The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 2, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 2, 1931
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Served ft// the United Press VOI, XXVIII—NO. 3fl BLYTHEY1LLE NEWS TUB DOMINANT NEWSPAPKIl OP NOUTIIKA ST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION Blythevllle Courier, Hlythevllle He-raid, Blythevllle Dally News, Mississippi Valley Leader. BI.YTllKVll.LK, ARKANSAS. SATURDAY, MAY 2. \y.\\ SINGLE COPIES FlVb CENTS CTIOM CONTEST Textbooks on Marriage o Can Curl) Divorce Evil Says Cleveland Judge j HV DK.VIKR TF.K1) ' NKA Service Writer CLEVELAND. May 2 — The youth of tlic future must face marriage not in ignorance tout fully-ecmippcd to solve the problems \\hich every couple meets. Education will brins; this about. Students will be truishl (he "science of marriage" In schools. And (he picture oi high school bays and gills, as well as collegi students, lugging textbooks on marriage along with (heir histories, algebras and biologies isn't so overdrawn as it may seem. The influence of the home is admittedly wailing. There must be a substitute. With the divorce rale constantly Judge Samuel n. Siibert of clevo-*- land is convinced that the inslitn- ,.,, [ion of marriage is menaced. He de-' clares we must delve deeply into fundamentals. Me urges education of our youth for marriage. "We're loo smugly complacent about it." he declares. "We raise our children in a Garden of Eden, then toss them'out into . a hard- boiled world of reality. They aren't prepared for marriage." Judge Silbert draws his conclusions from a wealth of experience, lie has been hearing divorce cases for seven years. During the past four months 1-100 have been before him. He hns set a record of a divorce every 10 minutes in uncou- testcd cases. He's sometimes called the "10-miniite judge." He's been a confidante of thou- mounting, Domestic Relations . their unsolved problems, Perhaps he understands couples in the throes "™ rrt (roubles. Kills Three Sons and Then Takes Own Life OARPIELD, N. J.. Slay 2 (UP) — John Lubick. 46. shot and killed his three young sons and committed suicide today. Despondency over business xvorrtcs was said to be the cause. Arkansas Air Squadron Will Entertain Hurley LITTLE ROCK, May 2 (UP)— The 154th Observation Squadron of the Arkansas National Guard will honor Secretary oi War P.vt- riek J. Hurley with a flying exhibition and air circus Sunday nt the municipal airport. Columbus. Miss. Banker Ends Life Early Today COLUMBUS. Miss.. May 2. (UP) —Parker Reeves, president of the Merchants and Farmers Bank, nnc for many years prominent in business circles in northeast Mississippi, ended his life today. A pistol shot was beard in the ban!-: shortly before 6 a. m. Officers investigated and found his lifeless body in his office. HI health was blamed. of divorce as well as anv nidge In El SEES PHOFIT Oi Succeeds Wilh Tractors Tractors and Dav Labor Do II, But lie's turning (oi Other Crops. By NKA Service ENGLAND, Ark.—The best and most progressive farmer in the south, according to experts, is E. M. Paver, who operates a f.nm of more than SfiCO acres near here. Paver is one of the few farmers in the south who did no', sutler much from the drought last year. And he gives as the reason his wide use of machinery and modern farm practices, lie is a progrebsive fann- er, one of the bookkeeping variety, and he believes machinery Is revolutionizing farming. Tenant families, he has discovered, arc more expensive to keep than tractors, so he is now farming all his land with these machines. "I now have 13 tractors working on 3000 acres of tillable land." he says. "With these tractors I have replaced 40 families and W mules. "It costs more to feed a mule during the year than it docs to operate a tractor. And you get far more work out of a tractor." Cuts the Overhead Favcr buys gas and oil in tank lots. Gas costs him but S3.40 a hundred gallons and oil S47.88 a hundred, lie owns two gins. thu= reducing his ginning cost. Por the benefit of what few tenants he bas, he operates a supply store. Overhead is reduced to the minimum. He attends all farm meetings and reads ail journals which shed light on how to raise more at less cost. "As a result, 1 can make money on 8-cent cotton." he says. "By using tractors and day labor I can raise cotton at 5 cents, a pound less than my neighbors;' Faver has started a move Happily Mary-d E. M. Faver Is shown here operating one ot the numerous tractors which have helped him succeed in I .-inning. Inset is n closi'iip of Faver. Sought to Interfere With Arrest of Drunkard Pol- Declares Captain Butt's Condition Reported Worse Today A. M. Butt, 111 from high blood piessure nnd complications tor several months nnd who has been iti critical condition at his home liere for two weeks, was declared worse this afternoon. ?>ovcrmuchl Speeds Recn- fovcements in Effort to Save Santa Rosa. TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras. May 2 UJP) — Government reenforcc- mr-nts sped toward the city of S:inta Rosa. 20 miles from Hie Guatemalan border, - today In tin effort to suve It from the Imnds of attacking revolutionary forces under GrcBorio Ferrcrn. Officials said It was almost cer- tnln the town would fall to the rein-Is If federals were delayed In arriving. Fighting In the. suburbs oi Santa Rosa, one of the lending cities of the western zone., began last night nnd wns continuing when communication wns ' interrupted. Ferrera hnd destroyed all river rrnlt on the Chamclccon nt San Pedro Sula, delaying government j troops pursuing him. The beginning of the attack on Snntn Rosa wns described ns "unusually fierce." w. R. I.awler. neighborhood and a defeated candidate [or mayor in Ihe recent municipal election, will face trial in police court Monday morning on a charge of interfering with an of- iicer in the performance of Ills duty. A warrant for Lawler was issued late yesterday with A. D. "Slim 1 Gxyn, city officer, as Flames Destroy Tobacco Warehouse and Contents WINSTON SALEM. N'. C.. May 2 vicinity ID plant a half-yield cot,on crop, devoting the other half to pastures and alfalfa fields for slock ranch. His 1Q31 crop mil consist of 2300 acres of cotton, 350 acres of clover and grass, 200 acres of Bermuda gross and 150 acres of alfalfa. "As I increase my herd I'm going to decrease my cotton acreage," he explains. "With systematized farming I dan uiuyrscll westeiSi ranchers In beef production." Doesn't \eslect Soil His farm scheme means thousands of dollars in savings to this . fanner. He plants cotton on a Judge Silbert admits : certain field for three years. The there are many causes of divorces j fourth year he plants legumes and and unhappy marriages, he be- allows his cattle to graze on it. The witness, "Oiwn'.'atlofres that "Ldw- his ' pr interfered while he was attempting to place a drunken man in the city patrol car and carry Commissioners Named For Baseball Election Tom Mnrlln of Dell, D. Fred Taylor nnd Miss Emma Cos of Osccola have bten named commissioners to conduct the special county election ot Sunday baseball to be held May 5th. The appointment of Ihc llirce commissioners who are also the regular election commissioners for the county wns made by Judge Zal D. Harrison, county judge. Ninety Suits Filed at Reno As New Six-Weeks Law Goes Into Effect.' Those rumors thut she and Doug Ins Fairbanks arc to be dlvorcct REED USEN BI ILlfUL ME5 II what Mnry Permission to Inspect City Elee.tion Poll Books Sought in Court Action A suit contesting the validity of Mayor Nclll Heed's six-vote victory In last month's municipal elec-- tlon wns filed this afternoon by'-. A, n. FalrHeld. Reed's opponent. Decision to file the suit today wns reached by Mr. Fiilrfleld aiid ils attorneys oiler the county", x x>ard of election commissioners,' ^ •.nlrtlnt; an objection entered by,'';* Mr. Heed, hud refused to permit ;• Airfield's attorneys to insnect the '.'.< :oll books [or Ihe purpose ot cheek-- •:'. ng (he names ot those who .voted .'.. n the i-itv election, against a list, •'• of n.uallfie'1 electors residing In.the. of Blylhevlllc. Heeil Objection tlplitliS : ; V. G. Holland, who with Reid. •': Evmrd nnd •Henderson and Cecil . Slums Is representing Mr. Fnlrfleld .• In Ihe election contest,,.:.';: Osceola this morning to. examine •"the poll books.. Mayor Reed ob'.-/;.-.;when, os shown above, she arrived lectcd to the opening.of the ballot:;-/ In New York en. route, to Europe, boxes to permit withdrawal of- the" '•• Yes, she's goolng to meet husband books, nnd ^s upheld by. Fred-y.;. Doug over theie. . _ . . . .- - ~.-i SHERIFF SEEKS lieves education is the remedy. legumes and cattle fertiliyer reston physical interference but berated [ the policeman while he was crambling with the drunkard. Two men charged with public drunkenness, one of whom gave Officer Gwyn a sock in the face and aparently received some in return, entered pleas of guilty In court this morning and were lined S15 each. A third man failed to appear on n drunkenness charge nnd his deposit was forfeited Lawler's case was called for trial tills morning and the merchant was ready but the city was crrant- ed a continuance until Slonday because of the absence of a witness. (UP)—Warehouses of the Wright-1 because couples do not undersiand [Inches Tobacco company here were destroved by fire late last night. Damage was estimated at SG09.000. More than four million pounds of tobacco were burned. It was the second grent fire here this week. A larsc warehouse of the Winston He admits young people often re- | nitrogen and other enriching ele- fuse to take marriage seriously, (merits to the land. Even though Fnver has made his money and success tlnbugh cot- on, he doesn't think much of the future of "cotton. "I don't' think much of coltnn farming." he opines. "There won't be any money in cotton during the next few years. You've got to be far-sighted and know bookkeeping to get. a^ead in farming." that economic conditions have changed, that home doesn't mean ns much as it once did. and that In the rush of modern life couples will not take time to adjust differences. But searching for truth—the one great factor in destroying homes- he finds that marriage often fails each other. "I speak a.s a Judge, honestly trying to save people from divorces." he asserts. ''Not as a reformer. That is farthest from my thoughts "There's too much false modesty," he asserts. "I sec f-.e result of it Temporarily Halt Effort To Snuff Out Gas Fire GLADEWATEH. Tex.. May 2. <UP) -Efforts were temporarily"suspended today to snuff out the Sin- rbim company's Col: gusher which •had been flaming since Tuesday ntaht when nine persons were fatally burned. The task of clearing away the debris In preparation for retting off a charge of nttro-gly- rmnc at th:- mouth nf the gusher lias proved more formidable than was anticipated. Senate Committee Ignores Protest of Bishop Cannon WASHINGTON, May 2. (UP) — Bishop James Cannon jr.. today wss informed by Chairman Nvc of the s~na(e campaign expenditures committee that the committee's plans to begin Its investigation of his anti-Smith campaign activities of IMS will proceed Werinesdaa} I Charlie Winston, negro, was fined $100 on a charge of transporting liquor. Winstqn wns arrested v:hen a negress testifying at the trial of Bill "Horseback" Williams, negro, yesterday on a charge of iwssessing te liquor named Winston ns the owner. Williams was actniiUed. Consider Twenty Bids On State Highway Audit %£ IlENO, Nov.. May 2 (UP)—New- York society members led the way as the record number of divorce suits were filed today, the first fll Ing day under the newly enacted Ninety suits, many of them af-| feeling prominent easterners, were entered In the county clerk's office in the first two hours of the morning. The scene at the office of County Clerk Voss Beemer was one of the wildest in Reno's divorce htslory. Ucemer opened the doors two hours early and Immediately (he attorneys started in to registering complaints For their clients. The land office rush was occasioned by the statute that divorces grantee Monday must be on register ns at May 2. Monday the courts nt the rate of one every ten minutes will grant the first divorces under the nev, statute which requires only six week's residence. Former Banker to Appeal Verdict to Higher Court LITTLE ROCK. May 2. (UP) — Attorneys for Walter Cole Hudson, former president of the defunct "Arkansas National Bnnk at Pine Bluff who was found guilty of misapplication of the bank's funds by n Jury In district court late yesterday, -were preparing to appeal lo the circuit court ot appeals today, it was announced by W. F. Coleman of defense counsel. Following the verdict, of guilt rendered after the jury had deliberated five hours Judge Frank A. Youmnns sentenced Hudson to three years and six months In the federal penitentiary at Atlanta, to- gclhcr with a fine of 51000. The former banker was charged with misapplying approximately $33.000. Young Untiedt to Visit Cities On Way to Home ^"!.,.7 c ^". 0 ^™'. np ?"l v " s ? e "' pver y di »'- JIm anti »'omcn como " "" '" [to me with their only real infor- ! mation about sex learned from Krarly-cducated companions who irobably have learned what little hey know from others with as little knowledge." Judge Silberl says modern inventions have cut- down spare time In homes. Radios nnd automobiles and shows and social activities take up every spare moment. The old heart-to-heart discussions between father and son or mother and daughter are of the past. The youth often doesn't understand what marriage really means. WASHINGTON. May 2. <UP) — President r ,^ve% I White House guest this week, will LITTLE ROCK. May 2 (UP)— 'visit chicag and Kansas City on The highway audit commission his way home to Towuer. Colo.. created by the 1931 general assembly today cpntinue:! its consideration of 20 bids submitted by auditing firms yesterday for an audit 13-26 "p. m. today for Chicago. He the White House announced this afternoon. Youthful Slayers Get 21 Year Sentences LAKE CITY. Ark., May 2. (UP) —A trio of slayers were on their wny to the state penitentiary today after having been found guilty of the ir.arder of Deputy Sheriff J. H. Jenkins. Charles Ransome, James McElroy and Ralford Rnnsome, all of Monettc, were given 21-year sentences. The jury was out less than four hours before reaching a ver- ]dict. Jenkins was killed In Dccem- Arizonians Stay Gallant Against Expert Advice PIIOErflX. Ariz. (UP1— Despite advice of experts on etiquette that doffing the hat in business elevators is unnecessary, gallant sons of the southwest P»y 'his mark of respect to women on erery possible occasion, n survey of business build- Ing clevntor operators disclosed. Two Arc Charged With Pavticioating in Attack Upon Stoves anrl ffomes HARIjAN. Ky.. Mnv 2 fUP) —' Wnr'nnt« runy he en tssucrt to W. A. Jackson nnd'H- C. Packelt. nl- leTed-uorHcInnnts In the shooUnff nt Cnwood. when a band of unknown men fired into stores nnrl nrivnf 1 ; homes. Sheriff -.T. W. Blair told (he United Press today. ninlr said nn nrrests hnd been effected vet as t.he men apparently hnd "skinned the country." "Mv deputies arr 1 scouring the section for them." the sheriff snid. "nnd we cxnccl to find them If it Is possible." Meanwhile miners protestlne neninst the onen shop method of onenilion held mass meetings nt Evarts and Shields, mlnlnc hamlets near here, last night. Investigation into the mvslcrioiis burning of 10 houMs Thursday night was being vigorous!v" nushcd. nc- cordln<! to Blair. Authorities arc sure the fires were of Incendiary origin. Taylor ami Tom Martin, a Ity of the"-election commission. v: :.-o. It. had been thf)' plan "of ; Mr.'.'. Fnlrfleld nnd his attorneys to withheld filing of the" contest, until ^the •'_> poll becks hnd been checked against;.;; n .list .of qunllfied '. electors, but" •:. with acc'fS to the poll books denied : them it M:'.S decided to act lmnttdt-.;' : ately, wi'h the result that suit .was . : brouaht this aftenoon. '-. • .••:-.: .--,'• Allcre Votes HleTaUr Ca>V;.,. ; 'l, The complaint makes.a generalv- allegation that numerous _' illejral;- ^ ballots were, cost, and that--Fair-.;•':• field received rflnrc : votes, of-per-.; •• 'tir;'legally; er>tltlejLio.-?ast ^.M"----, lo'ls-thnn did Reed. .^TalseviretlteS"-*:-. the refusal of the election commission to permit examination, of ; Hie poll books, and asks or- ; .; der "authorizing such Irisncc'tiph, so .. that the complaint may be amend-.. ..•• cd to include specific charges that . . certain ballots were cast illegally. .'• . Max B. Held of Falrfield's cpun---;". sel said this afternoon that the; court would be nsked to throw out- all ballots illegally cast, inc.udhn«-~ those of persons not having poll ' (nvcs properly .assessed and persons living outside the corporate '•; limits of ihe city, and to declare the candidate having the largest- number of legal ballots the legally , elected mayor. The percentage is 90. Easterners here for the winter frequently neglect the hat-removing process the first few trios but soon fall in line with Ihe Arizona practice. Reason: Virtually all elevators here are business elevators nnd Arlzontans will not follow etiquette advisors if it means elimination of all opportunity for being gallant. Mayor Reed's election was certl- fled by the county board of elec- : tion commissioners after count of "'he votes cast in the election April.' 7 gave him n plurality over Fairfield of six votes. Bryan will leave Washington at jber. 1928, after !-c had stopped the \ Kducalinn Ills Remedy His suggested remedy is Ihto: He would have Intelligent teachers in high schools, colleges and in re- of the records of the state highway department for the iwriod from 1927 to 1032. The legislature approprbtedslOO.- 000 for the audit nnd established (he commission to let the contract and supervise the work. Sues for Insurance On Damages in Fire Here Helen Abraham has filed suit in civil court hero against the Western Assurance Company of Toronto Canada seeking to force the company to pay her S800 insurance ligious schools instruct, students hi 'or o'nnmge to household goods sus- \vlll leave Chicago Sunday night for Kansas City and after a brief tay there during which he will vls- t a place near Kansas City where lie formerly lived will go on to Denver. He will be accompanied by a secret service man from Washington. Captain Eaker On Way To West Coast Via Plane TULSA, Okla.. May 2. iUP> — Captain Ira Eaker, flying to the west coast from Washington, took off from municipal airport here at 10:17 a. m. today for Midland. Tex- Jishop Hay to Head College of Bishops NASHVILLE. Mav 2. (UP1— Bish- 3p Samuel Roth Hay. San Antonio, oday was elected president of the ollege 'of bishops of the Methodist church south In the annual meet- ng here scttline (he controversy of whether Bishop J.imes Cannan r_ should be iiv-Uilcrt in the post according to the law of rotation. the Intimate side of married life. |tallied in a nre at 118 South Rail-,ns. Eakcir landed here after a prole?'. despite the churchman's not In cloaking it all with mystery and idealism which hinders rather than helps. He would have them taught morally nnd spiritually as well. He would have competent men nnd women write textbooks which would present the subject In a manner that could offend nobody. He would prepare young people for marriage sis it really Is, rather than . Cniii'.nn wrote ths committee recently he was "surprised" to note In I lie press it had planned to call Its investljalors as witnesses at a heai in<; next week alter he' had re- micstfil that nothing be done until after May II. I flight from St. Louis. road street some time ago. Mrs. Abraham listed the value of her household goods nt $1,005.25.' n_-_ U7:«J» Cl~.l J F. C. Douglas Is attorney for thcl"P en "H1QOW Started plaintiff. S. R. Simpson Seriously III at Lubbock, Texas as It is pictured by the loo-ro- j OSCEOI.A. Ark. — Hon. S. n. mantle, Simpson, prominent Cteeoln law- \ window open. Girls on Burglary Career EAST ST. LOUIS. 111.. 'UP) — Fourteen-year-old Emilie Gallma and 12-year-old Eunice Fritsche have confessed to a scriM of rob beries. their career, due they say to a housewife leaving a bcdroon "I can fee no reason why par-j yer who Is spending some time at' The two saw pretty dresse cuts should object to having their 1 Lubbcck. Texas becaiisc of his hanging Inside went thro'.:sh th children taught the facts of life— 'health, is reported seriously 111 and : window and 'look them. " ~" when they are of proper ns-,t." he says. "If students are of adequate mental ability, they will realize it is lor their own good." .... ..... .„_.. Sine we uderMnnd that his fajnily has, then, police say. they sto> a can been summoned to his bedside. i.iry in a cage, radio tubrs. three Mr. Simpson ha been In poor : flapper dolls, lingerie nud suit I health for the past several years, I cases, before arrested. paths to scnrch thr;r car. They aintnlned they acted in self-de- ense. Pee-Wee Golf Banned for Fascist Students ROME, Italy. <UP) — Fascist university young men have. been forbidden to Indiilpc In all "miniature. or table e.imrs. with exotic Negro Fined $100 For Parking On Highway Percy Thomas. 4(1 year old nocro. wns fined S1CO in Justice Ed Walker's court this afternoon on a charge of violating the state highway traffic codri by Dirking on Hiehwny 61 without lights. Thomas was held responsible for nn nccldcnt which occurred north of this city last nlsht when n frcieht truck cnroute froni St. Louis to Memphis crashed Into Thomas' ear wrecking the machine nnd seriously damaging the truck and contents. The negro disappeared after the wreck and was arrested by Arch Llndrev. deputy sheriff, early this mornini after the offlcr had searched for the negro last night. Largest Construction Project Gets Underway BUTTE. Mont. (UP)— The larg-' est construction project-sines .the . pioneering of the trans-contlrienlaV • railroads—the pipimr of natural gas from northern Montana ..fields . to cities and industries of south- ivfs'.crn Montana—Is underway. The first shovel of ground for the $15.000,000 project was turned last week und each week until the com- . pletton of the hutrc pln?!lne and numerous dls'.ributlntt systems will see increased activitv. The Montana Power Company already has franchises to serve •' more than a half do7en cities, including Dutte nnd Anaconda whose iTidi:^fri"s will use more than cubic feet of gas annually. r«mes aud Mftes such as ping pong, Tom Thumb, or Pony Golf, table football, etc. Such gmncs nre condemned us be- Ine unworthy and undignified. "Fascist colleje boys." says the circular, ' plvc an example of sportinst spirit ?nd darins in Ihe open air without following the snobbish exhibition of lounge lizards." Traffic So No Saddlehorn TOMBSTONE. Ariz. (UP)—Adoption of the English saddle ns n part of standard equipment for 110- to-date "dude" ranches has resulted In a general controversy in this region as to the ovizin of the year's "tenderfoot" story. An eastern girl, t^e story goes. Lumber Schooner Victim of New High Seas Racket SAN PEDRO. Ca!.. (UP)—Piracy on the high seas took a new turn here when the S3. Waliingford, lumber schooler, berthed to discharge cargo. W. J. AlSitj. chief engineer, leaned peacefully on the rail until; 5' two men stuck guns in his ribs. Forestry Service Planted 21,000 Acres of Trees I WASHINGTON. (UP)—Tile Na-l Monal Forest Service planted last vear more than 21.000 acres of trees in national forests, according to reports. Forest acreage planed has been increased gradually from a low- point In 1921 of 5,500 acres, as the result of small increases in funds made available by Congress, and of improvements in planting technique. Forest officers are of the opinion that more than 25,000 acres will be planted during this year. Large crews already have been sent out to begin planting operations. Finds Horned Toacl nn Farm West of Here Edrti.- Onlnes. son of Zeb Gaines of the "Driver Grove community, has n horned toad which was turned up by his brothers while plo^-inc on tl.eir farm, part of the Dr. Roland place about seven miles west of Hlythevllle. The toad, of a variety common In the more arid parts of the southwest but rarely seen hereabouts, Is being held In captivity by the Gaines boy who reports, however. Mat hs has been unable, to find anything it will eat, Start Construction of selected a horse to ride and when "One bum move and you'll get' asked whether she wanted a sad- j plugged." said one. 'I've got a wife' die with a horn replied that one . . without a horn would do as she didn't intend to ride in traffic. Curtis Road on Monday WEATHER and two k!rt«.who are starving. I; ARKANSAS — Fair, cooler, in east pottion tonight. Sunday fair. Acccif'in-r to the official weather ARKADELPHIA, May 2. <UP1—i observer. Charles Phillips jr.. Now ench cow-pinn-hor claims the | Out the stores." don't want money, I want food. ; Work on the paving of eight miles ' minimum temperature hore ye-irr- So hustle it up. matey, and break of highway between Arkadelphia day was 54 denrrws and th» nnsl- and Curtis will be started Monday, mum 75 degrees, cb'.idy. Today a story originated on hi^ home ranch I Allicks was forced to hand over | aecordlns to officials of the Dalton- year aso th? minimum temperature while a few skeptical owners i a quantity of hams and sides of .Construction company who have the, was 09 degrees and the maximum Insist It is wholly fUHi'.ious, I bacon to the "iiirnleR" Irontrnrt for lhA rrtftH wArk: ' M fl^rcM- pfli-tiv rlivflr 1

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