The Winnipeg Tribune from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on December 4, 1939 · Page 13
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The Winnipeg Tribune from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada · Page 13

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Issue Date:
Monday, December 4, 1939
Page 13
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The units now being described are rot yet mobilized, but are training in expectation of the day when they will be called. NO. 11. LORD STRATHCONA HORSE (ROYAL CANADIANS) By JACK ANDRE. CRACK Western Canadian cavalry unit since its formation in 1885, Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians) with squadrons at Winnipeg and Calgary is today one of the few horsed units of the Canadian army. A permanent force unit, Lord Strathcona's Horse lias ita headquarter and "B Squadron In Calgary, commanded by Lt. - Col F. M. W. Harvey, V.C., M.C.. and "A" Squadron at Winnipeg commanded by Major N. A. Gianelli. While there has been some mechanization and armoured ear sections have been introduced the regiment still iR essentially a fully horsed unit and la waiting orders as such to play ita part in the pres - ent w ar against Nazi Germany. South Africon Service It. was In 1885 just after the Riel Rebellion, that the regiment was raised as "The Royal School of Mounted Infantry." and com - 1 msnded bv Lt - Col. John Berton Tavlor. " During the '90a it was rhanged to "B" Troop, Royal Canadian Dragoons, and. with the Toronto aquadron of that unit, formed the nucleua of the First Canadian Mounted Rifles in the South African War. On re - organization in 1902 aa a separate unit, it became known as the Canadian Mounted Riflei. and later the Royal Canadian Mounted Rifles. But during the South African War Lord Strathcona and Mount. Royal raised and equipped, at his own expense, a unit commanded by Lt. - Col. S. B. Steele. C.B.. M.V.O.. later Sir Sam Steele. This was known as Strathcona's Horse. Of its original complement of troopers and non - commissioned officers many were drawn from the old Royal Canadian North West Mounted Police: were crack horsemen and made excellent cavalrymen. To commemorate Lord Strathcona's action it was decided to perpetuate hla regiment by a unit of the permanent force. The western mounted permanent force regiment was selected. Policing In Yukon In 1909 I - ord Strathcona visited Winnipeg, inspected the regiment at old Fort Osborne Barracks. Col. Steele, then district officer commanding M.D. 10. heeame the first commanding officer following reorganization, holding dual position as D.O.C. and CO. of the Strath - conas. The present title of the regiment. Lord Strathcona's Horse (Roval Canadians!, was gazetted in 1911. During its long career in active service and in peace time the regiment has served from the Yukon to South Afrira, from Winnipeg to Flanders. In 189R It sent a detachment to form part of the Yukon Field Tore, was active for policing work, inspection and the necessary i Inspection and control exercisen ny the government during the gold rush. Travel Overseas In 1899 the personnel of the permanent force regiment served with the Roval Canadian Rifles. Royal Canadian Dragoons and various Canadian Mounted Rifles units in South Africa. Lord Strathcona's regiment as well saw - action during these years. In 1914 Lord Strathcona's Horse went overseas with the First Canadian Contingent. In France it was one of the regiments making up the Canadian Cavalry Brigade. Dismounted in 191S. troopers of the Strathronas served with men of the First Canadian Division in the line until January, 1916. The brigade then was remounted and formed part of the Fifth Cavalry - Division serving with other Canadian units and with the famous Indian regiments of cavalry that were brought to Trance. Tht Indian troops were with - Railway mails close at Genet si post office: For West at 9 a.m. and troops in the wood, fought their .T0 p.m.; East, 9 a m. and 5.4oiway through under heavy fire and p.m.; South, 7.45 a m and 5.10 p.m. Air mails for East close daily at 5 a.m.; for West at 2 a m., and for South a 2 a.m. and 4.IS p m. Mail matter posted in General post office before 1.10 p.m. will be deliv ered in Greater Winnipeg same day Stumihipt Swedish - American Line Gnp - holm due New York Wednesday. wmmwfmmi iuis ... Wy TV u JT ia Wali LT. - COL. F. M W. HARVEY, V.C., M C. CO., Lord Strathcona's Horse IRC). MAJOR N. A. GIANELLI Second in Command. drawn to Tales! ine in 1918 and the Strathcnnas then joined the Third Cavalry Division and remained with that group until 1919. On reorganization foilowing the war the reaiment went into ner - manent force category onre more, an(j ne squadron was established t Winnipeg and another had headquarters at Calgary. Great War Record The war record of the regiment was long and outstanding Two of its members. Lt. - Col Harvey ' werei and Lt. G.M. Flowerriew given the highest reward the ""r" ",' ,,. ' soldiers - the Victoria Croe. A third Strathcona. Sgt. V H. " ... - v" " ""itown bell scores of cars drove up South African war. Three members of the other unit that went into formation of the Slrathconas, the First Canadian Mounted Rifles, won the V.C. during the South African campaign. They were: Lieut, i later Lieut. - General Sir Richard Turner. Lieut II. B. C. Conurn and Sgt. E. Holland. One of the most outstanding actions in which the regiment participated during the Great War was at Mnreuil Wood in March. 1918. when Ihe Canadian f'avalrv Guard plaved such a vital part in sioppuig ine anvance oi ine i,er - man troops then putting on their last big push. Charge On The Wood The capture and defense of Mnreuil Wood was of vital im - portance to the successful bio, k - in in ine (.id mnn nnvnncp Amiens was threatened with Ger man tronji; in possession of the .. A A nnMn.nj . 1 . - . . i - i..., - . l. .. J , .'with the post office m Winnipeg Howerdew who won his V.C. for , ., . ' . ' his gallant actions a squadron of the Stiatlu oiiai i baited Grunan captured and held the wood Then losses were heavv hut their l"'"nn of greatest Bri,th mportance to During the remainder of the war the regiment played its part as mounted cavalry. Today it has on its regimental color the following honors: "South Africa, 1900 - 01; Festu - bert, 1915; Somme, 1916 - 18; Cam - brai, 1917 - 18; St. Quentin, Amiens, Hindenhurg Line, St. Quentin Canal, Beaurevoir. Pursuit to toon Fram e and landers, 1915 - 18." brai, 1917 - 18; St. Quentin, Amiens, J V rrflA HA 'XIY 1 I IT mS - ' 1 iHindenhurg Line, St. Quentin f" A' C' J - t I f . Canal, Beaurevoir. Pursuit to toons I ' f - f j Fram e and landers, 1915 - 18." I i'.i " I Commanding Officers Since the war the reconstituted regiment has been commanded by Lt. - Col. (now Brigadier) D. J. Mac - Donald. D.S.O., M.C.; Lt. - Col. C. K. Connolly, D.S.O.; (now Brigadier) "L. F. Page. D.S.O., and the present officer commanding, Lt. - Col. F. M. W. Harve). V.C., M.C Second in command is Major N. A. Gianelli. . The present CO, Lt. - Col. Harvey, went overseas with the Canadian Mounted Rifles in 1915. He transferred to the Slrathconas in 1916. He won his V.C. at Guyencourt, March 27, 1917, when he cleaned out a German machine gun nest single handed. In command of a troop he encountered the fire of the machine gun. halted his troop and dismounted his men, advancing on the nest. He reached it himself before any of the rest of his command and without waiting for support put it out of action. Present CO. Following the war Lt. - Col. Harvey was appointed to the permanent force Lord Slrathconas Horse land has been with them sinre. He was in command of "A" squadron at Winnipeg until December, 19.18. jwhen he was given command of : the regiment. I Second in command, Major N. A. Gianelli is CO. of the Winnipeg squadron. Major Gianelli joined the Mississauga Horse in 191.1 and proceeded overseas with the 8t h Canadian Mounted Rifles. He went to France with the 1.1th (Winnipeg Field Battery and in May, 1916, was wounded. Unable to return to France because of his wound he served as instructor in the military schools in England. He was sent back to Canada in 1917 to act as Deputy Assistant Adjutant - General at Defense headquarters at Ottawa. In 19 - M), vyith teconstitution of the Lord Strathcona Horse (R.C.I as a permanent force unit he was appointed to the regiment and has served with them since. Unknown Youth Drowns In Lake Body Recovered Near Neepawa Power House apirlM to Thff W!nnlpl Tribunal NEEPAWA. Dec. 4 An unidentified young man was drowned in Park lake near the Neepawa power house Sunday around 7 p.m It i believed he ua attemntino .,rn ika thinlv ice - envererf lake a, hnrt cut to tow n w hen he fell ,hr,,h ,,, '. - . , .,.. Kl Ken Pink, a resident in that vici - who jBM authorities immediately. Summoned by the to the lake and turned the headlights out on the ice to aid the rescuers. With l he use of grappling iron? the body was found an hour later in four and a half feet of water Application of artificial respiration was futile. The young man around 2fi veno oldwas of mrdium heighl, dark brown hair and woie a hrowti leal her jacket. Police are seeking his irientitj. Dickson Appointed Postal DifeCtOT J. W. T. Dickson, superintendent of services for the postal district in Winnipeg, has been appointed director of the Winnipeg postal service, succeding .1. B. Corley who had been in charge since March. 1919. Mr. Cnrlev has im ,llrned t0 his post as district tine - lor of postal services in the Calgary district. Mr. Dickson Jvis been ronnected for the last 3B years. Success Secret Bv Th A"cUle1 Pril NEW YORK. Dec. 4 - Police arrested Nicholas Oiskewsky, 34 shaggy - haired street miisi - ian w oo plays a French horn, on a rhatge of putting a "slug" into a subway turnstile. Pn'ice who searched his pockets said they found six bank - hooks shnuirj deposits of $1T.R1 rash totalling JfilU and three mye slugs. ' 1 ' X V ' if 1 1) i i ii'ji Hi - ' - - if J rat. .i MHBna stBsk m aw t ii 1 :. IiKKTUiiYKIi. . frame building to the rear of useri as a garage for the palace and was also used as clubrooms for Le Cercle Ouvrierei Yl for these comiwm sent St. Joseph, a parish workmen's club and a bowling alley. Onp car, belonging to Rev. A. 'to the government every month. IVEschambault was destroyed. A second, owned by Msgr. Msgr. Jubinville was walking , . l . 1 ; n ... . imviMiiiK iinmr - i nx inim mr ki)(c, UK ran mm openen me aoor ana was met by a rush of smoke. With Prosper Wolf art and two workmen he rolled his car out but was unable to save the second machine. Blue Bombers Arrive In East No Snow, Weather Good For Workouts i(By Tht CansdiAn Triitl ! HAMILTON. Dec. 4 - Mild wea ther greeted Winniprg Blue Bnmb - lers as they moved into Hamilton loday to prepare themselves for Ottawa's Rough Riders in the Canadian senior football final next iSaturday at Ottawa, the team i found the Hamilton weather some. ;lfl degrees warmer than what theyi left in Winniprg. In addition there :was no snow, a factor which prevented out - door workouts In the west. I Headed by Coach Reg. Threlfall and Manager Joe Ryan, the western party of 14 took up headquart - iers at the Roval Connaueht hotel shortly after their arrival from Toronto where they had brrakfust - 1 ed. Of the group, 27 ar players. The team will be a guest of the) Hamilton Tiger management until Thursday when it will entrain for Ottawa." Practices will be held at the II. A. A. A grounds this after - noon and each afternoon until the I team's departure, ThreHall said the Ottawa club will have a hie ad antaEe before the foams even take the field be - cause of the Rough Riders' fami - liaritv with the rules. "Rut you ran tell the eastern end of this Dominion that we will not co down without a fielit," he con - lm,ISl I Threlfnll admitted he bail bene - fitted but little from watching Ot tawa overwhelm Argo.s in a game at Toronto two weeks ago. Hunter Is Killed By His Friend ISperisl lo Th. winni.rf Tnh.inU RIVER TON. Man., Dec. 4 - James Collins. Xi CP R section man here, was accidentally snot and killed by his companion. Bill IlnLotienn ti hit thH' u ro hunt - line deer three miles south of here iSiturdav "The two men separated during .the hunt. l!"!'nson. it is report - led. mistook Collins for a rovote and tired the shot which killed him The P. C M P investigated tiie accident, and Dr S. O. Thompson, . coroner, of Rivertnn. drciden that no inkiest was necessary. I 1 Collins is survived h his widow r.nd thiee young rhildien. ; Charges Unprovoked Attack; Asks Damages In King's Bench todav, Chief ....r,u x. v...'li . JUSIiCe .MHII INI l'H l! II., ,111. nil o.iinn ffi, - Si y2 hroucht h Robert Waluskiewirz. ctv cm - plove, against William Gurvn ts. iii,ff .i.,m thai n Feh lfi while cleaning snoss from the r;"V" " i - - Middle - aged Art was caught sidewalk on Garwood ave he was Mnes. At that time he wa on of welcome you. sir. and your ship : Th pe,,e of Manitoba, the offi - ,tri. siealini: a pair of gloves and attacked without provocation and nntrs chosen in Canada for the nn behalf of the province l "'ani - Ver continued, have met their p.ob - several melal dies from a depart - so hadlv beaten and kicked bv the H A F.. and left for England. toha. is mote, much more, than fm, bravely. He said this "new mf,n, .trr Hi, wuw, was that defendant that he was confined In ',d!l"n to hJ" f,rPn'";!l ' ,s mp",: recognition of the fart visitation and catastrophe" in theh. wanlnH mollpv , buv tobacco to hospital for 40 davs. S"rJVT,d, ' ,,w?I.hr0,h'rv G"rdon that the name of your ship has hape of war finds them not a hil!,n!i h,ch were not provided J " - nd Jeffrey. In Winnipeg, and four been chosen in honor of that pro - . determined to do their part , hl. ,Ur s;n,nre As a first !""". Mrs H H Gre - nheid. U ,n - vin!.P ,d the officer, speaking art ,ee it through than 1914 found, pffpndrr hn wa, .Mowed off on - Kr i rOdC faCtS bv Th. iaiM "T..i lA - ASUIMTTOV Dee. 4 - Cordell Hul'. I'nited States secretary nl stale. is quietly paving the vay foi a strenuous fight at the next ses - j - ion of congress in hehalf of his iiecinroeal tiarte nrn - 'iam. Some authorities predicted Sunday lie .. Kn f,,M .. n - KI nl president, Rooseveit's influence he - Ihind him. ftf i.nV - ..;.v; a;. ..v ,, the Archbishop's Palace in from St. Boniface college to u ti - i J. :i ' "l '.. '.; tf "'.r I V" ' ,4, ; s J P ?. a V ? J " A former ,tu - D A C )anth ucul" dent of St. ' John's college and the University of Manitoba. PILOT OFFICER HORACE GEORGE YELLAND. " - .. .". ami .us. i.rwis Yelland, Rill Fleet st., died in a n'"K accident in scoiiann ull day Winnipeg R.A.F. Pilot Officer Yelland Is Victim In Accident Pilot Officer Horace George Ye! land. RAF 26 - year - old Witini - pcer, was killed Sunday in a fly - III Hi IKlt'lll III . - VIM IHIHl, HCCOI (llll I student at St lohns Colleee and lh' .;lm,. ,tv of Man toha the ...i. .'..',. . a ii io worn received nere Formerlv ;nhan knmvn lo navP hppn kllled jn the w ar s aerial activilies. " A n"le flom ,he At Council advised the officers parents. Mr. '' Mrs. Lew is Yelland. 8U1 Fleet ."ve., of his death, and expressed regret. Wori that the command - ing office - of the unit had an ant - cd for a funeial with full military hnnni.s. to be held Tuesday at I.euchai s, Fife, Scotland, was con - tained in a second cable. Liver At Minaki The Yellanils formerly lived al M'naki. Out, wheie Mr. Yelland vi as manager of the Hudson's Bay Company stci r. Horace Yelland was popular at St. John's, wheie he was keenly interested in athletics. playing hoi key. cricket, baseball and rugbv . u. ,.'.. - momiwr nf ihe Piefeei II' v. i. - . n council Later for t.vo ear he strdied engineering a' Ihe I ni - ye;.iiv or .Maniiona I I'ntil .lanuarv. 19.19. be was em - V.;,,; V. ' rVr Fn,; Martin M. Erikson. Fort Frances ' unt.. ann imrine, Winnipeg. Ont., and Dorine, Winnipeg. '" WINDSOR. Ont. Dec. 4 Tolice Sunday inv est icated the death of Alhcit Mi'ler. M. of the Essex Scottish Regiment. Miller a r,,,inH nnconsciriiis in a dooru a Wednesday with a fractured skull n..l.n ..,,..d r. M Ihn thn,.,, Miller may have oeen attacked and robbed. j , , , uouoycu a large . St. Boniface. The building was! I). R. Jubinville was saved the Palace when he heard i . i i , Accidental Shot Injures Hunter Winnipegger Is Hit When Gun Discharges Wounded In the stomach when his rifle discharged accidentally, Jack Johnson. 20. 149 Sneme si lle in CatinrBl hntnitul In t'tiw1 condition. The accident occurred I Sunday atternoon near ilendinglv !"'"' ,, ' , "" Johnson was beating his wa'vi '"rt of w"r nd in future should through inw shrubbery when hl, "P Russia as an enemy. Col. 22 - calibre ride went off. He was D'"w ,oM ,h f"'"" rluh at on a huntiiiB trip at the time .lncheon in the Royal Alexandra Friends brought him to the hos - no"'1 - pital, where the hullel, which "Canada has an opportunity of lodged in his body was removed effectively stating its position wlth - Mrs. Alex. Poersch. Brunkild, I",t."ny "tUal !"'1'" ,ion r; . . '.l.nvt runner ua mnri that Man., was taken to the same hos - , pital for treatment of a bruised - t i i . - r.... involved in an automobile accident at York bvp nH iir.rn. - a.. .i shortly before noon Saturday. She "Tne Canadian government was injured when the auto in'wh:rh'hould Pllt an pln lo " fllin8: she mm riding piloted by Everett '""'" .Slrlu'.;k. Man., collided w"n a car omen by Di. I). R. Williams. . 12 Greenwood Place. She was not detained in hospital. D . TfCe Ul DOStOn 1 Newspaper Raised J t By Th Am - k:iim1 I'rr.m BOSTON. Dec. 4 The Boston Evening Transcript announced in. day its price would be increased from three lo live cents a copy effective Dec. 5. The management had decided, j """"K pence couin ne nniamen the announcement said, "that itsionl' nv convincing the Germans effoils to maintain and hiiiM an they could not win this war. iimnrm - nt nmi'innwir" k accomplished only bv raising the,l'i'r goveinment, and peace might Iprice. he achieved as it was in 1815 when The Saturday edition, now five Napoleon and Bonapartism were, ...:m , L AvarihiniL'n hnl F.ntrland and her1 i - . - ni.v iii Hi,1 iu 1 1 ii i s. npL'nn n2'" next week : I p j. - - y y Dec. Pheasant min,,,r u"" " "ip "I""" spaces of DUBLIN, Dec. 4. Planning to ' C:nlo,',dn BI'P runnins in,n Bn un'Uxtend its neutrality patrol of Irish expected expense, paiking space w.(ers. the Eire government is ex - lie siaie nrn ns inrmerc rn rhurn. persons for hunting on their lands so incy cnarge lor parking spa,.e Newest Of Welcomed Commander Of Flotilla Leader Assiniboine Given Presentation On Behalf Of Bracken I Rv n rn,iin rrt t 'ITA'A, Dec. 4 - Manitoba today foimally welcomed to the Royal J,i.,. v.,.,.'. nw flotilla leader. H.M C.S. Assini - ,. '.',,. . he. named after the Manitoba An oftn er tepiesenting the E. P.. Mainguv and the ship's company a pair of handsome silve i anneiani a. me nciense neparimeni ,,,r,r"m"r JOnn .. It an unmistaKanie sign man ., . . , r ,u. .. .,u ,h. r aentelv ,tuned to public ntunnn. havevoii and your officers, vour ship's sensed, and ri'htA sensed. I think. 'company and your ship will enjoy . he a'B keped inter est of the praii ie i he best of luck They art ron - people in Canada's grc, - . ing nav al fident that oii iil acquit vour - I - 1 ren - i h - and ihat ihcv enrlorse the seives cred lahlv as one of Canada s - hctinn nf the nonunion kovernment t. U .. 1 - r.le e I n h t might at the d: 'effort to defeat vpesa! nf the Allied" Should Break Bren Deal, Insists Drew Urges Government Cut Out Promoters' Profits By, Taking Over Full Control had strpno - thpnpd the reasons why the government should cancel the gun contract. Lt. - Col. i George A. Drew, K.C., leader of the Ontario Conservative party,' said in an interview today in the! Royal Alexandra hotel. I ''Evidence produced before the Royal Commission and the public j accounts committee proved con - 1 clu.sively that the rontract was oh - ! tained by fraud," Col. Drew said, j The promoters have no right to profit by that fraud, particularly! in time of war." j Canadian troops needed light' machine guns urgently, he added, ui.d the best way to assure quick delivery was for the government to take full control without delay of the production of these guns. "That would deprive the stock promoters of the profits they have been obtaining at the public expense and to which they have never been entitled." Pays Whela Cost Every piece of machinery In the: John H. Inglia Co. plant used for! the production of Bren guna, thej whole cost of its installation aa well as the whole cost of produc - 1 tion including labor coats, salar - ; iM en ,, ,nd telephone calls '"g P'd by the govern - !In d(1ilion - ,n' ,ock promoters cost, paid b7 theovVrnment - even on salaries, taxes and telephone calls. The only financial outlay ever made by the stock promoters had been the $500 paid on the purchase price of the bankrupt boiler factory where the guns were now being made. The government now had assumed virtual control of the production of Bren guns by sending its own men in to speed up production, Col. Drew said. All It need do now was to take over full control In name by cancelling the contract and relieving the public of the necessity of paying profits to the stock promoters. Cowardly Attack Canada and all other nations believing In freedom and Justice !fh""!rt dla, "fTdly nnl hi iils illsab" ah Tin anJ an , - ; 'r' M nr'"wn ,h' ,w0 'URS : which nave hppn win ny a Can - '"dl"n romPn' ,0 Riw," ahould ' "ot he delivered. w"n Kussia until sucn time as tnei ' let government give, convinc - , "., - ., ' - i "M'"'r lecogni.e wie ..,.rK, i ...c - I'ons on its borders. i nai is me leaai we can no ami the first step toward the liberation of the Baltic democracies which have been brought under the rule I of Moscow by brute force." Defends Defense TlofanHinir the Allies' defensive on the western front, Col. .Drew said an offensive war could !l''n'1 nnlv ,0 domination of the (German people. He believed " j ! They would then overthrow Allies helped a weakened France so that she became England's greatest ally. . .1 - 1. . ..... .hmi ., iavr. torpedo boats purchased for this purpose. A number o iiawiers iBlso have been aimed to this end. Naval Ships By Province . .u . . . river of that name. province presented to Commander announcen. .'hrm' - .. i am nere, said rnr onicer. m ..i,.. o,.1rl nnnA anrf th. r hnna thai f'ghirg unils and that you will do nftm.r full in AMSlinnr the saTetv of those who travel on thr ,ea after their lawful occasions." V I V LT. - COL. G. H. DREW. K.C. Takes another tilt at Bren gun contract. Red Cross Drive In Last Stages Total Likely To Be Announced Thursday 'Wilh. money still coming in froni outlying points, workers at Ked Cross campaign headquarters were busy today cleaning up count less odds and ends in connection with Manitoba's rBrt In the national war drive. Although the extended campaign officially closed on Saturday, money still was being received and it was expected that it would be two or three davs before the last canvasser was heard from. "We expect to have everything straightened away Wednesday night and hope to be able to announce the campaign total on Thursday." said James McAnh, Ked Cross secretary, todav. (.onrilm(in "rP(.pivP(1 Muring the weekend was $.1112 ,,,,, sherridon. most 'f it being 'donations from workers in the , shen it t - Gordon mines at that i pnn othPr .mounts received from oulM(ie r(,jllts vver(1. starhiuk, 17S Rosenfeld S.",S - Pilot M.nind. Sfi.'tl ; St rathclair. $ - 'u2; : F'lphinstone $429. $.198. and Car berry, A if 'I' HREE thieves with long re cords of previous convictions were jailed by Magistrate R. B. Graham in city police court today, Stpve, an ex - boot lesser who has neen oown on nis iuck me pa;t f"W years was nabbed in the act of stealing an overcoat from a ! Portage ave. department store ' vn nnrini' . urnnn iin r. r,.j..A guilty and begged for a "break " vvitnout looking at Steves recnid sheet, the magistrate sentenced him to four months "to tide you over the winter months." Jack, bald - headed, old - time crook was ai rested in the same store after he stole two pair of panis. A lawyer spuke on his be. half and explained that Jack had not been arrested for an offense of that kind for four or five years. Six months was the court's verdict. Back To Jail Old Pete stole a bottle of milk from a dauy wason. The value of the milk was ten cents. The of fender just got out of .jail a fewr days an alter serving a short . term fr cnmmitt'ng w ilful damage " piopeny. us a trilling - amount, the magistrate remark - 1 on "onp rnonth" suspended sentence for two years. Two speeding nioiorisis er fined SI" ''aril Mastrate Gra - ham was almost apnlegetic In im - pns'ng a penalty on the first speeder The man s excuse for go - nc 4? miles an hour on I - ortage ave. west w as t hat he had rei eiv ed a telephone message that his wifi Hfl Sh'K "I'm sorry." said 'he magistrate, "hut the statute ca.ll for a minimum pcnaUy." whim,

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