Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 17, 1962 · Page 12
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 12

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 17, 1962
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE anfl LOGANSPORT PRESS, LOGANSPORT, INDIANA SUNDAY, JUNE 17,1962 Excessive Perspiration Dampens Attractiveness I recently had the privilege of interviewing one of New York City's most distinguished dermatologists. I asked him some questions which you very often ask me. I receive so many letters from women who are troubled by excessive inspiration. They write that no antiperspirant does any good and that shields do not help much because they perspire -far past the shields. While this is not a serious condition, it certainly must be most annoying. It is unattractive-looking and ruinous to clothes. My medical advisor told me that excessive perspiration is caused by nervousness, or rather embarrassment, which affects the sympathetic nervous system. Examples He mentioned some examples, one of which was the patient who came to see him about a rash which was all over her chest and bust. It was necessary for her to disrobe to the waist. This embarrassed her and caused her to perspire so freely that the water actually dripped from her. Not long ago a young executive was sent by his family physician to this dermatologist. This young man knew that he was slated for the presidency of his company if all went well. He was so anxious to make good that he became extremely nervous. When he handed a paper to his boss, his hand would be so damp that the paper would stick to it. There is a drug which will stop excessive perspiration, but there are unpleasant side effects, such as a dry mouth. Please do not write to ask me ths name oi the drug because I did not ask what it is. If you want to know more about this drug, your family physician is the one to discuss it with. I asked the dermatologist with whom I talked if there is any physical condition which causes excessive perspiration. He said that sometimes a person may perspire more freely for a time following an infection. I suppose the night sweats of tuberculosis are an example of excessive perspiration when the body is in a weakened condition. However, the usual, run-of-the-mill type stems from nervousness due to embarrassment. This is also true of the blush. Build SeH-Confidence I suppose the only thing to do is to try to build up your self- confidence in every way you can. This would include being as attractive-looking as possible and taking a good, long look at the elements and assets in your life with which you can build your sell-respect. Also, there are two very mundane suggestions which I think will be helpful. One is to avoid hurry. If you rush madly about just before going to a party or to an important engagement, you are likely to be flustered and breathless. Two, remember that people are more interested in how THEY look and what THEY are wear- Let's Talk Cars One of the headaches of the salesman's job. especially in the car business, is to find out the customer's „ REAL desires •\ and his REAL M objections. It may seem that this should be a simple matter of just asking to find out^-but B - Hendrick!cn it isn't that simple. Sometimes, of course, the buyer isn't quite sure himself. An example of this was an instance I heard of recently where a dealer had shown a prospective used car buyer several good cars, and he had finally settled on one that suited him perfectly. He thought the price was very fair, but finally decided not to buy. It wasn't until later, when he had bought from another dealership, that the dealer finally learned what his REAL objection was: the buyer had noticed that the car bore an out-of- town dealer "sticker", and he was worried that there might be something fundamentally wrong with it. Motorists often deal away, from home for no other reason than that they know an out-of- town dealer personally and trust him. Since the opposite is usually also the case, the dealer can often vouch for the In addition, a thorough reconditioning would spot any future trouble. I hope that if you arc ever talking to myself or one of our salesmen regarding a car about which you have the slightest doubt, don't hesitate to ask for the name of the former owner. It's our basic policy to supply it gladly upon request. Hendrickson Motor Sales 419 S. Third Phone SKI T?,ke your time, as this pretty, • poised girl demonstrates, prior to a party or an important engagement. ing than in how you look and what your wearing. There is an element of humor in the fact that often the one whose opinion you are worrying about is just as worried about how you feel about her. Tomorrow: "Dermatologist Answers Questions from Readers." (Released by The Register and Tribune Syndicate, 1962) Lynna Hinlon Twirls To Runner-up Spot inElkharl Meet Lynna Hirtton, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Beryl Hinton, 1630 Smead was runner up to the state :jaton twirling champion at a meet held at Elkhart Saturday. Miss Hinton competed in the 19 and older age group. Brenda Young, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Young, route 1, placed sixth in the same meet in :he ten year old age group. More than 400 persons participated in the meet that was sponsored by the United States Twirling Association. About Animals Answer to Previous Puaate ACBOSS 1 Hybrid animal 5 Canine animal 8 Young animal 12 Man's name 13 Go wrong 14 French girl friend 15 Enchanted 16 Born 17 Feminine name 18 Noun suffixes 20 Legislative. bodies 22 Rodent 24 Speck 25 Malleable 29 German river 33 Cot off 34 Son o£ Sell) 36 Rail 37 Prayers 39 Related 41 Fruit 42 Trials 44 Sea robbers 46 Tear 48 Golf score 49 More 7 Avarice 8 Tastes 9 Leave out 10 Egyptian river 11 Affirmative •votes 19 Cloy 23 Color 25 Braid 26 Feel deep affection 27 Imitative animals 28 Animal pen 30 Pliable 31Iroquoian Indian 32 Tatters 35 Misstep 38 Thoroughfares 40 Depict 43 Small drink 45 Ascends 47 Danger 49Fretense 50 Story 51 Wicked 52 Repetition 54 Hand-out 55 "Emerald Isle" 56 Peruse 59 Honey maker •'53 Broader 57 Possess -SB Steal 60 Painful 61 Landed 62 Follower 63 Charles Lamb 4)4 Honeys -65 Confederate general •06 Transmit DOWN 1 Female horse 2'Polish lancer 3 Folds 4 Comes in 5 Animal home 6 Raw minerals NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN. "I have a high-class job lined up for the summer. I'm going to be a portal-to-portal vacuum. sweeper salesman!" YM Schedule Monday — 9:00-4: OO.Day Camp, YMCA. Tuesday—9:00-4:00, Pirate Day Camp. YMCA; 1:004:00, Craft Class, YMCA; 10:00-11:00, Volley Ball, YMCA. Wednesday —9:00-4:00, Indian Day Camp, YMCA; 10:00-11:00, Group Games, YMCA; 2:00-4:00, Exercise Class, YMCA. Thursday — 9:00-4:00, Olympics Day Camp, YMCA; 1:00-4:00 Craft Class, YMCA. Friday—9:00-4:00, Prospector's Day Camp, YMCA; 10:00-12:00, Whiffleball, YMCA. Saturday—1:30 Movie, YMCA. Cintinuation of Game Room tournaments every day. 2 Scouts, Leader Save Woman From Drowning In Creek MAHiION, Ind. (AP)—A Scout- .master and two of his young troopers saved a woman from drowning Saturday afternoon but were unable to rescue the man who was teaching her to swim. Grant County authorities were conducting an autopsy to determine whether Elden Rex Garr, 31, Hartford City, drowned or suffered a heart attack in Deer Creek just south of here. Garr went under in 15 feet of water while swimming with Joanne Medario, 27, one of six residents of his Hartford City apartment building on an outing with him. Miss. Medario said Garr was holding her when both slipped into a hole and started to go down. She was rescued by Dallas McAtee, Scoutmaster from Marion, and two Boy Scouts, Mark Hill, 11, and Jerry Faubli, 12. Garr was dead when the three returned for him. McAtee and his troop were camping out nearby. VANDALISM REPORTED The right rear window of a car driven by Andrew Michael, of 1522 High, was broken when an object was thrown at the car as Micahel drove away from the curb in front of 027 Erie avenue at 4:37 p.m. Saturday, police said. Neither the object nor the person who threw it were located immediately. MOTORIST CITED Martin Cooper, 66, of 712 Barron was arrested on West Miami avenue Saturday by Trooper John Gaylor and charged with not having a valid operator's license. Cooper is to appear in city court. YW Dance Held At High School The YWCA Dance School program was conducted Saturday evening at the high school auditorium. Those participating in the special numbers included: "I Can Learn To Do Ballet," Susan Smith, Roselyn Rangel, Katie Kahle, Tina.Isaacs, Jackie and Fire Shilling, Kathy . Keirans Carol Hunter; . "Ritual Dance," Karen Bressler, Shell 3ody, Shari Kuns, Teri Ann Brown, Gail.Lowe, Elvira Em erson, Kathy Young, Kathy Powell, Joyce Ann Delaplane sheila Paul, Nancy Bowman, jynn DeWitt, Linda Yoder anc Toni D'Andrea; "Nocturne," (preschool), Jan Wildman, Lori Laymon, Doris Powlen, Gail Williams, Jimberly Olson, Stacy Wedekind, }arol Rothermel, Debbie Kinder, Jatie Kahle, Candy Shideler; 'Hungarian Dance," Betsy •lecrge, Annette Carney, Susan Smith, Debbie Baublit, Pam Baub- it; "Valse Bes Heurs Coppelia," Slvira Emerson, Kathy Young, Cathy Powell, Joyce Delaplane, Slancy Bowman, Sheila Paul, ,inda Yoder, Toni D'Andrea, and ,ynn DeWitt. "Sleeping Beauty," Caroll Hunt- jf, Cyndi Wedeking, Kim Mont- ;omery, Donita Finton, Kathy Ceirans, Jackie Shilling, Susie lontgomery, Roselyn .Rangel, Carolyn Short and Clarann Petie; "The Ballerina," Cathy Brown, Cathy Cobb, Cheri Nelon, Connie Clem, Judi Cobb, and <athy Hoff; "Serenata," Katie :ahle,Kathy Keirans, Cyndi Wede- ing, and Kim Montgomery; Aida," Karen Bressler, Shari oms, Sheila Cody, Gail Lowe and 'eri Ann Brown. Preschool "I Can Learn To Do Jallet," Gail Williams, Jan Wild- •narr, Lori Laymon, Kimberly 31son, Debbie Kinder, Candy hideler, Susan S:nith, Cyndi Wed- kind, Donita Finton, Carolyn hort, Clarann Petrie, Susie Montomery and Kim Montgomery; Walse De Swanhilde, "Coppelia," Shari Kuns, Betty Carr, Sheila Cody, Karen Bressler and Ter Ann Brown; "Dance of the Hours," Susan Smith; "Walse'De La Poupee," Shari Kuns; "Waltz from Swan Lake," Betty Carr; "Waltz from Faust," Gail Lowe; "Waltz from Tchaikousky," Karen Bressler; "Sleeping Beauty Waltz," Teri Ann Brown; "Czard- as," Sheila Cody, Mel Kuns. Band Three, waltz from Faust, Sheila Cody, Karen Bressler, Betty Carr, Teri Brown, Shari Kuns and Gail Lowe. "West Side Story," Karen Bressler, Teri Brown, Pat Shanks, Gail Lowe, Shari Kuns, Betty Barr, Cathy Brown and Kathy Hoff; "Harlem Anytime," Susan Smith, Pam Baublit, Betsy George, Annette Carney and Debbie Baublit; "Tango, Hernando's Hideaway," Karen Bressler, Betty Carr, Cheri Nelson, Shari Kuns, Paul Hipsher, Tom Morris, Mel Kuns and John Dawson; "Rockin' At the Plaza," Teri Brown. "Swinging on Fifth Avenue," Cathy Brown, Pam Dibble, Cathy Cobb and Pat Shanks; "Birth of the Blues/' Karen Bresler; "Totem Tom-Tom," Tina Isaacs; "'Cha-Cha," Sheila Cody, Shari Kuns, Betty Carr, Gail Lowe, Teri Brown, Karen Bressler, 7heri Nelson, Pat Shanks, Kathy Soft, Mel Kuns, Tom Morris, Paul Hipsher, George Dibble and John Dawson. "Can Can," Sheila Cody, Shari Suns, Teri Brown, Gail Lowe, Pat Shanks, Pam Dibble, Cathy Brown, Karen Bressler, Betty Carr, Cathy Cobb, Cheri Nelson, Judi Cobb and Connie Clem and ;he entire cast. TITANS SIGN TWO NEW YORK (AP) - The New York Titans of the American jeague announced Saturday the signing of guard John McMullan, ;ackle Dave Bosson, guard Andy )urborow, end Karl Kaimer and defensive end Lewis Perkins. totefi True Life Adventures F-UN OM THE SHORE AS ELEPHANTS ONE ANOTHER WITH IL.ATEK., A KIOTOLSS RINSE IN ;.*„ THE WVEK. . © loos World" Ittcild. Beeemi" WITH PRV I7UST, AMP AMBUS OJ=F. Chronicle Printinb Co. QUALIFY PRINTING '3 NOT EXPENSIVE MOW AT OOR STOOT the best of all paint values! Qmek and easy.' Dries in 30 minutest N-o pamty odor! Beauty that lasts! FINEST PAINT ai LOWEST PRICES VOORHEES 1100 N. 3rd St. Dial 3247 Dr. Leo Cahalan - Dr. Joe Closson CAHALAN ANIMAL HOSPITAL RFD 4, Logansporf-% Mile North on SR 25 Ph. 2751 NEED HELP? GOOD WORKERS FOR HIRE! Any Summer JOBS DONE 50c -CAJi- per man hour JOHN DER>EMI:G;l;O-2!860^Noon to 3 p. m. -O.R- ED IPRA!NKUN-6ft»in 9 a. m. to Noon or 6 to 9 p. m. (Proceeds to Radio free 'Europe) Sponsored by L.H.S. KEY CLUB This 'Adv. Sponsored by The 'Golden Rule. BONUS BUYS-MONDAY-TUESDAY ONLY BOILED HAM 89 c PORK CUTLETS '...., 59 0 , OUR OW1N Macaroni Salad POUND 39t OUft OWN Potato Salad 'POUND 39C OUR OWN Ham Salad POUND 5/C HOME GROWN CABBAGE . UB.4 MA/NOR HOUSE PJblSURY COFFEE FLOUR LB. TIN 990 69 Store Hours DAILY 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. ' 'Fridays 8 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. BEER AND WINE TO €ARIR!Y OUT WE ISSUE MONEY ORDERS 1 These Prices Effective Thru Wednesday Nighf Only Kroger Has Low Prices Easlgate Phial Kroger Ground Beef Contains More Lean Red Beef Than Other Brands Ground Beef You Can Win $ 50,000 Cash in Family Circle Magazine's Brands-Are-A Bargain Contest Get Your Entry Bonk at Any Krogir Store or from the July Issue of Family Circle Magazine At Advertised on Ruth Lyons''50-50 Club—Embassy "lOc Off" Regular Price—Plain Queen Olivet "lOc Ott" Regular Price—Plain Queen Olivet Mj f* Hi Ball Olives... .49 Your Choice of 6 Different Fruit Flavors , •• 4^4 Kroger Jellies.. 5' 5r *l Large 140 Size, Fresh jfjt j* £^ Sunkist Lemons 0 llr Large 100 Size Juice Filled Florida Oranges.... Fresh Cello Packaged , Red Radishes.....:

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