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Daily News from New York, New York • Page 57
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Daily News from New York, New York • Page 57

Daily Newsi
New York, New York
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HeWat Cdmimsh Bruce stark IbOAY, AT R5R0HAM, THE GIANTS BEGIN Vl 1 "WEIR REBUILDING As Yank ees Sweep ILA, By Norm Miller Whitey Ford won his sixth-straight start, Hector Lopez pushed his batting average over with three singles, and the Yankees swept a series for the first time this season by beating the Angels. 7-2, yesterday at the Stadium. Guys who like to grab at such hopeful straws now must be wondering can this be the start of the pennant push? Of course, if you're a guy who doesn't get carried away so easily, you'll undoubtedly point out that this was the sixth-straight win that Whitey didn't finish, and this series sweep came against a club that has lost five in a row and nine of its last 10 games. Ford did pitch a strong OFF WITH THE -7 kmns Sgzzffli an'keep' fer 1 JV SWEATIN' Xttiiitnul League YESTERDAY llniiotiin I. MKTS t. I'lllr-tuirti Los AnaeW 2 Philaiirliihia ti. San Kraiii-iyo O. iiu-innaii 10. Milwaukee tlt. t'lln-innatl in. Milwaukee 2 t2dt. Si. Ijiiii S. On. list'. I St. l.iui I'Jdi. STANDING OF THE CLUBS 00 CI rv game far the first seven innings as he preserved his spotless 8- and-Oi record at the Stadium this i year. He's 9-and- overall. Whitey gave up only four hits and a run while KIlie Howard. Lopez and I Ciete Boyer made things easier for him by driving in two runs each for a 7-1 lead-Then, after Whitev had yielded his fifth hit to Tom Egan and retired pinch-hitter Albie Pear- son in the eighth, manager John-; ny Keane decided that hed had enough. Ford had made 102 pitch. es, normally enough to complete a nine-inning game, and the right- handed swinging top of the Angels batting order was coming up. "JOHNNY THOUGHT I was struggling." Ford explained later. I guess I was. My breaking stuff wasn't working so good. I asked Ellie what he thought and he was only 50-50 about it. have liked W. L. Pet. G.B. Los Angeles 44 29 .603 Cincinnati 42 29 .592 1 San Francisco 39 31 .557 34 Milwaukee 36 30 .545 4 Pittsburgh 37 33 .529 5a Philadelphia 35 34 .507 7 St. Louis 33 39 .458 10H Chicago 32 39 .451 11 Houston 33 41 .446 114 23 49 .319 20' 2 TonY 1 i 1 Miluankr at MET. 2. P.M. i WOK-U. P.M.. 6 P.M.) HounIiiii al si I.ouis at nitltt tni-inuali al Pillsburir h. ntx-tit. Aiiiil al Sail rraneit. 1114'ut, Bon By Joe Trimble A gain, 4-2 't in Borne Too Liillo. Too Lai METS Houston, June 27 The Mets still are the only club which hasn't won a game in the Astrodome. And for awhile today they looked as though they'd be the first one to lose a no-hitter in the big bubble. But after five perfect rounds, righthander Dob Bruce lost his perfecto and had to settle iv a ti.tHrlMpo a i ii ii ii ii 4 1 li- it 4 11 1 1 11 1 i 11 4 0 1 2 1 1 KlatM II i il 1 1 11 11 11 11 Krin-i'llb 1 ii il 1 il II il il il mnhilii 4 il il il ll Swob: if i 1 i I'owan. i .174 1 I 1 'i J.f kon.p 1 ii ii ii il ii a i hnnii.i.lir 1 ii ii ii i ii ii Killer. il il ii il ii ii Hi arnalth i 0 ll II II r-am I tner ican League YESTERDAY YANKEES 7. Im Anirlr -i. 4. Washington 1 tlt'. B-inn j. Washington 4 iM 11'. Miiin-ots B. Ielrlt lt. Muinrota H. Detroit 5 i2rt-ln. riiii-aaco t. Baltimore 2 (lac Chiao 4. Baltimore 21. Hi. Kiinu fur 7 ill 15- levlm.t 11. Kana City 7 STANDING OF THE CLUBS W. L. Pet. G.B Minnesota Chicago Cleveland 42 2U .618 .612 .612 .571 .559 .471 .420 .394 41 a 3 4 10 12'2 13'j 15'a 20 1 2 41 40 38 33 32 29 2S 20 26 30 30 37 41 40 43 45 Baltimore Detroit YANKEES l05 Angeles B0ton Washington Kansas City TON1C.HT YANKEES Wshineton 2. lt BS-SHOI. rVvelanii at Bntuu. Iw-trtnt at Baltimore, t'tn. aio at MinnaH. Only team, sytieiiuled. the late-inning hook is good common sense. Howard, who complains the timing on his swing still isn't l'MC. drove in the first two runs otf lefty Georee Brunet. In the hrst inning, after Rosrer Maris had hit a ground-rule double into the right corner, Ellie brought him home with a long double down the right-center alley. Then, in the third, Howard singled home Phil Linz, who had reached on Jim Fregosi's error and moved up on Bobby Richardson's single and an outfield fly. LOPEZ. WHOSE three singles raised his average from to .212, chased home two runs in the (Continued on pag 65, col. J) TANKKM b. lb rbi ii. a 0 ii ii ii 2 ii 5 1 2 il 4 2 3 2 Mrn.rl Hnaranl.p 1H4 ll tl II ti it Lnrstlf 2 i ii ii 4 3 .1 3 2 ti 11 II 1 PoiMtoiif I 111 oil 'inl. Kamu4.l Tram 11 2 i tl 1 .14:1 1 .230 7 12 1 6 27 10 Total ypstfriiay aant. a-Kan fur T.oi-z in tb b-sinitlrii for Gaiewuod in Bib: Griiiiiiilnl out for in Klh: 1 Smtliil fur B. Smith in Klri: e-niii)il-. ii'it for riinton in Otli: lirounileij out fur Knoi in (ltd. 1 Mari: Mar 2 irltz lonl I Hriniil. Hit Briin.1 ami 4 run rani.i 4- mn: ll anil ll nil i aim -s i ll an.l run .1 aim in i It.inm 2 an. I ll nil in 1,. WiM piti-b liriini-t. Winiiini; Pin her Konl Ii-inK Pit" lier Itriiut-l-l Ii 5i. TinM ruiinn- Mi Kinlei. Soar. ali iilmr. Allfliilaiiie 19.114. fXKWS by Oharbs Joe IVpitune anchors foot safely on third after Tom Ecan tass Her Lopez in fourth innins; rundown. When Julio Gotay alerts an. Angels catcher shifts sights but not in time to catch Whiley Ford, whose bouncer started it, off first. for a 4-2 victory. Al Jac kson was the loser al- though the little left pitched an- other good game. But he threw a home run ball to Lee Maye in the fifth and gave up another Astro run in that frame. Reliever I.arry Miller was popped for the other two runs in the fifth. THE NF.FEAT ended a miera- road trip on which the Mets inns on me eiiLiie joui uej which saw them lose two of three i tr" in mcy, drop uo.h in an Han- Cisco, split lour in l.os Angeles anil dr.ip four here. Until they reached here, Casey's 't cellar club didn't play too badly. They gave the three contenders a good rassle just about every game. But thev just don't sparkle in the eves of Texas. They are 0-6 here this year and 5-28 in four seasons. This is their worst tour- imr stop on the NL road map. 1 hev ve won six games in Los Ansreles. which is their next-worst snakenit 1 Thev must love the Mets here. nf ooj maja fnr a total of 108.211 for the four! games the largest one series 1 total for the Shea orphans this year. This is the most sucee3s-! ful cellar club since prohibition. They've drawn over 650,000 for I 37 dates on the road and 719,942 for 25 dates at home. TH KICK IS A local Mt fan i I finish, but it wasn't that important. I don't like to keep corn-in? out of games in the late inning, but I guess it was for the Pete Ramos grot the relief call. He itave up sintrles to Willie Smith and Jose Cardinal for the Angels' final run, then nailed down the last four outs and sent the crowd of 19.143 heading for horn at the earlv hour of 3:42. FORI) HASN'T pitched a com- plete game since May 22. but the guy's a born winner, as his entire career attests. He has won seven i of his last eight starts. It has been a long time since he let a game get out of hand, and with relievers such as Hamilton. Ramos and Tiefenauer around, Kear.e's practice of giving Whitey Too ICntI Hill STON av ab li tbrbiio. a. e. i ii ii ii ii i 41 ii I 4 i 1 if 4 i 1 i 4 1 1 0 0 5 M-it in i n. mi I 1 Ji' 11 Kran.t l.tih. It! nh'it. tr i T' mi Tut ill 14 10 0 i 7 i ii 2 i null 11111 it () 0 0 4 10 14 4-Z? InIulm? vbT.lav'i xam. MKTS (HHI OOO lliMl.tult IMMI II I Mit off 7 nnd mn 1 earn in 7 Miliar ll anl '2 iti i iU-Ht nartli aiMi mm in 1 Kt n- -( tiul 1 in lo in Ow-n rnil MM in ru-llar It ...1 ll X- It. Ki- itv 1 -rr. i k-on. Wmiiiiiir 1'itrlier Hnicf rt-lM. li-uiic I'lidirr J.i kfon (3-ltir. Tinif Wfyer. Ktb-1t. Sin try. Attt'iulant .200. Sounds like a Met or Yanke batting average. Bruce hit Ed Kranepool on tha right lepr with a bouncing pitch at the start of the eighth. After Smith fanned, Swoboda doubled to left-center and Maye kicked the ball twice for an error which let Kranepool score. Cowan then struck out and Joe Christopher, hitting for Jax, made the third out on a long fly into the right field corner. Stengel called on lefty Larry Miller to hold the fort. With one out, Gaines singled and stole and Wynn doubled him home. Walter Bond singled to score Wynn. Larry Bearnarth ended the uprising by getting two groundouts, but the damage was done. Bruce, who had complained of a twitch in his shoulder in the eighth, walked Hiller to start the ninth and wa3 puned out. Owens came jn an(j fanned McMillan but singles by Johnny Lewis and (londer brought the Mets' second run in and sent Owens away. Cuellar brought another futile finish to a Met road trip when he got Jim Hickman, up for Wrnnpnonl Ia nir shorf. flir to right and Charlie Smith to pop up DIAMOND DUST: Braves are at Shea Stadium tomorrow (Monday) night for a pair starting at fi P.M. Tony Cloninger and Jack Fischer pitch for Milwaukee and Jack Fisher and Galen Cisco for Met. 1 -fotal a Konie.1 out for ja. k-oo in b-Kin lor ifoliijT lit Ilt'i. out in ih KarnM rimw M-t 1 HiMiMion 4 Hiui.ti'ii tVymi. Itoni lam-tit p'-aliiir i ft on 4 b.i-.!! b. liil- Soo.ta run off Jkuin Wynn. Kr.intl -J. f4ili- rv Goiiiler 1 M-trir in rl- I KrtMr.fvrlt Kar. linn on olf Jackwin 1 (' 1 Hiilert. Mriick out hy Ja- sun 'Bruce. i.ilhi bru in H--ii Smith 'Z. SworHwla. Cowan Jack oyn I i. Mill in 10 bv Bruce and one bv Owens, Bruce packed seven of nis into lthosf perfect rounds at the start and the usuallv noisv fans ut Prain for i him to keep going. But Ron Swoboda, first up in the sixth, got him 3-0 and then 3-2 and followed with a clean single to short right which was completely uncatchable. Billy Cowan then beat out a bunt to third. Here the Mets goofed, as is their quaint fashion. Jackson missed a bunt and the lourth with a jumping eaten. Roy McMillan followed with a i slow grounder to- short on which single, stole second and went to 1. 1 1 I. innu wneii me piicn eiu uiiuukii Jesse Gonder. Jax whiffed Lillis but Bruce surprised with a single through the left hole and Brand scored the second run. THE ASTROS RAN wild on Gonder, setting a club record for steals with four. Jesse did throw out one, and one out. of five isJ i Are Thev Their 3Iove? club, too. About 125 Houston Swoboda was picked off second Metnicks were at the game and, by catcher Ron Brand. Jax then I led by their own bugler, trum- did bunt successfully, moving peted whenever the Cowan up, but Chuck Hiller pop-! visitors seemed to have a rally ped up. Hiller had been closest to going. The animated scoreboard a hit in the earlier going, center here agitates the home fans into fielder Jim Wynn taking an the same rallying cry when a extra-baser away from him in man reaches base, so the I ii- lowers were merely carrying on in the local fashion. Although ne got the win, Bruce coo i.iins maue a gooa piay. 1 didn't even finish the game. He Jackson got through four run-' complained of a twitch in his less innings but was clubbed in shoulder in the eighth, when the the fifth. Lee Maye hit his fourth Mets broke through for an un- homer and Brand followed with a IS av It rbl Jw, 1 4 Olio -tmt'i If i ii i i i ii ii .1 inil i ii i i I 1 1 il il II ii ii ti ii t.ininsl.-t Kriwi -lanr(r Kn-or l'ii Kin.r- (i itpdriMkt r' b-S-ha i Mv.i. r-Pariu Ie.l T-am Tot.I-I nEelr VA.VIiH I I il 5 lVs it it ii ii ii ii i ii ii ii 4 ti ll ii ii 4 'I ll ii i 4 I 1 1 .174 1 III ll I il il 1 I ii i i ii ii ii ii ii ii i II 11 11 II II it ll ll i il 31 2 HOI 4 (MMI IMI Karni run 2: Yank I-ft i Arwlr .1 Yank-, 7. Tw-kw bil- Man-. Ki-liantn. l.iii iv. I i aiisM ly n'im i i 1 -flm I rero Kihwm I jnkn-i Knr. r.ini-IVi.i- Ktm-n ml ball Knlllet 1 'l'r-)b: Mji- 2 Of in. J-ir, iClinbin Stun uut by lit cnl earned run. That tally ended a i 1 Kt-innmg iamine nere. oaiuruay night, Turk Farrell blanked 'em. Then, when he issued his only walk at -the start of the ninth, Bruce was done. Jim Owens came in and was hit and Mike Cuellar, former Cardinal lefty, finished up and got the last two outs with i tving runs on the bases. IX ALL, 11 Mets whiffed

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