Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 17, 1962 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 17, 1962
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE and LOGANSPORT PRESS, LOGANSPORT. INDIANA SUNDAY, JUNE 17, ISta BET •> * ^^^^ i-e«* iefurbish Lawn Furniture By VIVIAN BROWN AP Newsfeaturcs Writer Furnishing a vacation retrea or moving to a retirement home? Consider taking your furniture with you. "Many people sell all Inch furnishings on the theory that they should starl from scratch in the new climate, but that move may prove to be regrettable,' says Elaine Fiske Francis, i Florida transplant from Connecticut. "It's especially disconcerting when you find yourself trying to find the same type of furniture you've given up," she says, "once you discover that your own furni ture could have been integrated handsomely in the new area. And another good thing about having your own furniture is that your new abode will feel like home sooner than you'd expect." Mrs. Francis' two / bedroom, one-bath cottage at Summerplace, Fla., had to look weathered inside, she says. It's Ihat kind of place, tucked in between ancient live oaks and palm trees. Stark modern furnishings wouldn't be the order of the day, even though the ocean and beach are a stone's throw from the house. The other factor is that Mrs. Francis' cottage is used as a model home and for entertaining. "The aim was to make it look like home, the kind of place that makes you want to shuck off your shoes and prop up your feet to relax. I found myself acquiring the same kind of furniture I'd had in Westport, (Conn.) plus some pieces salvaged from (lie old homestead. It suited the place to a T." The vacation resort near Vero Beach has a casual rather than formal atmosphere. There is fishing from wooden bridges, jeeping through citrus groves, gathering wild oysters, beach-bugying along stretches of sand, "a'.i conducive to barefoot simplicity," Mrs. Francis explains. She wanted to maintain that feeling in her home. "There's no true warmlh or welcome in the model home that is too regimen led and immacu- milking stools, big roomy sofa, and lounge chair with ottoman that could serve as another seal. There are duck decoys and decoy lamps, hooked rugs and loleware. Coral and mustard yellows provide special cheer. "Mix and mingle the furnishings you like. I have an English copper, pitcher for planls, rooster bases for lamps, Victorian piano stool, carved Chinese pieces and Venetian cerubs. I put a Peruvian spear on Ihe wall," she says. Mrs. Francis' advice is to stick to wooden pieces that children can't harm. She likes large crash-proof ash trays for the same reason, "And forget cluttery draperies. You want the view, privacy and little upkeep. "Use small rugs. A broom should be the extent household equipment," vises. Most vacation homes of your she ad- ai. ON THE HOUSE By ANDY LANG AP Ncwsfeatures Various kinds of "houses of ih future" are on exhibit in severa places in the United States, in eluding the Sealtle World's Fair But there's at least, one man who already is living in a houso of the Floyd future on D'Angelo, weekends. He' a Los Angeles tract guests, she says. The same rules apply to your home that apply to a guest cottage or a guest room in vacalionland; avoid perfection. "If guests take over your cottage for awhile, post a typewritten guide to the house on a kitchen wall ,as I do. That way they can bumble around in cupboards and closets, feeling their own way. They shouldn't feel they are in the midst of duller or that everything is precious and breakable." And you shouldn't feel Ihat way either, if you'd enjoy your home. | in the mechanical setup. Since businessman. Desiring a weekenc retreat with some protection from the dazzling desert glare, he designed a house that operates like carousel. It. aulomalically revolves with ,the sun to solve the daytime glare problem and to permit a selection of view at night. D'Angelo had some technical kinks to work out, so he called on Harry Conrey for assistance House Placement Is Important By VIVIAN BROWN AP Ncwsfeatures Writer After one selects a house site and a house plan, there is another step perhaps just as important as the first two—how to place the dwelling, bcauliful A lovely site can house on a be a costly late," she advises. "And can't sacrifice comfort in you the interest of style and appearance. A comfortable couch and Ihe best bedding you can buy are prerequisites of a vacation or retirement retreat." She has surrounded herself with homey furniture—a pine hutch, pine coffee table and end tables, mistake if it is placed without due consideration lo exposures. A woman who designed her own bouse plan writes lhal she and Ihe builder disagree on how il should e placed on the site. Are there ood general rules, she asks. One may not want lo place a louse smack on top of a hilt where it is in the path of gales. jut thai same location in another area may be wonderful when •a ins come, as people with cellars hat flood will tell you. Building authorities in the area can fill you in on those points. From the standpoint of comfort and aesthetic beauty, a breakfast room should get morning sun, and the living room is best located on the warm (south) side so hat winter sun may help lessen heat bills. Bedrooms should be placed away from street noises when possible and the north side of the house is best used for rooms little used by the family such' shop. as laundry rooms, work garage, bathrooms, and even Ihe kitchen which can be brightened with paint. Spare (he trees. If you hand a builder a plan and carte blanche with the shrubbery, you may be out of luck. Tell him specifically what you want lo save, even if a CARTER'S CONCRETE BLOCK PLANT, INC. LOGAN-SPORT-PLANT 4 miles west on Hwy. 24 PHONE 3267 Monticello Yard Phone JUstice 583-7811 WE CAN SERVE YOU BEST WITH STEEL • Electric and Acetylene Welding • Special Steel Built Tanks • Galvanized Roofing • Sheet Metal Work • Corrugated Culvert Pipe • Beams-Channels-Angles • Fabricated Steel-Structural Steel • Bars-Sheets-Plates FARMERS: Bring your plow points, or corn planter runners in for repairs. If it's made of steel we can furnish it for you. LOGANSPORT METAL CULVIRT COMPANY 220 Manna St. Dial 5157 tree is 50 feet from the house line. Old trees are expensive. Try lo keep beautiful trees that will flatter your house. And mark trees that you want saved even if they are not near the house. Bulldozer operators often plow up trees that are in their way when they are trying lo get into the properly. Make they choose a route that doesn't rob you of good foliage. Another reader, a would-be house buyer, asks how to figure the cubic feet of a house. She often reads that a house is so much per cubic fool. If a house is 30 by 30 feel, multiply the figures to get the square feet (900). To get the cubic feet of the house you multiply the number of square feet (BOO) by the height of the house, measured from the cellar floor to a point midway belween Ihe eaves and ridge of the roof, if the roof slopes. If the house is 24 feet high, 900 by 24 will give you the number of cubic feet in the house. Take the 21,600 cubic feet and multiply it by the cost per cubic r oot in the area where you plan :o build or buy. '» * * A woman with four children who lives on a large country tract nquires whether a swimming mol is a good investment. She and the children are trying In sell icr husband on the idea. A safely constructed pool should be a great asset to a arge family, and a pool should certainly increase the value of he old homestead. One further advantage for country folk is Ihe possibility of : ire protection. Firemen in Bel Air, Calif,, were generally stymied when the city water supply was drained dur- ng the fires that raged Ihere last winter. The chief engineer of the Los Angeles Department of Fire wrote the Plumbing, Heating and 'Pooling Information Bureau re- cently that he personally knew of 10 or 12 locations with swimming pools "where we were able lo get our pumps close enough lo drafl water and where this was done, we were able to save homes." The homes in this area are in the $50,000 lo $600,000 brackel he pointed out, and swimming pools are installed behirrd Ihe home so that • they "wi completely accessible in most cases," he said, That's a good point lo keep in mind when constructing a pool— make it accessible lo fire equipment in case of emergency. Air Conditioning Spurs Better Living Is any home truly modern without central air conditioning? Most experts — including the Federal Housing Administration — think not. Recently, more and more builders across the country, are including air conditioning even in economy-priced tract homes, or are installing gas furnaces which are e.Tsily adaptable to add-on units. Adding a gas or electric unit is no major problem in a house where ductwork lias been correctly installed. Since no extensive remodeling is needed, prices are reasonable. Some of the most popular equipment on the market today are gas air conditioners, add-on units in- sta-llcd outdoors. Working on the same proven principle as the gas refrigerator, the unit circulates hilled air through a cooling coil inside the house. This coil can be attached to any furnace, and air passed through it is circulated through existing ducts throughout ;he house. Read the Want Ads! QUALITY ^ QUANTITY * SERVICE Free Estimates On Your Order Radio 'Dispatched Ready Fleet M/lix PHONE 3420 HEDDE 2 Mi. West On U. S. 24 Is your home only HALF- CLEAN? This- spring when you do your housecleaning .. moke sura the other half is clean, tool Have your healing syste-m cleaned by... HOLLAND FURNACE CO. 5th ond' E. Market Phone 3887 Conrey is a specialist with the Garrett Corporation, which deals exclusively with problems of aero space for the United States government, -a little thing like merry-go-round house didn't faze him. The result of the collaboration: a rotating home with a 750- square-foot interior consisting ol a living room with an open fireplace in the center, a bedroom, kitchen and bath. The movement of the house, which is geared over a ISO-degree arc, is automatically motivated by a photoelectric cell on the roof which reacts lo the position of the sun. A timeclock arrangement at sundown automatically returns the house to position for the next morning's sun, but a special position can be selected for night if desired. D'Angelo says that the house revolves at such a slow rale of speed that there is no sensation nf movement. Entrance is provided by means of a circular porch which extends around enough of the house circumference to accommodate the doorway at any position in the rola- lional arc. The problem of plumbing connections was solved by. having water enter and leave the house Ihrough rotating universal joints located in the central column of the structure. Everything else is electrical, with a flexible cable hookup between the house intake connection and the external source. The rotating house is located at the foot o[ a mountain oulside of Palm Springs, Calif. It is mounted on 16 rubber-tire casters (hat ride on a circular track. A specially geared one-sixth horse power electric motor drives the house through its 1.10-degrce arc. Hardboard Panels Ideal for Fix-Up Hardboard is a material of a housand-and-one uses that homeowners and handy-men are famil- ar with. Among the most commonly used n and around the home are these: standard hardboard — plain or >orforated — that is smooth on one side and screened the jack; tempered hardboard that is extra hard, strong, and more resistant to weather and abrasion, and tempered hardboard that's mooth on both sides. There are many others, so look over the complete supply at your umber dealer's. You'll find a type of hardboard to suit almost every icme improvement project. According lo the National Beler Healing - Cooling Council, lomeowners are often forced lo replace their heating plant with one that has a larger heal: output when a new room is added to he home. These homeowners who have ilready inslalled a hydronic (hot ivatcr heating) boiler usually aren't affected. Hydronic boilers are usually installed with enough additional heating capacity to eat a new room addition .without effecting overall heating ef- iciuncy. Caring for Water Heating Tank Is Not Complex, Yef Vital MR. FIX Written for Newspaper Enterprise Assn. Like most devices about the house, a water heating lank will last longer and operate more ef- fisiently if care is given it. The modern water lank operates automatically, thus, the amount of effort needed in caring for it should be quite small. Different Materials Tanks of galvanized metal are subjject to internal rusting. Sediment in the water will accumulate on the rough surface of galvanized metal causing a deposit of scale. Longer lasting, but more expensive, is the copper lank. Its :mooth surface will not collect scale and the metal is not subject .0 rusting. A popular, medium price tank, 5 the type that is referred to as 'glass" lined. This is a porcelain- ike material that is baked onto .he interior surface. Care should taken that such a lank does not get a sharp blow which could chip the interior surface. When installing a new tank keep hese differences in mind. Keeping It New To keep your new tank new, start a program of frequent draining. At'regular Intervals, say once a month, open the drain at the jase of the lank and drain out a jail of waler or until the water runs clean. Do not use any hot water for several hours before draining. This will permit the sediment to sellle to the bottom of the tank. Don't Overheat Overheating water will cause CARE FOR WATER HEATING TANK LEARN WHERE VARIOUS SHUTOFF CONTROLS ARE DONT OVERHEAT WATER DRAIN FREQUENTLY for most uses. The )n (he tank can be [more precipitate to form. Water heated (o 140 degrees is usually hot enough thermostat turned up occasionally when especially hot water is needed—for a dishwasher for example — but should be turned down once.the need passes. In case of emergencies, learn where the various shut-off controls are. The cold waler inlet should have a valve and the hot water pipe leading out of the tank- should have one as well. If gas is used, there is generally a shut-off control for that, aleo. The thermostat itself should have an "off" position. Here's The Answer By ANDY LANG AP Ncwsfeatures QUESTION: We have decided :o put up aluminum tiles on the walls of our bathroom. Some time ago we looked over different .ypes of these tiles and finally decided on the kind thai has a copper-color finish. We asked Ihe dealer whether it was necessary to apply anything .0 the piaster walls before putting on the mastic and tiles. He suggested shellac. We didn't get the .iles at lhal lime, bul are ready o do so now. Another dealer says .he shellac is not necessary. Who Safety Valve There should be a safety valve on Ihe hot water pipe right above the tank. This valve will open in case the waler overheats, thus preventing the tank from exploding. Make certain lhal. a pipe leads from this valve and Ihat il poinls to the floor and not horizontally where steam and hot water might spray over objects and people. Tweaks in tanks can be repaired if they are small with special plugs on Ihe market, or with a toggle bolt and a heavy washer. But a leak is evidence that the tank is giving out, (hat seams may be ready to go. Consider (he repair temporary and shop for a new lank. s right? ANSWER: It depends on the cind of maslic being used. For he kind of tiles you are using, here is a mastic with an oil base jnd one with a resin base. With ,he oil base maslic, shellacking .he walls usually is recommended. With the resin base mastic, no shellac is necessary. However, it seems to me thai I'ou should follow the advice of he dealer from whom the tiles are being purchased. But you can doublecheck his advice by reading :he directions on the mastic con- .ainer. If they agree with what IB s&ys, fine. If not, you'd better ilart asking him some questions. (Questions of general interest will be answered in this column. ndividual correspondence can not be undertaken.) LESS HOUSEWORK BETTER APPETITES Since we installed GENERAL ELECTRIC CENTRAL HEATING & COOMNG CAUL US TODAY! IOORE lA'NAGE M Atb t, MjchjagnjAv&_. and Hi* ; RIMMIN5 LtMATE 4426 DO YOU NEED STORAGE SPACE? CA1LL UiS 'FOR CUSTOM-BUILT CABINETS If you're working in an old-fashioned kitchen, improve it with new cabinets. Let us plan your work with our custom built cabinets, made to your exact specifications. ZINN MANUFACTURING CO. FLORA, !ND., PH. 967-4177 George Burnham, Salesman Phone 967-4384 Building or Modernizing ? KOHLER DUAL BATHROOM will add beauty and value to your home The sliding door provides complete privacy— two members may use the bathroom at the same time. The Mayflower luxury bath, unique and distinctive in shape, offers a full size bathing area with the added convenience of two corner seats wlien shower* ing. Of the two lavatories, one ns t&e Carvel, built-in for dressing table convenience. The Valcour, a luxury lavatoryoachrome legs— larger thaa average—is a. beauty. Both are of gleaming vitreous china. Completing the ensemble is the low silhouette Chain-plain closet—quiet in its flushing action, distinctive and new! There are Kohler fixtures and fittings ro suit every taste and budget — all first quality. Avail able in. six colorful pastels and white. Come in today or call us for a free estimate. On Display fln Our (Show Room OolJ your Plumbing Contractor for a Free Estimate BAKER SPECIALTY & SUPPLY CO., INC DISTRIBUTORS

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