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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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5 1 i i Frstnlngham, but lately Belonged to New ProvIdcnce, and was here in order to go for North Carolina, alfo killed inftantly two Balls entering his Bffeaft, one of them in fpecwil goring the Right Lobe the Lungs, and a great Part of the Liver moft horribly. Mr. Tames Caldwell, Mate of Captain MerWs Veflfel, ia tbctms pr tbere ejtaotipmcntoj, Yrouffrom the Town of Lrverpk was Vfcr r2f to atfrr nr th Ptitnn nvm fdichinv in the A rot eft from tbe 'i own of Liverpool was xeperaay prcjwcu army un bis Majefty at Sr. James again the Petition now eliciting in tbe nitrated as aid Town, defiring Bis Maiefy, for certain Reaoris, to diffolve the ht inHintl'i 4rfrnt ParRament. 'which Proteli concludes as follows To fay if Peterfburgh, Nov.

2. Te laft advices received from tbe I ir A drtirhmetits had ben fav like Manner killed, by two Balls entering his Back. far as tbe fuburbs of Bender or. which a larve body or lurts tnnanuj preiem raTiiamcnt, v.u allied cut of tbe fortrest and attacked tbe An fir. into an ambuicade from wbenxe ivir.

oamsej lviavericK, aprumuing 1 uuiu, 5, Son of the Widow Maverick, and an Apprentice to Mr. Greenwood, Ivory Turiier, mortally wounded, a Bail went through his Belly, and was cut out at his Back He died the next Morning. red with vrcat It is added, thatthe Ruffian after i r. j.j oPr ttftow tvMniltr. rail Srandal ub, jng'tbe fortifications of Bender, withdrew quietly, and are gone into winter quarters Dec.

5. A few days ago tbe Court received from General Count de Panin, commander in chief of tbe fecond army, a drcumjlantial account 0 the expedition of te Count de Witgenfiein, near Bender, at tbe bead ef 4. battalions of grenadiers, 800 bunters, and 2 regiments of fufilecrs. rfil tl Kttlt enoavtmtnts be bad with tbe enemy, tbe latter were al the Matter. Manner or In A Lad, named Uhriitopher Mcnlc, about 17 cars 01 Age, aa tent, oj ivejc jrennons, an uc JU tn Mr.

Shiownht wounded, a Ball en Reams for our Di lent thereto. Vur jztnons, in toe man perusus "rr cvi bJprwd UfiUbfil Subjetn ij, truft, ered h.s.Back, about 4 Inches above the Left K.dney near the prehended he will die. "TLncil Tlclden at le vte A Lad named John CM, A2 Aeif' MTINOPLE November 6 Yefteriay Yorkftire Sometfet I j. Um wka, worp nrGnff4 VivT)is Maieftv at bt. lames s.

ulfiansy but purluing tbem tbat toe nouje oj Kjommcns is unjuJk wr, of tbem only reti Thing out cf Malice, is, incur Opinion, highly criminal, and tends to Scandal upon tbe whole Mation, wboje Keprejcntatrves toey are. 2.64. camels, 21,000 iorw, 67,000 1J JN. Dec. 26.

We are well affured that a certain law officer bas given it as bis opinion, that a much talked of Production is KTreafon, but a High Midemeanor. It having been a matter of doubt lately in many companies, whether tbe news papers reach tbe royal preeme, we can affure our readers that all the pdpers'as every day laid before bis Majefly and that he ixot only perues tbi news part, but every political eff 'ay that appears. It is aid that 'the Miniflry are endeavouring, with tbe greateji affi duity, to fix tbe hjl Junius upon Mr. Wilkes. Dec.

28. The present patriotic toql is May bis be no longer Tike a clergyman's horfe. It is believed, by thole wbo have an opportunity of juagwg, tbat tbe AOS tl fuch bold attacks, Wbeiber either of them can be cajly effetled, ome dcubt We hear that a patriotic party are very anguine in their hopes of able to bring about tbe expulfion of a curiam military gentleman. Dec. 30.

Letters from Dantzick inform us, that orders have been by her Imperial Maiefh. to fit out another fleet of 12 hips of ths A correjpondent that Junius, all his letters, nfver once hewed he wdntd he ftruck at We hear fhortli be laid before the Public. A Bill is atlually preparing to be laid before a great Affembly, for a Repeal of tbe mfroppreffive Part ef tbe Game 'Ait. And what is worthy Notice, this Mcafure is propiotcd by the Miniflry. A catain Ncbleman, wbo labours under a very dangerous Com' plaint, is net to live many Days.

Tbe Duke of Bedford's Diorders are reported to be an Afihma and a Dropjy. We are well informed that a certain unpopular American Governor bas refued tbe Offer of a Peerage. Some of our patriotic Petitioners begin to be alarmed, left the Parliament fhould in carnel be diff'ofved, and their Seats come to be re pur cbaed, which would make tbem look as wife as tbe Irifh Patriots did lajt letter ef Junius has put matters in J'ucban agitation, as mufi bring cn a like Occafion. It is uppojed therefore that they will be content to rriit th the mtmfirv i either tbev muli make the fafell retreat with the Kinps fending bis ParRament to Coventry for a Month, as they can. or they mufi Sufficient force to put an effetlual check to the French King has formerly ent his to Pcr.tufei But ome tbhk it vetter teat a rea oj jujiice jnaaia oe uoiatr.

ui oi. jurua 3, iwt tine, with the utmoft expedition, the command of which, it is James 's, with the Peiiti will be riven to Mr. Kofm'w. a Ruffian cBcer. who was educated in rracioufly reczvuti viz.) the Britijh havy, under the late Admiral Warren.

HippeIey Cox, Efi Mr Henry Cruger, and Mr. Samuel Span, A bctt 160 guineas was yefterday evening made at a Coffee houe, Merchants of that Lity. 'Ibe two lajt Gentlemen we deputed by ot tar from Lbaring that tbe autbor or jumus would je tn cu iceir rcuow it cjctu ftody before tbe firft of next February It was yeflerddy reported that tbe author of tbe lai Junius is knrwn, and that proper meaures were taking, in order to come at his perovi A great man abolutely declared this week, that Junius' lai letter had operated totally different from its inttntions for that thereby tbe Miniflry were now become immoveable" It is aid that a great perfonage has, within thee few days, had fbe real name of Junius, 'with tbe wtelligence properly authenticated, ent by an anonymous band, through (he channel of the common pcfi. We are affured, that ome advices importance are hourly ex peSled from Madrid'. We are credibly informed, that tbe Kings if France and Spain are to.

have a peronal conference in a few months, but in the dominion of which' poiiser we cannot yet, determine, ''We are informed, that the lai advices from his Excellency the Karl of Harcourt, 'our AmbaJJadory at tbe Court of VeraiHes contain matters of an extraordinary nature, and very alarming to our M'wijiry. The premium of inurance on outward bound hips and goods, continues daily to is aid," that JjguIcI tbe Advice of Lord Chatham be taken on an important ubjeel, Mr. Wilkes will certainly take bis cat, without a diffolution cf "parliament Commons and their Journal ent for, and all their prcumptuous fates, about the Middleex Eleclions, ftruck out by his Majejif Command, after the Example of his royal Brother at Tejterday tbe Jouswing Lxentlemen waited upon bis maj.fiy at of. oj tbe Lttizens of hrijtol, and were Sir William Comngton, Bart.

Richard A A 1 Sj March 15. ExtraSl of a Letter from a Merchant inGlafgtw, to hh'Correpondent in this Province, dated December 1769 ''Your Letter of the 15th September, brought to Hand two Schemes for Goods As there is no Profpel of the Revenue Acts hended he will die. Mr. Edward Payne, of this Town, Merchant, landing at his Entry Door, received a Ball in his Arm, which mattered fome of the Bones. Mr.

John Green, Taylor, coming up Leverett's Lane, received a Ball juft under his Hip, and lodged in the under PSrt of his Thigh, which was extracted. Mr. Robert Patterfon, a Seafaring Man, who was the Perfort that had his Trowfers fhot through in Richardfon's Affair, wounded a Ball went through his Right Arm, and he fuffered grat Lofs of Blood, Mr. Patrick Carr, about 30 Years of Age, who worked with. Mr.

Field, Leather Breeches Maker in Queen ftreet, wounded a Ball entered near his Hip, and went out at his Side. A Lad, naraed David an Apprentice to Mr. Eddy the Wheelwright, wounded a Ball entered in his Thigh. The People were immediately alarmed with the Report of this horrid Maffacre, the Bells, were fet a Ringing, and greatt Numbers foon aiTembled at the Plarce where this tragical Scene hsd been acled their Feelings may be better conceived than ex prefled and while were taking Care of the Dead and Wounded; the Reit. were in Confultation what to do in.

thofe dseadtul Circumftances. But fo little intimidated were they notwithftanding their being within a few Yards of the Main Guard, and feeing the 29th Regiment under Arms, and drawn, up in ICing ftreet that they kept Station and appeared, as an Officer 6f Rank exprelfed it, ready to run upon the very Muzzles of their Mufksts. The Lieutenant Governor foon came into the Town Houfe, and there met fome of his Ma jeity vjcuncil, ami a Number or ivii Magntrates a conii derablc Body of People immediately entered the Council Cham now in Force ini America, being fpeedily repealed, I have, with ber, and exprefled thcraielves to his Honour with a Freedom and other Merchants, determined to fend out no Goods to Maryland Warmth becoming the Occafion. He ufed his utmoft Endeavours but fuch as.are agreeable to the Aflbciation. As this is the Cafe, to pacify them, requeftiny that they would let the Matter the Scheme to which you have prefixed the Firlt and Second Re for the Nighty and promifing to do all in his Power that Juftice folves of the People in'your Province, will be frriftly adhered to; fliould be done, and the Law have its Courfe Men of lnliuence BOSTON, March 12.

and Weight with the People were not wanting on their. Part to UR Readers will doubtlefs expect a circumftantiaf procure their Compliance with his Honour Requeft, by xepre Account of the tragical Affair on Monday Night the horrible Confequences of a promifcuous and rafh En laft; but we hope they will excafe our not being fo gagement in the Night, and alluring them that fuch Meafures particular as we mould have been, had we not feen, ftiould be entered upon in the Morning, as would be agreeably that th Town was intending an Enquiry and fall to their Dignity, and a more likely Way of obtaining the beft: Repr'efentation thereof. Satisfaction for the Blood of their Fellow Townfmen. The'. On the Evenklg of Monday, being the 5th Current, fevefal Inhabitants attended to thefe Suggeftions, and the Regiment Soldiers of the 29th Regiment were feen parading the Streets with' under Arms being ordered to their Barracks, which was infifted their drawn Cutlafles and Bayonets, abufing and wounding Nurrf upon by the People, they then feparated, and returned to their bers of the Inhabitants.

Duellings by One o'Clcck. At 3 o'Clock Captain Prefton was A few Minutes after Nine Clock, four Youths, named Ed committed, as were the Soldiers who fired, a few Hours after him. ward Archbald, William Merchant, Francis Arcbbald, and John? Tuefday Morning prefented a molt mocking Scene, the Blood a a bead, till pis lai Ion? laboured epi liics in wbicb Jueecn, lun. came aown vornnm rogemer, ana leparaiing at uoc 01 our reiiow vmzens, running iiKe water tnrougn rving itreer, the fupreme head, both in church and (late. tor Lorine's Corner, the two former were paffing the narrow A 1 and the Merchants Exchange, the principal Spot of the Military that a petition from Mr.

Wilkes will be prefented to tbe ley leading to Murray's Barrack, in which was a Soldier bran Parade for about 18 Months paffc. Our Bod might alfo be Iloue of Commons, at tbe beginning of tbe enuing effions, defiring the difhing a Broad Sword of an uncommon Size againft the Walfs tracked up to the Head of Lcng and through divers otkef htuje to' examine tbe fever al parts of his former petition, which have out or which he ltrucic ire plentifully. A rerion of a mean otreets and r'anages. not as yet been enquired into; uch as the evafi 'an of tie Habeas Cor Countenance, armed with a large Cudger, bore him Company; At 11 o'Clock the Inhabitants met at Faneuil Hall, and after pus the cloe Commitment of their member for three davs, without the Edward Archbald admonifhed Mr. Merchant to take Care of the fome animated Speeehes becoming the Occalion, they chofe af.

permiffion of feiinp any per fan but bis jailors, altho' charred only with Sword, on which the' Soldier turned round, and' ftruck Archbald Committee of 15 Gentlemen to wait upon the Lieu a mmemeanox tbe breach of privilege, by ferving a member cf par on the Arm, then puined at mercnant, and pierced through his tenant uovenur in tcuncii, to requeit or mm to luue ais urders iiament with a ubf eena the counter notices, figncd Summoning. Officer, ftnt to cveral of bis jury the day before: be trial and 7 be papers feteed under the general warrant, produced as evidence sn his trial. We are affured, from undoubtecrier achy, tfat tie pre fen fate cf the ration wul undergavery fenous coniideration at an enfuing meeting. A Report ftrongly prevails, that a Number of very eminent Merchants have a Scheme in Agitation for profecuting a Peti tion, fetting forth the Neceffity of taking the American Affairs unaer immeaiace voniiueratidn. IShore, Majefty was pleafed to recire the fame Very graciou fly." It is faid, the laft Difpatches received in London, by the French Clothes infide the Arm, clofe to the Arm pit, and grazed the Skin.

Merchant then ftruck the Soldier with a fhort Stick he had, and the other Perfjn ran to the Barrack, and brought With him two Soldiers, one armed with a Pair of Tongs, the other with a Sho vel he with the Tongs puriucd Archbald back through the Alley, An evening pater of xeflerday fays, the marriare of the Duke of collared and laid him over the Head with the Tongs. The Noiie Glopcefter with Lady Waldgrave, is now pubhckly known. Tbev have brought People together, and John Hicks, a young Lad, coming dpartments at Windor Caile, where he is addrejjed by her new title. We hear, that Lord Chatham has a plan in contemplation, ivbicb if executedy will miirely reconcile all parties, arid give univcrfal fatis fac Boys flood fome Time as it were to keep them in. In lefs than a fion Minute 10 or 12 of them came out with drawn CutlaiTes, Clubs January 4.

and Bayonets, and fet upon the unarmed Boys and young Folks, It 15 faid an At of Parliament that paTed the Commons ij who ftood them a little while, but finding the Inequality of their Charles I. for retraining Bifhops and others in holy Orders, from Equipment, difperfed. On hearing the Nofe, one Samuel At intermeddling with fecular Affairs, will fhortly be revived. wood came up, to fee what was the Matter, and entering the Al The Report of a War with France, is again very current, and ley from Dodk fquare, heard the latter Part of the Combat, anJ Ycfrcrday a Gentleman on Change laid ten Guineas 'that War when the Boys had difperfed, he met the 10 or 12 Soldiers afure Vrill be declared before the firft of July. Arcbaflsdor, have entirely removed the Doubt of the Miniftry, lingle, and unarmed Perfons, till they railed much Clamour, and tefpecling their prefent Difinclination to break the Peace.

It is now confidently afferted, that the celebrated Junius has fet out on his travels into foreign Parts. W'har, that at a Meeting of the Commiffioners for Trade and Plantations, fome Time ago, their Lordfhips took into Con Cderation a Memorial of feveral Merchants, containing Propofals regulating and encouraging the Importation of Pitch, Tar, and Turpentine, whofe Proportions were as follows, viz." Firft, That the Bounty on the. Importation of green Tar, made in the Manner prefcribed in the AdV which" gives fuch Bounty, be altogether difcontinuad there feeing little or no green Tar imported or ufed in the Manufactures of this Kingdom. Secondly, That the Duty of 9s. jd.

per Lafl of 12 Barrels, payable upon common Tar imported from North America, be taken ff, the Bounty of 44s. per Ton upon fuch tar, be reduced, to 44s. but thatno fuch Tar be entitled to the reduced Bounty, er exempted from Payment of the Duty, unlefs hipped in Ame rica, and imported to this Kingdom in well hcop'd Cafks of 32' Gallons. Thirdly, that the Bounty of 30s. per now payable upon Turpentine' imported from the Colonies, be difcon tinued, and the Duty of 38s.

per Ton reduced to 8s. pe'rTon. Fourthly, That the Duty of 9s. 7d. per Lait of 12 Barrels, cf Pitch, imported from the Colonies, be taken off, and the Bounty of 20s.

per Ton, reduced to ics." A Bill, we hear, will be brought into Parliament at the Oremng cf the Seflions, for the Regulations abovementionedj and there is no Doubt of its pafflng immediately, as theTreafury and Navy Boards have approved of the Plan" Tar is rifen in London to os. per Barrel, on Ac csnt of the above Regulations and the late Hurricane in Norths Carolina then turned down Cornhill ftreet, infulting all they met in like Manner, and purfuing fome to their very Doois. Thirty or forty Perfons, meftly Lads, being by this Means gathered in King ftrcet, Captain Prefton, with a Party of Men with charged Bayonets, came from the Main Guard to the Commiffioners Houfe, the Soldiers pufhing their Bayonets, crying, Make Way They took Place by the Cuftom houle, and continuing to pnfh to drive the People off, pricked tene in feveral Places on which they were clamorous, and, it is faid, threw Snow balls. On this, the Captain commanded thera to fire', and, more Snow balls coming, he again faid, Damn you, fire, be the Confequence what it will One Soldier then firea," and'a Tewnfman, with a Cudgel, ftruck him over the Hands with fuch Force, that he droped his Firelock and rufhing forward, aimed a Blow at the Captain's Head, which, graed his Hat, and fell pretty heavy up jn his Arm. However, the Soldiers continued the Fire, fuccefiiVely, till 7 or 8, or as fome fay, 11 Guns were discharged.

By this fatal Manoeuvre, three Men wereTaid dead on the Spot, and two more ftruggling for Life but what fhewed a Degree of Cruelty, unknown to Britiih Troops," at leaft fince the Houie of Hanover has lirccted their Operatiuiis, was an Attempt to fire upon, or pufh with their. Bayonets the Pet fons, who undertook to remove the flain and wounded Mr. Benjamin Leigh, now Undertaker in the Delph Manufactory, came up, and after fome Convcrfation with Captain Prefton, relative to his Conduct in this Affair, advifed him to draw oft his Men, with which he complied. The Dead are Mr. Samuel Gray, killed on the Spot, the Ball entering his Head, and beating off a large Portion of his Skull.

A Mwbttoe Manaajued Crifpus Attucks, wh was kora in fcr th immediate Removal, of the Troops. The Meffage was in thee IVcrds. THAT it is the unanimous Opinion of this Meeting, that the Inhabitants ana Soliiiery can no longer live together in Safety that nothing can rationally be expected to reftore the Peace of. the Town, and preveat further Blocd and Carnage, but the immediate Removal of the Troops: and that we therefore moft fervently up, Knocked the soldier down, out let mm get up again and pray ms Honour that his and inriuence may be exerted tor more Lads gathering, drove them back to the Barrack, where the their infant Removal. His Honour's Reply which was laid bfort the then ddjourmed ti the Old South Mieting ILjujcj as as Jotkws Gentlemen, 1 I AM extremely forry for the unhappy Differences between the' Inhabitants and roos, and cfpeciaily fur the Action of the Uit Evening, and I have eciLed my felt upon the that a' dueEnquiry may be made, aad that the Law may have its Courfe; I have 111 Council confuhed with the Commanding Officers of the faid rufhing down.

the Alley towards the Square, and afked them, two Regiments who are in the Town. They have their Orders if they intended to murder People They anfwercd, yes, by frm the General at ew York. It is not in my Power to coun Root and Branch With that one ef them ftruck Mr. Atwood termand ihofe Orders. 1 he Council have delired that the two Re with a Club, which was repeated by a nother, and unarmed, 'giments may be removed to the Caflle.

From the particular Con he turned to go off, and received a Wound on the Left Shoulder, cern which the 20th Reeimenc has had in vour Differences. CoL We are informed, that the Briftol Petition was figned by 2445. whicn reached the Bone, and gave him much Pain. Retreating Dalrymple, who is the commanding Officer of the Troops, has fig Freemeff a few Steps. Mr.

Atwood met two Officers, and faid, Gentlemen, nificu tiiat that keelment fiiall without Delav be nlareH in theRar bk rcuuon oi votrniy or one wnicn is hgned by near is the Matter 1 hey aniwerea, you 11 lee by and by. 1m Freeholders) was1 prefented to his Majefty by' the follow mediately after, thofe Heroes appeared in the Square, aikmg, ing Gentlemen, viz Sir James Ibbetfon, the High Sheriff, Sir where were the Boogers where were the Cowards But notwith Marmaduke Wyvil Sir George Armytage, and Sir William An ftandisg their Fiercenefs to naked Men, one of them advanced to ierfen, Barts. John Stphenfo John Svlvefter Smith. wardsa Youth, who had a Split of a raw Stave in his Hand, and faid. lcnara vvuion, cenjamin errand, John Milnes, and Samuel damn them, here is one or them 5 but the ycung Man leeingPcrfon tUnva U.o 'i ii i 1 rt i w.w.

Efquires. His near nimwitn a drawn owora ana guuu reaay 10 lupport him, held up his Stave in Defiance, and they quietly palled by him up the little Alley by Mr. Silfby's to King ftrcet, where they attacked racks at the Cahle, until he can fend to the General, and receive his further Orders concerning both the Regiments, and that the Main Guard (hall be removed, and 14th Regiment fo difpofed, and, laid under fuch Rcftraint, that all Occafion of future Difturbances may be prevented. The foregoing Reply having been read, and fully.confidered the Queftionvkas put, Whether the Report be Faffed in. the Negative only 1 Dilfentient) out of upwards of 4000 Voters.

It was then moved 2nd voted, John Mr. Samuel Adams, Mr. William Molineux, William Philips, fqj Dr. Jo feph Warren, Jcfhua Henfliaw, Efqj and Samuel Pembertun, Lfq; be a Committee to wait on his. Honour the Lieut.

Governor, and. inform him, that it is the unanimous Opinion of this Meeting, that the Reply made to a Vote of the Inhabitants prefented his Honour in the Morning, is by no Means fatisfaftory and that nothing lefs will fatisfy, than a total and immediate Removal of all the Troops. The Committee having waited upon the Lieut. Governor, agreeable to the foregoing Vote, laid before the Inhabitant the follow ing Vote of Council, received from his Honour. His Honour the Lieut.

Governor laid before the Board a Vote of. the Town of Bofton, pafied this Afternoon, and then addrefTedthe Board as follows. Gentlemen of the Council, I lay, before you a Vote of the Town of Bofton, which I have juft now received from them, and I now aik your Advice what you judge neceffary to be done upon it." The Council thereupon exprefled themfelves to htunarimrufy of Opinion, that it was abfolutely neceflar for his Majefty's ber vice, the good Order cf the Town, and the Peace of the Province, that thelroops ihould be immediately removed oat ci the Town of Bofton, and thereupon advifed his Honour to communicate this Advice of the Council to Col. Dalrymple, and to pray that nc would order the Troops down to Caitie Wilham. The Committee alfo informed the Town, that Cel.

Dalrymple, after feen the Vote of Council, faid to the Committee, That he now gave his Word of Honor that he would bedn his Preparations in the Morning, and that there fhould be no unneceffary Delay, until the wkolc tfcc two Regiments were remgved to the Caiile." i 1 1 I ft. dc CO far Sn zna tin! .4 Lib1 ina I inc s1 in be i i va Ac the An the task Jam Si the 'a b'a n. alld, tlami Jbort cfjh them: to tbi appec ccft.2. caui jnay Cc tyjx fold I in Ti in it By I Vi Par. Gov lis rfr Zx tea i lis tt cc cure.

ITIITfiniinTTiiniinrnTiTnirTTiTniT 7 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 in 1.

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