055 26200 ; There will be no deductions from the benefit-tickets, which will be paid in one year from the time of drawing, with an intereft of three per Cent, till paid. Tickets are to be fold by Samuel Watts, Efqj John Quincey, Efq; Jofeph Richards, Efq; Mr. Harrifon Gray, and Mr. James Rujfcl, managers of faid lottery 5 and by benjamin Eranklin, in Philadelphia. N. B. The drawing of this lottery, is poftpon'd to the fifth of June next. f yc T 1LL1AM FITZGERALD, and WILLIAM W HUSSEY, Taylors, at the fign of the Hand and Shears, near the Draw-bridge, in Front-ftreet, Philadelphia, make clothes, of all forts, after the neweft fafhion, and . in the beft manner. And thofe that are pleafed to employ them may depend upon the beft ufage. I (t) - Imported In the lait reliels trorn London and Liverpool, and to be fold by DANIEJL RUNDLE, Who has removed his ftore into Water-Greet, a little below Wal-nut-ftreet, almoft oppofite! Dickinfon's Burnt Buildings, for ready money, or fhort credit,' yArd-wide garlix, tandems, double and fingle lilefias, tablecloths, blue ozenbrie:s, Irifh ozenbrigs, coarfe and fine Irifh linnens, yd. wd. 7-eights, 3 qr Juft imported from Liverpool, in ' the fuow Recovery, C&pt. Slade, '- . ' and to be fold by r R ANDLE MITCHELL, and Company, At their ftore, next door to Alexander Hamilton's, in Water-ftreet, oppofite Mrs. Andrews's, cheap for ready money, or fhort credit, " viz ' ' Fine cloth-colour'd filk grograrns worfted camblets and da- . maiks, calimancoes, tammies, poplins, fhaloons, barragons, I-rifh linnen and flieeting, printed linnen and baffaties, white and colour'd jeans, mens and womens gloves, mens and womens thread, cotton and worfted hofe, womens fhoes, variety of gartering and colour'd threads, edgings and lace, beft Baladine fewing filks, variety of fine, middling and fuperfine broad-cloths, and Yorkhire plains, fine black velvets, Manchefter do. filk and cotton gowns, griped de-mities, white and coloured Kendall cottons, looking glaffes, gunpowder and hot, horn and ivory combs, fnufT-boxes and buckles, variety of buckfpring knives, pen knives, cuttoes and table knives and forks, fciflars and rafors, needles and pins, a large afibrtmentof plain-rirrimed,and brafs knobb'd locks. and latches, cheft, cupboard, box and drawer locks, ftock and pad -locks, drawing knives, adzes and axes, carpenters and fetting hammers, plains and plain irons, pairing, heading and mortice chifiels and augers, compafies, carpenters rules,maHs, chalk-lines,.marking-irons and cauking-irons, variety of candlefticks and fnuffers, white metal, gilt fleeve and jett buttons, fowling pieces, iron grates for parlours and chambers, fire hovels and tongues, hand, whip . and crofs-cut-faws, variety of files, pewter dimes and plates, tea kettles and lanthorns, and fundry o-ther forts of cutlary, iron-mongery and haberdalhery ware, too tedious to mention. . N. B. Good Lifbon .fait,, .Englifh double refined fu gar, fugar-candy and green tea. Tbctf. JUn away from Thtmas James, of Upper Merion, Philadelphia county, on the 5th of this inft. an Irifh fervant. lad, named William Dobin, about 18 years of age, fpeaks good 'Englifh, frefh colour d, thick and well-fet in his body, has light colour'd ciirl'd hair, fomewhat refembling a wig : Had cn when he went away, an old felt hat,; oz.enbrigs fhirt, an old dark browhcblour'd coat, too big for him, and breeches of the fame, grey worfted ftockings, and a pair of old fhocs, with brafs buckles in them, one of the buckles broke. Whoever takes up and fecures faid fervant, fo that his mafter may have him again, fhall have Twenty Shillings reward, and reafonable charges, paid by , .. . Thomas James. N. B.'l He often changes his clothes, and fometimes gets thsm without money. ' WHereas John Rodman made his eicape from William Brad- ffhaw, conftable of Chriftlne Hundred, Newcaftle county, on the 27th of Februarv laft. who had him in cuftodv for debt; he . is a New-Englaiid man, about 25 years of age, a fhoemaker by pr.rchafe, may repair to the faid place, and view trade, of a middle fize, (lender, pock-mark'd, and his nofc turns cotten and linnen checks, broad lawns,, remarkably up : Had on a bearfkin ccat, with whit metal buttons, cambricks, callicoes, muflins. Scoth, Nuns and coloured thread, cotton and thread laces, bobbin, twift, garterings, quality binding, tapes, fundry forts of mens and womens gloves, crapes, black blue, faxon and cloth'colour'd alopeens, grazets, filverets, cherryderries, perfians, tabbies, grograms, camblettees, double broad camblets, Barcelona and Spittiefield filk handkerchiefs, linnen handkerchiefs, cotton romals, callimancoes,yd. wd. fluffs, white jeans, demities, fuperfine, coarfe, plain and figured fuftians, grograms, barragons, tammies, grandurels, cverlaftings, printed chiny, for curtains, ruf-fels, fine, fuper and fuperfine (axon green, do. blue, black and cloth coloured broad-cloth, in pieces orfuiti, napped co itings, duffels, fear nothings, frize; Barnftable bays, kerfeys, flannels, druggets, German ferge, harratjeens, horfe-hair,' mohair, f;imp, coat and breaft buttons, mohair; thread, fhirt and jacket buttons, fine and .coatfe writing paper, Britifh and Hdlftian's ink-powder, boys and mens caftor and felt hats, hit trimmings," of fundry forts, G B wool and cotton cards, Hope ware, delph ware, yellow ware, double and fingle flint glafs ware, gallipots, beft London and Bri.ftol fteel, blif-tered do. an afTortment of anvils, fmiths vices, 'l. d. lod. and 20d. nails, FF gun powder; in half barrels, bar lead and fhot, frying pans, cutlary, beft Scoth and Spanifh fnuff, fail duck, &c. &c. N; B. Said Rundle has to fell rum and melaffcs by the hogfhead ; fugar by the barrel j and loaf fugar by large or fmall quantities., r ' T. b. c. t. f. 1 w Ent adrift from the ferry, at Green'wicb-pt.nt, oppofite Glcit' cefter, on the 14 of April, in the memirg, a wherry, bz- r-.v c. -L.i , a, iJ ;fh thr, Wr ihnA faced fubtia krefr? to the faid fern, about 14 feet keel, ivitb three keels, (hod ivitb iron to haul on the ice, the upper end of the flern and flem-band broke 'off, iron rollicks, the upper Jlreak pairted red, a rope in the Pern to jltir ivith. . Whoever has taken up the faid ivberry, tmd ivill brin? her 'to the faid ferry, or vines notice of her, (hall have Ten ij KlCHARD KEN8HAW. Shillings reward, paid by For L O N D O N, directly, The Ship S A LLY, OSEPH STILES, Mafter; wears a cap, and has long blacic nair. wnoever taices up ana le-cursb faid Rodman, fo as faid Bradhaw may have him again, ihail have Three Pounds reward and reafonable charges, paid by . William Bradshaw, - "D Un away irom Peter UicJts, or providence, in Cheiter county, on the 2d inft. A fervant'ma'n, named John Cowan, about 23 years of age, a fhort thick-fet man, has darkifh ftrait hair, pretty frefh, round vifage : Had on when be ,went away, a pair of linnen breeches, 'coarfe fhirt, a darkifh colourM broadcloth jacket, about Twenty Shillings a yard, and is too long waifted for him, an old hat, half-worn fhoes j he took away a good flag handkerchief. Whoever takes up faid fervant, and brings him to Philadelphia or Chefter goal, fo that his mafter may have him again, fhall have . Three Pounds reward, paid by ' Pete 'Dicks, fl" N. B. He was bred up near Biberry, on the Eaft-fidc of Philadelphia county, about 15 miles from Philadelphia, , JUn away from William and John Roberts, "of iManington, in Salem county, Two Irifh fervant men, one named 'George Monrow, about 30 years of age," of a fair complexion, fhort nofe, fpeaks t with the Scotch Accent, and has been a foldier, and can give a good account of feveral countries : Had on when he went a-way, a wool hat, a light colour'd jacket, and a red ditto, without fleeves, buck-ficin breeches, black ftockings, and a walkt, with two fine fhirts, and two bob wigs. The other named James Tracy, about e8 years of age, a tall full fellow, big browed : Had on when h went away, a brown coat, 'with flafh fleeves, a blue jacket, buckfkin breeches, white wool ftockings ; they have firings in their fhoes. Whoever takes up and fecures faid fervants, fo that their matters may have them again, fjiall have Twenty Shillings reward for each, paid by :r ..William and John Roberts. gTrayed or ftolen from the plantation of the fubferiber, in Lower Merion, -on the third of thiSirift. A dark brewn horfe, with a mealy nofe, about 12 years old, . a natural pacer, goes pretty fhort, Philadelphia, May 9 . . 1 75 h 7 'Now 1 on SA L E, At Mr. V ID A Vi 'Room, in SeconJ-Strevt, and will continue every Evening, till the yho!e are fold, : A curious Collection of (BOOK S. be fold by puomk. vciiuuc, 011 tuc ibtn ijy 01 May inft. at one a clock in the afternoon, a valuable piece of land, in the townfhip- of Creelham, fronting the gieat road leading from Germantown to White-marfh, a mil? from Germantown, and op pofite to William Allen, Efqj his land, containing about twenty acres, eight or nine whereof is cleared landJ the remainder wdl timber'd, a convenient houfe, with a thriving jorchard, a;d n good well and ftable: The abovefaid land is to be fold in lots, with above one half of each lot woodland, or all together, as it may beft fuit the buyers, the conditions of fale to be rjiade known at thi time and place above-mentioned, where due attendance, and rea 'finable credit, will be given, by Jonathan Livezey j !r0 be fold, by way of publick vendue, ori Monday the thir- .... teenth of May next,! at the 'dwelling-houfe of John GilleyleliJ in the townfhip of Southampton; in the county of Bucks, viz. Ai fine commodious plantation, fituate in the townfhip of Southamp-j ton aforefaid, containing one hundred and fix acres of good land,) about fifty-five acres thereof is cleared, twelvej acres of which is; fine mowable meadow, and about five or.fix acres more may be! made, there are feveral fine fprings of water therein, the reft of the; land is exceeding well timber'd j likewife therejis a fine young ori chard thereon, containing one hundred and lixty fine gratted apple trees, all bearing trees, of the ! beft forts, of froit, and, above-an hundred black-heart cherry-trees, all beginning! to bear, with ,51 large and commodious ftone dwelling-houfe, - tjhree ftories high, with fafh liehts, fome of 1 thernl twentY-feur lights in a window. with a good cellar under the whole, a large ftone kitchen- adjoining the fame, with fafh lights likewife, and a firie well before the kitchen, containing eighth or feven feet water in the drieft times being fine water, fpnnging out of a rock ; it has been a lopgac-cuftomed tavern, and is vy fuitable for either a publick houfe, or a ftore-keeper, being fituated in1 -a fine part of tie country forhu-finefs j there is a large new ftone ftable on the faii premifes, which will hold forty horfes and upwards, with large joifts and loft over head that will hold fifteenj hundred bufhels of grain and upwards, with other out-houfes ; the place is all in good fence, and the moft of it ditched, moft of the fencing done with new cheftnut rails and flakes, which was purchased two miles diftance. J The place being purchased of John Eaftburn, and) then mortgaged for the payment of Two Hundred and Twelve Pounds. Any peirfon inclining to he premifes, and know the terms, before the day of fale. " I Note, The Place ftands rrie irT upwards of Eight Hundred Pounds, however, I doa t expect to be paid nothing near ments. . I ''''. There is likewife to be fold, at the time and Uegroe-boy, ' and a Negroe-girl, one riding horfe, likewife nails of fundry forts, powder, fhot, and lundry other things, too tedious to mention, lhe terms or laic t be known at the time' and place aforefaid, by me I ! !: John for my lmprpve- lacej aforefaid, a and three mares, bar lead, with GlLLEYLEK. N. B. The vendue to begin at nina in the morning. By Order of the Honourable JAME S HAMlUtpN, Eft; Governor' of this Province, the following is inferte here, viz. f By the Honourable Gilbert FlemigJ; Lieute-Antigua. rant General,1 and Corhmander in Chief, of His Ma- jejiy's Leeward Caribbee Iflands in America, -At the Requeji of the Council and Afj'embly of Antigua. WHEREAS the Abufes in Lumber imported into, this Iflaad , grow daily greater, and no Regard is ha!d to the general Act of all the Leeward Iflands, made to prevent fuch Abufes, tho fuch A(X it confirmed by Royal Authority ; but lthe fame Aci hath Iain dormant, and it is now moft neceflary to execute it: And that no Perfoii may pretend to be furprized. by the Execution thereof, N O T ICE is hereby given, That the fame Aft will be ftriftly put in Execution, upon all Lumber and Ships arrivjn in this Ifland, upon the firft Day of January,1 1751. The fame AGt is intituled, lAn A3 f or the preventing the Abufes in all Manner of Lumber and for the better enc waging of that Trade. Dated at Nevis, I icth December, 170 i. The Aflizes'of Lumber required by the fail'AK Shingles Boards Pknk Staves 5 1 2 42 Inches and a Half broad, and 17 Inches long. thicki t. v thick.1- ; - Inches long, arid three Quarters of an Inch thick, and 4 Inches broad. Penalty of the Aft. Having two thirds of her cargoe al-already engaged, and .will fail with all convenient fpeed. r . ' 1 - rr. . - 1 TTr:1 ror rreignt or panage, appiy 10 u- liam Edwell, or faid mafter on board. N; B. She has very good accommo- dations for pafTengers. - , , . nrOelold byUic lublciiber, A,houfe and Jot ot grouna, in : Marcus-hook, Chich'cfter townftup,: ChefteV county, fronting the river Delaware containing in breadth on the faid river 120 feet, and extends backwards from low-water mark 565 feet, bounded weft ward with ground of Benjamin. Howell's, and eaft ward with ground of Thomas Howell's, and northward with other grounds of Thomas Howell's, and fbuthward by Delaware river ; the houfe is a good wooden tenement, with a kitchen to it, and well before the kitchen door, and a garden pailed in, a fmall ftable, and a fine young bearing orchard, confiftingof more than 40 apple trees j 'tis conveniently fituated for a Ship-carpenter or any one perfon, that depends on the river trade. Any perfon inclining to purchafe the aforefaid premifes, may be farther inform'dof William Vaughan, Ship-carpenter, in Marcus -hook, cr Jacob Worrel, Ship-carpenter, li Philadelphia. ;! . r y:-. - ' O be fold by ABRAHAM GK1 ' F 1 T H, jun. ih Northampton towhfhip, Bucks county, on the 24th of this -nft. A likely tetm of horfes, waggon and cart, and fundry other creaturs : Alfo a Mulattee wench, 18 years of age, has about 13 jears to ferve ; is fit for town or country bnfinefs. - JUn away in July laft, from Nicholas Everfon, living in Eaft-New-Jerfy, two miles from Perth-Amboy ferry, A mulatto Iegroe, namedTom, about 37 years of age, fhort, well-fet, thick lips, flat nofe, black curled hair, and can play well upon the fiddle: Had on when he went away, a red coloured watch-coat, without a ape, a brown coloured leather jacket, a hat, blue and white twined yarn lejgins ; fpeaks good Englifh, and Low Dutch, and is a-good Shoemaker j his faid mafter has been informed that he intends to cut B5s watchcoat; to make him Indian ftockings, and to cut off hair, andget a blanket, to pafs for an Indian ; that he enquired for one Jobnand Thomas Nutus, Indians at Sufquehanna, and a-ut the Moravians, and th way there. Whoever fecures him in the neareft 0i or otherwife, fo that his mafter may have him a-f in, fhall have Forty Shillings reward, and reafonable charges, by Nicholas Everson. Sizes, And Boards, Plank, ahd fquare Timber, mark tor more than true Mealure, Ship or VefTel importing and unlading any Lumber, ontrary to the j Intent of the Aft, liable 0 pay, and not to depart until Payment, visi s. J.ooc vaia to ipc 1 reaiurer, ent tor every tnouiana 01 bhingles, 6 A hundred Foot of Boards, ; j 4 A hundred Foot of Plank, A hundred of Staves, (1 8 R i Mout ho tbetife of the Publick. One Moiety to theUfe of the In- former, firj paying out of it 6s to the Lonjtabic jar executing tie Warrant. I yi-ven unaer my nana in xntigua, tbis tbira JJay of January, I75O. ; 1 G I L B. FLEMING. i'- . T. O BE S OLD, . I Very good faddle horfe, about fourteen hands and; a half high j he paces well, and is a brifk lively handfome horfe : he is about nine years old. inquire of Samuel Hafell. ; ripO be fold by Jofhua Wright, or Samuel Atkipfon, A traft H A. I I J I . - . r . m ! - 01 iana, ana a large quantity or meadow grourtd, containing about 14 hands high; fhod before, "his1 fhoes lately mov'd, his mane Shingles, Boards, Plank, and Staves," riot of thefe hangs on each fide, a curl'd fwitch" tail,"iv faddle fpot on the near fide. Whoever takes' up faid horfe, and brings him to the owner, fhall have Fifteen Shillings reward, and reafonable charges ; and if the thief apprehended and brought to jufticc, ThirtShillings, paid by " i? ' ; ' " Hugh Roberts. N. B. He ha3 neither brand nor ear-mark.1. - NOtise is hereby given to all perfons indebted to Peter Afton, of this city, Shopkeeper, by bond, bill, account, 'or other-wife, that (to prevent trouble) they immediately' pay their"refpe-tive debts to Samuel Hazard, John Bell, or Edmund Kearny, af-fignees of faid Peter Afton .who are legally, impowered to recover and receive the fame, for , the ufe of his creditors; I V:i V Ji nSTOti'H, Reward.- Un away, from the fubferibers, of Annapolis, in Maryland, .the two following defcri bed fervahts : Thomas Bibbine, an Englifhman, about 30 years of age, by trade a mafon and bricklayer ; he has now on a fine new dark brown cloth jacket, a flight colour'd coat, with brafs buttons, a fine white rufBed fhirt, fine broadcloth breeches, with' filver buttons, mark'd GB ; a pair of filver buckles, alfo mark'd GB ; a large filver ftock buckle, likewife mark'd GB ; and a filver watch, with a filver chain. William Coombs, a weft country Englifhman,5 a bricklayer by trade, about iS of 20 years of age, a fiim fellow ; has now en a black jacket,' brown coat, and light colour'd cloth breeches, wears his own hair, and a white Shirt. Whoever fecures faid fervants, fo as the fubferibers may have them again, fhall have the above reward of FIVE PISTOLES, paid by . Gamaliel Butler, or Patrick Doarin. N. B. The faid fervants have been feen at the houf of Col. Benjamin Chambers, in Canogogige. ! JUn away on the 25th of laft month, from William Boyd, of Sadfbury townfhip, Chefter county, an Irifh fervant lad, named William MGee, of low ftature, about 18 years of age,' much pock mark'd,, fhort hair, fharp nofe, thick legs : Had on when he wentawayi a felt hat, a blue coat, check fhirt, green jacket, without fleeves, old blue breeches, vrith patches, old worfted ftockings, and new fhoes. Whoever Ukes up and fecures faid fervant, fo as his mafter may have him again, fhall have Forty Shillings reward, and reafonable charges paid by , . William Boyd. C N. E. It is fuppofed he is in company with forae others, as he was feen 50 miles from.home without a- coat j and he had changed hisjreeches. All maftsxs f vefltls are forbid to carry hira off at thei peril. - ; 'r -. - - - . . T . I Forfeited, and d ( liable to be burnt 270 acres, with, ulual allowance, iituate on Old man t creek. Pile -grove, Salem county : Alfo another traft of land, containing about 240 acres, both near a navigable landing. STrayed or ftslen, from the plantation of John Rerifhaw, of the Northern Liberties, .the i8tkof laft month, A natural pacing black mare? branded with I C on the near moulder and buttock, 14 hands, high, with a Star and a blaze down her face, 6 years old, large mane and fore-top, her hind feet white to th.e footlock, fhod before.. Whoever takes up faid mare, fo that the owner may have' her, fhall have Two Piftoles reward, and if they can dve a- ny int-ciiigciitc vi ic tnier, 10 tnat he may be brought to iuftice, fhall have Three Piftoles Ward, paid by t Thomas Revshaw. TO BE S O L""Dr ! Servant man's time, for three years and a half. Enqtfre of .Andrew Bartholomew, in Cheftnut-ftrcet, or Thomas Maule in Second-ftreet. ' .1 ' TO be fold end of Frc by WILLIAM WALLACE, at the UDDer Front-Street, and BUCKRIDGE SI1VT2 arV,. houfe of Mr. Jofeph Turner, Double refin'd fuear at TWENTY- rwz rouna 5 single rehft'd ditto at THIRTEEN-PENCE ; ahd ttuftovaip fygar aid mtlkfTts at reafonable rates, i Tbcti.

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