The Pennsylvania Gazette from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on April 30, 1741 · Page 4
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The Pennsylvania Gazette from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 30, 1741
Page 4
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R Y Charles Fortefcue, Free-School Mafter at Ghefter in the Province of Pennsylvania. Youth may be inftrucled in thcfe Languages, necefTary to qualify them for an Univerfity Indulion. As alfo in Geometry j Euclids Elements 5 Aftronomy both ancient and modern j Kavigation ; Geodefia in all its Parts ; Chronology, or the method of reducing the iEsVs or Epoch's of moft Nations, or remarkable Hiftorians, to the Chriftian -Er a ; Hiftory and Geography ; Dialling, plain and reflective ; .Ufe of the Globes 5 Ufe of moftjkinds of Charts and mathematical Inftruments, and how to make the former ; the Projection of the fphere j Extraction of Roots, viz. of Squares, Cubes, and Biquadrates, with demon-ilrations for the fame according to Euclid and Ramus j with many other infe-jior Branches. j By faid Perfon and at faid Place may the more curious be inftructed in Sir Isaac Newton's mathematical Philofophy and planetary Syftem, as alfo in the Phyficks, &c. provided thofe who mall incline to the ftudy of Phyficks, furhih themfelves with proper Books and Inftruments. Writing in all modern Hands 5 and Engliih grammatically are there alfo taught. N. B. Youth may be furnilhed with Boarding and Accommodations of all Kinds. Propofals may be fent to him the faid Charles Fortefcue, to Mr. John Mather, or to Mr. James Mather, all of. Chefter. UN away on the 26th Inft. from John Har- T 1 4 TV fL- T.1: - XTT n XT T a vcy, jl aj;ijiciu x ywuuuu. uuniiijituji vuumy, vy en-mcw-iciicy, an Irifh fervant man named William Kenny, aged about 23 Years, well fet, refh coloured, down look, full facM, dark colour'd bufliy hair, his nofe is a little flattiih, and peaked at the end, his right leg is fomewhat crooked : Had cn when he went away a brown homefpun worried farge coat lined with light grey homefpun fluff, with flat pewter buttons, brown holland jacket, Icerfey breeches, linnen trewfers, fine ifhirt, grey ftockings, and old fhoes, fbal'd 5 he wore a pair of ftiammy Gloves ; and has a fnuff-box, which he is very apt to fliew in Company. Whoever takes up and fecurcs the faid fer-vant fo that his Mafter may have him again, mail have Fifty Shillings reward, and reafonabie Charges paid by Phila. April 30. 1 741. John Harvey. N. B. He may perhaps pretend to be a Tanner. r o BE SQLR, " ; Y James Ofwald in Front-Street, at the Houfe of Mr. Jofeph Turner, and by William Wallace, at the Upper-End ef Second-Street, Sugar Bakers, Choice double refin'd LOAF-SUGAR, Eighteen-pence the Pound, fingle refin'd, Sugar Candy, Moliafies, &c. at reafonabie Prices. Next Saturday will be -publijhed, A LETTER from the Rev. Mr. G. Whitefield, to the Rev. Mr. John Wefley, in anfwer to his Sernon, entitled, TREE QRACE. Gal. ii. 1 1. But when Peter was come to Antioch, J witbftaod him to the Face, becaufe be was to be blamed. Printed and Sold by B. Franklin. ' - For South-Carolina direftly, THE Brigt.. Lucy, John Lindfay, Mafter, now lying at Samuel Auftin's Vharfe : Will fail in twelve or fourteen Days. For Freight or Parage agree with Peter Bard, or with faid Mafter on beard. . ' - T O BE SOLD Byway of Vendue, an the Zth Day of May next, tTK H E dwelling Houfe of William Protdecea- fed, in the townfhipo? Evefharo, and county; of Burlington, a new frame houfe, 28 foot by 18 with three fire places in it, and two rooms upon floor, and a cellar under one part of the houfe, the lower rooms are brick, pained and plaftered j a new fmith's ihop with two forges ih it, and a good pump. There are three acres and a quarter of land belonging to it near one half of it meadow j it lieth about two miles above Ancocus ferry, upon navigable water and joining to a grift mill; it is fuitable for a tradefman or Merchant. TO B E SO L D " jBy Publick Vendue, to the bigheft Bidder, on tbe twelfth Day of May enfuing. x jonn iiiaenon, a trace or j,ana containing two hundred acres, 'about thirty feven cleared, with good orchard within two miles of a mill) and fome meadow, cleared, and twenty more may be cleared. - Likewife there is ten acres of marfh fronting ; the river, lying in the townfhip of Greenwich, in Weft-New-Jerfey, and County of Gloucefter, right upon Salem Road, and within a Mile of Mantua Creek- 1LL1AM MURRAY, Taylor, in the Mannbrof Morelandstwo miles from Fletcher's mill, on the road "between Philadelphia and Newtown, gives a penny a pound for linnen RAGS. W T? UN away on the 20th of March from Tames "Baldwin, Briftol townflup, 'Philadelphia county, a fervant man, named Thomas Holt, an Irifcman, aged about 28 years, by trade a joiner, of middle ftature, swell fet, bow leg'd, and walks wide between his knees zni wears his own hair : Had on when he went away, a lightifh colourM coat with mohair buttons, and linM with lightifh fhallooh, fmall ftriped woolen Waftcoat, without fleeves, leather breeches, homefpun mirt, blue worfted ftockings, half worn fhoes, half worn caftor hat. Whoever takes up the fervant, fo that his Mafter may have him again, fhall have Twenty-fhill-ings reward, and reafonabie charges paid by Phila. April z3. 1741, j james Baldwin. U UN away from the Subscriber hereof, loft Sunday night the twelfth of this Inftant April, two fervant men, one flamed Charles McGlachon, a tall lujiy fellow, a Hilandman born, he (peaks good englijh much pock marked, witbfhort black bair, a pretty good carpenter and prof effes to be afailor : Had on when he went away, a duroy coat patch ed at the elbows, a camlet Jacket double brealiedofa bluifh colour, and a homefpun Jacket of fky blue, two ozenbrigs Jhirts, one pair of friped bdland trowfers, a pair of camlet breeches of a greenijh colour, one pair pf new calf-fkinjhoes peaked toe'd, and one pair of oval toed shoes balffole'd, a pair of yarn stockings ragged and furow'd, a cajior hat half worn, a check slirt half worn. Miewas whipt tit Dover for Jlealing a sheep, and lifted with Captain Jenkins at New-Caftle. j ' eTbejother an Irifhman born, named Tbmas Oungefs, he fpeaks much with the brogue upon bis tongue, a thick short fellow ofafwarthy complexion, down look, high eye brows, be can write pretty well, dndw Juppofe that he hat forged a pafsfor themfelves ; be came in loft fall to Mejrs. Davy and Car-fon : Had on tbhen be went away, a brown cloth coat with yellow linin a red jacket, a fine linnen shirt, homefpun trowfers, pretty good shoes a new beaver hat, yarnftockings, with busby hair. Whoever takes up andfe-cures tbe faid fervant s, ! fo that their mafter s may have them again, shall have Five Bounds as a reward, and reafonabie charges, paid by Bbila. April 23. 1741. Charles White and - . I 1 Robert Gray. T ENTor taken by Miftake about two Weeks agoy a Paduafoy Bonnet lirtd with black Silk. This Bonnet being the Second the Owner has lately loft, Jhe has none now to wear : The Pojfejfcr is deft red to return it foon to the Printer hereof , and fhall be thankfully rewarded. To be S O L l Peremptorily, To the bigheft Bidder, on Tburfday tbe Fourteenth Day of May next, in the City of Burlington in Wcft-Jerfey. TRACT of Land fituate on the Branches of Tohockan:ckon river, in Hunterdon county, now Morris county, in the province of Weft-New-Jerfey, beginning at a white oak comer tree mark'd M. C. j thence extending along lines of Trees, viz. north ten degrees eaft, fixty-fix chains, croiTing the faid river, to a corner white oak ftanding on a little hJll, thence north twenty nine degrees weft, one hundred forty-five chains to a corner-poft j thence weft, fixty-two chains to a corner black oak , thence fouth twenty five degrees weft, one hundred ar,d forty eight chains to a marked pine tree ; thence fouth eighty degrees eaft, eighty fix chains, crofting the faid river to a marked white oak j thence fouth twenty three degrees eaft ; eighty chains, to a white oak ; thence north fixty five degrees eaft, by Governor Penn's land, ninety chains, to the Place of beginning, containing two thoufand five hundred and eleven acres, and the ufual allowance for high-ways. Any perfon inclining to purchafe the faid Land, by applying to White and Taylor in Philadelphia may be informed as to the title, and terms of payment, and may fee a plan of the faid land in the hands of Jofeph Peace, Efqj of Trenton. , I ABRAHAM SHELLY, THREAD Throwfter, living next Door to the Adam and Eve, in Arch-ftreet, Philadelphia, continues to buy fine grey yarn, about 2, 3, or 4 dozen to the pound, but mcftly half Spangle, long and long. He alfo makes and fells all forts of fine Taylors Thread and Stocking Thread, at reafonabie Rates. ! TO' BE SOLD. LIKELY Negro Wench fit for Town or Country Enquire of the Printer hereof. j TO BE LET A Good PLANfMION in Lower Dublin, Philadelphia County, containing 160 Acres, . well meadow d, fine Orchard of rood Fruit: With a likely young Negro Fellow, and a Stock if Horfu and Cows. iLnqutre oj jojepo xsrc ic juiu a umuu.t. A PHILADELPHIA: Printed by B. F RAN KLIN, Post -M a s t r, at the New Printing-office, near the Market.

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