Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 1, 1935 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, July 1, 1935
Page 1
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t AH NEWS- W0RTH-WKILE LOGANSPORT, INDIANA, MONDAY EVENING,' TOWN NEWSPAPBR r~ — • —' ._ - " T T-riL ' " ACL IAAD Lotos* HOME EDITION: Qf WorU Burnt* C.) PriceSGenti VTYTTTlVfF^QA TDK AIX rny^MMmrrs LUliAJNSirUivX?-JimJ^mai^« mv/^-i^ra.* ^ * ^.^.-~~j * ^__— T— • .-> i PKaros - Tribune Host At Fi/tK Annual^atnmConventiprt | DEFEATED UTILITIES Morning and Afternoon Business Sessions and Entertainment Feature Annual Get-To-Gether Gathering of Carrier-Salesmen; Boys from Sixty Towns in .Logansport Trading Sector Among Delegates Attending Convention. ; Qne hundred and . fifty tboys and girls comprising the v ;PHAROS-TRIBn]SlE'S organization of junior .salesmen convened in annual, -convention .at the city building today. It was the fifth annual get-to-gether meeting and business training ;school conducted for the benefit of these enterprising youngsters. ••••-• , ~ Interest and enthusiasm of these boys and. girls .attending th« convention soared as .high" as sky-rocketing July temperature »n4 impressed the citizens of Logansport with the fine, clsan-cut type of 'boys and girls that comprise the PHAROS-TEIBUNB'S "big family" of .carriers. • Boys and girls from Royal' Centre, Walton, Twelve Mile, Lincoln, Galveston,- Onward, Lucerne, Bunker Hill, Buriiettsville, Bringhurst, Burlington, Burrows, .Gamden, Clymers/Deer Creek, Delphi, Flora, Fulton, Idaville. Ke- waana, Mexico, Monticello., [Peru, Rochester, Rockfield, Star City, Winamac, Young America, Cutler, Grass Creetk, Denver, Culver, Argos, Akron, Monterey; Leiters.Ford, Yloeman, New Waverly, Macy, Amboy, Francesville, Medaryville ana Reynolds were among those represented at -the sessions, The PHAROS-TRIBUNE is justly - - - proud o£ Its splendid carriers' organization, selecting carriers solely upon their merit* and extending to them through training In citizenship, salesmanship, honesty and truthfulness, through the buslnass training school. WAR 0 Barman, publisher of the upon intent ears. He *a.ve his youn* iudlence excellent advice pertin- «nt to ther adolescent business activities and emphasized Ills remarks with the statement that It is * real privilege for * bo yOr girt to -become a PHAROS-TRIBUNE car- Tier-salesman. The meeting was not all business. There was- entertainment, too, and ot a very high calibre, as the carriers will testity. They enjoyed the privilege or faeartag and seeing S-ysT old Konna Mae R«hm who, m the'parlance of tn* stasa, stopped the, sbow when sa« appeared recently at tie Lyric theater at Indianapolis. First Donna.- Mae sang "Lovely To Look At" • from Roberta and followed up w»L dance,; As siw ..stepped Irora uie platform the audience applauded thunderously. Being a moss gracious little girl, Donna Ma* tripped back to sing "On Account of I Love You" uom Shirley Temple's show." '.'Baby. Take a Bow." She danced again, ,too, and the audience gave her another thunderous round of applause as sha retired. Stewart ^Gordon played the piano accompaniment.. Next' on the program was a canvass of the,, youthful salesmen and Khen tMs was finished the meeting adjourned to\<get ready for the great parades •.' • The line-of-m'arch'-was formed in Broadway east) 0*'Spth street and headed-by a squad" of local policemen and tha forty-nltc,*; high school band, directed by Prof. Edwii Gould, proceeded west oa Broadway. to Second street, <• south to Market street and east ojt"-Market •treat to Fifth street, north on Fifth to Broadway and east on Broadway to the PHAROS-TRIBUNE ;bmce whore it terminated. >Fo'4owing the band cams the carriers each carrying signs and banners announcing-towns represented. Each' of the.members .-was garbed in bright orange colored aprons'.while the fieet of automobiles which, transport tire editions .of th» .PHAROS-TRIBUNE, in th« more than seventy towns in this .vicinity also carried large banners %anounclng the routes which they •covijr each day. The boys &»d girls enjoyed dln- taurants end tb«n again -'promptly ner in tha various downtown res- at 1:30 o'clock .re-assembled at th& city building'for tie final-business session before returning to their ^ornes. The carrier salesmen began arriving" In Logansport' shortly after ; o'clock this, morning 1 and immediately upon their arrival register- I at the. PHAROS-TRIBUNE office Jfe received their delegate badges. t»t§- this afternoon automobiles conveyed the boys and girls' to their.--homes, with every one ot • ; them happy and jubilant over the success of this fifth annual convention- '••''• I Convention Delegates Bobby StonerJttoyaTjCettW '' Jay^ Umbarger-B.o'ya^ €enf u€£ ''James" Rlodger Thbmas-Ixjgansport' Robert Schwier-Logansporfc Charles Hardt-Logans'port John Hardt-Logansport Robert Truitt-Peru James TurnbuU-Peru 'William Truitt-Peru Lee Lowe-Peru Charles Woods-Peru Wilbur Fry-Peru Mary Johnson-Peru Robert Schlni-Peru William Brenner-Logans•port -Richard Longenecker : Peru, Charles Anderson-Logan«port Philip Schodrpf-Logansport Francis Medlin-Logansport James Rhodes-Logansport Jack Rothermel-Logansport William Sulllvan-Logans- port ' '-'' Joe Klotz-Logansport David: Justice-Logansport Frank Hubler-Logansport Robert Timmons-Logansport I Chester Parker-Logansport J. T. Sailors-Clymers' Joe Skelton-Logansport Jack, Mucker-Logansport Gordon Gisn-Deer Creek Harold Gilbert-Young America' Robert E. Young-Logansport Ruth Pattee-Kewanna Ralph Buck-Star City Claude Kopkey-Winamac Charles ZeBers-Winamac Hubert Krusic-Winamac Bobby Grain-Fulton Frederic B. . Bemenderfer- .Rochester Richard Smith-Rochester Jesse Fingerle-Rochester Robert Jacoby-Logahsport Carl Bollei-Logansport Robert Meyer-Logansport Herman' Lee-Montlcelb Kenneth ItfcGlbsk'ey-Montl- cello , -•- ',' Jack Reeder-Monticellp Ray Roth-Monticello, Dwight Fowler-Monticello Wallace Camp-Monticello Eugene Heiny-Idaville Tom Ayers-Flora ."- : Charles -Sparks-Flora -, George *Trent-Bringhurst • Robert Cunningham-Cutler Junior Hallam-Camden, Richard Edsing-Cainden Jack' Timmons-Logansport ROBBERY MOTIVE LAWYER'SMURDER Girl Gives Her Story f if *i i • of Killing JUST A DREAM John ,-Lui-Logansport Robert Schodrof-Logansport \ ( jf Lester Adair-Logansport Robert Bettcher-Logans-' t« port Billy Bettcher-Logansport William Jackson-Logaiis- port Robert Pfaff-Logansnort Harold Pfaff-Logansport Robert Harmon-Logansport • Earl Woodlingr-Logansport Maurice K. Strantz-Lofgans- port Billy Roberts-Logansport Robert Schwartz-Logansport Claire .Dunderman-Logansport Robert Lumbirt-Logansport Leonard Haley-Logansport Robert BIsert-Logansport " James Young-Logamport Allen K. Parrett-Logansport Robert Newman-Logans_. Dale Massey-Logansport Robert Iles-Logansport Martin Bryant-Logansport William BryantlLogans- port Gregory Bryant-Logansport Tom- Hirschauer-Iogaris- port ' Gene Hyman-Logansjport^ Richard Parker-Logansport James Martin-Logansport" Leonard Marker-Losans- port Frederick Richter-'Logans- port James Eagan-Logansport Richard Eagan-Logansoprt Robert Eagan-Logansport Jack Dunn-Logansport Charles' Landis-Logansport Lincoln Landis-Logansport Carl Hardt-Loganaport Joe Tommy Hepp-Logansport Mary Katherine Small-Wal- 'ton Doris Fitzer-Walton Edward" Minnick-Logansport . . Rcjhard-Minnick-Logans- port . Edward Wood-Galveston - Gail Cook-Walton Chad-wick JullauiCtoward ' " Junior Hartgrove-Bunker, Hill ' • ' V Donald Hastmg-Rochester Earl DeGraffenreid-Burl- ington ' . Charles Gulp-Delphi Foster .Haines-Delphi Eva Gulp-Delphi Alvine Stigers-Rockfield .Harold Graham-Burrows Margaret Graham-Burrows 161 Fire CaUs Here In First Six Months Acutfi dialation superinduced by Heat Attack Proves Fatal To A! Margin Teteran Barber Is Stricken latal Seart Attack Walking Along Third Street Sunday Sight " of the heart, the excessive leat of the day, -was- blamed v for the death lat« Sunday nlxht of AT. .J. Marvin about '65 years old, proprietor of*a. barber shop at SW North Third street. Marvin collapsed-In North '.Third' "stceet,,near Ottawa'at 10:-*0 o'cloot Cass district-of th»^city"and died -ambulance en. loute to tbe county hospital. • yliarles flluxwty, city r * was jngv near Ottawa"and, North, about the time that 1 Marvin stricken and -Saw 'him tail to fhe sidewalk. Ht stopped,' remov*tt cushions from his car and made the aged, man comfortable unffl the ambulance arrived. Tie jbody was transferred to McCloskey's mortuary and Marvia'a wife, visiting La Indianapolis, was reached several hours later" and informed of her husBand's 'death. She arrived here Monday afte*. noon. Marvin made Ms shop. home Jit Ms Eighteen runs in f»«*T*£ Survl ^ g ^ ^ ^ Stelu , the total fire alarms m Logansport ^ . step . daugllterr mas j^erv. lor the first half of the year to IDJ., y eyton> of indiaiipolis, is- a. nep- accordlng to a n official report is- -^g^ Arthur Marvin, of Lafayette, sued Monday from Central_nre stat- Funeral services will be, held on ion. Loss for die periad is esfimat-. ed -at ?23,419. The June-; reported as $354. Thxee-of ' alarms were false- Mfc- William Sckweltser Admits That He Killed JHoward, Carter Dlckln- son at «WUd Party." DETROIT July 1—(UP)—Howard Carter Dickinson, prominent , . N&w York attorney, was slain dur- pames ing an attempt-to rob him by Wlliam Schweitzer, one of three women participants in the wild party that ended ;n death confessed to Prosecutor Duncan. C. McCrea, it was reported today. Police attempts to oreak the case after Schweitzer had7,glven th-sm three widely divergent; stories of the shooting, centaring!\on a reexamination 'of J«*n Miller,- and . , Loretta and Florence* Jackson. .'_- v J-e»Ti'MlU«r;-lea tearfully; "back to - oom wier¥ she hiil^told' >h«r.* 1' m/ ^" VJ- *^*-—— — •- ••„ ^SSktto "tath .,ntenc«",«me .tter dlr?ot ; pi»|- j*^U-*«*fa*B | 9IKi-5iU2Sffi^^ the-, room story Sunday, she brbk« down. •plckert superintendent Jon a Smith, and chief or detectives Fred Wi Frahm.into conference. CcCrea admitted she 1 iad told; him "an entirely new story" wales. repudiated ier earlier st«*«nM«* to'police- He denied, that "she had confessed to the robbery angle of the slaying. The young'•woman wa» led Com ,hls offlc« shortly thereafter t»_oo ;taken - to. the women's detenilzi 'home She was sobbing loudly and appeared- "'completely unnerved. She 1 - stumbled a«- she stepped Into the elevator, and., struck her lead against the ste«l sfde-of the "car. Schweitzer has told three dtffer- «nt versions of the shooting, none sot which are satisfactory to police. Efe first claimed that the nephew of Ghief Justice Hughes was shot Charles 'Evan accidentally as He the two 'grappled over a pistol then said he shot, the .barriester in 'self-defense in the presence of the three women with whom he was arrested yesterday^ln.^^ "Wayne, Ind. His last story'was th»£DIck- Inson committed suicide.' \ About the only, thing police can decide from th«v tales Is that Schweitzer was - with Dickinson when he was killed early Thursday morning, but they hoped that tiy continuous questioning, they would find! "the" key to the motive for the kllBng: and clalnwd front of the alone. In Rouge park. vSh« women returned to .se«ig3Djckta«oii- sprawled- on- the groTind'-beride/the [car. The woman arrested" tinder the .said the three women iad left" the -car and w»lked v back: from the road, while "returning from the business. -Hearing-»^b.ot they ran back and' grocer, *nd Lewis- of California; -^' *- d'DlcklnsbiL dead. She claimed a.sister^Mr*. Frank Jeffries of lOtUKLflJicianson. aeaa. one ca»unea M d a.,gmter, j Schweitzer" threatened ~all .three it Marion, -Ohio. (hey did not -stay with Mm. He told ^g j^dy ll«tened and iqde- to SeparatJng,- aiey 'were^itoestedsSaturdmy, The other 1 two •women^^ic Jackson sisters/Ixiretta,.^?, *nd.nor r were Schweitzer. William Bechdbl, 69, of Walton, Is Dead 1 WALTON, Ind., ? Jnly 1—TOlliam Bechdol, 69, former Walton rwl- month* IllfCeBe/ja* i«£Ve«/TiovIm r mediate relattr^t,* ^ - ; ^ Tie bodyi h*B'T»eji returned to" "Death Sentence" Clause Rejected; In House 216446 * President's Drastic Amendment for a Mandatory "Dtath" of Utilities Holdings Companies loses. , WASHINGTON, July 1—(UP)—The-HoW today buffed President'Roosevelt In his demand? fo "death sentence" for "un« SB ential" utilities Sfo^pSd^lallerL'the House ^thou^cordi^-| *• - _ _ » •. n ^T_ —. i.—. J ' * ^- A'^FrVI"fr» T 1 ^ lllXAW W>v* J «L. in J.Xi£ VUwC Tvtfco ww****WWM. mr+, names of individual representatives ClUM" n T .-,'., tr-ir-*. v-i * 7 ^ , — vrt befeat of Ue'Administration' tauAiitterly "fought the ' "jority^agaliail-^flM >«-'-s * "-"•y'tor'liouw Pdraiysti Brother of Loc»l ftrocer- KnowiTlKW7«r BMBCI It ffl» Home DELPHI—Gur-Jki 'SaU. «*> waU known local attorney, died'early, Sunday -from a -stroke** ofr paralysis suffered a few hours previous. He was engaged In a friendly game of cards with a group of acquaintances when the attack came. He wa» taken, to Ms home where «. 'physician's 'efforts to save Mm we. J or no avail. - , „ •• Mr. Hall, along-with, brothermnd sisters, was brought'as a Cincinnati orphan to Carroll county in wnap He gw young'mannood there andjor a lew school within the - county-tHe^then attended the. In- diana ^univer«tt5o ^*w school and returned to DelpM to practice - professlon. . During his forty years practice" he had served ooth as city attorney and county attorney and ha» been, connected as an attorney with. -^^«»-2i«^ icnw^y &^.^~£jrz years Tie- He was- .active In the Chri»tlaa churci, Elk» lodge of l«f«.y«tte*nd Masonic, L* O. O. F. and K. of F. lodge* of Delphi. His wife passed away ninetetn- 'n»me-ot.LlUam Winter,,*to later, years ago. Surviving are a daugh- 'identlfleo. hewelf «»'"3«aii/Miller" ter, Mrs. Martha Apt, who with her •••f<4 4)ia ^li^AA -ornTrifin >1 *A 1 ftft^ tha .h>nvXaT,^ T*riA*K A.t t.hA T7»1T liomftr resides at the Hall home; two -brothers, Frank, Ix>gan»port body was removed to' the- uiy- MUL-itoj n^u^ min. ***" v.wiw. xne DOfly was rezauvcu. uu LO.V they/,were as much 'Involved. Bmhe fttner ^ home where It will ll«tened and ide- to . until it will chiarch Tuesday be taken, to and lie In Tuner*! rites will be ield *t the *t 10 o'clock The »m»shli^r,f>Jctory| r ':? 1 a4vocaU^of, ;f a:;»£*M^i ,.^at^nto?»!'^ii»1M«Hn ... B*yburn »« ht •final "plea In b«haU_ of sentence. - **yburn predict«L,a year ov«r,th«iittHtT.>au«stioji> • "I," h« sald^^llkef ottieri,/ marked tor 'utfllty .oppo»WonV' ^ The ovation "for Raybutn y»f « followed; <<wltli> '•> < eaually rinttWKj 5 ; V ^ f (. .j— '*. \-. ~\. —• . — ^ _ ^Mi t "Va 1 cheerg tor.>^T Byrns a* he-c—-.-—.-^--^ "d««,tli ientenceV" V*The-extent of Democratic taon'jErom the administration dard was Immediately' ol when the result of the vote "wa» announced. .* Despite flie defeatj of the dent on tedayfa test, 'it was ed oui that ' there chance for the mane tion of, holding corporations. v . ; . This provision is carrled.^!^*^ Senate bill and a conference .-wi!^ be necessary ~to. adju^tne- '——• "' ,.eaces between, the House -afe'meaiureB- -/ , «ction Walton 2. at tion wfll tha erection 'of Preceedlnj:" t lunch will be .,-members and lri«ttd«"*» iwrft**.'T-'^J Those unabl» to 'atUnd a»r- Tet»^~ ft by sendiar their T-^-^-"* <-* ^ «€ G-rus«nmey«r. The «Iectlon' Weathei? Th» ^proposed ctab and -30 bl for er«cttoit -

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