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The Winnipeg Tribune from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada • Page 4

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
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THI WINNIPEG TM1UNI. Au. 18. 1949 J) Ja. FOR SALE AS GOING CONCERN Stack el Creceit, Dry Ceodt tn rtrdwr in thriving taws ta Seiilkern Manitob.

Stock Fixture $5,000.00 $1. 500.00 Store pramitet cn be purchased or ranted. For tuithtr ptrticulart contact, WILLIAM D. CAMPBELL IT Sr)cat lldg. Wlnniptg fh, 722 111 Tea Quality 1 i '1' BIKES ALONG ROAD TO RECOVERY: Japan is working hard to regain its vital export business.

Thii scene. In a Tokyo factory, shows bicycle parts piled high, waiting assembly. The country has already regained about a third of its prewar bike export business, despite serious material shortages. 7LC Heals Split On Communism TORONTO, Aug. 1 (CP The lirearh between rlghl wlng ele inenta of Canadian labor over the issue of Communism ha been al Dent completely healed, It was learned Wednesday.

Kngaged 111 a Ponnyhrook battle for about ynr over the Com nunist question and related ques Mnna, the two faction In thf 4(H), lOO memher Tradca and Iahnr 'Vvngresa of Canada now have Virtually kissed and made up. High labor sources here said ihal the mid September Calgary convention of the Congress will mount to love feast alongside Ant year's uproarlom 'HORSEPLAY' ON SHIP ENDS IN DROWNING TORONTO, Aug. 18 (CP) A "bit of horseplay" on the upper deck of the Canada sleam hip l.lnei paascnger tetimcr Kingston early Wedneiday cauied the death by drowning of the wireless operator, Royrten P. IVAlgle, 2B, of Toronto. Vivian DelHney, 19, former University of Toronlo student employed ai a newt agent during the iiimmer aboard the Kingston, fell Into the lake with D'AiRle and wa rescued by crew memhera.

Mlaa 'Delaney described here how the accident occurred. "Roy picked me up In hi arms and pretended he waa going to throw ma over the rail." aha aid. "He mint have Inst hi balance for we both plunged Inn the mater near the paddla heel." She acreamed a they fell. A memher of the ihlp'i new overheard the scream and the splash. The Kingaton wai ordered about and searchlights were played on the choppy water and one Ihem eventually picked out Mini Pelaney.

l.lfntMmla were ordered overboard and sailors helped the exhausted girl from tha water. D'Algle aerved In th Canadian merchant marine during the war. He wa a third year student In engineering at tha University of Toronto, Premier's Party Visits Northland (Special to The Winnipeg Tribune! THE PAS, Aug. 18 Knroulo to visit mining areaa at Kiln Vlon, Sherrldon, Lynn Lake and Snow Lake, Premier and Mra. D.

L. Campbell and deputy minister of mlneiand natural resources Donald Stephen and Mia. Wednesday were. guest of The Pa at a luncheon, Tha premier and party vlslled with Bishop Martin Lajeunesse, vicar of Keewatln, and Inspected St. Anthony' Hospital and the horticultural exhibition in the Legion hall arranged fnr'rriO excursionists returning from the Churchill tour.

Thit yar th eiecutlv undtr Prtildant Prey Btnpough will bt llntd up agalntt tha ttamn' union. It will racommand outright aapultion of that body, according to Information hare. Behind the executive will be the hulk of the T.L.C. delegates, which will Include a hefty repreaentalion led by frank Hall of Montreal, Canadian Chief of the Brotherhood of Railway and Siesmship (A.K.L. T.L.C.) It wn Hall'i unorthodox method aimed at the C.S.U.

that pra. clpitatad tha Internal ipht In th Victoria I eongrttt, getting hlmttlf and hit union into a temporary unpen lion from th Congrett. Now that i all over and the congress leadcrnhlp will be going along with If nil original Idea that the Canadian Seamen Union ahnuld be heaved out. Having gained that yardace, Mall will compromise on two other issues. It in understood he will nol Insist on a change In the voting syatem I'M T.I..L.

convention. Rcfoie he swung the I I.e. leadeiahip around to hi way on the seamen's lvue. he ami hi anil Communist "Canadian Aso elation of International union Representative" had been putting heat on for a ahlft to the "block voting" ayatem Used by the A.K.L. at contentions, By that anathod, a delegate can vol th whol atrtngth of hit union.

Th T.L.C. now opr. ate on th yUm of on vot pr delegate. Hall and hi ailppnrters have contended lhal this Inclines to ward loading a convention for Communlals, who ace that the.i seat every Qualified deli gale. Th second point on which llnll will make a cnncewlon Is on the admission to the congress of the Seafarers' International Union, which he was Inslijiinental in bringing Into Eastern Canada to supplant the C.S.U.

on deep sea sliipi. Russian Grass Used For Dry Prairie Areas WASHINGTON, Aug. 18 (CP) A hltherlo little known gtass from northern Russia Is being used tn restore prairie range lands ruined by the great droughla of the This Russian crested wheat grkss although Introduced hy agriculture department arlenllsts almost years ago, was not used extensively until recent test showed II worth. The record Is gid: It provides a green cover In one season and 1 available for atock pasture the second or third season; It is especially adaptable to dry climates. On the other side of the ledger, however, Is the fact that It Is susceptible to root rot, one of the wheat farmer biggest enemies.

Strauss III UKRMISCH rARTKNKirtCH i KN, (iermany, Aug. 18 (An Rich I aid Strausa. 85, famed German operatic composer, is 111 at hi home here lth a tnmach ailment, hi family aaid Wednesday. Youth Drowns KIHKLAND LAKE. Aug.

18 (Cr Driven Into a lake hy a forest fire. Casey (Red Newton, 13, of Kirkland Lake, wa drowned near here Wednesday. The body was recovered a short time afterward, when a heavy lainstoim checked the fire. Two Soldiers Drown BArtRIK. Aug 18 (CP) Two of five soldiers fishing In a sloop off Rig Ray Point In Lake Slmcoe were drowned Wednesday when the vessel rapsled In a sudden quall and rainstorm.

ON TKIB AHll Mon Wants. S. ROY MALEY. All rroiram Liitat Arc On DAYLIGHT SAYING TIME Information on programa la auppned ky tn individual radio a'atmna ln Winnipeg Trlhune print program, cnrrecliona and rnangr a lubmUtcd and doc not iiiumi responsibility (or incorrect listings Prom Concert with nrchetra conducted by Krlti Mahler and Carmen Torre, coloratura aop rann, will be heard Thuriday over CKRC at p.m. It la Juat a year aincc the Spanish coloratura and th Viennese rondoctor made their flrat Prom appearance together In th same role.

A recital by Joan Viaxwell, contralto; and Dougla hi piano accompanist, will be heard Thuraday over CBW and CBK at 10 15 p.m. Selection to he neard are: Verdi I'ratl by Handel That It Were So by Frank Bridge, Die Landluat hy Haydn; The Silver Sway by Krle Phimnn, Von Ewlg er Lletie hy Brahma, and In Haven by Klgar. THURSDAY EVENING CBW. Manttoka (tM). 5 00 Brave Vovsge 1 tiay Pare J0.19 Joan Maxwell l.

Sleepy lloilo rami 7.V a. Marignlrl contralto Hairy Half llo'li a Nnsn t.iuiy 1010 Winnirwg f)rm a mi News wrainei Mr. Labia 11.00 Thelma Jnhsnnfl fi 15 Tha Trounadnur fl (Ki Nrwa Piano Rrltl M) MrK.rts a 1 Mnrjorv Whltelaw 1 1.30 Wsmbtt Music ft 4. Western Klva r.vrntlil 12 uo Nwa; Wtatner 7 cxi tiaiit lima 1u.oo Taiea Heopia leit a on Ns 6 ll) Psrsa Huiw rnisn 'i Huiinr flub rrrsonallly Time 4. News CKRC.

Wlnnip.o (gJOt 7 on (iregory Hoki 1 Crystal Ball B.OO )ohn Hteela Advenlurri Prom Myniiihftny 9 DO Meet tlie tin nil JVally Wicken 10 00 New in. is ii. rrancu 10 30 Mist 11 ins News MKifta TO The 8h1nw 11 AO New, aignoff CJOB. WlnnlpB (1S40) CJOB FM 101.1 ft lie, 'iiib 154i a i Personality Tim lo in iav I Don bun l)nr Hand a Houth Americana Krank Staff 7 us Dnnr Bands 9 OV Spike Jonr 11 OV Dream Special 'ritndlv tavern Rifictions 13 UV Clwi Club 7 45 Th Stan Sing 8 4. Dirk llaymea CKtB.

tt Boniface (1250) Intermerte Mono flu pon 40 Ameilku I.alln 8 IV Mon hnlx a Musique Carle HI loncpri Lcger .411 iviir, Intrenlda 7 Oft Carnal kWtrlai 9 TO I. It tera Ire flu Jour 7 TO Tiansonneltfe 4ft Mualque llawalennei is Nnuvnies a l. Intermeite I Heuie txqint. ft lie. Musique Carte A Votre ant 10 (i Nouvelie ITia KFYR, BUmarek (ISO) goo r.uming l.tgnt ir l.iirni i.i Wur.e a.

To tlS Navy Band a.4.T News, Matkels (Ki Krybuaia Kaper 15 Twlluhl Tim ti To rhaiiri in Hky 6 45 Kenny Baker b. ft ixt a CTisnson ft 10 Ksitlu Jiiurrial ft Yvan I'lntreplde ft StlPl lurk liinmra IMl Homme rl Prch fi 15 The Troiihailour ftTo Slnii'ly Ja 7 00 Ruprer Club 30.S0 Dragnet 7 IS News of World ii.uit News 7 Snrt Hepnrt 11.15 Treasury Salul 7 45 fdrhard llarknes II TO Daily hxru POO Silent Parmer 1 1 45 550 t.1 N.TO Klght by Kequeit 13 00 New 9 1X1 Nnson K(11y 12 15 "550 Club" 9 TO II Neighbor 1,00 News. Sign Off lO.oo Krcd Waring CBK, Saakatchewan (540) 7 (XV The Happv Tim lOOO Tale People I tll 7 Western five 111 15 loan Maxwell 7 45 New, Weatnee 10. Winnipeg Drama H(H Ftriilai ll.ixi Nelson Eddy ft AO filaele. Mr.

Cable 3 1 TO Chamber Mii't 9 011 New 12 (Hi News, Wrathar 9 15 Mai lnrv Whltelaw 15 (lay Psree 6,45 ttlrrpy Hollo Karm 9 Kventtile 7 no News; forky' Inn 11.1V Shopping fluid 7 to News; mi xy i 'nn 1 1 mi raran ft no News; Porkv Inn IJ im New ft News; rnrkv tnn I 05 Luncheon Club 9 TO Walls Time 17 TilNew 9 15 Vim Know WhalT 33 45 Luncheon Club 10 Oil Newt 1 IKK Newt 1005 (Jurat In House 105 Request Show 111 45 inted Radio I'i shadows in Night National Broadcasting Corporation 7.nn stopper Club a. To right by Bequest In To Dragnet 7 Mm itn atty 9 on NeiMin Kdfly linn News 7 15 Itli hard Darkness PTO tamri Masonr 1 1 App t. with Music 7 to Tnipir Kchoes 10.IX) red Waring 3J.I5 Muslrana HIKI Silent Partner Columbia BreadcTaTlng Syatem, KMOX, (1120) St. Louie eon spin to Win a on 9.: Til Blue Barron 7 no Dollar a To unir Phn'grpni Tnnieht rTu Mr Kren irst Nighter 11.10 Deem Tylnr Mutual Broadcatlng8ytm WCN. (720)CbieeiO 7 ix Air sorre Show 00 This is rsria 1000 lim Amech 7 The Windy City Maurice Chevalier 11.10 Deem Tylnr .) Klsh.

Hunt Club Mret your Maicn American Broadcasting KFGO (790) Farga 715 Hmer Dnvla To I a 11 undid Vci in. 15 A. ISO Counterspy 9 00 Amateur Hour 10. To We Care 1 00 The drama 945 Name the Movie 10 45 Harmonalre 10 pn nalltv ti alts 1 Dancin Hany a 45 9 gn on Man on 7. ou Newt.

Man. on P. 7 TO News: Wrathrr 7 40 Man. on Parade ft oo News; Wriihtr ft 07 Sporlllght a 15 Hrraklasi Club 45 Weather; 511 Devotions News and Music 9 15 Piano Contrast TO Allison a nn Porky' Inn FRIDAY CBW, Manitoba (90) Musical Program 9 45 Here and Thru HI UO Hoart ol Lit in Big Sister 10 TO Kvarylxxly Sing HI 15 Laura 110O New 1 1.15 Aunt l.ury 11 To Sugar 'n' Spice Hhylhm llilites 12 15 Musically Vours 13 45 St Da via 1.1X1 Nrws; Messages ii ii jvewi, wans Tim 1 15 Finn Bioadcaet 1 45 Beincmber Juu Lile it Bi auliful 2 15 Ma Prrkini 3.50 Pepper Young 1 45 Right to Happ' 00 Carrier's Corner TO Claire Waller 5.45 Women's Nrwa 5 4H Girl Next Door .4.00 Concert Hour 4 45 Bernard Bradrn 1 45 Portage Present 3 05 Dial Detective 3 Phllo Vanre in Western Hour 3 Range Roundup 3 45 Range Roundup 4 no Newt 4 05 Range Roundup 4.30 8trollln' Time 4.45 Range Roundup CJOB. Winnipeg (1340) CJOB FM 10S.1 News Kvery Hou' luo5 Ladle' Choir yj vt In Hlng A Bout 05 Karm Round tp 11.05 Sweet, ovciy J.05 Western Hour 7 us, ake lip 'Vinniprg 1i n5 Mualrai Mrno a 05 Reouest Mnow ft 1)5 Wake t'p WinniiirglX ao Spuria Uigetl 4.05 lienit of Melody 9 05 t.ctn of Melody 7 25 Overture 7 TO Nouvrile 7 T5 Prlere du Mt1n au5 Kigmanl Miiio 9 10 loler nintr 9 15 Vogue et Vartrte 9 to lrooi Femlnint ton Morning Newt CKSB, St Boniface (1150) joov No HclM Vaiae 11 1.5 Concert l.eger 1 1 TO lleaux Dlsnurt 11.55 Condition Houle IJ 15 le ciavitr 1J Maestro.

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Mimmer tnnrert 1 1 15 Short Rton 1 1 no ilneitln' Kesten 12is t.ew. WeaUier 12 15 Miscellany 12 3t Tak a Cnoru American airoertatlno KFQO 1TtO) 'aefle Sno l.arilr He Lone Snger 50 Sen. M. oung a Line Sis Hotton Blackle in ih it. Norman luiln 400 Kay Kvter 8 Tm i 1 fcU Hand 4 3Q Kleanur Rooteve't 9(J Polh lVpt. Lnce Party Mutual Broadcast Inn Bytm. WON. (forChieao. 7 no Plantation Jubilee a 10 Ail Star Fool hall a an Summer Theatre 7.. Beinle Cummin Or.ll.JO Deem Taylor Scattergr Ml Halnr 9 'to llnlly Thealr National Breadcaitlno Corporation a an Tree in POO 4rreen Plavnouae Wllilam Powell .111 My Good Wife in oo Dr.

I. Q. Spun Newereaf in 45 pro and 11.15 New rf World 11 Hi Pastel Phvlhm 1 5 Concert Orchestra (1120) St. Led p.liv Hay Anthony 'Jt lu.uo Aunt lunigoi lOftava to Keep Rent Controls OTTAWA, Aug. 18 (CP) An appeal to tha federal government to keep th Red Ensign aa the Canadian flag and to ke ep control on rent waa made Wedneiday at the close of the lSfh biennial convention of the Ontario command of the Canadian Legion.

The Red Ensign now la flown hy the Merchant Navy and from government building. Among the resolution pad In th dying stag of the con. vntion wli on atklng th provincial government to permit al of beer at legion hall In "dry" ara. G. M.

Fitzgerald of Orangevllle waa elected president of the command, aucceedlng E. S. Evan of Toronto. A recommendation added to a housing report adopted Tuesday asked that rent controla he continued and expanded to include: Tenant who aub let Measure to control exorbi tant rent for individual rooms. A resolution sponsored by th AncasUr and Sudbury branchea asked that th minimum acreage under the Veteran Land Act be reduced to half an acre from two to thr acre.

It said that veterans In the Sudbury area were forced to buy sub standard rocky land to meet the acreage requirements. will become a member of a four power military group In the North Atlantic alliance, along with Britain, the VS. and Franre, which will guide much of the strategy in this new security organization. Discussions are believed to be going In Informally now bet ween the U.S. State Department and the Canadian External Af fairs Department in an effort to reach some decision on him que Hon.

A good deal hinges on the report thnt the Joint chiefs of staff on the type of military organiza tion which should be On Supply Board It is apparent thnt there will have tn be a comparatively small THE ODD THINGS THAT HAPPEN the Four Corners Sound Evidence operation of a kennel automobile court. The kennel operator. Dr. P. H.

Hand, objected that tha recording amplified the bark. Judge Cotton ordered the veterinarian to lilenre the doga or move the kennel. 7 Die, 21 Hurt In Chile Riot SANTIAGO, Chile, Aug. 18 (AP) Seven perton were killed In rioting In downtown Santiago Wednesday and Congrea wa called Into special session to hear a cabinet reouest for extraordinary Increase in renta that were power to cone with the altuation. pegged In 1940.

Owner of these The government aald the rioting properties were getting lower re 1 waa inspired by Communist and turns on inpir investment man their aupporter. owner or property ince iau. Hoapltal said the aeven dead Incliided two students, a cadet, and one treet car motorrnan. In addition at least 21 persona were wounded, four everely. Three suffered gunshot wounds.

The others were hurt by bricks and flying glass from smashed bus windows. The rioting started Tuesday. It grew worse Wednesday and was witnessed by Arthur Godfrey, the American radio star, and Eddie Rlckenbacker, United State aviation executive. Dominion May Sit On Military Board By KUSJ MUINKU oi ner military forces, which are i From The Tribune Ottawa Bureau) ''quailed or eclipsed hy aome of OTTAWA, Aug. 18 There I althe other middle power in the 12.

reasonable possibility that Canada Adtquat Vole Apart from this possible parti ripatlon tn this military set up, Canada Is rerlaln to be on the supply board of the organization This supply board, which will deal with questions of procurement of military equipment and such matter, will work alongside the chiefs of staff committee under the overall direction of the defence committee. The defence committee In turn is under the North Atlantic Council of the foreign ministers of the members. Canadian representation of this bring back to Washington from kind in the North Atlantic organ their European tour. The Joint Izatlon would fulfil the desire chlefa were, among other thhigt, the government, a expressed sounding out European membersiby External Affair Minister Pear or tne alliance lor meir opinions.xon several time that tbla countrv must haVe an adequate voice the decisions of the alliance. Barbour Praises steering committee at the top to make proposals to all the members lyn tAeCrGQ llOn on military questions, me ni florts.

The three will be on iWasred Years in his that orandard in City hut the need for representation of stand her chance of being" includ d. Of course, If tome Europtan tat ha objected strongly to Canada bting glvtn thit tptclal position then th project might bt dropptd. But there I no indication that there ba been any auch objection ao far. The qualifications of Canada to sit alongside the big three on this important military committee Is her rapacity as an industrial na tion and a potential source of large amounts of war material. It Recreation must have no the middle and amall powers on wh nr erm quar llim mil irri in wni cnimiin Charles A.

Barbour, Winnipeg' dlrertor of recreation. Wednesday at'lhe St. Boniface Kiwani Club luncheon at the Fort Garry Hotel. "We have accomplished a great deal In the recreation field," said Mr. Barbour, "but we haven't fin ished." ttrmtd Grttttr Winnipeg's community club "the finest group In North America," and called for th continued co optr.

ition of organiiationa and individual In thl city. "Winnipeg ha grown fast," he I most certainly on the supplyjsairt. "and the opportunity for col side where Canada qualified planning has come only not on the hasia of the atrngth recently." (Typhoon REDWOOD CITY, Calif. Even DETROIT John Graham felll TOKYO Eight peraona wera tha utterance of doga are the courtroom floor In a fainti killC(1 mnr ihn mi" recorded and taken Into court. I when inrv found Mm Innocent of of 1h Tk.

jua ..4 which swept the southern tip of 1. J. urne 1 Monday night and r. CCa I ail a yi ees before Judge A. R.

Cotton. That Gr.ham wa. 2S when he waa aen wa evHieno a aun oy iwo cu murA pie for an Injunction against eal "or At that time he had nleaded eulltv thelA, flm. hll(, n.MH. near their tttorArr judKe jonri y.

that children watching the perform rnlnt ance in a darkened room would find It too alarming," a BBC offi cial said. "We are purposely put ting him on at the end so that children may see the rest nf the show before they go to bed." Trode Mork BRAMPTON Wallace Moffatti Risky Toy exploring Tuesday in an abandoned ammunition dump outside Rome. They found a round, rusty hall of metal and had lots of fun rolling, it about, until the hand grenade exploded. Three wera Injured. Bombproof Tomb JERUSALEM The body of The odor Herzl, Austrian born founder of modern political Zionism, was lowered into a bombproof tomb Wednesday on the highest of Jerusalem's seven hills.

Herzl, who died In Vienna In 1904, predicted SO years ago that a Jewish state would arise within 50 years. Hi body was flown from Austria to Israel's Lydda airport Tuesday and taken to Tel Aviv where It lay In atale throughout the night. early WOODSTOCK. Ont. Sporadic Brennan.

He wa 13: war on the starling nuisance in' days later. western Ontario saw eomethlng new Graham wa charged with ahoot ner wnrn B'rnanette ismitn, Ing Joseph M. Rell. i when Reilia city alderman, personally led an resisted a holdup attempt Jan. 20, 19t5.

On the aland at his retrial, Ore ham told the Jury of 12 women that three detectives had forced him to confess to the murder after a 30 hour grilling. Child Scorer I.ONDON Peler I.nrre, Holly wood screen actor, plans to make so many ugly, frightening faces In attack hy noise and smoke bomb on the bird pests in a reiidentlal area. A large crowd viewed the display, and atarlingi acreamed to new rooat by the hundreds. Whether the attack wa successful will not be known for a few day. Too Quiet VANCOUVER Doctors at Gen.

eral Hospital here are attempting a television show here the BBC restore a healthy normal squall warned parents to send their children to bed beforehand. will be seen his face in close up and we fear to a two day old baby hoy, unable to cry because of a throat ailment. The boy wai flown from Prinra Rupert, B.C., tot hospital treat. of nearby Bolton Is glad his rock flrer ,0 crushing machine is the only one of it Kind in thl district. He told Magistrate T.

H. Moore head he would be able to recognize 180 worth of gravel stolen recently from his pit. His is the only machine which break atone to seven e'ghths of an inch. After Allen Lockhart, also of Bol ton, waa aemtenced to three months Valley, on me gravel men cnarge, jvionau said he plana to visit, district farms looking for hi crushed rock. The child's mother Is still ln hos pital at Prince Rupert.

Buddies VANCOUVER A terse polira radio call, "policeman In trouble." Wednesday brought If) uniformed constaiiles In squad cara, two pa. 1 wagon, and a motorcycle of They found a drunken man argti. Ing with the "policeman In trouble'' and creating a disturbance. The force hustled him off to tire city Jail. Wild and Woolly CHILLIWACK, B.C.

Wild west days are not over In the Eraser A man accused of "cattle rustl Ing" was In police custody here Wednesday. Three charges of theft of rattle. involving four heifers, have been ROME A group of hoys against Verne Currenre, 53. year old Chilllwack farmer. He will appear in court week.

next Worry of FALSE TEETH Slipping or Irritating? 14 BUSES FOR SALE Modern inter city type buses, also suitable for school runs contractors or oilmen nioliile'offices, etc. Now in regular fervice steel bodies jet liner seats air brakes adequate bacRajte facilities. Seating capacity 28 37 passengers. Inspection of bues can be made at Calgary. WRITI OR PHONI WESTERN CANADIAN CREYHOUND LINES CALCARY, aliirta 1 mi" ti.tnnllil I 1111 1 iiiim is il las I 1 II UN I annwiai I 1 Minuiaiiuiti liaiiWt i I .2 jr A a aa.

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