The Winnipeg Tribune from Winnipeg,  on July 11, 1925 · Page 20
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The Winnipeg Tribune from Winnipeg, · Page 20

Winnipeg, Canada
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Saturday, July 11, 1925
Page 20
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"J '20 News of the Suburbs WEST KILDONAN Th new church of St. Anthony, hold service, on Sunday morn - ling, at I" oclock. Rev. T. Norqusy, will ' pieacher at both services. In St. .Anne's Church, on Sunday. Th bowling greens, t the G.W.V.A. Club ground, are belli veil patronised eiery evening. Tiie Went and old Klldonan Hon - j ahow should tie 1 n""' .ne this year, according to the Interest taken li) the different rompc;i - ticns. ST, JAMES Rev K. A. McLaren, win ronniu:i j 'the aervlce' of the i.en - concurring , group ot the St. Jan e presbyter - " - Church, in Koaeberry Hall, on 1 " - timJay at 11.15 o clock. Mr. Mc - I J.aren has chosen for bin subject ' 'Tlndlnj Our Impossibilities." 1 Rev. D. M. Mackay. will preach In sY'.'Kir.c. Presbyterian Church, on Sunday morning, at 11 o'clock. Hn .,.Kixt uii he: "Unices a .iumir Inent or Working Factors." Mr Ma - kay's subject for the .evening In the I Mil be "Analjsis ot Motives, Farkview I nlted I nurcn, at o clock, Rev. r. R. Linkleiter, will ptench at both services. on - Sunday, nt the Church of Christ - Diciples, Mnrjorte at. ELMWOOD Mrs. R. Simpson, of I - oa Angeles, f'al., la vlallins' In Elmwood. the guest, at the home ot Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Simpson, lu Martin ave. City workmen are this week bus - ilv. engaged In connection with the laying cf cement sidewalks, between Kelvin and G'lenwood Crescent, on Cobourg and Carmen aves.. north aides; Martin and Harbison, south des: also on Hespeler, north aide, between Beatrice and the Ciesccnt. . The Joint services, by the congregations of Gordon and King Memorial Churches, will be conducted, Sunday, by the Rev. A. R. Maunders, of Gordon Church. The morning service, will be held In King Memorial Church, and the evening service In Gordon, Gordon Sunday school, will meet at 10 o'clock, and the combined session of King Memorial srhool, at I - o'clock. Tn the absence of Rev. F. R. Julian, the services In Heuloli Baptist Church, Pundny, will be taken by the Rev. T. M. Sutherland. The customary services. In St. Puthherfs Church. Sunday, will be taken by the rector. Rev. It. H, Park. Rev. Wm. Bill, wlll'tnk as his sermon subjects. In Martin ave. riuirch. Sunday. "The IJght of Life," and "The Grand Assize." , T. R. Carey, will take the evening s - rvlre In McDonald Memorial fhnrch. Sunday, In (he absence of tn pastor. Rev. J. S. Flook. The Sunday sc hool session, at 11 o'clock, will be conducted by H. H. Evett. FORT GARRY ' Miss F.jgenl Terry, of Victoria, B.C, who as the representative of the Authors' Club, of Victoria, has attended the meetings, recently held in Winnipeg, Is a guest at the home of her cousin, Mrs. Allster Clarke, Somerset ave. The directors of the Horticultural Sooiety meet at the Cabbage 1'atch Thursday evening. Seven membcra were present. The cominltte who enlivened for membership, report 35 new members and a number more In prospect. A Held day was. arranged ta be held at the Agricultural College, Saturday afternoon, August 1. I'sual services will be conducted t St. Paul's Church, Sunday. Kev. It. Cawley will be the preacher at te evening service. The Women's Auxiliary of the t'n - tld Church held Its annual picnic en Thursday afternoon In the park en South Drive. The ladies met at 11 o'clock, lunch being served on the rtver bank. Great credit Is due to lb committee In charge, under able .leadership of Mrs. W. McCallum, assisted by Mrs. C. Austin. Mrs. R. Hewton and Mrs. J. Rose. The novelty races caused much fun. the most "r.lqu being the garment race. Th winner of this was Mrs. N. T. Cronkhite. Afternoon tea was served in the park and the whole after - Boon voted a big success. The Mnns of the 'nlted Church is. now eomnleted nnd occupancy will tit made early next week At the morntnr service In the T'n - red Chinch, Sundnv, Rev, S.' C. Studd will take for bis text. "IVhnt 1 the Smit." Sunday school will Treet at 10 o'clock. Kvenlng ser - Mcea are dlecontinued durln? the summer months. ; STURGEON CREEK The Soon - gay - ay Pack of Wolf Cubs held a sports rally at Banna - tvne achool grounds, last Saturday afternoon, under the direction of Cub Master K. W. Browne. A fine program of games and Cub work waa held and a large number of parents and visitors attended. Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Marcbant. 2S2 Hsrcourt at., have returned from a trip through Eastern Canada and I nlted States. . Mrs. T. Marshall and fnmlly, left fin Wednesday morning fur an extended visit In Saskatchewan. Rev. T. Marshall accompanied them part or the Journev uv motor. The "ITewechewn" 10th Pack of TSrownte". travelled to film!', on Wednesday, tinder the direction of Frown Owl Mrs. TV. Thomson. They were accompanied by about 12 mother" and had a special trnln roach. The day waa spent at the ummer home of Mrs. Cieorge Carpenter. ' TTo'v Communion will be administered at I. SO o'clock, on Sunday "r?r!r!S. at St. Andrew's Anglican Church. Other service will he aa officiate. . ' , Rev. W. S. Atchison, will preach at both) services, on Sunday, at ffurgon Creek L'nlted Church. ! kut' - ject. for the morniiiT wiil be. ."Tha .Contrary Wind " nd !n the venln. "T!i Fric of Freedom and eThv V ceiebiate the J2lh of J;:!y. - . , ' Th Juniors will meet for Sunday svnool. at 10 o'clock, and seniors at IS s - clr - cS xTednesdav seas wisHnrs' St ha local Scout ramp, which li lo - J4 . 4si 'CTuu'bwrworMl, wiher ba Loys are having a wonderful time, under the care ot Scout Master W. Thomson. In the evening the visitors were entertained round the i lire, tu u line program, l,y the boys. Mr. Hill, district deputy chief, addressed the hoys and parent on the benellta of scouting for the hoy. CHARLESWOOD Hortluultiiral Society will general monthly meeting ot The hold the ineuinera. In the Chapman achool. on Tuesday evening, at 8.16 o'clock. Judge Curran will take the aervlce at St. Mury'a Anglican t.'hurch, on .Sunday evening, at 7 li o'clock, t'onfli inatlon aervlce haa been postponed. i ne reoctipuon ni ine nome oi Mrs, H. M. .Moody, wag well attended and nan a great aucceaa. Mrs. Iiatcheiur and .Mra. l.ealla Nixon assisted, and Mra. James Ronnie poured ten. Mis Wilson contrib - uted several solus. The promotion Hat from the senior room of the Chapman achnol, Issued by the principal, Mra. Leo Singleton, is aa follows: tirades 5 to 6 lilck Bond, (honore) puss; Nurvnl Nelson, Alun lmlth. Margaret Durnell, Kdltli Kelly, Alma larkips, Sam Laxdal. tirades 6 to 7 Witbert Rond. (honors) pass; Evelyn Kelly, Willie Itlrkard. Edith Morrlce, Myra Bew - son, Dick Nichols, Kvelyn Chiawell, l - nwson Black, Eunice Burbrldge, Cecil Chester. tirades 7 to s Laura Turcotle, (honois) pass; Lily Whltebread. Mra. Harold Simpsm and family leave today for Victoria Beach, where they wiil spend u holiday until the end of July. Ceorg Kelly and family. Varsity View, have left for a motor trip to Minneapolis, St. Paul and other points south Ltttert to th Editor MOHB AIIOIT MOHQU TORS To the Editor of The Trilmns: . ilr: A short time ago thert appssrtcl your paiir in arilclo with a heading "All About Muaqilltoes," which referred r slightingly rr,n who hsil taltd that hs knw an ox had been killvd hy nioaqtllKies. The writer stated that It was likely tin os would havu died in any cane. t Want to Inform your readers that 1 know t will not aay hundrtila liut will be afa to state dosena of eien being killed by mosquitoes In lha snr 1867, known among the old trtightXa ss the year of the niosguttoea, - mailing (roin Rt. Cloud, Mineaola, wllh many others with oxen ami carta, over the Height Of Land to the Otter Trait, wt had no trouble with moniftlloea (the country being hilly ami amaa ahortl until w camped en the low - lying banks af the Red River, a few miles north of Fort Aliertroiutile. It was on the 4th of July (they were celebrating at the fort), the night was rtlm and rluudy and the araae was long. We hadn't time to unhitch and bubble our cattle when the mosquitoes roM la In myrlails. Hie Ilka of wlilc - u waa nuver known before or bint and aavas'ly and hungilly attacked man and beast. The tattle tried to get relief running anions tha carta, and 1w order to prevent them stepping through our tents, wa had to draw the carta around them. The poor brutes never gut a second of rest so that they rould feed, or rest, and we in our tents were very little belter off. wa could not keep them out, Mtnudb - es wero of no use. This ron - liltion of thlnf.'s kept up niitht after night and with ery little relief. In tha daytime, many of the oxen got ao enfeebled, wurking all day and not resting at night, that numbers of them succumbed snd eventually died, killed by The human beings fared very llttis better, an 1 aald before. Tents couldn't heep them out. The road was atudded with dead oxen snd we were followed en tha ti ail by tha turkey buxierd. It le strange that I hate never seen this bird north of the liounilsry line. If there sre sny living who were en the road that year, they will corroborate what 1 atste. Theie were some greenhorn In our party who sctuaily cried with pain. It la will known that the sting of the moequlto has a more polaonoua effect en peieona fresh from the Old Land than they have on people who have llted some yeara In the ouuiry. Tiila aame year. In the month ef August, we were visited by swarms of grsas - hoppers. which, however, arrived too Into to do much tlamega to the crops. They laid their esss, however, and the following year, 1R68, there was not a bushel of Kiain In the r.ed Rler settlement, nor any garden ateff. The only thing that survived waa rhubarb. They ate the Icaiee, but the stalks remained. COM INKBTEH AROUND THE ART GALLERY Not sine December. 1912, when Mayor Wttugh received the sliver key In token of the handing over of the Art (ialiery to the city, hits ther been such crowds and such sustained Interest aa th pagentry of rirltiah pnintlng In a run of seven weeks has called forth. Not only have th titisteiis enjoyed It but the value of an art gallery In relation to visitors from other cities has been clearly demonstrated. The Tourlt Association and the Hudson's Hay Company's Museum section both actively interested themselves In directing tourists to the tinllery. Home or these furnished th Cicerone with Interesting experiences. "We'r from Texas,' exclaimed a voting lady barely out of her teens. She was epokesnian for the pnrty. which was large enough to fill one of th rooms. "'m wer H ynr. hnd some Kr.gllsh pictures here. Show us h best ones, quick? Wf I have only JO minutes to spare." At that moment, catching sight of Harold Ppeeda painting, "Apollo and l'anhne. she exclaimed, la that Adam and Kve?" Many Tourists at Gallery The amueed Cicerone started off with "My I'arents," by fllr William Open." and had to explain, "No. not my parents the artist's, rpon com. Ing to Ird King's portrait, bv Sr - gent, "He got to be governor for doing So welt rt te - e ' .iii fcfc, breezy comment. Space forbids mentioning at lnKlh the really serious visitors from Michigan, K.tnsas and Culorndo. who lingered and spent precious hours with their favorite. In this world it Is hnll and fur.well. nd so n,.e must speed the patting guest. Perhaps there ni few who run av with El. - ik that " Vet Is a mcana or conversing with raradlse." At sny rate It Is well to remember that the function of art I to unit men to each other, creating a sense of brotherhood. The Art Osllerr flnnr closes to - night, but ther is In sight the dawn - iiyr of - a fcetur xlajt. THE WINNIPEG EVENING TRIBUNE. SUBJECTION OF UTILITIES BOARD NOT APPROVED Legislative Committee Holds Session Over Company Share Sales That companies having been re fused a certificate from the provincial utilities cniumlsslonc r to sell shares in Manltobn, turned around and secured a Dominion charter and deiled the commission, was the out standing complaint voiced bv .f Jacob at Friday night's session of the legislative committee appointed to enquire Into sales of sharea and fail ures or coin pn., s in the province. siemiiers of the committee were I. n. unrriths, government member for Russell; D. U Campbell, I.akeKlde: William Brown, Dufferln; and Mujoi F. O. Taylor, Portage la Prnlrie. Refercnre was mails by Mr. - Jncob to two companies. Both had been refused a certificate by the pro vincial commissioner, and had ae - cureil a Dominion charter. They were aelllng shares In Mnnitoba to day. One of them, capitalized at et.500.000. had recently been unable to meet a hank Indebtedness of 90 till It had sold shares to cover the aninut. The other, with a canital - lnutlnn of 11.000.000. had tha bailiff In fur arrears of rent. Carries Wide Authority In answer to a Question. Mr. Jacob explained that a Dominion charter carried with It authority to sell stock tinoughout the Dominion. Again nnd again companies refus ed certificates In Manitoba aecured Dominion charters and cam and flaunted them In the office of the commission. The ITovlncia' government had protested to the l'ederal authorities many times retarding the matter, but nothing had been done, Mr. Jacob said. A suggatlon In connection with thla difficulty was to the effect that the province license every person selling stock within Its bounds and refuse to license companies with a Dominion charter unless they produce tha data required hy th commissioner In connection with the issuing of a certificate. "A strong protest should o from this committee to the Dominion government regarding this practice." waa the comment of I). L. Campbell. Anoth'i suggestion wag thnt of the passinK of Dominion legislation uniform with that of the provinces regarding sales of sharer,. Assets Not Verified. Oiving evldenr on the Hearst Music Publishing company, which la one of the companies being Investigated by the committee, Mr. Jacob outlined tha procedure followed In regard to the granting of Its application to aell shares In the province. The documents showed, aald Mr. Jacob, that the company was Incorporated July 5, U21. On November 2, 1D22 application waa made bo I'. A. MncDonald. then I'tllltiea commissioner, for a certificate to aell stock In the province. The application included a statement duly sign ed by a firm of local chartered accountants to the effect that the com pany had fl7.2C2 In a I'nited States bank. The name of the bank was not divulged. Mr. MacDonald refused the application. The documents showed, snld Mr. Jscob, that his refusal was that the alleged a - sets of 1157,002 wera not verified. He further was astounded at the large profile claimed for th company. An appeal was Issued against the decision of Mr. Mncdonnld, and under the Sale of Shares Act a hoard waa appointed December It. 192. to hear the appeal. The board convened February, 1923, and on February 16 gave Its approval to the application, reversing the decision of Mr. MncDonnld. The certlflcat waa revoked November 15. 192.1, said Mr. Jacob. Of the stock sold In Manitoba 68 per cent, waa sold before the certificate of the commlasloner waa secured, ha aald. Dividends were not paid In cash, but in further stock. The total stock sold was 1600,800, of which t.'oO.OOO sold under tha provincial charter and the balance under the Dominion charter. The documents In connection with the company will be examined In - tenaively at further aittinga of the committee. Bend Dealers' Suggestion Suggestion that the Manitoba Sal of Sharea Act be replaced by an act drawn up by K. (. Ing, K.C., of Toronto, was made by representatives of the Bond Dealers' AHsorlatlon at the afternoon session of the committee. A. H. Wlllinmson, who with C. H. Itnnkln, and Archie Drown, com - prlaed the deputation, outlined a draft of the bill which bond dealers aim to have sdopted by all provinces of the Dominion, and by the Federal government so that legislation regarding salrs of nharrs throughout the Dominion will be uniform. The bill provides for the registration and licensing .of bond dealers and salesmen. lletore leauliuji a license the commissioner may require the applicant to furnish a bond. In case of suspected brench of the act, the attorney - general would have power to suspend the license of tha suspected dealer or salesman pending Die hearing of the case. ma act would exempt certain shares and bonds of a reooanlzed high order from the requirement of a certificate for their sal. Bonda so exempted would include trustee Investments, government securities, securities listed on th Toronto Montreal. Winnipeg and New York stock exchanges, and securities - 1 cured by mortgage on ships. Powers for Investigation The exemption of shares from the necessity of a certlflcat prior to sal is based on the earnings by the company and intereat paid over a i - iiod ot" yrara graded according to tb character of the shares issued. A fraudulent act ft.r the purpose of the bill is defined as a fictitious purchase or sale; a promise not mad in pood faith; payment of too high a commlnalojr endangering the aecurities, and conduct calculated to deceiv tli public a to the nature oi toe aecurity. I'nder th act th provincial secretary and the attorney - general would oe given wld powers for Investigation and prompt action againat offenders. A penalty of 11.000 la provided for th first nffenee. r - eW months' imprisonment, and of $2,000 or una year for th second offenc. Tbtf present provincial act was criticized by Mr. Williamson as tending to alow - up th sale of th best securities owing to the tlm Involv. d In securing tb required certificate tor ski. OiinHy such teruritlea hid ben soM elsewhere, ha said, buioie the certlflcat waa secured In Mnnitoba. The act proposed would - lleve thla situation. Most of the failure In Manitoba had been connected with th aala of common stock, of new concerns, he pnintea out. Th proposed act wnu'd tighten things up In this con - 1 nect inn. .Uajor Tajrto waa cf Uii (tplaloa A CLASSY am. - - :.. ,t j i i x it . t 'Mr SAT UK DAY, JULY 11, 1925 SUNDAY MORNING; a smart - looking white marc, won first in the high jumps and huntini? class at the Portage fair Monday last. She is owned by A. M. Iliokingliottom. BEST BOY ausV'te W r. H.:' HERE are Reg. Wright, Tuxedo, and his pony, Welsh Boy. Together they won firsts for best boy and best, pony at both tho Carman and Portage fairs. WINS MANY PRIZES DARE ASPIRE, shown above, standard and registered, has been winning many prizes at reeent fairs. At Carman ho took first as roadster and first in runabouts; at Tortage he was first as a roadster and first n runabouts, and took the cl.Vmpionshi;j in the harness class. He is owned by Ramsay and Stewart, Winnipeg. A. Stewart is seen with that nln - tenths of the problem would he solved If atock were bought throih reputable stock brokers. Iieflnlte qualifications were required In the ense of a lawyer nnd a doctor, why not in th case of one who Bold bonds? he asked? It looked to him as If some such restriction of th bond - selling Held might be de - alrnble. This suggestion did not commend Itself to the bond dealers present. A number of suggestions regard ing the draft bill will he submitted to Mr. Long by the nond Dcnlers Association, and a further conference will be b.eld with their representa - tlvea nt a future date. M. Jncob, secretary of the Public I'tllttips Commission, gnv evidence regarding departmental procedure under th Sale of Shares Act. The clauses of the net were presented tn detail by Mr. Jacob and their merits and demerits explained. BELGIAN PRESS AROUSED OVER U.S. DEBT ACTIVITY ft'snadlan Press t'shte IIRUKSKLS, July 11 The debt nucstlon continues to arouse th Ire j of tho newspapers, particularly the Nation Helge and the Vlngticma Biecle, "During thKi war," says the latter paper, "the Stars and Stripes on American flour bags waa consldored as an emblem of tin) most chivalrous of charities, but It was all an Illusion. The commission for the relief of Belgium was but nn American mask. Tli gifia were ours, paid for wllh money leaned In our nam which we art naked to reimburse with Interest. "Not rontint with rrnidl!tna; Its chief magistrate's signature, the most powerful na'lon, enriched with the help of rtelKl inn's hnolo .acrlflcs, Insists upon payment to the last centime while Franc nnd (Irent Britain give prcof that their friendship is than mer talk." Th paper auggesta that tbw deht commission "compile nn account In dollnrs of what It cost Belgium to help th Allies." Negroes, Whites, Clash in 14 1.1 r li liuillb Dliwle' ion 101 ikAl VI By Associated Treta) DKTrtOIT, Mich.. July II All avallobl police officers and detec - ttvea were aummoncd to an exclusive West Ride while residential district tonight to Quell a disturbance between negroes snd wmtes. A negro fdnilly of flv and two room - ia were barricaded in their house, but opened fire on a crowd of hundreds of white who i formed the plsre with slicks and atuiiea. One whH boy was wounded. Tonight's trouble was tie third rlcsh in the past three weeks be tween negroea anil Vast fcUd white of th and a to In at on a in a I a of N. JUMPER a 3 v ?; - .. " T AND PONY s 'eletl hurt in the picture. ERNF0LD NOTES Imperial to the Trlhiinr KRNr'lKLH, Rusk.. July ti Wm. Uarrlgcr and family and Fred (.'awthra family are apendtng a week at iU'gina Heach. The rnfant son of Mr. snd Mrs. Maneer, died Tuesday. Hurls! took place In Krnfleld Cemetery on Wednesday, Rainfall this week has been very beneficial In this dlstikt. Constdeiabl wheat la blading out. I.ouva nce, who hus been spending few days at Itcgina and Mortlach. returned home on Wednesday. Mrs. Geo. T. Cox snd a fete of the C.U.I.T., left for l.timsden on Tutsdav, attend th older Clitis' camp, now session. Mr. Cnx, Waller Toaer and H. Hvce returned on Wednesday from l.timsben. where they have been n attendance ihe IJoys' Leaders camp. The annual picnic waa held at Tuxedo Wednesday, with a large crowd lii attendance. All report a anieodot t'.me. j w Kerr, of ;lenn Kerr. ait,tr...e meet ng !.i Urndeld Monday evening the Interests of the wheat pool drive, Mr. and Mis. James Manning returned on Tuesday from a holiday apent at Watroua. A big union picnic h h,i,j at Limr on July .'2, sir sc sirs. Wilson returned from holiday at Reglna Beach anil re,...rl splendid time, with lljh'ng splendid. W. L. HALL MAY BE N.S. A TTORNEY - CENERAL Illy (smdlsa I'reatl niJAHA, July 11 - Prlvste advices received here Indicate th possibility V. I,. Hall, former Conservative provincial leader, being appointed as sttnrney - general In the ral.lnet whleh will shortly be formed by Hon. Kdgse Ithodes, premier - elect of Nova Sent la Alr - ,,R11 reslirnell the peAvlntet VnjJ. ershlp shortly befo the electlnrs which recently took plsre In Nova Scotia. SUSPENDS SENTENCE ! "rlJ!an Treti. , TOIION'TO. July II Sentence was suspended on Joseph MarCallum, for. meiiy cattle buyer tor the Ontario government, who In police court' today was charged with stealing $l,23 during th winter of 1922. MacCsI - lorn had made full restitution. The ctown prosecutor stated that h had been of great ass. stance to th crown In the nnd other matters in tracing and reccoverlng money du the ov. ' GOOD PROGRESS! BY JUDGES AT; EMERSON FAIR Ideal Weather Draws Huge . Crowds on Second Day; Sports Program Popular I Special ta Th Trlbuse EMRRSON, Man.. July 11 Th second day of th fair her was an I ungualined aucceaa from all angles. Ideal weather greatly aided attend ance and th judgea mad wonderful progress with th work among large stork exhibits. Kports included horse racing, which waa well patronized, several foot running events and a bnaeball gam, In which Emerson de feated Drayton in a leaau fixture. 4 - 3. In a junior gam Kmerson C'a - dota won over I'einblna. t - i. Judges Award Following were awards made by Judges In th livestock ring: , Class 2. registered Clydesdale, atsl - Hon 1. McClelland Hros.: 2. J. IV. Storms. Brood mar 1, W. J. McClelland; 2, McCielllrhd Bros. Foal. 19251, McClelland Bros.; 2, W. J. McClelland . One year old stallion 1. W. 3. Mr. - Clelland. Two ear old atalllon 1. lW. J. McClelland; 2, M E. Peto. One year old filly 1, V. J. McClelland; 2, McClellnnd Bros. Clasa 3. heavy draft 'orse - a. team hitched 1, W. Calder; !. McClelland Bros. Brood m:i with foal - - l, McClelland Bros.; J, McClelland Bros. Foal. 19261. McClelland Bros.; 2, McClelland Bros. Three year old eelding or filly 1, McClelland Bros. Clasa 4, agricultural horaes, team hitched 1, McClelland Bros.; 5, A. E. Carlson. Brood mare t, .McClelland Bros. Mare or gelding thre years 1, A. F. Carlson; 2, A. K. Carlson. Foal, 18251, McClelland Bros. Four horses hitched to wngon tandem 1, McClelland Broa.: 3. Smith and Heatly. Three year old a - eldm or nily 1, McClelland Broa. Two year gelding or filly 1. (. Pocock. On year old gelding or filly I, A. I'. Cnrlaon; 2, W. Moor. . Clasa 5, general purpose: Team hitched to wagon 1, D. A. Fraaer; 2, F. Lenibke. Brood mare 1, E. .Scott; 2, A. C. Milne. Mar or gelding, four or over 1, Smith and Heutly; 2. Smith and Heatly; 3, . H. Forrester. Foal, 19251, A. C. Milne; 2, E. Scott, fielding, two or over 1, E. Scott. Gelding, one or over 1, Tt J. Bain. . . Pedigreed Shorthorn Class 8 Cattle, Pedigreed Shorthorns: Bull, three years 1, R. W. I'ayton: 2, F. Gray; 8, F. Lembke. Bull, two years 1, A. C. Milne. Bull calf 1, R. W. Payton. Cow 1, F. V. Cray; 2, R. W. I'ayton; J, F. V. Gray. Two - year heifer 1, R. W. Payton; 2, R. W. Payton. One - year heifer I, V. V. Gray; 2, R. W. Payton; 3, F. V. Gray. Heifer calf 1, R. W. Pay - ton; 2, R. W. Payton; 3. R. W. Pay - ton.. Herd, bull and four females, diploma 1, R. W. Payton. Clasa S Continued General Purpose: Fastest walking team hitched to wngon, 1, F. V. Gray; 2, R. W. Payton. - Hitching team to wagon, 1, F. V. Gray: 2. W. W. Hassett: 3. A. E. Carlson. Hitching team to wagon, boys, 16 and under, 1, Howard Peto; 2. J. Wlek. Class 6 Carriage) Brood mare. 1, D .A. Fraser; 2, R. W. Payton. Foal, 192:, R. V. Payton. Team, hitched, 1. McClelland Bros.; 2, 1. D. Elkln. Slngl driver, hitched. 1, W. Hassett: 2. R. W, Payton. Saddl horse. 1. W. Arthur: 2, 1. D. Elkln. Saddle pony, 1, F. V. Gray: 2. F. Godon. Roadster Clas 7 Roadster: Brood mare.l, W. Arthur. Foal. 1926, 1. McClel - lund Bros.; 2, R. W. Payton. Team In harness, hitched, 1, W. Arthur. Single driver, hitched, J, W. Moore; 2, A. C. Milne, One - year filly or gelding, 1, V. Moore; 2, W. Hassett. (iaea 13, Pedigreed Holstcins Bull, two - year: 1, D. A. Fraaer. One year: 1, M. E. Peto. Bull calf: 1, D. A. Frnser. Heifer, 2iear: 1, D. A. Fraaer. Herd: 1, D. A. Fraaer. , Beef Cattl Class 14, Grad Cattle, Beef Purposes Aged cow: 1, D. A. Fraser; 2, M. K. Peto. Heifer or steer, 2 year: 1, R. VV. I'ayton; 2, It, W. Payton. Heifer, one year: 1, G. Pocock; 2, R. V. Taj ton. Heifer calf: 1, I). A. Kraser. Dairy Cattl Claas 15, Grade Cattle, Dairy Beet dairy now 1. R. V. Payton;. 2, M. K. I'eto' 8, R. V. Payton. Cow, milking 1, D. A. Fraaer; 2, l. a. Fraser; 3, It. W. I'ayton. Two - year - old heifer 1, D. A. Fraser; 2, R. W. Payton. One - year - old heller 1. R. W. Payton; 2, R. W. I'ayton. Heifer calf 1, R. W. I'ayton. Best ateer 1, 2 and 3, R. W. I'ayton. Sheep Class 16 Sheep Registered ram 1, J. A. Badgley; 2, U A. Fraser. Pair breeding ewea - 1, - J. A. Badgley; 2, D. A. f raaer; 3, Clark Bios. Four lambs 1, G. Breckon; 2, G. Ureckon. Pair shearing ewes 1 nnd 2, O. Breckon. Pair fat lamb 1, G. Ureckon;' 2. 1. A. Fraser; 3, O; Breckon. Pair fat ' aheep 1, J. - A. lledgley; 2, Clark Bro.; I. G. Ureckon. Kwe lambs 1, Clark Bros.; t, G. Ureckon; 3, G. Breckon. 8win Swine Class 17 Berkshire Sow, litter under three months 1, R. J. Bain; . 2, R. W. Puyton. Bonr and sow, under six months 1, R. V. Pay - ton; 2, R. V. Payton. ' Hots, Yorkshires, with pedigree flour, one yeur 1, A. G. McPherson. Sow, on year 1 and 2, A. G. McPherson. Sow, with litter, three months 1, D. S. Hoot. Hoar and bow, under one year i, u. M. Root. Boar and aow, under six montna 1, D. S.' Hoot; 2, A. O. McPherson. Grsde 8win Class 20 grade awine: Sow over on year 1, A. G. McPherson. Sow under on year 1, R. W. Payton. how and littler 1, A. U. McPherson; 3. R. W. Payton. Pair fat pigs un - ner one year 1, R. w. Payton: 2, O. Tocork. Pair bacon select bogs l, D. s. Root; 2, A. G. McPherson. Poultry . Class 21 poultry: Pair - T.arred Rocks t. R. J. Bain: 2. T. W. Know!. Pair Whit Wyandotte! 1, J. Fraaer: 2, J. Fraser. Pair Rhode Island Reds 1, D. Klassen ipeclal mention. Pair White I - eghcrns 1 C. L. Badgley. Pair Brown Ig - horns 1, W. Moore. Pair Buff Orpingtons 1, C. Bell; 2, C. Bell. Champion hen 1, D. Klassen. Champion cock 1. C. U Badgley. Hen. any breed 1. D. Klassen; 2, R. A. Johnston; 3. w. - Hassett, Chickens Clasa 22, . chickens, pair Light nri,uii4ii 1. Airs. Bneppard. Pair Burred Rocks 1, R. Gruenke:'2, D. A. Fraser. Pair Buff Wyandotte 1, R. A. Johnston. Pair Brown leghorns 1, W.' Moor. Pair Buff Orpingtons 1, Mra. Junkin; 2, - S. E. Junkm. Class 21. turkeys, best tvni turkey 1, R. A. Johnston. Pair brons tor - kese 1. It. A. Johnston. Pair Gees 1. O. Breckon; 2, R. Gruenks. Pair Peldn Ducks 1, G. Hreckon. Pair Turkeys, 12? 1, Mrs. Sheppard. Pair Gos. 1S25 1. D. Klassen; 2. D. Klassen. Piiir Ducks 1, G. Breckon; 2, Mrs. Sheppard. Cottle Judges wer: 'X. J. McThsil nnii ri . I'. oon norees, .nr. ni terson and Dr. Robertson, roultry. V. . Rs. CnnMng fruits, etc.. Mis A. Parker. Siviai, lira, Uaxkajr, News of Daily Happaningi in "CALL OF OWL" ENDS IN ARREST iHpeclal . I The Tribune BRANDON', Man., July 11 Information waa received her by Scrgt. Adam Ross, of til provincial police, that a chestnut mare had been stolen from llw farm of 11. F. Meadow, near Rapid City. A hired man by the name of C. Savage wa also mitalng. and had left a not to th effect that he had got the "call of th owl.!' On inveatiiratlon It wna discovered that i. couple of revolver! had been taken. Savage was arrest ed Thursday about 10 miles from the ', farm and hus ben Indeed In til Juil ' at Minnedusu to await trial. It took th City Council here Just a few minutes to clean up $J4.0uu I ! protit on the exchange of aome bonda) teatur or th fair, It is expected, which the city hus in tho sinking ,vl" bl Increase In the exh.plta fund. - A big block of the city's hold - lof ttle. In the last few years entries ngs In Victory Bond has been sold, The Council endorsed the sals" of iYuo.OOO Dominion cf Canada b'i per rent Victory Loan Issue due Nov, 1, 134. Th price obtained was 104.42. Tn city bought on exchange 3450, - 000 I'rovinc) of British Columbia Guaranteeing Pacific Great Eastern Railway 414 per cent bonds due July 15, 1942. By the exchange th net gain on tha transaction is approximately 1 - 4. - 000. The new Issue of bonds bought by the city waa obtained at 93.71. and ft waa expected thnt as soon aa the bsu Is taken up that the price will at once make this new holdings mort valuable to the city. Orangemen from six count! In Brandon diatrict left this - morning for Vlrden to celebrate July 12, th annlverrarv of the Battle of th Boyn. Th Brandon contingent. Including the women's lodges, waa headed by th Orang Ymine Britons' Band. Frank Tarnowskl waa charged Friday afternoon tn police court wllh an Infraction of th Inland Revenue Act. Mounted Tollce and revenue officers ram upon the accused In the early hours of the morning aa h was emptying aome mnsh Into th river, according to the police atory. SOUTHERN ALT A. CROP NEEDS RAIN Special t The Tribune I..ETHBRIDGE, Alta., July 11. The general condition of crops in Southern Alberta Is pronounced by expert to be better than at thla tim laat yenr. In the southeast the crop ar suffering and production haa already been cut down. Th farmers from Taber eaat, from Lomond east and from Stirling east on th Leth - bridge - Foremost line are extremely anxious, as only a soaking rain will avert crop failure. Other section of the south are uniformly good, but rain 1 needed to fill out tha grain and Insure a normal per acre yield. The Alder - syd and Macleod lines are good, hut the Cardston and Coutts lines need rain. Weat of lxmond crops ar excellent; east they are burning. Supt. V. II. Fairtieiti, ot tn iein - brldg Experimental Farm, say that there la 20 per cent, more grain In Southern Alberta than last season In July. Gathering of a heavy hay crop la under way In th Irrigated area, and the beet crop give promise of a '90,000 ton crop. MINISTER LEAVES PORTAGE CHURCH Special to Th Tribune PORTAGE LA PRARIE, July 11 - Th Presbytery of Portage la Pralri met Thursday in special session to consider the resignation of Rev. P. E. Scott, D.D.. of Knox Church, in order that he might accept th invitation of the Mileta L'nlted Church. Th preebytery accepted the resignation, effective July 2s. with much regret. Rev. J. A. Beattie, of Austin, was appointed Interim moderator and will, look after the supply for August I'nlon services. Rv. Scott has been seven years In the Portuge Presbytery and has been very active In all Its work, holding at the time of his resigna tion the position of clerk of presby tery and convener of the horn mis sion committee. At the meeting of the directors of the Portage General Hospital, Thursday, arrangements were mad for the convention of the Mnnitoba Hospital Association, In this city. Sept. 1 and 2. The chairman, E. A. - Mcpherson, and D. McKlllop, wer appointed to th committee on entertainment. Th placing of an emergency light In the operating room of the hos pital was authorized, Russell Hill, a local electrician, has Installed a battery and a' spotlight to be used In ens of the power going off In the mldrt of nn operation. There were 19 operation performed nt the Por - tnge General, durln? June. The receiving of the resignations from the teaching staff of Miss Jenn McLaren, of the Collegiate and Mls Beavls. of Junior hish. nnd the ap pointing of Miss Phylls Garland. B. A.; Miss Florence Metcnlfe and Miss Phylls McKay to position on the teaching staff, w ere among the Items of business coming before the school board at the regular meeting, on Thursday. The appointment of tha tenchers to the collegiate staff was left in the hands of the management c.mmlttee and J. R. Hamilton, principal of the colletlat. ELKHORN'S SPORTS DAY BEST HELD FOR YEARS HpeHsl re Te Tettinne El.KHORX. Man.. July 11 - - Fit, hnrn'a sports'' day, Thursday was ..... i.inKcn successes lor years. First - class baseball was Played for the $2C.i prize money. The senior Mnrytleld team won first money with Miniola second, Welwvn mird and Fleming fourth. In the junior event, Elkhorn and Vlrden split first and second money. Elk - horn won first money in foothnll with Wlllen second. The Shetland pony race brought out a field of fast runners and the young lads en loved the speed of their pcnic.. Freeman came fust, maimer oecond and Snyder third. !n the running race. Bnriirt' Spark Plug wb too fast for the rest and won rst money. The day ended with a big dance at the Savoy, where 250 person attended. Rev. Hood from Pilot Mound Iras arrived to take care of the l'nlted Church conirregstlon In place of Rev. Lund, who went to Haminta. SASKATOON. Sak.. Julv 11 Carl W. Johnson, about 30 ears of age. a laborer on on of the railroad ballasting gangs about six miles south of Dunblsne. was drowned Friday evening when overcome by trw swift current of th South Saskatchewan river. , I i the West Thre Prairie Province! 0AK LAKE PREPARES y FOR SUMMER FAIR ' Special ta The Tribune OAK LAKE, Man.. July 11 Th store windows of Oak Lake ar displaying numerous cups and special iirlsca to be competed for at the approaching agricultural fair. Bridie, halter, rugs, casseroles, set of carvers, salad bowls, are Included In the prizes. The illrks challenge tup Is offered foe the best grade mar or gelding In heavy draft, agricultural, or general purpone class. The Hank of Montreal cup will b swsrucn tor the best pure bred lull to be won three times by the earn competitor. The Oak Agrlrultursl Society cup ts ghen for the best herd of pure bred cattle cf beef type.. r" ' oeen doubled, s that th directors ha decided to add another one hundred feet' to their atahllng to provide necessary accommodation. John McDonald., president, and R, Cecil Smith, the seoretarv - treaauree. express themselves as delighted wit the Interest shown, and say they anticipate a larger, a more varieH a better fair than they have had fef nianj years. ST. BONIFACE IS ANXIOUS ABOUT. ST. CAR SERVICE T consider th question of run nine atreetj car over th new Pre. vencher Bridge, ther win fc an early conference of th' civic transportation ub - commltt with th Joint provencher bridg committee, Movlded a recommendation mad Friday by the civic Improvement committee, passea th city council Monday. Meeting In special session, tha civic improvement committee hear4 a delegation from St. Bonifac eon sistlng of Aldermen McFadyen, He bert and McLean: Trafford Taylor, city solicitor and Ernest Gagnon, city clerk, with regard to the closing o th Norwood bridge. Alderman McFadyen, lnstroducins tha delegation, said the closing of th brldga waa a mutter of considerable concern to St. lionlfac. Th street railway had refused to operata car over the bridge, unless all other vehicular traffic wer barred from it. The bridg had. originally been designed for much lighter - traffic ha that which had in rccnt yeara bet UBing it. They desired frankly ta confer with Winnipeg over the situation. St. Boniface had a perfectly snf bridge In Provencher bridge, said Alderman McFadyen and cara could doubtless be run over It If Winnipeg;, would not oppose such a proposal. The bridge had double tracks. N'otr Cam ave., east would b better fop the approach than Water at., becaus of the freight loading on the latter. Alderman Dan McLean, Chairman said that Water at., could In no caa be double - tracked. It might b found best to rurt one track on Water at. and another on Notre Dame east. Alderman Shore said that If St. Bonifac had not insisted upon sj, subway on Watr at., afreet car would probably now b operating" over Provencher bridg. Fear was expressed by Alderman Dan McLean that th order of th railway commission allocating th cost of a subway might be prejudiced If cara were run Indefinitely on level crossing over th transfer railway. Some moral obligation to meet St, . Bonifac was recognized by Alderman Blumberg - . who pointed out thai a large number of Winnipeg patient went to the St, Boniface hospital. Alderman Boyd, convener et thf transportation sub - committee, sugw gested a bu service. Alderman McFadyen aald a 1M aervlce would not b satisfactory, r could nly he a temporary expedient In any event. Th alderman said St. Bonifac) would be very glad to have a report from the Winnipeg city engineer on the Norwood bridge, which had been condemned by th late J. Qt. Legraoa of th C.N.I1. Alderman Dan McLean aald thai on a former occasion Winnipeg had refused a request t have ita city engineer examine th bridge and h did not think .that decision w ould b changed now. NEW INDUSTRIAL POLICY OUTLINED A breaking away from th policy of encounpging any and all types n( Industries to a community, regardless of their adaptihility to thnt commune It. v. was forecast Friday at a meetine! of the natural resource sub - commit - tee of the Industrial Development Board of Mnnitoba. at which live tentative ' sub - committees were an pointed to survey resources of th province. LIkis of the committees will nr be nvailflbl until those selected slat their acceptance. July 20 there vvi, be a meeting of thes enb - commlt iee when the work will begin on the survey. Each one of the following sub Ice) will b given to on group of 'met for a survey: minerals, fur anil game. Hull, limber, and water power. Results of th findings will be published In pmphlets. giving Information Invaluable to prospective man ifacturers. of Manitoba. The .pamphlets will tell whet possibilities tlier ar In various line and will t; what resource ther re for any given Industry. "This policy represent nn advane from the usual policy followed b uonros or iron or chamber of com - I mere or l.rtniclng an Industrv to sj community regardless of the ned for . I It or the chanr it 'would have to I make a success." said Mr. Davidson, , "The purpose ts not onlv to brinel industries to Manitoba, but to biinaj the ri - 'ht ones," he enld. WAWOTA BASEBALL TEAM PLAYS AT FAIRLIGHTj WAWOTA. Sask., July 11. Th T.'aw.ota buei - baii team journeyed t" Falrllght on that town's sports day, July 7. A fair number of team entered, but rain interfered with th playing nf the gome - . . Wawota defeated Vlrden Si, tli hrel game, drer a bye in tn second draw, playel Maryfteid in the third round, an.f were leading by two runs when th) games wer called owing to darkness. The in. ins left In th running wer) Moosoniin, which drew the bye I) - th third round, Msrj field and,' Wawota. SAL'LT 8TE. MARIE Alex Mvllv. mak.l a Ann. tied a rope around h'a peek and throwing the rope over sto limb had pulled nn th other nd una a choked aims!'.' to ita'tcn

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