The Winnipeg Tribune from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on June 16, 1947 · Page 23
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The Winnipeg Tribune from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada · Page 23

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Issue Date:
Monday, June 16, 1947
Page 23
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MONDAY, JUNE 16, 1947 THE WINNIPEG TRIBUNE PAGE 23 Inquest Date Set An inquest Into the death of three - year - old patsy Fyall, ol 34 Hargrave fit, who dledln General Hospital, June 6, will be held at 8 p.m., zuesuay evening jn central . police station. CEBTU1CATE OF CHANGE OF NAM 1 Charles Edwin Greenlav. Pmvin ctal Secretary of the Province ot Manitoba, hereby certify that on .. 10th day ot June, A.D. 1947. at the nour 01 i wo o cujck in uie ariemoon, iac luiiuwini cnuin or name was effected under the provisions of "The Change or Name Act": ALBERT SZCZOMBROWSKI to ALBERT SHAMBROCK; JOSEPHINE SZCZOMBROWSKI to JOSEPHINE SHAMBROCK. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and caused the Seal of the Department of the Provincial Secretary to be hereunto arnxea at tne city or Winnipeg, In the Province of Manitoba, this 10th day of June A.D. 1947. CHAS. E. CREENLAY, Provincial Secretary. CERTIFICATE OP CHANGE OP NAME L Charles Edwin Greenlay, Provincial Secretary of the Province ot Manitoba, hereby certify that on the 10th day of June, A.D. 1947, at the Itour 01 mree o cioca in tne aiicrooon, the following changes of name were effected under the provisions of "The Change of Name Act": ANATOL IIIZZ (Naphtaly Herts) OSOVSKY to TULLY BENARON, DORIS OSOVSKY to DORIS BENARON. In witness urhrnf I have hereunto set my hand and caused the Seal of the Department of the Provincial Secretary to be hereunto affixed at the City OT Winnipeg, in mv rrvTinn vi Manitoba, this 10th day of June, A.D. 1947. . CHAS. E. GREENLAY. i Provincial Secretary. CERTIFICATE OF CHANGE Or NAME L Charles Edwin Greenlay, Provincial Secretary of the Province of Manitoba, hereby certify that on the 11th day of June, A.D. 1947. at the hour of 10 o'clock In the forenoon, the following change of name was effected under the provisions of "The Change of Name Act": FRANK KHYZONOWSKI to FRANK CROS - LEY. In - witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and caused the Seal of the Department ot the Provincial Secretary to be hereunto aftt.xed at 4he City of Winnipeg, In the Province of Manitoba, this 11th day of June, A.D. 1947. CHAS. E. GREENLAY. Provincial Secretary. aasBSSSBBSSSSBBBSBSSSaSBBBSSSBBBBBBBBBai HECOVD CALL I OB TENDERS S ... - .u 'i twJJLRS addrs.u iu uie unuera.gned, and enuuiaiu itu - uc' or Wiiarf Keconstrucuuu, Uimn, Ai - ik , ' will be received unul p...i. tE - Uj.T.), Wednesday, July a, JvY lor wnuif reconstruction at Ci. nil. Manitoba. flans, lorm of contract and specification can be seen and lorms of Unuer obtained at Uie olflce of the duel Engineer, uepannwul ol ruo - lic Works, "Ottawa, at the office of tne District Engineer, Union Trust blug., Lombard anu Main St, Wln - mpva. Man. and at the fost Ofllces at tinausa, Brandon and Uimll, man., and Port Arthur, Ont. NOiE: Upon application to the unueisigned, the iepartment will uopiy olue - prinis anu speculation oi ine work on aeposit oi a sum of tiO.oo, In the form of a certified bank cheque payable to the order ol the Minister ot Public Works. The deposit will be released on the return of thcolue - prlnts and specification within a month from the date of reception of tenders. It not returned within that period the deposit will be forfeited. Tenders will not be considered unless made on printed forms supplied - by the Department and In accordance with conditions set forth therein. Kach tender must be accompanied by a certified cheque on a chartered bank In Canada, payable to the order or the Honourable the Minister of Public Works,, equal to 10 per cent of the amount of the tender, or Bearer Bonds of the Dominion of Canada r of the Canadian National Railway Company and Its constituent companies, unconditionally guaranteed as to principal and Interest by the Dominion of Canada, or the aforementioned bonds and a certified cheque If required to make up an odd amount By order, JT..M. SOMERVILLE, ' ' Secretary. Department of Public Works, Ottnwa, June 7, 1947. CITY OP WINNIPEG Tender tot Sliv Ftlli Roofing Sealed tenders adfressed to the Chairman, Committee on Public utilities, will be received at the office or the undersigned up to S p.m. Monday, June 33rd, 1947, for the completion of roofing for the Slave Falls plant extension of the Hydro lflwlrli. Kvatem. Specifications and form of tender logeiner wnn connmona governing tenders as prescribed by By - law may be obtained at the office of the Hydro Electric System, 56 Princess Ktrpat Wlnnltlpff. The lowest of any , tender not necessarily accepted. I M. AULT City Clerk. City Clerk's Office, WmTtoejJinTethMT Central MorHni I Hoiaini CvporitiN Wartiaa Mouslm Liaitai ptvisioa TENDERS II H018E8 TRANSCONA. MAN. Saaia - d tenders, marked as to eon - tents will be received by the under - signed until 8:00 p.m. June 36th, 1H47, for the construction of 36 bouses at Transcona, Manuooa. Tender must be accompanied by a . - rtirifi fhentie or sovernment bonds for 10 of the amount of the tender. .... .. Plans, specifications, details and conditions of tender may be obtained on application to the undersigned. The lowest or ahy tender not nec essarily accepted, T R COOHj, ' Regional Construction Engineer, Central Mortgage A Housing Corporation. K38 Royal Bank Building,. WINNIPEG. Manitoba. Central Mortnti I Nousiitf CorpontiM Wartim HousiRf Liaitai BlvislM TENDERS 111 HOrNER WINNIPEG, MANITOBA Sealed tenders, marked as to eon' t.t. .11 ha rmfmtimA bv th Under ! J . . 1 1 R.nA n m Tun, 07th lieu until w - uw p.,... 1947. for the construction of 143 houses at Winnipeg, Manitoba. lenaer must oe accompamru uj - certified rheque or government bonds for 0 of the amount of the tender. Plans, specifications, details and conditions of tender may be obtained on application to the undersigned. The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted. T. R. COOIL. , Regional Construction Engineer. . Central Mortgage A Housing Corporation nm miyai nana Rullrtlng, wtvi't'rr; Vi.ntli.ha NOTICE TO CREDITOR IN THE MATTER Or THE ESTATE OF MARGARET SCOTT GOS - REI t. late of the rity of Winnipeg, In the Province of Manitoba, Widow, Decetsed. All claims against the above Estate must be sent to the underslrned at their o'flres 613 Toronto General Trusts Ruilrilnr. W"Hpe. Manitoba, n or before the mm dav of Julv. A.D 1947. duly verified by Statutory Declaration. DATFn at Wlnntne In the Province of Manitoba, this 13th day of June. A.D. 1947. HVC.HFS MACLEOD A , ; rHKISTIE Solicitors for Margaret .let Kenny Executrix TTTf'ifiJiias' fliA a - , Q V4,4 sV Vacation Ensemble For a Man's Swim or Play Needs With Sun - tan days In the offing, vacation time and weekends coming up here rt ensembles that will do you yeoman service. Woven from rayon, in colorful tones, they feature novelty horses head design. Boxer style trunks have Inner support and key pocket. The matching shirt, designed for summer coolness, may be worn Inner - outer style, and can also be worn with casual lacks. Small, medium and large sizes. Ensemble. $10.95 Men's Furnishings, The - Hargrave Shops for Men, Main Fleer. T fC 7 Men - Meet The Sun Under A Leghorn Braid Straw From Italy Step into Summer unde a smart cool Leghorn that has all the flexibility of i felt but is infinitely cooler Braided Italian wheal straw, they are light, durable, clear retain their bright colors. Featuring all leather sweat bands and trimm. - d with colorful puggree bands. Long Ovals add Cf Regular fittings. Sizes 6 to 78. Each, . . 0U Men's Hat Section, The Hargrave Shone For Men. Main Floor. Summer Footwear For Man and Youths Summer calls for casual footwear. See our wide variety of spectator whites. Two - Tone brown and white. Ventilated All white or medallion ' perforated brogues. Sizes 6 to 11, collectively. Widths B to E, collectively. Price, $6.95 to $6.95 $11.95 Men' and Youths' Shoe Section, The Hargrave Shops for Men, Main Floor. A Good Cook Stove For Your Batch Co tt j gt s magi A grand cooker and baker and in the compact, lower size wanted for camp kitchen or smaller homes. Check these desirable features: Palished six - hole cast iron top, white enamelled front, roomy oven with accurate thermometer, duplex grates for coal or wood burning. Cast iron firebox is equipped with waterfront you can attach to range boiler. Takes 7 - inch smoke pipe. Priced only EATON'S convenient Budget Pln Terms available, if desired. Stove Section, Third Floor, Donald. $52.50 Summer Store Hours 9 to 5 Open All Day Wednesday Closing At 12:30 on Saturday afiSS Corduroy Windbreakers For Young Man They're very smart and serviceable! Fully lined zipper front kasha lining. Choose from green, brown or maroon In plain colors or two - tone. Slzee 34 to 38. windbreakers, plain colors. Each Two - tone, f Each, "First Walker" White Boots $8.95 $9.95 Young Men't Style Shops, Fifth Floor. Roll - Tham - Up"BluaJaans" A young man's wardrobe is never quite complete these days without a pair of - serviceable blue ieans. They're (rand for sportswear, camo and general outdoor roughing. Complete with rivets and t5 C belt in oack. Waist sizes 28 to 34. Pair, 9.D9 Summer Wear For Boys' TENNIS CORD LONGS Good looking longs of a hardv quality suitable for outdoor sportswear and camp. Made of cotton tennis cord in plain brown, finished with euffed bottoms and belt loops. 4 AC Size 6 to 18. Pair, !?.. Two - Tone Windbreakers Wind - resistant cotton corduroy, light in weight, piping on sleeves and full length tipper. Co'ors: fawn and. brown, fawn and green. Sizes 8 to 18 CC OC years. Each . Soys' Clothing Section, Fifth Floor. Ju. - t the shoes for baby's first steps. The uppers are of white leather, fitted with pliable chrome - tanned leather soles. Cushion Insoles for CO OC comfort. Sizes 2 to 6. Pair, 9s.Bai9 White Footwear for Missas and Children Light, comfortable sandals for playtime wear. The uppers are of white Elk (trade name) with sewn leather soles and rubber heels. Sizes C 4 QC 8 to 2. Pair, 91 .99 Junior Shoe Section, Fifth Floor. Spruce Up Home and Camp Hara ara Timaly Offerings Stephens House Paint Sure of a good job when you use this reliable paint. It is mixed from high grade ingredients and comes in ivoiy, cream, ivy green and outside white. 4 tl" Quart, 9 la I O . Gallon $5.95 Regal Shingle Paint ' A heavy - bodied paint that will protect roof and sidinjt shingles. Black, brown, green, and red. One CO QO F've Gallon, 9 - JU Gallon. ... , Paints, Sixth Floor, Donald. $13.95 Drugs and Toiletries NEW . . . WfSTMOItl'S "ONE - SHADI" Weitmore'j smszing new make - up discovery! A w - ibaM, practically ctlorUa face powder to permit your foundstion - tinted ikin to glow through with youthful beauty. Ends your "wrong ahsdc" worries. Specially crested for me with OvEROlO of any g timid cake, cream ot liquid foundation. 1 .WISTMOII'S OviROLO Tlx Uquid - trttM foundation which dots not cansi dry thin. Mtm jtatttrmg, ikin - t'mltd sbadts....l) DRJJO COUNTER Petroleum Oil heavy, 40 - oz., bottle, 79c B .i? I So! EATON'S MILK OF MAGNESIA TABLETS, 200 In box 47 - f ATOM'S A.S. A. TABLETS, 100 tablets 2S. V.C.A. SACCHARIN TABLETS, 's - gr. 100', 2S, 00's S0; 'j - w. 100's SO. WO's ts EATON'S INSECT REPELLENT 22. keeps away mosquitoes, ants, flies, etc 2 oj. bottle lt. INSECTICIDE SPRAYERS for D.D.T. Solutions Set our f;n seltction of hand sprayers at the Patant counter. Ma. MSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSBBSSSS CHAPIN HAND 8PRAVER. well constructed, easy Qq LARXES HAND SPRAVER with metal top and CQm glass jar D9C GREEN CROSS, shown all metal sprayer .. 35c HUDSON CONTINUOUS SPRAVER, all metal conMrue - on. riv' n continuous pray. The Ideal sprayer for yft every home. Kach, Binoculars For The Races Just arrive) in time far racing tni sport fans, lineculars from Franc ana) Englanal. LUMEX 8TERIO. a really nice, light - weight all - pur poke bincx - ular imported from France. Centre screw focusing with neck strap and English tanned leather case. 8 by 3u power S42.S0. KERSHAW PRISMATIC BINOCULAR from England, coated lens, 8 by 30 power, extra wide angle. f I2S.00 with case. WATSON BAKER from England, 6X Individual focusing piece. With ase SSS.SO LUMEX Binoculars from Paris. 10 by 40 power, extra wide angle. With case S7S.00 LUMEX Binocular from Paris, S by 40 oowr, wide angle. With cae S0S.00 Camera Counter, Main Floor, Donald. Green Cross Sprayer For 2 - 4 - D Solution Hre is a really useful invention for those wishing to rid home lawns of weeds Green Cross "weed - no - more" Automatic Sprayer. The sprayer leads from an ordinary screw - rap to fit gallon jars finger pressure on gravity tube stops flow when desired. The sprayer (jar not Included) only 59c Patent Counter, Drug Section, Main Floor. Donald. ,'fj i 1 1 1 ! i i h i i i i iti ii i i i 1 1 a - a i a i i ' , TEA, EATON'S Mayfair blend, black, I lb. pkg 90c TEA. EATON'S Palawan blend, black, 1 lb. pkg 82c COFFEE. EATON'S Mayfair blend, purs, 1 lb. pkg., . . 57c COFFEE. EATON'S Palawan blend, pure, 1 lb. pkg., . . 47c 27c 15c 15c 14c BAKING POWDER, Magic. U - ox. tin .. PEAS. Culwerhouse choice quality, ungraded, 20 - 01. tin PEAS, Broder'a choice quality, ungraded 20 - 01. tin PUMPKIN, Culverhouse 28 - 01. tin MARMALADE. Waostaffe's pure orange, 44 2 - lb. tin OsCG ORANGE JUICE, Sunni - 4 J. club brand. 20 ot. tin. HC GRAPEFRUIT and ORANGE JUICE, Pasco, iAk . 20 - ot. tin 1 46 GRAPEFRUIT JUICE, Texas Tip, 20 - 01. tin OCf 2 for MM WEINERS and BEANS, Burn's brand, 15 - ot. tin faWe' LAMB STEW, Burn'a brand, 15 - oz. tin ... SPORK, an all pork product, 12 - oz. tin . SOUP. Aylmer mushroom consomme, 10 - oz. tin 2 for ...I SOUP MIX, Lipton'a package, 2 for SAUCE, Garton's H.P. 7', - oi. bottie PLUMS, Culverhouse prune. 20 - ox. tin ... APRICOTS, California, evaporated. 1 - lb CAKE FLOUR, Maple Leaf, 2 H - 'b. package .. KLIM, a whole milk powder, 1 - lb. tin .... CREAMETTES. a ready eut macaroni, OQ 3 - lb. package 09 C No Delivery, Foodateria. 19c 37c 25c 25c 29c 16c 65c 25c 66c FISH At Foodateria Prices HADDOCK FILLETS, fresh, lb COD FILLETS, frosted, lb SMOKED FILLETS mild cured, lb. SALMON STEAKS, frosted Red Spring, lb SOLE FILLETS, frosted, lb. ..... FINNAN HAODIE, Jumbo, lb. ...... 42c 29c 31c ted, 38c 38c 35c Meat Pies Your choice of Pork, Bsef, Steak and Kidney, and ""it nous, iresniy made. Each C WHfTEFISH, fresh from Lake Winnipeg M lb 34C No Delivery, Foodateria. Third Floor FLOUR. Five Roses, COFFEE, EATON'S Sun Olo lb S2.M J Q - Mb. St.14 ,b OwC . 2 lb. 71 OVALTIME u.. ...j ... . . 1 VIB, ' id zsia 47c BAKING. POWDER, EATON'S i:: i9c S lb. tin, JAM, Wsgstaffe's Blackberry :r:::.a..'b: 38c BEANS, Cut Green or Wax. tm'!.... 16C SAURE KRAUT, Smart's. tin 16C APPLE JUICE, ln20 01 tin. Graves or 4 fs Allen's. IOC r... 18c PEACHES, Aylmer, choice quality, 20 os. " 24 C SOUP, Heini Tomato, 10 ot., .' 21c Helnt Beef Noodle, 4 J. 10 0. tin 4C - Halns Chiekan Miuuiu 1U OS., tin CHICKEN HAODIC, 14 ex. tin, 58c 98c OS - IS OI SHREDDED, WHEAT. Break. vaxaai, s al Package 1 I C VIJ WHEAT GERM CEREAL, 3 1b. bag, ..29C SALT, for household use, S lb. bag MUSTARD. Keen's, 4 ox. tin 12c 30c ... 59c $1.10 16c 30c 24c CHICKEN STEW, Select 18 ox. tin CHICKEN DINNER. Select. 42c ox. , tin IS ox., . tin, VINEGAR, Helnx White, Malt ..C.:.!.;.;.. 16c ',.CKl.l5 N'"l tweet Rel. jte.r:?.m 25c Aboctf;.r.,!?!.!:.!.:?:28c NOODLES, Catellis' Egg S ox, Ktt 25c E0G8. Fresh Grade A ilCam Large, doxen , Sf QQ CHEESE, Leyden Spice Type, C 75c BAp!tv. r: 65c KRAFT 'SWANKY SWIGS, ex. Jar, 20C Third Floor, Donald.' Winnipeg White FISH Tuesday FtJjturc Fresh Out Of Tht Water From Cimli Th.w IlilrlViiHl i''!?"4.nQ '"" - nd good vslue. . , ' . - " ataioso; oencieus Filleted upon request at no extra charge. SMOKED FINNAN HAD0II, (umbo, mild cured, lb 35c 36c Crill Room PRODUCTS LEMON COOKIES, per doxen 20 FRENCH COFFEE CAKES. ch 24 APPLE PIES, each .. 41 MILK SCONES, ' per doxen 2S HEALTH SALAD, per pint M PUFF MEAT PASTRIES. r 204 Third Floor, Centre. Cooked Meats Ready - To - Serve JELLIED VEAL, sliced. lOe eseeeeee 2 VEAL and DRESSING, sliced. " 42c POTTED MEAT, English style. ,b 44 SPICED HAM. sliced, lb. 3c Third Floor, South ( Meats 1. Third noor - FnUHES - "iSI 19c S for 41 C HEAD LETTUCE, 4 aa Sue $s. each IOC ORANGEB, Callfarnia TOMATOES. Imported, - - Valenolav - Siie 28S C Firm and Ripe, per lb. 0C Pr d0,,n C0Q GREEN ONIONS, fll Size 220 AOt 2 hunche gC p,r d0"n HO CUCUMBERS. Import.d 4 SPINACH, Manitoba iftr " Grown, per lb IUG Third Floor, Hargrave. Vegetable Plants 2 - 4 - D Hormono TOMATO PLANTS. Early Varieties; CAULIFLOWER, Early Snowball; CABBAGE, Early and Lata: CELERY PLANTS. Dozan 2S4. J Dozen 83 Flowering Plants PETUNIA. Giants of California; PANSIES, Giant Mixed: CARNATION, Double Mixed; Dozen ISC. i Dosan fl.OO. Th Famous Dandelion Killer Death to Weeds. Harmless to Grass. 2 ox. tin SO. ox. tin Sl.OO. 24 ox. tin S2.7S. Seed - less Set A Hormone spray for the production of earliir. better Seed - less Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Peppers, etc. 1 oz. Bottle SO. 4 oz. Bottle $1.00. Seed and Bulb Section, Third Floor, Centre.

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