Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 14, 1962 · Page 19
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 19

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 14, 1962
Page 19
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Thursday Evening, June 14, 1962. YOUNG ACTOR CONVICTED SANTA MONICA, Calif. (UPI) — Television > actor Billy Gray, who plays the young son in the "Father Knows ' Best" series, Wednesday was convicted of iffle- gal possession of marijuana. Superior Judge Mervyn A. Aggeler allowed the actor to remain free on $2,025 bail and ordered him to return July 13 for sentencing. HOCKMANS SAFE BUY USED CARS SEE OUR CL'BA'N SEjlfiOTI'DN . . . TODAY! 1962CORVAIR Monzci, radio, heater, automatic, 8,000 miles. 1960 FORD Fairlane 500; 6 cylinder; auto, matic radio, and heater, power steering, I960BUICK Elactra 225 Convertible, full powor, blue with white top,.real sharp. 1960 CHEVROLET Bol Air, 2 door sedan, 6 cylinder, automatic trarumlssicrs power glide, 1 owner. I960 FORD Galaxie Convertible, radio, heater, power steering end brakes, jet black. 1959 FORD Galaxia 4 door sedan, radio, healer, automatic, power steering and brakes all whtfe, 1958CHRYSIER Imperial, 4 door, full power, A-l condition, local car. 1958 FORD Ranch wagon, 2 door, standard transmission, new car trade-in. 3 *° cnooi8 *«""' 2 doorSf 4 doorj , sfan . dard and automatic transmissions. 1959Tnunderbird Full power. 1961 Mercury • 4 door hardtop, radio, heater, power steering and brakes. 1 Q'I'A IF1PP ^ C '°° r slat!on Wa 9° n ' dirion. cylinder, excellent con* MANY 55 - 56 - 57 & 58 Sedans, Hardtbps and Convertibles to choose from, all at reasonable prices.. . 12 Month Written Warranty On Used Cars Your Dftaler For Lincoln—Mercury—Comet Market at 8th MOTORS. INC. Phone 4118 YOU CAN SAVE. Plenty of Time and Money By Seeing (Our Huge Selection of A-*l Used Cars fi'2 Wfl ! D'f*F Polara Convertible, WA ISV/WwC power iteering and brakes, automatic transmission, bucket soars, radio, heater, white walls, wheel covers, 3,000 actual milel. Over $3900 $3195.00 1961 Ford Gaiaxie Victoria, 2 door, Thunderbtrd 352 special engine, cruis.o- matic transmission, radio, heaf- or, v/hito walIsj wheel covers, backup lights, $2195.00 1961 Chevrolet Bel Air, 2 door, V-8 engine, radio, haater, white walls, whtsel covers. $2095.00 1961 Mercury Monterey 4 dcqr hardtop, pow- «r steering and brakes, radio, heater, white walld wheel eov- »ri. $2195.00 1960'Ford Falcon 2 door, deluxe trim package, Fordomatic, radio, hooter. $1295.00 1961 Ford Galaxie Town sedan, o cyf. engine, straight transmission, radio, heoter, white wall tires, back up lights. $1995.00 1961 Ford Falcon 2 door, deluxe trim package. Ford-o-matic ( white wall tires. $1695.00 1959 Ford Gdaxie Victoria, 2 door, Thunderbird 352 special engine, power steering, Cruise-a-matic, radio, white sldewall tires, wheel covers. $15*95.00 1960M.G. 4 door sedan, 4 cyi., engine, 4 speed transmission radlo ; heater. $1395.00 JOHNSON FORD SA1.FS, INC. 25th * Market Phone 5104 Auto Dispute DETROIT—Four thousand Ford workers were laid off Wednesday night at Wixorn just outside Detroit because of a dispute at a stamping mill at Walton Hills, Ohio. Ford' officials said 35,000 workers in numerous assembly plants could tie laid off by Friday if the dispute is not settled. RESTORE OLB GLORY WASHINGTON (UPI) -Rep. James B. Utt, R-Calif., said on Wednesday the Defense Department had ordered the American flag restored to all military recruitment advertisements. Utt protested earlier this year that Air Force recruiting posters showed the United Nations flag but did not show the U. S. flag. TELEVISE CONFERENCE WASHINGTON (UPI) - President Kennedy's news conference at 4 p.m. EDT today will be televised and broadcast live. Press secretary Pierre Salinger said all radio and .television networks would air the conference live except the, Columbia Broadcasting System, which will video> tape it for use at 5 p.m. EDT. FATHER'S DAY SPECIAL GIVE DAD A 2nd CAR FOR JUST DOWN I 956 MERCURY 2doorhardfo P -$].OOdown 1955 PLYMOUTH 2 ^.oo ^ 1955 FORD 4 door-Sl.OO down 1955 FORD 2 door-$1.00 down 1955 STUDEBAKERiPick u p tru«*-4i.oo down 1954 PLYMOUTH 4 do=,^.oo d OWn 1952 LINCOLN 4 doo^oo a™ 1953 OLDSMOBILE *.«, down "9,8" 4 d'oor, power steering and brakes 1955 PACKARD A******™ 1953 CHEVROLET 4^1.00-*™ Month Month Canter Sales & Service 26th and (Market "iljaGAMSIROIRir'S lAUTOMiOTWE iBARGAliN iBiASBMiENT" IPhone SSS/^Oipen Til 9 p. m. MONEY in the bank When You Own A GRABLE OK USED CAR or TRUCK and you FEATHER YOUR NEST... WITH THE SAVINGS! VAiUUBS HAVE MOVED 'UP . . . PRIDES HAMEMTI IjT'S EASY TOO OIWIN AMD DRIVE A'N ?'OK" USED OAR . . . WHEN YiOU TRADE AT GRABLES CHEVROLET TWELViE iMillLf, interior. 1960 1959 blua. * do ° r ^° nzo ' '° 2 "Hfliner power g | ic | 0] many extra! , whit(J w i th red 4 d °° r Mdan - 6 cylinder, autornallc )ranimisiion , own . r , «,.„„. T 2 cloor : ° dan < B °l Air, 6 cylin- dori powir g , id ^ one bwn >, ri ownod. 1957 CHEVROLET 2 a ^U±sio^; y o'l± • JF j v v^i'C v 'iv^if JUB I ' j j u i t, MANY OTHER CAWS (TO CHOOSE IfWOM -TRIUCKS- a950iOH.BVlRiOllJET Vz ton IPickirp, long bed 1959 OHEVIRIQIJET % ton pictnel truck 1959 (FORD 1/2 ton Chassis and Cab 7.958 iCHBVIRlO.lJEir % ton 4 speed, flat bed, dual wheels 1956 IPOIRID % ton Pickup 1949 FORD V2 ton pickup 1946 iNTERNATIONAl, V 2 ton Pickup. 1940 OHBVKCML'BT Pickup FEATHER YOUR NEST Buy Now... Today. ..At GRABLES CHEVROLET "Drive A littU-Save A lot" TWJBIVE MlUE, IND. PH. 2241 IREVEAL NEW TRANSFORMER MUNCIE, Ind. (UPI)—Westing house Electric Corp. today unveiled a power transformer with 50 per cent more capacity than any in use in the world. The transformer was one of the features of a tour of the firm's new power transformer plant here for newsmen. The 600,000 kilovolt- ampere transformer soon will be shipped to a customer. The record - breaking transformer weighs about 300 tons and is as high as a S'/a-story building. Robert N. McCollom, general manager of the Westingliouse power transformer division, said it is powerful enough to handle Die electric power needs of a city of more than 700,000 population. McCoUom said the new_ plant, recently chosen one of the top 10 new plants in the nation, has the capacity to build transformers as large as .one million kolovolt- amperes. He said the plant represents the largest single capital investment ever made by Westinghouse on a single project. Logansport, Indiana, Pharcn-Tribuno nineteen Bottle Gas Blast MUWCIE, Ind. (UPI)—A gas Xurnace in the newly built rural home of Iferold Anthony, 27, exploded today, destroying the dwelling in less than an hour. Anthony and his wife, Mary, 28, were eating breakfast when the bottle gas furnace, which was located in an attached garage, exploded. The explosion threw Mrs. Anthony from a stool and later she complained of back injuries. The couple were able to walk to a neighbor's house, Anthony suffered minor burns. Six fire units from the Yorktown Volunteer Fire Department responded. Rooms and Garages Remodeling J. A. HODSON CONTRACTORS Federal Spending, Tax Policy Studied WASHINGTON (UPI) - The Kennedy administration is going through one of those "agonizing reappraisals." This one concerns tederal spending and tax policy. It is sure to produce lively, perhaps bitter, debate. On the outcome of the reappraisal hangs in part the size of the tax cut,— for individuals and corporations — which President Kennedy will propose to Congress for passage next year retroactive to' Jan. 1, 1063. The new look at fiscal policy stems from these developments: —The failure of the economy to expand rapidly tlu's year. The consequence: full use of resources — men and machines- is still an uncertain hope for the future. Budget In Red —The prospect, still not openly acknowledged by the White House, that the 1963 budget will run in the red, perhaps by as much as ?4 billion. A modest $436 million surplus was originally planned. Modern economic orthodoxy leaches that government can influence the level of business activity in two ways: by what it takes out of the economy in taxes; by what it pumps into the economy through spending and loans. President Kennedy has endorsed the view of his economic advisers that the present tax structure takes too big a bite out of individual and business purchasing power and (hereby brakes the economy's thrust towards full employment More than any other economic factor, this explains his decision to ask Congress for a tax reduction, Federal Spending Question The question still to be resolved is federal spending. Should there be a revenue surplus, a balance, or a deficit? Budget Director David E. Bell implied Tuesday that this is an unsatisfactory way to look at the budget. He suggested . that it might be more intelligent to examine federal' spending and rev& JERUSALli Israeli polki three others First gunbi.l along the Is der dividing years. The clash Musrara qu. Israel lodgeii test with ih< mission ai:> moved in to dent. nue as they contribute to achieving full employment. Bell said he was not.sure that such an approach to budgeting would ever he adopted, "but it is' clearly an iltempt to face the real problem i that confronts us, and'in SOIIM respects it is (he most soph in lie a ted and precise standard tliiit has yet been suggested for fnderat fiscal policy." Clash oni Border M, Israel (UPI)-An iman was killed' and vounded today in tho le with Jordanians rauli - Jordanian bor- Jerusalem in four erupted near the i.rler of Jerusalem. an immediate pro<, U.N. Truce Com- 1 U.N. observers investigate the inci- PAII) BY UNION WASHING ;XW (UPI)-A night club comic told Senate investigators todisy that a personal libel suit he won agiiinst an official of an entertainers union was paid for with iurds from the union treasury. Richard ]'. Jones of Glcnolden, Pa., said fie settled the suit against Jack Eiright, administrative secretary of the AFL - CIO American Guild of Variety Artists in 1957 llur i!20,000. But he said the money was paid him from dues colle:t.ed from the 13,500- man union. He did not give details of whs.; the suit was about. Big Defi :if' WASHING TO'.SI (UPI)— Instead of the siriull surplus for fiscal 1963 hoped for when the budget was presenled :in January, a deficit of $4 Isllion now is foreseen on top of Uii.; year's $7 billion deficit, insi'lers, said today. Read i'he Want Ads! OUR TEEPEE IS LOADED WITH HEAP BIG VACATION SPECIALS SO BRING THE OLD BUS IN AND LET'S TRAD'UM TODAY • Take That Vacation Trip Out West in Good DEPENDABLE TRANSPORTATION 1 9&1 iMEROJTfY Won1 ° rey 4 door ho^lop, becutiful tan and while wilh Ion all vinyl in- I 7W I JllfelVVUn I terior, full carpeting, Mercomalic, radio with rear ioat spoaker, pow- or steering, power brakes and many orher extras. A clean 1 owner locol car C^|PI|% 4 door Ranch Wagon in beautify! light green with mafchm'tj interior. Fordomat.'c I WIYIS transmission. Hero's another excellent local, 1 owner ixir that d?OA12A will make a dandy family cor on that vacation trip. Only , , ^*A vi» jr I960 •OUD'S'AA'ORffl'F D >' nam ' c 88 4 door Holiday hardtop. Booulfu Piovincal while wilh '***' WfclsWiMflWBkiU. gr0 y interior. Hydramatic, power slecring, piiwer brakes, radio with rear seat speaker, doluxa Interior, full carpeting. <tOO9Q Smoolh comfortable riding every milo of the way. Only ,. ^AAOjr 1960 DOIDGE Dart 2 door sodan ' * C V'- standard shift, radio, hooter. 'Ihis oay is in boau. ***" **«»l/Vit tiful condition end lalk oooul economy driving, this can'" b« <t 1 1 AQ beall Striking 2 ton» tan finish.' Now just «?' " *» » 1959 FOftD Cuilom 30 ° 4 A °°' loc!on ' Fordomatic, radio, hooter, sparklitH| white finish with IV \V grev i n t er i of- Analheir local, 1 owner beauty. jui 1 ^tllllO wailing to be driven, Only \ *?* * WJ 1 95'9 B'UICK Eleclra * dcor nantlto P' Gorgeous sag* green finish and n excellent condition. **1V(I\ ^ perfect family car wilh loads of driving comfort, st 1 ! f,iLQ It's a local one owner automobile too *P • OO f 1 9'59 CHEVWOUT ' m P°' a <»nvorlibl*. Beautiful white wilh red into lor. and it's obso- i f»iw vnKvivubGi | u , fo | y IJ.J, new | nsJc!> and ou( _ Power ,!<•„,i, B ,, nc ) <J>i7(an power brakes. All ready for lots of fun in the sun T ' 'Of 1 95t9 • JMItiR'flEOfiS 8eni ' 9 ° SL roclcl>ler ' g'i'tening black and sporliji'ij :i iptmklng new lop, wiirikij -r^Ts one's in excellent condition, and who wouldn'l : rivo m ^"O'Q^Q prido in this prestige sports jobl *J)AW*J jf 1'9'57 CHE'VROLIET * d °° r !edop '' 6c ^ > " fwkeM*- ^«auMu\ 2 tar* grttn and a show WlWUiil room i n | or i ori Exceptionally low mileage. Ihls one owner car has had excellent care and sh»'s ready to go iOOlft to th. Seattle World's Fblr ; $707 1 957 OUD'SiMQIBILIE Sup8r 8 " F ' esla alaHon wa S on - Rod °^ l>l«cl: oncl lots of power, WMswiJIIIWDlUb including Hydroman'c, powor steering and Vatin, nidio, healer. A good dependable 1 owner family oar . <t ^ 1 AQ that's yours for just | *pl I "fy 1957 'PlY'MlflllTII Suburbon 2 door station wagon, Bcyl., Power: ite transmission all I f*l I hlfllWUin shin«d up in a lik. new yellow ->- - - finish .and ready for relaxing summer driving | 4 door Holiday sedan. T his classic 98 model is nil "white and in excellent condition. See It today MYERS OLDSA ,OBIl.E CADILLAC A ©ODD O€Al. . . PIUS A GREAT DEAL M'OMI 230 Broadway p^ne 5141

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