Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 15, 1962 · Page 9
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 9

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, June 15, 1962
Page 9
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Friday Evening, June 15, 1962. ANN LANDERS Mothers Note: Beauty Shop No Place for Little Ones Dear Ann Landers: I've never written to a newspaper in my life v but today is THE day. I'm a beautcian in Podunk, U. S. A. who is fed up to here with mothers who bring small children to beauty shops. It's difficult for an operator to make Mother look ten years younger when Junior is adding ten years to HER age. Every operator has at least one customer she ' hates to book for precisely this reason. Today I had three clients in a row who brought small children. It made a nervous wreck A out ol me. The youngsters got into the manicure supplies, spilled nail polish on the floor, tore up the plants, ripped magazines and climbed on the shampoo boards The mothers sat unconcerned, noi seeing or hearing a thing. An operator can't tell a woman to leave her children at home Perhaps if you print this letter i' may hdp.—BASKET CASE Dear Basket: Why can't an operator tell a woman to leave un disciplined children at home? A beauty shop should be a place to relax. You may lose a few clients but you'll add others. More than one woman has changed beauty parlors because small children have been permitted to run loose in the shop. * * * Dear Ann Landers: You recently had a letter in your column about telephone pests. There is a way to get rid of these morons and I hope you will alert people to it. When a silent caller phones for the purpose of annoying you, don't hang up—hang on. So long as you are on the line his phone is tied up and he is unable to receive or make calls. After a few such experiences the most stubborn telephone pest will leave you alone. I hope this helps solve the problem for the thousands of victims who are bothered night and day by addled characters who have more time than brains.—TIT FOR now. What we need is the answers o certain questions. First, will the law let us get married even if we are underage? Ve have been told that both sets •f parents have to sign when kids .re minors. What if thg parents are against the marriage and re> 'use to sign? Can we go to another state? Is it a legal marriage if we don't use our ' right names? Can the parents of a girl make ler give up her baby if she is nol married? Thank you for answering these questions.-IN TROUBLE Dear In Trouble: You thanked me too soon. There are too many ifs, ands, and buts involved. '. would not attempt to answer youi questions. You need the advice of a law yer. If you cannot afford one, th> Family . Service Association wil direct you to Legal Aid. Good luck. It sounds as if you're goin, to need it. « * * Confidential to HARD LUCK HENRY: It's not your luck that' hard,, Henry—it's your head.-Ge back in your own generation am stop trying to imitate a race-hors when you know bloomin' we; you're an old plug. Does almost everyone have good time but you? IE so, sen or ANN LANDERS' booklet 'How To Be Well-Liked," enclos ng with your request 20 cents i coin and a long, self-addressee stamped envelope. Ann Landers will be glad t lelp you with your problems. Sen :hem to her in care of this new wper 1 enclosing a stamped, sel addressed envelope. Copyright 1982, Field Enterprises, Inc. TAT Dear T for T: Sorry, I just checked with a supervisor of Illl nois Bell and she says your little system won't work. The person who hangs ON incapacitates his own phone, but the pest needs only to hang DOWN and his equipment is free. If you can get the pest to hang on for about 20 minutes, however, you can learn who he is. The su pervisor tells me that the way to trap him is to keep him on the line while you send someone to another phone and report the call Given enough time, she can trace him. WHAT'S NEW OSEPHINE I.OWMAN Exercise Is Best Way to Increase Size of Calves Q. "I am/ thin, but it is not ery noticeable. However, my egs are quite thin. I have.hardly ny calves at all. To tell you the ruth, I am 13'/ 2 . The girls in my chool wear nylons. I don't wear hem because I feel embarrassed about my legs. Will you please ;ive me an exercise? I will do it 'egularly. I will be watching .to see if you put my problem in the ?aper. Please do! I think it will lelp lots of other girls." A. You.are exactly the correct •veight for your height and age. The only way to enlarge your legs s to increase the size of the calf by exercise. You do not need to gain weight. Do this, beginning with 10 times a day and working up gradually to 50 times daily. Stand facing the back of chair. Place your hands on the jack of the chair. Rise high on your right toe, letting the left leg lang with a stiff knee. Lower right heel 1o the floor. Continue rising high on ths right toe and ihen returning heel to the floor The -right toe bears all of the body weight. After a while, raise the left heel, letting the right leg bang. Lower heel. Continue, ris ing high on the toes .and then re turning heel to the floor. Wear seamless nylons. Q. "I am 15 years old and have dark rings under my eyes. I ge from eight-and-a-half to nini hours sleep regularly. I am verj active and, therefore, get enougl exercise—and I eat correctly This is very distressing to me be cause it detracts from my ap VISITS SPAIN ViGO, Spain (UPI) — Puerto Rican Gov. Luis, Munoz Marin and his 'wife, arrived here Thursday aboard the liner Antille. He was met by Spanish officials and representatives from the U.S. consulate. GETS HONORARY DEGREE CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (UPI)Defense Secretary Robert S. Me- Namara was awarded an honor- rary doctor of laws degree Thurs day 'at Harvard University's 311th commencement. are. Do not let them make you unhappy: You can cover them up with light make-up. Q. "I am 14 years old, 5 feet tall and weigh 110 pounds. My measurements are bust 34 inches, waist 27 and hips 36. What is my ideal weight and what about my measurements''" ' • A. You are about eight pounds overweight. Just eat a little less and eliminate rich snacks. Your bust will naturally fill out to be about the same measurement as your hips. Your waist will slim as you lose tile extra pounds. (Released by The Register and Tribune Syndicate, 1962) Want to build up your calves? Do this exercise, pearance. Is there any truth in the idea, that these are inherited from parents? Is (line hours of sleep enough for a girl of 15?" A. Nine hours of sleep should be enough. Have you had K physical check-up lately? It does seem that dark circles often are inherited and I imagine that yours Read the Want Ads! FASHIONETTES Afoot for fall: suit-boots. These shoes for women creep up, a bit above the ankle. They're recommended for wear with suits. The suit-boot silhouette, first made the scene in Europe, ... * * * Sportswear producers are using leather trim on pockets, pants skirts and jackets for fall. Leather trims, on .sweaters include suede instead of ribbon facing down the front—and leather elbow patches # * * Movie-going pajamas for the lollipop iiet are styled to look like play clothes but cut generously for comfortable sleeping. The nov elty PJs solve the problem facec by many mothers bound for an evening at the local drive-in — what the well-dressed chil' wear to the movies? Ordinary pa jamas and nightgowns have been the answer until now. But when the children hopped out of the car and headed for the refresh ment stand and they had tha sleep-walking look. The drive-in sleep-ins are styled for boys anc girls in the two to eight year ol<' bracket. Logansport, Indiana Pharos-Tribune NIns CROSSWORD PUZZLE An<w<rto Y ""»-<"'>"' ""«'• ACROSS 1-Skin ailment B-Malc sheep S-Openlngn 12-ConjunctIon 13-Guldo'« high note li-Verv« 16-Once around track 16-Stlng IS-Perlod of time 19-Preflx: not 20-Twlri 21-Guldo'a low note 23-Symbol tor silver 24-Fold 26-Enu.nglB IS-L&UEWng Ell-Existed 30-A stats UDbr.) S2-Resldene« 3cl-Cushion 34 -Barracuda 35-Number 36-Succor 37-TIpplns 38-Hen.vy cord •ID-Matured U-Faront (colloq.) «-A stale (nbbr.) •• 44-TJny particle 46-Symbol for Iron 47-Collcctlon of factB •JfJ-Hardshlp fil-Preposltlon 52-Pollution 65-Poker Blake E6-American essayist 67-Heraiale bearing DOWN 1-Husband of Gudrun 2-Tltlcholder 3-Short sleep +-Latln conjunction E-Pardon 6-Wolfhounfi 7,-DeIa.e* 8-Earth Koddess S-Beveragc 10-Slmllar 11-Projecting tooth 16-Part of flreplace 17-Largo casks 20-Rational 22-Symbol for tantalum 25-More crippled 26-Mournful 27-Swlft 28-Greek leiler 29-Small lump 31-Unlt of Siamese currp.ncy 33-Baker's product 3<-8tiUk 35-Thrce- banded arrnadlllo 37-Greek marketplace 39-Klns o! Bashan 40-Make amende; 41-Soulh American rodent 42-Ln.ter 4n-Dui)e 46-Soa ongl« 48-Emmet 50-Denion Bi-Evergrcen tree B3-SymboI fop tellurium B<-Prepo*UIon 12 19 47 It 41. 20 25 43 SO II Dittr. by Un!t»d tmiact Bya4l<*tt, Inc. Dry rubber gloves quickly by putting them over standing king- size pop bottles. « » * Wet baking soda takes the pain out of a burn or an insect bite. Keep broccoli in the refrigerator in crisper or in plastic bags to hoM. down moisture loss. » » < Store sweet corn, unhusked and uncovered!, in the refrigerator. A refrigerator that chills b has no moving parts, compress or refrigerant fluid soon will b available nationally. The refri erator utilizes thermoelectric coo ing, the temperature change occurring at the junction of two dissimilar metals when a direct current is passed through them. About one-third the size of a 12- foot conventional refrigerator, the «g ,«p n - MOW SHOWING! WHY MISS OUT ON HOME TOWN NEWS? new unit provides space for a weekend supply of food. The steel cabinet is housed in a walnut grained vinyl sheath about , u ^ f , ••ASTOUHDIHGI ! KIDS ! UNDERSEA ADVENTURE Loopy Cartoon Shows United Press International A two-way stretch has been You can win a Fishing Pole, Reel, ILines SATURDAY MATINEE built into both ends and corners of new sheets. Said to last a lifetime, the sheets are a boon to homemakers who have found fit Dear Ann Landers: Please don't Stooges 7 and 10 Underwater ted sheets either too' loose or too preach to us about the evils of going steady. It's too late for thai You can also Win FREE Passes to see "DtG 'RED" Coming Soon Why invest in a test? THE NORGE LAUNDRY CLEANING VILLAGE is the proven success in self-service drycleaning Alert businessmen investors all over America are earning remarkable profits right now in America's fastest growing new local business: Norge Self-Service Drycleaning. In fact, in just a little over a year more than 2000 Norge installations are operating in allfifty states. Earn a solid return on your investment in a service business that is winning more enthusiastic customers every day. Norge created and pioneered self-service drycleaning. Norge has the experience. Norge's equipment and process are unmatched. The Norge Village "supermarket" concept of laundry and cleaning service sets the standard for th« industry. Yes, a Norge-equipped Laundry and Cleaning Village Store is a profitmaker. You can offer true convenience and money saving benefits to every family: Top quality cleaning at savings up to 75 %. The true convenience of one-stop self-service laundry and cleaning. A real "supermarket" of eervice, Financing for qualified investors is available through B-W Acceptance Corp., subsidiary of Borg-Warner Corporation. Guidance is provided on location, store layout, insurance, promotion. And Norge backs you with powerful national advertising in network television and leading consumer magazines. tat details on thlt rnw growth Invntmint for btnVeri, buiiniumin, Invtitori, and dtvolopmint grgupt •all I ASSOCIATES SM I. MAKKFT ST.. f Gmrtmwn: PIMM MIHJ m* ywir fit* brochure »M IKCIM poMbilittu bow (oM-optratod <ky DI h*tt »l*e*«4 » ImUon. O I Inn* •<* tdMl*i * toortto*. Dbtrifetorfor Her* U"**r md Cboimf Vdh»> Stotw SKYLINE North on 17 Ph. 4802 TONIGHT fOiRTHElLAST GRUESOME NIGHT OONTMISSIT Shown at 8:30 Shown at 10:30 p.m. mix VINCENT PRICE BARBARA SUEIE 1st FEATURE IF YOU ENJOYED , 'Some Like it Hot/ & Th« Apartment' tftt.' ', " 4 Horst Buchnolz Star ef "FUNNY" Pamela Tiffin SECOND FEATURE HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSENS SPECIAL BONUS FEATURE AUDIE MURPHY JOHN SAXON WEIL SAVE YOUR PHAROS-TRIBUNE or PRESS For you until you get back VACATION PACK You can catch up on... News about your friends Your favorite comics Here's a handy* convenient way to make sure you don't miss hometown news while you're away^ on vacation. Just request our special "VACATION PACK" service. We save the papers for you while you're gone. On the day you get back, we deliver them in a handy, reusable bag. It's so easy—just tell your carrier, a faw days before you leave/ the day you will depart and the day you'll get back. He'll do the restl Or call the PHROS-TRIBUNE & PRESS office and we'll do the rest. CALl 4141 ORSttYOUR CARRIER-SALESMAN Your favorite feature sections NO EXTRA CHARGE FOR THIS SERVICE The Pharos-Tribune & Press

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