The Winnipeg Tribune from Winnipeg,  on September 27, 1943 · Page 13
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The Winnipeg Tribune from Winnipeg, · Page 13

Winnipeg, Canada
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Monday, September 27, 1943
Page 13
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mm mi ECU BEYCE'S l HOME rvu L. VJ VJ w 'klik' for breakfast MADE ARE WINNIPEG, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 1943 Page 13' DIFFERENT No. 231 P i i I ' , hi A ,f 1 A fan As Au jet .; H. A. GREENIAUS he succeeds a former westerner, N. R. Grunip, who is transferred to Toronto as the company's general superintendent. H. A. Grann - iaus, who has been general superintendent nt Toronto, comes to Winnipeg lo fill the position which Mr. Stockdill he'd here. The new appointments aie all effectixe Oct. 1. i London Started as Messenger western lines. C. E. STOCKDILL C.P.R. TRANSFER: After 32 years' service with the C P R. in Eastern Canada, H. A. Creeniaus has been transferred For New Railway Post CHARLES E. Stockdill, long a Stockdill, has been with th corn - leader in public and commun - pany 32 years. He stalled in Auditorium Kriday evening. erJ?nf5 i TrnA St. Boniface Council Blueu ill miscuic: ui ... r. .ununi. yice - presiricnt of western lines. Members of St. Boniface city "Mr. Stockdill is leaving a host , council will meet this evening nt of friends, - ' said Mr. Grant, 'not; 7.30 in the city hall. Mayo only in the Canadian racinc or - George MacLean will preside ganization, DUt inrougnoui an branches of western business life." E. D. Cotterell, Toronto, now general manager of eastern lines. welcomed Mr. Stockdill on behall Posted West I MAJOR G. W. NORTHWOOD Chairman of Sanatorium Board More Leifers Arrive From Jap Camps WORD has boon received in a message from Tokyo of a group of soldiers from Selkirk district. All are well. Sgt. Thomas H. Sinclair, Winnipeg Grenadier from Selkirk, sain ho was in a camp near Yokohama. I His wife lives at Lockport with their three children. 1 1 "Hello Selkirk and district." Sgt. Sinclair's message, "and a I very special hello to my w ife, children, mother and dud and the rest of the family. "Write Often" I have received a letter from to Winnipeg to succeed C. E. Stockdill, a veteran of 39 years'1 ou - Vera - ant VVHS Vf,' thankful servicowith the railway in the West. Mr. Stcckdill has been10 hoar pvol''one is w,1 - . 1 noPe t 1u. - - j . . 41 , , . )ou remain that wnv. Write often, assistant to the vice - president, western lines.We 1914. He ,.PllPI, can rP1tainiv build a mm. now goes to Montreal as assistant to the vice - president, 1 up under such conditions. W. M. Neil. "Tell Dora that while Mac (Mac 39 YEARS A WESTERNER C, E. Stockdill Leaves Hawes, of Selkirk) is not with me now. 1 know he Is well. "Hany Hawrxshnk. Winnipeg Beach, sends love to his father and mot her and sister. "David Wallace sends regards to his family. Names Other "Here are a few of the hoxs who were alive and kicking when I last saw them e'ght months ago. "George Townsend, Jimmy Kid - ity life of the province, on Sunday I ""'onto, as once chief clerk to ler, Al Burchand Ron Atkinson left the west in which he lived for 'he assistant to the vice - president (all of Selkirk); W. Achtymichuk, 33 years, promoted to a new posi - "nd general manager of eastern Malonton, Man. tion with the Caniiriian Pacific rail - ,llnes - 1'wo years ago he was ap - j "You must not worry about us, way at its head office at Montreal, pointed general superintendent at folks. We are not downhearted Since 1914 he hat been assistant to the vice - president of western lines. His promotion makes him assistant to the vice - president, W. M, Neal, also a former westerner, now at Montreal. loronio. and patiently await the outcome. Mr. Crump started with the! Cet Twa Lett company in 1920 as a machinist al field, B.C. He completed his ap - Two letters have been received iirenticeship at the Weston shops i from Sgt. Sinclair. The first, dated :n Winnipeg, and attended night 'June 3, 1942, was received two ir'hnnl hurA In win nnlrnni.. m wpftk'C n an Mrs Sinrtnir rornivivl Officials of the company repre - pur(jue University where h. ; the second letter from her husband sending all the western divisions of graduated with B.Sc. and M.E.I last Saturday morning. It wa the road on Saturday night made ( ipgreps jie fnBny became ns - !dnted March 23 1913, from a camp a number of presentations to Mr. sis,anl nuperintendent of motiv near Tok o. Stockdill at the Royal Alexandra 1 power. A year and a half ago he Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Irwin, 13 - 1 ho,fl. I went to Montreal as technical as - Hill St., Norwood, have received in nis new posmon ai .Montreal sistant to Mr. Neal. Mr. Crump second letter from their son. I'te. is only 38. I W. L. Irwin. It is w ritten from a prison camp near Tokyo and is also (dated March 23. 1943. Pte. Irwin V, MmMMiS&&X)wiimJitot , a s he is in "fair health and hopes Fortv - seven years ago Mr. Stock - CLnf n pnnf dill started his railway career as a "3"0' m root 15 - yrar - old telegraph messenger at andra hotel. Mrs. J. Andrew, Morden Pioneer, Dies, Aged 81 Mrs. James Andrex 81, pioneer; resident of Morden, where she had resident of Morden, where she had in 0 r Mosquito Crews 1 1 - HSSfcTl I Lt. - Col. E. T. Renouf. A3 Artil - , . . rl1 I . n .ni ,,; . n Win I P - - oiumoia; j Andrew of Stf. 4, Oakdale intendent of the company n Win - for ia, roursp His wife nipeg, Moose Jaxv, and Calgary. , GrRvstone Arm. win.; '.' . . .... ..,.,., Mr. Greeniaus who succeeds Mr. nipeg. (celebrated their golden wedding , A t ARM ADUKE the Mallard Major Northwood Heads Sanatorium Board MAJOR G. W. Northwood, fori many years chairman of tne) administration committee, ,va3i elected chairman of the Sanator - j ium Board of Manitoba at thej Hi'aiterly meeting of the board held at the Central Tuberculosis, clinic Friday. He succeeds C. E. Stockdill, who resigned due to hi! tian.sfer east as assistant to the vice - president, Canadian Paciticj railway. I Dr. E. L. Ross, medical supcrin - j tend - nt of the board, reported that; in the tirst six months of the year; more than 6.1W0 people were exam - 1 inert al traveling and stationery j tuberculosis clinics. More than; S.OOO apparently well people hav - 'j brer. X - rayed in industrial ant 1 community chest surveys. All this work has been financed mainly by last year's sale of Christmas seals. Dr. Ross pointed out that despite the general Increase In tuberculosis death rates In Can - rda and other countries, due to the war, the Manitoba death rate ha.s not Increased. He warnea agf.inst any feeling of complacency, however. Significant i, the increase from 3.")5 to 4'i7 in the number of new cases diagnosed. ! I f V , 1 i M m ' ' Xf B I r r I 1 1 wood for about 14 years. a pol is. ine tuneral service will he held; swim near the dock Wednesday at 2 p.m. in the Clark - Leatherdale funeral ehapel, with burial in St. James cemetery. Rev. E. F. Dutrher will officiate. Wheat Board Kernels Stage Benefit Show The Wheal Board Kernels Fri - in am 01 inp wnr - ume aruvines 01 the Isaac Brock community and Chalmers Church oversea, rlubs. More than 600 per present. Ladies of th erommun ty and church cal permission lo work are now 1 EflSt 11 r,Arv,rlmfti4 Vv.ratlnnl. lolini. Thu r.llo.L.n rArrnil. In "Ducky" for u.g. Besides her hushand, Mrs. An - : short, xvas a young wild duckling drew is survived bv three riaugh - j ho got separated Horn hi, brood, lers: Mrs. Will Brehher, Wetaska - He Krew UP b' himself in the win. Alia., now in Winnipeg; Mrs. ! rpf,ds nf ,n" bay ncnr tne Appen - George VV. Bradley, and Miss Isabel , hcimer dock. Andrew, both of St. James. A son. Not a Bad Lot' ueorge, men last year in Minne - j a - i, hecame older he ml After a while Marmaduke got to clambering up the dock and walking up about' 40 steps to the lodge. Every time he din this he got fed. All summer long he came each day for his rations. The Airedale dog of the Annen clubs were hosts to artists after heimer household got to the show. to knnxv his surrounding, and used tol li s sucidian. - 1 jxxould throxv food into the walci . fft Marmaduke began to think tiering I ''pWO Winnipeggers flew one of I these Mosiiuilo bombers fiom Canada to the United Kingdom recently, via Newfoundland and Iceland. The men are KO. A. U. McRne. 20, pilot, and KO. W. E. Hilton, radio - navigator. The planes, shown above just after their arrival overseas, were named after Saskatoon and Moose Jaw in honor of the showing those cities made in the Kourth Victory Loan. The Moos Jaw was flown hy Capt. H. Sieger. Palchoque. N.Y'., and R. G. Kiltness. Vancouver. Below is KO. A. P. Slnvel. of Winnipeg, ho has made 17 Mns - riuitn nnnalinns ovrr Germany. R.C.A.K. Photos.) .h.'un iwi wiui a .i inuuie line saturnav, nir. ann .mis. l.. Kircn, - . - v.... ... .... r.. . .... .... through various positions in the ,.:,:.. : oner. - .ting depprlment, xxriking at North Bay, Cnlgary and Winnipeg Mr. Stockdill know and liked the west. From the Great Lakes to Vancouver few had closer contacts or wider knowledge of transportation, business, and community development. I.J TlnarB nl Trarln nliH hnii llict AROUND THE TOWN to be homeward bound soon. East Kildonan Boys A letter dated March 22, 1043. has been received by Peter Lne - xx en. Jamicson ave., tast Kil Strike Voted . Granted Canada Packers Workers A strike vole will be held Wed - Army Committee For 5th Loan M.D. 10 todav announced com donan. from his son Pte. Gordon . 55; Marion St.. St. Boniface and Knj.,isn, A1 A.T.C. Brandon; Col while at home. Gnr. M. Denzelock, ! 333 Bannerman axe., received their R - Hooper, Dominion depart - Portage la Prairie; Ll. - Col. J. Brooklands Man was admitted to cond letter from their son, nt of labor '.and two representa - Nish. No. 10 District Depot; crooKianns, .nan., was anmiuea io .; ,, nt iho v nn ner nffn e of the t.iAr a ti lir.hiKr.nrn P. r n r rhd it was here he served longest.. General hospital about 10.30 Sun - ";"' camn nVarTokxo The let - National Selective Service Com - Maor S.' m! Connollv. P..C.F.'. Kor the last 20 years he has been . day nlj - ht. Later he was Uans - ; P" ' ""P j "mIJui'oA 6 P ; mission. i Sub - committees are: finance, assisiani io uie vice - pi esineni oi lerren to ine miinary no.spnai ai , : , , ,h, Th. .,h - .i,. ..m. ..... rrt.r.rl nm I t - Cnl. S Raxanriall: Cant. C. CHINESE RELIEF .larl at 1 4 r. n, anil I'm mrnnH i .1 t nn.,nr.t. H. Overseas Parcels Should Go Now "At once" is the time o mail parcels for armed forres overseas in time for Christmas, say postal authorities. Nov. 1 is the deadline. "But prepare your gifts at once and mail them as soon as possible," urges the P.O. ."Do not Include glass or easily damaged food container, or any inflammable material matches, lighter fluid, e:c. Last year niHny Christmas parrels were destroyed by fire on a ship because some thoughtless person had packed matches which ignited by spontaneous combustion." BEFORE THE MAGISTRATE Hy V.V.M. AGIS I RATE Kred E. Law occupied the bench in city police cum I tuu.iy and, uulside oi tused to hand oxer this sum, the platform. accused grabbed him by the thrbat. During the scuttle that ensued the complainant was thrown to the ground, and after Harry and his j companions had run away, the i complainant found he had lost his I wrist watch. j He called a policeman and Harry I ; was arrested at the corner of Rupert ave. and Main st. a few ' minutes later. Al the police 'station Harry produced the com - plninanls w rist watch and explain Airline Workers fort Osborne. He is stationed at." . .. '.. . " ... . . . . .m n ni.. i,n,,i .nH ti,i. Henm - tments International Machinists, have asked the company to Increase minimum basic wage ratis by 23 cents per hour, or fin equivalent of $46 per month, similar to the increases requested by the Canadian railroads' em - ployes Then something happened. Canadian CUO Two weeks ago a lone duck : fiew into the bay. She vamped O neOT J. VV . UOTOe Marmaduke. He fltw away with D. John u Dafnr pI(,Mflrnti her and stayed away for hours. h(1 Winnipeg Free Press, will he Then he got to staying out all , snenker Thursrinv norm al night, and this is what he is doing now about five nights of the week. A. A. Willard Going To Food Conference , A. A. Manitoba Retail Merchants' ' maduke flew in fiom th - .riy TUrsdnv, and will remain in the "Don't 1 nen, arm in arm, as 11 v. re ..I.. U - l:i:. - .: j:..: r. i r. .TlflrmaOUKe BTU IU - Aireia'i r 01 iuiiitii - i) iur nnun'Miic ca? - positions won reiinninmiion cuvi - ; iiinrn s ixnHi unanirin lavai . , rftmininn ,cnrintiin ritnil mer finding program has resulted in , on approval have invariably done . Service w ill leave Winnipeg Tues - ,a Vt - h V ,1 a most of these being discovered in well. Employers now accept with day for basic training at Gait !,rrt' .. i"s' ,n')uRnt ' chants. a minimal stage of tuberculosis, 'confidence men and women recom - 'Ont.: Evelvn M. Bowrn. Mariorie1 !lWP" lrtrs - A, sonn as ln .'ear Acromp.inying Mr. Willard xvlll T. A. J. Cummings. director ot mended hy the division. Training J. Lund, stenographers; AudrevWM. ,ove.r "rtnartuke woj d n. Markav Alberta provir rehabilitation, reported that as a facilities are in demand by pa - iRohinson and Florence McNeill. . , flocK. He never n.Kei ' ' ' ' result of the program of vocational tients, and during June. July ami general clerks; Marion Miller. re - nr' ,he rr,urn ,r'P - ir'"1 rnanaijer, who is in U.nn.peK guidance, vocational training, and August ,lfi3 lessons were submitteit mutator: Clara Peterson, ward Diving Exhibition this week. Sinn Evans, - linn man direction in finding employment, to correspondence schools for cor - room attendant. All are from Marmaduke became very fi!en'l - of the Men's Wear section, will al - no qualified ex - patients with medi - iectiua. , Manitoba. 's) with the familj and the guuts.. tend the board meeting. I a luncheon meeting nf the Winnipeg Canadian club to lie held in J the Royal Alexandra hotel. The Annenheimer, Used to be1 t or nis sun.iecl, Dr. Ualoe ha able to go rioxvn to the dock am ,,ie Appenneimers werrn 1 a na. MarmadUKe Tomorrow. A student of Con call "Ducky" and ..D,.ll4.... ..,,1 - rho. - en: Canada, Yesterday ,101. vxnenever Mr. Appenneim. - i ,, ... .. ... ... ..,.,., mrtereiinn (returned in the exening in th; Bn BUrn),on ,0 the call. No n,, - of the Rowrll - Siro.a commission, ! out hoard motor the drake would m he hoJsl,hl,f uko ,nis but On Dm foe is expected to Include ,(1y in to meet n ni. ihere is nothing that can he done, discussion of the Sirois report and Even the Airedale is grumpy and Confederation in his address, off his feed. The thing is a neal tragedy. I Saw - " Willard. secretary of the "OMING from down town the V - i other day I saw in the xarH this bird was small and s'.ruck of the York st. detention home up an acquaintance. Before .ig socation. will attend the National ; pr,sonPr (.uttn(, thp M , he waited on the doi k w hen M.i. - Food Conference in Toronto next rirPW nrar 1 noard hj .incine; east for the hoard meeting of the More. Get Around Much Anglicans Celebrate Synod, Anniversary In Auditorium Service AT an impressive service of witness in the Civic Auditorium, Sunday evening, comniemoratinjr the 50th anniversary of the General Synod, His Grace, Archbishop U tt. Sherman, of Rupert's Land, who preached the sermon called for a whole hearted consecration to the service of God and his fellow man. "We witness by what we are In our daily life ind D8uglas Bodle it th and in our recognition of God," he challenged. More than 4.200 crowded the stage and auditorium and hundreds were turned away. Held under the auspices of Winnipeg Aglica churches, the service was the largest of its kind ever held here by that denomination. In attendance were the Anglican clergy of Winnipeg and suburbs, and A. E. Hoskins, K.C., chancellor of the diocese of Rupert's Land. Assisting the Archbishop In the service were v en. Arcnileiicon l). U!,um 1U" ol uiuiihs, uiuy uiii - !T v.nkt,r lllHl Camm 0,,, - g,, K.I case was proceeded with. Tins wa' Calvert li.eiiiiiina.y licuililg of u thel. I ' ' charge laid against Hurry, who The service opened with a fan - j eiei..ii for u iijiv iriin. fare of trumtiets played hy four! Evidence of thu complainant was men and four women of the R C. that he was walking along Rupert ' A K. The long processional of 500: axe. near King St. aoout 10.1J p.m. ; norisiers irom eny ennns was. when he was approached by Hdin ; headed each hy its own banner. As a fitting climax to the splendid service, the choir, conducted by Fred Walker with Allan Vickers at the Hammond i h ninth Rtir. irnininir rpnttu .Infantry berore tne outoreaK oi time ago ny tne department oi, "". " '"'.',! .' V SUSPENSION of sentence for Portal la Prate """"'jwar and later transferred to the labor, but there was considerable' Capt. C. H. Parkinson; special week advised the i management ha S years was allowed by Portage la Prairie. Winnipeg Grenadiers. He has a delay in negotiating details. I names. Capt. G. Young; member, they consider themselves entitled, H' ?( ,b $25 Donation I E. A. Poulain, secretary - treas - turer, H.M.C.S. St. Boniface equip - resigned as chairman of the Sana - $2,500 In Stamps tonum Board of Manitoba. Mr. Stockdill during his long residence in Winnipeg was one of the leading supporters of the First Baptist church. He has been leader of the men's Bible class for 26 years. At the Roxal Alexandra hotel Saturday night H. C. Grant, gen - Loewen. He fairl thue fre two vul,"n I""'1 41 " "".R. L. Mitchell. A13 I.T.C.. Shilo other East Kildonan boys in the ,10 11 P m' Camp; Col. R. E. Bliss. A.t A.T.C. ramn with him John Zinko and1 The vote will "be conducted by Shllo Camp; Lt. - Cnl. L. Younger, Arririrntallv nhnntinr. himself in 'rLM..n. T.,in. i tlarrik K. .tnhnstnne. Domirnn in - miri iH Te VnrP Harrv - 1 .1 - Ontario. He rose rapidly,., , . :,, ' ... . . ' rt,,,iPii rintinn ni, - er nssUieH hv i n t iuni innih ta Tr young brother, Leonard, at home. ! It was (inderstood here this mom - ' Lt. K. Jarvis; C.W.A.L.. Major L lit receive an increase m minimum - - . , : J,: 'JI Mrs. Eleanor Robinson. 62 Hum - ing if the employes voted in favor ; Wilson; reserve army. Col. R. G. basic xxage rates similar Io those. ny In the eaae, of Melv.n S mon boldt ave., St. Vital, has had word; of a strike it would not necessarily Graham. Capt. G. A. Holman; pub - requested ln recent submissions by; . and Rollin Kast, farmers of from her son, Cpl. Roy Robinson, ! follow Immediately. However, the licity. Capt. Norton Anderson; the employes of Canadian railionds.annystelle district, who p eaded Txxice he has been president ofiment committee, announced th.s who - is in a prison ramp neni employes would be iilile to st i ike i.ieui. .i. v. i.ih.iiis, ni Lodges 764 and 1572, Inter - , .' ?,.., .,:,:. 2'T.ieut. J. D. Douglas; transport Lodges 764 and 1572, j rr... - .i. t - a rfnnglinn r.f nh,,i VMVTnL - vn TIlB teller W BS dlllei lll.. if ihnv ,1 ... - iilofl atlon. MBlor L. L. KOWni'llS, LB II .... . . ., Mhl Hll"b k"'" "I nvmu.... ation, Major C. C. Edwards, Cnpt Association of ine X'V innipeg nouru in i miir. r ui e, ............. v. - ,.b..,.j .. ....j years he has served on one or more for the ship, lt was raised by the March 22. 1943. I - - - of its committees. He is a former Norwood Lawn Bowling club at a A Japanese prisoner of war in president of the Manitoba Associa - recent tournament. Java, tu. xx . o. ueicnioro, n.i.. ; rOfnDOne CVOnqeiSl ....I AIT Un. linn tn hia U'ifd uhr . rp.sliirs at 160 Rosehprry s!., St. i To Preach Tuesday James. FO. Luetrhford was at - ! isntimi m The wmnmn Tribunel The "Vitamin V" dance spon - tached lo the R.A.F. w hen he was I i:.. .!, ,,.nrn sored by the Winnipeg Druggists taken prisoner. I nn""1 evanKcl.M. singer, - in support, of their campaign lo He says he is in excellent health. hne player and composer, Homer raise 513,000 in Manitoba hy the Last word received from him was Rodeheaver will tell the story of sale of War Savings Stamps, in Kehruarv, 1942. rAtlliArl ' 0"i nrri..ial anr.m.n.A.1 1 C.ln.. Anhclinn in th d!. Inrz - fl C. E. Scott; civil service personnel, V. II. Spilzer. Objective in M.D. 10 is S30 per head. In the last loan personnel purchased bonds amounting to 15743.502. ollne, the property of His Majesty the King. The gasoline was received April 17 from some members of the air force who delivered it to the ac - cused lrom a drum on an air force truck ged that a joint 11 n T - J I. submission be made to the Na - (Y)rS. l. rcQOrUK tional War Labor board for per mission to implement the quested increases. r: (Killed By Train labout four years ago. A. Ross, MP 1 Snur;., only Progressive Con - ; nnd erxatue memner fmm Manitoba in the piesent House of Commons, has been appointed chairman of the Progressive Conservative federal ion in Manilnha. The position is really that of federal organizer for the party in Manitoba. The appointment was announced late Saturday by R A. Bell, Ottawa, national director, of the party, following a series of conferences in the city Thursday and Friday with supporters of John Bracken, national leader of the party. A rommiltee to assist Mr. Ross will be named within the next ten Any dux s. ; "This committee, MARY LYNCH, "will he representa! filiS Stradbrook ave. who are suppor grand piano, sang the Hallelujah Chorus from Handel s Messiah, i At the back of the improvised chancel was a white cross and the theme of the anniversary: "We are not divided, all one body we." Prayers weie said for the King and all in authority, lor all on active service Hnd for the accomplishment of God's purpose. A feature was the congregational singing directed by Mr. Walker and all the hymns chosen had a triumphant note. A collection was taken to help bombed churches in iSritain. Taking his text from Daniel: "Then I rose up and did the King's business," Archbishop Sherman said the text of witnessing was In service to God. "We need a background to our life today," he stated. Along with priyer went ptar - und two other men. i ne processional, i ne cnuirns llcr Tn(v must wjnpss n the He said Hairy, whom he had n Koundatinn, had to be sung realily of the spirit in their lives, never seen before, Demanded 2j fnr limes while the singers P' o - 1 Thov must be w.tnesses to the cents lrom him and when he re - .ereded up the aisle to the raised; unjtv Kn( brotherhood of Christ. ! In the home, in erturation and in all walks of life they must be prepared to show their colors. "Too long have we been silent partneri in the work of God," he declared. Sugar Company Plant Starts Production miitee' appointments for the 5th jed he had found it on the street rP1112 Manitoba Sugar Co. plant at Eort Garry opened today to pro - Victoiy Loan enmpnign. Chairman ' Magistrate Law remanded Harry j duce sugar from the 1943 beet crop. is Lieut. - Col. G. K. Dudley. (until Tuesday to be committed for ; Digging of the 14,000 acres of crop started a week ago and first i The working committee includes: i jury trial. "deliveries were received nt the plant on Sept. 23. More than 50 cars ;Col Dudley, chairman; Capt W.j . . . al were leaded and shipped last week from points between Winnipeg and ! .1. Mi Shane, secretary; dipt. (.. Among others remanded were 41 I., Munroe. paymaster; Capt. Norton . who were arrested at 2.43 !,ne ""national boundary, most 'Anderson, publicity; Capt. G. am, Sunday when members of the!0' tncm irom Rosenfeld, Letellier,:(.nr(, 0f u,e digging and shipping. ! Young and Lt. K. Jarvis, special morality squad raided a house on Dufrost and Morris, and other rie - The supply of Japanese labor U names. I M.D. 10 committees are; honor chairman, Brig. R. A. Macfar j College ave. One of them is 'liveries are being made by truck.jabout the same as last year, charged wnn Keeping a gaming , Accumulated shipments Saturday ncsday among employes of Canada , ,.,, ' ff ' ' .nHinB ,,u - . 1 , .1 ah r niK"1 wp,e enoungh to start opera ary nousc ann ine rest Hie cnargen The labor situation is most set I - ous in the area close to Winnipeg Kor this district the Farrr, Help Packers Limited, it was announced MD ln. rnmmi)trPi Col. P. G. Bell. ,hPm arP out on hail and the cases;1'0" of plant and keep it going; Service is co - operating with t . today. The polling place will be rtistrir, mpftiral officer; Col. S. S. wi noxt he called on Wednesday. I"""1 ,he crop is in, unless , company to get laborers who will weather interrupts digging. be paid the current wage. About half this jear'i acreage !b The tonnage per acre miy te a on or adjacent to the Mennonit little loxver than last year. Kigures reserve around AHona where t.V have not yet been compiled to labor upply may be able to takelxvarrant Tin estimate of the crop. Seek Betler Pay sentenced i For Using l Employes of Canadian Pacilici ;Air Lines Ltd. maintenaee, over - 1 A Vlfltinn Cnc; Missing ! WW A son of G. S. Kanson, 226 Oak Thu Mn'hinivlv' on,iii I inn hns! Th nvnensinn was made Condi - st - . J" HGM T LILUT. l.OKDO.N L - tlnll 1 AL - L - Xl.n Crtr.1 7 1 ' .... . VVTII I A VI KTVTT rVcnl I. .nviu, i.nm.. .'in also requested that any increase 111 tional upon eacn ol the accuseo . With contributions still coming in, , : ,j . r. , ... , ... t ported missine on active service his life under the title Sincine the ... , c. - ..h..!.. - ... "nn - w" - '8 ,m,MU ,,"s P"" ,wu'1 V"" - ' .... e. Gosnel Around the World, at two L Z ' " he railroad employes over and view of the previous good record 't " - '"" "" ..n,i...u .....L.n.s nii.iwu... . u ,., ....... .j,,.,,,,, ......... rayr remniec. m unic nn - , , k h, ... ,.. ,. i., . ... , ,1.. .. .i. - . u - c i niii.. nt . tnrlav Tho rlanro u.c in lh Civu - Ffl l.nelchfnrH was hmldinff sll - moolinf nl Younir rhurch. 1 ues - ' r c mo i iu. r - hinntn U'r lMl - """ ' . i" m ine mm n mm me im . umi m. ..i.. ... s jenm ofc.j. i - meetings, at Young church, Tues - :M.m nf $240 to the Chinese War ,B;s!f 7''. ' "."v!.,t.Jc penntendent of the Royal Alex - iday evening. Klrst meeting will i nplipf fund. The committee in i . 'j ui .tiii. pnmi i. - o.i.i. i. nil.. tp HCIUaiiy CUKHgetl IM lllIllliiKi ciifii'iiil itui'i'il 11. oiiimi HIII4 in: ini I'l, iiiij iiiiiiiiiiuiii nir JUflge VVniliaw XX as unwilling IU ixrivill si:ilLiiiift, miiMing in epieill - at 0.30 p.m. ' Clark.' W. Craig and J. M. Black.'!""" of h company's employes ,mpose jail sentences. Mr. Rodeheaver. who has direct - t;nrlr.r supervision of Miss M.!C0vcr,(1 the submiswon. j . ed as many as 50.000 voices at onejshanks, the local school girls held time, w ill lead the meetings in : a tag cay, netting $18.7.) for thi. song and will play the trombone. fund. I'TWAS EVER THUS Benefactor For Love is;Yhcnever they xvent swimming lie It oer, j.iii. ne trained al tdmon claimed that the proposed increases kiMed Kridnv - .flcrnoon when she i ! nv"seas with the Fort Garry, would bring the wage rate to ap - l R,, - Urk "hv , Winnipegosis - , Ilorse - proximately equal with the basic!,n ncal train, ! wage rail's in encci lor simimi "HKC in ica in L - iiuii annum , , . , . T i w t classifications of employe, of Ens. - ' ,BkPn ' V m n OUf LeufeIOlfS ni..r onH nvr In P f M P I ern Air Lines of the United States. The submission was signed by II. S. Cox, Vaux, J. Home, J, Un - . anniversary. I . 1 "The Man Who Came to went too anrl snowed mem so - iie r - Cnm t n,.v Veal Mrs. Andrew was born In 18C2 in j Dinner'' at the home of Mr. and funcy diving. He would stay vim . 'son. conductor iGordon V. Gi and Scotland, and came to Canada "8 Mrs. C. J. Appenheimer. them frcars aco. She had resided in' Mr. and Mis. Anoenheimer live leemsi .fn.:.Au. cn M I. 1 t .... ,1.1 U...i.w,l Ihnrn U'hpn thev were FPSt III CT Oil h ..iniuiuim nu jrnn nun in .viuiut - n ol iain i.uum - uii i.n iu jim... j . i;.. . .... .1 n half a een.urv. She had lived at at the mouth of the Red river, the easy chair, on the lawn, f,l - S Lyons Ca nn .an xue - p.eMdeni ii,. n.tA t - n....i i. . - i i ,,. in Murm.iMiike u - hn hjc V.w them when they went canoe - oi tne assoc latum. oeen nicknamed ton, High River, Alia , and Brandon, where he receixed his wings. He was posted overseas in November, 1012. A brother, Flight Lieut. Hart L - nn.nn I. ...111. U Fl "I 1 T.' and The Machinists committee hai D ' ' rrf LL. tminniiu " brother - in - law, Capt. H. J. Pacey, by the train rrewfl Train crew Promoted Overseas member, were J. Clyde, engineer; j p,.om,,iion nf four Manimh. firemin; S. Wat - Wilfred Gilmour. ""'"'' lieutenants serving overseas to today. Vih.n ih Mm .iitiini.ti Wilkinson, Lodge captain was announced ,.U on lhe beach ,tr"nttr..,.reM.n.aUve of I he International hrakeman all o Dauphm, and Thev were: Cecil B. 1 .Vlm V,r Association of Machmis.s; and D., 'i'0 .,,n'ris', W'n"JP'.. , 21", Cen.ennial s... Winni captain was announced 1 ? said Mr. Bell, itive of all those 1 C irteis of Mr. 6 . who suiporte( fc'tmtme who supporter Biacken. Many f - ,r t.iv' wn.mri I caw. Mim.hl, coxernmert when he wns pre - l.r'h n .onrrtin livo H.k.l. in Hint " " ' . 1 n 1 ' Ferguson, inmpee: Mil - Mrs. Kednruk lived alone on a ton J. Francis. Port Arthur. Out.: farm between Fork River and George K. Grainger. 400 Andrews Winnipegosis. Her husband died 'si.. Winnipeg, and Arthur H. Illoole, 174 Home st Winnipeg. Ross Named Manitoba Conservative Organizer 1: ..n in - nuinni! HrH iiivk nrt mier oi .Mannooa nave axsuren nn m - .ii i.ukv n .hrnmt i tt, rupuni ,),.,, nrv (.ontinue to support port tliey will give his policies of .Ai. inirr.i nc. m. n2 - - wrtu ii 0..1 him as national leader of another rational reform. .mi . - m 11 m ih i paw fnnmr xv.nm. ca'tv that will do whatever thev Organizers are to he appointed - Tn ii h. ...rfa . ... - vumni - . the rest in each province. Mr. Bell left for . till HI pri nil f. Hill pie in I 'I'' I ' :0 iur the bKt 1 feAW in bfptmiier, LIEUT. - COL. J. A. ROSS 1 1 . of Canada in the measure of ui - iCalary Sunday nighU

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