The Pennsylvania Gazette from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on May 9, 1754 · Page 2
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The Pennsylvania Gazette from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 9, 1754
Page 2
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t : ' V Joa. .ncpcntd Li ... - , . ,, - Joa, and to fee fold tW - ctieap tor it;,. , inort credit, by W I L L U M CLAMPFFER, At his fiore In Second - ftreet, TV Neat allotment ot UHUf & AN ad 1 N D I GOODS. t it tnltndant of tbs Province, he tsnr.ot U etfenl without Permijfun 6j Captain Rankin, in fix Yeeks frm Liverpool, . In from Court. formed, that Captain Magee failed two Weeks before hunTo'if this Brufleli, Feb. 25. Tbe Meafuret taken iy the Government to make Place: And that a VelTei, belonging to Liverpool, failed at the the Ccmmtrce of tbefe Provinces fiourijb, anjwtr at well at can be ex - lame Time with him for this Port. feSed : Sbipt from the Ports of France and Spain have not only come Yeflerday the Ship Friendfbip, Capt. Wright ', arrived tire from tip direclh to Ghent butu Veffel bat a I Co hi led from thence for Ca - the Span: lb Main, in a verv Uah Condition, who informs us, that tiiXy freighted with Linens, Laces, Thread , and other ManufaBuret when be was in the Harbour of Guira, in tkfi Province of Santa Juji imported in the laft vejfels from Liverpool, and to it It d h ef this Csuntry. Martha, a violent Gale of Wind fprang up, at Nortb - eajt, on the EDWARD PEN IN G T O Nt N E W - T 0 R K, May 6. tZtb i ef March, which forced bim out to Sea, with the Loft of two At bit fiore, next door to Edward Catbralfs, in Water ft,ett We hear from Augmftine (via South - Carolina) that a VeiTel of Anchors and Cables : That fame Time after be endeavoured to regain Large affottment of Irijb linens, and cotton and linen checks i War belonging to his Catholick Majefty, was juft arrived there the Port of Guira ; but the Wind fill eontining to blow very bard, J where may be alfo bad oil s - .jars, fine fait, white fiint and from the Havannah, ths Captain whereof reported, that feYeral together with a firong Leeward Current, found it impojfibk to get delpb ware, witb fundry other forts of goods. armed ' VeiTels, with Men and Ammunition, were failed from back? and fo proceeded for Philadelphia : And that in coming through All per font indebted to the faid Edward Penington (wbcftDehu thence for Campeachy, to join a Fleet that, was fitting out there, the Gulpb of Florida, on the ipb of April, be jlruck on a Reef of are become due) are defired to di charge the fame. gfcj mh a Defign to attack the Mufqueto - Jhore. The - above News Rocks, called the Martiers, where, to lighten the rejjel, he was obit - xnay be depended on, as we have it from good Authority. ged to throw overboard fome Tons of Wood, by which the Ship was The General AiTrMy of Bofton have pafled an Act for levying of got off ; and was then under a Necefiity of cutting away bis Anchor, Soldiers fo'r,th - - t:: . rurity C his Subie&s inhabiting to prevent ber falling back on the fame Rocks. While be was in Di - - tbe jaade by the Indiana on tbatQartej and hia.Tcellency . bis AJJijlance ; be fpard bim an Anchor, fiaid by bim two Days, and ;; Governor Shirley has iljued'a ' - Proclamation' to encourage the en - offered Jo flay longer, if there bad been Occafion, and to do bim any lifting cf Voluntiers for that 'Service. - '. . Service inbisr'fr. I Laft Veek another Seizure was madebyGeorre Harrifon, Efq: Captain Laudeidale, from Jamaica, on the 27th of laft Month, in Lat. 35 INortn, 50 1 - eagues to tne aitwara or oanay - xrooK., fpoke with the William and Mary, bound to London from New - York. ., I The Managers of the Lottery for ercling a School - houfe for the cf betv esn 30 and 40 . of Counterfeit Eoglifh Halfpence. PHILADELPHIA, May 9; : Friday lall an Exprefs arrived here from Major i alhinglony with Advice, that Mr. Ward, Erfgnof Capt.TrenftCcrrpany, was com' p tiled to furrender lit Jmall tort in the Forks cf Llanongabela to the Benefit ot the Poor or tne Dutcfc Kerorm a congtegai,on, corn - Frtr.cb, en the ijth pan t who fell down from yevar.o with a fleet T monly c air d tne ealviniits, in fnuaaeipnia nereoy give ixouce, ' - 9. T,r r,f k W. ririwina will Vv - inlv kuin the Twentieth lnitant. at AW WiAk Vi.niUg ft4. V. .! J " - ? furr: ijtb paft j who fell down fr ' :tlcs and Caxces. upwards' cf icoo :ih they thntcd c?air.ft the Fort : and ' - r I f) to, tnake a prefer Dcfc ,j. tci - m: - jiirr to mar to vut tttr jjjm t j.y' icjor tuijuir.lon, t; - ? .was aavan - ?smes cf the Virginia Fcrcts, cs fur ax the New. Store - j Allzibzr.y Mountains, where tie Mr. ::sre employed in clear ir.g a Pjd for tie Ca'rnon, which were every 1' J expecled'witb Csl. Fry, ax J the Rixair.dtr cf the Regiment. - Ve hear farther, tint fhe few if the Evgiifa Tradtrt on tlz C::o efcaped, but 'us luty:d the . ii'm OUT. I7ard bavin? the Place mention'd in the Scheme ot faii Lottery. KVSt toiirca to ' A 1 - IST 01 lit 1 1 . is. in tne ronumce in leiiwiirccf, ' i i ladelpbia (not bctore adveruicd.j GEorge Adams, N. CafileOf. Jofeph Airey, , Phil. John Adams, ditto. ' ' ". B Edward Ball, dAir.s. to grt, have "difpiichd, I ' the Engiip join tec oiltrn::, Stti.rc, " r : ft s"i . i : 3 " . o . . ' T ej ircrt ere takcn wito cu t.:.r ucuis, ana Kapt. oeorge onggi, rear co.coa C. The Indian Cliffs! Iswiver,' , Tbhn Brown, , drjirtr - ttzt ct tl:ir I'Scrriztt t: l to Fcr.. ' . , r. 1 r r u'J fir?!' r: , ... t . :h tltcftltC end, to i' lr 11 ant and i . il:t I; : lit irer.ib i y cj - r.zr :o, is comtrg .n tl iTi: 0 r.d drive :fi t'; Trade - it, cr Itdar.i, ej toe Crjiivays - and Ottaways, are c 2hia Rhtr, fnn the' Lake, .to - join them larsd ruz.y French are exptlled ire::: C.z - .m' - tie Dcfrn la Daniel Bennett, Moles Brinton, James Brice . John Bailey, - ., ditto. . ' ditto. ' ditto. . ditto Lan. Co, ditto. Haddonficld. James Knox, dwaid Kerr, f L David Lee&olts, Hczckiah Lipincut, Sarah Levingfton, James Love, Tnomas Line, .. 'i M . John Melley, James M'Farland, John Maxwell, ; es s iL . :.1 fre t, up tee Obit j and Caleb Cowpland, j,un. - Cbefl. Morgan Morgans, Tchn Collins, Glou. Ce. Waitfon Maife, John Campbel!, ' Copper Mines. Nathaniel Matthews, Peacb - Bot. Phil. ditto, ditto. Pecquea. Cbejt. Co. ditto. ditto. Forks hr. Phil. ' ditto. f elves, fettle 'thtir I - Man, lalld - Forts jufi on Settlements, in a'l i - r C . ; : from which Forts, rr t3 tU Us. ti,. Crtxvfi - Pcifit, t v as tLey cia Jr. ...LitarJs, r.d t u; v John Collins, John Cooper, ; bufannah Copp, Villiara Conquergood, Sarah Doddington, ti: IJjck Siitlert : Scaling, cf tie F. thev lefin already tbtir Patties to kill and fcalp tie In - l.r Counties.. Auordinzh we hear, that :, are fo ttrrifyd by the Murdering and ' Duncan Drummond, y i, 'inter, and the Taking cf this Fort, that Thomas Donning, z, cbur.lon their Plantation and rtmirue to Places I .E . Bucks. Griffith Minlhall, Phil. J N ditto. John Nicholfon, ditto, Ebenezer Northy, t Mary leL'on, Wilmir.g. Blockley. fennfylv. Plil. ef rxore 'Safety'" - - TTbe Confidence cf the French jn this Undertaking Sufannah Edvards, on t&e pre lent di united ctate of tbe xtntna . w - ; r (zirr.t well - rrou jentet, ana tbe extreme U!t;,:u:: - j cf trtriinv lo many carter eni taovern - ' ffdy and tjjetivzl Rleajures Jor iii our '''Enemies Fave the very Itmzlt and t itripitei to c?ree sn Deft cur txc Pvrfe In fume that t r y fjling la:....:, and.corfjc:: ' Tears pji) sr. - : crd Security j ecj one Direction, with erne Council, er. l tie great Difiance of Britain, they pre - ity violate the moi folemn Treaties fub - - , kill, feize and imprifsn cur Traders, Vltafurt (at they have dor.e for ft - rral cr Fiirrr.ets, with tlcir rtirrr.ets, wiio tictr . - ti hih'ren. sr.d take an eji PoffeTion cf ucb Parts cf the Briiifr Ter - riitry as they find tr. - jfi convenient fr them j which if they are per itted to do, r - ufi erih tbs Dtfiruclion oft bit Britip Inter cfl, Trade rh',t v ill . : - m I i - " ' " ' 1 "" - V. - ' . 1 : . .11 5 T O I or 1) I E.!"'...'. J . : - ' ' - ' ' - ' ' ' j Richard Fofter, Jean Fortefcue, Mary Finch, ; ; G Petfer Ganthony, h ' Robert Hinlhelwood, " William Hazeiton, 2, . JlxriIianerwqod, - Edward Howell, John Hughfon, Michael Jeffery, I John Jerman, William Jeffery, ditto. ditto. ditto, ditto. ditto. Cape - May. Filming. Cbefl. Co. ditto. ditto Phil, ditto. ditto. ! P IVbit. Cr. Adam and Deacon Paines, ditto. Bucks. James Parkinion, ait to. ' : - U ' ditto. William Righ, J ditto. Phil. Richard Smith,' ditto John Smith, Lan. Capt. Salter, Alexander Slater, Phil. John Shannon; Jacob Spicer, ditto. John Stapler, - ditto. Thomas Sitgreaves, Derby. Richard Sandcrfon, Wclfh TracU j IT Bucks. Mr, Troot, ) Phil. George Webb, and Son, Radnor. ! Y A Wilminv. Robert Yc lne, 2, Price current of tbe following Goods in Philadelphia, Flour 13s. 6d. Wheat 4s. 8d. Indian Co'int as. 4d. Ship - bread 16s. Middling Dittov22s. WhiteBilket248. jBeef 50s. Pork 6os. Pipe Staves 7I. jos. Barrel Staves 50s. He glhead Staves 4I. 10. Madeira Wine 32I. VeH - India Rum 3s.? 3d. ew - England Ditto as. $d. Pennfylvania Ditto as.' 6d. Mufcovado Sugar 57s. 6d. ;MeIalTes 23. id. Salt is. 6d. Tobacco aos. Penn - fylvarJ a Loaf Sugar 13d. Powder 7I. 10. ,Hemp 4d. CUSTOM - HOUSK, PHJLADILrHIA. - lNWAAD tNTaHI. Snow Gcorgs, William Quoys from Barbados. ' Brig Rebecca, Daniel England, from Ditto. Brig John and Richard, Thomas Calvert from Ditto. Ship Charming Polly, William Morrell from Ditto. Snow Melefent,'. John Cotton from Ditto. Brig Molly, Hugh Stewart xpm Jamaica. Schooner Molly and Hannab', James Campbell from Bofton Brig Friendfbip, Thomas Fowie from Bermuda. Sloop Speedwell, FoxtunatusSbeerman from R. Ifland. Ship Fiitndihip, Hugh Wright from St. Martha. id en - tor London. 7eh: - rthnt!:; G:ral Affimbly of thw Province have voted Ship Ariana, Alexander Kennedy, from Londonderry. C. - .sCuniof.Tc ...:u!ini t'ndstobe given to the i - p; uie at Outwaids. Ship MyrtiUa, William1 Marfden t - s limsj ani ai.a live :rea rouncs,toDe given :i .. - - if 01. Snow Pnnce George, Benjamin Rawle for W. Indies, this Province, cs a Prcfrr r ? the Indiana of theSixNat;..i the Schooner Abigail, Th:cphi!j1 Cotton for Bofton. Treaty prepc - fed tstebcH - ...zny mjonenext. M - f Sloop Haniot, Willianx E - rhrJ for S. Carolina. Capt::. - . Cctt:n, - frc : - cs, advifes, .that cfx cf Guada - Snow Anne, - Tohn Sibbald for Madeira! .'I - r. - f, hi.::i - V. :;rc'f by a Fxtr.clt G::2id deCoair, who, - is 7cn The .Captains l : a Ve!l:l t:r ctBarbadr?. ;... - ..Tutfi2y'i Xcndcr.d2.1y, Devcr.iv.:.:, : tlcrrny Ve - t: vest oblitd to 56'N. ht (Si - .'. J Ship Diligence "' . i Choptank in I , or.e Fortmaf,:.. ir. dtcwn'd ; v hi; 1. 1 oils in a G; and when mtt t:r Hold $ fo they left lit:. C;: - t. I C fter as - : r, cf and for this Place from Accent fines. ;:'. - . fn, and V a jlss, from this 1 tr.sfrcni arearriv'd Capt. llziiy, crrlvV ! from : is 'Advice, thtt Cc:t. C hi the j - ,:as krrivM tl. cr.d h: i ; ..: - ..ith Li which he his Eclif - rit, and : . ; i Fart cf his Circe : Thit in Lat. tl that vers hft cf the Fcc - lecf the : - r - " - r, t ousi to Vhittharen freni - John Sivop Betfey, Samuel Laing for Providence. Snow Nancy, Samuel Appowen for VJ. Indies. Clearxd. " Bris Cumberland, John Lownes to Jamaica, Snow Polly, Cony Ed wirdsio Ditto. Brig Shirley, Thomas Moore t& LiAon. j 31ocp Rofe, John Clark to NevYork. Snow Betfey, Matthew DreCbn to Madeira. SloopS peed well, Clark Sheerman to R. Iiland. Jul publifbed, and to te JoJd by the Printers hereof (P HEY O T E S ' ot the', laft Scffion of Aflcr ihn, Mate, Sup'ercar'oe, l2Yea m Iucr.ter, be - Ihur Wtelis at Sea, Ion her :re vzsfocr Fe Province of Pecnfylvacla.' TO be fold, by REED and F U R M A N, in 17 neaitny wegro man, about24ye2 - i of age, x:r::: v. - a fof;.. . Cat't. ivenne. xnet v.ith a i:r: by which he 1 " - boofe, - azid cii laft faiftin, v;heiAlhe r::ht: (jaw v(i ivitL: - : th: USi it hs 1.1 a r:r - t that he ch... : Crcrra at :;on 5 ana tne : ;;;r ;2 Cpt. Smith ia. ..iliaftTard cf cur Cape?,' j f cuth, 2nd Clipped a Sea, - 'cit f t : to Pi:ces, his Ca - i'hiog cn Deck, waihd ov :;' :ard, and his Bal - V: hhi lay dovn cn her Zitz, : i ccntinced in that If: - n;, till they: got ths - lla.l ftiftcd asaia. , - 'ihey Lhcu tot up Jury - mails, and pieced their bths beft Marrr - iUf wuld, and got'tr: ia cf z - j - j cf thilxliiais . ; has been brought up to country Bufinefs j the purchafcr nay have a reafonable time for pavment., .h" h: ."b '.AKo;to te fold by William Douglas, "about 4 miles from Aliens - town, two likely young NegTo men, who have been brought up to country Bufinefs, and a Dutch fervant eirls time, who has hmit u2 have fdnk fcon after ' our years and a half to (erve.Any Perfon inclining to buy any of ; ui with Fatie, h3v - uic - aDovc menuonea lervants, may fcnow the terms by applying to citnerot tne owners. . r4 3 DANIEL BENEZET is removed from his Huafeia Front - ftreet, to a Houfe In Arch - llrect, betweea Front and Second - ftreets, near tbe George Tavern, where he - hub tj fell a neat Affortment of European and Eaft - India Goodt, Tbe. 3 Mo. . : . ; .. TH E members of the Union Library Company of rbhadelph'u are de fired to meet on the 16th in ft. at the Libr ry, - r com' in Second - ftreet, to choofe Directors, a Treafarer, and Clerk, and to make their ninth annual payment. By order of th Directors, 0 Jamxs Chattik, Clerk. The Royal Patent Medicinal Powxlk, as SUlTff which is well, proved, and known to have cur d many Ybbufaztk in mofi Difiempert incident to Human Katutt, is, by Appointmtu of tbe Patentee, and Company, to be fold CHRiSTO. P H E R MARSHALL, at the Golden Ball, in Chcanm. ftreet, who is their only Agent to vend the finis, and no tthtrt in Philadelphia, i THIS excellent medicine operates on tat head ss a purguive, on the ftorr.ach and lungs as a difTolvcnt, and on the blot1 and juices, as an a terative. By its operation on the head, diffipation of vapours, acd wira aromatic quality, it effeftuilly cures recent lunacies, diazinefs 104 apoplexies, deafnefs, and all fore eyas j bieiks and carries eff lm. pofthumatiocs and ulcers inwardly or externally, quickens tbe ip rits, and awakens them from a lethargic ftte has a very good effect ia all chronkal cafes, carries eff the ftone and Rravei, iri the caufe 5 brings away the polypus in the nofe, cures fits, sjuw, and all pains in the head acd gums in a fe w minutes, tr a very iit tie time, without drawing tooth or flump. By its power on the Itcmach and iungs, &c. it gradually dif - folves coagulated matter j and by the channel of the nofe, by itool, urine, infenfibly carries eff every kind of putrefaction, and thu removing all obflruftions or oppreffions on the bieaft, Honuchot longs, it eradicates the Afthma, catarrh and phthific j recovttita the fiomach and nerves their genial tone and Action, and utterly annihilates ill hyftcrical difotders. ' ' By its efficacious, alterative and purging quality, it cleanfei the blood and reins; it will bring away any ccngeaFd, and foxnetiinet flight quantities of other impure blood, but it ii never attended with bad confequences, as it is pirt of the cure j rcftorcs the juices ' to their priftine ftate, cures the fcurvy, evil, leprcus humoun, uj peftilcntial fevets, baniflies all relicks of toimer lnlectioas, and ua - fkilful pbyficking, acd re - eft blihcs the whole animal occcn.Ejf in all their natural Functions, and a cure muft enfue. Its ungulsr ufe and excellence confifts in being pleafant ia tbf taking, happy in the operation,' and morally certain in the cur:, It hinders no bufinefs, eating or drinking, &c. In a word, as all diftcmpera affet the head principally or eventually, fo is the nofe prefumd to be the proper channel, throujk which all wholfome phyfic ihculd pafs J and however lingular this n ay appear, wc humbly apprehend it capable of anatoniiciUt monftration, as well t s experiment! proof and we fhcu'd be o - bliged to any anatomift cr phyCcin, to hew why all this Kif not be as well effected by the chancel of the nofe, as by that of the mouth 5 becaufe, if there is any difference, ' we humbly apprehend it to be confequent of fome modern difcovery Acdvi further challenge them to fhew any medicine, or courfe of mtH - cines, that will cure in general cafes with equal fafety and difpateh, as the Royal Pa tint Midicinal Fowdis as bvvtr. 27. B. It has been imagined by fome, that in cold or bad wither this medicine is liable to give cold, becaufe a very little flop - page fometimes is in the paffsge to the noftril, which is only tie diforders working off; but in moving about in bufinefs, it dean that paffage continually by its difcharge, and on our faithful wordi no cold can be catched, or ever has, by this medicine, but quite 0 - therwife, as we can pledge our character to this aflertion j aadthit it cures the greateft colds, and the tribe of diforders they brie; with them, in the worft of weather ; therefore is of great fervicc in the winter, as it abfolutely cures the afthma, phthific, &c giving immediate relief, . if everfo bad ; quinfies acd impolihuttti immediately curd. If we have fail'd in any cafe, we are ready ti finifh all fuch cures in London gratis, or ftand condemned. SAMUEL MAJOR, Bijboptgtti. The above faid CHRISTOPHER MARSHALL continues to fell Turlington' t half am of life, Bateman's drops, Sn tifb oil. Daffy's elixir, Stcugt ton's elixir, Squire's grand tliirt Hooper $ female pills, Locker's pills, Scots pills,'s drcft, Scbwaxherg's fever powder, and liquid pell, Godfrey s sordid, right French Hungary and lavender water ; wit b great varity'l drugs, medicines, dyefiufifs, & c, with oils and colours for fsit' ing, varnifoing and japaning, cinnamon, cloves, mace, .and iff fiont fnufft wbolefale and retail, as ufual, at tbe lawej rattt. He gives tbe befi price for Jnakeroot and bees - wax. Imported in the (hip Carolina, Stephen Melnard commander, aai the fhip Myrtilla, William Marfden, from London, and tobe fold cheap, for ready money of fhort credit, by J A M E S MC U L L O U G H, At his flore in1 Front - ftreet, where Mcflieurs Levy and Ffach formerly lived, and Mr. George Mifflin lately removed from, S Ail - cloth, No. 1 to 7, FF gun - powder, glaizM and unglaix'dJ 8, 10, 12, and aod nails, fhot j durants, tammies, calm" cocs, fiik Venetians, yd. wd. cords, rlower'd fattins, an aflbrtitfrf of Scotch thread, yd. and 38tha linen checks, ditto cotton, coca hollands, dyd fuftians, cotton thick fetts, blu&, black and whi half ell perfians, cloth and light coiourM fewing fiik, aiTortmsnt f ribbons, ferrits, pins and tape, womens hair hats, brown buckram printed linen. Iieht and ruiDle eround. fheetine linen, fuperfine fy' Trenton, alike - gathies, fiik and hair buttons, fans, China black taffecies, cloaca - has been brought .,rA fr c - u u jf.. u:.. c. ' 1. j . . nriiredci licnS anil rhinte 6 nr .mnOin - ytr I A'tttn varriWldC dil rtce bd.J AfTembly of the t ater in To be S O L D, or LETT, A Houfe and lot or piece of ground in the city of Philadelphia, containing in breadth upon High - ftreet fifteen feet nine . inches, and in length or depth three hundred and fix feet, bounded northward with the faid High - fheet, eaft ward with John Ogden's lot, fouthward with the back ends of Cheftnut - ftreet iots, and weftward with the lot of Marcus Kuhl. ' Enquire of Hannah Pearfon, living in faid houfe, or Thomas Say, in Second - ftreet, tJii know further. ffi ht Ti; laid $av hit luadry forta f jatdicjcci to fell. - i i - i i m.fifa emiarena pumps, womens inoes, cemy camoriciv, ocoj y - c. clear lawns, tandem, tandem garlix, long lawns, Cumberland Um kerchiefs, princes linen, Flanoei's bed - ticks, Dutch prettie, feJj5 wax, fnuff boxes, ozenbrigs, ticklingburgh, hetl'en, children l?J hofe, mens and womens ditto, double and fingie fi'k caps, oil ftones, aiTortmeDt of Irifii linen, clouting draper, e.l - 'd: tU perfian, ftriped ditto, brimftone, copperas and ailom, ya'C - tanjebs, cotton rornali, plain and flower'd bandanoci, tea and ciaP mon, 3 - qr. linen check, pspper, aflartment of pevter, iron ciods' ry, and fundry other goods fuitabie for the feafon. Imported in the laft dtps from London, and to bs ibid by At his'ftjre, next dcor to Robert Rp, at the ccrner cf B,c' horfe - alley, in Front - Front - ftreet, t. WESTON'S beftSEurT, and a great choice of tV and India gooeis, very iuitib.e t ci tL fdw - TLtW

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