The Pennsylvania Gazette from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on September 20, 1750 · Page 2
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The Pennsylvania Gazette from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 20, 1750
Page 2
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iW of. th IJland the Boc is.ierfendicular, :and no Wa- tUey had 'watcP 'dvery well, they might have found tie ier is running there: ' "The IJland has plenty of Wood ; T reesat fome Diflance below the Fall. The Rock of tLeytvcnt to work then, and made a Ladder or Shrouds of tbeFallconfiflsofagreytimeflone.;: tie Bark of Lindtree, (which is very tough and ftrong,) v Here you ha ve, Sir, a port Defcription of this famous fo Ion xtill they could with it reach the Water below ; Niagara Catara3 : You may depend on the. Truth of what one End of this Bark ladder they. tiedrfJl to a great I write you. You mufi excufe me if you find in my Ac Tree that grew at the Side cf the Rock above the Fall, count, no extravagant Wonders. , I cannit nake -Nature ana let tve aver una aoiun to tvc rr ai cr. , u vcrrtvc ufrsi,, -wj . . -: j j npO be fold by John Wniiamyof ifhiladeTpIa joinc" . Yog acres of land on Drawyes's Creek, j.tzr John V-'nce ill, in Newcaitle cennty, part whereof,-pf not ill, was late i le tenure of John Meldrum de eta fed. Er quire into th t;:le an mill fhe termr of fale of the fad Job n WilhamV in ani jvtyw rfcwf new-invented Stairs, and when they of trie in Time to come', that I related I kings as they came to the Bottom in the Middle of the Fall, the) rejl- were, avd that allis found do agree with my Definitions; d little : avd as the Water next below the Fall is not than to be efieem'd a falfe wonder-maker, ; 1 have feen rapid, asbeforementhned, they threw themfelvei out into fome ether : Things Jn this my Journey, hh Account of it, thinking to fwim on fhore. I have faid before that which I know would gratify your Curio fity ; but Time at on part of the Fallis on one Side of the Iland, the other- frefent will not permit me- to write more and 1 hope on the other Side. Hence it is, that the Waters of ' the fiortly to fee you. - jarn,. two Cataracls running againjf each other, turn back a- ; 3 eter Kalm! -v gainft. the Rock hat is jujt under the Ifiand. Therefore, ! LONDON, July 14. . .. hardly ha2'th'e Indians begun to fwim, before the Waves By private Letters received Yefterday from Peterfburg, we are ' 1 Tjf if si 't L ;ifl tUm allured, that the Emprefs of RufHa ;has-figned an Order for. 2000 of -the. Eddy threw them- with Uolence. again the hT u P2000. Coffccks, to march-dire ft ly, ani join Rock from whence they came. I hey tried it J ever al b Forccs j Livonia ; whilft 25,000 more are ordered to hold Times, but at laft grew weary ; and being often thrown themfelves in Readinefsto march inro -Finland on the firft Notice. arainfl the Rock they Were much ' bruised, and the Jkin torn This fudden and j furprizing Alteration in AfFa'irs has fo greatly a- i . n 1- Dfi. C UUrrcA t hrmed the foreign Minifters, that molt of them have feat away It Bodiesln many Places. . So they were obliged to tice thereof to their nfrOiic Courts. What climb up their Stairs again, to the IJland, not knowing wi be the Confequence cf ajj this Time only muft ihew. The what to do. "After fame Time they perceived Indians on Rufl"ian FJeet put to Sea from Cronft'adt on the 27th uit. N. S. in the Shore -'to whom they cried out. Thefe faw and pityd order to ciuize along the Coafts of Livonia, &c. in the Baltick. t r ' .1 1 it -a . U s,J'0 Accordine to Advices from the Hague, we are at the Eve of them but pave them little Hope of help : let they made . . . . i.em, uui . ( .... t J r . j feein: a furprtzmg Scene of Events and Negotiations opened in Ger- Jl fife down to the Fort, and told the Commandant where many , A!,rHops of Pelce are vlnifned away in Smske ; the Pse- tuo cf their Brothers were:,, fie perfuaded them fo try mon 0f Difcord is raifed, and has got into the Circle of the Defini- all poffible Means of relieving the two poor Indians; ; and live T -ym-k-- ; and not one Conjurer is to be found at H-r, ' "' L'r 1f.. cr" ZFU. Lt ut fr fhfi elfcwhere, ikil iul enough to lay him. it was done in this Manner . ive iv ater that runs on rvc . c . ' 1 . r : .u. zf iu ... , , v. t. L Letters from Madrid brine Advice, that .the.oDly Difficulty that Eafi Side of this 1J and is hallow, ejpecially a little a ow rema5ns for Mr. Keene to get over, is the Englifh South-Sea hove the IJland towards the Zajtern shore. Uhe Lomman- Company's Claim on the Spamm Court, which that Company lets 'dant caufed Poles to be made and 'pointed with Iron : Tw6 -at 470,0601. ' Y .. JA 1 . .1 ' tvttt th:'t .TIJaJj U 111 July 17. The laft Letters from Hanover advife,: that a Frefent Indians took upon them to walk to this 'IJland vy the neip j j . c . . . c . .inuiaio tuvL j" . . j j ,. t f ntufli and Dutch Herrings arriving at Court the fame Time, his Majefty, and the Nobility who dined with him, after taftingof both, concurred in Opinion, that the Englifh. Herrings were much the beft cared. . ; . v . Advices from Stockholm fay, that fjnee their being apprized of the Uft 'Orders and DlfpoAtions of the Ruflian Court, they have alfj ordered fcveral Regiments to be tranfported to Finland. 3ub 1(J- tne 3d Lift ant J3ggcr arrived at Bremen from Shetland, with a Cargo of tnghih Herrings which came to a hne of thefe Poles, to fave the other 'poor Creatures, or terijh themfelves. . They, took leave of all their. Friends as if they were going to Death. Fach had two uch Poles in his Hands, to Jet .againjl the Bottom of the Stream, to keep -them fleady. . So they went and got to the IJland, and havinr (riven Poles to the two poor Indians there, they II ,-tir?,A fa feU to the Main. Thofe two Indians who in the above mentioned Manner were frit brought to this Cl WIiC y ? "T1"1" ",UJWUl w" , J , . ct 1 ' n ! uL for the Port of Lonaon. , ; j IJlmnd, are, yef alive. They were nine Days on the Antiguv Auguft ; , . If and, and almojl 1 fiarved to Death. -Now fince the Vefterdjy arrived here the Brigt. Rebecca, Captain Greenwajr, Road to this f land has bi en found, the Indians 0 there bound to Surinam from Philadelphia 5 but after being a Fortnight bften to kill Deer whtit, have tried to crofs the River . Veffel was overfct by a Sea, which took her on the Side, vjtcn w , . j and after cutting away her plaits, lay in that Condition 4S Hours, above the Fall, and Wcrsr driven upon the IJland by the beforf alighted, the Se carrying away their Water, and every Stream : But if the Kin? of France would give me all thine elfe that was upon Deck, they muft undoubtedly have pe-, had they not anerwaids met witn the molt ravouraoie-Weather. There was fortunateiy (ot them fome Beer put on board , as part of the Cargo, .which fupported them inftead of Water, during a tedious Paflage of 7 Weeks, from the Time of their Misfortune to their Arrival here. ! . , , Htllifax, in Nova Sestia, Aagufl 31; The 23d arriveS the Ai-derney, Capt. Neal, from England, ,with about 300 Englifh, and Ito Swifs, for; Settlers here ; and we daily expect the Nancy, Brigt. with more Settlers, chitfly Swifs. The 19th Inftanta large Detachment of i Soldiers march d from hence for Chigneae, in or- Plac4 as it Jujt itr. fortcd frsm Losdcn, and to be fo.'d by J O S E P H S I M S, At ha ft ore, lelstv the Drew-bridge, very cheap for ready tr.sxeyt r jbort credit, ajfertment of European and Eajf-Lvdia goods, fuitet- ble for the feafrn. A'fo a choice farced cf Vidona wire. yf n away on the ioth mil. fronl the fubferiber, of Cecil county, Maryland, near the mcoth of Ssfquehannr., an Irifti fervant man, named Dennis Fitzpatick, about 35.yers of age,' of middle ftature, has a down-lock, is a thin fellow, pretends to be a failer, and has a bald head : Had on when he went twav, a lead colour'd broadcloth great coit, halfwojrn, a pee jickct, with leathci buttons, and a rzd and whife riccd ditto, a ha it-worn beaver hat, worfled cap, home made ccarfsjfhirt and trcv.fers, blue woollen ftockings and good fihoes j his and trowfers arc tarry. And a lervaot woman, named Sheeley Macatty, abevft 36 vears ofj ae, is thick and fhort, and cn't fpeak a word of good ErigT.fh : Had on a blue fluff gown, fared with rad, a quilted petticoat of the fame, ore breadth cf it a dun co'.cur. Whoever ftciire laid fervants, fo that their maftermay havej them"gain, ihall have Forty Shillings for each, and reafonable charges, paid by 0 Wi l l 1 a ki Hitch max. ! N. B. All mafiers cf vtiTels are forbid to cany thtm tff at their piril. . I U Un away from Reading farhace, in Chefter coun- ty, Pennfylvsnia, the I3th'infl. an li ifli fervent man, nam'i James M'Bride, about 6 foot high, sbeve 40 years of age, tender ey'd, lenp vif3ge, and pock-mark'd : Had on a 1 phttolvur'd coat, a ftriped fhnnel jacket, blue breeches, and :heck ftift j he pretends-to be a clock and watchmaker, a founder and other occofatbns, arid to know fomething of learning. He bought a hoi fe from the fubfciiber bf 11 Pound price, forw:hich he gave him a bend of 13' Pound 5 millings, which proves to be a counterfeit ; thcrtfoie, whoever takes up and fecures him, fo thattthe fubferiber may have him, mall have Three Pounds, and reafinable charges, paid by 5 ' James Moore. Storekeeper rear Readine. i'rom Jnends if bacjbury meeting, to frtindi in tbitaaelfbia, or elfezvbere, to mUom ttefe frefent 5 may cmt. ess we undcrfland our friend Peter IVorrall batb been occufed by fiindry perfons in cr ebtut t-arcafter, concerning fome fcandalous eclion .relatirg to a bond cf jfcfrfb Jones j therefore for the clearing cf ttutb, and tobuve a rigtt un-derfianding tf tt, ive have taken fome fains to tr quire into the ground of it ; and fo far ds ive can underhand, be is clejr cf the fcandsl be it eccufed cf concerning it. Having r.o mire at frefent, ive remain in love toym, ycur friends avd brethren, Andiew Moose, JAmss Moose, William Evans, John Griffith, Thomas Musgrave, Nichols Steer, John Kirk, Jawes Lote, Mose i Brinton, Joseph Steer, Thomas Powltn ey, ThomasBblleit, Canada,' I 'would not venture to go to this IJland: and were you to feeJty SJr,Iam fure you. ivould have the fame Sentiment. On the Weft Side of this IJland are fome fmall.Iflands or Rocks of no Confequence. The Eaft Side of the River is mift perpendicular, the We ft. Side more floping.. .in former, Times a Part of the Rock at the Fall which is on the Weft Side of the IJland, hung 0-ver in fuch a Manner ', that the Water which fell perpen dicularly from it H left a Vacancy below, fo that People der to drive the French quite from thence, and to fecure that ...U l,,T,.iL, R'rl nA th, ti'ntrr - hut th intirely to ourfelves: in which J hope they wjjLhcfucccfsful, o ., i . s . - muft rnnffnuenrlv turn ut Ereatlv to our Advantage here. Ano- prominent Part fome Tears, Jince broke off and fell down', ther Detachrr,ent iseXpeaed to march from hence in a few days, in Jo teat tcere is r ojjioiiuy oj going oeiween ive falling Water and the Rock, as the Water now runs clofe to it all the way downi-The Breadth of the Fall, as it runs in a Semicircle is reckoned to be hbcut 6 Arpents, The Wand is An the Middle cf the Fall, and from it to each Side is almojl the fame Breadth : The Breadth of the IJland at its lower End is two Thirds of an Arpent, cr thereabouts,' Below the Fall in the Holes of the Rocks, are great plenty of Eels ,: which the Indians and French catch with their Hands without other Me tins : I fent down two Indian Boys, who direclly came up with a-bove twenty fine rones. -Every Dayitwhctt the Suh JhineSy you fee here from IQ a Clock in the Morning to z . in the Afternoon below the Fall, and under sou. where you land at the Side ever the Fallf a glorhus Rainbow-, furer, for Nioeteen Poundsold Tenor each which he altered cr J J . . I t -?t ' t procur d to be alter d into Ninety ; three of which being paid in and fometimcs two Rainbow. i one within the other. I iiWcrf a Difcovery 0f the Fraud was made j and notwithftanding was fo happy as to be at the Fall on a fine clear Day, anil Enquiry was made after him having got a fourth Order juft before it was with great Delight 1 viewed this Rainbow j which by a different Name and in a different Habit, he had the Confi- had almofi all the Colour 's you fee in a Rainbow dence to go to the Treafury; toet it exchanged, where he was . m.j m-i yr fi i i - j 'T immediately feized. We hear his Hone and greateft Part of the in the Air. The more Japours the brighter and clearer is Uon . the Rainbow. I faw it on the Eajl Side of the Fall in PHIL AD ELPH I A September 20. the Bottom under tbi Place where I flood but above the , Saturday laft arrived here the Ship Samuel and James, Captain Water. Wh'en the Wind carries the Vapours from that Sm'ita, from London.1 . , J 1 t. V t - t 1 j. r . And on Sunday Cant. DawSlI, from Cadiz, by whom there is Place, the Rain bow is gone, but appears again as foon as Advice of thc Dath of the King of Portugal. new r at ours come, trom toe ran to the Lanainz atove order to join the former.- We are in a good ftate of Health,' and daily enlirging our new Settlement. ;w B j O S T O N, September 10. ' Laft Monday arrived hare a Veflal from Ireland, with upwards of two Hundred Padengers, among whom, it is faid, are Perfons of confidetabls Subftanee. ' At tha Court of Afllze ani general Goal Delivery held here on Friday laft Owen Sullivan and John.Tias, were tried for making Billsjn Imitation of the Ten Shilling Bills of this Province: They were both convicted, and received tbe following Sentence, viz. Sullivan to ftand on the Pillory two Hours, and receive 20 Stripes at the publick Whipping Poft j and Tias to ftand on the Pillory one Hour, and receive 15 Stripes. . Laft Friday a Man whoxalls himfelf Sheubel Hubbard, and fays he belongs to Grotan, was apprehended and fent to Goal, he having in a different Drefs, and fcur d,frerent Names, tour Times receiv d Orders from the Committee for exchanging the Bills, to the Trea- K T F whofe names arc hereUntd fubferibed, members V y cf the prefent and Jeteral pafi afcmblies, in lubicb Vtter norru batb Jat as a reprejentotive Jor the ituity $ Lancofier, di certify ivhom it may concern, That curing, the time. of bis Icinr a rnember cf that boufe, be batb never oElcdl cr frtfefed ary tiingii publick affairs, that appeared tt us unbecoming the character of an bunefl man, a good patriot, ar.da lever cf bis country ror La:k any thing to ti e dij advantage of bis private character come to cur knowledge. Which Ve. tejitfy voluntarily , from a motive ef regard t truth avdjufiice, underfanding that fcveral irjuricas repsrts are tf tjbis time induflriouJly propagated concerning bin-., . jyittcft cur bands at Philadelphia , rfi j tivelfth day of Sifiember, 1750. Israel Pemberton, Thomas LeJecm, Joseph Trot- ter, James Morris, Edward Warner. imported in the MyrtitJa, Capt. Richard Budcen, from London a frefh aflcrtment of goods,' to ke fold by : R 6 BERT R A G G, At his ftore, the corner houfef CI eftnut-fireet WhaifT, BE D blankets,- blue duffels nriped dufFels, quild; tug9, bluc Welch cottons, broad-clotjhs, linfeys, flannels, ftri-ped and plain bays, nap'd beaver, fwanfkin fhaloons, ermio button.', threaa, wic ana monair, itay tapes, buckram, hnnens, cambrick, lawns, Scotch and Manchefter checks, check fr furniture, linnerj and filk handkerchiefs, garlix, table fuits of damaik, diaper, clouting diaper, figured demity, bed ticks, hu,mhums, chints, calicoes, white and coloured threads, tapes, cottori and thread Jacer, pins' needles, gartering, pe:t;coat fringe, fnirt and waiftcoat buttons, fcr-rits, black lace, ribbons,: necklaces, mensj and womer-s velvet cap?, filk bonnets,filk and hair hats, filk and fluffed petticoats, filk frifiEe, muffatees, filk buttons, bobbins, childrer s and maJds flays, gaure fhades, fiik and worfted caps, capuchins, Drefden handkerchiefs, fans, umbrellas, ftockings of all forts, calimsncoes, tamm'es, d- mafks, paplins, cherriderries, loteftrings, womens fi k and caliman- n n 1 1 . v iuvt.9, umn uu.,iurc9, Jtiv cuu vcitci iiais, jlOOpS, Canvas, fifh hooks, ftone and glafs ware, fugar cady, currants.Smyrna rai- Ijns, green tea, cmna, copper and brais ware, nails and iron ware " pewter, cutlary ware, powder and dot, fitting for the feafon. and feveral ether gooda 1 the Fall where the Camfes from Lake Erie put on fhore i (orfrpm tbe Fall to. tbe upper End of the Carrying-Place) is half a Mile.'. Lower the Canoes dare net come, lel . Ctfiom-Hovfe, Philadelphia, Entered Inwards, Schooner 6 eorgia Packet, John Brooks, from Jamaica.' Ship Prifclla, William Wilfon, from Cowes. .....Samuel and James, John Smith, from London. -Polly, Daniel R-ees, from Liverpool , Richmond, William Lawfon, from Ditto.' Brigt. Charming PDy, Philip Babfon, from EoftaO ......Charming Betfjr, William Morrell, from Baibdcs'. . Thomas, Mafon Miller, from Ditto. Snow Recovery, James Brown, from Newcaftle. Outwards.' ! they Jlwld be obliged to try the Fdte of the two Indians; - :tf.lef WiHiDowell, from Cadiz. and perhaps with leys puccejs.-lhey have often found below the Fall Pieces of human Bodies,' perhaps of drun- Hen Indians, that have unhappily come down the Fall. I was told at OfWcgt), that in O&ober, er thereabouts; fuch Plenty of Feathers are to be found her below thi Fall, that a Man in a Days Time can gather kndugh of Sloop Sarah, John Newbo!d,'for Anguiila. them for feveral Beds, which Feathers they faid came of sh5P Ntn7 thom" CoaUmjroIini; j the Birds killed at the Fall. I ajked the French, this SnowSallv, Robert PhiUips, toMnd. 1 was true ? They told me they had never feen any fuch . Snow St.Kitts Merchant, Nathaniel Holmes, to St. rittJ? Thing ; but that if the Feathers were picked off the dead George, William Woodfide, to Chetufta. Birds, there might be fuch d Quantity. The f rench told Sh, ?ukc f Cumberland, John Wake, to Lifl,n. .. , , , J . T J M i. , Anderfon, Hugh Campbell, to Virginia.. . me; they had often thrown whole great Irees into the ...MolIy ar.d Sal!y, Thomas Perry, vo Barbados. . Water above, to Jee them tumble down the Fall They --St. Andrew, John Browc, to South-Carolina; went down with furprizing Swiftnefs, but could never Slwp Tyfon, John Graifberry, to St. Kitts. ' be fen afterwards ; whence 'twas thought there was a Succef,, Samuel Lincoln, to Bofton., , i'Sts ' tr r n ' t r r ; r . Defiance, Simeon Hunt, to Rhode-Ifhnd.' bottomlefs Deejrcr Jbyfs juft under-the talU 1 am too cf i.....M4Uihy, M.ttbew Weft, toNVwYork. - Ofinicn, that there mufi be a vajl Deep here ;yet I think Sfaaaah, Edmund Merton, to Bofton. For J A M A I C A: The S 11 ip RICHMOND, William Lawfon Commander ; ww ' 111 avu i 'K m. a For freight or, app!y to Alex- V L .WW KM 1 mm mt. w 1 TAaT - - nder Hamilton, or f5d commander on board, at Hamilton wharff. There is very gocd accommodations rcr pattenff-. QToppd the ioth inft. by Jofeph Richardfon, Gold- 3 fmith, a fi'ver lid of a tankard, fuplofed t be CJen ; weighing 6 ounces. The owner j applyicg to the faid Richarjfcn, ani paying the coft, may have it again. j ffi ' For BARBADOS dire&ly, The S n o w R O S S, George Du?2can Commander; ; For freight or paflage apply tc William Blair, or faid mailer on board,, now lying at Mr. Turner's wharff. , To be S O Li D, - - J . T? IVilhamidaey, at Lapt: Murreli f,n 2ccietj-vtu9 7- a likely Nrgrte girl, above w 1 5 years of age, f.t fr ttizn or ccuHtry tufnefs,

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