Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 17, 1962 · Page 9
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 9

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 17, 1962
Page 9
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SUNDAY, JUNE 17,1962 THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE and LOGANSPORT PRESS, LOGANSPORT. INDIANA PAGE NINE srs \m'm-vr Spruce Up Your Yard By VIVIAN BROWN AP Newsfeatures Wriler Make a summer project of getting rid of eyesores around the home, and improving your outlook. One tolerates extraneous objects outdoors because it's been too dreary or too cold to get in the mood to obliterate them. But when the home grounds are in full bloom there is little excuse for delay. Cool summer mornings are ideal for outdoor work projects. There are other home improvements too, that can add to the appearance of the home and increase its value. An untidy walk that spoils the entrance to a trim little house often can be spruced up in a few hours, depending on the walk that would flatter the area. Flagstone and large flat stepping stones are popular. A brick walk set in a herringbone or other pattern may take a while longer to do, but if il is the right look for your house, it will not only add to the appearance of your home, but will increase its value. Gravel walks are neat. One may put into a six-inch deep bed a four-inch layer of % inch crushed stone and spread it with stone dust and a % inch layer of stone or pebbles on lop. Cut jjranile stones used in a variegated pattern may be set in a concrete bed ami bordered by bushes to flatter a house in a rustic selling. Granite stones may serve too on one side of a walk as a curbing for natural stepping stones set in a bed of pebbles. When steps lead up to the door of a house because of a sloping entranceway they may be a combination of slates and logs. Slate tiles are put down flat for perhaps six feet and then a large three or four fool leg used for the slcp. Where there is a long entrance path, Ihis is an ideal and pretty solution. Porch steps that need repair or replacement may be camouflaged with potted plants until the work can be done. An inventory of typical eyesores includes the trash heap that has grown from a few broken shingles to a mound as high as an elephant's eye. If it can't be burned, truck it to a disposal plant. These mounds tend to grow when hidden by foliage or tall grasses, then in winter when everything is barren once again, you are stuck with them. If you burn your own trash, fence in the area. Tall privet wood fence makes an ideal screen, L- shaped or U- shaped. It can serve a very respectable purpose, left to weather or painted white or green. The same type of fence is good to conecal septic tanks and receptacles. Homeowners are the last to note that the lovely landscaping achieved by the sweat of the brow is blighted by such things. Children's toys often He unused from one end of the year to another on lawn, around garage and in backyards. But how can children file these articles away when they do not have a specific place or convenient place to put them? One father found a solution in a low inexpensive wooden fence that could be covered with a tarpaulin. It was the length and width of. a bicycle. By EARL ARONSON AP Newsfeatures ASPHALT PAVING and a petroleum-based mulch may boost your garden crop yields, Researchers have reported notable success with both. Let's take the hard-top first. The time may be coming when You Can Install Storage Drawers By VIVIAN BROWN AI' Newsfcatures Writer Ask a woman whether she. needs more storage and shelf space and you can be almost certain she'll say yes. Shallow compartments for wearing apparel and accessories are needed in bedrooms usually, in addition to other needs, and more drawer space is required than available in kitchens. Kitchen storage space often is v/asled because original planning did not utilize properly the space that is available. Now instant storage drawers may be installed by the home handyman in a jiffy and are the answer to ma'ny situations. Modular drawers and slide panels molded of durable styrene plastic are available at building supply yards. The home handyman may install them by spreading cement on a panel of plywood or hardwood and then press- ASPHALT FREE ESTIMATES PROMPT SERVICE STREETS - ROADS -PARKING AREAS -'DRIVEWAYS ENGINEERING ASPHALT CORP. Phone 5506 or 2657 mlw WES IT! NO PRIMtR NEEDED FOUR YEARS WITHOUT FAILURE Complete details and before and after pictures of this government supervised test on request 0118 COM [XTERIOR PAINT Maii'mi WHITE SAVE 97' per gallon SALE PRICE $ 6 98 8TH and 306$. ing a plastic panel to the backing. Molded drawers, wood and glass shelves may slide in on the panel slides. They are adaptable to many types of installation, including pole systems and slorage walls. The drawers of beige plastic are available in a standard depth of n'/a inchs and in heights of three and six inches, and in five widths ranging from about 16 to 46 indies. Birch or walnut fronts are optional, and one might paint the drawer fronts lo match room decor. Kitchen erquiremenls for pots could be the six-inch height. These may be useful also for some small appliances. Drawers may be intersperced with shelves in a line closet for more efficiency, and since drawers move easily on the preformed slides even in the presence of moisture, they may be used in bathrooms and in basement workshops. Drawers may be planned lo Ihe height requirements of tall men who dislike bending down to re- EXPERIENCED QUALIFIED EFFICIENT PtUWBINGiHEATING <Pt*«i 3658 AL <W DON SCHMIDT PLANNING TO REMODEL YOUR • RATH • KITCHEN OR HEATING SYSTEM CALL US FOR ESTIMATE H. R. DIETZE Plumbing & Heating Reiidontial^Commerctol Industrial Phono 3409 425 Ind St. Carrier Weathermakers For Year RoiunrJ Comfort • Heating * Cooling Electronic Air Cleaners Automatic Humidifiers, and Dclnimidificrs The Comfort of Your Home Is Our Concern. You con BUY Comfort for your Homo ... Probably for much Loss than You Think, lot Us Toll You HOW MUCH LESS. SHAW'S AW CONDITIONING AND REFRIGERATION Our Recommendation "30 yrs. Experience; 20 yn. in the buiinoss; Oldest Firm of Our Kind in transport." WEEDERS GUIDE farmers plant in the early spring then cover the seeded area with asphalt paving material as a cold-weather shield. And the farmer who plants late may paint the ground over the seeds white, The idea, tested at the University of Arizona, is as simple as black and white. The black asphalt holds moisture and absorbs solar heat. This keeps the soil warm after cold season planting. White paint reflects heal and. protects seeds planted at midsummer for fall crops. The thin covering of asphalt is applied to the plant row with a spray attachment hitched behind a planter. The substance dries rapidly. It isn't necessary to remove the asphalt after it has served its purpose. The strip disintegrates without apparent harm to the ground. "It has been shown that crops planted in cool weather will germinate sooner, have better stands and grow faster where such a strip is applied," explained W. I. Thomas, an associate agronomist at University of Arizona College of Agriculture. "The results have been consistent with a variety of crops, including corn, sugar and more phalt strips may cause too much teat. But the soil temperature can be reduced below normal by spreading hydrated lime, Thomas said. The principle is the same with the mulch, a water emulsion of petroleum resins which is sprayed over seed rows to form a film. As with the hard-top, the result is hardier, more lush crops because of the moisture-retention, evaporation-reducing cover. The petroleum mulch was developed by the Esso Research and Engineering Co., which has conducted a three-year research program, including field tests. The researchers reported that yields of many crops could be increased by 10 to 11 per cent. The mulch may be applied by portable spraying equipment. From 60 to 150 gallons per acre would be needed, depending on conditions, including the three to eight inches suggested for the width of the seed row cover. A major benefit of both the asphalt and the petroleum mulch is that they would permit earlier planting of crops, commercial vege- he said. "In all than a dozen table crops," cases, when weather during and after planting time was cool or cold, response has been favorable." The black asphalt strip absorbs heat and film conserves moisture in the seedbed. The heat pen. etrates the soil several inches and some warmth will be retained in the seed zone until early morning, usually the coldest part of the day. At midsummer, the black move clothing from dresser drawers. The easy-to-wash compartments may be used in the nursery and a teen-ager's room, ideal for collections of the moment that make for considerable clutter. The drawers may be used without altached fronts in closets, cupboards or cabinets since they are available with folded pulls. If drawers are to be part of a new closel in a bedroom, a wood closet frame may be installed to size, slide panels and drawers added exactly to fit requirements. One side of a closel may be used for hanging garments, the other side for drawers or shelves, and an area above utilized for storage. Carport Patio Is Space Stretcher In searching for expandable space around the home when (he need arises—many people look first at the attached garage. Because it's often an integral part of the house, it's logically convertible into a part of the home's living area. The next question, of course; is—"what happens to the car, the children's bikes, garden tools and all the rest that goes into a typical garage"? An ideal solution can be found in a combination carport-patio which offers a bonus of ample storage space. A central storeroom area provides the foundation for a cantilevered roof of translucent plastic panels. One side offers year-round weather protection for the family car while the other half of the overhang serves at a shelter for outdoor family activities. • Making the structure is an excellent do-it-yourself project. The plastic paneling is as easy to work with as wood is lightweight and requires a minimum of slock lumber for its supporlting framework. Building Materials Answer Wanted Improvement Needs Tree Roots In Piping -Why And What Jo Do Big, healthy trees are certainly nice to have around your home, both for their natural beauty in the landscape and to help prevent soil erosion. But when thirsty roots find (heir way inlo your undergrounii waste and sewage piping you have a genuine problem. Tree roots have tremendous strength, so great is their instinct to live and grow. The roots spread in all directions, actively seeking out life-giving moisture. Since the rools spread only toward moisture, it makes good sense to have underground piping of a water-tight, permanent material. Once there is a leak or break in inferior piping, reports the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Information Bureau, tree roots will find it. There are methods, (hough, of clearing lines of invading rools, depending on the extent of damage to the piping. The most effective method, which requires the knowledge and tools of a plumbing contractor, is cutting out Ihe rools. Every plumbing contractor has a special, flexible auger that can be reeled inlo waste lines, cleanly cutting away all growths. This is not a job for an amateur, since improper use of the auger break (he cheap pipe that is causing the trouble. In addition, Ihe plumbing contractor stocks special root solvents that can be flushed through the lines. AT WHOLESALE PRICES TYPICAL PRICES Pre-Huttg Aluminum Combination Doors $26.95 Heavy 1" thick, Complete with hardware. PREMIUM FRAMING LIMBER . 2x4 119.00M 2x6 119.00M 2x8 : 124.00M, 2x10 : 130.00'W 2x12 135.00M CEILING TILE 12x12 Painted Edge lie sq. ft. 12xl12 Accousraf . 15c sq. ft. Thick 'Butt iShingles-215 Ib 6.95 sq. Lock Shingles-MO Ib 7.75 sq. Seal. Down Shingles-215 Ib 8,50 sq. PLYWOOD W A!D 4x8 ('Interior) 2.82 W AD 4x8 (Interior) 4.75 %" AlC 4x8 (iExterior) 4.3B 5/16" CD 4x8 (Sheafing) 2.54 Vt" OD 4x8 ('Shearing) 3.58 VON TOBEl'S WJNAlMAC Ph. 946-3H44 MONfriCEUQ Phone 583-5125 The problem can thus be corrected, but only temporarily. The only sure way to avoid a root problem, in these lines is to make sure the lines are of top quality, water-tight material. More Dishwashers Now Being Installed Home dishwashers are rapidly taking their places along side of refrigerators and ranges in more and more new and older American Homes. Kilchen modernization projects these days, include builtin dishwasher models, freestanding models or dishwasher-sink combinations. These are now installed with a minimum of change, effort and expense. Homemakers (the children and dads, too) w e 1 c o m e the day when they can gain the dividends of more convenience, extra sanitation, and the big saving of work and time — thanks lo a modern dishwasher. NEW 'LUMINOUS' CLOCK A new eleclric wall clock which glows softly from a pan- descent-charged dial is visible even in a darkened room. This "Night Lighter'" clock, perfected by Sunbeam engineers, is ideal for any room in (he house. HOME DECOR If your floors are in need of repair or refinishing, 'hide' Ihem under a carpet. The idea is not as 'wacky' as it sounds. Replacement of worn floors, or resand- ing and finishing is an expensive item in home improvement budgets. Colorful and practical carpeting, laid wall-to-wall along wilh a sofl, springy underlay, can eliminate the need for most repairs. The savings realized can help pay for a largo share of (he cost of a good quality carpet. Fix Up Your Home For Spring En FOR EVERY ROOM!!! every type ... let our We hnve floor coverings of trained staff help you se- lect the right color . . . the right type ... the right design for the room you'll use it in. Call For Estimate Partridge Floor Coverings 509 E. Market Phone 3905 Home modernizurs anc! remod elers across the nation seek new building materials that are easier and quicker to handle, modestly- priced, and with "built-in" assurance of a good job when completed. This demand is being answered by manufacturers and their retail dealers as witnessed by the many products now reaching market. Typical are popular all-hardwood wall panelings that have a permanent, factory finish which can be applied as easily as wallpaper. They cost no more than many of the fabrics housewives are buying for next season's new parly dress. Here are a few: A 4 x 8-foot panel grooved to look like random planks (making joints between panels disappear) and only a quarter-inch (hick is lightweight and easily handled. A baked-on polymarized finish eliminates future maintenance despite bumps, greasy fingerprints or difficult kitchen splatters. The finish is five separate coats individually baked and buffed like (he finish of a 1962 model line car, It eliminates on-the-job finishing, including the smell, lime and muss. And, the room is ready Ihe minute the new walls have been cemented or nailed into place (colored putty slicks are furnished to match each type of wood, so nail holes disappear wilh a flick of the wrist) A wide choice of woods help lend individuality to different rooms. Result that such new paneling as natural Pecan, once thought too tough to slice for ve neers, as well as such interest ing woods as Black Walnut, American Cherry, Brown Elm, Blond Oak, Honeytone Oak, Flame un, Adirondack Birch, Greymist Ash, American Elm and Antique Elm are now available. Another aspect lo the "new ook" in materials is the availability of top quality "exotic" im- wrts. A bamboo plywood was recently imported from Japan. AI- .hough it does not have the "fam- ly proof" finish of native American hardwood paneling, it is proving highly popular for » single wall or for entire rooms where something different is desired. MODERN STONE PRODUCT OFFERED FOR HANDYMAN For Ihe first time, colorful "do il yourself" stone is avail able to Ihe homeowner. New sleel - reinforced, pre - formed Perma - Stone engineered to allow the average handyman lo apply il to any surface with ease, each stone has its own fastening loops extending from it through which nails or screws pass to hold the stone (o Ihe wall surface. Each fastening loop is also a spacer so that proper joint size becomes automatic. It comes in three sizes: 2"x24", 4" x 24" and 6"x24" and is easily- sawed for special sizing. Modernizing Kitchen Need Not Be Costly Modern building materials, plus the skill of today's home improvement specialists, make it possible lo revitalize a kitchen with few no expensive alteralions of basic room dimensions on almost any size budget, according lo the Celolex Corporation. Consultation with a home improvement specialist is of prime importance in any remodeling job and may mean extra dollars saved. More and more kitchen remodeling plans are now including noise - quieting, acoustical ceiling tile. In addition to subduing normal kitchen racket, decorative acoustical tile complements any room decor. For an added dash of low-cost luxury, install attractive wood- grain hardboard paneling. In cherry and walnut woodgrain finishes and several color tones, these hardboard panelings are scuff-proof, clcanable and easily applied directly over old walls with furring ships or adhesive. Here arc a tew tips from Colo- lex to consider when you're planning a new kitchen: Relate (he size of the kitchen to its funclions: are an eating area, s laundry area or a sewing corner needed? Check lo see if moving a wall or windows will add more room and greater efficiency. Plan for plenty of storage. This is probably Ihe major complaint against outxlated kitchens. With thoughtful pre-planning, making (he best possible use of modern building materials and consultation with a modernization, expert, your new kitchen can be tailored exactly to both budget and needs. SMITHALSOPl Here's the best paint made for shingles! Positive PROTECTION for • Shakes • Shingles $ew I Weather- I P r <wf I Colors * .Siding & Brushing Shingle Stain is a flat alkyd type finish applicable for any type wood surface where a flat effect is desired. Although originally designed for use on shingles, and shakes, results .equally as outstanding will be obtained on weatherboarding and wooden trim. $ 5 25 gal. LOGANSPORT PAINT & WALLPAPER CO. 322 E. Broadway Dial 3637

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