The Pennsylvania Gazette from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on March 6, 1734 · Page 2
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The Pennsylvania Gazette from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 6, 1734
Page 2
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Hague, OB: 22 Out Advices frqm Dantiiclc, Berlin and Paris fay, the iCing of Pruflia will fend 50,000 of his bed Trooos to Polifh Pruflia, partly to take theTowii of Dantzick into his Protection, which is thrcatned .with' a Vific from the Ruffians, and partly to fecure the Peifori of King Staniflaus, and drive away his Enemies if there fhould be Occafion. The Marquis de Monti, they tell us, is gene from Dantzick- to Berlin upon this very Errand ' Higiier 08. 30. A Courier from Mynheer VanderMeer at the Court of Madrid brings Advice, that his Catholick-Ma-jefty" Had rejected the Project of Accornmodation b-tween the Emperor and the Crown of Spain, and ordered his Fleet to fail upon the intencted Expedition. By what we can learn, the Choice of the Ele&orof Saxony was far from being Unanimous, as that of, King Staniflaus is reprefented to have been, for never was Field more' divided, as we are told than that of Cracow.' There were three Parties, it feems, who could not unite till .they favv the Sabres and Carabines of Tome Thoufands of Ruffians. ' B O S T O Nj Feb. 16. ' This Day His Excellency our Governor before the two Houfes in General Court, was pleafed to give his Confent to the Enabling an Ingroed Bill, Entitled, An AB for Repairing His Ma)eflyy Cafile called William, -and fir Defraying the Charges thereof. ' And then His Excellency made the following Speech. Gentlemen cf the Council and Reprefentatives. A M glad you have agreed to the Repair of His Ma- jetty's Caftle iVilliam, and to a Supply of the Money for that Service in fuch a manner as is agreeable to the Charter of this Province, and to the King's Royal Orders to me. I "hope you wUl ftill go on to the other Articles I recommended for the Protection of His Majefty's good Subjects of this Province. 4 I have received Petitions from leveral Places, letting forrh the neceflity of their bein put in a Pofture of Defence, which Petitions the Secretary fhalHay before you. ' As Caftle iVilliam is the Key.of this Country, it-will be prudent to look into trie ftate of the Stores of that Fortrefs, arid to conjider of a better Eftablifhrrient of that Garrifon, the laft Inliftment being Expired.. The Ships are quickly expe&cd from Great Britain, PrOvifion Ihould therefore be made for laying in a good "(lock "of -Powder on their Arrival, and in the mean-time to ecurc what can be had for the Service of the Pub-lick. , . ' I have lately made a thorough Settlement of the Militia of this Province with all the care I pofiibly could, and the Military Spirit feeming to revive among us, I would recommend to you, in order to the having good Appearances in the feveral Regiments, and that the Men may be under the beft Difcipline, the Raiting the Fines of Delinquents, Fifteen Shillings now not being equal to what the fine originally was. 4 Gentleman, Thefc things are of Importance to the Safety and Welfare of the good People of the Province, and I 'doubt not but you will give them their juft Weight "and Confederation, . and on which I have the greater de-pendance from the good Agreement that fubfifts at'pre-lent in the Legiflature, and which is fb neceiTary to our common good at this critical Juncture. Let us then go on with united Strength in purfuing what will beft of all fecure the Honour of His Majefty's Government, and the lafting Tranquility of this Country. ' Feb. io 173-4. J. BELCHER. Michael Sheguien arid William Holyday two Frenchmen were laft Week taken up on fufpicion of being Spies,, and were examined before the Hon. Paul Dudley and Jofeph 'Wadfwbrth, Elqrs; two of His Majefty's Council by order of His Excellency our Governor. ' It appeared they were Deferters from Fort St. Peters at Martineco, and came hither from New-York to get aPafTage for London and from thence to France. No evil Intent appearing againft them they were difmified. - - A Paragraph frb'm the Province Lav relating tb Firc-1 irms. '.TP HAT evw lifted Soldier, and other HoiifehnMi.. JL fhall be always provided with a well fixt Fire-lock- xviusisetor mitara Musket bore the .Barrel not lefs th2n ' three Foot and a half long, or other good Fire Arms to c the Satisfaction or the Commiffion Officers of the Com-' pany; aCartouch Box; one Pound of good Powder- Twenty Bullets fit for his Gun, arid' twelve Flints ; a good! 4 Sword or Cutlafti1 ; a Worm, and priming Wire, fit for hit' vuii uu jrcuauy yi ovming lui want or lUCn Arms Z i is hereby required,- and. fwo Shillingi for each other De-! feft ; and the like Sum for every four Weeks he fhall re J c main unprovided " The Fine to be Paid by Parents.for their Sons under Age, and under their Command, and by c Mafters or Heads of Families for their Servants, Qtherthan' Servants upon Wages. ' And Notice is hereby given, Vhat whereas the frfi Monday in March next will he ihe ufual fame for taking a Lift of Soldiers iJ the y own of DOtton,L that it is expected that every Perfon provide thtrhfelvei by that i'ime with Arms and Ammunition according to Law. and they are dlfo further Notified that in a(Lort rfimt after, by the Middle 0 March at the farthefi, there will be a flriB Scrutiny into the State of every Company, by the CommilTicn Officers cf each Company :lVhoever pall be found deficient in any one Article before mentioned, may certainly expeB to be fined as tie Law dlreels. CufloTn-HouJe,Ncvj-161k, March 4.. Entred Tn. Hill from N. Providence, Barnes 6c Keirfted from South Carolina, Moor from N. Carolina, Canon from R IflandJ J. Smith from Barbadoes c Wm Smith from Jamaica. 1 Entred Out. Sarly1 for Coracoa, Skinner for Holland, Hicks t for Bofton, and Hill for Coracoa. I CUdrid.- Cornel to R. J hand, Bofch to Antigua, Paytoii to Suranam, Hood 6c Hill to Coracoa. Cuftom-Hoitfe, Philadelphia, Entred In. v Sloop Edw. 6c Eliz. Richard Todd, from Turks-Ill3nd. tLntred Uut. Brigt. Mulberry, Martin Ball, to Barbadoes. Friend, Patrick Mc Kenzie, to Londonderry. Ship Ranger, William' Heafelton, to Jamaica. Cleared JNone. Adyertifements; A T E L T imported j and are to le fcld Wholefale by Evan Morgan at the Sign of the Two Sugar Loaves in Market-Street, near the Courthoufe in Phi ladelpbia, looking-giafles, loaf-fugar both double andlin-gle refined, falh window glals, coffee, currans, arid raiflns, Holland duck, ozenbrigs, leveral fort of tickeris, ruffia lirv nens, broad and narrow cloths, kerfeys, druggetts, faga-thics, duroys, a fine Sortfnent of filk camblets and french poplin, long and fhort tobacco pipes, .wooll cards, pins and needles, writing paper, large quarto bibles, teftamenrs, pfalters, primers, pepper; nutmegs, cinnamon, allfpice, rowl brimitone',"a quantity of choice good hops; dried and pickled codfifh and mackrel, whalebone, rofin, all forts of iron pots, kettles, arid skillets ; brafs pans, logwood, coarfc and fine fait; befides all forts of haberdafhery ware, and fundry other forts of goods fold at his Shop by retail. Ai-j fo a choice parcel of englifh ftays and women's boddices and all forts of ftay trimmings. Note alfo, that at the fame Ihop'is made by a . good and experienced hand, ail forts of womens ftavs. childrcns coats, and gowns, in the beft and-ncweft fafhion ; where gentlewomen and othersin town and country, may fend their meafures with directions, and to be faithfully ferved by the above Evan Morgan. Shallop well fitted, about 25 be fold by William Patter fen, or Wil: SMALL Foot Keel, to iiani Danforth,zt Chriftinc- fridge ; or when in Town, at the VVridov Campions in lPaUr-Sreet. PHILJDELPHIJ: Printed by B. FRANKLIN, at the New Printing-office near the Market. Qrice loj.'a Year. - Where Advertifements are taken in and BOOIC-BINDING is done reafonably, in the beft Manner.

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