The Pennsylvania Gazette from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on January 21, 1752 · Page 1
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The Pennsylvania Gazette from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 21, 1752
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yanuary' it. 1752. ; The Pennsylvania Numb, 1206. G A Z: T r r Containing the Frefljeft Ad - vices y Foreign and Domefiioh .; R I P E 'N,: Sette?nber 15. TT N the Night between the 10th and 11th of this Month, a furious Storm arofe at South - Weft, which came round .the next Morning to the North - Weft. The Sea ran fo very high, that the wnoie 1 own, as well as the adjacent country, was under Water from 4. in the Morning, till 9 at Night, and the Storm fo furious, that we frequently expected that the Houfes would be torn from their Foundations, and carried away. In the fucceeding Night the Wind funk, and the Water likewife. On the 1 2th the Wind arofe again, but not fo violent as the Day before ; we faw on every Side, VcfTeh 'break to Pieces or overfet, fome of which were carried very far within Land, and were left there upon the. Ebb. The Damage done to our Buildings and Dykes is very confiderable, and divers Ships of feveral Nations, have ' been wreck'd, during the boifterous Weather. Cologn, Oclober 4. Letters from Upper Auftria ad - vife, that there lately happen'd at Ottenlheim, a little Town about a Mile from Lintz, a terrible Fire, where - - by'iioHoufes,and the Church, were reduced to Allies. . Lyonf, Sept, 23. By Letters from Provence we are informed, that great Part of the Forefts, iituate between the River Var and Toulon, which is j. near thirty Leagues, have lately been deftro'y'd by Fire, to the very great Lofs, not only of "the Owners thereof, but even lo Commerce, as it has made Wood very dear in alLtlie.neighbQuring Countries': How this unfortunate Accident happened' no one could tell, but it is generally Relieved 'that It was done onPurpofe by Tome ill minded People! . ,? ., . Paris r Sept. 30. It isaffur'd, !that the 21ft In (lan t is theDay.fixM for celebrating trie Marriages of the young Worrieh Vvhich'had Portions given'them urion the Birth 'f th e Ddke orBurgundy. ' "' The Pebtors in the Qutelet have, to their poor A - bility, celebrated the Royal Birth, with Fireworks and Illuminations':'.' There was a Wit arribng'therri' (which li6i' without a 'Prece'dent) who happily adapted the Jnicription to their .Circumftances. ; one. was, pidem neftfancula, mutant', i, e: Oar Loyalty is ftilPthe fame ; the'other, Gaudet IS ipfe Dolori vAmidft tfur Sufferings ve rejoyce. . v. - ' 1 " . . T !. fee, , puke 4e pelle - .Ifle . afcMetz has .p.ut - toppM all that has been dojie on thisjOccafion ; he ave a Dinner to the whole. Carrifoni confiftiug of Soo3 Men, allow Mg'feh 'private Man a Pound arid - a Half .ofMedt the bl'in'tjity of BreaoJi'.and a. Pint of tgood bodied me,: and they ' wer.s regularly feated ' - at. Horfe - ftioe Tables;;f",Thc Ofnce?nvcre3?eale nefs, proportionable to their Rank j' and inthe Evening thereHvaiVfurprifing FiPeworka Feaft and Ball, where tfte'er ; Sexes yfeiined Whi&gtmttt and;g'iiicencc. ' "The JJiflipp 'pilhc ' Ql iy . gave - ;a,r4cn rjjui MpaC9., Ff reen - iiundred poor . People at hi Palace,1 and defighs. to "give F?Hes:t(TeVeral poo; Mafderis, - j '"i ''' . ''Sjare arr'ivedat Rouen, with Corn'ffom Ar;?fdarHrVhere they, Jeh". feveral otliers taking in - therlkmc - Ldin for thB'frme Port"; and above double thaLKumhfela valuablec&niodity. : ' . J. ,. - i - - w,P5i.2. It is aicf a.Refolution has been taken to ;kep 3000, ImperialTjroops on Foot in Bohemia, for the enabling this Court to be always readyto fulfiL "its EngagehTiVrft1 thut'oPRuffia. - Her Iniperial Majefty haVferit Orders to the Commanding' Officers of her ForcerqnarterednTrrrrarrriers - of Hungary; bordering 'ono the; 'Dominions !,rof;thc. Grand Sienior, to 1 . t the Church of the Evangelicks, and fome other Buildings of Note. I According to fome Accounts, there is nbc a Houle left; landing j but all agree, that no Lives have been loft in this Calamity, though the People are reduced to the greateft Diibefs, few of them having - faved any of their Effects. - Leghorn, Sept.iz. We hear that the ChriftianMerchants eftablilhed at Santa Crocia and'Saphi, after a great Bultle at the ; Court of; the Emperor of Morocco; obtained a Letter to the Dahifn Ambaflador, ! defiring1 that the Danilh Company vvould take off all the Merchandize and Effe&s of thefaid Merchants, and likewife what was due to them inthe Country ; or, indead thereof, permit them to! remain there 'till they hid difpofed of their Effects, and recovered their Debts : - But that the Ambafiador, regardlefs of this1 Letter, fignified to them' that they mult fell their. Effeswithin the Space of Forty Days, and then quit the! Port immediately. - P, S. We are juil now infor med, that the Danifh Minifter has been prevailed upon to give them a little longer' Time, and that after the Expiration of the Term he has now iix'd, they can neither clifpofe of any Efredis, or receive any Debts due to them in that Country. ! . . ! L O N D O N. Ofioler 8. We hear that the Mathematical Inftra - ment - makers are likely to have a great Call or Rules and CompafTes on Account of a certain new Regulation ; as fcarcely any of the Traders concerned in it have learned at School to make Letters ' exceeding tlf an Inch in Length. Hence we fee the' Enccllen - and'NeceHity o'f that Palfdge' in Scripture; where a rrdhet is commanded to write in Characters fo large, that Tfce thar runneth may read ; by whick happy Contrivance aXpfHcer may truft his vifual Faculties, and fwear, if there be Occafion, 'at he has feeri a Thing with his own Eyes, which he could not in Confeicnce do," if the Infcription was fo'; fmall as to oblige him to ule .Spectacles. ! ' : ' 'j To - Days; Advices from Conflantinople, dated Sept. 4; - 'NS.' mention the Plague's raging there:! to fuch a Degree, as to render the"Mifery and Calamity, of the In - haitajlhexpreffible, through the Want if - almpft every Neceffary of Life, &c. - - 'Tis computedthat upwards of 300,000' Perfons haye been carried bfi by that Uiitemper. s : SorneTime ago ,one of our Captains in the .City Mi litia. 'aired ml tvlih hn nn Ritatp nf ahnnt ?nn . 'Der fome Words with his Son. who wanted canie ine i roops under theif troniimand immediately to .form 'rr Lhfi;t in order; fo preveriPthe Plague which ft 11 .rages, "pretty much in iom'e of tHe neicrlibourine Pro vinces,' :being - brought. into her Dominions. Paris,' Omry. Our lalV Letters from Leige advife,. that, the Pfoteftants had aft'embled at Maeftricht, and - tore from off the Catholick Church the Rull of the Jubilee, knd iiad burnt it. The States having forbidden theCatholicks from' making ProceffionsV had iriiprifohed the Curate ofr the" Tower of St.' - Peter,: for wing difobey'd this Prohibition. It is afTured, that the Prince Bilhop of Leige is refolved to have Satif - faction for this laft Affair, and has' fent an Exprefs for thatpurpofe to the Hague, and to Paris. ' Berlin, Qi 5. The laft Poft from Silefia,. has hrought Advice of a dreadful Fire, that happened a few Days ago at Sulau, whereby the, greateft Part of that Town has been redated to Allies, together with Ann. having his Father's Money, and was: upbraidinghim that he never' gave him any Thing; , when the old Man told him; ip. a 'great Pett, he had given him a" Ho rfe, &c. and imm'eoiatelyi j to 'Be revenged" on' his Son,' calls to his Servant, a Girl about Isiheteen, and bid her follow' him, w'hich Hie didj' when the'old. Man' went and married her directly. - The Son, in return for this rain Proceeding, brought his Horfe the next Morning ,to his Father's Houfeicutthe - poor Creature's Throat, ynd left him1" dead at theioor? 1 : ' - ' Sonie private Tiefrers5 Tr6mf ' BerlinVintimate, that in .another. Poltor .two, we r may ! exbel tolieac 'of the Conclufiori of - atf ilince of the - utmoft Confequence bet vveen two confiderable Courts of Europe. I (Jflob'er 10. The bid Treaty of Commerce, which the Dutch were fo defirous 6frienewing writh France, expired oh : the firit'Inftant ; but has been prolongM by .the Favour of his moft Chriftiah Majefty for the Space of fix Months in Hopes .that, within this ; JPertod, "a newJXfeatmax,be:co fiifiOthing hjpen on either Side . ineonijftent ,with' that 'pereh Hasiwiy and good Under ft anding Which he ivifties may ever fubfili between' the Crown'bf France arid the Republick. In a' private Letter from Edinburgh we have the following remarkable Story which happened there :, An ofd Woman, who was reputed a Mifer, being very " anxious to' know how, her Effects would be difpofed of after her Death, prov.iued ihe fhould not - mak a Will, . feli - upon a Scheme of counterfeiting Death. - She com - muf)lated the Secret to her Maid, who readily embraced it',' and gave it 'out that file was dead. ; the Apparatus Being finifhed, a great many Relations affembled, who had waited impatiently for her Death, and began to talk very freely about her Affairs, one claiming one Thing, and another another, 'till at laft her Patience being quite exhaufted, fhe could no longer contain her Rage at hearing her Effects difpofed of contrary to her Inclination, and rofelip immediately; telling: them, fhe fhould prevent their Defign by making a Will, which produced fo terrible a Confterrlation in the Company, that fome fcream'd out, and others fainted away. October 12. From Madrid we hear, that the King of Spain has engaged in his Service for a confiderable . Penhon, a Native ot England, very expert in the Conilruclion of bhips, and given him Orders to build twelve Men of War of different Rates, vyith all poi - fible Diligence. - They add, that "thii Englimman had already ru.uhed a fixty Gun Ship, and a Packer Boat of eight Guns, both which were launch' d " at Feno! iii the Beginning of fiid Month. ;. - In the Hapue Gazette of the 1 8th Inftant we find the following Paragraph d&ted from Brelt, October 3. The Squadron that failed fome Months fince from our Port under the Command of M. Perrier, is expected back forthwith ; and we are affured, that immediately after its Return, another of much the fame ForceJ which is now fitting otft. here, will put to Sea ; but it is pretended that this will not proceed farther than the other, there being ;iO other Defign' in fending it out tnan to exercife the Seamen. Accordirg to private Letters from Hambourg, important Qudlion is to come under Confideration in the D et of Sweden , viz, - Whether ityJs conjijlent ivith the Dignity of a free Nation to fajfer any fpreign Power to intermeddle in their Domejiick affairs ? And if in Treaties 'with Foreigners there be contradictory , Claufes, whether a Renewal of fuch treaties, with Gmijffiou of the aid Claufes may not be demanded ? '' 1 htiuaj l ALL UlUVtU lilt iUUJl y V 4 Ud, 1 i Hamburgh, : who confirms the melancholy News of the; Damage done in that Country by the overflowing of i tVu Rivr Klhf. iinrh fK Ar?HiMnn. that h.t - W?itpr nn 1 the Bar was 16 or 18 Feet higher than ufual at the higheft Tides, and that Boats might be rowed in every Street in Hamburgh, fo that the Damage fuftained by the Inhabitants is prodigious j and this Day. the Chac fiele, Reed, arrived from Ditto, wiio likewife con - firms it.'' - ; ' : ExtraQ of a Letter from Paris, , O lol er ' 8. ! " By the laft Ships arrived from India,, vve have rc - ceiv'd a circumftantial Journal of all that has paffed at Pondicherry, fince the Defeat. of the Jazerfmgue, and the'ElevatiOn of Mouzaferzihgue to the Throne of Gol conda. : - This Journal concludes thus Mouzaferzingue's. Liberality extended to' every one, during the (hort Stay he (Pondicherry): He 'gaye 400,000 Rupees - to our Troops, and affigned x tnnuaa iu wie principal wmcers ana v - ,ounieuors on uic Re venues of the Provinces the Churches and fhe Poor have alfo felt the Effects of his Generofity and Gratitude for the; ;great Servfce done him ; by Mr. j Dupleix. This Event has' procured imfne rile Riches to the - Inhabitants of this City, and ithe Benefit of it will be felt thefe many Yeafs. 'The Company's prefent Advantages, in PoiYit of - Trade, aresfolidly fecured by the Donation of the City of Mazulipatan, tHe fland of Divi, and their Dependencies." ' t; L . : j Extract of a Letter from Plymouth, October 4. Since my laft came in the Warren, Them pfon Mafter,f of and for London from Barbados, by whom we - have Advice, that the .French in the Weft - Indies are ftill doing - what intelligent Metrliave all. along apprehended,' fibtwithftanding fomt occaliohal Reports to the contrary : In. Ihort, inftead of jnaking the leaft Dlfpofitions towards evacuating the Neutral Iflands, they were daily fending more People thither, arid rai - fing new - Fortifications, ' " . The'Induftry, of I3rogheda, from Nat) tz for London, - William Henry, Mafter, - - is put in .here, sud brings Advice, That fyc Sail of Men of Warj all Capital Ships, are fitting out a: Ureft, and that the Lieutenant of - one of them had been at Nantz, to levy the' Quota of Sailors to be furniihed by that Port towards manning the . Squadron, which as the Mafter of the Induftry heard, is deftined for the Coaft of Grumes And if his Intelligence be right in this Point, then we muft conclude that the Squadron which faiPd from Breft in July laft, is gone to the Ealt - lndies BJ O S r O N. Decern. 23. By Cap: Waldo, from Kingfton in Jamaica, .we are informed, that the Day before he fail d, a Bermuda built Sloop from New York, was towed in there by a Veffel from St. Kites, the Mafter, and moft of the Men having been wafhed over - board and drowned j but Captain Waldo does not remember the Mailer's Name. - 1 Dec,

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