The Pennsylvania Gazette from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on October 3, 1734 · Page 4
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The Pennsylvania Gazette from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 3, 1734
Page 4
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parcel the Hopes he was in of being able to fuecour Pfit-lipsburg, and diflipate their Fears. . , July 22.. On Saturday James Oglethorpe, Efq; Member of Parliament for Haflemere in. Surrey, waited on His Majefty with feveral Charts jmd curious Drawings relating to the new Settlement of Georgia, with which His Majefty feemVl highly pleafed . Aug. 6. From the Upper -Rhine. Tint the French Army has left the Neighbourhood of Worms, and encamped at Anerfheim and . Gunderflieim, 'tis believed they will approach nearer Mentz, but it is oueftioned whether they will undertake the Siege of that Place, becaufe Prince Eugene will be near at hand to fuecour it ; however, the Inhabitants of the open Country are flying with their bed fFeb. . That Prince Eugene is arrived with his Army at Meer field, three Leagues and a half from Frankfort, and three from Mentz, and, will ,pafs the Main at Slingenheim : That Marfhal d'Asfeldt is encamped near Oppenheim, where he is to pafs the - Rhine, and 'tis faid has received Orders to give Prince Eugene Battle, in Expectation wherebf, Vis laid, the Kmg of pruflia will cdhtinue in the Imperial Array. ' ' '' . ' ' Some other Accounts mention, that the Marfhal de jSToailles is in full march with 30,000 Men to execute an important Enterprize above Philipsburg. s Cujlotii-Houfe, New-York, OBober 7. Entred in , Slbop Charmmg Joanna, F. Seymour from Coracoa, Sloop Anne, T. Seymour from South-Carolina, Sloop Eli-fa and Mary, G. Burch frorh Hifpanlola, tShip Batchelor, J. More from Lisbon, Beekrrran from Bofton, and Afpift-wal from Rh-IftenoV. Entred out. Sloop Revenge, Al. Bofch for Antigua, Sloop Happy, B. Burrows for Coracb, Sloop Olive-Branch, T. Durham for Baibadoes, Sloop Elifa and Mary, G. Burch for Bermuda, Snow Eagle, D Bloom for Jamaica. , Cleared. Sloop Sarah, Benjamin Stiles to Coracoa, Sloop Tryal, Jon3. Dickinfon to Bermuda. Cuftom-Hcufe, Philadelphia. Entred id. Brigt.. Pennfylvania Hope, Jacob Wayne, from Bafba-does, Snow Swift, Samuel Jennings, from Briftol. Entredout. Brigt. Sufannah, John Pinder, for Antigua, . William and Mary, George Davis, for Maryland, Ship Neptune,'' Thomas Lloyd, for South-Carotina, Sloop Providence, Philip Vifcount, for Bofton, Brigt. Two Brothers, Richard Pidgeon, for Surinam, Scooner Chriftiana, William Burroughs, for North-Carolina, Brigt. Anne, Thomas Ball, for Jamaica, Ship Wallace, William Wal-Wfv for Gibraltar. Cleared. Sloop Experiment, Lawrence Piper, to Virginia, Sloop Happy, William Halfon, Swan, Burgis' .Hall, to Bofton, Scooner Hopewell, Solomon Dale, to Rh. Ifland, Ship Elizabeth arid Dorothy, John Reeve, to London, Brigt. William and Mary, George Davis, to Annapolis, Sloop Auguftus Gefar, Charles Walker to Bermuda. Adver tifements. Pennfylv.iT Iff HE RE J S in purjitafice of divers Warrants iffued and granted, as will ly the late Commiff oners of Property, as by the Proprietary Himfelf it nee his in this Province, fundry Grafts of Land have Seen Survey d and Settled in the feveral Counties thereof by Perens -..I, ,ia&A nasrntrr.t and tav for the fame, according to the mjrjlM 9JL kj O fit, if , fc. V wwr www w-w--w w J J-' J 7 O lferms mentioned and expreffed in the faid Warrants, which declare 'ihfe Surveys Void if the faid tfertns are not complfdwith withh a ' 'certain rfimetherein allowed and limited for that Purpcfez There-fore Notice is hereby given, to all fuch Perfons as have negleBed U -Account and pay fir the Lands Survey d to them, as of ore f aid Ghat in cafe tley do net apply to the Receiver-General, at his Office h 'Philadelphia, and make Payment accordingly whereupon Patents will be forthwith granted) before the Ftrfl Day of the Month of March next enfu'mg alter the Date hereof, the feveral Surveys to them made will be from thenceforth declared Void, and thai the fame Lands fiallic granted to ether Perfcns, who may agree for, ar.l vials purchafe thereof they paying the Charge of the Warrants and Surveys already granted and made, , Philad.Sept. 5. 1734. By Order cf the Propieiarj. - James Steel, Receiver-Gtnerah GVE RAG A INST the Poft-Office ip Second-Srrecr, Philadelph: a ; iit Zatgbt) Writing, Arithmerick in whole Numbers and Fractions Vulgar and Decimal, Merchants Accompts, Algebra, Geometry Surveying, Gauging, Trigonometiy Plain and Spherical, Navigation (n. all the Kinds of Saving, Aftronomy, and all ether Parts cf the M ATHEM AT1CKS, by Theophilus Grew. His Hours are this Winter, from IX to ''XII in the Morning, from 11 to V in the Afternoon : And for the Ccnve-niency cf thofe who cannot come inkle DayTime) from VI to IX in the Evening. He Reaches Writing and Arithmetic! at the ufttal Rate of Ten Shillings per Quarter; Merchants Accompts, Navigation, QPc. for Thirty Shillings per Quarter ; and will tmdertake tofurnip any One with fufficient Knowledge in any of ' the foregoing Branched, in Zhree Months Vim es provided the Peron have a tolerable Genius and clferve a conftant Application. I To be S O EL D, 2R ACT of Laud, 1 lying at the;tteudof Chelapeak-Bay, containing Six Hundred Acres within a Mile cSufquehannah River, with very valuable Improvement within a Hundred Tards of a good Navigable Landing, very convenient for Fibing'and Fowling ; the Land is fu: table and good U make Crops of any Sort, and is very convenient to the Pennlylvania frade9 a very Healthy and P leaf ant Situation, fuited with all Conveniencies, and ft for any Gentleman that is inclinable to live in the Country : If any P erf on is inclinable to Purchafe the faid IraB of Land-who may have iton reafonable Verms) may enquire . of Humphrey Wells Stokes at Joppa w Baltimore County in Maryland, and be furtherl informed. NB. he Dwelling-Houfe is 6a Foot long, 24 Foot wife) a Story and a half high, Brick Gable-Ends, Weatherboarded With Plank, wainfeotted within, and well painted' Within an A without, fix Dormer IVindows and fix Safi Windows of each A good Garden well paled, a large Kitchen, a good Cellar large Barn, many ether Out-houfes, and an Apple-Orchard. QO 0 D dry Codd and other Salt Fijb, to U . Sold by John Brientnal. by WloUtalt or Retail, atiis per Cantle, or 1 d. Half-Penny per Pound by the ftngle Fijb. O tJ N away from fhotnps Tunning at the i Georce-Inn, in Second-Street, the 1 Kth Inftanti a Ser vant Man, named Richard Afhton, well fet, about 25 Tears of Age', cf a fandy Complexion without Hatr) had on, a pair cf rouna 'joeaovoej, we owes oj n.nguin vena jueatner, ar?: Ozenbrigs Coat with Brajs Buttons, apair cf Buckskin Breeches. Whoever foall jecure mm in any U oaf, pall have tive rounds Reward, and reafonable Charges, paid by Tho. Dunning. " N. B. He has with him Five Pi ftolesj a Half Moidore, and a conftdcrable Sum of Englifn Com. RUN away the Firfi of this Inflant at Night, from Capt. Chriftophei Poftgate, a Servant Lai. named Thomas M'Callon, about 10 Tears of age, by tirade a Baylor, port Stature, Ms own brown Hair. Had on a dark Suit cf Ftize, a Felt Hat, dirk Turn Stockings. JVlofotvee takes up and fecures the faid Servant Lad, and gives Notice his aforefaid Mafier, or Mr Mackay Jball hate Twenty Shillings Reward, and Reafcnable Charges. . . C; , Poftgate. JO S E P H Haden, Sahmaker, from London, now keying a Sail-Left on r.;Tiumftead s 'ttep IPlarjf, makes and mends all forts cf Sails at the mojl reafonable Prices ; alfi Sacking-Bottoms; te will alfi go' into taXowcr-Counties or Maryland to work, on Cccaftoh, :! - Vox BARB ADO E'S direftlv. HE Sloop Pembroke William tucker Mafter, now lykg at Mr. Ipiumftead's iVharff, and eiiill tail in Three Iveeki havifitr Tcia fhirJf erUfft InrJfrr ready to put onboard. For Freight cr Pajfage, agree with John Inglis, irfaid Mafier on board. For NortB-CarolifM) or Cape-Fear i TH E Scooner Chrifijanay will fail witb all Expedition. For Freight or PafTage, agree with Mr. Parksr h JaUr-retU PHILADELPHIA: Printed by J5. x K Jxvi.Jb la l in, ac inc ew-rnnung- Office near the Market. Price 10 s. a x ear. Wkare Adrertifemsnis are taken in. aird BOOK-BINDING is done icifcnsbljt, ia iht UhUnntfy

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