The Winnipeg Tribune from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on January 10, 1948 · Page 14
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The Winnipeg Tribune from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada · Page 14

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 10, 1948
Page 14
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PAGE tl TIIE WEOCIPEC TOIBrN'E SATURDAY. JAN. 10. 1948 15 7 News and Views for Your Home ie vviniunea rjome i a By KATHARINE MIODLETON Marmalade Pots Bubbling With Annual "Sweef Job ALTHOUGH sullies ol commercially prepared jams, Jellies, and marmaladei have been easier this season than for tome ears. tbert ar many housewives who enjoy making at least me of their own needs of theae sweets. Summertime is jelly and jam time. This it 3t season for the making of marmalade. True, some few people like to wait until there are the so - called bitter oranges for marmalde, but the majority are quite satisfied with the very excel lent marmalade which rsn be made from the swet - t oranges such as the California Navel variety. And this is the season when these are at their best. Lamp Shades Should Have That "New Look" Too . By GLADYS MILLER A beautifully made lamp shade needs to be understood to be fully appreciated. The shade and base should compliment each other, o that the to apirar as a unit. If one Is simple, the - other may more dramatic. tut it should have studied simplicity. In all .nstances. the shape and proportion relationship Is important The perfeit.un ol a labitc shade. The usual marmalades are made from any one of three citrus fruits, oranges, lemons, grapefruit, alone, or together. The most popular recipe of all Is for the Three Fruit Marmalade, In the na - ten years or co there Is another one published yearly in this column which Is also popular. This is our old friend Economy Marmalade which makes use of the "shells' of or - boil, turn heat down, let mixture simmer gently. Kemove and discard scum on surface as it rises. Let cook gently until contents of j Kerne nave oeen reaucea cy one - half. Measure cooked mixture with standard measuring cup, and return to cooking pot. Bring to boil. add sugar very slowly, stirring con tinually, adding 1 cup sugar for :s dependent upon the fineness of materials and excellent workmanship. Before you purchase shade lor your lamps, study aome of the details of the expensive custom - made shades and then try to fin - I the shade at your price that incorporates most of these details. This gives you a professional's ability to make comparisons. The finet lamp shades are made entirely by hand. No part is pasted, glued or sewn by ma chine. The popular lamp shad? materials are velvet, relanese pure silk, antique taffetas, starched lace, imported French lace, dotted Swiss, rayon and pure chiffon The fabric may be stretched or pleated onto the wire frame. The edge may be finished with one or more bias bands, if a tailor ed shade is required. A more ela - i borate tailored shade has a long. beautifully knotted fringe draped over a tight under - covering. Sometimes a pleated chiffon with tailored edges will have a smocked decoration at the top, bottom 5r both. This season, it is popular to swirl the pleatf to one side and trim the bottom edge with corded puff. Some seemingly tailored shades have a velvet or self material, draped at the top, similar to the drape made in swag curtains. The side jabot is lacking. If a more feminine or elegant shade is suitable to vour room, the shade may resemble a heavily trim med haL Full skirts edged with a row of three or four self - covered cords may top a big, tightly covered shade. A skillfully - draped scarf oicmifon may be tied at the top edv;e and flow over one side or a beautiful hand - made rose, with leaves of self or contrasting ma'er - ) ial, may be placed at one side. The tops and bottoms of some shades are trimmed with pinked rurhings h self or contrasting colors. On dotted swiss shades or shades made of a stiff material, bound ruffles replace the cording. ... . . , ,. , anees leu irom extracting juirc .,,,... - , th. m,,,r. which U served as a beverage forktir unt,i ugar u ,u dissolved' breakfast or used in cooking. Continue to boil mixture briskly Marmaiaae nas tune iooa vaiue)wjUM)Ut itlrrln!i untli it j - .ponds Ciner man energy nun ""' - t0 the Usual jelly test. mostly from Its sugar content, me Co!d sauctr test: Dip large very method necessary in making ,poon dimn of marmaiaae , . . ionB, mw 1 miture. i,ft out, and let about 1 Ing, destroys the valuable vitamin tpoo,,! dr() coW MUcer. 11 C of the fruit. Therefore. dontlthu amounl .g(,ls" in a few min - thlnk that you will be preservine th. marn,aart. ,, cooked. He - this Important nutritive when vou)OV(f Jrom hpu Kemove" scum on inake marmaiaae. iou won x. u, faCt, placing this on a saucer, Nevertheless, such sweets as nd ,etting ,,ide tor snarmaiaae nave a im - n oui i menus, small though it msy ta.i p'0,Jr - armia(!e lnt) hot, dean They are good to eat. and offer jarl lvll,g an inch space at the uggeiiiioni iw man. - - .. f), ,ne .ari Cover Jars with to, although marmalades, jams, jellies, are not recommended for their nutritive values t since tney have little of anything but energy er calories) they do recommend themselves as palate - please rs. In view of the present quota restrictions on citrus fruits, and. Since the quality of those available Is entirely suitable for making marmalade, many housewives are Bow bury at this annual job. Don't guess ... measure. Use recommended recipes, follow them carefully. . Make two or more batches If you want a quantity, rather than trylrfg to make twice or more of the recipe at one time. Three Fruit Marmalade (Quick Method) large grapefruit 9 large oianges 2 large lemons Water and sugar (see below) Get the largest fruit available. Wipe with clean, damp cloth. Cut In larg chunks. Remove and discard seeds. Shred the fruit very tne, either with a regulation marmalade shredder, or by using a email paring knife. Shred the whole fruit together, skin and all, except the center core which Is discarded. Measure finely cut fruit with a standard measuring run. Place In a large cooking pot. For clean, dry cloth. When marmalade Is cold and set, pour a very thin layer of melted paraffin on top. "rolling'' jar slight'v that wax will adhere to sides. When this lyer Is set. add another thin layer of melted paraffin. Add tin tops, seal, and store in cool dry place. Economy Marmalade This recipe makes ue of the halves, or shells of the oranges and grapefruit after the juice has been extracted to ue as a beverage. All orange may be used, or all grapefruit, or a mixture of both. Tut all the halves through the food chopper with a fine knife and mix well. Measure the resulting ground fruit, and place In cooking pot. For every 1 cup of ground fruit add three cups of cold water. Bring to boll, turn heat down, let simmer gently, Kemove and discard scum from time to time. Cook slowly until contents of pot have have been reduced by one half. Measure this cooked mixture and return to pot and bring to boil. Add sugar very slowly, adding 1 rup of sugar for each 1 cup of rooked mixture. Stir until sugar dissolves. Let boil briskly without stirring until mixture responds to usual jelly test. Remove from heat. Remove scum to saucer for immediate use. very 1 cup ot trutt, arid cupslPour into hot, clean jars, leaving 1 f cold water, look at Ova coo. 1 Int a space at top ol jars. Cover tents of the kettle to see how far with clean, dry cloth. Add was p the sides It comes. Bring to t directed above. Mr. and Mrs. James May hew Mark Golden Wedding Day Mr. and Mrs, James Mayhew, of iMrs. I. Cuthbertson and Mrs. 3. Foxwarren, marked their golden sveddlng anniversary December 29. Laycork, their daughters, held a reception In their honor. Mr. and Mrs. Mayhew were mar ried In Orlllla, Ont, In 1897. They have lived in Foxwarren the past 26 years. , Mr. Mayhew was bom in Ren frew, Ont - in 18fiS. Mrs. Mayhew. the former Susan Grasely, was born in Magnetawan, Ont They have four sons and four daughters'. Cecil, at home, Lyman and Charles of Detroit; Arthur, Medicine Hat: Mrs. E. McCredie, Medicine Hat; Mrs. J. Laycock and Mrs. L Cuthbertson, Foxwarren: There are 13 grandchildren. Edith Cavell Lodge, No. 705. L.O.B.A, will meet Thursday, 7.30 p.m In Royal Templars hall Young St Junior Indies Aid of First Lutheran Church, Victor St, will imeet at 2.30 p.m. Tuesday, in the MR. AND MPS. JAMES MAYHEW church parlor." Tim i pm& ht Glothh a Clinic By JOYCE FOWLER AH eyet are on silhouettes ... but cheese ene te suit YOUR figure. Tall, slim gals are lucky this season. They may wear any of the fashionable styles and be attractively dressed; and they'll really Bhlne when they step out In that most extreme style . . . smoothly fitted bodice, full draped or padded hipline, and slim, oh so slim skirt! The girl of medium height can pretty well pick and choose too; if you are slim, the tight - aisled, voluminous skirted dress will be Ideal for afternoon and evening wear. For the short and plump figure, please, please stay with the more conservative lines! The sraicht lines will make you look alimmer and taller. For party occasions, the soft draped line adds that dressy note so desirable. The changes in silhouettes this season are exciting and new . . . try to mske the most of them. TntennT3ati (Eompang. ftprar our room nilli OIIOII - IIIJTZ .) A modern, simple war to rid kitchen, bathroom or living room of unpleasant odors. Just press the button and a sweet, rleasant scented vapor shoots out Choice of pine or lilac. See ODOR - BLITZ demonstrated In the . . . hoi MAfti I LOO LADIES: READ THIS! oamatM hair nmorrt inntntlr from " " Hair bonT 2M. ." : ' ' II nW CrOWS hark - m w eoaifNUO. (COD'S Punas aura ) 1 " " KA"5 'OS DUCTS (Dear. 26) 0PTDMETRI5T DIAL 322 APPOINTMENT 1) 'Bali (Eompantie iNCOaeoaATte mav icro. Send VilenHnt Crectinp with a BAY COI'PERTOXE FOHTHAIT 5 A fitting and lasting gift. Make your appointment NOW and avoid the last minute hurry. Your portrait will b carefully taken by our skilled portrait photographer. Come in ... let us show you our many different ttylei. You will be given several proofs from which to make your selection, BAY f OETEA1T STUDIO. SECOND FLOOS. Monday Stor Hours 9 to 5 Dial 3 - 2 - 2 iiidiviilunllr priced Colonial IP JUJU bedroom MA D Furnish your room by the piece . . . with "pioneer" furniture, prized for its beauty, quality and distinction. Carefully constructed by a leading maker . . . authentic in every detail The mellow maple tone will blend with today's . decorative schemes . . . and become lovelier with the years. The smart Colonial design features spacious dust - proof drawers and fine plate glass mirrors. Chest of drawers Bads la full six enlv $65 $35 Dresser with mirror J75 Vanity with mirror $79 Matching vanity bench 10.95 rsraMt 11 iiwa, balaaee In It saeathlr aarasents. taeladlng eerrrtng eharre. nivrrcii, nrra ixook. niodcrii, mnplc finislicd DINETTE. SUITE, J pi s A beautiful stream - lined aircraft plywood suite as sketched at left . . . comprising extension table and four chairs with washable ivory leatherette upholstery. Compactly, designed, constructed for years of service, finished in a rich maple tone. An offering you must see to appreciate fully. Terms: 1.9 dowa, balance In II monthly payments, taoluding small earvytag charge. FTJElftTUBC ft' III VXOOB. 22 IIAIVDV HOUSEHOLD AIDS! Cheek your nrrtl noiv s 39 MAIL IIOi:S 2J)C Easy to put up, neatly constructed black Japanned ware boxes in standard size. Order one NOW while they're. SPECIALLY PRICED. f AIXCT QITEEIV. r 4s Combination sprty or stream. Effective for rinsing, spraying dishes, vegetables, ete. Fits any sized Up. OQr SPECIAL OIIC Iff W . V3V.1i MOFftr TKATS Made with firm, trong spring. Each it FAt'CET WASHttS five assorted S't Card of 12 for ltd RISK STOPPEM eVInch rubber. Each 1S fUtARg COAT AND HAT HOOKS. Each 20 PADLOCK Sturdily made, two keys tl TRANSOM CHAINS made, standard size, each 8 tron sly 40 Pit TIIE WIRE Braided wire, sufficient for i pictures. Each 10 DOOR PASTtNtRS Bras chain In heavy quality. Each - 25 aaaw jsp ve em I m If "rlllCOfl ' I il Clin, 0n 7 - M '0 1W3 njJ e0fbRlPi, ' h nl - ""wqualitr I f ,lnlt I WINDOW WTIH.IS la heavy quality rubber. Each ltd POT AND PAN MENDERS Com. pletc with wrench. Card U I 10 DOOR STOPS Rubber tippM. 14 - ir.cbes long. Each IS CLOTHES BOOKS Substantial size for coats, suits etc. Each . RAYON, - - I .70 rojjiilnr 2.J0 iIr?ssT. clrnpablc A saving on quality ravons to delight the woman who sewsl Smooth and .pliable for "new look" dresses ... or for making up into rich, full drapes. A wealth of colors to brighten mid - winter . . . blue, lime, rose, red, green, yellow grey. 54 inches wide. rrij. I " Spun, yard 98 4 6 95 Woollen, yard err HAr.rm pujt. Holds cups in the space of one. Each 25 BARREL BOLTS For doormsrs. Japnnpd 3't - in ieneth Each IS BRASS BINGES Butterfly tyne. sturdily made. Pair .. ... 10 LIOT1D SOLDER Tor mending metals, leather or wood . 2S LightweiKht finely woven with a nubby surface . . for casual dresses and sportsweat. Pastel ehadn . . fclue. veTlow. white and beige. SI tnchea Limited quantity af hand - woven woollens that tailor te perfection. Handsome check designs 1st a variety ef colors. St inches wide. llourlr C oaling yard 98 Krinkle Crrpe yard 39 4P i. f"Tv - - 1 Shop in person for this specially priced, good looking, senicrable boucle ... for coats and Jackets Black only. M inches limited quantity. Personal shopping special A novelty fabric that's a natural for pyjamas and children's wear. Long wearing, washes easily. Pink. blue, white. SS tne. FABRICS, SECOND FLOOR. tl RBI R SINK STOPS la 1H 1MT. I". Each - fa RI'BRrR T ACK BCMPERS Package ef 1 - dozen IS BRASS CTP BOOKS Aa - ir - c. per dor. 2S: S", dox. 23 SOLDER Ready to one Trr eoii . IS BocstyTArra. main floor. INCORPORATED tr? HAT l67a

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